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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 13, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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mike: at the end of the day he's blowing it up and that's what they want. lou: that's it for us tonight. judge napolitano, and christian adams among our guests tomorrow. kennedy: attorney general jeff sessions set to testify tomorrow on russia. democrats in disarray as bernie sanders tries to yank the party further to the left. can dems hold it all together? and evander holyfield is in the house. loretta lynch thought she would be in beef mode once hillary clinton was elected. so she snatched the blindfold off lady liberty while lynch was attorney general. justice was not only far from
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blind, when it came to hillary it has has -- it had lasix. hillary's ending was more like "beaches." friend who dies while the other one gets a hit single. it gave james comey that not so fresh feeling. >> at one point the attorney general direct me to not call it an investigation, but to call it a matter and that gave me a queazy feeling. kennedy: it was the collusion grenade that blew up in lynch's face. >> comey said that lynch, the request gave him a queazy feeling. he felt clearly that loretta lynch was giving cover to the clinton campaign. was she? >> i can't answer that.
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i would have a queazy feeling, too, to be candid with you. i think we need to know know more about that. there is only one way to know by the, and that's to have the judiciary committee take a look at that. kennedy: this golden gal is about to hear hillary sing thank you for being an enemy. expect more committees, grand standing, testimony andless truth. you can thank the ethically comeajed james comey. >> you can calm us wrong, but don't call is weasles. we are not weasles. kennedy: you do have robert mule per and you are all google eyed for each other. with james comey and loretta
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lynch guiding the justice bus, they can do far more harm to a country than the russians can ever dream. you are here and i'm glad. i'm kennedy. could loretta lynch be in big trouble and does the lack of any comey memos on her help the trump administration? judge andrew napolitano joins me. the former f.b.i. -- welcome back. so the former f.b.i. director obviously took a very specific and copious notes on his conversations with the current president. but when it came to the former attorney general, do we have any such memoranda? the. judge napolitano: he said he
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tomorrow met with president obama twice and didn't feel the need to take notes. when asked why he took notes with president trump he said base might have a different view of our conversation than i did. but in the loretta lynch matter he accused her of a federal felony called misconduct in office, which is a large up breal of activities, one of which is making law enforcement decisions for political purposes, for political gain of one's friends or political harm of one's enemies. kennedy: comey was obviously so upset by the conversations he was seeking approval to go out and tell the world that hillary clinton is under investigation. loretta lynch said you can announce that but you must use the term matter. when he learned about the meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton, that's what tipped him to give that public
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explanation of why there were no charges. judge napolitano: the why no charges still sticks in people's craw. he can say the corn general conflict herself. there isn't enough evidence to indict and if there is, there isn't enough evidence to con sixth. but for him to say here is the evidence of her guilt and there is a mountain of it, that's what caused people to scratch their heads. f.b.i. agents saying to him, hey, director, are you now the director of the federal bureau of matters rather than the federal bureau of investigation? he lost his cool. it's a criminal investigation, that's what we do. that was before the meeting on the tarmac.
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but she has a lot of problems and a lot of answering to do. jeff sessions -- necessary's going to recuse himself from that -- his deputy rod rosenstein should be opening up a formal investigation on loretta lynch on the jim comey well-grounded allegations of misconduct in office. kennedy: there were a couple of issues democrats took umbrage with from comey's testimony. judge napolitano: there is no legal definition of a leak. but a leak usually i in journalistic parlance, means it was classified tore privileged. guess who in the federal system
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decides whether material is classified? the author. he's at perfect liberty to give this non-class fired, non-privileged memo he wrote to himself. kennedy: he said he didn't mark it as classified sow it would get out there. he said he gave it to a friend who gave it to the "new york times" so we would have this special counsel. judge napolitano: the senate judiciary committee and senate intelligence committee subpoenaed the form kerr columbia law school professor. the president says there might be tapes. there might not be tapes. he says i'm willing to testify about my version of events.
