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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and leading like a alphaman would be a welcome change. train to breaking news this morning. the united nations slapped north korea with a billion dollars of new economic sanctions. president trump applaud the move a late-night phone call with the president of south korea. lauren: in the market sector new record highs from the futures pointing to more games for investors dollar for investors dollar 43, nasdaq up 13. train to europe stocks open higher. investors with news from the meeting of opec oil cartel leaders. a live report from london on that. lauren: an internal memo from a google employee posed viral as generating some pretty heated comments from silicon valley.
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"fbn:am" starts right now. ♪ cheryl: and it is 5:01 a.m. in new york. monday, august 7th. good morning cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. thanks for joining us that lauren simonetti. cheryl: markets are looking good. lauren: a wrecker closes in a row. president trump in the south korean president with the intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the united states. this is what lauren: did yesterday. just completed call with president minna south korea. happy and impressed with 16 to no united nations vote on north korea sanctions. sanctions approved by the u.n. security council over the make and include a ban on exports over $1 billion.
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train to nikki haley kelly maria bartiromo on "sunday morning futures" that north korea has the opportunity to do the right thing. >> the united states will respond based on north korea's actions. we hope they don't do anything further in they stop the reckless activity. we hope we don't have to do anything. all options have been on the table and continue to be on the table. cheryl: secretary of state rex tillerson discussing the situation in north korea and a conference that happened in the philippines. >> the world is also expressing the view to china and russia that we do have an expectation that you will do everything you possibly can to help north korea understand the reality as well and bring it to the negotiating table. lauren: north korea sharp enough for new sanctions to china. the largest and most economic partner after chinese diplomats urge pyongyang to stop missile
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tests. lauren: the nation for the sanctions and we hope they do. the ongoing investigation by robert mueller into meddling in the presidential election was a major topic yesterday deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and lawmakers weighed in. telling chris wallace the justice department does not get involved in so-called phishing. >> and he finds evidence of the crimes of which were to mueller and i have agreed is the appropriate scope. something outside the scope they need to go to the acting attorney general for permission to expand the investigation. >> it is moving into a new face at the impaling of the grand jury so special counsel can subpoena witnesses and documents that wouldn't be taking place if there was no evidentiary basis to move forward. >> i don't see bob mueller will be fired, but also local saying they would prefer the congressional committee is
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finished their work, issued their report before we begin thinking about special counsel. the histories to shut counsel and prosecutors go off the rails on which ends. lauren: support is building to protect the special counsel robert mueller from potentially being fired by the president. cheryl: efa could point considering whether ken starr investigation ended up with monica lewinsky. this is history, folks. the chicago mayor rahm emanuel, democrat from announcing plans to sue the administration. the funding for sanctuary cities comes less than two weeks after attorney general jeff sessions has the justice department would withhold federal funds to cities don't cooperate with federal immigration agents. accusing the government now of blackmail. >> what the trent justice
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department is asking is for us to turn ourselves inside out and in my way -- and make you come up a conflict of self-interest and principles. be a welcoming city of policing. train to the lawsuit to be filed today receiving to $.3 million in public safety grants last year used to by police vehicles. lauren: there are more murders last year in chicago to new york and l.a. combined. that is that the just department of justice's theme. much more turbulence over the weekend. traits exchanging gunfire several suspects launch an uprising against the regime near the city of valencia. 10 suspects escaped while the rest were captured or killed. months of protests have left 120 people dead. the attack comes as the country's political crisis is at an all-time high after the installation of an all-powerful constitutional assembly.
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train to staying overseas, officials have called off a search and rescue operation for three u.s. marines on board an osprey aircraft that crashed into the sea off the east coast of australia while trying to land. the operation is now classified as a recovery effort. 23 of the 26 military personnel aboard the aircraft rescue the osprey for a joint military exercise held by the united states and the country of australia. lauren: an employee memo criticizing google's push for more diversity is causing a controversy with the understatement. cheryl: tracee carrasco joins us with more on that. good morning. >> an unnamed senior software engineer at google has now gone viral. the memo suggests google is fewer female engineers because men are better suited for the job.
