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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 7, 2017 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> all right, welcome back, i want it thank our panel, dagen mcdowell, lee carter, kevin, fantastic show as always. that will do it for us. stuart, take it away. stuart: very nice indeed. maria: having fun here. stuart: good stuff. breaking this morning, president trump nominates his new fbi director, this is on the day before the former director james comey testifies for the senate. the new man is christopher wray. we'll tell you more about him in a moment. as for mr. comey, he will not accuse of president of obstructing justice. that's the headline and the bottom loin as washington gears up for its own super bowl. the comey hearings. good wednesday morning, everyone. hello, everyone. obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. the left, along with many in the media wanteo pin an obstruction charge on president
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trump. hoped former fbi director james comey would deliver the evidence, but several news sources say he will not deliver. he may make the white house uncomfortable, but watergate it's not. now this. terror hits tehran. authorities in iran report an attack on parliament ap the khomeini shrine. a female suicide bomber said to be involved. reports of hostages taken and 12 dead and isis claims responsibility. terror in london. prime minister theresa may takes a much stronger line, restrict the freedom of movement of known suspects, even if there's insufficient evidence to prosecute. if the law won't let do you it, change the law. the brits go on offense. this is big change in anti-terror policy. it's wednesday morning, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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i mean longer prison stens for those convicted of terror row la -- tower related offenses and deporting terrorists back to their own country. and i mean doing more to restrict the freedom and movements of terrorist suspects, when we have enough evidence to know they are a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute in court. if our human rights laws stop us from doing it, we'll change the laws so we can do it. stuart: all right, that was prime minister theresa may taking what i think is a new and hard line on terrorists and you heard the cheers from the crowd. joining us now, sebastian gorker one of the president's go-to people. what theresa may just said is
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big news because it's a new proactive attitude, go get them before they get us. >> thank you for having me. i'm not going to second guess what's going to come out of the british administration, but she, in her speech, highlighted something that's been known in counterterrorism for decades and it's a crucially important definition. in the counterterrorism field there's two different types of information, there's information that you can use openly to prosecute somebody in a court of law, and then there's a much wider range of information primarily sourced from intelligence mechanisms, intelligence avenues which tell you there's a potential problem with this person. et cetera n-- it's not adequate to prosecuting or how you got the information and sensitive sources and what have you and now we're at the stage to bridge the gap. clearly the u.k. has lot of
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intelligence information on people of concern who shouldn't be allowed to operate freely in a democracy because they may be the next terrorist doing the next attack. stuart: now, sebastian, as you know, there was a terror attack in iran today and isis has claimed responsibility, it was a pair of attacks in tehran targeting the parliament and the khomeini shrine. what's this about? we're not used to terror attacks in tehran? >> well, it tells you something very, very simple. prime minister netanyahu said in front of the congress during the obama years, he says if you want to understand what's going on in the middle east, the maelstrom in north africa, in the middle east, all you have to know is it is a war-- it is a game of thrones for the crown of the caliphate. so right now, we have war across the region, syria,
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libya, iraq, we have terrorist attacks in the sinai and now iran and it's between two camps, between the sunni extremists like al qaeda, like isis, the shia backed extremists and now it looks like one side has taken that walk to the heart of the other side. stuart: can i go back it what theresa may is talking about today, i think she's going to take a harder line, propose a harder line to the parliament. do you expect something similar? are you leading a similar approach here in america? >> well, as i tell everybody, including my friend, stuart, we don't give the game plan away. that's what the obama administration does, we try to keep these things to our chest, otherwise the bad guys will game the system. look at everything we're doing, whether it's executive orders, the southern border. we are, in fact, taking things seriously and looking at reforming measures that we've
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inherited because we've inherited a world on fire and it has to be dealt with. >> excerbatinow at that i've go the show you called out them on an interview. >> all of this is a distraction, why. >> i'm not going to talk about the spin masters when cnn is one of the greatest perveyors of fake news. >> what you just said is-- >> tell me what if i can news is. >> there are no facts there. stuart: would you like to add lig sebastian? >> i'd like to thank the people who supported me on social media saying it's time these people are called out. you cannot have lie upon lie upon lie and that it's that they're purveyors--
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>> i was a founder of cnn. >> are you recoverinrecovering? >> i'm recovered, past tense. where are we going to open the market? ever so slightly higher, not bad. take a look at the department store stocks because they had a dreadful day yesterday. macy's started the ball rolling in this retail ice age and gave a weakened forecast, they plunged, j.c. penney plunged, nordstroms was on the down side and sears was on the down side. this morning we have news, fiscal times columnist, liz peek, sears is closing additional stores. that's rit large. >> we're continuing to see
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stores dropping, because of the amazon, they dominate more and more channels of industry. if macy's can't make it work, we're in trouble for the department stores. because that's the big gun in that industry. they have been a long-time success. and the, you know, to have them faltering is really very worrisome for the entire department store sector. sears is on a downward trajectory, i don't think there's any way to recovery. stuart: the way we live, the way we shop. president trump nominates the new fbi director the day before his fired fbi director takes the stand at capitol hill. the twoet tweet this morning, i'm nominating christopher wray. the left is going after mr. wray on the ground, he was chris christie's lawyer during bridge-gate. >> i think you'll see some
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conservatives unhappy with that as well because a lot of people in law enforcement believed that the governor of new jersey should have been charged along with two of his underlings-- or two of his aides, they weren't underlings in the bridge-gate matter. this has nothing to do with mr. cray's-- mr. wray's credentials. he was not interviewed by the attorney general or deputy attorney general, just by the president. and over at-- >> the president makes the decision. >> he made a snap decision, he interviewed him yesterday and made the snap decision yesterday. stuart: that's the way he operates. >> that's the w he operates. bridge-gate will be back and whether or not chris christie should have been a defendant will be forced upon us who will want to do this to throw mud at the president, has nothing to do with chris wray. stuart: in about an hour's time, the senate will be
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grilling top intelligence officials. that's today. those aren't the comey hearings tomorrow, that's today. does the president face any legal jeopardy from the grilling of the intelligence official? >> he probably does. i say probably because again there have been leaks, we don't know the source of them. as to what they're going to say, but the leaks about what they're going to say is, that the president, on several occasions, without others in the room, went to the director of national intelligence, dan coates former senator of indiana, president trump just appointed him to the job, to quote, lean on jim comey. they are not-- they're independent of each other. he said i won't do it. and we expect to hear from
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rogers, nsa, not in a position to lean on jim comey. the leaks last night. and other two people expected to testify, rod rosenstein, the deputy in charge of the russian investigations because said jeff sessions recused himself and the other head of the fbi. stuart: if the president did lean on somebody to lean on comey to drop the investigation, that's not impeachable, is it? >> probably not in itself. depends on the context, whatever buttresses or resisted it. stuart: you'lleverear the last of it. >> you won't hear the last of it with jim comey tomorrow, either. stuart: come back at 11:00. >> i will. stuart: viewers, stay tuned. wal-mart has a new way to pick up groceries they ordered on-line, that's a giant vending machine. [laughter] >> i love it. stuart: it's in the parking lot of an oake wal-mart, you walk
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up to this thing and type up the special code and the machine spits out groceries that you used on-line. >> you use a vending machine for your food. liz: cucumber sandwiches, 24/7. stuart: i'm a wal-mart shopper. >> it's a new idea. that's what they have to come up with is a new idea. stuart: can i get on with this. [laughter] . stuart: please. ashley: order. stuart: longest tease ever. to politics, another busy day for president trump. he's headed for cincinnati, ohio. next hour he heats with victims of obamacare. this is on the day after anthem announced it's going to leave the ohio obamacare exchanges. yes, we're on that. and president trump may have found a way, this is tongue in cheek, okay? he may have found a way to get the left on board with plans to build the wall. reports are he wants to install solar panels to help pay for the wall seriously.
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>> really, come on. >> i know, i know. stuart: are you kidding me? it's june 6th and there's absolutely nothing being done and he was elected president in november and took the presidency on january 20th and nothing, nothing has been done with the core policies that he was elected to put in place. nothing at all! that's a disgrace! that was a rant during an interview with peter moricmoric yesterday. all right, grover, disregard my rant for second. i'm truly frustrated by the republican party. tell me what came out of the meeting yesterday between president trump and republican leaders about tax reform. >> okay, there's a commitment to get that done and get it done this year and to move more quickly. this meeting comes as part of a
9:17 am
series of meetings that the house senate leadership and the white house principals have been meeting regularly now for some time. you can see the outline of a deal, of an agreement, it's not that difficult. we're going to take the corporate tax rate down to 15 or 20. you're going to go to a territorial tax system. death tax is gone, atm is gone and other things to debate. stuart: this is important, grover, because what you're saying is, they've narrowed down tax reform to a tax cut. certainly, for corporations, and probably for individuals. in other words, narrowing it down, focusing like a laser on what can get done and what needs to get done. is that the news from the meeting? >> yeah, but also don't think it's very much of a change. i would argue that tear toralty, allowing businesses and have overseas to get more
9:18 am
jobs and profits for american companies, one by americans and to be able to brought back, i consider those a tax cut and tax reform at the same time. stuart: well, is the republican party united behind the plan that you've just outlined? >> yes. where you have disagreements, on the basic part of it, that we take the corporate rate dramatically down, individuals rates down and personal exception up, no death tax, no amt. all of those are consensus plans. >> you can do that with 51 votes in the senate? >> you only need 50 votes. you can count on mike pence's vote as vice-president. add to that the other factor, we've always been looking at this this year as a 10-year window, that it h to be deficit neutral in 11 to 50 or like cinderella's coach that it
9:19 am
disappears. the bush cuts until ten years, . the law says it has to be longer than five. take it out to 25. makes full business expensing almost costless, who cares whether you deduct it all now or over a 25-year period. stuart: i'm almost up a hard break. grover norquist that's the plan, it's possible, the republicans will pass it, get the 50 votes they need, that's it. >> by september. stuart: by september, maybe you moved the market there, grover. thank you, see you soon. >> you got it. stuart: another case, another example of the left's con at the point in time of our president, scott pruett on nbc's morning joe, really badgered by the hosts, waenl wasn't able to answer a question. it was a different story when
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mr. pruitt joined us yesterday. you'll see it next. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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> >> does president trump believe that the climate is warming? and if he believes that, does he think that human activity creates that warming? >> what the president said he believes the climate changes,
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obviously. and the paris according the deal to the country, the right promises and the right focus. stuart: that was me asking epa administrator about the president's viewers or global warming. oe tried to ask on msnbc the same question and listen to this. >> what's interesting about the whole discussion is when you look-- >> mr. pruitt, it's a simple question, have you ever talked to the president about whether he believes climate change is real. wouldn't you look to know. >> i agree with that, we're just trying to get an answer from you, it's important for americans to know, it's important for americans to know-- i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i've got to stop. i want to stop it and this interview has to stop in its track until i just get a yes/no answer from you. [laughter] >> very different result from his interview on this program. i would say that that's abject
9:25 am
contempt on the part of the media, it's counterproductive and not winning votes for the left. >> i agree with that and joe scarboro didn't want an answer, he wouldn't allow the man to speak and that's the same as those voices dissidents on campuses and i've had conversations with people and they put their fingers in their ears and don't want to hear about the paris climate agreement and they don't want to know the truth about that acco accord jo the way that unrolled, that donald trump said that climate change was a hoax invented by china, but scott said that it's real and he corrected joe, the paris deal, your obliged to do this
9:26 am
until 2020 ande said that's when he shut it down. >> and angela merkel will not meet their climate deal. stuart: the market is flat to near record levels. stay with us, we'll be back.
