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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  July 31, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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but i think we're mostly in agreement here. it begins and ends with the president. he's got to be on message, he's got to push the agenda and develop a better relationship not just with congress and people on the hill but really within his own white house where he had been the one that's sewing all of this dysfunction. trish: what a show, and your charlie. thank you for helping us get through it. president trump set to award the medal of honor at any moment now. we'll see if anything breaks in between. liz claman bringing you that when it happens. liz: yeah, and, by the way, lauren, right after that ceremony, sarah huckabee sanders is supposedly expected to have a news conference. we'll take both of those events live. well, the breaking news now, the reality show at the white house continues. first reince priebus and just 23 minutes ago, news hit that anthony scaramucci is the next member of the trump inner survival circle to be booted off the island. scaramucci who just days ago was the man in charge of this entire group on the new york post header that kind of was making fun of how it looked
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like the inner circle was similar to the reality show survivor. well, he is the latest head to roll in this shakeup at the white house just over a week after being white house communications director. fox news confirmed that he is out. sources telling the new york times first quote the decision to remove mr. scaramucci came at the request of the new chief of staff. now, that's yet to be confirmed. but if so, general john kelly, the man who just this morning was sworn in and welcomed by president trump to replace reince priebus who was in that position and with whom anthony scaramucci had a long, brewing feud took the reigns. we do want to mention, of course, this very decorated general kelly from the marines now takes command almost immediately. he's former homeland security secretary, and he is now president trump's right and left hand man. he is very decorated, as i mentioned, and he's tasked with putting a spit shine on a
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team that has had a lot of trouble following the chain of command and coordinating an effective message for the first six months of the president's team -- term. we're expected to hear from the president, and i believe that should be any moment now. we do have the set up. as we see, you can see some of the military people getting ready to honor a true war hero. an agentleman who served as a medic in the vietnam war, highest military honor will be awarded, and that is the medal of honor for his heroic actions in vietnam way back in 1969. we're going to take you to that solemn ceremony as soon as it happens. but in the meantime we are focusing on this breaking news about anthony scaramucci. and as we take a look at the details that just happened, charlie gasparino who has been getting all kinds of information on this. first to you, adam. what is the white house saying if anything right now? >> nothing official yet. we are waiting on the statement. but you should know we were asking this morning before
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john kelly was sworn in as chief of staff, liz. we were asking who does anthony scaramucci report to. does he report to president trump? or will he report to john kelly? well, we now know that in the form of communications director, he won't be at all. but the next question is has he left the white house all together? that's a key question that has not yet been answered. is he still somehow advising the trump administration? does he still have the ear of the president? or is he off the grounds all together? we're going to try to get that answer at the press briefing at 3:45. liz: big smile on his face at the moment in the east room as you see he now holds the reigns, and it will be fascinating to see if a, the leaks stop. b, the fear taps down just a bit because apparently there are has been so much fear among the lower ranking staff and certainly the higher ranking staff. i want to bring in charlie gasparino. okay. now the question becomes the way it was phrased, at least if the new york times is he has been removed from the position of communications director. charlie, does he go back to
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what he came in as, which was sort of head of the xm bank. not head of it but i believe at least a liaison. >> yeah. and also he was up for an ambassadorship. listen, maybe. i will tell you this as someone who has but they with anthony in the past, friends with him as well, this is a very, very talented guy. he was in the absolute wrong job. i said it to you. i said it to neil cavuto. i thought he did a horrible job coming out because -- liz: let me interrupt you, charlie. we just got the statement from the office of the press secretary. that, of course, would be secretary huckabee sanders. quote anthony scaramucci will be leaving his role as the white house communications director. mr. scaramucci felt it was best to give chief of staff john kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. we wish him all the best. charlie, that almost reads like what people said about sean spicer. >> yeah. i don't think so. i think -- listen, here's the thing. . liz: well, the whole clean
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slate thing. >> yes. yes. yes. and the it would be interesting to see -- listen, that last statement that he gave was so -- that interview that he gave with the new yorker, you know, angered a lot of people inside the trump white house. it also angered steve bannon, i'm telling you. stevsteve bannon, the senior adviser very powerful. if you have steve bannon, general kelly not wanting you around and steve bannon not wanting you around, well, guess what? you see the writing on the wall. and plus, you have family issues that you might have to deal with -- which our prayers go out to him. it's a difficult situation. you know, that is -- that's a good time to step down. i will say this. this is a talented guy, and, again, he should have been in a different job. that communications job was -- he was set up to fail if you know him. liz: well, it's almost shakespearean, adam, as they said about lady macbeth. her ambition leaps itself. i hope that's the right quote. >> if you're going to quote shakespeare, liz. what was the line, you know, stand not on the order of your
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going but go at once? i mean, they're leaving this thing faster than they left the dinner in macbeth. the people leaving the white house. but the key question here charlie was asking is anthony scaramucci somehow still connected to the white house? he was a very strong defender of the president that first press conference people were talking about how well he had done. and then the new yorker article came out, and hitting a brick wall. liz: yeah, and, charlie, we do want to mention as well that as we're looking at all of the developments as soon as the event begins for this medal of honor to a very, very brave medic who saved ten different lives, even as he was hit on the battlefield in vietnam. we will take that as soon as possible. and, charlie, did you see that's the back of sean spicer's head. the former -- >> spokesman. liz: spokesman. >> maybe he'll come back now that anthony's out. that will be interesting. and it's possible in this administration.
