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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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planets, moons or other objects in space and prevent alien microbes from spreading to earth, this makes sense. >> the job has a salary of up to $187,000. candidates must have one year of engineering experience and must have majored in physical science, engineering or math. >> here's "risk & reward." >> markets around the world are in turmoil at this hour over trump's astonishing victory. >> america crying tonight. >> everybody is crying. >> global investors expected and wanted a hillary clinton presidency, they didn't get it. >> wake up in the morning and reaction to the stock market. >> is there a doomsday plan? >> global markets were quick to respond to donald trump's defeat of hillary clinton, sinking in anticipation of a trump presidency. liz: that was the media then on election night. this is the market today. shattering records making history yet again.
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dow closing above 22,000 points for the first time ever. ♪ we are the champions my friends ♪ >> welcome to "risk & reward" i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. it's raining money, the dow closing above 22,000, sharp gains in apple stock after it reported solid profits yesterday. boeing is responsible for nearly half of the events since 21,000. 400 points there. we've come a long way since 18,000, 18,333 to be exact on election day. the dow up 20% since president trump won nine months ago. this is the dow's sixth straight record close. the 49th record close since trump won. the president saying the u.s. is in a golden age for entrepreneurs, businesses big and small, he praised his administration for lifting the smothering blanket of regulations on companies and
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job growth as obamacare and tax reform have stalledoud. >> today, the stock market hit the highest level that it has ever been. liz: again, fighting over tax reform under way in congress, infrastructure spending, yet to pass. on capitol hill, the president yet to score a big win, overseas and domestic growth making gains. weak dollar helping overseas profits reported stateside here. let's take it to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. >> reporter: everybody loves the confetti. we love the hats. got the hats, the 22,000. it really is a feeling of confidence here on wall street. it's not really the number, but we're loving the big picture because we're seeing people making money on their investments and ultimately that's what you want for americans, 401(k)s and iras to continue to move to the upside. dow up 11% this year, about 20% since the election, and has been boosted along right
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through the 22,000 mark. i will say that we went over that 22,000 mark 98 times today! we wanted to see whether we would close at threshold and we did exactly that. you could see since the election days, the nasdaq up 22.5%, apple drove the dow, the second most revenue ever, that helped things along, apple contributed so much to the dow today, 48 points, because of the apple. if it weren't for apple, we would not be above the 22,000 mark and it hit an all-time high, if you have that one in the portfolio. and what drove the dow since inauguration day in january? here are some of the biggest point contributors of 2017. that would be boeing, over 540 points and then you had apple, over 260 points, mcdonald's and united health, 230 points each roughly. it's been a great year on wall
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street, and not only for the dow names and the others, facebook up 45%, netflix 45%, tesla, great earnings report, up 40% this year. liz: crossing it 98 times, nicole? ten times an hour, you're a jumping bean. >> reporter: a white knuckle ride waiting to see what happens. liz: good to see you. >> reporter: you, too, liz. liz: president trump stroug cut in half the number of legal immigrants let in annually announcing overhaul with republican senator tom cotton of arkansas and david perdue, this is legislation these senators want, watch. >> green cards provide permanent residencey, work authorization and fast track to citizenship. for decades, the united states was operated and has operated a very low skilled immigration system. issuing record numbers of green cards to low wage immigrants. this policy has placed
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substantial pressure on american workers, taxpayers and community resources, among those hit the hardest have been immigrants and very importantly minority workers competing for jobs against brand-new arrivals. and it has not been fair to our people, to our citizens, to our workers. the raise act ends chain migration and replaces our low skilled system with a points based system for receiving a green card. this competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak english, financially support themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. liz: let's bring in former florida congressman, retired lieutenant colonel allen west joining me now. colonel, thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks for having me, liz. liz: the proposal cut legal immigration in half over next
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ten years, move to a merit-based system like canada or australia. there's no support in the senate for this. republicans don't back it. what do you think? >> i think it's very important that we have an immigration system that is first and foremost fair to american workers. we need to get americans back to work and don't want to continue to reach out and have people come here that are affecting those most needing to be able to get out there and be a part of the american people. that's americans that are at the low-skill level. i think what you have seen in the past eight some odd years of the obama administration, we pushed more americans into poverty. more americans onto food stamps. seen incredible rise in the black community as far as unemployment. if we're going to have economic growth in this country, you got to have economic growth and restoration in our inner cities and especially when you look at black teenaged unemployment which is astronomically high. liz: some republicans are saying this is a distraction from the trump growth agenda for tax reform and obamacare reform, what do you say?