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google employees says the company also and that a liberal bias among many employees make it difficult to discuss the issues. the vice president for diversity and inclusion said the employees in the employees in a mud fence to incorrect assumptions about gender and is not a viewpoint the company endorses, promotes or encourages. cheryl: world that individuals will have a job? >> i don't know if they knew who this is. train to you and you you and your reports to wall street penalties have declined since last year. >> x-ray. wall street regulators have imposed far lower penalties in the first six months of doldrums presidency during the first six months of 2016 according to a "wall street journal" analysis. the journal says a shift to business friendly stamp of regulatory agencies in the
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administration is one of several reasons for the decrease. others include delays from the change in the administration and legal cases from the financial crisis. lauren: some flyers over the weekend on american airlines saw how scary turbulence can be. this is great reading. from greece to philadelphia was to a severe turbulence just before landing. injuries come at least 10 people. passengers describe the turbulence as terrifying and said there was no warning. american airlines had the fastest -- fasten seatbelts was on the whole time. when the flight attendant said dislocated hand. train to what it is called clear air turbulence and is one of the worst kind because you can't predict it's there. once you have it there is no warning. lauren: there's no warning.
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it just happens. there were videos and there is coke unlike her on the ceiling because it got so wild. cheryl: thank you. we've got a lot more coming out to the united nations with a billion dollars in new penalties on south korea -- north korea, excuse me. >> we gave them a kick in the guy with a billion dollars they will fill right away. cheryl: a closer look with one of our guests. new york city mayor bill did lazio has a way to pay for subway repairs. go ahead and soak the rich. another record here. the dow up 41 in the markets. s&p and nasdaq higher as well. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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lauren: good morning. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. nationwide manhunt underway for a dangerous sexual assault
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suspect who escaped police. verna pala broke free from a transport van on friday after overpowering and a higher share step bd causing a crash and then stealing the deputy's gun and ammo. they were on their way from a psychiatric hospital to a county jail when it happened at the deputy is not seriously hurt. we want to point that out but powell is considered to be armed and dangerous right now. here in new york, mayor bill deblasio want to improve the city's rent out city subway system by taxing the rich. the plan to raise $800 million a year for mass transit with a 14% tax increase on high income residents. if you think your tweets are out of this world coming nasa wants you to prove it. next month transmitting a message to the 40th anniversary. the public will get to vote on the space agency. the message of opium into space on september 5th arriving the next day and you have until
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august 15th until august 15 to send a short passage and picture to nasa to social media using the hashtag message to voyager. that's what's happening now. cheryl: thinking of my message right now. i've got several. the new round of sanctions on north korea will have the country where really hurts and that's in the wall appeared to sanction spend a billion dollars in exports from the rogue nation to stop the north korean threat. joining us now is buoyed not descend former chief of staff under mike lee and president of the southerland and the two appeared good morning. >> happy monday. the service sanctions first and foremost enacted by the u.n. security council over the weekend. an expert of different things. coal, iron, lead, seafood product. if enforced, strong enough tool against north koreans. >> is a really good start and we should applaud the u.n. security council for a 15 to zero vote on that. in politics and diplomacy, you
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know that after all is said and done, a lot markets have been done and it will be the enforcement of sanctions. a billion is a big deal. almost a third of their exports. that is a big deal will come down to china and russia to see if they are enforced. cheryl: there is a report from chinese media and this was the government talking. they basically were air again for pushing this through. then they said these are going to have limits. if they don't enforce the sanctions, it no game, correct? >> that's absolutely right. the rather in china has got to do this. it's interesting how china continually plays both sides of the fence. they better be careful because that's a big deal. they also need to be careful because if north korea is able
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to push all the way through on some of their testing, that because very unstable issue for the region. cheryl: we should say that russia was a part of this. this is a unanimous decision. nikki haley is of course unforeseen but they performed because we put the proposal and that this is the biggest package of economic sanctions have her lobbied against north korea. can the russians play a key role in this? >> the russians have to play a key role because they are going to look at the backdoor possibilities. would this be an advantage to russia? the thing we have to remember is russia and china both will act in their best interest. not the united states best entries. for too long we have been too trusting on nations thinking i'll do what is right. they will do what they think is right for their country and whether that is destabilizing the american people or not is not really their issue.