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i will say this again. if you think anthony is the reason why there's dysfunction in this white house or sean spicer or reince priebus, it's not. it's because of the guy at the top who, you know, instilled this sort of culture of, you know, insanity from day one and, you know, who basically created people competing against each other without some sort of of a formal line of command where the chief of staff would normally herd all the cats. he had all of these different people reporting to him and reince priebus did not have that sort of power. and, you know, that -- having that sort of -- putting people against each other in many ways breeds the outburst you see from a very, very aggressive guy like scaramucci last week. he's an aggressive guy. almost breeds it. it's as if trump is telling him to do it, and then he does it, and then he finds himself in a hole. and i'm telling you. the guy's talented. they should put him in a different job with the business community. he's worth having around. take it from me.
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and, you know, but this job, he was not qualified for. not -- and it -- he wasn't unqualified. he was not qualified just from a -- liz: well, i don't know, charlie. >> from a standpoint of his inner being, he's much more of a fighter and a pusher and a -- liz: okay. but can i push back. >> yes. liz: you and i have been super close friends with anthony scaramucci. i agree with you on many, many points. he's very, very intelligent. >> right. liz: i called him a bridge builder as recently as ten days ago before the whole new yorker thing. but to say it's not that he wasn't qualified. charlie, you don't call it the new yorker, start screaming and have all kinds of outbursts with the f bomb and c bomb. >> no. i meant -- that's. liz: that's not communication director. >> he's qualified intellectually, he's qualified -- liz: if he were, he wouldn't have done that. >> no. my point is he's not qualified emotionally for that job.
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that was the point i was trying to make. liz: thank you for clarifying. kevin scott is a gop strategist. both sides of the aisle here. give us a sense of what happened here and what your thoughts are now what the perception is of what's going on inside the white house now that you have a marine general in charge. >> yeah. i think a new day in the white house. i mean, this morning president trump tweeted that the white house is not in chaos. i think any objective measure says the white house is in chaos. that being said, general kelly, this is a quick action that immediately shows that he is going to at least do his best to start getting things in order. to align the message to make sure what's coming out of the white house is consistent and coherent. and i think that whether -- regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, we should breathe a sigh of relief because general kelly being in charge means things are going to be better out of this administration. there's no question. liz: i would agree. but cristy, is the hall watertight now?
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meaning no more leaks, no more scandals, no more drama. i don't know. shakeups? is this over for at least the time being? >> no one man, even if he's a general, is that powerful. you've seen an unrelenting string of just utter chaos from day one in this administration. and you can either see scaramucci's firing as one more example of that chaos. because, of course, now he's going to have to be replaced. or you can see it, you know, as you guys are -- and as i might as well, actually. as finally the first right thing that's being done here; right? because it was so obvious, especially to those of us who work in communication that you can't do that. but if you were not fired for something like that, then there's something -- liz: let's go forward because scaramucci for now is not a playa as our kids often say. but adam shapiro, to what happened well before scare maturey came onboard, and that
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was sort of this russian roulette drama, and, again, i want to have everybody's attention on the left-hand side of the screen because it will start for james, who is the man from the vietnam war era who will receive the medal of honor from president trump. but back to this, adam. looking at the issue with james comey being fired and then rod rosenstein being lotted and put in place to carry this issue forward and now the president says he's from baltimore, he's not even a republican. there aren't many republicans in baltimore. and then the mueller investigation. >> yeah. well, charlie gasparino -- and i'm sorry to keep quoting charlie because i don't do it often. but he has pointed out two things that are going on here. first, you've got donald trump who is responsible for some of the chaos that we've experienced over the last almost 200 days. but the other issue is the message. and could people deliver on the goals of this president and his administration? reince priebus could not do that. that's one of the reasons he's out.