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kennedy: what happens to loretta lynch? judge napolitano: that's up to jeff sessions. in nye my view she should be the target of federal misconduct in office. the basis of that was laid out by james comey. congress can't indict. only the justice department can ask a grand jury to indict. kennedy: jeff sessions set to testify tomorrow. the attorney general will testify before the senate intelligence committee which is the same group that grilled comey last week. sessions agreed to speak after the former f.b.i. directors testimony raised new questions. will he clear the air or create new storm clouds for the white house. guess who is here to kick off the discussion. jessica tarlov, joined by the
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host of the anthony cumia show. and matt welch. welcome back. much to tackle. you said jeff sessions was the surprised loser from the comey testimony. >> comey brought him up a couple times. he gave the impression jeff sessions was uncomfortable with when donald trump cleared the room out to have a private one-on-one conversation. and he talked about an extra meeting sessions had had. so the notion and it's unclear the way comey testified whether sessions himself was involved in the chain of command issues that led to comey's firing which would be unusual.
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if the firing was because of russia and sessions was involved with it. sessions who recused himself from the russian investigation, it seems weird. kennedy: maybe sessions snaps tomorrow. he offered the president his resignation before his first foreign trip. but jefferson sessions is still here. >> i don't think we'll see any snaps. we love show biz and movies and television. this isn't a perry mason-type scenario. it's just -- >> you are going to tell us you can't handle the truth. >> thieves they are ever entertaining these hearings. they are becoming a bit of a showmanship thing like news has become. are we really getting the truth or are we getting people who want their name out there and get that snappy comment on the nightly news.
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but the sessions thing, i'm all in. i'm interested in this. i'm watching. kennedy: you say it's critical to the investigation. i said this morning on "outnumbered" that there is a chasm between what the president has said and the former:00 director said and perhaps jeff sessions is the bridge. jessica: he could be. james comey's testimony put him in the hot seat. there are three meetings he had with ambassador kislyak we didn't know about. we'll see where his loyalty lies either to the president or the united states of america. i would push back on everyone show boaght these testimonies. i thought director comey did not go the showboat way. kennedy: oh, lordy.
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jessica: i thought he made it a point to sell out loretta lynch. kennedy: what does that say to you? there were two things that were very deliberate. he said i leaked the information. then he had his stupid seagull analogy. but then he was so explicit in his damning language of loretta lynch. jessica: then he dumped that letter 11 days before the election. there has a been a lot of analysis that says that tipped the scales. but then republicans hated him because he was coming for president trump. people were starting to worry. he was look places that were significant and they don't like that. he was actually being himself. he said i'm not a partisan, i may vote a certain way.
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but i'm here to make sure justice is carried out. kennedy: loretta lynch got in the way of the james comey show. lindsey graham, suggesting that president trump could be his own wot enemy. yesterday on "face the nation" he said the president's habit of commenting on everything on twitter may be his downfall. >> he may be the first president in history to go down because he can't stop talking about an investigation that if you were just guy cut would clear you. kennedy: there are a lot of people who love what he says on twitter. but it's funny the russian investigation may go nowhere and prove nothing. but because the president is impulsive on social media, that may be his great undoing. >> this whole cascade of event
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with james comey started with a trump tweet that he might have tapes. comey freaked out by his own admission recording his conversation. all because of this one tweet, right? jeas today * and that interview with lester holt where he admitted he fired comey over the russians. >> friday the president said in his press conference that were contradicted by his own son. kennedy: his son donald jr. or his real son jared? >> if he testifies that way he runs the risk of per you'ring himself. kennedy: that's why he's not going to go before congress. >> no way would he do that. i like his strategy with
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tweeting and using. i don't think he's as side and reckless as people put him out to be. i think he knows there is nothing to this russia thing. he time they try to find anoer thing it turns out to be a dead end. kennedy: then friends like newt gingrich have to top saying things like we have to shut down special counsel. >> if he want people to day on something that will never amount to anything, he's doing a great job. they are not going to stop. if they get past the russians they will say there is nothing there. they want him out of office. >> that something could be obstruction of justice or earning are you. kennedy: martha stewart wasn't screwing around with her toks,
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kennedy: the democratic party's obsession with resistance has gone the so out of hand that they are resisting east other. he said the current model and strategy of the democratic party is an absolute failure. that line drew large applause, but it did not sit well with democrats. having a president waist deep in problems would normally translate into huge gains for the dems in 2018.