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>> 15 seconds to the opening bell this wednesday morning. we're probably going to open flatter, slightly higher. no seriously big time move expected at the opening bell. but here it comes, in three, two, one. bang! there you go. it's 9:30 eastern time. ladies and gentlemen, and we have opened with green on the left. that's an upside move of 33 points, not expecting that, but it's happened. yeah, i do see plenty of green over there. 35, 36 points up, 21,170 is where we are right now. okay, check the s&p 500, if the dow is up .16%, the s&p 500 is showing a similar gain, i believe, up .12% up. the nasdaq-- i'm sorry, gold, gold is retreating from the $1300 an ounce level where it had risen to over the last month or so.
9:31 am
so we have gold down, stocks up, in the early going. now, let's get to the retail ice age, shall we? 'cause that's a story that we've run with for a long time. macy's gave a weak forecast yesterdaynd down came the department stores, they trum believed. -- tumbled. kohl's up, dillard's up cents, that's not a recovery. and sears are closing more stores. they're trying to bring sears and kmart to profitability. who is with me on a wednesday morning? big smiles, please, liz macdonald, elizabeth peek, art laffer. republican repor
9:32 am
republican-- public reports that james comey is going to testify tomorrow. >> i think it's neutral for are the market, i don't think that anybody is pricing in a bombshell. or the absence of a bombshell, i don't think it's going to make a difference. the market is fully priced. stuart: art laffer. >> i agree with the previous statement except i don't think they look fully priced. i think we've got long way up to go in the markets over the next year. stuart: okay, liz peek. >> i think if james comey takes the high road and tries to dampen suspicions of donald trump, that would be huge for the market. stuart: that's american politics as we run up the super bowl of hearings with james comey. >> that's right. stuart: now let's turn to the brits. a big election tomorrow. now, do you think, liz peek, that the results could influence our money here, regardless of which way the results go. >> i think if labor wins, the market goes down. assuming that theresa may wins with a substantial margin, it's
9:33 am
a reaffirmation of trumpism in terms of her taking a strong line against terror right now and i think this will work in her behalf and i think it kind of rekwon firms why donald trump was elected. we're kind of forgetting with all of this with russia. >> one of his big issues was security and americans believe in that and so do the brits and that's why she's taking the hard line. stuart: lizzie. liz: i agree what you said. the economic agenda is stalled. the only thing that unites republicans is hatred of obama, and they need to get moving on the agenda, they have 30 days left. stuart: art laffer, i don't think that jerry mccorbin, leader of the socialist party is going to win or show well at all. in the absence of him winning, theresa may wins. does that affect our money here? >> yes, it does, it clearly does and it will be positive
9:34 am
for us. what it does do, too, stuart, it shows you that may is not the strongest conservative leader that there is around town. she's not, at least not at present, margaret thatcher. she's evolving nicely to being a much better leader, but she opposed brexit, for example, and now she's faced with the terrorist thing and she's moving in the rig directi and i think that's very good for brynn and for the u.s. >> i think is a very posite sign. >> all right, here is a story that we own, it's called the retail ice age. department stores became a very big hit after macy's gave a weak forecast and sears, as we told you, reportedly is closing 66 additional stores. there are the department stores this morning, hardly a recovery and a further down side move on macy's, back to $21 per share. jack howe with me today. i don't see anything positive
9:35 am
for the retailers coming in the news these days. i don't see it. >> you've got to ask you any questions about a retailer. do they do something, private labels others aren't selling, something that amazon can't ship. if you can't find those answers, they're in trouble. look, we built too many stores, we built too many malls, that's one problem. amazon would like you to believe that's the only problem, but the problem of course is that om son is competing some of these chains out of business and there's a purge going on. liz: and there's a knock-on effect with those who operate around the stores. hedge funds are increasing short bets, negative bets against the russell 2000, because of the reform stalled, and what's going on with small businesses in the country and i think that the department stores is a factor pour th-- for them. stuart: i want to show our viewers the giant vending machine wal-mart has built in a
9:36 am
parking lot in oake. oklahoma. you order something on-line and type in the code and out come the groceries. >> it seems that wal-mart is doing more to counter act amazon and the on-line selling. >> it looks goofy for me, and for people who don't have enough time, people get in quickly. and he think that w-mart should launch a pr perspective talking about how many employees they have. amazon is driving tens of thousands of people off payrolls shutting down businesses across the country. wal-mart could make a case, they're one of the country's biggest employers that they're provide jobs and benefits. so i think it's time for them to go on offense not just with giant vending machines, but with a pr angle. stuart: art laffer, the retail ice age seems to be so extreme
9:37 am
i'm wondering if it can actually can have a negative overall effect on the economy. >> i don't think it will. the wal-mart thing you've shown it's amazing. they have all of these companies that have been delivering groceries to the house, but the problem with that, is they've been in the trucks so long it may not be really fresh, the neat thing about the wal-mart, you drive through, like getting ahamburge something. it's really great. the only problem is, will they select the right things that you would select if you walked through the grocery store, probably not, but probably give you green bananas, instead of ripe ones, but hey. stuart: but hey, you left me hanging with that. >> it's convenient and wonderful. it's an amazing innovation. stuart: yes, it is. i wonder if-- what's going to happen to all of the malls with the empty stores. >> and the real estate. stuart: and the real estate. as you said,liz, the surroundings businesses. >> it's not just malls, it's universities, everything else
9:38 am
that's been collecting people in large group to give them a product and people don't want to be in large groups and do all that. they'd much rather do it on their own and i don't see the future of universities or malls. you can study at home with the programs. these courses on-line are amazing. much better than they are in person. believe me. stuart: don't you want to converse face-to-face with people like me, art? >> i do with you i haven't. another example, stuart, i almost never see you face-to-face. i don't get the texture, the flavor, the-- no. stuart: you got it. >> it's fun doing it, but i love being with you, even if it's electronically. stuart: all right, everybody, where are we on the market, eight minutes into the trading session? we're up to ,171. individual companies in the news. weaker profit, weaker sales and the company behind clothing brands, tommy bahama and lilly
9:39 am
pulitzer, that would be oxford industries and that's taking it on the chin 2 1/2%. better profits at dave and busters and raised its outlook, that's not good enough for wall street. big tech names, here we go. what's happening with the fabulous five this morning? i'll tell you this morning, they're all up. facebook, 153. amazon 1007. microsoft 72.70. alphabet, 1003. apple 155. look at that. amazing, amazing. >> wow, look at that. stuart: what are you laughing at art laffer? >> i think it's wonderful, i'm in almost all of those stocks and i love it! 77 years old and investing in all of these 18-year-old stocks. stuart: you're a great-grandfather, too. you've hogged a lot of this section, lad. hold on a minute. jack, what do you think the fabulous five? unbelievable. >> they're all great companies and might be getting close to time to getting the fabulous
9:40 am
four. soon approaching harvest time for apple shares. >> really? >> we've written positively about them at barron's, we like the anticipation of the next iphone. i'm not sure about the launch of the next iphone. i'm more excited about the run-up to it. stuart: thank you for that. >> it's do or die i think. stuart: not sure about apple. there's a headline for you. teh watch, gene munster on the show yesterday, he likes tesla, it's about renewable energy and not about making a great car and tesla this morning is up another $5 at 358. jack, what do you say about tesla? >> it's a fun company it watch. -- it's fun to watch. i don't see for a lot of people today. i'm excited about the new products, but the company is burning cash quickly. i have a hunch, there's going to be massive upheaval in cars over the next ten years. i wouldn't be surprised if the future consider caps, gm, ford,
9:41 am
i think those companies can still innovate. stuart: what do you say. >> if you're buying a tesla car at a phenomenally big price, you're not so interested about renewable energy as you are car. they've got to deliver on the goods. stuart: the chart just like that. the dow has opened 40 points higher. thanks indeed. liz peek, jack, art, all of you, thank you very much. back in a moment.
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9:43 am
>> all right. where are we? 13 minutes into the trading session, not a bad gain. 36 points higher. 21,171 as we speak. take a look at netflix. there's a new report that says they could get 128 million subscribers in total, five years from now. that would be a big increase from where they are now. come in, nicole, tell me where are they now. nicole: 89 million through the
9:44 am
end of lastyear, to 128 million they're projecting five years from now is a 44% indegrees and it means money, too, for netflix as well. we're talking about probably 15 billion in revenue and that's up from 8.8 billion that they reported for 2016. i will say netflix is a name that everybody knows and millennials, there's a report out this week, that the millennials have brand awareness for netflix. they don't know what the other networks are holding. they can't necessarily put television shows to certain networks, but they can for netflix and it's up this year. stuart: amazing, isn't it? thank you, nicole, very much indeed. the president will be leaving the white house shortly headed to cincinnati, ohio. he's going to motor with, quote, obamacare victims. the tweet from earlier today. getting ready to leave for cincinnati in the great state of ohio to meet with obamacare victims and talk health care and also infrastructure.