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as for, you know, the russia investigation, those issues, that's certainly not the president's agenda. but staying on message and the message is tax reform, health care is the job of the chief of staff. it's also the job of the communications director, and it's the did job of the press secretary to actually fight -- >> adam, it's a job of the president too. >> yeah. the president has taken knocks for not selling health care. >> you cannot blame reince priebus for this president's lack of messaging. i would say anthony was a distraction over the last week. you can't even blame him. this was a president that made bad situations worse. the question is does he listen to this new chief of staff or not? and, you know, we don't know. and i make one other thing. i think another big mistake that anthony made over the last week, he kept saying he was obsessed with the leaks. by the way, the leaks are not the problem for this white house. the problem is the lack of policy and the lack of -- >> well, the president doesn't stay on his own message. liz: let me just interrupt for a second, guys, because at any
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moment, we believe the president will come out to award james mclowin the medal of honor. he took multiple hits of shrapnel and other hits to save ten of his fellow army men in the platoon, and it is just an unbelievable moment to have a combat medic receive the medal of honor when that begins, i apologize in advance, gang, if we get interrupted, and i jump right in here. but anthony scaramucci has just apparently tweeted -- oh, that's from yesterday. okay. never mind. let me just say this here that we do want to make it clear that -- i agree. scaramucci is not the issue, but we are now hearing the music for the president, and that's the old video on the right of scaramucci because he has been removed from power and, guys, i do want to quickly also mention that general kelly who is now chief of staff is sitting next to the two who have been known as
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the top people next to president trump and that's steven mnuchin treasury secretary and gary cohn, the economic adviser. let's talk as the president walks in what do you think an event like this is sort of a reset button? >> well, i think with all of the other things going on, it's tough to see this as a reset. but it certainly gives president trump the opportunity to look presidential and start to restore order. it also helps when you talk about general kelly. this focus on the military is something that president trump really wants to be a signature of his administration. liz: president trump as we mentioned is set to award this first medal of honor of his presidency. and let me give you a little bit more on the recipient of it. he's former army specialist james and according to the white house risked his life nine to ten separate times to help rescue fellow u.s. troops in vietnam. there he was an army medic running out. he's the gentleman on the far left next to the president. he suffered multiple wounds,
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shrapnel, small arms fire, and on three of these occasions, he refused medical treatment and evacuation in order to stay with his unit to continue to aid and defending other wounded americans. a true hero here. he's now 71 years old. he apparently lives in, i believe south haven, michigan. and this is interesting because it's really ash carter's first pick. of course under president obama. he recommended him for the medal of honor last year, but there were previous rules that said recipients had to have -- it had to have been five years of the action. well, they changed the rules, finally. here's president trump. trump: thank you very much. please be seated. thank you, chaplin hurley, secretary mnuchin, secretary
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mattis, secretary shulkin, senator, congressman upton, and members of the armed forces, thank you for joining us as we award our nation's highest military honor to specialist five james c. today, we pay tribute to a veteran who went above and beyond the call of duty to protect our comrades, our country, and our freedom. joining jim today is his wife shari, his brothers mike and tom, his sons jamie and matt, and many other members of his very large and beautiful family. we're also gratified to be joined by eight previous medal of honor recipients.
