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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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have been issued in relation to the june 2016 meeting between donald trump, jr. and russian lawyers and others. >> by the way, trump's attorney, ty cobb, related to the original ty cobb says these things are supposed to be secret. what happened? >> interesting. all right. "risk & reward." liz: breaking news from the "wall street journal," special counsel robert mueller is getting a grand jury as part of the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 elections. the move signals the probe is entering a new phase. reuters reporting grand jury subpoenas have been issued in relation to the russian lawyer meeting with donald trump, jr.. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. mueller has been called ken starr times a thousand, reports indicate mueller is following the, quote, money trail. some unconnected to the campaign involving alleged
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trump associates. now the grand jury which began its work in recent weeks according to this report signals that mueller's inquiry will likely continue for months and possibly mueller can get trump's tax returns. let's take you to blake burman in washington, d.c. with the latest. blake? >> reporter: what have you is the attorneys for president trump trying to separate the president of the united states from all of this, saying hey, look, we didn't get any heads-up about this, which makes sense, since normally the impaneling of grand juries are secret. as far as they know, president trump is not under investigation, here is a statement put out by ty cobb, special counsellor to the president a little while ago, it says -- another attorney to president trump, john dowd said the following --
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the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders as well this afternoon, after all of this first dropped by the "wall street journal" and subsequent reports out from reuters as well, pointed to the notion that the former fbi director jim comey testified under oath several times that president trump, as he knew it, was not under investigation. so as the president is set to hit the road for west virginia to one of these mega rallies, a campaign-style rally in front of his supporters, you have the news that a grand jury has been impanelled by the special prosecutor, and the white house saying as far as we know it, the president is not under investigation. the white house trying to keep the president away from all of it. liz: thanks, blake, with more on all this is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. does any of this to you, judge, lead back to the president?
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>> well, i really can't answer that yet, emac. i can tell you this that the impaneling of a grand jury in a case like this, what happened at the earliest of stages, it basically means that the investigators, the fbi agents have found something, and they have found it by voluntary means, that is someone has either spoken to them voluntarily or surrendered documents or other tangible things voluntarily, and the totality of what they have leads them to believe that they need more, and in order to get more, they need a tool from the grand jury which is called a subpoena. the fbi can't issue its own subpoenas, only a grand jury can, so they are probably asking the grand jury to subpoena documents or tangible things like e-mails, and because the people from whom they asked for the e-mails voluntarily declined to surrender them.
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liz: so you know, robert mueller, has been accused of having his own conflicts of interest, hiring individuals who work for both president obama and hillary clinton, and the clinton foundation, rather. a justice department attorney specializing in bribery and corruption joined the mueller team recently. what are your thoughts about that? >> well, look, jim comey has alleged that the president offered him something of value, keeping his job, in return for an official governmental act, ceasing the investigation of mike flynn, one could argue that was offer of a bribe. one could also argue that the experienced prosecutor is somebody that bob mueller wants on his team for a case we don't know about. his license and charge is a broad one, that's the danger with the special prosecutors, is there is no limit on them,
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and they can find, be looking at a land deal in arkansas and end up with a blue dress. you remember how that one turned out. liz: yes, it's called ken starr times a thousand, robert mueller has a very broad mandate to investigate anything connected to the trump operation, right? >> well, sometimes the favorite tool of prosecutors next to a grand jury subpoena is an indictment of a witness for something totally unrelated to the investigation, and then once they've indicted that witness, they have the indictment to hang over the witness' head, that person will begin cooperating. so this grand jury could very well be looking for information from mr. x who did y and z and neither x or y are related to the purpose of the investigation, but they want to have this sword of damocles hanging over his head so they