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if russia will also stand and say wait a minute, this is not good for the world, definitely not good for the region. cheryl: the laborer is an interesting piece of the puzzle. it isn't horrific idea, but it is the truth. this is what they are doing. the labor they are exporting my grade labor. is china willing to give up the migrant labor? chinese factories are making everything and exporting themselves and their supporting those goods here we should say. >> yeah, that is right. when you get down to the human trafficking portion of it, that's another area where china doesn't have a real good history and where the united states has the leg to stand up and say it's not okay. it will be interesting coming first circle. will it be a lot of rhetoric over the weekend or will something tape lace in action. how does the u.s. responded out? what happens if china doesn't
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come through and russia allows them to move things along? we've got to have some leadership in the world and the president will continue to enforce and move forward. cheryl: at colonel ralph peters on a program friday and he told me that the chinese people these don't want for this to work. sanctions or anything. they want us to get into a conflict with north korea. that benefits them. would you make of this statement from colonel peters? >> i agree with that statement because it's one of those objects. if the u.s. is hyper focused on korea, we are not paying attention to what's going on with china. all terms of things in intellectual property content, copyright issues and a host of other things not good for the united states. if we are chasing korea, we are not focusing on china. it's a distraction as well. >> so complicated it's almost frightening. boyd matheson, thank you.
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>> coming up, a weekend box office. along the way the adaptation of stephen king sci-fi series is able to take the top spot. >> what you see? >> i see a towel. >> dark power in all the weekend when it's coming out. august tornado slammed into tulsa, oklahoma from injuring dozens of people and causing heavy damage. check this out. dow futures up 38 points. potentially nine record closes in a row. s&p up three, nasdaq up seven. you are watching "fbn:am" ♪ ♪
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>> the medevac want to destroy this hour. >> if it falls, how will be unleashed. >> stephen king's blown away. to begin at the box office. it was a slow weekend overall. critics are crazy about the adaptation. moviegoers did like it. dunkirk steam to second place this week with 17 points 6 million that is still been a huge hit for the summer. the emerging movie hanging on to the third place spot. 12.4 million. gross trip took fourth,
5:24 am
11.4 million. kidnapped starring holly berry and that rounds out the top five. we should also say the haley anticipated movie detroit huge flop came in eighth place with just over $7 million. lauren: i'm surprised how well it's doing. cheryl: my favorite is when they say i have more than one emotion, you know. lauren: a rare august tornado ripping through tulsa, oklahoma injured more than 30 people. wind speeds up to 135,000 are attached on sunday morning damaging many homes and businesses as you can see they are. >> the windshield was smashed on the side windows, cars are probably going to be totaled. >> the roof collapse you can see right there with the roof literally collapsed on top of people. lauren: the first tornado and
5:25 am
august and also, oklahoma since 1958. cheryl: don't forget the umbrella today. more rain on the way. flash flood watches issued from d.c. to new york. let's bring in fox meteorologist adam klotz with your monday forecast. nice to see you. reporter: good morning. nice to see you as well. the flooding on the east coast, d.c. up to the east coast. the same that brought the tornado in oklahoma. not seeing dramatic weather become more of a rainmaker. the giants is now moving and will eventually be filling into the southern portions the next couple hours paid to future forecast radar and there is your timestamp in the corner. pay attention as we watch the massive heavy rain move closer and closer to the coast. some of the large metropolitan areas early this morning around eight, nine, 10:00 in the morning. pc running to new york to new
5:26 am
york around 9:00 or 10 on -- 10:00. come in in the early afternoon hours run a lovely interior evening commute. this could be some very heavy rainfall as we are talking about flood advisory all the way down to washington d.c., definitely if you haven't left yet, you want that umbrella for your monday. lauren: i guess thank you, adam. cheryl: obviously, should've talked about him last night. coming up, get this. a massive recall to tell you about issued by general motors. if the steering wheel defect. we will tell you who and which parts of the effect it. tesla ceo of elon musk will fill over 400,000 electric cars but there's a problem while those cars are going to be. we are going to talk about that. u.s. stock index futures right now.