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now, jim's name will stand forever alongside theirs in our history and in our hearts. i want to take a few minutes to tell you about jim and how he earned this place among legends. jim was raised in bangor, michigan. his father built their house from scratch and worked 40 years at a piano factory. jim's dad taught him a simple but powerful lesson. never do anything halfway. always do your best. jim took that lesson very much to heart. he played for four varsity sports in high school and three in college. in august of 1968, jim was drafted into the army. within six months, he was trained as a medic and arrived
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in vietnam. right away, jim poured all of himself into his duties treating the sick and the wounded. before long, all of his fellow soldiers called him doc. on may 13th, 1969, less than three months after he arrived, jim was one of 89 men in charlie company to embark on a mission to secure a transportation route. as jim and his men jumped out of the helicopter, it quickly became clear that they were surrounded by enemy troops. within minutes, enemy choppers were were shot down and one of his men was badly wounded in the middle of an open field. jim did not hesitate. he blazed through 100 meters of enemy fire to carry the wounded and the soldier to
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safety. but this was only the first of many heroic deeds jim would perform over the next 48 hours. after tending to the first wounded soldier, jim joined a mission to advance toward the enemy and advance, they did. before long, they were ambushed. again, he ran into danger to rescue his men. as he cared for two soldiers, shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade slashed open the back of jim's body from head to foot. yet, that terrible wound didn't stop jim from pulling those two men to safety. nor, did it stop him from answering the plea of another wounded comrade in carrying him to safety atop his own badly-injured body. he was badly injured. and so it went shot after
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shot, blast upon blast as one of his comrades recalled whoever called medic could immediately count on mcclou mccloughan. he's a brave guy. as it turned to dusk and nearly all that could to make it back, they were finally in their night defensive position. except one soldier whose plea jim could not ignore. again, doc did not hesitate. he crawled through a rice patty thick with steel rain. that means bullets all over the place -- as soldiers watched him, they were sure that was the last time they would see doc. they thought that was the end of their friend jim. but asp several minutes passed, jim emerged from the smoke and fire carrying yet
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another soldier. he immediately badgered and fixed and worked, but he got the wounds fixed and lifted the soldier to a medivac helicopter. his lieutenant ordered jim to get in too. get in, jim, get in. but he refused and he said you're going to meet me here. as jim says now, i would have rather died on the ballots field than know that men died because they did not have a medic. over the next 24 hours, jim fired at enemy soldiers, suffered a bullet wound to his arm, and continued to race into gunfire to save more and more lives. and yet, as night approached again, after nearly two days of no food, no water, and no rest, jim volunteered to hold
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a blinking light in an open field to signal for a supply drop. he would not yield. he would not rest. he would not stop. and he would not flinch in the face of sure death and definite danger. though, he was thousands of miles from home, it was as if the strength and pride of our whole nation was beating inside of jim's heart. jim did what his father had taught him. he gave it his all, and then he just kept giving. in those 48 hours, jim rescued ten american soldiers and tended to countless others. he was one of 32 men who fought until the end. they held their ground against more than 2,000 enemy troops.
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jim, i know i speak for every person here when i say that we are in awe of your actions and your bravery. but let me tell you one thing and one more story about jim. on the second day of that blade fight, jim found a few soldiers and a fellow soldier who had been shot badly in the stomach. he knew the soldier wouldn't make it if he flung him on the back, so he lifted him up and carried him in his arms. as jim was carrying the soldier, a thought flashed through his mind. although jim had always been very close to his father, he realized that it was not since he had been a young boy that he had told his dad those three very simple but beautiful words. i love you. in that moment, jim offered up a prayer. reasked god "if you get me out of this hell on earth, so i
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could tell my dad i love him, i'll be the best coach and the best father you could ever ask for. ." as he prayed, peace came over him. and if it was god's will for him to live, he would keep his promise to god as soon as he had the chance. jim made it out of that hell on earth. he made it. here he is. and the first thing he did when he arrived back on american soil was to say those beautiful words. "i love you, dad. i love you." jim said those words over and over again for the next 22 years until the last time he saw his father, the night before his dad passed on. today, i venture to say his dad is the proudest father in heaven. jim fought with all of the love and courage in his soul.
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he was prepared to lay down his life so his brothers in arms could live theirs. with us today are ten of the men who fought alongside jim and five of those he saved. to bill, randy, mike, joe, kent, robert, john, charles, michael. thank you for your service and your sacrifice. stand up, wherever you may be. where are you? [applause] [applause] [applause]
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trump: thank you, fellas. that's great. for over two centuries, our brave men and women in uniform have overcome tyranny, fascism, communism, and every threat to our freedom. every single threat, they have overcome. and we've overcome these threats because of titans like jim whose spirit could never be concurred. that's what this award is, and jim's life represents so well. america's unbreakable spirit. it's been 48 years since jim's battle in vietnam. he is now a husband, a father, and a grandfather. he coached high school football, wrestling, and baseball for 38 years, just like he said he would. and he brought together every
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member he could find of his beloved charlie company. to many people in this room, specialist mccloughan has always been their friend jim. to others, he has been coach. to those who bravely served with him in vietnam, he's still called their doc. to his parents scotty and margaret, both watching from heaven, he will always be their son. but today, 320 million grateful american hearts, private mccloughan carries one immortal title. and that title is hero. specialist five mccloughan, we honor you, we salute you. and with god as your witness, we thank you for what you did for all of us.