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cooperate with him. could be something far remove the from the president as that, or could be they want donald jr.'s e-mails and he won't give them or the service provider won't give them. could be anything in between. liz: thanks for the insights. with more is former trump campaign national spokesperson and the spokesperson for america first policies, nonprofit started by several top trump campaign aides, she is katrina pierson, joins me now, good to have. >> you good to be here. liz: what do you think of the grand jury impanelled by robert mueller? >> the next phase of the witch-hunt. i think it's quite clear this is not about russia collusion as they've been saying, pretty much all we've heard about is really that russia was saying negative things on the internet, which is not different than any other previous election, so suddenly there's this obsession with getting down to the bottom of other interference in our elections. this particular incident is
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what i think going to make even bigger news simply because, a, there was no russia collusion, and the way they're going about it, as the judge mentioned, mueller and those he hired are definitely not supporters of the president by any means, some have donated to hillary clinton. we should take pause with that. but more importantly, looking forward, we have to have a national discussion because lots and lots of tax dollars are being spent on this witch-hunt for someone who whole handedly won this election, as i've said before, with his plane and his cell phone, and it's really going to tear the country apart. liz: you know, katrina, it appears that it involves financial crimes having potentially nothing to do with the president. we don't know that right yet. it could be some associates connected to the president, again, to your point, this is a very wide dragnet that robert mueller can basically pursue? >> that's true. we really don't know anything
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about what's entailed with the grand jury, what's being presented. what they're looking for, what they're expect. but what we do know is these are the types of things that are used to veer off-course, and just start looking for things that either are there or aren't there or things that they can make look like that could be even perceived in the negative way towards the president or anyone associated with the president for that matter, but again, i do think that the country is going to really have a serious issue when millions and millions of dollars are being spent on a witch-hunt when there is no there there, there was no collusion, and i think most americans know now this really isn't about russia at all. liz: we have a separate story we'd love your reaction at all. the "new york times" is reporting west virginia's newly elected governor will announce he's switching to become a republican. how much do you think this is because of president trump and
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do you anticipate more democrats changing over in the coming months? >> well, i would love to say yes, i suspect that, mainly because when you do look how the election went particularly in west virginia, a state that the president did very well in, and you know, this particular governor did very well in coal, this is something the president made a promise to get out there and bring back those jobs. he's done a very good job, more coalmines have opened up. it's wise for the governor to look at his state and see that writing on the wall because president trump has really been out there making the case for the american people with regards to jobs, the economy, and getting back to common sense governance, and i do think you're going to see more democrats who are in districts that the president won sort of get with the program because this isn't about republican or democrat, this is about america. liz: you're looking at a live shot right now of joint base andrews, president leaving for the rally tonight.
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he's going to make, he says, a big announcement tonight. any idea what it is, katrina? >> the announcement everyone is talking about, that the governor is switching parties, and i think that's going to start a grass fire across the country. the president has very good policies he's putting forward with regards to immigration, with regards to tax reform. that's why america first policies is out there supporting the america first agenda, and we're just really excited to be a part of it. liz: katrina, thank you so much. love to have you on. >> thank you. >> the dow closing slightly higher at over 22,000, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 closing in the red. u.s. crude oil falling 1.3% settling just under $49 a barrel. for those of you listen on radio national gas prices continuing to rise, closing out at $2.33 today. be sure to catch the jobs announcement tomorrow morning on "mornings with maria," we'll check on the job growth story tomorrow morning. cnn's jim acosta accusing the administration of racial engineering. we'll bring in a panel to react, after this.