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>> i say they should be back at washington, d.c., not on vacation, when they get back to washington, d.c., they can stop bumping their gums. liz: sparks flying as trump aide stephen miller defending the new plan, the legislation during a press conference earlier today, one of the facts he was trying to get across is half of immigrant households are on welfare. listen. >> the statute of liberty says give tired huddled masses a reprieve. doesn't say anything about speaking english or be a computer programmer. >> reporter: right now, it's a requirement it be naturalized you had to speak english. so the notion speaking english wouldn't be part of the immigration system would be ahistorical. secondly, i don't want to get off on history here, the statue of liberty is a symbol of libertying light the world. poem you are referring to was added later, it's not part of original statue of liberty. more fundamentally, more
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fundamentally. >> reporter: you say it does not represent what the country has always thought of -- stephen, i'm sorry. >> let me ask you a question. >> reporter: that sounds like national park revisionism. >> no. >> reporter: the statue of liberty not always going to be highly skilled, they're not always going to be -- >> jim, i appreciate your speech. let's talk about this. tell me what is jim acosta's definition of statue of liberty. >> reporter: talking about border crossing. >> do you at cnn not know the difference between green card policy and illegal immigration. >> reporter: the notion they have to learn english before they come to the united states, are we just going to bring in people from great britain and australia? >> i am shocked at your statement that you think that only people from great britain and australia would know english. it reveals your cosmopolitan
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bias to a shocking degree. >> reporter: you are trying to get an engineer, therable and ethnic flow of people in the country. >> one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant and foolish things you said. the foreign-born population has quadrupled since 1970. the people who have been hurt the most by the policy you're advocating are -- >> reporter: what policy am i advocateing? >> unfetterred, uncontrolled migration. the people hurt are immigrant workers and minority workers and african-american workers and hispanic workers. >> colonel, fireworks, what do you think? . >> the person from another network was trying to grandstand and go through incredible filibuster and soliloquy. when you look at immigration laws in mexico, think about the fact you have to show you are going to have gainful employment, you have to have x amount of money to come in and establish a bank account and you are restricted what can you
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do as far as property ownership. we're not saying we want to be that draconia, mr. acosta needs to look at the other policies and other countries. this is people being a part of the american dream and part of the american success story and assimilate into our culture which is something we are not seeing. liz: colonel, this immigration dates 50 years old, it hasn't been overhauled since the 1960s, correct me in -- if i'm wrong. there were literacy tests, i think there needs historical context that's lost in the media about the historical context what the law requires of immigrants. mr. miller who did help on the legislation, he got into a dustup let again, listen. >> carveout in the bill that says the "new york times" can hire all the low skilled, less pay workers and see how you
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feel about low wage substitution. this is a reality happening in our country. maybe it's time we had compassion, glen, for american workers. >> what do you think, colonel? >> it's very important and goes along with the fame of president trump's campaign about america first. i find it very interesting that when you go back and you remember some of the themes of obama, he said we need to stop nation building elsewhere and start nation building here in the united states of america and help americans to get back on their feet and get back to work. that's exactly what we're talking about here, focus and prioritizing american citizens, getting them off of welfare and allowing them to be first in line. liz: thank you, colonel, good to see you, come back soon. >> always a pleasure. thank you. liz: president trump saying corporations have never madeas much money as they're now. the markets backing him up. stocks that helped lift the dow past 22,000 today include apple, mcdonald's, united technology and 3m. all companies that reported big profits last quarter.
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next up, billionaire elon musk, tesla reporting after the bell, electric car company shares are up after a narrower than expected quarterly loss. the stock up 300 points after spiking early in the day. the stock is up for the year. u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley calling out iran again at the u.n. security council. we're going to bring in former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton, he's here to weigh in on what he says is a bad iran deal. >> international inspectors will have unprecedented access, if iran cheats, the world will know it. if we see something suspicious, we will inspect it. sanctions can be snapped back into place. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe.