9:45 am
art laffer, this infrastructure plan, assuming it gets done, how stimulative for the economy will it be? >> i'm not sure, it should be somewhat systtimulativstimulati when you look at obamacare and the health care victims and stuff, i think the last insurance company just pulled out of ohio. what the republicans have done, stuart, they've not taken advantage of the absolute travesty which is obamacare. they should repeal obamacare four years from now, let it have a four year period with obamacare existing and have the full congress decide on new plan and it takes effect in four years or we go back to the old system. obamacare is collapsing before our eyes and the republicans are burying the costs, makes no sense. stuart: that means in 20 there's no insurers-- >> just amazing.
9:46 am
stuart: kansas lawmakers rolled back the governor's tax increases, what do you make of that? >> a lot of states are going the other way, kentucky, missouri are going the other way. most states are going the other way, but kansas just is not. they had a very unpleasant experience with brownback, the tax cuts and the political stuff there, and frankly, i would tell them, you cannot tax a state into prosperity. it just doesn't happen, guys. stuart: the tax cuts didn't work as they were supposed to work. they were supposed to create growth in the kansas economy, create jobs. by all accounts, they didn't. >> yeah, well, the tax cuts at first, what brownback proposed were very small, about a $90 billion static tax cut and then the infighting among the republicans occurred and a $3 million on a budget of 5 billion and a larger one,
9:47 am
dropped the sales tax rate and do all sorts of other stuff, stuart. if you look at the saga that is kansas, it included many other things, including the supreme court requiring millions for schools. it required bad tax planning for other things. it's not just a very simple thing, it's a saga. it's a whole story to be told and i've written it up carefully. if any of your viewers would like to get a copy of it, please just send it to me and i'll tell you the full story objectively of what happened to kansas. it's very sad, but sometimes this happens. you know, taxes are not the only thing that matters and the other things just ganged up and beathe tax cuts. >> we're trying to post that on our facebook page. >> my pleasure. stuart: the green on the left-hand side of the screen. you can see the dow is up, 21,170. and the down side to higher life expeck tak tanck --
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>> have to take a look at gold these days. it's had a nice run recently,
9:52 am
look at that, 1294 is your price. president trump suggests solar panels to pay for the border wall. there's a blunt statement. i don't think he was joking. maybe a little tongue in cheek. >> he said these would be beautiful structures and apparently brought this idea up with republican congressional leaders. stuart: he should have brought it up with the environmentalists, that would have been a hit. >> exactly. stuart: here is a serious story, a serious statement. people are living longer, yes, they are. that is creating a cance crisis. joining us to explain all of this, cancer resher and honored guest on the program, dr. samuel waxman. welcome to the program. >> thank you. good to be with you. stuart: can i say the chances of getting cancer rise with age? i think i can say that. you certainly can. stuart: why is that true? >> well, a bunch of things happen as one gets older.
9:53 am
our health declines somewhat, our ability to fight cancer decreases, our immune system becomes more compromised, dietary needs are changed so aging clearly is the major driver of cancer. stuart: really? will that come as a shock to people. >> and you must accept it, if you look at the data, you can watch the curve of cancer go up directly to age. median age of getting cancer is 65. we've got 40 million people right now over the age of 65, in 2050 we'll have 80 million people, this is a world, this is a global problem. we have a life expectancy that goes up and with that, we have the increased growing risk of getting cancer. stuart: that's interesting. so, i'm trying to get this into my head here. so, the incidents of cancer is rising far more cases as people grow older, but when--
9:54 am
if you're diagnosed with cancer, your mortality, the mortality rate is going down. >> right. stuart: because there are better treatments, better cures, if i canut it like that. >> that's quite accurat it's the-- the incidents go up because there's a continuous rise in cancer. what would be in your opinion, the most promising avenue of research, development, and treatment for cancer today? >> well, i think the most important thing is we should always remember, we need to understand what happens. we have to understand what causes cancer, the complexity of it, so, you have to go back to what i do in my life and that is research. research drives cure. stuart: so why don't we know? why don't we know what causes cancer? >> because it's a multiple
9:55 am
complex disorder. we know things that contribute to it. we know what breaks down at the gene level. we know it breaks down at the host level. but now, we have to take that information and translate that into treatment. so mind you, in the past five years, 65 new type of drugs that have not been used before have been approved by the fda to treat cancer. this is the kind of-- this is the result of research that was done 20 years ago. t have a real t that research, renaissance in treatment. stuart: 65 is the median age for cancer patients, the median age. >> yes. stuart: that's a shocker. dr. waxman, i could go on all day about this. andlbeit a brief appearance, we appreciate it.
9:56 am
we're up. and how about this, uber fires employees in a sexual harassment probe. liz: including a senior executive. eric holder the under president obama. this caused them to question-- and there were so many problems it caused him to question the 68 billion. stuart: a lot of people have stepped down. 20. the house freedom caucus, they're conservatives. they want president trump's growth agenda passed, that's what they say, they say they're willing to work through the august recess, no summer vacation until their work it done. we're talking to one member of the freedom caucus, our friend louie gohmert. he's next.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> you know who they are,
10:00 am
they're on your anti-terror radar, so, you go get em before they act, even though you don't have the evidence to actually prosecute, if the law won't let you do it, change the law. this sound different? it is. that is the new policy in britain. prime minister theresa may made the announcement over there and two terror attacks just days apart convinced the brits, change course, take preventive action. until now, the reaction to terror was the candlelight vigil, followed by a crackdown on free speech. you must not say anything about islam, you would be considered a hater. that clearly did not work and it did not fly with voters. the brits are now going on offense and when theresa may made the announcement, she was loudly cheered. things are coming to a head. in a matter of days, london has been attacked twice. there's been a hammer attack in
10:01 am
paris. a deadly terrorist siege in melbourne, australia and today, an isis suicide bombing in tehran. terrorism is almost a daily eve. this cannot be normal. that means going after terror suspects and changing laws so they're stopped before they act. there's nothing wrong with this. there's everything wrong allowing people to die in horrible circumstances because of some misplaced sensitivity. let's take this beyond mother anti-terror policy. if we want to solve a problem, any problem, we, the people, have to have free speech, without open debate, you cannot even address a problem. looks like the brits are in the process of throwing off the constraints of political correctness and that is a very good thing. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin.
10:02 am
♪ >> breaking news, two events about to happen on capitol hill. the first, the senate intelligence committee about to start a hearing on the foreign intelligence surveillance act, otherwise known as fisa. agency chief such as director of national intelligence, dan coates, acting director mccabe all testifying. and the house g.o.p. leadership about to hold-- are holding their weekly news conference. we'll take you there when it actually-- when we've got some news out of that news conference. but, first of all, i'm going to check your money for you. look at this, now, we're 48 points higher, for the dow jones average. not a very good picture for you, but we're now 46 points, 21,182. that's where we are. check the big name technology companies, all of them, except microsoft, on the upside. facebook, amazon, apple, all of them keep going up.
10:03 am
microsoft, the loser, but it's only down 2 cents. sears announcing they'll close an additional 66 stores. the stock is at $6 a share, barely moving today. it's up six cents. let's get to the president's agenda. i say it's time for republican in congress to put points on the board and get some bills passed and i got fired up about that yesterday. roll that tape. >> really, come on! are you kidding me? june the 6th and there's absolutely nothing being done and he was elected president in november and took the presidency on january 20th and nothing, nothing has been done with the core policies that he was elected to put in place, nothing at all! that is a disgrace! . [laughter] >> wow. >> joining me now is texas congressman louie gohmert, a man always willing to smile, especially during one of my rants. here he goes. >> well, it's because i agree
10:04 am
with you so much. stuart: that's excellent, congressman. now, the news of the day for you, you-- the freedom caucus, you're the freedom caucus, you're willing to work through the august recess to get a tax cut done. are you going to do that? >> we're willing. we want to. i tell you though, stuart, if we would just stay here and do our work now, we could get this done well before august and then, you know, people could do what they want. but, it is outrageous that we haven't and actually maybe, i think you and i were hitting the same wave lengths sunday after i was on fox news, the president called, that's an interesting call when you get a call from the president, and he, hey, louie, you were great. anyway, the last thing i said, look, mr. president, i've got to tell you, this feels a lot like 2005 when bush ran on the agenda, we're going to have big tax reform and government reform and shore up social
10:05 am
security and speaker hastert and bill frist, majority leader in the senate, they really weren't on board with those things oh, yeah, duval dutifully maybe by may. then may came and went, the the summer, then october, then we got into january and january they stand up and say, hey, it's an even-numbered year, it's election year, we can't do big stuff in election year. and mr. president, it feels like they're doing that to you. they're slow-walking your agenda. you can't let them do it. and you make noise on their end. and then he had the republican senate and representatives up to the white house and lighting the fires. and in conference this morning, our leadership, we're going to get these done, obamacare-- >> the news that you're prepared to work through august. >> we'll do whatever it takes. stuart: through the august recess, that's a declaration of intent. could i say that the republican
10:06 am
does now-- republican party does now realize that you've got to do this? there's no choice here, you've got to do it. >> our rank and file understand and know that and i think our leadership is getting the idea, but i was quite concerned and it's not a concern that's completely been alleviated, that we could get slow-walked right through the end of the year, if we don't demand-- >> in the interest of getting something done. you louie gohmert, the freedom caucus, you would compromise? >> well, yeah, we've got to have certain things, bringing down premiums, bringing down deductables. stuart: that's obamacare. i'm talking tax cuts. >> oh, yeah. stuart: i think that taxes are far more important. >> i think they're critically important and i keep advising the president don't let them talk you uprom15%. stay at 15%. there are countries, but at
10:07 am
least we'd bring back business. stuart: you would compromise? >> i've been ambivalent on the border adjustment tax and a lot of people saying you're going to gut my business with the border adjustment tax. you know why they want that and nobody is saying that officially, i think it's so they improve the cbo score of the tax cut. as laffer says, you guys need to say you're not wirorried abot the score from cbo, the economy will explode upward. stuart: i hear it. >> don't you agree, we shouldn't worry about it, just do tichlt do it. >> and louie gohmert is prepared to compromise, get it done. louie. >> let's get it. stuart: always a pleasure, much obliged. >> we've got to get it done. stuart: yes, sir, we do.