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go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. . >> i just want to say -- >> trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people in this country. >> that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant and foolish things you've ever said, and for you that's still a really -- the notion that you think that this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting. jim, the reality is that the foreign-born population into our country has quadrupled since 1970. that's a fact. it's been mostly driven by green card policy. liz: cnn's jim acosta went onto accuse the administration of, quote, something along the lines of racial engineering after president trump's push for skilled legal immigration. let's bring in the political power panel, democrat
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strategist jessica tarlov and conservative review correspondent deneen borelli. what do you think of this being turned into a race issue? >> absolutely outrageous. listen, jim acosta is supposed to be a reporter keeping his personal views and opinions out of the discussion and what does he do? i think he was grandstanding, really, and i think miller put him in his place. liz: do you think miller was grandstanding too? it was weird to have that. >> i've been in the press briefing rooms, i was there for three months, and a lot of the reporters all they want to do is get their name in the news. that's what acosta has been doing ever since. liz: cnn panel, jessica, debated with "new york times" columnist charles blow saying it must be nice to be a white male. listen. >> but when jim acosta used the language of it seems like your
5:16 pm
policies are trying to engineer racial and ethnic percentages or something, it sure sound like something like you would read out of mine comf or something, sounds like you're engaging in racial engineering or ethnic engineering, something we would have accused the serbs of doing in the 1990s, it went off the rails. liz: we have the wrong sound bite for you. what's missing here, we're going to show it now? okay, show it, show the right sound bite. >> now all of a sudden as america browns and there are more brown babies being born in america than white babies and all of a sudden then becomes we now need to look at discrimination against white kids in college. we need to have everybody assimilated when they come. we need everybody to speak english. liz: missing here, jessica,
5:17 pm
democrats like barbara jordan, hillary clinton, walter mondale, barack obama, bill clinton were for strong borders and a crackdown on illegal immigration. barbara jordan said, this it is a right and responsibility of a democrat society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest. walter mondale worried about a, quote, massive poverty population coming into the country virtually every day from mexico. so democrats were about having illegal immigration, a crackdown there. >> i think they should be, especially after the election, see what a hot-button issue this is for americans. part of what jim acosta was saying, and i agree, this should not have gotten personal. he is a reporter. he shouldn't have pushed with that level of emotion, and stephen miller was also at fault for the way he engaged and did issue an apology. totally shocking. but within the bill that came from senators perdue and cotton, we are limiting the number of refugees we're going
5:18 pm
to take to 50,000. we're not helping out with syria. that is an issue -- liz: i hear what you're saying. >> that's what he was talking about, english speaking and a lot of the illegal immigrants are low wage workers. >> we get what you're saying, this is both an illegal and legal immigration. we got to go broad. the reason i brought up the two quotes, deneen, that gets lost in the maelstrom, a race issue. it's about legal immigration is what they were talking about, it's about basically taking charge and control of the back of the borders. both sides before, that going back decades. >> that's common sense, we need to know who's coming into our country, come into the country the right way. what about those who did come in the right way? spent years and thousands of dollars to do so. >> cutting them 50%, that's the answer? >> dicut you off? >> i'm trying to finish my point. they come to the country the right way, and i have no idea
5:19 pm
why they injected race into. this race has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion, it's about coming to america legally and being law-abiding citizens and not being a drain on our social structure. you know, gainfully employed, our schools, hospitals, that is a problem that is happening today. we need to do something about it. liz: when mondale made the quote, he didn't say legal or illegal immigrants, he said massive poverty population coming in. this is a compassionate country, right? we take a lot of people in. i hear your point, i get what you're saying, canada and australia has a skills based system, canada pioneered it, do you hear them called racist? . >> i thought it was smart to use the countries held up on a pedestal for it. they are having the population we're taking in by 50%, that is a dramatic cut. we're trying to have a debate here and see things differently and for you to say it's not about a race issue, and i take
5:20 pm
your point fully. when you're looking at an administration that relentlessly made race an issue, comments from the president of the united states himself, from the likes of stephen mill jeer what comments? >> first of all the candidacy started off with the mexicans who are criminals. liz: he apologied for that. >> he didn't apologize for it. liz: he apologized for it. look at the transcripts. i hear what you're saying, i hear what you're saying. a lot of people who believe in strong borders and barbara jordan said it is inherently offensive to say this is about racism, to talk about fixing immigration policy. barbara jordan said, that right, deneen? >> it's a weak argument to inject race and convenient argument, abiding by our laws and coming into our country the right way. >> this is talking about legal immigration, this is about coming to the country legally, they're coming here legally and
5:21 pm