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. >> one country uses its support for terrorist proxies to conduct foreign policy and compensate for its own weakness. that country is iran. iran was first designated by the united states as a state sponsor of terrorism in 1984, training, arming and funding of terrorists continued unabated to this day. terrorist proxies are doing the iranian regimes in iraq and syria. through its partner hezbollah, iran has engaged in preparing for war in lebanon. it is building an arsenal of weapons and battle hardened troops. liz: newest ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley calling out iran at the u.n. security council saying iran stands out as a country that is training, funding and arming terrorists to this day. this, on the heel of a new
5:17 pm
resolution passed unanimously aimed at stopping terrorists from acquiring arms. look at defense contractors boeing continuing to tick lower and end in the red. lockheed martin closing higher. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., he is a fox news contributor john bolton. good to see you, john. >> glad to be with you. liz: will sanctions be enough to stop iran from sponsoring terrorism and icbm production? >> these sanctions will not do it, like many sanctions from the obama era, the sanctions apply with those dealing with russia, north korea as well, are of the kind of targeted sanctions that are intended to be aimed at individuals or companies or government entities that in this case support terrorism or other conduct that we're trying to go after. the trouble is when you target sanctions, you allow people to get around it. if you target the abc corporation, you will find there's a cutout called the xyz corporation doing the same
5:18 pm
thing, i think to be effective sanctions need to be much more sweeping. this is a step in the right direction and sends a political signal. i don't think unfortunately it will affect iran's behavior on terrorism really or anything else. liz: ambassador, iran claims it's the u.s. that violated a 2015 nuclear deal by passing the new sanctions. president trump threatened in the past to basically pull out of that deal. should he -- is iran violating the deal? >> he should pull out of deal because the deal is not in america's best interest. it was diplomatic waterloo for the united states, and the real question any president has to ask is, is this deal in our strategic interests? this deal wasn't in 2015 when it was agreed, it's gotten worse overtime. and yes, iran is violating the deal in multiple respects. the trouble is the deal is so badly written that people are having arcane arguments about whether there's a violation but is it a material violation? you have to look at the total
5:19 pm
picture, total picture not just in connection with the nuclear deal or the ballistic missile program which are two sides of the same coin, really, but also on iran's overall conduct. fundamentally an iranian nuclear weapons capability is another terrorist weapon, it's not a military threat to the united states, it's a threat to innocent american civilians. so from that perspective, i think iranian policy is actually fairly seamless and logical from their perspective. we're the ones who don't seem to get the picture. liz: switch to ms-13, fox news' tucker carlson got an exclusive look into one of the world's most deadliest violent gangs speaking with a member of the ms-13 gang, learning how ms-13 is such a threat to the united states. ms-13 is responsible for about two-thirds of the homicides in el salvador. >> how hard is it for an ms-13
5:20 pm
gang member to get into the united states? >> it's easy. >> how do you do it? >> i never wanted to go to the united states. >> but friends who did. how did they get in in. >> they have their people. liz: first check into private prison stock ending in the red. geo closing down over 3%. did you hear, that ambassador? the gang member said it's easy to get into the u.s. this is a gang member of ms-13? >> right, that's something we don't emphasize about the porous southern border, it's not simply an illegal immigration question, it's trafficking throughout the western hemisphere, throughout mexico, caused instability in mexican government and civil society, like a pipeline of violence coming directly into the united states, and the possibility of the terrorists including nuclear, chemical or
5:21 pm
biological weapons terrorists could use the same mek nichls as the traffickers to bring their weapons into the united states, too. there's a real, to my mind, a real law enforcement and national security issue here, quite apart from the immigration debate. liz: it's an important point you raised. ms-13, law enforcement officials have told us at fox business that this is a gang that is gone machete and hack people to death. how can the u.s. stop the growth of this violent gang? they're in 40 states. something like 10,000 of them? >> it's part and parcel of the distribution of illegal drugs and i think that's why though there's a lot of talk, really on both sides of the aisle now about more drug legalization, it's a huge mistake, if you enforce the laws as we're seeing in the case of immigration, the danger of abuse drops, and i think this would be something frankly that in mexico and throughout central america in particular,
5:22 pm
but down into colombia and venezuela, if we enforced our laws and dried up demand in the united states, we'd be bringing peace and stability or increasing the chances of it in those countries and reducing the incentive for civilians wanting to come into the country. liz: important point. thank you for coming on the show. love having you on. >> thank you, liz. >> the world's most valuable company, apple, did report better-than-expected profits. iphone sales very strong, it was also the ipad sales that proved to be the biggest surprise, had a surge there of sales in the education and enterprise markets. apple sold more 11 million ipad units, 2 million more than expected by wall street. and then you know apple services, you know where itunes is housed and other services, that unit brings in more sales than facebook or capital one. next up, we've got the president signing into law stronger sanctions against russia.
