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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 13, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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let's send it over to maria bartiromo. you've got a big story today. trade do we do. looking forward to stephen mnuchin joining us on fox. good happy tuesday. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, june 13th. busy day for president johnson administration did the commander in chief will travel to wisconsin as he pushes to get americans back to work at the president will expand apprenticeship programs to help close the so-called skills gap. labor secretary alex acosta discussed plans at the white house yesterday. >> currently 6 million jobs open in the united states. this is the highest number of job vacancies ever. american companies want to hire the mismatch for jobs had prospective employee job skills. president trump is made clear to expand job opportunities here in
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america. dagen: the treasury department announces new plans of its own recommended going back restrictions implemented by the obama frustration following the financial crisis deregulation this morning. the fox interview coming up 7:00 a.m. eastern. join us for this special interview. jeff sessions taking the hill today set to testify publicly because the senate intelligence committee over alleged russian meddling and the firing of fbi or jim comey after 2:00 p.m. eastern. fox business bringing it to you live. testimony begins at 2:30 p.m. eastern in d.c. today. a massive manhunt in arkansas to rip her a 15 year police veteran shot and killed in the line of duty last night. search for the suspect this morning. chapter 11 a children's clothing line will close up to 450s doris as it looks to slash debt in american eyes.
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a look at the future of the brand coming up. take a look at features indicating an opening to the broader averages. europe stocks are higher. the tax in germany up to 31%. cac up one half of 1%. asia overnight markets are closed in on the absent with the exception of japan that ended the day slightly in the red at the nikkei average fractionally lower. half the korea of three quarters of 1%. a golden night in california. [cheers and applause] >> golden state -- [inaudible] >> worriers become your new nba champs with lebron james and the cavs for the second title. all the highlights this morning.
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joining me to talk all about it, taking the south american capital chief investment officer kevin kelly and senior fellow in fox news contributor richard fowler is here. good to see you. good morning. dagen: good morning. >> island yesterday if i could travel back in time to go to en dagen was a golf cart girl. >> i'm proud of that, though. after i got out of college i was at gartner. i worked on a ski mountain. i sold boos on a golf course. maria: that's why you're so great today because he nodded to these other jobs. train to the coat check girl. dagen: for 13 years old and don't have a job, something's wrong with you. you better bring home some money. >> learn the value of the dollar. that's important, too.
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dagen: and how to treat people. dagen: that's a thing. when you have to answer to other people assert them, you have to understand what it's like i'd people. we are talking about jobs assigned in a different category. president trump is rolling back regulations and we'll speak with the treasury secretary today to connect the dots. coming up this morning, military analyst general jack keane as it does. u.s. treasury secretary stephen mnuchin. former reagan campaign manager ed rollins at best. deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and fox news contributor karl rove. u.s. attorney general michael the pc is here as well. big show ahead. don't miss a moment of it. president trump headed to wisconsin as part of his push to expand apprenticeship programs to help the so-called skills gap closed that the president is said to visit lakisha county
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technical college with his daughter, ivanka and wisconsin governor scott walker. the white house pushed to bring skills training which appeared on "fox and friends." >> we are visiting one of the great examples of skill-based learning and skill-based education in this something which we are very excited about to talk about the skills gap and really highlight the fact there is a viable path other than a four year experience. there are 6 million available so we are constantly hearing from ceos that they have job openings but they don't have workers with the skill set they need to fill those jobs. maria: this is a real issue we hear all the time here that there are jobs available. we are not training people to take those jobs that are available. >> abcd wage inflation, it's not picking up. the labor participation rate is an historical low.
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we have a situation here where there is a bifurcation in the jobs market and there are plenty of jobs out there that people don't have the skills, get student loans are going up. part of the skills you can see that happens within the legal system as well. ivanka tribe has learned the german system and she spent time with angela merkel and her team to see how they are addressing these issues. it is a big problem we have these days. hopefully as people get more skills, usc wage inflation goes up. we just go out and that leads to healthier inflation. >> i agree with that. i got a chance to visit switzerland to use back and they have an amazing apprenticeship program. the apprentice started out as a teller at work although it to be ahead managing a couple trillion dollars in assets. he was here and i got a chance to meet him then. what has to happen in the switzerland model with a hat is
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the corporations putting 60%. the government, the state or the federal government has sent 30% in local government putting 10%. the question here is the model the white house tried to push how you're going to find it. that's going to be the larger question with his budget protecting the department of education to take a couple billion dollars of cuts. i defined without the backing? >> money doesn't solve everything. >> in switzerland to see it working because everyone's working together. local government, federal government saying we believe in these programs. dagen: of i think last year the labor department distributed $90 million in grants. 90 million is a very small amount of money. maybe they'll talk about increasing funding, but the numbers for labor at the success.
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the labor department has numbers that nine in 10 americans dead finish programming language. the average starting salary $60,000 a year. >> it has to start below, especially when it comes to financial industry, economics. we need to prepare students in middle-school, high school and go in that direction. it's nice to talk about this when it comes to technical colleges post high school. this goes back to the entire situation with local government comes the government. that's something we need to address. >> they are trying to expand industries because currently the apprenticeship programs in the u.s., almost half are in construction. 20% or one fifth in manufacturing for they are trying manufacturing for their maria: expand it to other industries. >> you started 15 of the apprenticeship. you ever cap the time and the other half the time engaging in
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education. there has to be an education component where you're also not heard these tunes with dead if you are the apprenticeship program integrates with the $60,000 in debt. >> the states are starting to go this direction coming up with education savings account. parents can actually direct money for their kids and where they want them to get their education to parents can direct money. >> smart move that the president is focused on it. the folks in washington today is on attorney general jeff sessions set to testify publicly before the senate intelligence committee on the russia fired fbi or james comey. are you expecting fireworks today? what do you think? dagen: james comey country with cap class and just sessions is one of their own so i would expect they would treat him with respect and dignity. nevertheless as judge napolitano has pointed out, jeff sessions
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is not testifying as the attorney general. he is testifying as they would send a probe into russia and even what happened between james comey and donald trump. dagen: had recused himself from the probe. dagen: thas right. i think the judge used the word dangerous. it depends how much time they get the hearing has there is little given to the comey hearing. a lot of ground needs to be covered. james comey alluded to him if he had more contact than the meetings with ambassador kislyak. he will face questions about the relationship between comey and donald trump gave the president a daddy answers those baby citing executive privilege. just sessions also has a strange relationship where did that the united states and offered his visit nation according to reports. so it is wide-open.
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>> session's testimony is a bipartisan agreement on a new round of sanctions against russia. madeleine in the 2015th election and military activities in ukraine and syria. the deal includes a provision allowing congress to review and prevent the white house rollback penalties. what's your take on this last point? this is one thing russia was read out. he didn't want to sanctions. >> i think the reason why the comey testimony was the nail in the coffin. we know the metal and the french election and they like to play this game of salt-and-pepper espionage. we will figure out that these cells were restrained. this is fireworks.
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dagen: sessions will get asked about his role in the fire he. initially the president alluded to just sessions and had a role in the decision-making. here is my expectation. the democrats will start moving away from the russian narratives. we haven't heard any evidence of collusion. if that comes to a close, it will be the president versus jim comey had to bear down on president trump. >> that's for the legality of this comes into play. russia outside where trump caused via tweet or bad memo. even if there was no collusion, now there's the legality legality because of obstruction of justice. the white house got here because they had really bad pr they couldn't stay off of twitter. >> the bigger issue right now for the critics of president trump is about impeachment. it is no longer about me are
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going to fight on the wall, but they will. fight them on tax reform, obamacare because they will fight all the above. what the left really wants is to get control of the house to move to impeachment after 2018. >> it depends upon the special counsel, what comes out of the next three months. though taken three months to get through it. true to what happens in three months that the agenda? if they don't get tax reform done in health care reform done this year there is a chance. dagen: that's a recently raised the issue of the president focusing solely on the agenda and not continuing to tweet about comey are russia or any of this page is focused on what american people really care about. trade will focus on not by stephen mnuchin today, but could live it just sessions testimony. 2:30 p.m. eastern. join aside as we take you to d.c. to hear the testimony.
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a massive manhunt underway in arkansas. a police officer shot in the line of duty last night. the latest has cops search for the suspect. gymboree comes the latest to file for bankruptcy. what it means for the future of the brand here next.
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maria: welcome back. police in arkansas hunting for a suspect in cop killer. cheryl casone with the details.
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>> authorities conducted a massive manhunt after police officer was shot yesterday reported about 90 miles north of little rock. the vet and lieutenant patrick weatherford come a 15 year department veteran died in a hospital after the shooting. a south korean professor entered after opening the best containing an explosive device delivered to his office. police say it was made with explicit powder batteries and doesn't all contained in a vacuum bottle. the victim has burns to his hands, chest and not. police searching for a suspect in the attack. another retailer falling on hard times as consumers shop more online. gymboree filing for chapter 11 after retaining a turnaround film last month. the retailer planning to cut its debt by 1 billion includes 375 stores. gymboree has been in talks with his blunder since the beginning of the year. try to offset projected budget
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deficits by selling off assets. the houston city council approves selling or swapping $2 million worth of city streets and utility easements. the city council had been in his old to the adjacent refinery. that rotten 1.4 million. houston is projecting more than $109 in budget deficit over the next five years. back to you. maria: we will follow that. that's getting bigger and bigger. >> yes. it's symptomatic of what's happening in the energy space right now. the 45 to $55 a barrel. one of the reasons why as we lifted exports. you are starting to see the american oil producers are exporting 1 million barrels a day overseas which is interesting, leading to an overhang because they can sell their goods anyway they want.