what the policy doll is pick on people who are here, low-wage, skilled workers. liz: jessica, hang on, i hear what you're say you are passionate and i appreciate you. we're talking about a broad perspective on immigration policy, again and again, return back to barbara jordan and walter mondale and barack obama and hillary clinton, bill clinton said yes, we want proper immigration laws and a strong border. nothing wrong with asking the question. >> there are some who forget or don't want to acknowledge the fact that democrats made the comments for people to come here legally and do it the right way. liz: jessica and deneen, you are great, passionate. "rolling stone" calling for canada's prime minister justin trudeau to be president of the united states. guest coming up don't realize canada's immigration policy that as jessica pointed out inspired donald trump's immigration plan. hello, this is adt,
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>> liberals calling for the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, to be the president of the u.s. but perhaps leftists do not realize that canada's immigration policy inspired donald trump's new immigration legislation plan, that's along with senator perdue and tom cotton. this is the plan that liberals are fighting against. in fact, canada pioneered skills-based immigration. >> i mean, don't forget what jim acosta that is complaining about is that trump wants to move to a canadian-style immigration policy. these are the same people who were wetting their knickerses over justin trudeau on the cover of "rolling stone" saying, oh, why can't we have the dreamboat president like the canadian prime minister. and trump saying, well, i'll meet you halfway. let's start with canadian immigration policy, and suddenly justin trudeau is this white supremacist, and trump is trashing america, america's immigration policy to turn
5:26 pm
himself into another maple-infused ku klux klan moose-hunting land like canada. this is ridiculous. elizabeth: joining me now, dan henninger. [laughter] there's a lot for you to chew on with sound bite. what do you think of this whole dust-up? >> well, i think it's a little bit ridiculous, it's somewhat apples and oranges. people are always comparing the united states to other countries, you know, like if only we had the swedish health care system, things would be fine here. yeah, maybe if we had 330 million swedes living in the united states. canada is not the united states. this is a much more complicated country with a much more complicated economy. i think liberals putting justin trudeau on the front of "rolling stone" is hilarious. they're always enamored with these photogenic, liberal politicians who roll upper that sleeves -- up their sleeves and look like they're going to get things done like barack obama. canada's economy under justin
5:27 pm
trudeau's father didn't do anything -- elizabeth yeah, a 2008-style bubble. you know, the point is that, you know, they're applauding justin trudeau who's on the cover of "rolling stone," canada has a skills-based immigration policy. president trump says, yes, we should do the same, but president trump is attacked, right. >> >> right. i mean, what else do you expect? of course to, president trump is going to get attacked. the problem here in the united states is that we have jobs at both the low end, at the high end that need a lot of workers. and we've tried to solve this immigration problem in the past, liz. and i am convinced personally it's not going to work until we have a guest worker program that doesn't raise the issue of citizenship. a lot of these people, especially at the lower end, would just as soon come to the united states, do jobs that are available for them to do and then go home when those jobs are done. elizabeth: i have to say it again, barbara jordan -- civil rights icon under bill clinton, worked on the immigration commission -- said it's a right
5:28 pm
and the responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it is in the national interest. that was barbara george da's point -- jordan's point. then we have bernie sanders, dan, they're always warning about capitalist policies putting money in the hands of millionaires and billionaires. let's take a listen. >> when you have a handful of billionaires, a handful of people with hundreds of billions of dollars between them have determined that owning our economy is not good enough. a politicallal garre key where a -- old gary where a handful of billionaires spend hundreds of millions of dollars electing candidates. elizabeth: a new report says the engine of capitalism, the u.s. stock markets, are helping american households. average americans keep crushing it with their 401(k)s as the dow shoots past 22,000. dan, the stock market is hitting new highs, retirement account
5:29 pm
balances are enjoying that. doesn't a rising market help everybody, even bernie sanders? >> yes, it certainly does, liz. [laughter] does the government have anything whatsoever to do with the stock market being at this level? when people think bernie's a little wit -- bernie sanders is driving the democratic party, those progressive policies. the progressive democrats have completely disconnected from the private economy. they don't understand it, they see it as this kind of abstraction out there that sends money to the federal government to spend. what they don't understand is that private economy is what is producing the profits, the earnings that are allowing people's 401(k)s to thrive. elizabeth: that's a good point, and as baby boomers retire en masse now, don't the socialists out there get it, that when you have a rising stock market and rising 401(k) balances, that takes a load off social security, medicare and medicaid. >> exactly. you put your finger on it. those rising 401(k)s are a avoiding a lot of social strife in the united states which we
5:30 pm
would have had if those baby boomers retired. the three entitlementeds like to preside over, they're going broke over time. and when that happens, you're going to have older generations pitted against the younger generation over a shrinking pie. the pie is the private economy. and again, the democrats do not understand anymore how it functions, how it works, how it creates wealth. elizabeth: wow, who would have thought we'd be -- >> we're here. elizabeth beth thank you so much, dan henninger. come back soon. let's take a look at theater chain amc theaters, hit a record low in trading, falling about 27%, forecasting a loss of nearly up to $179 million. this comes as the box office revenue is down 2% this year. there have a string of summer box office disappointments, we had warner brothers' wonder woman even though people really liked it, worried about the money being brought in.