10:08 am
i don't want to pound the table again. the left has made no secret of its contempt for president trump. and there will be an announcement to have the president impeached. michael moore has created a new website called trump-i-leaks. and then there was an obscenity tweeted over the weekend. and one is suggesting that the president is terror to incite a terror incident in america. joining us is rachel campos-duffy. >> can i quickly talk about louie gohmert. when he said they would work through the august recess, my heart sank, i don't get to see my husband and children that
10:09 am
often. but there are congressional spouses to tell congressional people who say you better get it done, we want to see our wives and kids. and i think louie set a fire under the house-- >> all joking aside. >> i'm not joking. stuart: that's intent to get it done. i think that people need to hear that, and people have heard the opposite. no compromise, my way or the highway. i gave a long list of the left going after president trump with the most personal and in some ways, on obscene ways. i think it's reached a peak and i think it's turning voters off. >> absolutely. the situation with al green, what's he going to impeach him for? what's the crime? you don't like the president? that's turning on them and i think that some democrats are embarrassed by what representative al green is doing because they see that all
10:10 am
it's doing is further enraging their own base, it's winning no one over. a lot of independents really want this president to be able to get out of the gate, at least. many of them voted for him. many democrats voted for donald trump, by the way. they want him to get a chance to do the things he said and they see that the hash tag resistance and the media aren't letting him do it. stuart: you're a congressional spouse. >> i am. stuart: your husband is a republican congressman from the state of wisconsin. as a spouse, are you wrapped up in this intensity, this hostility, this rage that is, you know, all over the swamp in d.c.? >> the good thing is, i live in wausau, wisconsin and so this past weekend i went, you know, union is dairy days in wisconsin. he so i was at the dairy breakfast with my husband and when you go there, people aren't following russia and all of this stuff. all they want is tax reform,
10:11 am
they want health care taken care of. they want to grow their business and figure out if they can have money in their pocket so if august they might go camping or to the wisconsin dells or do something with their family. that's what they're thinking about. washington is so out of touch. the bubble when they were in the election, guess what, they're still in it. stuart: has the message reached home, if the republican party doesn't do obamacare and tax reform this year, they're toast. has that sunk in? >> and they are. and mitch mcconnell said, something sneaky like a fox. we might not be able to get it done. and after that, the congressmen and senators went home and got an earful and by the way, if you want health reform to pass i'm telling you to the viewers, if you want to get health care reform call your senators, the house did their job. call the senators, they're the ones that can change this. stuart: and message from a congressional spouse, call your senators. >> you're a comedian, right? >> all right, i'm sorry, speak
10:12 am
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>> the heads of america's intelligence agencies are grilled on capitol hill today. that's senator mark warner. he has just-- he's just making his opening statement. what of importance has he just said, elizabeth. liz: he's going to ask deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about his role in the comey firing. did the president ask you to intervene with fbi director-- former fbi director james comey to say layoff on mike flynn and asking director of national intelligence dan coates, the same and mike pompeo did the president ask him to intervene to ask james comey to layoff
10:16 am
flynn. and three, mike pompeo has been added to the list with dan coates and rosenstein, actually, four. stuart: did he ask them to intervene. those are the questions, we'll hear the answers when we get them. >> i want to go to the london terror attack. police have recovered an eighth body from the river thames. this is british prime minister theresa may, she's ready to rip up-- well, certainly change laws to impose new restrictions on terror suspects, listen to this. >> i mean long are prison -- longer prison sentences for those convicted of terrorist offenses, easier to deport foreign terrorist suspects back to their own country. [applause] >> and i mean doing more to restrict the freedom and movement of terrorism suspects.
10:17 am
when we have enough evidence to know they are a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court. if our human rights laws stop us from doing it, we'll change the laws. stuart: that's a whole new approach. ashley webster is with us from london. ashley, i'm saying this is a new approach. it's tough talk. is it helping theresa may in the polls ahead of tomorrow's election? >> well, i tell you what, stu, you better than anyone knows how cynical the brits are, yes, it is the kind of rhetoric that people would have liked to have heard from the prime minister years ago. if she follows through with those pledges to do more to prevent the kinds of attacks that we've seen. she apparently was absolutely furious that one of the london bridge attackers, butts, has been under investigation for two years and actually the intelligence agencies took no action. and so, we would imagine that
10:18 am
if she does get reelected, and the odds makers and everybody believes she'll get elected, the question by how many seats in parliament, that she will try to push through the types of human rights laws she was talking about last night. the problem is before when they tried to about ut-- they tried to put those in before, they did noteet with the human rights rules. maybe after brexit they will have more ability to do that. stuart: i hope she can tell them with those laws. i'm sorry, shouldn't say stuff like that, i'm corrupted by the left. a homeland security official, jack tanakio, he joins us now. i want to go through prime minister may's policies and
10:19 am
comments again. she said she would restrict the freedom of movement of those posing a threat. even if there isn't enough evidence to prosecute them and if the civil rights laws stand in the way of doing that, change the laws. sir, i think that's a whole new approach and a proactive approach to terrorism in britain. >> it does seem to be a new approach and proactive. it's going to be expensive. increased surveillance on suspects in the u.k. that have perhaps tendency to act in a terroristic manner. this is probably pretty practical approach, but again, it's going to be a very expensive approach. to put a person under surveillance for a 24-hour period requires about 20 people. stuart: yes. so there's no question, they are overwhelmed with thousands of suspects. and you can't surveil them all, but she's going further. she's saying, look, you figure out, you've got a guy here who
10:20 am
may do something, you stop him before he does it, that's what's new. >> yeah, it is, it's goi to be a new approach. again, in the united kingdom right now, there's probably over ahousand individuals who are considered by mi-5 to be operationally capable of performing a terrorist act in the borders of the united kingdom. probably several thousand more who have aspirational desires, but not ability to do this. there's a lot of people involved here. the brits are looking at this at a watershed. this is three times they've had attacks. they're in a situation, i wouldn't say they're panicking, but they need a new approach. stuart: do you think that new approach might be reflected in america as well? 30 seconds. >> i don't know yet. i think we're not at the point wer that we're under the siege attack. we're a harder target, tougher
10:21 am
to get to. so far i think our law enforcement community has done a pretty good job. stuart: thank you very much. we appreciate it today. >> thank you. stuart: liberal lunacy on campus colleges, hosting multiple commencements for certain groups of students, separating them out. we're all over that story, it's a disgrace. stuart: the senate says they have a health care deal. can they get democrats on board? senator john barrasso joining us later this hour.
10:22 am
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10:24 am
>> where is the price of gold this morning? down a couple of bucks, but still pretty close to $1300 an ounce. that's about its high for the year. now this, a union in chicago
10:25 am
has created a ring tone for illegal immigrants. it tells them their rights. listen to this. ♪ okay. [laughter] >> i thought it was in english, i'm very sorry. rachel campos-duffy is a spanish speaker. >> i'm still dancer. stuart: what are they saying. >> they're telling the illegal immigrants their rights. the story isn't the ring tone. the story is illegal entry into the country is down 70%. donald trump is building the wall and what it means for illegals living here who are not criminal felons. donald trump is poise today do immigration reform. i've told you that. liz: the ring tone says keep calm you have a right to remain silent and right to an
10:26 am
attorney. and somebody says wait a second, why not put loud speakers on the border, if you're coming here illegally you shouldn't come in. >> that might be an addition to the wall, some loud speakers. they're getting that. liz: breaking the law. >> without laying a brick or spending a dollar, trump is doing something right. stuart: we hear you, rachel campos-duffy, a spanish-speaker. and coal jobs have been brought back. robert murray, ceo of of the largest mining company in america will tell us if that's accurate. liberal lunacy on campus. they want to force students to take an environmental justice class. we're back.
10:27 am
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10:31 am
industry has hired thousands of workers since president trump was elected. listen to what he said over the weekend. roll tape. >> what we do know it impacted 4,000 jobs and since last the fourth quarter of 2016, chris, we've had almost 50,000 jobs
10:32 am
created in the mining and coal in fact, in the month of may almost 7,000 jobs. stuart: however, some people are dismissing that claim. look athiseadline in today's washington post. it reads, coal country is a great place to be from but does the future match trump's optimism? joining us now is murray energy ceo robert murray, robert, frequent guest of the program, good to see you back. how are you? >> good morning, i'm just fine, stuart. good to be with you. stuart: epa administrator scott pruitt says since the election of president trump coal jobs have come back. thousands of them, is that accurate? >> what mr. pruitt said was accurate, right on, 46,700 mining jobs, he said, not just coal jobs, coal and mining jobs have been restored by this
10:33 am
president since his election through the end of april. that comes from the bureau of labor statistics itself and the number is exactly 46,700 jobs, stuart. stuart: okay. do you expect more to be created? is this the start of a serious up trend that will restore coal company -- coal country, i should say? >> yes, it will restore jobs. he's already saved 25,000 coal mining jobs alone on this clean power plant overturn. on top of the 46,700 jobs in mining that he's restored, that saves 25,000 jobs on top of the 63,000 that the sierra club, silicon valley, democrats, liberal elitists and the media destyed under eight years of obama. stuart: okay, let me interpt you for a second. i'm sorry to interrupt you.