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>> there is record demand for crude oil products going into the summer and we still have a collect. that speaks to the massive global oversupply. >> and the world. >> 200,000 barrels by the end of the period maria: let's take a break. new warnings of mall where not enough around the globe. still to come, the nba championship backs the golden state warriors. kevin durant led the charge to claim the title. other highlights to visit jury. we will be back in a moment. ♪
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which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. maria: just like that in span of 24 hours, hockey and basketball seasons are over. the champion in the nba, chair of max. >> good morning. for the second time in three years come in the golden state warriors and the kings a professional basketball between the warriors and cleveland cavaliers in oakland, california. kevin durand and this is their chance today. last night went off. he scored 39 points. golden state trailed by four points after one quarter and the second that they outscored cleveland by 15. they were up 11 at halftime. seth curry scored 34 points.
6:24 am
a 1.8's got a little bit should be between david vise, clay thompson and jr smith. in the end it was all about to scored more than that would be the golden state warriors. the brown james had 41.2 average a triple-double of the entire series. but it wasn't enough. they had a deeper pool of talent. their bench outscored the cavaliers 35-7. worse than 129-120. golden state closes the season winning 31 of its final 33 games. 16 and wanted to play a second title in three years and also their fifth overall. the fourth most in nba history. kevin durand named the finals mvp. >> your bill russell 2017 finals mvp, kevin durand. [cheers and applause]
6:25 am
traded scored over 30 points in all five games of the finals. two fewer than the nba record held by alan iversen for a five-game series. to read, the first seven years ago to break 35 straight games. his record is now three in five all-time in the nba championship. because the warriors throw a road, talk about giving away free to read as local as tacos today for. the former nba star going back to north korea. hall of famer going back to where he visited january 2014 where he sang happy birthday to dig tatar kim jong un would refer to him as his best friend. he confirmed to fox news he's fox news is going as a private citizen. rodman who once appeared on the apprentice drew high praise from the list and not our president, the current president trump says dennis is not a guy. he's smart in many ways.
6:26 am
or a streetwise. t-tango woods reportedly going to rehab to treat an addiction to prescription medication. according to the gossip site radar online, the number one golfer recently reserved the entire male inpatient unit at the jupiter medical center near his home. according to radar online, tiger visited the hospital with his children june 2nd when two days later to complete paperwork in his assessment. he doesn't want to lose joint custody of his children. the boxing world collides with the mma in this year's most highly anticipated that according to be as he and services. boxing legend floyd mayweather will take on conor macgregor august 26th. at the mobile arena. august 26. dagen: can you give me tickets? >> i can get you at three tickets.
6:27 am
dagen: would pay to see that. i can't wait. it's going to be a boxing match. mcgregor used a box as an amateur. he's taking on come even mayweather at this stage there is no better. arguably the greatest boxer of all time. >> too bad it wasn't two years ago when he was little younger. he's technically retired right now and he's going to go up against somebody who's a pretty tough guy. dagen: really quick, there is no greater trash talker ed conor macgregor. shows that all of the outcome he his head in the mma bout in a crush of anyone. >> it's going to shatter pay-per-view records. maria: before we move on, and dennis rodman, what the heck? >> best ways to save another's watching him on the basketball court and off the court. maria: i don't get that.
6:28 am
>> would we expect? he sang happy very day. maria: says he wants to open the door. this agreement coming with an unusual perk. a lifetime of crabcakes? >> jimmy's famous seafood. dagen: listen, nothing better than chesapeake bay blue crab cake. no fill. i'll give you my mama's recipe. and i'm a vegan. >> originally they were only giving him free crabcakes through the legs of his contract. nowadays for life. >> we've seen players this week have how a player asked for a horse in one of his contracts. this is the new norm for them. but i would just like to say people are going to take advantage of the golden straight
6:29 am
straight -- golden state to reduce low close. you've got to get the fiery to reduce low close. >> rates i no-space congratulations. jared max. twenty-first seven or sirius fm one team. don't miss live coverage for aaron hill started theirs day. we will be live. the program will originate at the 117 thursday, friday, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. they warn it's about power capable of knocking out power grids across the globe. the play but the sophisticated and dangerous software. a boozy brain freeze. asking for for this ice cream. we'll give you the scoop. back in a minute.
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>> welcome back happy to say. it is tuesday, june 13. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. secretary of defense james mattis warning lawmakers that it's the most urgent threat to our security right now. >> north korea reckless rhetoric continues despite the center and sanction from the united nations. the center and sanction from the united nations.
6:33 am
the north korea threat not the only concern. a warning that newly discovered malware could lead to a massive damage to our electrical grid. authorities are searching for four inmates that escaped the jail yesterday morning. and snapchat is looking to change the way you see the world. it could include augmented reality. what it means for the future of the brand. take a look at futures with a gain of about 20 points. the nasdaq is up 11 right now. it's a quarter of a% higher. take a look at the major indices there. in asia overnight markets were higher except japan. and move over starbucks. there is a new creature in town. we have a look at the new liker shake that will help you down this morning.
6:34 am
our top stories right now. the defense secretary james mattis is calling him the greatest threat to u.s. security right now. he did not mince words last night during the testimony on capitol hill. watch. >> it would be a war like nothing we've seen since 1953. and we would have to deal with it whatever level of force was necessary. it would be a very serious war. join us right now as is fox news in us. it's always a pleasure to see you. thank you for joining us. he called his regime a clear and present danger to all. this is the main worry right now. first off you agree with that. he characterized it as the most dangerous and urgent security threat the united
6:35 am
states the spacing and what has got everybody's attention is the fact that there is a ballistic missile pace that he is on. he talks about those muscles being used against our allies in the region, against the u.s. bases in that region. he's backing that up by the development of missiles that could do that he is developing those. they reach our bases and he has already developed and tested a submarine launched ballistic missile that obviously could sail a submarine close to the shore of the united states. this is all very real incapability and matching the rhetoric and the pace that he is on as everybody concerned. we have got a diplomatic
6:36 am
option and that we've given the chinese tax acute. and what they are trying to do is impose some sanctions. they had agreed that china will take a role here that they have not in the past. china has tolerated at the development of nuclear weapons in north korea for years. and some of them that they had look remarkably similar. so obviously these are very close allies. it remains to be seen whether china is truly going to impose sanctions on north korea that would get their attention enough for them to stop this program and the nuclear rise. i'm highly skeptical of that actually happening. i worry that the chinese are very clever they had gained our previous presence.
6:37 am
i'm not suggesting that president trump and his team doesn't know what's going on. they certainly do and they have the same skepticism that i have. they're going to watch this very closely to see if there really gonna come through or not. if not work and had to get really tough on sanctions with north korea and there's not much you can get to with them because they're such a closed society. we also had to start sanctioning china. it's getting pretty tough if china doesn't help us out here. he would say that if we were to see sanctions against china as their result to help that i could really turn the relationship though. that is an aggressive move to do sanctioning against china is in it. >> china has had its own way for a number of years now. what they use inside the country and outside the country's economic development partnership but tolerating what we want to do geopolitically. that is what we have done with the chinese. i think they're aggressive a stance in the south china sea and in east china sea is detrimental.
6:38 am
they are trampling on our allies. we have got to have a get tough policy with china regardless of north korea and i believe the reason to accommodate president trump has much to do with their aggressive policy in the pacific. as a try to help president trump and north korea. it remains to be seen if they will really help. and certainly this morning has really ramped up that a new kind of malware could knock out the power grid. they are setting with his december attack. these researchers are saying an attack could leave them dark for days. how can they prevent something like this from happening. we have said for years. this is well known within the utility companies. they are part of our critical if a structure.
6:39 am
the nuclear capability is protected. the grids are dramatically exposed because they use old cyber capabilities that go back a generation. and what we see and hear and what i think has people's attention is that it's very sophisticated to be sure but it could be simply used. you don't need the resources of the nationstate to use this. sunday was some capability could use it. for whatever the reason for. it could be domestic terrorism. it could be a foreign terrorism et cetera. the other thing is that russia was likely behind this because it was an attack on the utility grid back in december 2016. and it was discovered as a result to try to do that forensic on what happened. and how to did the attack take place when they found this. overall this capability could
6:40 am
not take down the entire utility grid of the united states it would just take down a small portion of it and it would be a hardship for sure. but at least it's not the whole country what about the trouble. and definitely grounded a squadron of fire after jets. in each case it kicked in. it allowed the powers to land safely. what are your thoughts. i think it has ever be scratching their head. what's going on here. it's the only place that this is happening. so something is wrong there obviously. they've tried to bring all of the engineers and scientists together to include this and
6:41 am
manufacture this airplane. we should be able to figure out why they're using consciousness. it is a potentially dangerous situation. usually when you have it you will see it throughout the fleet. it's only happening in this one base. always a pleasure. thank you so much for weighing in. we breaking news right now we want to get to. here's what he is saying today. the fake news media has never been so wrong or so dirty. purposely incorrect stories. the president avidly watching news and is calling out the fake news media for the stories that they are reporting this morning. we are looking at setting up something snappy.