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a record of wall street on your monday. dow futures up by 40. s&p nasdaq as well. you are watching "fbn:am." and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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make a world of difference in the life of a person with a disability. lauren: united nations topping the tree with a billion dollars in new economic sanctions on president trump plotting the move in the late night call with the president of south korea. tranter records on friday futures pointing to potentially another record on this monday. u.s. stock market futures pointing higher. s&p nasdaq bring it on. lauren: mixed reaction to the dax is down 27 points on a surprise decrease in industrial output there. the ftse up 12 points in london. investors waiting from the news that opec leaders.
5:31 am
train to tesla ceo elon musk was to sell over 400,000 electric cars by the end of the next year. there might be a problem. where the car is going to plug-in? we will tell you. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: good monday morning. 5:31 a.m. august 7th. and lauren simonetti. cheryl: and cheryl casone. trying to wrap my head around a record close for the dow today. cheryl: i like making money. a lot of news to get to this morning including this. president trump of the south korean president with north korea's recent launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. just completed the call with president boone of south korea. very happy and impressed.
5:32 am
the new sanctions approved by the u.n. security council include a ban on export of over a billion dollars. lauren: u.n. ambassador nikki haley telling maria bartiromo in "sunday morning futures" that north korea has the opportunity to do the right thing. >> united states will respond based on north korea's actions. we hope they don't do anything further. we hope they stop the reckless activity. we hope we don't have to do anything. all the options have been on the table and continue to be on the table. lauren: secretary of state rex tillerson discusses the situation in north korea. he was in the north philippines. >> also expressing a view to china and russia that we do have an expectation to do everything you can to help north korea understand the reality of the future as well. cheryl: pressures on china, but
5:33 am
north korea showing enough dissensions of the most economic partner even after china urge pyongyang to stop the nickel test. cheryl: following some other news here in the u.s. today. the ongoing investigation by special counsel robert mueller and the presidential election was a major topic in all the new shows yesterday as deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and lawmakers weighed in. rosenstein telling fox news chris wallace the justice department doesn't get involved in fishing expeditions. >> did find evidence of a crime in the scope of what director mueller and i have agreed is the appropriate scope of the investigation. something outside the scope he needs to come to the acting attorney general and need permission to expand his investigation. >> moving into a new phase with the handling of the grand jury so the special counsel can subpoena witnesses and documents. that would be taking place if there was no evidentiary basis
5:34 am
to move forward. >> courtesy of bob mueller will be fired, but also pretty vocal saying i would've preferred the congressional committees, intel committees finish their work, issued their report before they begin thinking about a special counsel. special counsel, special prosecutors sometimes going off the rails and which ends. cheryl: roberts in the ken starr bill clinton investigation. support is building for a bipartisan push to protect special counsel robert mueller from potentially being fired by president trump. announcing plans to sue the trump administration over funding for sanctuary cities. the lawsuit comes less than two weeks after attorney general jeff sessions is the department would withhold federal funds if they don't cooperate with federal immigration agents. mayor emmanuel accusing the government of trying to blackmail his city.
5:35 am
>> the trump justice department is asking for us to actually turn ourselves inside out and in my way -- and maybe you put a conflict to fundamental fundamental self-interest principles commit being a welcoming city can mean policing. cheryl: this is expected to be fired today. chicago received $2 million in public safety grant/cheered, which has been used to by police vehicles. cheryl: electronics manufacturing planning a research and development facility in michigan. chinese media is reporting that would make components for vehicles. governor rick snyder and a nine-day trade mission right now. the administration is not confirming that less than two weeks ago, fox commentator would embarrass 2 billion to build a plant in wisconsin. it makes i funds for apple, working of course to confirm the report. >> tuesday's donald trump one.
5:36 am
general motors issuing a massive recall of onto truck models because of potential issues with the steering. >> some of the headlines making news. reporter: this is pretty scary. recalling nearly 800,000 trucks found with loose power steering potentially causing drivers to lose control of the vehicle. an attorney for 10 chevy silverado and gmc pickup trucks. it is what is needed to fix the issue. cheryl: at elon musk wants to sell 400,000 more for next year. there's an issue of charging stations. >> a test fund competitors proceed with electric cars. where all those cars going to plug-in? electric cars represent 1% of cars sold in the u.s.