10:34 am
we hear about clean coal. president trump says he wants to bring back clean coal. what exactly is clean coal? no carbon emissions? >> clean coal can be various technologies from the efficiency of the power plant to reduce all emissions. if you wanted to be carbon, there are technologies to do that, if you want it to be sulfur dioxide you can do that. we must remember one thing, stuart, there has to be 30% coal for our electricity again ration in this country or people will not have electric power, they will have not reliable electric power grid. they will not have low-cost energy. you can't store natural gas at a power plant. you can't store sunshine there and you can't store the wind. the only way that we can meet
10:35 am
the peaks and valleys of the power plant through the days and the seasons is to have a solid hydrocarbon at the plant and that's 30% of america's electricity and anyone that says we go below that, first people to freeze in the dark, people die on the operating table. we must have 30% coal fire. stuart: we hear you. thanks very much for setting us straight on jobs created since the president was elected. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: let's gets to what's going on in college campuses. this is really staired. more universities are holding separate commencent ceremonies dividing students by race and sexual preference, if you can believe. college celebrates diversity with separate commencements. joining me right now charlie cook. >> glad to be here. stuart: they hold a commencement
10:36 am
address and there's a separate ceremony for people who -- gay people, for example, a separate ceremony for black people, for example, for muslims, for example. >> this is at harvard, the supposed best school in the world. the article said celebrates diversity, there's nothing diverse about being everyone that's like you. diversity is about being people that aren't like you so they celebrate diversity by segregating people based on race and sexual preference. think about how divisive it is. this is an insult that everyone fought to desegregate. >> exactly. >> this is a higher education equivalent of apartheid. why are they doing this? the left loves division. stuart: identity politics.
10:37 am
>> if you're gay you can go to this ceremony. again, there's nothing diverse being around -- imagine if they had a white-only ceremony, the uproar, i would be against it. that should not exist. stuart: where's the outrage when you see a headlines like that in "the new york times"? >> "the new york times" glorifies. think about, colleges celebrate diversity. can you imagine the outrage if it was the opposite. imagine if there was a conservative-only graduation. that's the diversity that's missing on the college campuses. i always say college catch uises -- campuses want students the look the same. stuart: environmental justice major, they say it's about inclusion. what is this, lizzie? liz: they are demanding a new major.
10:38 am
there's environmental inequities of people of color are being poisoned by corporations that effectively uc davis itself was founded on land that was stolen from indigenous people. stuart: you have to take the major? >> brand-new major. liz: you don't have to take it. it's offering. stuart: they demand that they offer it. >> there's a lot of words there. they wouldn't want it, of course, not. environmental justice, it's all about division, divide people on race, income, sexual preference, identity politics from a young age. it's the victimhood mentality. think about it. stole the land, we are not supposed to be here, the same leftist agenda you see congress starts in our college campuses. stuart: i thought it had reached a peak?
10:39 am
>> they will find more ridiculously leftist ideas to do if we don't draw a line our college campuses will become unrecognizable in a couple of years, if not already. stuart: i used to think that you would be the president of the united states, i'm redrawing the time fra, i thinwill be 2030's, some point, are you making that plan? >> only if you will be my spokesperson. stuart: i probably won't be alive. i will do my best. [laughter] stuart: why is my executive producer laughing all over the floor? my daughter is in the studio, she's not laughing. [laughter] stuart: you're done. president trump suggests solar panels to pay for the border wall. i thought it was kind of funny but it was all about in. >> an idea that was submitted earlier in the year where the white house said give us your
10:40 am
ideas for the border wall and president spoke to leaders and brought up this idea and envisions a 40 to 50-foot wall because he's having trouble funding the border wall. stuart: good idea. before we move on, look at the price of oil, it's down $2 per barrel. back to 46 and small change. i think that's had an impact on the stock market. we were up 20, now we are on the downside. i think it's the sharp drop in the price of oil, 4% drop that's upset the overall stock market. liz: right. stuart: next case, democrats unable to hide disdain for the president, michael moore launching trump elites for whistle blowers, martha macallum will weigh in next. senator john borraso on that
10:41 am
10:42 am
liz: president trump will be meeting with obamacare victims
10:43 am
in ohio. listen to what former reagan economist has to say about that, roll tape. >> when you look at ohio and what happened with obamacare victims and stuff, it's really sad, i think the last insurance company just pulled out of ohio so what the republicans are done, stuart, is they have not taken advantage of the absolute travesty which is obamacare. what they should do repeal obamacare four years from now. let it have a four-year period with obamacare existing and having the full congress decide on a new plan and they then takes effect four years from now or else we go back to the old system but obamacare is collapsing in our very own eyes and the republicans are bearing the cost
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: the price of oil is down 4% and there's a lot more oil in storage, big supply glut, down goes the price 46.02, that has effect on the stock market which has effect of 30-point gain to dead flat, maybe that thing is going to drop to $45 a barrel as we speak. watch gas prices in the next couple of weeks, they should be going down. a couple of lines on health care, anthem pulling out of ohio' obamacare market next year and that leaves up to 20
10:46 am
counties with no insurer on the exchange at all. senate republicans are out lining their new health care plan and joining us is senator john barrasa, republican of wyoming, senator, without going into all details about your plan, what chance do you you've got of getting senate democrats, some of them on board, your plan? >> i would love to have senate democrats involved, stuart, but what you have seen last week in lifornia, the california senate passed universal health care for the state of california, the budget is $400 billion n california, let's face it, their entire general fund is $190 billion, what they want to do is spend twice what they spend to run the whole state. it's not practical. that's where the democrats are headed, universal plan like they have in england and canada. you know how the systems work. that's not what the american people want.
10:47 am
stuart: can you pass your version of obamacare reform and repeal, can you pass your version with 50, 51 votes in the senate, can you get those votes and will that apply a 51-vote rule? >> well, i believe we can. we are working on that. we had another very productive meeting yesterday. all of the members of the republican conference were there realizing that the current situation now really is not sustainable. while we were meeting anthem pulled out of ohio. as you mentioned 18 to 20 counties, no one offering plans. over the last four years, what we have seen the costs gone up double across the country on the obamacare exchange. we have to act and we have to rescue, provide relief for the people that are being harmed so much by obamacare right now. stuart: now, earlier on the program we had congressman lieu
10:48 am
gohmert, to get it done, we are prepared to work through the august recess. i took that through declaration of intent, statement of intent that the republican party understand you have to do it. is that the message that you're picking up as well? >> and you mentioned tax reform. i'm focused on getting health care reform done this summer is done and we need to focus on health care reform right now. let's take a look at why we are here. we are here because so many people are suffering, we want to get rid of the individual mandate. we want to give people more choices. we want to give the decisions made at the local level, give states more flexibility. i was in the state senate in wyoming and i will tell you, we always felt that we could do much better job if we had more responsibility and did it our way rather than washington telling us what to do. stuart: one quick question, how
10:49 am
are you going to deal with medicaid? >> yes, well, medicaid, you know, the issue is it expanded in some states, didn't expand in other states. medicaid originally for children for the elderly, disabled, people that need it specific help with the obamacare plan and the expansion it's able-body working age individuals, those are not the people that should have been on medicaid in the first placement we need to reform medicaid, put it on a sustainable path. it's not on a sustainable path right now. it's a failing system about one out of three doctors won take new patients on medicaid, obamacare answers put more people on medicaid, that has failed, we have better ideas. stuart: senator, thank you very much for joining us. much obliged as usual. >> thank you. stuart: the q&a has begun. republican chair starting now.
10:50 am
the ranking member mark warner will be next. liz, what are we going to hear from him? liz: here is what's going on, there was leaks to the washington post that apparently dan coats who is the director of national intelligence and michael director of the nsa basically, where they pressured by the president according to these leaks to the washington post to rebut james comey and to step in and say there's no evidence of collusion between russia and the trump campaign and lay off the investigation of mike flynn. dan coats indicate that had he will talk about that. what happened in march of this year, dan coats and mike pompeo met with the president. according to leaked reports, anonymous leaks this happened in a phone call. the question is will mike pompeo be roped into the story of
10:51 am
allegations of pressuring james comey to lay off of mike flynn. stuart: we understand that mark warner, senator mark warner, democrat, will be asking that very question to heads of intelligence agency including mike pompeo at cia will be asking that question momentarily and we will take you that hearing when senator mark warner does ask that question, because that's the albuquerque, isn't it? was there interference, did the president ask for anybody to run interference on the investigation of the russians and all the rest of it? liz: right. stuart: i want to get you up to date on the market because we now have the dow industrials dead flat, 4 points higher, that's all we have there. the real news this morning on the stuarts comes from the oil market about 21 minutes ago we had news that we had a big jump in the amount of oil in storage. that means supply went straight up. there is, indeed, a glut of
10:52 am
supply of crude oil. that pushed the price way down. we are at $41 per barrel. that has affected the stock market. when you get the big swings in price of crude oil, you get swings in price of stocks and also may at some point have impact on the price of gasoline that we at the pump have to pay. with the price of oil comes down, you get a lower gas price. let's listen to senator mark warner right now. >> thank you, gentlemen, thank you for your testimony this morning. we all know that in march then director comey testified about the existence of an ongoing fbi inveigation in links between the trump caaign and the russian government and there are reports out in the press that the president separately appealed to you admirable rogers and to you director coats to downplay the russia investigation. and now we've got additional
10:53 am
reports and we want to give you a chance to confirm or deny these that the president separately addressed you director coats and asked you to in, effect, intervene, to downplay the fbi investigation. i'm going to start with you. before we get to the substance of whether this call or request was made, you've had a very distinguished career close to 40 years. in your experience would it be in any way typical for a president to ask questions or bring up an ongoing fbi investigation particularly if that investigation concerns associates and individuals that might be associated with the president's campaign or activities? >> so today i'm not going to talk about theoreticals.