6:42 am
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we now had bad blood. we used to be bad blood. take a look what you've done. welcome back. take a look this tuesday morning. the nest check up 12. watch the stock after the stock. the longest streak. the stock yesterday was downgraded on concerns that investor enthusiasm around the iphone eight was already baked into the stock. fifty day moving average.
6:46 am
it is a flipping after the drugmaker announced it is positive enrollment. and study for that agreement. it also positive patient enrollment to study why given the blood cancer drug have died. breaking news president trump tweeting again this morning. here's what he said. as predicted the ninth circuit did it again. donald trump talking about the night circuit. will talk about that coming up. they are searching for for escaped inmates this morning. these men are on the run. the hunt continues. that is right. these four men including one who was charged with murder
6:47 am
here they are. they escaped from oklahoma jail yesterday morning. they called the jail -- they crawled through the jails innovation system. through the ventilation system. we will be following that manhunt this morning. we are also looking at this this morning. they claim a high level executive. they told employees in an e-mail that the last day was sunday. didn't provide a reason michael was one of the closest confidants but remember an ongoing investigation has led to the firing of more than 20 employees with his law coming
6:48 am
out today. it will look at more details from huber. now take a look at snapchat. they are working on a second version of its video recording glasses. experts say that the new version well have augmented reality. they will take photos and videos. and posted to snapchat. of course the stock has been under pressure since the ipo earlier this year. arby's has entered into that fast food milkshake wars. this entry is named after a lion in the tiger. it has creamsicle flavored milkshake in it. and then it is a cross between two shakes. the war continues. work continues. it's big, it's back to you. we were supposed to try that this morning. i failed again. and in ode to napoleon dynamite.
6:49 am
more adults giving boozy ice cream shot. and in the treasury department announcing the new plans to roll back regulations. they recommend scaling back restrictions implemented by the obama administration. i will be talking with the treasury secretary in the first on fox interview. we are back in a moment.
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summer means getting loaded up on frozen treats.
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the company started out as a catering and host cell a scheme business. last month it opened up the first ice cream parlor in new york city. the first talked about the company. we just opened our parlor. it's like a parlor and an ice cream shop. we do need to card anybody who purchases our ice cream. the ice cream is up to 5% alcohol by volume. we have a spiced mint chocolate chip. it's cake flavor vodka. and then i dark chocolate whiskey. is anybody hungry yet. there are tons of people lined
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up outside of this every day. did we expect that it would be this popular. obviously you have the idea. >> we were really excited to open the store. a few videos about our company went viral last summer. we wanted to find a place that was easier for them to find that our production facility. they can order online as well. but you can come to the store. people start lining up at 11:30 a.m. how much i scream can people buy it when people visit the new york location. we head over 15 flavors there. and unlimited addition. our next flavor is an orange per psycho creamsicle sunday
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it is a sorbet at the bottom and then i'm busy boozy ice cream sandwich on top. that is a lot of boozy ice cream that's for sure. they are checking out those restrictions were unpermitted. we can have steven mnuchin coming up in the program. i would like to know what you think about it. the vocal role they are still debating. i would say if you can't even write it to explain what it is. how are you can enforce it. how do you communicate that to the american people. i think people here this and
6:56 am
say you have to message -- message it. this is actually really the lens standard for them. they would get owners compliant regulation put on them if they hit 10 billion in assets. we have seen the big banks really survive and thrive in this type of market environment. they are doing just fine. if anything they have gotten bigger and more of the business has gone their way. what it's really doing is actually taking away a lot of the harsh regulations that had impacted regional and community banks. a lot of the core communities need the support. if he can handle all of the lawyers and the legal fees and they could make adjustments easily where whereas a small bank can't.
6:57 am
to have the same exact rules for all banks. the reason why i feel like we have a fragile recovery and were getting there but the idea of rolling back regulations could take us back to 2008. that's why were at the weakest recovery. the entire banking system is so much better capitalized. you want those small banks to lend more. ght, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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buttrust angie's list to help., [ barks ] visit today.
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maria: welcome back good tuesday morning everyone. it is tuesday, june 13. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the treasury department announcing new plans for financial reform. the department is recommending scaling back restrictions. those were implement it by the obama administration's following following the financial crisis. the debate over tax reform ramps up on capitol hill. secretary mnuchin is helping us put together one of the biggest tax cuts in american history.
7:01 am
he introduces a new project that costs wasteful washington spending. and we will take care of the people that had to be taken care of. i will speak with the treasury secretary coming up in the first on fox interview. that's just moments from now. jeff sessions taking the help. he is set to testify publicly today. over alleged russian meddling. the foxbusiness network as he can you live to that testimony. it kicks off at 2:30 p.m. eastern time. we will take that life for you this afternoon. there could soon be less to binge. find out if your favorite shows are safe. they are indicating to gain. in europe stocks are higher crossed the board.
7:02 am
with a big event happening tomorrow with the federal reserve coming out with its meeting and press conference. we are expecting them to raise interest rates. markets were higher. except for japan. it's slightly lower as you see there. it lands one teacher in hot water. in a new jersey high school teacher is suspended after editing students yearbook your book pictures that had references to president trump. though -- and there was that before and after shot right there. chief investment officer kevin kelly. great to see you. we are about to talk with steven mnuchin. when are we going to get tax cuts. that is the most important thing that was promised. i think the american people want to hear about the tax reform.
7:03 am
we are going to talk to our top story right now. rethinking financial regulations. proposing changes to peer back restrictions. implement it by the obama administration. they are giving one was small banks giving them more flux ability. opening stress test to comment process. as well. changes to consumer financial protection bureau. they will lose both the authority for the financial firms and the ability to set its own budget. which banks face strict rules under dodd frank. the treasury secretary. secretary, good to see. thank you so much for joining me this morning. can you walk through the plants.
7:04 am
we deliver the report to the president as you can see. i go through a lot of recommendations and what we think need to be done. we can get a lot of this on a regulatory basis. there is an enormous amount we can do it with the regulators. this is fundamentally about making sure that the community banks can lend. it is driving the growth in our economy. what is driving lending. approximately 50% of the assets are there. and we want to make sure that the rest of the banking system has that. this is about proper regulation.
7:05 am
that people can get mortgages and loans. >> they are re-examining a litany of rules. they were so onerous that it put a limit to the amount of lending that would happen at the smaller and mid-cap banks. >> i think the good news is i begin system has recapitalized significantly. this is about finding the right balance between regulatory reform and making sure and know what we put taxpayers at risk. in particularly for small banks and regional banks and community banks the regulatory burden has just become too expensive and unnecessary most of this can be done through
7:06 am
the regulatory process and we don't need congress to send that okay. you don't need tturn this into a debate. we can get a lot of it done. we appreciate the approach to the choice act and we look for to legislation going through the senate. were very focused on what we can do for executive office -- action. we think we can unlock a big part of the community banking system and regional banks on these reforms. >> let's talk about that consumer financial bureau. you are proposing that the bureau lose its authority to examine financial firms on a continuing basis. was this just more bureaucracy? >> i think that is right. it is one of the few regulators that at the moment
7:07 am
can't be removed by the president and at the moment doesn't have a board to oversee it. i think you know there is litigation about this we think it's improper, we take it's also improper that this is funded out of the fed. we think it should be funded by congress like other congressional appropriations this agency should be subject to proper review and not subject to one person acting on their own. when president obama was putting this in place there was a lot of talk about just this that it was bureaucratic that there was too much red tape it wasn't really doing anything. do you just make it that you can't do anything or why not just shut it down. i think over time we will consider whether it should be independent or whether it should be merged with another agency for efficiency, i think we are focused on what the biggest problems are in the
7:08 am
biggest problems are right now and needs proper oversight. he needs to be an independent regulator like other independent regulators the budget has gotten way out of control the bureaucracy has gotten out of control and this is something that we are could have to work with congress on and we look forward to working with them on it. the banking system is so much better the banking system is so much better with all of the rules put in place like this. forcing the banks to raise capital and set on more capital than the larger banks really wanted to. what he say to those people that said yeah. that's why the banking sector is so well-capitalized today we don't wanna take away the safeguards. we don't want to take away too many regulations. we want to make sure that they are well-capitalized in order to handle another 2008. our banks are the best to
7:09 am
capitalized in the world. we believe in proper regulation.t raising the bar on the level of stress test. that they don't need to have the same bureaucracy and were really focused on how often they are done and what the process is. that is really the issue and is what we are focused on. the government would be able to pay its debt through the beginning of september you also said that you have a quote backup plan. what is the backup plan. i would just say our number one focus and we have said this the u.s. dollar is that reserve currency of the world our credit is the most important issue. we think that congress should have tight controls on spending, and taxpayer dollars
7:10 am
but when it comes to funding the government and we've already spent the money we need to raise the debt ceiling. i look forward to working with congress i think the sooner we do the the better. it were very focused on it. we are comfortable and we will get it done. it's always the urgency. again this is different than a government shutdown. i get to the extent that congress doesn't want to spend money and the government shuts down that's one thing. we will be raising the debt limit. maria: if everybody agrees why not just do it sooner rather than later.