5:23 pm
my next guest asks whether the media will question that too? our own geraldo rivera is going to weigh in, that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> mr. president we talk about it every day, we begin with administration 180 degree turn on whether or not the had a role in drafting his son's russia statement. >> given these provocative actions from russia, why the deafening silence. >> nobody on campaign that saw anyone from russia. >> president trump was involved in crafting his son's misleading statement. >> possible collusion of russian government trying to help donald trump. >> donj jr.'s meeting with russians. liz: you have seen the coverage, media out lets taking aim at president trump, probes continue including by
5:27 pm
special coi counsel robert mueller, today, president signing into law stronger sanctions on russia. and imposes new sanctions on iran and north korea. memed -- calling trump administration, putting end to hopes of better ties with the administration, bring in fox news correspondent geraldo rivera. he still signed it. >> i regret deeply that he signed it. i think it was a law in many ways is unconstitutional. it takes from the econom executive branch the power. it is a usurpation of president's powers and
5:28 pm
privileges. this is absolutely a power grab by disfunctional congress by united states, i regret deeply that president signed it, it is handcuffing him. i think that mis correct to see bluster concerning an issue like immigration unnearlunnary necessarily then see him back down to congress, who does not hole him in high regard is distressing. i wish he had not done it. liz: if he didn't sign it. >> the problem is that bogus russiagate. it is like sean spicer said, that if he uses russian dressing now that is evidence of collusion. that is why he signed this bill, this bill because if he did not sign it, if he had vetoed thisbill, that's be
5:29 pm
because he is in bed with putin. this is wrong legislation at wrong time. it is unsettling, congress, this disfunctional congress, responds politically to everything, everything, they are going to vary constituents and they like it is positive for and you your constituent see to be against immigration, here it positive to be against russia. so president is against russia he is okay, it is really dangerous. liz: do you think that media will credit president for this move signing it. >> no. they will not, they will go on next, like lindsey graham whining about something el today, these people have no loyalty to president of united states. they pack on him, they pile on him, i think that president now has to stop making unforced errors, he has to be strong.
5:30 pm
even if they overrode his veto it would have been right to veto that legislation. liz: sarah huckabee sanders saying that russia collusion media coverage should focus more on clintons than the trump administration. we're tracking the story for you. >> you are focused on a meeting that don jr. had no consequence when democrats actually colluded with a foreign government ir irk like ukraine and took money from the russian government. this is basis for all of russia scandal nation news. if you want to talk further, about relationship with russia look no further than the clintons, bill clinton was paid a half million to give a speech, hillary clinton allowed one fifth of america's uranium reserve to be sold to a russian firm whose investors
5:31 pm
were clinton foundation donors. failed to report it. if you want to talk about having relations, which you seem obsessed with doing, look no further than there. liz: does press secretary have a point. >> a minor point. you accuse me of colluding with russians, i'll tell you that democrats did it worse and first. i don't credit either one. say russiagate is a big nothing, there is no underlying crime. in watergate there was a burglary, there is no allegation that don jr. or anyone else hacked dnc, then gave those secret to russians, there is no crime, it is a political talking point. it is the wtf to me, get off this thing, they are wasting time, collusion is not a crime. liz: you say wait for probe to finish. >> here is the problem, they
5:32 pm
people have had embarrassing meetings, like don jr. he didn't want to talk about that embarrassing meet, a federal official asked do or sessions did you meet with russians in trump tower, saying no, i done, that is why they get in trouble, if they would talk about it, there would be nothing. this is an absolute big, fat zero. and attempts to you know, i just saw all of the president's men, attempt to come plate with watergate is worse. liz: come back soon geraldo. next up former obama white house national security adviser, ben rose, rodes is now a person of interest in house intelligence committee investigation into obama business that got intelligence document that revealed names
5:33 pm
of trump's aides during the campaign. american favorite judge, judge napolitano here to weigh in after this.