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peter doocy joins me now. welcome to the show. what a wonderful night for you. peter rspeter: it is a wonderfu. kennedy: it seemed the democratic party was trying to heal itself to send bernie sanders and elizabeth warren out on the stump to heal old wound and move forward. but it's moving into two different camps. peter: the new head of the dnc was standing next to bernie sanders and said we can get along, then that's over. he stood in front of thousands of people in chicago and talked about how the democratic party needs fundamental change. bernie sanders isn't even a democrat. while he does get a lot of
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attention there, it's not clear the democratic establishment thick they need to listen to him because this special elect down in georgia they have been focusing so much attention on has raised the democratic candidate. and less than 5 pe 5% of it is m georgia. he's the furthest thing from senator sanders that there is an's doing okay. he might win. kennedy: ossoff is not running as a bernie sanders liberal. he's running as a pragmatic democrat. democrats are hoping this is a bellwether race. what does this signal to democrats? if ossoff loses, does that mean the philosophical thrust of the party naturally goes to bernie
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sanders? peter: you talk to different trat strategists today they will give you a different answer. but if ossoff wins he won't become the leader of the democratic party nationally. say ossoff goes away and all this money was spent and it was for nothing. bernie sanders might not want to be aligned with the democrats. there is an outside group pushing him to start a people's party. they want somebody to start a new effort. they think they can get millennials. pelosi, hoyer, clinton wing of the party, they are not reaching people in red states the way the trump campaign was able to. kennedy: the ossoff district is a red district. if he can run as a moderate and succeed you will see a lot more people following that playbook. it has more ideas and less
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kennedy: before the break i asked you how many drivers does uber have around the globe? the answer is the biggest one, 1.5 million drivers. that's a lot of people. they can expect a big shakeup. the uber board of directors decided the rideshare company will adopt every recommendation from former u.s. attorney general eric holder who led an internal inquiry. today the company's senior vice president was the latest executive to resign.
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can the revolutionary tech firm bounce back or is it too silly to be saved? welcome back, scott. i think uber this trouble. in new york city which happens to be the laboratory for ridesharing. you have companies gunning for uber. they also have lawsuits and a number of marketplace issues. what is most problematic for uber? >> i don't know where to start. i like the fact that you mentioned lawsuits. the one big one from google for $40 billion. it talks about the self-driving car technology they stole from google.
12:30 am
plus the fact that you mention this p.r. problem. whether the ceo yelling at one of his drivers or internal strive with regard to a toxic work environment. uber is falling apart by the day and it probably starts at the top with the ceo. kennedy: we know he's taking a leave of absence. is it possible for the company to ipo with its current valuation? >> the lawsuit would wipe out a considerable portion of that. it appears they missed it. they had a chance. with all the companies, the vias and lifts of the world that have taken over market share. uber is still the largest in size. the ipo window has been missed.
12:31 am
they need a new sho -- a new chr in place. kennedy: the most damning thing for uber is word of mouth. when you get in some of these other car service companies, you talk to drivers from lift, they say they get more money. they feel like they have been used by uber and now the quality has gone down so much. i had someone pick me up in a 1964 buick and i had to ride in the drunk with four dead bodies. >> that's the kind of experience i have been look for from uber. kennedy: some day we'll put our heads together and make the world a better place with these
12:32 am
solid solutions. a conservative group called act for america held march against sharia rallies in two dozen cities across his great nation. the group claims it's anti-sharia, not anti-muslim. most aspects of sharia can't be legally practiced in the united states. let me hit up the party panel. matt, i'll start with you. this seems to be the ultimate straw man. matt: most everybody does not want to see the imposition of sharia law as the government system in the united states. i just don't understand why people think that's a threat. there have been anti-sharia ordinances passed all over the country. the quotes from the organizers.