7:11 am
my question is why it do we always get to that point where it is so close to the edge. >> this is the one part i will say i'm new in washington. what can you toss about tax reform. congressman mark meadows is in talks to combined healthcare and tax reform into one bill. an effort to get it passed quickly. live at 30 plus days or something for the entire year and there are real worries out there that your neck and to be able to get the tax form through. is this a viable idea in your dear putting it together in one bill. i've no higher priority than having tax reform done this year.
7:12 am
we need to have trade and regulatory relief. we are working with the house in the and the senate. we are committed to get this done. there is a hundred people in treasury. we are gonna do everything we can't possible to get it done this year because we need to for the american public to grow the economy and as the focus. if they don't see real legislation we know that. and congress as well. you've done a lot in terms of deregulation but he also promised the tax reform do you think it's a viable that they can in fact pass legislation. i do. we can do everything we can to work with the house and the senate. where do you think the biggest debates are. when they were debating about
7:13 am
healthcare in the last few months. about to getting healthcare replacement bill on the table is there that kind of disagreement when it comes to tax reform. or deduction that stays and goes. i think the good news is the fundamental premises is simplify personal taxes and cut down on the number of deductions. most americans can fill out there taxes on a postcard. make our business tax competitive. with the highest tax in the world. we need to fix these issues. we are working closely with house and the senate to come up with a plan that works and makes us competitive.
7:14 am
and you think you can get that done this year? >> when i was talking earlier in the program the president's agenda that you're trying to execute. their goal is to impeach the president. if they're not getting this past. they come in and take over the house. that will be the first priority. let me just assure you that people talking about impeaching the president as the biggest waste of time. they should be focused on what's good for the american public which is creating jobs and as what we are focused on. >> do you think you need to have a revenue piece in the tax reform. people are saying yes we want to see lower taxes but i can't vote for something that takes away the deduction of me
7:15 am
writing up my home or my state income tax. there were all of these disagreements when it comes to the deduction. do you need to have some area within the tax reform bill to raise revenue whether it be eliminated those deductions or keeping the border adjustment tax alive? >> the revenue will really be paid for through growth. that's more focused on. as it relates to deductions. everybody has their own special interest deduction. we are committed to maintaining charitable deductions. everything else is on the table. the mortgage deduction and the charity deduction. those are only the two that you say must stay. everything else must just be on the table to be cut. let me ask you about the section stories.
7:16 am
with a new round of sanctions against russia. the military activities. you had been working on the sanctions out since you took office. what is your take on the bipartisan sanctions deal. let me just comment in general. i think sanctions in general are very effective at 20 for the government. we will use them for the maximum amount available by law. we will focus on russia as well. these are very important tools and we are working very closely with secretary teller said on how we sanction across the policy. maria: there is a debate about this. do they work? some people feel like they didn't work in russia. >> and i i don't think there's any debate about it. they clearly worked in iran which is the most significant
7:17 am
issue where we and our allies came together i think as we said before. there was a better deal and there is no question they worked and there is no question locking up a hundred billion hundred billion dollars had a big impact. do you find it odd that dennis rodman is going to north korea. >> i will not comment on that one. there's a bunch of things i find other people do. i know this is not part is that not part of any government idea but he's going to and he said he wants to open the door. is there a catalyst that you can point to that you can identify that is what it is that trips up the sanctions. i think there is a general recognition. and they are primarily done by
7:18 am
the executive branch. they are huge part of foreign-policy. they work and we will continue to use them. we think they are very important tools. they're asking beijing to actually take impact if there were companies are companies that are dealing with north korea. individuals that are transaction with north korea. why is this the right move. >> i won't comment on the specifics of that. present trump and presidency we have a great conversations. we are very focused on having china work with us on north korea they are going to be a part of the solution there. it's important that we work together. were very focused on economic agenda and shrinking the trade balance by increasing exports with china. what other changes should we
7:19 am
expect in terms of government and jobs. you still have a lot of open positions in terms of the roles that you need within government and then of course there is they irs. i want to get your take on this. a lot of people are scratching their heads. the treasury department oversees the irs. are they gonna get rid of that after all of the targeting that they did to conservatives? we have actually identified people. for almost every single open job. right now they all had to go through an fbi background process. it's obviously time-consuming i can and should are you that we have a lot of people that are here for the government. and several of them were already in front of the senate for confirmation we a great team here in treasury. we have an incredible career staff.
7:20 am
we've a great team that we are bringing in. and will a lot of people that want to work here. were getting these jobs processed as quickly as we can. will the president take out them targeting conservative groups. we have lots of people that had been interviewed for the irs. we have several people in mind. her work were working to reprocess there. secretary, a rollback in regulations. what do you think will be the direct result of this rollback and regulations. what do you see happening as a result of these changes in terms of moving the $50 billion threshold in terms of alleviating capital restrictions on some of the smaller banks. do you think the lending part of the story picks up. as you know we measure everything were doing here and how it impacts economic growth. and how it impacts jobs. as i said we think there is
7:21 am
three components to this. the tax reform, regulatory relief in trade and on the regulatory relief we are focused here on financial regulations. there's other parts of the government that are focused on other unnecessary regulations. we are going to unlock a growth in this economy. and get us back to 3% where we should be. thank you so much for joining us this morning. steven mnuchin adjoining assessment at the treasury. we will be right back. your insurance company
7:22 am
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: shopping 2.0. it is a voicing #14 the closure of dozens of malls. it is helping stores adapted to adapt to the changing retail landscape.
7:25 am
it was previously known as i remember it. why did they change the name. we were well known as a consumer brand and today with over 40 million households using our services it was appropriate to change the name to health consumer package. how do you do it. you work with 60,000 retailers. we work with all consumer packages in the country. and almost the entire grocery drug retail landscape. we bring consumer package good companies retailers and shoppers together and their thinking about what they buy as they go into the store and they manage their shopping list. as a tech out in the grocery store. how did this change the
7:26 am
shopping experience. we were talking on the break. 90% of americans buy their groceries from an actual brick and mortar place. >> historically the sunday newspaper brought coupons to american households. the circulation with the delivery went about 40 to 50 million households as well. today what happens is shoppers get those coupons on their mobile apps and they get them on websites. then they manage those lists by choosing the offers before they go into the store that they want to receive. they go into the store and pick things off shelves. sometimes the shelves. sometimes they get another coupon why they are shopping. it could also have coupons on it. if you think about grocery
7:27 am
retail which is a very slim margin business. generally speaking 20 to 30% of shoppers represent about 70 to 80% of the retailers revenue in that store. those are the ones that willllys in a digital loyalty program. it helps them to manage their budget. it really does make a difference. is it entirely mobile now. or talk about that. i am like e-commerce for example. it is almost all the interaction today. they're still quite a bit that happens often. what is the biggest impact to
7:28 am
the grocery -- grocery shopping in america. >> it takes all the fun out of extreme coupon name. you can ask i do all of that on your mobile phone. there is an entire television series based on extreme coupon name. you can actually use your mobile app to print coupons using that. are you surprised how many retailers are going out of business because of what's going on online. i'm not surprised at the pressure that real-time information delivers. so the real value that we provide as a company isn't just a giving of the coupons to consumers but we plug into the point of sale systems and we take the transaction data for them in real time in many cases and we use that to personalize what we give to shoppers. if you don't have that competitive edge is really hard to get those extra folks
7:29 am
into your store. we will be watching. another bombshell in the russia meddling case. jeff messed -- jeff sessions set to testify today. they are letting customers try gadgets before they buy them. think again.
7:30 am
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good tuesday morning
7:32 am
everybody. thank you so much for joining us. it is tuesday june 13. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. jeff sessions takes the help. set to testify publicly later today before the senate intelligence committee. that over the alleged russian election. new sanctions against russia for the alleged meddling. i ask steven mnuchin his thoughts on this sanctions moments ago. i think the sanctions in general are very effective tool for the government and i think we will use them to the maximum amount available by law we are focused on north korea were focused on iran and syria and we will focus on russia as well. these are very important tools and we are working very closely with secretary tillerson on how we use sanctions across our policies.