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liz: former obama white house national security adviser, ben rodese is a person of interest. getting intelligence documents that revealed the name of trump aides during the
5:37 pm
campaign, that is called unmasking. added to number of top obama staffers who may have requested identity of president trump workers. outlet is called circa news, reporting that northbound of unmask americans seems to have increased about time trump secon secured the g.o.p. nomination. let's bring in fox news sense juror judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano, when did this start? >> there are two phases in 2013 clapper, made it easier to perform unmasking of members of congress and other officials of the government. and then after donald trump was elected now to december of 16, president obama changed rule on raw intelligence, it
5:38 pm
was that an agency, say that nsa had raw intelligence, transcripts of a phone call. copies of a text-message or e-mail they could not share with anotherintelligence agency. liz: you have to get cia to sign off. >> you well to have director of agency that collected that intelligence agree to send it to the other. new obama administration rule, permitted exchange of this information alle agent to agent, within two days of that rule, portions of conversation between general flynn and ambassador kislyak showed up in new york times and washington post, that is what triggered all this stuff. and the committee to ask nsa for, we want to know each time that ben rhodes asked for
5:39 pm
unmasking, it can be lawful, if they need to know when the people were. we can't figure out what the conversation means until we know who a and b are. that type of unmasking is lawful, but if they are unmasking for political purposes to embarrass a or b, if a is donald trump and b is mike flynn, that is a felony. liz: did james clapper broaden the level? could lower level people get access to the unmasking. >> yes, be ben rhodes is in that category. he may have been involved in lawful unmasking. but if the unmasking was for political purposes, hey, president obama get what your successor was talking about last night, or, here is some, if washington post got it would make him look bad.
5:40 pm
that is a felony. liz: you said today that correct me, if i am wrong, president trump first announced in trump tower, he announced 2015 he was running, is that when it start snd. star. >> that -- >> what started then. >> surveillance of donald trump. it was intense at the time he announced his campaign. unmasking did not begin until everyone was startled with his victory. liz: thank you, judge. see you in the morning with mr. varney. >> a scientific breakthrough in possibly prevents inherited diseases, researchers use gene edits to fix a disease-causing gene in human that causing heart defects in human embryos, not reado try but quite a breakthrough.
5:41 pm
republicans could not repeal obamacare, but a new report said that obamacare premium storm is coming. liz: a new report said that insurance premiums rising by as much as 30% eeven 40% next year, this size they blame the hikes on president trump, we'll have that fight after this. >> these payments have been there for years, markets are not stable. you make -- not all markets. >> stop. >> have you -- you ask a question. >> all markets are not unstable. >> you ask the question, let me finish the answer. rd guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things,
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>> insurance companies have been raising premiums even with payments made in last 7 years.