12:33 am
stop what? i have get being paranoid about islamic terrorism. kennedy: you have people of showing up at rallies saying i'm against gaze being thrown off buildings, and against women not driving. anthony: when you look at people demonstrating for gay rights. as an american you have every right everybody else does. jessica: the gay marriage fight only finalized a few years ago. anthony: that doesn't seem like it's the only thing they are fighting for. jessica: they are a protected group. kennedy: i have never been one for female genital mutilation.
12:34 am
>> thank think it doesn't happen that -- thankfully it doesn't happen that much in the united states of america. it will halt oral retard somewhat the assimilation process here. that what's we do really well. kennedy: how many people did hillary clinton take millions of dollars from. jessica * every time there is a terrorist attack they say hah are youa is on the way here. hillary clinton showed up in saudi even though she decried their practices. kennedy: but she cashed their millions of dollars. saudi arabia is one of the more reasonable allies we can have in the region. kennedy: saudi arabia is a horrible place.
12:35 am
jessica: i am just saying we are picking from a bottom feeding list. kennedy: wow, now you are a middle easternist. calling middle easterners bottom feeders. jessica: i'm saying there are policies in the middle east that are abhorrent to american values and there have been throughout history. kennedy: jessica, i'll see you on the "outnumbered" couch thursday. a california lawmaker really suggest that u.s. support isis to help defeat other terror organizations? if so, would that ever be a good idea?
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captain col stlins joins me next. ring that bell. ring that bell. i'm going toe to toe
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit kennedy: canned the united states make a deal with the most vicious terrorist organization
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to solve the proper flements middle east? dana rohrabacher said this. >> isn't it a good thing for us to have the united states finally back up sunnis who will attack hezbollah and the shiite threat to us. isn't that a good thing? ken are then went on to say, the only problem with that is the sunnis the congressman seems so fond of are islamic state terrorists. the same ones who pledged death to america and the wonderful freedoms we enjoyed in this country. ben col thrins joins me as a special forces officer and grow beret with three tours in afghanistan. ben, welcome back. would you please decode what the congressman was trying to say? >> i have absolutely no idea because to me it sounds about
12:41 am
like the most idiotic thing he could have uttered. the fact of the matter is, isis about two years ago or three years ago, they issued something within one of their publications called an idea of creating a gray zone. what they are trying to do is force muslims to feel like they have no other choice except to join isis or be defeated by shiias or the western civilization. their entire drive has been to create this sectarian tension. by attacking the shiias and the iranians, what they are trying to do is have the iranians and the shiias fall harder on the sunni muslims and create that space for them to join isis. so you couldn't couple with a worse idea. kennedy: i kinds of agree with you. i think what he's going for is
12:42 am
the simplistic adage the enemy of my enemy is my friends. but that doesn't necessarily apply to every conflict in the middle east. just because you hate iran doesn't mean you back people who also hate iran. those people hate us even worse. >> absolutely. things are already complex. if you look at the fight against isis. what we have been trying to do. the u.s. had to lead with air power. but our strongest partner on the ground has been the kurds. and they believe the only way to defeat isis is to kill them. how shock. at the same time we are working with turkey who are attacking the kurds. kennedy: i like turkey. >> i don't like president erdogan who established himself as a caliphate and dictator. but we are angering the israelis by making a deal with the iranians for the nuclear deal.