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now i would like the military aid to come forward and read the citation. >> the president of the united states of america authorized by active congress march 3rd, 1863 has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to private first class james c mccloughan, united states army. for conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty. private first class c mccloughan distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intra piddity at the risks
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of his life beyond the call of duty may 16th, 1969. while serving as a combat medic with theoretical company third battalion 21st infantry 196 light infantry brigade. the company air assaulted into an area near nuon hill. on may 18th with complete disregard for his life, he ran 100 meters in an open hill through enemy fire to rescue a comma rad too injured to move and carry him to safety. that same day, second platoon was ordered to search the area near nuon hill when a platoon was ambushed by a large north vietnamese army force and sustained heavy casualties. with complete disregard for his life and personal safety, private first class mccloughan led two americans into the safety of a trench while being
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wounded by shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade. he ignored a direct order to stay back and braved an enemy assault while moving into the kill zone on four more occasions to extract wounded comrades. he treated the injured, prepared the evacuation and, though, bleeding heavily from shrapnel wounds on his head and entire body refused evacuation to safety in order to remain at the battle site with his fellow soldiers who were heavily outnumbered by the north vietnamese army forces. on may 14th, the platoon was again ordered to move out toward nuon hill. private first class mccloughan was wounded a second time by small arms fire and psychological natural of a rocket-propelled grenade. in the final phases of the attack, two companies from the second north vietnamese army division and an element of 700
3:31 pm
formulas vietcong regiment went on charlie's position on three sides. private first class mccloughan again with complete disregard for his life went into the crossfire numerous times throughout the battle to extract the wounded soldiers while also fighting the enemy. his relentless and courageous actions inspired and motivated his comrades to fight for their survival. when supplies ran low, private first class mccloughan volunteered to hold a blinking strobe light in an open area for a nighttime resupply drop. remained steadfast while bullets were all around him and rocket-propelled grenades moved over his prone-exposed body. during the morning darkness of may 16th, private first class mccloughan knocked out a rocket-propelled grenade position with a grenade. fought enemy soldiers, treated numerous casualties, kept two critically-wounded soldiers alive through the night, and
3:32 pm
organized the dead and wounded for evacuation at daylight. his timely and courageous actions were instrumental in saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. private first class mccloughan's personal heroism, professional competence, and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the division and the united states army. [silence] [applause] [applause]
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[applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] . liz: and that concludes the medal of honor ceremony. it is president trump's first medal of honor, and it is awarded to former army medic james mccloughan for risking his life to save many, many people. many of his fellow military bros during the vietnam war war. we have some breaking news on venezuela. the united states has just handed down sanctions as the
3:34 pm
region spirals into total chaos and dictator -- i guess you could call him a dictator. madura. he has tried to finagle the latest election. let's bring in retired u.s. navy captain chuck gnash. we also have cristy and kevin paul scott. captain gnash, let us just first honor james mccloughan. just hearing his bravery is unbelievable, so we want to segue from that to so much breaking news. but what a hero. >> you know, and that word hero is so grossly misused in our society when you start talking about heroes of hollywood or of sports or anything. the only appropriate use of that word is for someone who puts their life at risk for their fellow soldiers or sailors, airmen, marines. you know, that kind of thing when you put your life at risk as a firefighter or police officer, when you've got real skin in
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the game, and you don't know how it's going to come out, and you do it anyway, that's heroism. liz: absolutely. risking your life, that's it. i completely agree with you. let us just get captain gnash to the sanctions. >> uh-huh. liz: and of course venezuela has been a region in complete turmoil. more than 100 protesters killed in just the last month and a week. and do you believe that these sanctions -- this is already a country that is about to break. they don't have enough food. a third of the country has lost weight. they're starving out there. there are all kinds of protests. this was a bomb from the other day. and what do you think that the new sanctions will achieve? >> one of the miracles of socialism. you know, sean penn going down there with hugo chávez and all of those clowns. you know, take one of the richest countries in all of south america and now your population's eating garbage. so now we put sanctions on them. it's against the government. you've got people who are literally on their knees with famine.