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disney's guardians of the galaxy volume two, wonder woman actually did great. more developments on robert mueller ordering a grand jury story. my panel weighs in next. ♪ ♪
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>> well, sometimes the favorite tool of prosecutors next to a grand jury subpoena is an indictment of a witness for something totally unrelated to
5:35 pm
the investigation. and then once they've indicted that witness, they have the indictment to hangover the witness' head, and that person will begin cooperating. elizabeth: our political power panel is back, jessica tarlov, deneen borelli. jessica, the robert mueller story impaneling grand jury, what are your thoughts? >> well, we expected this was going to happen. it was a surprise that it dropped today. both congress and the senate have put forward bills to insure that robert mueller is protected from being fired by president trump. i think his actions last week and so openly and brazenly talking about firing attorney general jeff sessions have kind of sent the fear of god into people who want a bipartisan and fair investigation into what happened with russian interference into the election. so that's a big surprise for me. elizabeth: deneen, robert mueller's being called ken starr times a thousand, he has a really broad mandate. he's following the money trail of associates -- not -- connected to trump, but the
5:36 pm
money trail could involve potential financial crimes. so not -- we don't know if it has anything to do with the president, right? >> no, we don't. comey even said trump was not under information. but -- under investigation. how ironic this comes out around the time comey's book deal dropped. he's getting a $2 million book deal. what did he do? he leaked, he laundered government information. so the guy is being rewarded for bad behavior. and mueller wouldn't even be special counsel if it wasn't for the fact that comey launderedded/leaked this information. so we'll see what happens, but hasn't it been over a year already? elizabeth: yeah. we saw what happened with ken starr and whitewater, it basically led to monica lewinsky. this is going to be a lot of taxpayer money, right? >> it absolutely will. i don't think bob mueller is this just so -- >> that's not what she's saying. >> coinciding of the timing here -- >> he's being rewarded for bad
5:37 pm
behavior, that's how i see it. >> right, but there's a grand jury being impaneled to investigate russian interference into the trump administration and the trump campaign. we're not talking about james comey's book deal -- >> well, i am. [laughter] >> yes, it's going to be a lot of taxpayer money, he's picking up work looking into financial crimes that may have been committed in new york. yeah, it's a broad mandate, it's going to take a lot of time and money and, hopefully, there will be some sort of conclusion. >> the way i see it, comey should be investigated. mueller's not going to investigate him because they're best buds. elizabeth: he admitted -- sorry, forgive me -- comey admitted he leaked, right? -- i'm sorry, hang on. admitted to leaking in order to get -- >> classified information that has come out. some of it has, was, is. yes. >> do you think there should be an investigation after seeing don jr.'s e-mails, the excitement with getting an
5:38 pm
e-mail from a person who's associated with the russian government? >> i think the lawyer, the woman lawyer, natalia xyz, whatever her name is, she should be investigated -- >> but not don jr. elizabeth: let me ask you something, jessica, do you think there should be a special counsel to look into hillary clinton and the pay to play of the state department given new e-mails surfacing about that? >> if there are new e-mails surfacing about that, i'm not sure there are. i believe the clinton foundation has been looked into -- elizabeth: a special counsel or grand jury was never impaneled, do you think -- >> some people think that -- elizabeth: do you think that? do you think it's fair that there was not a special counsel and a grand jury impaneled to look into the pay to play allegations at the state department with the clinton foundation? >> i think that is massively different to have potentially -- elizabeth: why. >> -- won a presidential election -- elizabeth: we're talking about potential financial crimes with robert mueller impaneling the
5:39 pm
grand jury. do you think there should have been a special -- >> sure, absolutely. she wasn't even sworn in when she gave her statement to the -- >> sure. special counsel, just make sure you keep special counseling president trump and his associates for this as well. breathe elizabeth the truth will ott, that's what you're saying. >> listen, i don't know, i find it a little bit exhausting that it continually comes back to what hillary clinton did -- [inaudible conversations] no, but why is it exhausting? because when i said that this impaneling was important and that it should be looking into the trump administration, you bring up james comey's book, you say don jr. shouldn't be looked into, but the russian -- >> i didn't think he should be. >> you think he should be. >> i think everything should be on the table -- elizabeth: just curious, it's rare to find a democrat who says, yes, all corruption should be investigated -- >> no, no, i'll say it. listen, everyone will say it and hope their own side doesn't get in trouble. elizabeth: still looking for that. >> that's unfortunate -- elizabeth: so you finally say,