7:33 am
beginning at 230 eastern. as we take you alive to washington later today. editing the yearbook. and lands one teacher in hot water. the details as an jersey high school teacher is now suspended after editing student yearbook pictures. that had references to present term. netflix says it is forced to cancel shows of the writing list. futures indicating a higher open for the brighter averages. they are expected to be up about 20 points today. a similar story in europe where stocks are higher across the board. we are all waiting on the federal reserve. we will find out if they raise interest rates like they are expected to tomorrow. they're mostly higher up one half of 1%. the markets closed higher except for the markets in japan. it's down slightly. and try before you buy. they are helping to get an
7:34 am
edge over amazon. the outrage as a comedy show broad city said it will censor the president's name in an upcoming season. go figure. the senate has reached a bipartisan agreement on a new round of a sanctions against russia for the meddling and in the 2016 election in the military activities in ukraine and syria. in syria. a provision allowing congress to review and prevent them from rolling back the penalties. the firing of former director of the fbi james comey. join me right now the great american pack. let's get your take on the sanctions too.
7:35 am
i don't think it does a whole lot at the end of the day. it certainly didn't change the behavior of iran. it didn't change the behavior of north korea. and certainly hasn't changed in the past. i think it's important we do it. it's more than symbolic. i think they continue their bad behavior. i saw a former executive at a couple months ago and i said to him so what is the big worry right now coming out of russia are you upset about the sanctions that are in place and he said no we don't care about the sanctions that are in place. i don't expect them to change their behavior pattern at this point. i think he is on the move. he basically sees some weaknesses and vulnerability here. and in menstruation is not quite ready yet. what are you expecting from jeff sessions today. he is a very respected man. it is kind of the last big show. after today we sort of get
7:36 am
back to the orderly process of the investigation and what have you. i think they will press him hard today. even though he's a former member. he is a man of great credibility. he basically will answer the questions as effectively as he can. if you look at this it's the last stand for this senate democrats right. what else is there after last week. you saw that trumpet trump was not behind anything. what can they gain from today. am trying to see how they are good a position themselves. i think they will press hard. i think there are still some unraveling of the story. by the time the day is finished. when he raises his right hand he will tell the truth. it's not the democrats in control of the senate or the house.
7:37 am
he is not a democrat. i don't think the republicans were all together that hard on him. it's a very good witness. the thing that worries me at this point in time is what i would've done after 20 million people watched it the other day if you are a trumpet support you basically alters the viewpoint. at this point in time don't keep raising the issue. what worries me now is a behavior out of the white house. to go attack in the process. the process is in play. i was part of the white house team many years ago.
7:38 am
they get distracted every day. and they don't function well. one of the things that i've heard in the last couple of days is now the attack for people that are loyal. he is a man of great respect. i think to a certain extent it's just hard. they hire people that have basically been with the democrats. almost every assistant attorney they picked to that side. if you can't serve in the justice department and a good legal way. what they need to do is get a first rate team of lawyers and communication people to go fight the fight. in and no an offense to his
7:39 am
lawyer up here. this is a different game. it is a tough game. these justice department lawyers they really know the business. number one they tried to obstruct the hillary clinton investigation. call it a matter not an investigation. they leaked fbi property to the new york times. in donald trump was ever under investigation in terms of any collusion whatsoever. where is that investigation. that may or may not come out. at the end of the day here those are the highlights that the trumpet people want to push out. at the end of the day i think we will see where it goes from here. that is not the focus here. and we will see where it all goes. but the critical thing here is if you look like you are interfering with an investigation that's going
7:40 am
on. obviously you can basically pay a price. >> do you think they understand what is at stake. they are going to be in office. who has a the whole month of august off. they had 30 30 days left to execute an agenda. in the whole point of this is to impeach him. if they don't get anything done and they get the house in 2018. they will move 100% to impeach them. are they can get in line and on the same page within these 30 days. i think the thing that bothers me is 26 days actually. they're pretty much out the whole week.
7:41 am
they laid some of that out. those things have been important. at the end of the day you he get measured by your legislation. they can basically fix the health care. when you are distracted by this. i get that i'm a democrat. if you take the outside view here. he is tweeting. they always seem to get off track. it doesn't seem like that. this is the president basically can't get this and about his message.
7:42 am
the healthcare health care that past the house. to make a sale here. otherwise it is going to unravel. infrastructure didn't particularly sell while last week. you can do in a two or three day speech. they're obviously working on that. we don't know what's in the senate healthcare. what the senate delivers they will accept. let's see if we get through the senate. that is a critical factor at this point. the comedy central show broad city said it will treat his name like a swear word. it will be put during the upcoming season. they will quickly realize what they're doing. i like comedy but that reality is you can't just say that.
7:43 am
it's for comedic effect though. that show is pretty funny. the problem i've been having with comedy recently as it's become so politicized. the things that aren't and do that. i have friends of mine tweeting back at me sane i sought and saw and it doesn't send the message. it sends the message that violence is wrong. if you sought you would feel diffently. >> it is supposed to be present trump. i can't worry about comedy. i have to worry about other things. he promised me.
7:44 am
they are having wins on the regulatory environment. good to see. thank you very much. foxbusiness is taking you live.
7:45 am
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welcome back. a new study out with a dim view of suv headlights. cheryl casone explains. the insurance institute found only two of 37 midsize suv offer headlights that have good performance. the 2017 honda santa fe. eleven suvs. they can pose a danger to that.
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the yearbook advisor has been there. they had reported the incident. one of them we told you about yesterday was grant. he took the school pictures) a trump campaign shirt. they have no policy prohibiting that. yet the yearbook professor suspended. they're gonna try a new product. the customers directed to another website. they had partnered with that and completed that. and then there is this. puff daddy, ditty whatever you like to call him.
7:49 am
that is my preference for him he has pretax earnings of a hundred $30 million. he even tops beyoncé for hundred $5 million. taylor swift it was once number one she fell a little bit. down to 49th. i'm hoping to write a sad song about that. coming up is the netflix spending binge over. they could hit the chopping block. the stock is up this morning. i am totally blind.
7:50 am
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welcome back. get ready. netflix is scaling back some of its original programming. it's been forced to cancel shows because of the cost. netflix is cutting cash on content. it doesn't think enough people watch. take a look at this. that is the sci-fi drama series. it cost them a cost of about $90 million per episode. that was asked after two seasons. in the get down which was among the most expensive per episode came to an end after one season. it cost them about 11,000 per episode. they have only canceled five series since getting into the
7:54 am
original programming. maybe it's because they are too busy watching the sky. they pushed it too far. of course that is adam sandler. and it says netflix subscribers have streamed more than 500 million hours of his movies. netflix has a hundred million subscribers there are seven and a similar meeting -- movies available. adding up to a total of three and 44 million streams of movies that as an average netflix subscriber. imagine that. you wonder if this is a turning point for netflix. the content cost money. what is interesting about that.
7:55 am
the increasing amount of competition for netflix whether it's amazon or who lou they are pushing the cost of content higher and higher. there is less of it and that means lower quality. they have a directive to create more contact. if you look at the price and then $9 million in episode. it could actually steer that to create more episodes and half the cost. then it let a lot of their stats out. it's one of the best operators in the media space today. just look at their share price. they've been taking market share for the big guys for a while.