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i don't know what the sanctions are going to do, other than cut back on military capabilities of the country because it's moving rapidly past socialism into full blown communism and a dictatorship. liz: yeah, it was an illegitimate election, according to the u.s. government. and you can't disagree with that. this has been a man who is desperately trying to hold control. and his cronies are getting billions of dollars and stealing all kinds of money and people are literally starving. captain gnash, again, cristy and kevin are still with us. i just want to get your thought on the ousting of anthony scaramucci. you know, he was in attendance at general kelly's swearing in as chief of staff. do you get the sense that that was almost the first order of business for general kelly was to remove anthony scaramucci? because he's in photographs of the oval office this morning of that swearing in, and he didn't look too concerned in that video.
3:37 pm
>> liz, is that for me? . liz: yeah, it's for you, captain gnash. >> yeah. i think that's what happened is general kelly probably took that job in agreement with president trump that he is going to have the power. he cannot be put in a power position and not have the reigns in his hands. and i'm sure that president trump anxious to kind of put an end to a lot of this said fine. you've got the job. you've got the nod. you've got the power. and what he's doing is he's going through and taking people. scaramucci. you know him, liz. but i don't. in talking to some people i do and listening to you and some others talk about it, he was in the wrong job. he's a really good guy, but he was in the wrong job. and if one thing that general kelly knows how to handle, it's getting the people motivated as a team to pull together and putting the right people in the right jobs to effect that change. and that's what i think he's doing. and you watch him. he's going to be successful. liz: this does not surprise me to hear you say that as a
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military general, specifically the marines, no shade on the navy or the army or the coast guard, trust me. we love all of you guys. you know, it's beyond drop and give me 100 push-ups. >> yeah. oh, yeah. liz: he will lay down the law. it sounds like he would be very fair. what else do we know about him, captain? >> well, he not only has had a brilliant career in the marine core and at one point in iraq, the marines who were running the operations in iraq, it was then -- now secretary of defense and general kelly was working for then general mattis as one of his principle generals in running all of marine operations in iraq. so there is going to be an excellent rapport, maybe even more excellent rapport between the white house staff and the defense department because those two are tighter than ticks. so that's going to be really
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good because you have a lot of problems sometimes between -- especially we saw this in the obama administration. between the national security counsel staff and the pentagon. and i think this problems are going to be eradicated very quickly. liz: captain chuck gnash, thank you very much. and one thing, though, that general kelly may not be able to control is president trump and his tweets. and come back after the break, christie and kevin, we'll get your thoughts on that. in the meantime, what a market day we're having as well. we're up 90 points. dow about six minutes after the open hit a brand-new record. and, of course, now it's shooting for its fourth straight record close in a row. stocks are moving very strongly. nasdaq is still down 17. there are tech weakness. and we're ready for the white house press briefing. share huckabee sanders set to take the podium at any moment, at least until this last second because we've had no cancelation of that. we've got the camera shot ready. we'll take you live there when it happens. and bop doll on this market
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run and what happens next. countdown coming right back their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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. liz: it seems as always, a lot of news flow as we await the white house press briefing. but today, and it's expected to start any moment, will be quite dramatic. certainly a lot of questions about anthony scaramucci having just been unceremoniously ousted today. in fact, about 23 minutes before the top of the 3:00 p.m. eastern hour when this happened right before our show. there are sanctions that have just been handed down to venezuela, apparently the leader nicholas will -- all of his assets will be frozen, at least on behalf of the united states. and as we wait for that, we want to keep our eyes peeled right now on wall street. we have hit an all-time record, once again for the dow. if we close there, this will
3:45 pm