12:43 am
we are 50sing the who thinks in yemen and we are working with the saudis. it's's complicated as it gets. kennedy: come to new york and we can compare beards and i'll give you more time. floridians have invented a new floridians have invented a new sport. ♪ he came to the world justin the usual way ♪ ♪ but there were planes to catch and bills to pay ♪
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kennedy: congratulations are in order for the pittsburgh penguins. they won their second consecutive stanley cup championship last night. the city is planning a massive victory parade and hillary clinton generously donated a fireworks barge she had lying around. that's an election callback because she never visited the state of pennsylvania. we begin with a red hot entertainment capital of chatsworth, illinois. where the locals are busy
12:48 am
celebrating their sesquicentennial. it's when they celebrate their 150th birthday by hanging a man by his feet. >> oh, my god, he's hanging. >> he fell. >> no, he didn't. please, please, please. kennedy: apparently one of the guys who starred in a "saturday night live" skit went into a play-by-play. police say the pilot got distracted because he was trying to text his friend that he was in a sesquicentennial but auto correct kept changing it.
12:49 am
topic number two. the economy is definitely on the rebound, but it's still not good for everybody. take former president jimmy carter who has been forced into giving out peanuts for delta airlines. here are some peanut. sensation. i greet all the passengers. it's a preflight ritual for carter who like to greeter single passenger on the plane. he got the idea from bill clinton.
12:50 am
he likes to greet he single stewardess before takeoff. he flew from atlanta to washington before heading a back on a hot air balloon. he's hanging out, oh, my god. he's hanging. it's our 39th president dangling upside down. oh, no, i have peanut allergies from jimmy carter. topic number three. fort lauderdale, florida received 5 inches of rain last week which is a record for florida. the people of florida took advantage of the floods to invent a sport called treat surfing. he's got quite a i physique on him. resident are calling it the most exciting thing to happen in fort
12:51 am
lauderdale since golden corral started its 7-day brunch menu. you hang on tight while the drive zigzags all over the road. the record-breaking rainfall caused over $3 million in damages to local meth labs. topic number four. most women who freak out when they see a bug, and they call their boyfriend into the room to kill it. but sunshine mccurry is not most women. i'll tell you what. she came home to find a snake in her living room. what did she do? she grabbed a pillowcase. and without listening to it side of the story and threw it out
12:52 am
into the street. the local f.b.i. is conducting an investigation. but loretta lynch is asking them to refer to it as a matter. bank of america and delta airlines have pulled out of sponsorship deals with new york's public theater because the play "julius ceasar" depicts the murder of president trump. apparently a presidential assassination was not what the corporations were expecting when they lent their names to the play which is oddly enough directed by kathy griffin. the left would be outraged if the public sphere put obama in
12:53 am
the role of ceasar. he never visited the senate. you have a beer with mitch mcconnell. evander whoyfield has been inducted into
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kennedy: evande evander holyfies just inducted into the boxing hall of fame. i was in the ring in 1993 when the fan man landed at the mgm with tommy learns brother. was that craziest fight you ever had? does it make the podium top two? if someone dropped a parachute into a live sporting event, what would happen to them? >> i don't know. i didn't think no one would ever do that. but they did. >> i snuck on to the ring because i was helping out a photographer. i snuck down so i could be ringside. but i will tell you you left me
12:58 am
waiting at a houston hotel room for two days. in 1997 i was supposed interview you and you decided mtv was too immoral. >> who said that? kennedy: i don't know. i didn't talk to you. but your people related to my people. >> people say what they say. but i'm not like that. kennedy: there is no way they would have inducted you into the international boxing hall of fame. your mom pushed you. you wanted to get out of boxing a couple of times. how did she keep you in the sport. >> whatever mama says. i never got old enough to talk about. she said son you go back and correct it. when you correct it, then you can make a better decision. kennedy: i have two girls who
12:59 am
are competitive as gymnasts. how hard do we push? should we push our kids to stay in the sport on days they come home and want to quit? when do you decide. >> the kids tend to make a better decision when they do well. if they do well and say i have no interest, then, you know -- kennedy: let them go. when they aren't doing well, that's when everyone wants to give up. but you are saying that's when you should push and keep your child on a path. evander holyfield. congratulations on the induction. i waited 20 years to meet you. thank you so much. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and
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