5:37 am
they are taxing the electrical grid for the 44,000 public charging in the u.s. the infrastructure offers little support for a larger pool of people appeared cities like los angeles have been putting charging stations in my best to keep up with demand. lauren: at charging station and lampposts. this is also really cool. a bar you are going to tell us about once to open on the u.s. border with mexico. >> that's the slogan for scottish-based brewery that's announced plans to open a new craft bar right on the border between the u.s. and mexico. the other half in mexico. the new bar is about collaboration and inclusivity and will be called the bar on the edge. cheryl: a scottish company is involved in u.s. immigration
5:38 am
politics? >> sounds like a logistical nightmare to me. how do you -- the parties on the border. good to see you. thanks for joining our party. cheryl: this is the party with coffee. we are glad you are here. coming up from the big retailers are porting their earnings this week with david mikey and the market. is the pain finally over for some of these names? there they are. taken a look at what to expect from these guys. we now know the reason behind the deadly accident on an ohio state fair ride. we'll give those details. checking u.s. stock market futures. another record today, folks. good morning, wake up. s&p, nasdaq up is on the free
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cheryl: welcome back of the sketch you caught up in what's happening now. baltimore's call for a three-day cease-fire for violence on ears. two men shot and killed in the city after access pleaded for reagan about homicide. they called the initiative nobody kill anybody but it just didn't work. baltimore reach 210 killings saturday. it played more than one murder every single day. the manufacturer of a carnival ride that killed 18 of the ohio state fair in july said the accident was caused by excessive corrosion. k. and g international situation the interior support beam was reduced thickness that led to the accident at the fair. former president obama getting a day in his home state of illinois.
5:43 am
the state's republican governor has signed a bill to establish august 4 through the former president's first day as barack obama day. tools and agencies will not have to close on the holiday. i'd like to have a holiday from everett day. lauren: big retailers in focus as they report their latest earnings this week. the retail sector has lagged the overall market. anthony chan can manage indirect during chief economist at chase. good morning. macy's got down about 35% this year. close down 15%. nordstrom's down 2%. we've seen a lot of selling in the retail or appeared in your view is that enough? >> well, i don't think it is entirely overdone. the decline has been so severe if you see any signs of life come to some of those retailers, especially the ones that attract international customers will benefit from the fact that the valley of the u.s. dollar is
5:44 am
much lower now. down close to almost 9% on a year-to-date basis. you may attract some tourism to some of these stores. lauren: if you look at macy's and close particularly, bonds have outperformed stocks. is that a sign to investors that they can pay -- they can keep the lights on and pay their bills. >> you're absolutely right. the reason for that is because these companies are still making money. they of course this anon five competition from online retailers like amazon. but also making enough money that investors feel comfortable they will be repaid. unfortunately the stocks have not performed. colds and macy's are down close to 40% on a year-to-date basis if you take the average of both of them. lauren: so glad you brought up amazon. many companies that have reported amazon specifically being brought up either by the
5:45 am
executive on a call or by a reporter or analyst asking questions. amazon is even being brought up in earnings calls from the donald's and johnson & johnson. is there no and amazon right now in their game? >> they will certainly continue to make progress. let's acknowledge the fact that many retailers are joining the game. if they can't beat amazon, they are moving in the direction of also having some on my neck dvd. i am not going to understate the fact that macy's has moved very aggressively in that direction and i expect in the future virtually all retailers will move in that direction. of course, amazon is also going to try and have a little more present with the brick and mortar. you saw that with the whole foods acquisition. cheryl: we've seen a record closes for the dow. a "wall street journal" article about one investor making a big bet on the volatility index
5:46 am
suggesting that september and that cover could see more volatility. you think the volatility is going to hit as float upward to the for the market? >> at despite earnings are ruling. second-quarter earnings have close to 10% on a year-over-year basis. still very respect to both. as we move into september and over, this time of year it does time to go a little higher but it is significantly lower than the historical average. even i'm not jesus, we would believe moving forward should be moving a little higher. cheryl: weak dollar, strong corporate earnings. progrowth policy from the administration. wait a record turnout for the dow. anthony, good to see you. >> my pleasure. cheryl: a lot more coming up. big weekend of baseball. l.a. dodgers kept their winning streak going.
5:47 am
they crashed the new york mets. and nascar, martin short holds off in an attempt to win. we will have the high-octane highlights for you. plus, leaders from the open quotes cartel they meet today. remember keeping their word. checking u.s. stock market futures again you might have another record. happy monday. good morning. dial-up 35 in the premarket. we will see. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ is this a phone?