7:56 am
programming cost money. is it actually the result where maybe it slows down. there are two things here. they also had it in nine different countries. i think the direction can go and is bringing back old shows and bringing it back. let's talk about that for example. that's who i'm now watching with glenn close. also the programming to drive down those cost. if you are not going to do it
7:57 am
we are going to do it. now we had to start watching it. this is going to be really important. it is what to tell you whether or not they are to continue to compete effectively. you are a believer. thank you so much. there is more still head. more companies are offering new tools to help employees get their finances in order. and this is not your parents station wagon. we're taking you inside the cool new ride. when you're close to the people you love,
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maria: welcome back happy tuesday thanks so much for joining us i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, june 13, your top stories right now, 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, a busy day for president trump administration, the commander in chief will travel to wisconsin today as he pushes to get americans back to work, ahead of the trip will have lunch with key lawmakers at the to talk about battle to repeal and replace obamacare accommodation as treasury nouns plans department recommending scaling back restrictions implemented by obama administration, following the financial crisis, i spoke with treasury second steven mnuchin about plans last hour. >> this is fundamentally about making sure that community
8:01 am
banks and regional banks can -- have access to capital this is really what is driving the growth in our economy, what is driving lending small and medium sized businesses approximately 50% assets in the banking system here are in top 8 banks and we want to make sure that the rest of the banking system can grow accordingly. >> more from my first on fox interview with secretary steven mnuchin this morning markets higher futures indicating a gain at on of 20 points on the dow, 20 points on nasdaq as well, in europe, also, stocks are mostly higher with exception of the ft, in london down a fraction, the cac quarante in par was i dax in germany up a third and one half of a percent we are waiting on the federal reserve meeting kicked off today will probably raise interest rates tomorrow, asian markets mixed as you see mostly higher exception of japan ended the day slightly lower, and employers offering a perk fixing finances, how companies
8:02 am
plan to help ease stress on staff coming up, a golden night in california, watch. >> [cheers and applause] >> redemption for golden state one of the all time. >> with that the word is are you new nba champs topping lebron james and cavaliers second title in three seasons coming up, joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell recon capital chief investment safer kech kevin radio host new leader senior fellow fox news contributor richard fowler great i have to here big show an important week with financial regulations being rolled back as mnuchin told is. >> as well. >> said. >> tax, it is the top of the agenda to get tax cuts or reform done this year. >> you want a tax cut richard come on. >> you know, i don't see how
8:03 am
they get it -- if a legislative days before august recess, i once back from august recess labour day recess thanksgiving i don't see how it happens this year most telling part maria cfpb they want to roll that back into the federal the federal budget right now funded by the federal reserve, that to me was problematic i mean when created was bipartisan thing the idea that banks had big lobbies in washington mortgage companies lobbies in washington realtors, nobody is lobbying for american penal nobody fighting for them if able to do -- >> limited -- >> -- >> cfo. >> they you ever covered the fraud -- >> no, they didn't. >> they didn't -- >> else this up covered -- >> he have uncovered fraud --
8:04 am
the practiclending practices. >> here is the question who will stand up for consumer in. >> they haven't been standing up. >> who will, if you roll back being. maria: who will that is why we have laws in lace. >> didn't hel in 2008 when mortgage crisis happened jay attorneys exist i am not serious i am jokeing. >> on the table this hour joining the conversation he former u.s. attorney general is here host of "varney & company" stuart varney, reeves callaway, we kick off right now the fight for health care terrorism vice president mike pence expected to deliver remarks regarding obama this morning will join key senators for lunch at the white house an update on repealing and replacing president trump heads to wisconsin will meet with victims of obamacare, quote/unquote the president
8:05 am
blaming democrats prolonging this reform. >> secretary has been working very hard to repeal and replace obamacare, the house passed a bill the senate has it right now. mitch mcconnell is working very, very hard as the republicans senators we will have zero backing from the democrats even though they should get in and do something but we expect to get zero if we have to the greatest bill in the history of the world, on health care we wouldn't get one vote. maria: joining us is former deputy chief of staff to president bush. >> acrimonious there a few moments ago. maria: all trying to figure out. >> hold hands, kumbaya together, come on. maria: we are all trying to figure out the relevance, the consumer financial protection office karl. >> look, ignoring the
8:06 am
constitution of the united states establishes legislative powers, and the consumer protection bureau is not funded by the congress thereby removing authority of congress each year to conduct oversight through budget a o dangerous precedent there is no other federal agency that escapes funding from the government except the federal reserve, the independent federal reserve and i do think it ought to be brought under traditional means of having to come to congress each year for budget and receive, receive approval of the congress thereby. >> doesn't that. >> it was a bipartisan vote it ways shoved down throats of congress a handful a handful -- >> that is more than one, bipartisan call it that but either way, my problem with merging into fed sort of falls under political umbrella, you saw the same thing happen with
8:07 am
fbi and comey we are supposed to be independent. >> it is not under krom of congress makes it intensely political, meaning director of the -- of the bureau -- let me finish, let me finish, please. don't just because you got the pink tie and vest going on, doesn't give you the right to interrupt me. >> so -- >> incidentally pull tie up i see your top button ruins the look pull the tie up. maria: karl what do you want to say. >> i want to say that it is unusual to have this agency separate from the congress, and that therefore it is intensely political president appoints that director they are once they are approved, they have no responsibility to come to the congress and be responsible for their actions, and we saw particularly in some of their so-called investigations, they would not even causative up data on when they have using to indict vast secretaries of state of industry financial sector ridiculous. maria: quick we've got to
8:08 am
move to health care go ahead richard. >> one question who will stand up for students, the student debt crisis huge problem betsy devos has chosen not to stand up for students. maria: she is sustaineding up for students. >> so many protecting help students from predatory lending practices of ununhe regulated companies. >> you think against students. >> i think against loan debt holders i will say publicly. >> let me answer protection bureau can stand up for them even under congress i love how you are excited about student loan debt it be affordable care act nationalized stein loan problems you let me finish don't don't keep interrupting me, man! come on. >> you borrow they borrow the money at 2%, from the federal reserve money we don't have,
8:09 am
they loan to it students just over 6% the 4% of interest the government is making the bid on student loans goes to pay for the affordable care act 8 billion dollars over 10 years, if you are really concerned about student loan debt maybe we ought to do something about redoing a loan program used to fund affordable act do you want make any sense to me. maria: it was not on agenda, by the way, are you seriously saying trump administration is against students. >> i am. >> really. >> what are you talking -- >> the third -- >> let's move on to obamacare. dagen: the government responsible for creating this problem in the first place, and selling american students a lie, that the more you he pay for education, even if it is -- misconstrue going to make you successful in this life they did with it housing as well, student loans and housing government bashths you lawmakers are the ones behind bubbles debacles. >> he i was going to be first state with no health insurance company willing to officer
8:10 am
policies on affordable care act how urgent is need to fix obamacare coming where do you see it right now? it is sitting in the senate. >> look let's be clear, there is no way to fix the affordable care act without dramatically increasing spending to bribe insurers to give policies they otherwise can't issue. so the affordable care act, the exchanges are going to continue to get worse no matter what is done unless there is a huge infusion i mean huge infusion of money we are spending almost gross dollars as much as was anticipated under affordable care act for serving just over less than half just more than half the number of people that is to say, we are spending 2x per person as accepted a, that ain't going to get better we need to transition out of this into a more market centered program, in which there is competition, and choice, and -- and a variety of plans not one-size-fits-all. >> karl i think you are
8:11 am
hitting the nail on head one of the things not talked about how cdoe completely misscored national care act those numbers completely bunk you look at new bill proposed talking about 24 million uninsured people, 23 unin insured that is directly because cboe misscored the affordable care act what is that -- >> yeah look absolutely, and you don't need to go to 2010 find difficulty with cbo scores three years ago updated score and estimated that there would be over 20 million people in the exchanges this year, that is less than 3 years ago they made that estimate they are just -- over 11 million people in the program, again as i say, we are spending as much money as anticipated with 20 million, but doing with 121 so absolutely, and one other thing that cbo tends to do it tends to underestimate the effect of competition we saw with prescription drug benefits which was private individuals choice, consumer
8:12 am
power what happened is cbo estimated the cost would be 450 billion dollars over 10 years, more people signed up quicker used it more the cost 40% less, because that program is built around competition, and consumer power and choice same thing is going to happen here he they say 20 some he order people 24 million people will not have insurance, now some people literals say will lose insurance they are free from having penalty to up 3% of adjusted gross in orange county for not having insurance going to did i it yaibt worth it for me to buy it we need to incentivize them allowing insurance more affordable traffic the atrack inside of do you expect to execute agenda president trump pushed he tax reform and health care reform. >> i think they will get tax reform done but going to take longer than between now and
8:13 am
the july. break. i think also, it is going to take longer to get health care done but there is a possibility of a vote before the july 4th recess, last week i started i was picking up people involved in the senate, discussions that they were feeling better about it good about it. but they still going -- >> they will not vote without a cbo score in my opinion likely to get something of an agreement maybe even language by july 4, but not going to have ccbo score means coming back later in july and vote. maria: he we'll leave there it thanks for joining us this morning karl rove. >> any time you need somebody to help with kumbaya i am hear, lower the temperature. dagen: i point out karl i am only one other than maria not who will heering this morning the only one. maria: can you. >> question for you you say you are watching tv with glen close does they bring wine or snacks i hear not a good she just shows up, and watching
8:14 am
television. >>. dagen: i am watching tv with glenn close she is on the tv i am sitting there alone. maria: good-bye karl rove. we'll be right back. is continuing to evolve. ctca is definitely on the cusp of those changes. we really focus on taking the time with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now.
8:15 am
8:16 am
. . maria: a manhunt under way this morning for cop killer cheryl casone with story. cheryl: continues right now maria authorities conducting that massive manhunt after a police officer was fatally shot on duty yesterday. that shooting reported 90 miles northeast of little rock
8:17 am
the victim lieutenant governor patrick weather ford died in hospital after that dip, again that is ongoing there. >> well now to arizona, being slammed by nearly 30 wildfires right now, thousands of firefighters in 8 states battling wildfires across the state, many of them, ignited by lightening fueled by winds more than 850 fires over 200 square miles in arizona this year this is what happens in arizona in as many . >> dennis rodman visiting north korea again. he is arrived in pyongyang -- pictures in have this morning expected to spend tour nights there telling reporters before leaving beijing airport trying to open a door with north korea, rodman one of electrify americans has met north korean leader kim jong-un. >> they are the champions,
8:18 am
again. >> [cheers and applause] >> redemonstrate shun -- redemption. >> 129-120 game five to wrap up that series. the event he historic comeback by cleveland last year second championship in three seasons for golden state warriors led by durant 39 points seven rebounds five assists seth curry 34 -- lebron games led, 41 points, 13 rebounds assists computing. >> really. >> why more companies are is offering a financial health check for employees the tech rally short circuitries giants apple dragging nasdaq down
8:19 am
what is driving sell-off has tech dominance turned? back in a minute. ♪ oh, yeah, live goes on, some -- so oh, yeah, life goes on, long after --
8:20 am
8:21 am
so new touch screens... and biometrics. in 574 branches. all done by... yesterday. ♪ ♪ banks aren't just undergoing a face lift. they're undergoing a transformation. a data fueled, security driven shift in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver.