5:45 pm
i live in a state with one provider. my rates have gone up every year, i know what it doing, i lost my doctor, i know, my wife lost her doctor, we've been through this, in a way many people have not, that was happening with the csar sr payments made, obamacare is failing, a lot of people are trying to distraction from that. >> they are trying too keep you from making it worse. how do you justify, making it worse. >> it gets worse by itself as we've seen for last several years, it does not need the president's help to make it a bad piece of legislation. president saying, i have people here suffering and insurance companies getting a bailout that not right. liz: chris cuomo was arguing collapse of obamacare to blame on trump and republicans, when trump was not in office when it passed and not a single republican voted for it obamacare started going
5:46 pm
haywire within a year of passage, a new report saying that premiums going up 30% next year, and illinois seeing 43% hike. a lot of premiums have gone up last 5 years, only half people signed up. versus what cbo initially expected and what congress expected, obamacare in a death spiral. let's bridge in washington examiner janet cos -- ge gee. >> we've seen them before. they went down. why hasn't cnn noticed that. >> i don't know. i tell you, it is disappointing, thankfully, wendy is an honest democrat
5:47 pm
and canned mitt tha admit that obamacare was built on a very big lie. keeping your doctor or insurance you could. now we see it will be over two trillion and cover less. 25 million people, where i am right now in atlanta, the rate of increase premium gone up to almost 30%. over half of the counties are going to rely on one health insurer. liz: right, that is disappointing, nearly half of counties will not have an insurer in 2018. seems like only fix, throw more money at a failed program is that it? >> no, that is not answer, i can say that aca was not perfect to begin with. subsidies were too low, however we cannot cut our nose
5:48 pm
to spite our face. we cannot say we're going to hold the csr hostage so the destabilized market can continue to fail, and say, you know what, you can see it is failing, that is what they're doing. liz: i hear you. it has been argued that own obama administration wrongfully and illegally allowed for insurance bailout money to be appropriated, that should have been congress' role. and president can do away with that, your thoughts? >> he did not want to work with congress. and with the republicans to fix the issue, he had to go around congress, again provide a big lie on obamacare. liz: wendy. >> i would say republicans had 7 years, all they got is a skinny bill, the oh, u onus is on them. liz: who gets blamed.
5:49 pm
>> i agree with that. liz: thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: this story for you, we have a suspect dead, two deputies shot in california over what? a fight over marijuana. this after pot has been legalized. we have dallas police sergeant penny, he said legislation still puts police officers in danger. we'll have this sergeant on that story after this. >> shots fired. >> two officers shot. suspect down. shot in the leg. in the shoulder. ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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>> shots fired. >> two officers shot, suspect down. shot in the leg and the shoulder. liz: suspect dead two deputies
5:53 pm
shot in california. after a dispute over marijuana. this after marijuana has been legalized. now democrat new jersey senator cory booker is pushing for nationwide legalization today with a new bill. >> it disturbs me that attorney general jeff sessions is not moving as the states are, as public opinion is but saying we should be doubling down and enforcing federal marijuana laws. liz: over last 12 months marijuana stocks have quadrupled on average, with me now, dallas fallen officer foundation president, sergeant penny. good to see you. you say legalization will put police officer lives in danger, make your case. >> i want to send my prayers to those officers out.
5:54 pm
this shows the disconnect between our politicians and what is happening in community. if you think about it the -- if you legalize or decriminalize, you will create quality of life issues. same thing you saw this with alcohol. and yeah, people support drinking but then you get dwi's, you get same thing with legalized marijuana. it may be an excellent business opportunity for those who invest in marijuana, but it will create other problem with social issues in local communities with fights and other things that come with it. it shows that, political agenda that these politicians are putting our communities into without really taking -- thinking about how it impacts our officers, keep in mind, our officers have to go out and deal with this.
5:55 pm
any time they arrive, our police officers are called, they have to show up, like inub -- county, to show up to respond, then two officers shot. liz: to your point, the states that legalize said that tax revenues coming in, and california has legalized it but two still officers shot in a pot dispute. is it possible to fully map out negative affects when you have state officials saying tax revenues are coming in. >> you can't link those two together. they are disconnected from real issues, they don't have to live in these communities, you know have these type of social -- going on. they are politicians, they sit up there is say, let's legalize this. we're making money off this.
5:56 pm
but people are losing their lives, people have to be -- we have think about real issues that are impacting law enforcement right now. one of those issues is like i said, the drug revenue, we got two million dollar -- i mean two million pounds of marijuana crossing boredder from mexico each year and we have not done anything to secure our borders to give those officers resources they need to protect you know their region. liz: sergeant penny thank you so much, thank you for kieving ukeeping us safe. liz: tesla reporting after the bell, stock is moving after hours, we'll tell you by how much after this. liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad.
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6:00 pm
they are boosted by revenue that nearly doubled. their shares have boost by 52% since the beginning of the year. leia, you are watching making money. the dow break through the 22,000 mark for the first time. president revealing an immigration bill today. the russian president says the sanctions bill the president signed today is and amount to a full-scale trade war. ford, i want to start with you. russia's prime minister saying


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