be the 30th record of the year. i want to get right away to bop dal. bob, do we have to order dow 22,000 hats? look where we are right now. we're at 21,928. >> pretty impressive, liz, isn't it? i think markets marching to three drumbeats. one, decent revenue and earnings growth, two, contained inflation, and three, the prospect of some sort of tax cut. the white house circus, if i can call it that, is a sideshow at the moment. . liz: well, i just want to point out to our viewers, we're up 96 points right now. high of the session. there we're about to break through it, i believe. 99 and so therefore, as we look at what's happening, do you think there's almost like a kelly premium here where general kelly, it is perceived will calm things down as we continue to watch stocks move higher, x the technology names today. >> you know, it could have a little something to do with
3:46 pm
it, liz. but i think the investors are saying i'm from missouri on all of this. show me the good. show me a contained white house. show me some consistency in policy, and maybe we'll smile. but in the meantime, it's earnings that are driving the market as you know. liz: the earnings have been very strong. >> and they continue good. liz: and there's also a holdover of long vapor trail. boeing had great numbers, boeing is a real powerhouse once again today. and tell me where you say people should be putting their money. certainly not into richly-valued names at the moment. >> well, you know, it depends. if the goods are coming through, why not? so we like financials. i expect modestly higher economic growth. modestly higher interest rates and regulation that continues to get rolled back. so lots of good names there. state street would be an example. health care, you know, out of all the uncertainty. look how well health care has
3:47 pm
done. biotech. some of the farming companies. united health care would be a great leader in being the prime example of a guy who can execute in health care. and then technology. i think you need to be a little more particular. vm ware is a choice of ours, but there are others we like. still balance sheet strong, free cash flow, repatriation when that comes hopefully next year. liz: let's talk a little bit about vmware because the fangs aren't doing it for us today. that doesn't mean they won't be back up tomorrow. but what do you like about it in technology brand? >> it's because of the business they have in visualization software and solutions for the whole technology infrastructure. they continue to have lots of good customers, their competition is microsoft and among others. they continue to power forward.
3:48 pm
and while the stock is up and not particularly cheap, it's not way extended. liz: do you get the sense -- and i want to drop in oil here. because, folks, this is major news that we don't want to get lost. that is oil closed above $51 a barrel today. it has been hard to get there. above 51. as we look right now, it is slightly below 51 at the moment in the aftermarket session. but do you like informant energy names here, even though there is still excessive oversupply? >> that's. you hit the nail on the head. that's my problem. excessive oversupply. oil is up, i would argue largely because the dollar is down, liz. the oversupply exists. and, you know, we talk about disruptive technology. there's no better place to find it than in the oil patch. the ability to get a barrel of oil out of the ground at a lower and lower cost every year because technology keeps that supply high. liz: i just want to let our viewers know that we are awaiting sarah huckabee
3:49 pm
sanders to have the white house press briefing and there's quite the pooh-pooh platter as you can order in a chinese restaurant of breaking news to be dealing with. and we don't want to ignore, bob, that north korea actually launched a missile that now went about 600 miles further than their most recent one just a few days ago that could hit either los angeles or chicago. this administration has a lot of drama around it, and a lot of it is fighting in the sandbox. there are some very serious issues. do you expect that at some point -- this market definitely needs a healthy correction maybe at some point. what goes up, what comes down. but what will spark it? some negative earnings story or a missile that reaches new york city? >> the truth is no one has successfully called corrections over time, as you know, liz. but when one happens, we'll all know the cause. i don't know what might cause it. geopolitics, there's a long list of issues and of course i come back to the earnings
3:50 pm
driving markets. if we have a problem there because the economy is slowing or inflation's picking up. that could trigger a correction. we haven't talked about the fed. the fed i think has been pretty benign. wants to find a way to normalize. but, you know, got that balance sheet out -- issue out there. everybody's got an opinion but nobody's lived through that wind down before, so we'll see how that plays out. liz: we have not seen that movie before. bob, thank you. bob, asset management chief equity strategist and as we look at the markets, the dow up 90 points. a little bit weakness on the nasdaq. we're going to take a quick break because we have not yet gotten a two-minute warning and then we'll be right back with respect to white house press conference and our strategerists. don't move at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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3:53 pm
. liz: a dramatic removal of anthony scaramucci.