8:22 am
tthat's why at comcast,t to be connected 24/7. we're always working to make our services more reliable. with technology that can update itself. and advanced fiber network infrastructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. maria: a new employment perk offering by companies to help ease stress on staff nearly 60% employers are now focused on ways to improve the long term financial well-being of workers, want to bring in best-selling author of retire inspired fnlt expert good to see you -- >> thank you, a pleasure to be with you. >> i like this idea the companies are focusing on
8:23 am
suring employees have we long term plans, what are some examples of how companies are doing this? >> well, i love to see it too, because it tells me companies understand they have an opportunity to be able to help their teammates get better, about it at the end of the day the application relies on employees companies giving away books bringing in speakers, really engaging people where they are, and finding out the source of the financial nine kevin kelley here one fascinating statistics that i saw that came across was 56% employees are stressed out about personal finances so one out of two employees are really stressed out, and 53% of those say affecting their on job have a direct benefit to deal with rising health care costs health care rising share of the gdp from 13% to now 17%? what is really driving this, and agent are people stressed out so much about their personal finances?
8:24 am
>> well, i think it is more about life costs, people really truly don't understand how money works, really understanding -- budgeting taking control you can boss your money around make it do what you need it to do literally about the living expenses the food the eating out, your transportation, clothes. and i think more people are gaining control and understanding i've got to do something, because this situation would be the fix itself. >>. dagen: i love the language you just used to dry that abovi bossing money around a sense of your really in command of your own life, and snead he instead of in oregon a lot of people initially choose to do because they think less stressful. >> they really do, and i think people have more power than they are aware of, as you
8:25 am
start to do it i mean it takes a couple of months to get going with a budget, i have seen so many people out here on main street, start to feel like they can control it, they are able to do more, i mean on average dagen people are spending 24% of their income on consumer debt credit cards car payments an incredible dollar amount to keep in your home once you get yourself out of debt i tell people get out of debt get a raise get plugged into plan. >> are we seeing the companies adopting this helping employees with get financially savvy an impact in bottom line? when it comes to profits productivity. >> i think so i think companies understand people number one asset if my teammates are more forced going to do better jock of doing their job day-to-day prophet is a good thing for the company so i really call this a win-win situation all the way around, companies are taking the time to engage, educate and encourage teammates and teammates are
8:26 am
being more productive on job because they are able to focus, on their job. >> you know i think step one needs to be explain the 401(k), you know 401(k) is a great vehicle i always tell emerging generations get a job at company going to match going to give you matching money in terms of your 401(k) if you save for retirement do it. but a lot of people have no idea what is in their 401(k) how about a very introductory class how to deal with 401(k) so people better understand where money is what it is invested in. >> i couldn't agree more, that is one of the things that program we have called smart dollar corporates wellness program really takes time to truly explain that, because when people understand something they can engage it better, and then they don't pull 40u9 01k loans one thing we can't do is auto enroll people into 401(k) putting money in without understanding what it is doing because all
8:27 am
they are going to do is pull it out when life happens. maria: yeah, you never want to take money out of 401(k) a no, no, tabooed to s-- that is a no, no. >> jeff sessions in the hot asset what to expect from 2:30 pm testimony. >> station wagons? the first ever corvette station wagon rolls on to plaza we are taking you inside, this new ride, back in a minute. ♪ think again.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
. . maria: goodtize morning thanks for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo tuesday, june 13 your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. attorney general jeff sessions takes on the hill, sections to testify today, publicly, before the senate intelligence committee, the topic russian election meddling. this coming as senate reaches a bipartisan agreement on new sanctions against russia for alleged meddling white house press second sean spicer welcomes sessions' testimony. >> he please the sooner addressed dealt with that there has been no collusion he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible be done with it so he can continue with business of the american people. maria: fox news network
8:31 am
taking you live to attorney general session's temperature today 2:30 pm eastern stay with us as we take you to d.c. live when that takes place, president trump travel ban that is another blow, the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling against executive order saying president violated u.s. immigration law discrimination against people based on nationality the president tweeting this as predicted ninth circuit did it again ruled against travel ban dangerous time in history of our company supreme courtlasts on the battle coming up snapchat looks to change the way you see the world spectacles, that could include augmented reality what it means for the newt of the brand, markets looking higher take a look at futures indicating gain opening of trading to tune of 30 points, this right here is the high of the morning, dow industrials expected to be up a fraction, nasdaq up 20 points one-third of 1% federal reserve kicking off a two-day meeting markets
8:32 am
anding central bank to raise interest rates we will get that announcement tofrm 2:15 pm eastern we just got may reading producer prices flat in may in line with expectations, so no inflation issue to discuss. in europe stocks are mostly higher exception of london, up london just turned as you see ft 100 up a fraction cac quarante in paris i up a third of a percent dax in germany up two-thirds of one% in asia overnight market higher exception of japan nikkei average ended down a fraction, the korea income tax kospi up 3/4 of 1%, move over prince not so little red corvette. >> jeff sessions in shot habituate before senate intelligence committee to face questions on alleged russia meddling plainclothes plainclothes live at the white house right now with the very latest blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well microscope turns to u.s. attorney general jeff
8:33 am
sessions, 2:30 today in washington, d.c., people take questions open setting before the cameras from his former colleagues, the department of justice saying this is something sessions himself wanted, they wrote in a statement the following, quote, the attorney general has requested that this hearing be public, he believes it is important for the american people to hear the truth directly from him, and looks forward to answering the committee's questions among the topics likely to be discussed, sessions contacts with russian ambassador kislyak, along with conversation that he had with president trump in the lead-up to the firing, of jim comey. all of this maria, potential detraction white house trying to focus on rollout of workforce development week that led me to ask white house press secretary sean spicer yesterday white house gave blessing for session to testify publicly. >> i don't know the answer congress generally speaking
8:34 am
sets the whether, a hearing is open or closed based on the sensitivity of the subject. >> president okay with him having the in open setting tomorrow. >> i think he is going to testify, we are aware of it, and go from there. >> so maria you are going to have two different settings today one later this afternoon, in wisconsin, president on the ground there at technical school in waukesha trying to promote this workforce development in washington sessions on stands at least answering questions under oath before the senate intelligence committee. maria: blake burman at the white house joining me right now former u.s. attorney general, michael mukasey good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> what are you expecting today. >> i think he will welcome this as chance to clear up a couple of misconceptions, one is about this issue of meetings with kislyak, he did have a meeting in his office, with kislyak that was set up by the obama state department it was one of about 20 or 30
8:35 am
meetings, that they set up, in capacity as a member of the senate armed services committee he was asked at his confirmation hearing i was there, asked at confirmation hearing by al frankin whether and he was reading from a piece of paper i don't know whether this is true but some surrogates of the president and that the point sessions said well i was one of the president surrogates during campaign some met with kislyak will you meet with kislyak he is thinking eye diet -- as a surrogate of the president the answer was i don't. >> any meeting ever had. >> right not at all. >> in fact that was set up by obama administration. >> the one in his office? absolutely it was one of about 20 or 30 meetings that he had with foreign minutes terz in compass senate armed services committee a handshake social
8:36 am
occasions that is a meeting? it is ridiculous. >> circling the wagons again continuing to circle the wag on these over alleged you been russia story where there is absolutely no connection to the trump administration, we know that there is no collusion no evidence of that, meanwhile, in hearing last week, i mean you heard loretta lynch telling you know, jim comey call hillary clinton investigation matter not investigation isn't that obstruction of justice right there. >> that is i think not obstruction she simply is playing the playing the -- uh -- uh -- the cards that clinton campaign was playing that is some evidence there may have been obstruction. maria: right may have been obstruction that is what i am saying. >> i think real obstruction was president obama's statement that if you are going to make an obstruction case, president obama's statement that he thought that you shouldn't be charging because you didn't intend to
8:37 am
violent the law is the really clue to objection a statement by him this is the way i want that investigation to come out. he was introducing an element that is not in the statute you don't have to know you are violateing the law he was saying that was the way he wanting to investigation to end. obviously, the justice department picked up on that, or would have been expected to pick up on that, prohibit. >> dianne feinstein democratic law enforcement wants to open investigation to loretta lynch. >> she said she wants to open investigation into that statement by loretta lynch should call it a matter, i don't know whether she wants to investigate as far down as the rest of the iceberg goes the statement called it matter i think the tip of the iceberg. >> talking about getting president obama involved. >> then talking how come justice department didn't use a grand jury how come they interviewed her at the end and then -- two days later, jim comey came out with a statement? >> it was not recorded right. >> correct.