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lauren: how many games of the l.a. dodgers win this year? they added to the win column this weekend. cheryl: you heard it here. jerrod maxon said. let's start with baseball. >> history made last night in her yard with the dodgers have 50 games first time they meet the new york mets. sunday night baseball in new york. doctors say we might have left brooklyn 60 years ago that we are still the kings of new york. ricky belanger launched a two-run shot in the eighth and dodgers shut down eight nothing. 57-15. l.a. leads 15.5 games. houston astros are the best thing to the american lake. houston scored four in the ninth inning.
5:52 am
a walkoff single over the toronto blue jays seven training pics. pirates who gave away a lead beyond this home run by newly acquired sean rodriguez. but the celebration began. to walkoff wins in outcomes number three in st. petersburg, florida. tampa bay takes the concept to-1. miles around and also some tears in philadelphia and around the majors. darren dalton has spent 14 seasons yesterday losing his battle with brain cancer. dalton was only 55. a member that went to the world series, dalton has two brain tumors in 2013 but then he was diagnosed with the glioblastoma,
5:53 am
malignant brain cancer in which remission in 2015. we are deeply saddened to announce the passing of 1993 nfl champion hall of fame capture darren dalton, 55 years old. nascar sunday. martin truex junior. a final tournament before the turn that, takes the bridgestone invitational yesterday, winning by 11 strokes. the miami dolphins injured right now coming out of a regular tournament. former chicago bears quarterback with the dolphins were $10 million is the chance that another $3 million.
5:54 am
while tom brady celebrated, today we celebrate tom brady. robert craft from a super bowl ring for the game. was unable to attend in february. tom brady said of the pass owner, how is mom doing, how she's feeling. we didn't know until the very end whether she would make it to the super bowl. she was a big inspiration for me and robert craft knew it. it was a great surprise to all of us when the ring showed up and she deserved it. cheryl: are invited and tom brady didn't even go. i think it was because of his mother. >> it was to spend a rare time with his mom. he had been there before, too. cheryl: you didn't talk about the nfl on the nfl honors. i'm a little upset. you know who is honored. jerry jones. >> of course, ledeen and tomlinson really stole people's
5:55 am
hearts. lauren: is beautiful to listen to. jared max, thank you. sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7. channel 115. cheryl: more coming up. oil a big focus today. a two day leading. are they getting to agree? maybe to disagree. we'll have more on that. today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher.
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cheryl: opec oil ministers again it began in abu dhabi today. riva gold is with us today. >> good morning. a lot of focus on oil again. this isn't necessarily supposed to be the start of a new deal or anything like that. orbit technical meaning, but compliance is really interesting to watch and people are interested to see whether or not libya joins after initially being exempt from the supply curve earlier in the year. lauren: oil prices right near a nine-day high. >> oil has benefited from a
5:59 am
weaker dollar, declining u.s. supplies and you do get some seasonal support as well. more vulnerable to any volatility commando is you get coming out of this meeting. cheryl: the big question today obvious is it going to be are the producers honoring what they said they would do, which was reduced output. >> yeah, so far there is a little bit of disappointment so you haven't had a major shift in the balance. a pretty narrow range for a while now. there may be some limits on how much any of this can be to deal price at the moment. cheryl: we are going to be watching to see what the market does today. thanks, riva. >> thanks for having me. lauren: thank you for watching "fbn:am." we want to say good morning to sandra smith who is in for maria
6:00 am
bartiromo. sandra: hey, good morning. been watching all morning. sandra smith in for maria bartiromo. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. the rising threat of north korea. vowed to retaliate against the united states after the u.n. security council voted unanimously to impose new sanctions against the country. u.n. ambassador nikki haley spoke with maria on "sunday morning futures" where she said all options are on the table to deal with north korea. >> united states will keep our options on the table. north korea has the opportunity to do the right thing and by stopping reckless behavior, we will now see the united states will respond based on north korea's actions. we hope they don't do anything further. we hope they stop this record type committee. all options have always been on the table and will continue to be on the table. sandra: more on the escalating threat ahead. escalations whit


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