3:54 pm
who just ten days ago come onboard and had really taken the top job as white house communications director ousted by the brand-new chief of staff general john kelly. there's that. sanctions just handed down in the last 40 minutes to venezuela. not to mention, we have some news on tax reform. gary cohn said this morning to a listening tour of real estate experts that he says they have gotten through the major parts of tax reform, and they're just basically tweaking the rest of it tomorrow. during this hour, i need you guys to join me once again because the president has a tax reform speech during this hour. right now, the markets seem to like much of the news up 84 points. but before we wait at the moment to hear from sarah huckabee sanders, let me get to our democratic strategist cristy and our republican strategist kevin paul scott. cristy, since we didn't hear from you the last go around, let me ask. what do you think will be the first question out of the press core's mouth? which subject and how will
3:55 pm
they phrase it? >> yeah. no question the first question is going to be about scaramucci and whether this signals a new beginning with general kelly. or whether this is, again, just evidence of more chaos and confusion out of the white house that is right with it. and i will say it seems that sarah sanders in particular has had a lot of chaos in her own department, both losing sean spicer, then getting anthony scaramucci, getting general kelly. liz: she's rock solid. >> she's dash, yeah, i'm sure she's going to have to act like she's solid in this briefing. liz: i don't know, kevin. she's extremely professional. like or dislike what she says and how she says it. she's kind of stayed to the side. but so have steven mnuchin, gary cohn, and, quite frankly, robert mueller who's in charge of the special investigation about russia collusion and effecting our election and working against both candidates to be quite honest. >> you're exactly right.
3:56 pm
and as i listen to this show, and you hear about venezuela and north korea and tax reform and all of these issues that are so pervasive right now, this is why the move for general kelly is so important. it's why this white house has to get an order and why he's the exact guy to do it. and i think you're going to see. i think the mooch is the first one, but you're going to see the allegiance as much as possible of some of the sideshow to get serious about business. the question is -- well, i think what we mean is that there's going to be less leaks, less challenges. the question is this: will general kelly have the ability to keep donald trump, president trump on twitter? that's the question because as much as there's a lot of stuff going on in this administration, it does start at the top. and president trump has got to be -- he has to lead by example if he wants everyone else to fall in line. i'm hoping that's what general kelly is going to insist upon. liz: well, we have three and a half minutes before the market closes. we don't know when we're going
3:57 pm
to see sarah huckabee sanders to the podium to perhaps address many of the questions that we imagine. but this is the last trading session of the month. the dow firmly on track for its fourth straight monthly gain, and i believe it's the 30th record of 2017, and it's up 19% since election day. up 11% since donald trump was inaugurated. so i need to bring in teddy, our star trader here. teddy, we've got a lot of earnings too. berkshire hathaway, apple. apple's out tomorrow. so there's that as a driver, certainly. >> well, absolutely. listen, the market always seems to do better during earnings reporting season, and this earnings is no different. the lines of least resistance. the rally up again after the elections continue, liz. obviously, at some point we'll run out of steam. but so far, every correction no matter how steep or minor
3:58 pm
has been a buying opportunity. and until that trade changes, you have to stay long. liz: some people roll their eyes when president trump says look how great the market is, and he says it's very much about him. let me just tell you something. when you see that the stock market is up 19% since election day, how can it be much more. when people say, oh, it's not. i mean, look, president trump certainly handed over improving numbers. jobs numbers and economic numbers.
3:59 pm
it is not so much the personalities but it is the fact that the policies have changed. less restrictive. the heavy hand of government seems to be coming off. high-profile stuff is stuck in the closet someplace. i think it is all good. i think it continues to be good. liz: we have a minute. luke, i'm surprised more people are not talking about oil so we will. it did close above $511 a barrel. what as work there -- 5$1 a barrel. what was at work there? >> i'm surprised it went up so high. gasoline demand in china and europe picking up. u.s., inventory numbers are driving crude prices. opec will try to limit production. i'm not sure what they can do it for. inventory go down, prices go up. liz: 10 seconds. another record high for dow jones industrials.
4:00 pm
what happens next couple weeks? >> i think you get to 22,000 print. we'll go from there. big chunk from boeing. big weight in that index. we'll see if we can continue to go. we're in august. august is he slow. [closing bell rings] liz: thanks to all of you. everybody. record for the dow, 30th of 2017. melissa francis and david asman with breaking news. david: looking at two pictures. tells very interesting one. on left of your screen, press gathered for very important presser which there will be a lot of talk about the communications director. only 10 days on the job. melissa: look at that room by the way. david: it is packed to the gills. john kelly, the new white house -- new chief of staff in the white house deciding time to put his foot down, get order inside of the white house. we'll go to that as soon as it happens. despite all the turmoil inside of the belt way, stocks climbing


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