5:40 pm
yes, hillary clinton should have had a special counsel and grand jury -- >> i've seen way more evidence and more conversation around why the trump administration and campaign -- elizabeth: so you say it and then you don't. okay, we're going to live it there. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: so hilarious. thank you, jessica, thank you, deneen. maybe one day we'll find that democrat who says yes. >> [inaudible] elizabeth: good point. snapchat hitting another lifetime lowed today, this is the disappearing messaging service. it debuted on march 2nd in the public markets at $17 a share. snap is currently down 29% from its ipo price, down 50% from from where it closed on march 2nd. that stock popped to about $29 a share soon after it debuted. now, although rebounding before the bell, snap closing slightly up for the day. next story, msnbc's joy reed in a podcast over the weekend saying democrats should stop trying to win over white americans who voted for
5:41 pm
president trump. we're going to play that sound. my next guest disagrees because she voted for president trump. she's former trump campaign diversity chair, she's next. don't go away. owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi® got involved very early on, and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it.
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elizabeth: let's do a quick stock check of msnbc, parent company comcast. the cable company ending the day in the red, down nearly 1%, closing out at $39.70. and now to this, msnbc's joy reed in a podcast saying democrats should stop trying to win over white americans who voted for president trump. listen. >> democrats have all of these things that they want to do all at the same time. they pine for trump voter who they think they can somehow talk into not being for donald trump, and they feel, how did we hurt you? if we can appease you, will you come back to us, please.
5:45 pm
i do know if you needed 77,500 people, it's a lot easier to get 50,000 black people in the philadelphia, detroit and milwaukee than it is to figure out what is in the minds of those obama to trump voters. [applause] elizabeth: look who's here, former trump national diversity coalition's vice chair. good to see you. >> god bless you and god bless america, liz. elizabeth: it's hard to figure out what is in the mind of the obama crowd who voted for trump. is it that hard? >> no, it's not hard at all. what i'll tell you is that many americans, it shouldn't even -- we shouldn't even be talking about skin color at point, i'm sick of that -- broken hearted, neglected, left behind, our jobs going overseas, open borders, people coming in, killing americans, our school system's a disaster, nafta deal's taking all our jobs.
5:46 pm
the minds of trump supporters, the same mind of every american. there are so many americans who suffered under the last administration. and many of those americans that suffered, they voted for our former president two times. and so what it is, is people are tired of politicians. they're tired of being lied to. they're tired of broken promises. that's why donald trump, our president, is sitting in the seat. because he is an outsider. he's not a politician. we wanted to drain the swamp. and so we sent in the person who was able to do that, and that's donald j. trump, our president. elizabeth: you look at the exit polls, millennials, minorities, women, they voted for president trump, and joy reid seems to be saying, well, democrats can't get the white working class voter anyway, politicians can't reach out to them if they're in the democrat party at the same
5:47 pm
time. the attitude is these interests -- minority voters and white voters -- are opposed to each other, america is these different groups fighting to sit at the top of the heap with each other. is that true? >> that's absolutely false and sad that we have race-baiters, people who just sit around finding ways to divide us. the problems that are facing, that's facing our nation has no color. we want jobs, we want economic opportunities, we want our closed borders, we want better schools. all of those, that has absolutely zero to do with your race. what it has to do with, the failure of our government to cover and protect and take care of the american people. and so the politicians have worn the people out. and so, like i said, the outsider -- donald j. trump, our president -- is doing exactly what he said he would do. he's rolling back regulations that were killing jobs. he got us out of this paris accord.