10:54 am
i'm not going to discuss specifics of interactions or specifics. >> can you -- >> if i could finish, but i will make the following comment n. the three-plus years that ve been director of national security agency, to the best of my recollection i have never been direct today do anything that i believe to be illegal, immoral, inethical or inappropriate and to the best of my collection during that same period of service, i do not recall ever feeling pressured to do so. >> but have -- in your course prior to the incident that we are going to discuss, was it in any regular course where a president would ask you to comment or intervene in any ongoing investigation, not talking about this circumstance? >> i'm not going to talk about theoreticals today. >> let pe ask you specifically, did the president, report that is are out there, ask you in any way, shape or form to back off or downplay the russia
10:55 am
investigation? >> i'm not going to discuss discussions with the president trump but i standby the comment i made to you, sir. >> do you feel that that those conversations were classified? we know that there was an ongoing fbi investigation? >> yes, sir. >> i understand your answer, i'm disappointed with that answer but may indicate, i told you i was going to bring this up, there is -- we have facts that there were other individuals that were aware of the call that was made to you, aware of the substance of that call and that there was a memo prepared because of concerns about that call, will you comment at all? >> i standby the comments that i have made to you today, sir. >> so you will not confirm or deny the existence of a memo? >> i standby the comments i have made to you today, sir. >> i think it will be essential, mr. chairman, that we the other individual who served our country as well with great
10:56 am
distinct who is no lonr a member of the administration has a chance to relay his version of those facts. again, i understand your position but i hope you'll also understand the enormous need for the american public to know. you have the administration saying there's no there there, we have these reports and yet we can't get confirmation. i want to go to you director coats. when you appeared, if called before investigative committee, i certainly will provide them with what i know and what i don't know. you said that i would cooperate with this committee in any aspects that any from the
10:57 am
russian investigation but we have press requests that the president of the united states asked you to downplay the russian investigation or to directly intervene with director comey, can you set the record straight about what happened or didn't happen? >> well, senator, as i responded to a similar question during my confirmation in a second hearing before the committee, i do not feel it's appropriate for me to in a public session in which confidential conversations between the president and myself, i don't believe it's appropriate for me to address that in a public session. >> gentlemen, i understand -- >> i state that had -- stated that before. >> you you would quote, certainly provide them with what i know and you don't know, we are before thainvestigative committee? >> well, i sta my previous statement that we are in a public session here and i do not feel that it's appropriate for
10:58 am
me to address confidential information, most of the information i share over the president is obviously directed toward intelligence matters during our briefings every morning at the white house, most mornings with most president and i'm in town. but for intelligence-related matters or any other maths that have been discussed, it is my belief that it's inappropriate for me to share that with the public. >> gentlemen, i respect all of your service and i understand and respect your commitment to the administration you're serving, we will have to bring forward that individual whether the existence of the individual that made document it was fact between conversations and aid mirror rabble rogers. what i would only ask that if we go forward, this is my final comment, mr. chairman, that we
10:59 am
also have to weigh in here the public's absolute need to know, they're wondering what's going on, they're wondering what type of activities. we see this pattern that without confirmation or denial it appears that the president not once, not twice, but we will hear from director comey tomorrow this pattern where the president wants to interfere or downplay or halt the ongoing investigation not only that the justice department is taking on but this committee is taking on and i hope that when we move forward on this you realize that the importance that the american public deserves to get the answers to your questions. >> senator, i would like to respond to that, if i uld. first of all, i'm always -- i told you and i committed to the committee that i would be available to it have before the committee. i don't think this is appropriate venue to do this in given that this is an open hearing and a lot of
11:00 am
confidential information relative to intelligence or other matters. i don't think it's appropriate for me to do that in this situation and then secondly, when i was asked yesterday to respond to a piece that i was going to be written and printed in the washington post this morning, my response to that was in my time of service, which is interacting with the president of the united states or anybody in his administration, i have never been pressured, i have never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way, shaping intelligence in a political way or in relationship of ongoing information. >> all i say, director coats, there was a chance here to lay to rest some of the press reports. if the president is asking you to intervene, you may not have felt pressured, but if he's even
11:01 am
asking, to me that is a very relevant piece of information and, again, at least in terms of the conversation with admirable rogers, i think we will get at least some, another individual's versions but at some point the fact wills have to come out. >> thank y very much, mr. chairman. thank you senator coats, excuse me director coats and admirable rogers. stuart: senator mark warner, democrat, questioning the intelligence chiefs of the united states. the question was, did anyone interfere or intervene with the comey probe? none answers or pushbacks from the intelligence chiefs. that's what you just heard in the fox business network. now according to several news reports james comey will not testify that president trump obstructed justice.
11:02 am
repeat, james comey will not present evidence tomorrow that the president committed an impeachable offense. you might think this would take the wind out of the impeachment sales, you might think that the attacks on our president would be toned down. think again. this afternoon representative al green, democrat will hold news conference and says he will proceed with impeachment regardless of what mr. comey says. the attack from the administration looked angry and on occasion just plain rude. senator harris, democrat, california, would not allow homeland security john kelly to answer question without interruption. he had to call her out so he could speak. epa administrator, he could hardly get a word at all. wasn't allowed to speak. if anything, it seems that the level of contempt shown for our president is intensifying. it is borderline hatred.
11:03 am
cnn host calls him, mr. trump, a piece of you know what, msnbc host implies the president wants to provoke a terror attack on americans in ameca. stephen colbert launches and kathy griffin that she was bullied. we may be at a turning point. just as the brits are saying enough is enough with terror. we are saying enough is enough with hatred. the third hour of varney&company is about to begin. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> in the three plus years that i have been director of the national security agency, to the best of my recollection i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate and to the best of
11:04 am
my recollection, during that same period of service i do not recall feeling pressured to do so. stuart: that was nsa chief rogers saying he did nothing illegal, more on this, please. liz: he was asked by senator mark warner, did the president in anyway ask you to intervene in the russian probe and that was his answer. mark warner continued to press him several more times and repeated the same answer. we also had out of dan coats, i am not going to talk about confidential conversations with the president, it's not appropriate to do so in a public space. what's happening right now, stuart, they are teeing up for a very, very rough fight, a rough go ahead for both dan coats and mike rogers, more senators are not going -- they are going to have add it with the answers. these are basically pushback answers on the theory -- leaks to the washington post that the president called these two to intervene in the mike flynn obe. stuart: there's more fireworks
11:05 am
to come but the answers to that question will probably not change. liz: correct. stuart: confrontation. liz: confrontation. stuart: got it. that's what's going on in politics at this very moment. to the markets, please. look at the big board. there's absolutely no big selloff despite what a gridlock in dc, a lot of contentious politics, no real selloff, we are at 21,155, big name technology stocks are all holding up including microsoft which is only down 6 cents, the rest of them on the upside yet again. how about tesla, that stock has hit a record high, it actually reached just a few moments ago $360 a share, back to 359. still up, 6 bucks on the day. oil, that's the headline for the market. oil is way down 4 and a quarter percent. why? because we have a big jump in the amount of oil that we have in storage that is a supply glut.
11:06 am
h 6 bucks a gas for oil, gas prices are shortly going down from here. chief investment strategists joins us now. so we have published reports saying that james comey will not say that president trump obstructed justice. i suspect that would be good news for the market, what do you say? >> i think so, stuart, because what it does is it avoids the side show that everybody is doing their very best to fabricate when it's becoming increasingly clear there may or may not be substance there. that's a good sign because that tells me is regardless of the politics, what that tells me is that traders are focused on growth and that's where individual investors should keep focus as well. stuart: hold on a second, i have peter kiernan with me. all right, peter, comey tomorrow.
11:07 am
it says he will not say, mr. trump did not obstruct justice. is that relevant to the market? >> there's not going to be anything learned tomorrow. these are open sessions. people are waiting for great reveal. this is a side show. you look at the propensity of the market to engage in the who said, he said, she said, whatever what happened in washington, the market doesn't follow that. that's not what they're watching. they are watching earnings, revenues. they are watching growth in the markets, they are not watching how well or not well mark warner is doing in his questioning. stuart: fair enough. let's get back to keith. yesterday in the program we had a big-time tech investor. help, yes, apple is to some degree playing catch-up with home pod speaker but he still thinks that apple is a winner. listen to this.
11:08 am
roll tape. >> i think they're always playing catch-up. it's no different here. they are about two years late. what they're doing is distinct around music piece and i heard them yet and these will blow your socks off. i think yes, they are playing catch-up but that's what apple typically does. stuart: apple is playing cafn-up to some degree. still innovator, still going after a very big market, your ? >> i think that's been my view for a long time whether it's tablets, watches, iphones, whatever. what they're really doing, stuart, is latching into everything that powers the home from the music to the way you shop to expenditures. that's the real fight and we haven't seen it start yet but that's the stakes that are involved and for that, i think, apple really has a handle on
11:09 am
things. stuart: do you think it's a good buy at $55 a share in. >> yes, i do. my perspective is the game is just starting and a lot more value to come. stuart: wow. it blows me away, and i can't remember a time since 1990's actually of anything like this. keith feitz, thank you very much for joining us, thank you, sir. let's go back to politics. the freedom caucus in the house of representatives says it wants to cancel work through the august recess, push tax reform and health care reform, get it done in august during the recess. they are going to work. i think that's a big piece of news, peter cieshan because -- kiernan, that's a declaration of intent. >> he said we have to get the house, the senate and the white
11:10 am
house agree on a proposal for tax before we come back on labor day. we have to have one plan that we all agree. we can't serve up a plan and have four competing plans that battle all year otherwise we won't make it. something different is required. this is the kind of thinking that's required and ryan is on the money. liz: i don't want press conferences before television cameras. enough with that. we don't need it. we hear that you're in the thick of things, weeds of things, get it done. stuart: close the doors, don't make any statements, get it done, present it and the market goes straight up. that's what i say, you say? >> i think it's going to take -- i'm worried about one thing that we haven't talked about. everything is saying don't worry about the debt ceiling, i think it's a big problem this summer. mnuchin is trying to move it to before the recess, but i think this notion of a clean debt ceiling with nothing attached is
11:11 am
going to be an illusion. i think the democrats -- liz: so is mick mulvaney. >> much bigger fight, i say they're wrong. stuart: look at this. the dow industrials are up 13 points. no matter what's going on in the background in the swamp of washington, d.c., that market is at 21,149. coming up next, more on my take, the editorial on the top of the hour, the left con discontent for the president. look who is back, comedian denise miller, he joins us. a glutton for punishment. liz: good stuff. ization that often reveals a better path forward.