8:38 am
>> the interview not recorded unserious investigation. and the question then becomes why. maria: that is what i am saying though, all of this question about the possibly for collusion, more hearings on tub russian meddling investigation meanwhile, real wrongdoing in front of us potential for broadcast centersism by loretta lynch unmasking by susan rice these things are not followed up. >> i think also, an opportunity for jeff sessions to cleeb up the question of why he recused of them he recused of themselves because there is a regulation that says if you work on a campaign, and that campaign or people involved in it are the subject of investigation, you have to get out of it you can't make decisions with respect to to that investigation. that was the reason. and his the recusal statement says he is recusing him with respect to this to presidential campaign. that is it. if -- if it was not connected to it be russia investigation, the row accusal was not based
8:39 am
on any meeting that he had or involvement that he supposedly had in russia investigation. >> you think the testimony today is an effort to set the record straight. >> from his standpoint, yes, i think why you wanted to testify on in open session. maria: let me ask you about the other legal defeat we have been talking about president trump's revised travel order ninth circuit ruling against it preechts administration from enforcing a suspension of travel from 6 mostly muslim countries judges are saying the president violating u.s. immigration law by discriminating against people based on nationality the president failed to show entry into country would hurt american interests they've you've got how white house says it defending the order listen to this. >> these are very dangerous times, we need every available tool at our disposal to prevent terrorists from entering united states committing acts of bloodshed violence we continue to be confident thep's i don't do to
8:40 am
protect this country is fully lawful and ultimately upheld by supreme court. >> reaction? >> i think that this is going to the supreme court they will uphold the order. the court saying that he didn't establish that their entry is -- stepping way outside their function. their function. >> he is the president. >> they are not supposed to second did yous his determinations what will or won't help that is an executive decision the question whether he violated the law making that executive decision the answer to that the i think a resounding no this nondiscrimination issue is in a statute that relates to something other than an order like this, and was -- was -- has no effect on the president's power and that pour is plenary to control entry into the united states only way to control entry into united states making determinations based on where people are coming from. maria: of course the
8:41 am
president responded to this this morning tweeted this said as predicted 90 skrit did it again such dangerous time in country history, supreme court. >> so you think it is going to the supreme court, what about the broader issue here judge in terms of everything this president does, is being questioned as debated pushed back? i mean, how are they getting an agenda through when they can't even get the travel ban? >> i think that they are going to have to obviously learn to do more than one thing at a time i think they can, but the -- it is i think important to remember that a lot of this is -- is -- is kind of a legal sideshow, the -- the important issues are being dealt with in congress, and congress can continue to do its work. maria: you think congress can get this done in 26 days. >> now talking about 26 days. >> that is -- that is a question for people who know a whole lot more about the way congress functions than i do i just think that you can't get
8:42 am
obsessed with -- to the point where you avoid dealing with the issues that are really current. maria: we will be watching the current issues with jeff sessions nudge michael mukasey great to see you. thank you so much for joining us fox business is taking you live to attorney general sessions' testimony today 2:30 pm eastern join us for that coming up though first president trump talks training on the job stuart varney weighs in on push to get americans working again a new 13ek kel snap looks toward augmented reality for iteration of snapchat glasses how the technology will work. stay with us back in a moment. ♪ ♪ what if technology
8:43 am
8:44 am
gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin.
8:45 am
their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of. researchers of technologies that one day you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team. testimony. . maria: president trump touting workforce training today in wisconsin, joining is
8:46 am
host of "varney & company" substitute stuart to weigh in good morning. >> good morning, maria i think the president is going to make two points today both extremely important, number one actually going to say you know, college is not for everyone. oh, isn't that refreshing to hear i think for a long time our culture has said you've got to go to college i think that is the left pushing people into universities, basically factories for production of socialists we invented class consciousness somebody inery i know it when i see it i think elites look down on people who work with their hands, they want highfalutin academic types the president is addressing that today forcefully that is great to hear second point dressing the skills gap there is a gigantic skills gap in this country we need more welders, carpenters other people who
8:47 am
work with their hands. their high paid jobs going unfilled the president wants an apprentice ship program to do something about it i think he wins both counts. >> who is that on where is the responsibility in terms of making sure that training is available? private sector or government or both. >> i think a combination, primarily the private sector they have got everything to gain from this, the government should -- step with help get things moving no harm done there. but the private sector has to be the driver with encouragement from the political sector. >> i agree with that see you 10 minutes thanks so much "varney & company" begins top of the hour 9 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" breaking news president trump just tweeted this, he attorney general lynch made law enforcement decisions for political purposes, gave hillary clinton a free pass, and protection. totally illegal. that is from the president, by the way, we are talking about that with judge michael
8:48 am
mukasey. dagen: may raise an issue i wondered if president of the united states might be watching this program. >> nobody talking about loretta lynch what came out of the comey testimony i don't know. dagen: dianne feinstein is calling for investigation. maria: a democratic lawmaker wants investigation of calling it matter not investigation that is part of it then leaking from jim comey technology titans sell-off making a comeback tech stocks on track, nicole petallides at new york stock exchange. >> you will feel better when tech stocks famous bank stocks do better we are seeing up arrows i will say the nasdaq after hitting a record on thursday jumped up 2.1% combine two days of trading we see premarket all of these are looking slightly upside don't forget how to great they have done over 52 weeks "barrons" had a right up last 4 hours
8:49 am
saying look i still use google to search, i still have iphone as number one way, to use a telephone, and amazon shopping on am don people may have gotten spooked you see up air oohs as far as nasdaq what names represented, five stocks 75% of the nasdaq apple is almost 30% microsoft alphabet, amazon, about more than 11% so you can see how really moved big picture but i will say that this group overall is seems back in favor today how about snapping ing amented realy glasses trading near ipo price not great for snap need something going forward, this could be it augmented reality whether or not true we have to see you can see your gps, your temperature, hey you can watch
8:50 am
a live supporting event while wearing glasses, also sort of pokémon goish see if that comes to fruition. dagen: breaking news from president trump tweeting yet again, here is his tweet "fake news is at an all-time high, where is there apology to me for all the incorrect stories? >> hey. dagen: you know what we hear from president coming up everybody this ain't your dad's station wagon callaway's correspond investiture conversion kit roars on the plaza maria bartiromo live outside, next. ♪ oh, yeah, ♪ you always pay
8:51 am
8:52 am
your insurance on time. tap one little bumper, and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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8:54 am
maria: hottest ride in the auto right now callaway cars rolling out the first ever corvette station wagon, we are getting a look under the hood this morning joining us right now on plaza, is callaway car ceo callaway great to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> we've got cars behind us that do not look like station wagons before we get to the aerowagon tell us about the white callaway corvette right here. >> this is a highest performance car ever built sold in america, it is available at the gm dealer, it is produced by us as engineering company. >> this was not retro fitted converted. >> yee a lot of specialist work by callaway on the way to the dealer, from its manufacturing. >> callaway has great history, this is your 40th year.
8:55 am
>> 40th year, our 30th working with gm. maria: this is a business you started in your garage. >> in back of the house in connecticut. maria: that must give great satisfaction congratulations. >> if i could only have seen it -- >> good for you check out wall away corvette aerowagon red one here tell me about this car. >> aerowagon is a treatment to the back of the car, that increases the luggage space makes car stylistically look. >> i mean, i just tweeted out to followers this look like a station wagon do you think the is a station wagon you guys? >> no, no, no. maria: know way. >> right. >> it is a corvette how do you make the claim that is station wagon. >> how many golf bags at an you fit in here. >> you tell us. >> yeah. >> three golf bags can fit in this trunk. show us. >> ready?
8:56 am
>> wow, that is big. >> that is big. >> so that is why you say a station wagon. >> yeah. >> [laughter] >> you get the storage, when you get in it it is really like a sports car shall we do that let's check out the inside come on i am drg. >> all right here we go. wow this is cool. you got he everything you want in a corvette this -- right tell me about the what is in this car. >> you know, 757 horsepower is that enough. >> i think so. >> about as much as tires can handle really beautifully crafted you know automatic, 206-mile-an-hour car. >> big question, how much does it cost what is the answer. >> well it probably costs less than you think it does. because the base price of the car like this about 75,000. and the one this is about
8:57 am
130,000 so there is a range. >> okay. what do people normally put in a car most important things people want, in their whether an aerowagon, or sports car? >> most important is power. so when you look under the hood you will see how we make 757 horsepower -- >> incredible. so is there a lot of technology i mean normally when we do a story on auto sector there is no such technology into a car same thing here? >> same thing here shg, the rea deal he have best technology in business developed by gm give us a words best starting -- >> thanks so much thanks for bringing rides along. >> okay. maria: we'll be right back stay with us. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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>> all right. just enough time to say thanks so much and over to "varney & company." stuart, over to you. stuart: i want the red one. maria: me, too! . stuart: thank you very much, maria. distract, block, resist and undermine. the democrats go to war again today with the trump presidency. good morning, everyone. the attorney general will testify in open session. that means the political theater will be on live tv again. the big issue, why didn't jeff sessions disclose three meetings-- what's the word contacts. ashley: contacts. stuart: three encounters he had with the russian ambassador? because of that, the swamp shuts down.


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