5:48 pm
he is, you know, making -- i think they got the money now for the down payment for the border wall. these are all issues that face americans. it has zero to do with our race. we've got to be selfish with our country. we've got to take our nation back, and that's what all the voters who went out to vote for donald trump decided. we said we're tired of illegal aliens getting a better shake than a military person. we're tired of people immigrating into high-skilled jobs while americans are unemployed. there are so many topics, i can go on and on. but it had zero to do with race. what it had to do was americans are tired of getting neglected, and we wanted the person in office who was saying america first, and he is still saying america first. elizabeth: if you could sit down with democrats and talk to them -- >> sure. elizabeth: -- leaders of the democrat party, what would you say is going wrong with the democrat party? >> what i would tell the members of my party, which is the democratic party, is you've lost
5:49 pm
the soul of the people. you have sold out to hollywood, sold out to elites, sold out to donors while americans are pawning their rings, pawning their items, can't buy food, can't buy gas, struggling, and you have to be concerned about those things. people are out here hurting. they're poor and they're hurting. and so the democratic party has got to tap back into the heartbeat of the people and what that means is you have to address issues that matter. economics, our open borders, nafta deals. you have to bring back, you know, the spirit -- god. that's another thing. the democratic party a few years ago when god was mentioned, boo, boo, boo. of okay, you can't do that. i mean, you've got to get back to the principles that make our country strong, and god is at the heart of many of our laws. elizabeth: prove knell --
5:50 pm
>> that's our problem. elizabeth: you're a passionate person, we love you, god bless you -- >> i got you first. finish. >> god bless you, god mess blood pressure and god bless our president, donald j. trump. elizabeth: come back on the show soon. >> thank you so much for having me. elizabeth: former vice president al gore now comparing the climate movement to the civil rights movement. we've got the sound and the debate after this. have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
elizabeth: former vice president al gore claiming the climate movement against global warming is just as much, if not more of an uphill battle as abolishing slavery and the fight for civil rights. gore's new documentary, an inconvenient truth sequel, opening this friday. fossil fuel stocks, exxon and chevron, ending the day in the red, closing down. while green stocks closing the day mixed. first solar, down over 2. let's bring back the panel, jessica and deneen. deneen, is there a comparison between the climate change movement and civil rights? >> absolutely not. al gore has totally lost it. and you said it, he has a new movie, a new documentary coming out to. so he's using fear to drive folks to see it. he's also using fear for politicians to perhaps promote the climate change agenda. but i've got to tell you, the man has zero credibility. he lives in a huge house, maybe two. how much energy does it take to power that?
5:55 pm
it's do as i say, not as i do mentality. elizabeth: jessica, pushing back on al gore saying your predictions have not come true. he said back in 2009 that the arctic would be gone by now. >> is it not? [laughter] totally agree. i think that comparisons to slavery or the civil rights movement are very serious, and i believe climate change is very serious as well. but those are not the same things, and i think that discredits the movement. i would say that climate change, if you look at recent polling, for instance, the two biggest threats that americans feel are isis and climate change. we have our own military, highly respected generals who have talked about the dangers of climate change in our fight against terrorism. so he's not hallucinating everything, but that is going a bridge too far. elizabeth: deneen, his net worth was $15 million about ten years ago, it's now around $200 million. some say he's using fear to --
5:56 pm
pronose his documentary and his business. >> there's a british judge who said that there were nine false truths, nine lies in his original documentary. so they were not allowed to show this video to school children, british, without a disclaimer. so there's no credibility when it comes to al gore. it's all about him. he's pushing his agenda -- elizabeth: and one of his estates uses 21 times the energy of the average u.s. home in one year. >> yeah. and i'm sure he pops around on private jets, but let's believer in climate change. elizabeth: we've got to leave it there, thank you so much. we are awaiting president trump to speak in west virginia, and he says he has a special announcement. we're going to have more on that after this. poor mouth breather.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
liz: we are awaiting president trump. he will speak at a rally in west virginia. he says he has a special
6:00 pm
announcement. it could be the democratic governor of west virginia is switching to the republican party. thanks for having us in your homes. gerri willis is here with "making money." gere report "wall street journal" reporting special counsel robert mueller has impaneled a grand jury and subpoenas have been issued. this unfolding as president trump hold a campaign-style rally in one hour. as the dow delivers another record close. reporter: presiden president trs legal team said they didn't have a heads up to any of this and there is nothing unusual about that. ty coul


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