11:12 am
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11:14 am
>> i rise today, mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the
11:15 am
president of the united states of america for obstruction of justice. i do not do th for political purposes, mr. speaker. i do this because i believe in the great ideals that this country stands for. stuart: that's congressman al green back on may 17th calling for the impeachment of president trump, he will do the same thing again in about 3 hour's time, he's holding a news conference about impeachment. it's the latest from the object and obstruct democrats. there's a lot more from the mainstream media. for example, msnbc host thomas roberts, he suggested that president trump is trying to provoke a terrorist attack in america for political advantage. the tweet from cnn's, look at it. embarrassment to human kind. that's from a cnn guy. joining us now the host of the story on fox news that would be
11:16 am
martha macallum. welcome back, restrain yourself, okay, because i thought that this nonsense had reached a peak but it's not, it's still going on. >> you know, they are like a dog that's got a piece of red meat. if this red meat doesn't turn out to be anything which is absolutely possible, somewhere around 50/50 mark at best right now and what we are hearing this morning in hearings is backing up the notion that these individuals are saying and rod rosenstein is chiming in as well that they never felt they were persuaded in dropping investigation to michael flynn, former national security adviser to the president. this is what they are holding onto big-time. this falls apart you will see more lashing out and you're seeing from representative green, i don't care what the facts are, i want to impeach this guy basically
11:17 am
essentially from nothing at this point. stuart: i guess this is to be expected. >> it is to be expected and i think that this movement is not going anywhere any time -- any time. stuart: borders on rudeness on occasion. senator harris from california, she's democrat and she's really going after homeland security chief mike kelly. listen to this. >> can i finish what i was saying? >> inside of the embassies as opposed to attending a cocktail -- >> had you not cut me off, i would have said the same thing you just said but probably not as eloquently but the same thing you just said. >> what do you mean they have -- excuse me, sir. >> we are willing to work with them. let me finish once before you interrupt me. >> sir, with all due respect.
11:18 am
>> with all due respect, senator, the local lawyers. let me finish -- >> excuse me, i'm asking the questions. >> but i'm trying to answer the questions. before i answer the question, can you let me finish. >> that's unbelievable. one of the most widely respected people in this administration. he fought valiantly and led forces and lost a son and he deserves more respect than harris was giving him in the situation. these senators and members of congress need to understand that they are there in order elicit information for the american people, not to gran stand on their own behalf. we have seen republicans be very guilty of this as well in the past, so this is an equal opportunity offense that happens here, but, you know, it's not
11:19 am
about you, okay, it is not about you, senator harris, it is about understanding the security situation that exists in our country right now. that's what general kelly was there to do yesterday and by the way, he had some very serious tones yesterday about how he feels that not having the extreme vetting that the president is wanting to put in place is putting us in jeopardy in the country. i think that's probably do biggest take away from yesterday. stuart: president trump is about to leave for ohio where he's going to visit victims of obamacare which brings to mind yesterday's news that anthem is withdrawing from all 88 counties in ohio, leaving some counties with in insurer whatsoever. now, today we hear that the republicans do, indeed, have a replacement plan, they are going to put it in front of people very, very soon. if they don't put it through
11:20 am
they own a collapsing obamacare. the pressure is on them. >> senator lindsey graham and the president to some extent both like the idea of letting this collapse and then forcing democrats to the table because there's no other option because people lose coverage across the country. the president has said, you know, i don't want to do that, i want to make it easier but that's the battle that we are going to see in the senate over the next few weeks, people that want to say, we did it which is what they did on the house side and people like rand paul who is definitely not on board and people like lindsey graham who believe can come up with something better. they have to stick with this agenda. they have to go with maybe something that isn't perfect and it's not the enemy of the good. stuart: don't launch me on another rant on how they have to get this done. don't do that, martha. >> i couldn't agree more. both people on both sides of the aisle should feel they elected
11:21 am
some things done, health care reform, tax. it's unbelievable. stuart: do it. we will see you at 7:00 o'clock in fox news channel. do you know why they're criticizing president trump's new pick to head the fbi? because he's chris christie's guy. there's the criticism, more varney after this
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
stuart: moments ago that's president trump stepping off marine 1. the presidential helicopter, he's being escorted over to air force one. the presidential jet. he's taking off and going to ohio where he's going to talk to victims of obamacare and he's also going to be talking his infrastructure plan.
11:26 am
peter kiernan, is he to some degree changing the subject while they're grilling intelligence people in washington? >> honestly, this is the subject. in case anybody has any doubt, the real world of america cares about this subject. and by the way, there are a lot of people, 86 funds that have raised $150 billion for the soul purpose of investing along side our government in infrastructure. everybody is waiting. the soil is tilled, plant the seeds, that's the story. stuart: but that's the news. what the president is doing u the things he's addressing obamacare, ohio, anthem leaves, infrastructure, that's the news that effects each and every one of us not who said what to whom about jim comey and the russians. peter and i promise you people's appetite for creating new jobs and job opportunities and rejuvenating cities, they are going to have more appetite than that than they will have for yet another comey testimony
11:27 am
explanation by a pundit. stuart:ic you're -- i think you are right. you're dead right. first thing this morning. it was about 8:30 th mor we got the tweet from ident trump. i will be nominating christopher ray, a man of impeccable credentials. the reaction has been almost entirely that that man, he was chris christie's bridgegate lawyer. that's the reaction. liz: media headlines and are missing the season career, he ran the criminal division under george w. bush, meaning he took on enron, he brought the government's case against enron and oversaw the justice department's response about 9/11, he looked into corporate tax fraud and he has a long career, former assistant attorney general from the
11:28 am
northern district of georgia. he's a seasoned federal prosecutor. stuart: you know peter kiernan has been stuck on his computer and found something in the clinton campaign. peter: while it may not be a reason to not get the job to be chris christie ie -- lawyer but somehow bridgegate to russia, that's a long bridge. i don't see it. that's the funniest line i have heard today. stuart: ultimate stretch. that's the word, isn't it? liz: what are they doing? what are they talking about? stuart: we have our president going to ohio looking at obamacare victims, we have our president going to ohio talking a huge infrastructure plan, we have our president nominating a new director of the fbi and what's the left doing? liz: got you politics. stuart: that's exactly what's going on here.
11:29 am
markets are not fooled. well, maybe they are. we don't have much of a gain for the big board this moment but we certainly have no decline. peteg attention. stuart: we are up 2 points for the dow jones industrial, 21138 this morning. that's new all-time high. you have to look at the price of oil, it's down two bucks, $46 per barrel. there's a supply glut, that will affect the price of gasoline a little bit later. i mate have had some effect on the stock market in dampening down on the gain that we are seeing earlier. next case. the freedom caucus, dead set on tackling tax reform. the freedom caucus wants to work or prepared to work through the august recess to get it done. now, the chair of the tax
11:30 am
writing committee sounds optimistic. roll tape. >> i think everyone is focused on what month we might see a draft or a bill or when this process begins but i really think the right focus is on what year and it's got to be this year, 2017. i think all of the elements are in place to do it, the job creators in the country are hungry for this tax reform. neil: when you say this, that it would -- it would happen this year, it would also be implemented this year? >> yes, sir. stuart: that's interesting time frame there. i want to go back to what the freedom caucus has been saying, work through the august recess to get it done. joining us now congressman jim jordan, freedom caucus guy. you're smiling. are you prepared to get it done by working through the august recess? you will do tt?
11:31 am
>> first we have to repeal and replace obamacare, second budget, then appropriations, then debt ceiling and tax reform. if that requires us to be here in august to get what we told the american people we were going to get accomplish, then we are going to have to do that. that's a position we have taken and that makes good common sense. stuart: are you prepared to compromise? when we were debating obamacare reform and repeal, though some pushing and shoving and unwillingness to compromise, are you now going to compromise on tax reform? will you do that? >> in the end, stuart, it was the freedom caucus who put the bill over the top and because of our intense and vigorous debate we know we made the health legislation better and closer to what we told the american people what we were going to do and elected us to do. we want a good bill that lets american families keep more of their money and creates tax code that's conducive to producing economic growth. plain and simple. what we don't want in this bill is the border adjustment tax.
11:32 am
the whole new tax placed on the american economy. yeah, we are going to work hard to get the right tax reform done like we did with health care. stuart: all we are hearing in this program is get it done. we elected republicans to the house, senate to get it done and there's -- there's a real strong feeling that you've got to do this, has that message reached members of the freedom caucus, house of representatives, all republicans in congress? you get the message? >> yeah, we know the freedom caucus -- stuart: i'm not being fatious. the country is saying, come on, you have to do this. >>hat'exactly why took the position last night in meeting, we should be able to get the work done but let's also focus on doing it right. what the american people don't want is a whole new tax placed on them, a brand-new tax called a border adjustment tax, they do not want that. what they want is lower taxes and a tax code that's conducive
11:33 am
to creating jobs and growing our economy. that's what we told the american people we were going to do. that's what we should do even if it means being here in august. stuart: is that where the compromise is coming down to? all we are going to do is cut tax rates for corporations and individuals? that's it, a narrowly-focused deal? >> maybe not that narrowly focused. revenue neutrality is a fancy way of saying that the tax burden is going to stay around we are just going to shift around on who pays what. my experience in that scenario what it means middle-class gets bad deal. lower rate for families and that means lowering corporate rate.
11:34 am
stuart: as you know, anthem is pulling out of all counties in ohio, 20 counties with? insurance coverage. >> 18, right. stuart: this thing is collapsing. if it collapsing without you guys replacing it, you will own a collapse system. >> so we do need to get it done, frankly right now it's in the senate. that's the senate's call, let's hope they get it done as soon as possible. we are hearing mixed messages because again we had a major election in 10, 14 and 16 where this was obamacare repeal and replacement was a critical issue. that right now is in the united states senate. stuart: jim jordan, freedom caucus guy. thank you very much for joining us this morning. thank you, sir.
11:35 am
i want to get back to the senate intelligence committee. let me show you this from just moments ago, roll tape. >> i'm not going to discuss the specifics of conversations with the president trump. >> i do not feel it's appropriate for me in a public session in which confidential conversations between the president and myself, i don't believe it's appropriate for me to address that in a public session. stuart: all right, judge andrew napolitano has been listening to the entire proceedings all morning long. have they reached a point, the questioners where they've gotten any legal leverage on our president from the intelligence chiefs? >> i don't think so. stuart: okay. >> some of the questioning was so broadly worded it could be interpreted almost any way you want. did the president ask you to do anything illegal? well, no one ever asked me to do anything illegal.
11:36 am
the specific question and the broad general answer. if the president asked the director of national security, of national intelligence to call up the fbi director and ask him to lay off general flynn, that's apples and oranges. the director of national secuty has nothi to do with the investigation of general flynn. it was their colleague asking a colleague. there's no authority to stop it. so there's no -- there's no illegal behavior there. stuart: yes, but there's politically unattractive if the. >> so a general or admiral rogers said all the years at the nsa nobody asked me to do anything illegal or immoral or unethical. but i'm not going to tell you what the president asked me. we'll have to hear from director comey and see if he backs it up from the infamous or famous memos. stuart: there is more important news out of britain. prime minister theresa may says she is prepared. >> she'll say anything to get elected.
11:37 am
stuart: what? >> the election is tomorrow. what do you think she's going to say? stuart: wait a second. let me get this right. she says -- did you hear the executive producer, good point. [ laughter ] >> theresa may said we are prepared to restrict the freedom of movement of those posing a threat even if we don't have the evidence to prosecute them and if civil rights laws won't let you do it, she'll have a problem with the laws. >> she didn't have a problem with the europeans, it's the european human rights commission will stop her from doing this and britain is leaving. >> tell the european human rights. stuart: this is a brand-new proactive approach by the british authorities which i think is going to happen here. >> it can't happen here because we have this thing called the constitution which mrs. may doesn't have to worry about
11:38 am
because former colleagues, the ones whose government yo renounc when you became an american citizen don't have a writn constitution, they have a tradition which goes with the win. stuart: i know that. seeing what the brits are doing or known suspects what they intend to do with known suspects, something similar would happen in the united states when you have a known bunch of sympathizers with al qaeda. >> when people are afraid for their safety or their lives, it is human nature to cling to authority and order and put freedom aside and when that human nature predominates, the government will serve it. that doesn't mean it's right, that is probably what will happen. >> theresa may says -- >> what did she do with the six
11:39 am
years she was in charge of all of this. stuart: supposing you have jihadis coming back to minnesota from fighting in syria. they're back, can we throw them out? constitutionally. . >> where we are closer in our views. i disagree with the obama administration, the trump administration and they can be terrorists, maniacs, whatever you want to call them. stuart: let them go. >> okay, let them go. let them go and don't let them come back. they have waived the american citizen. >> they have joined a foreign army which would qualify under the constitution. waging war against them. >> the lad has seen the light. >> you see the light this must be done according to law. law that can't b changed. the supreme law of the nd. stuart: i'd like to see a
11:40 am
political administration which uses the law which is available. you don't have to have the jihadis back. >> pray to the mother of god we don't have the attacks here they had in great britain. but if they do, you will probably see the laws coming about. doesn't mean they're just but they will come about. stuart: i shall applaud them and you will not. >> probably not. i'll be singing the praises of human freedom until i'm six feet under. stuart: you're welcome to the cliches. >> thank you. stuart: guess who's next? dennis miller, never a dull moment when he appears on live television. expect more of it. watch this. >> i find it ironic that the colleges are now in such lockdown. you know, you realize, stuart, jesus christ could appear on a college campus right now and change water into wine and he would be frog walked off by the campus cops because he killed
11:41 am
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11:43 am
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11:45 am
. stut: uber firing0 people because of harassment. tracee carrasco has the details on this for us. what do you got? >> reporter: it's not just harassment, bullying, discrimination, some of the reasons 20 managers and lower level employees were fired as a result of an ongoing investigation. the law firm conducting a review of hr claims looked at 215 complaints. 57 of those are under review. 31 employees are in counseling or training right now. corporate culture is under fire after a former software engineer wrote a blog post accusing managers of ignoring complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment.
11:46 am
this is a long string and laundry list of bad pr recently. they posted a $700 million loss in the second quarter. in new york city, uber drivers owed millions of dollars because of accounting error. i reached out. comments on the latest scandal, nothing further to say. >> i wonder what it does for their $68 billion valuation. we don't know. >> nope, we don't. stuart: thank you very much indeed. good story. get to the london terror attack. police have recovered the body of an eighth victim from the river thames. this person no doubt jumped into the river to escape vehicular homicide. this as britain's prime minister theresa may take a hard line on terrorists. comedian dennis miller is with us this morning. dennis, looks to me like there's a mood change going on over there and here, too. what say you? >> listen, being introduced as a comedian in a segment like
11:47 am
this is antithetical. i'm just a citizen of the world looking and i'm a bit of a pragmatist, and i would say to theresa may you think, you think on a saturday night when young people are crossing one of the most known, you know, vistas in london, the london bridge and three kids pull up in a car and start stabbing one woman ten times. people jump into the river to get away, go across, go into restaurants, cut people's throats, do you think you have to step up now? for god sakes, churchill must be turning over in his grave like the rotating license plate on barnes aston martin. how has it gotten this far, theresa may? goodness! i think there was 20,000 cop jobs taken away. we've gotten to the point where the one guys on the bridge fighting with a baton. this is absolute insanity.
11:48 am
you have to right away go get the people on the watch list and do an fdr. fdr went too far when he put 120,000 japanese-americans on interment camps on the peninsula in california. they way too far. put them in a camp and earn their way out with an explanation what the life, is what's happening right here. that's the simple fact, strt. stuart: dennis, you are right, there's n comedy in this whatsoever. it's horror, that's what it is. horror. i want you to comment on the nsa contractor who was arrested for leaking a report on russian hacking. her name is reality winner. now we're learning she's been ripping president trump on social media, even cursing him out. why would a person like this have access to secret information? >> probably because the person above her hates trump even more. stuart, this is like -- i call this whole episode the falcon
11:49 am
and the snowflake. we've got a spy now who's a whiner. look at this with. she doesn't look like she could apply for a discover card much less our highest secret clearance. this is unbelievable! on the home front, listen, you could hate trump, you could love trump, if everybody here doesn't agree, if we let this stuff come across the pond, we're in deep trouble, and you've got idiots like this trying to make her mark in a world gone mad by dumping secrets out into the ether. it doesn't augher well. we should use what's happening there as a reminder that we cannot let it infiltrate this country. you said you think there's a fifth column. i ironically do believe it's a fifth column. when i look at that person, the fifth column appears to be as thick as the first plank. we've got to start using our heads about this stuff. stuart: yeah, and i think the media has to start covering
11:50 am
stories that affect you and i and our viewers. >> i don't think they will. stuart: no. they're gung ho for the hearings in washington, who said what to whom and when? whereas we've got a collapsing obamacare, terror in london. a fifth column as a contractor here with intelligence information. i just think the whole world seems to be turned upside down. the media's covering oneworld, and we're living in anotr. last word to you, dennis. >> stuart, i'd have to move obamacare and tax relief way down the road, too. i'd like those things to happen. i think it's going to crash. i'm talking about right now what happened in london, 130 years after the actual facts, we've gone from jack the ripper to jack the rippers. and i've got the mayor of london pretending as my wife said, he reminds her, my wife had the best line, she said sadiq khan reminds me of the
11:51 am
mayor of anmitty. come on! obamacare is good, he's going to move this down the road as far as safeguarding the populists to use things like obamacare and tax relief. stuart: i lied, that's not the last word. we're bringing you back after the break. you're so good. >> thank you. good to see you. >> miller will be back after this. you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me.
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switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . stuart: all right, everyone, maybe a lighter note, look at this. a mcdonald's billboard beside the highway on the new mexico-colorado stateline. it reads usually when you roll something this good, it's illegal. of course, that's a reference to marijuana. corporate ordered the franchise to put it up, take it down. dennis miller still with us, possibly an element of levity for you here, dennis. what do you think? >> well, mcdonald's corporate is always bogarting their brand. [laughter] >> you know, as i look at arches there, maybe i miss interpreted the arches all these years. maybe it's a kinetic drawing of
11:56 am
a double album cover being opened on one's lap to roll a burrito as they say. the greatest irony of the photo is it's exit 451. if i remember my professor ray bradbury physics class is the temperature which paper autoignites. if they wereoing someubtle thing about sparking one up, there's no better place to do it than exit 451. stuart: that was the movie "fahrenheit 451." >> they call it that, but it was a book, a brilliant book made into a movie. probably bradbury's best book. 451 represents the temperature at which paper or papers or easy lighters autoignite. stuart: or zigzag. >> call it how you see it. stuart: you are all right. thank you for joining us, sir? >> have a good one. hey, emac. stuart: he said good-bye to you there. >> see you. stuart: there will be more
11:57 am
varney after this.
11:58 am
♪ he came to the world justin the usual way ♪ ♪ but there were planes to catch and bills to pay ♪ ♪ so i moved my meeting saw him walk that day ♪ ♪ he was talking 'fore i knew it, and as he grew ♪ ♪ he'd say i'm gonna be like you, dad ♪ ♪ you know i'm gonna be like you ♪ ♪ and the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon ♪ ♪ little boy blue and the man in the moon... ♪
11:59 am
. >> in the three plus years i've been the director of the national security agency to the best of my recollection, i've never been redirected to do anything illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate and to the best of my recollection, i do not recall feeling pressured to do so. stuart: i call that a fairly forceful pushback, a forceful response. liz, you tell me what was the question in the first place. >> it was did you intervene with fbi james comey's decision to probe mike flynn? and it's a pushback on the "washington post" leaks as well because the inference was that they were, that dan coats and mike rogers were pressured by donald trump to intervene. this sets up the james comey hearing tomorrow. stuart: i don't think the market cares, does it, peter? >> i say it doesn't. if it suddenly does. buy, if you look at clinton,
12:00 pm
nixon and johnson when they are impeached, the market went up. stuart: really? >> the market does not care. stuart: the last time you said that was election day november 8th. you said buy it. >> if the market trades up on this, buy it. stuart: fascinating. my time is up. neil, it's yours. neil: did he say during the andrew johnson administration, the market went up? >> yes, it was, i was a cub reporter then. neil: i know varney was covering it. stuart: i knew that was coming. [ laughter ] >> good to see lizzie back, too. gas po is back, the whole gang is back. a lot going on today. the president as stuart indicated is on his way to ohio is going to be talking obamacare with, those who have been hurt by the law that republicans are working on a fix for in the senate. that's not going smoothly but they are working on it. time is the big detail and they don't have a lot of.


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