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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 7, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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around and wait for the senate to do my job. my husband and his colleagues did their job and you refuse to give them credit for it. lou: at this rate you guys will have this worked out by the the time we get going. kennedy: new chief of staff john kelly brought order to the white house, but will he be able to keep it? new york mayor bill deblasio wants the 1% to pay for the rotting subway system. grab your wallets because it's time to splurge on freedom. chaotic fever that has taken over the white house need something. the pain and congestion that spilled from the west wing to
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websites calls for human my quill. general john kelly. digging his meat hooks into the president's access and schedule to stragglers and onlookers. now you have to go through a four-tar marine general office -- for-star general. while kelly may not have veto power over the president's devices, president trump tweeted a littleless last week. but that just meant he was saving up. today he let go with digital doozies. he tweeted hard to believe with 24/take news, the trump base is getting stronger.
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he tweeted about senator richard blumenthal. he told stories about his vietnam battles and cried like a baby, now he judges collusion? we'll see if the tweet rashes can be sootd and whether the general can stay in power long enough to do all that's promised on the labels. up pose law and order and keep the tweets locked down. one trump insider gives him four months. if this goes south, don't be surprised to see the mooch move back in.
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after laying down the law on his fir week on the job, can the new chief of staff continue to keep the white house under control? the host of you are welcome and author of dear reader, the unauthorized biography of kim jong-il. richard fowler is also here. welcome. let's start off the week with glory and gigantic theoretical hugs. democrats are optimistic about the prospect of john kelly. why do they like him? >> hopefully they can rain in this president. kennedy: don't the democrats love the chaos? >> i want the president to do his job. be the president of the united states for a second and stop tweeting. hopefully he will do that.
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kennedy: obama used twitter and mumbled. not quite in the same way. you say general kelly is already improving morale. >> for anyone who has a military member in their family as i do and anies of americans do. these guys know how to run a tight ship. my own father raised us that way. jared and ivanka report straight to him and not necessarily to the president. kennedy: that was one of the big questions, would he stand between steve bannon and jared kushner and ivanka trump. many insiders report that there are some people who have disdain for the president. kind of a bad morale. you get someone in there to bring the team together there is less likely to be leak.
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>> i think the the is responsive to the balls being thrown at hip. he doesn't have the vision president obama or george w. bush did. kennedy: doesn't that engender loyalty of itself. having a vision. is that why you are seeing so many leakers? >> you saw leakers in the w white house. people don't know what to make of him. how would someone with no political experience expect to be president 6 months in. this is a difficult job to learn as you are doing. i am sure they are talking, can you believe this? i don't. have you seen this? >> there are report from inside the administration that a lot of people said they leaked to the media because they know so many people paid attention.
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kennedy: that's lake getting in trouble with the principal because he talk to you. >> beyond the fact that he leaks, a lot of times the leaks turn into the white house lying. he says -- sarah huckabee-sanders said the president never weighed in on the don, jr. statement. kennedy: he wrote it. >> it's a lie. so what happens is, they are just lying. that's problematic. when the leaders of the free world lie it decreases our credibility around the world. kennedy: have we ever had a president who told the truth? >> i feel like he's been president for three years. kennedy: it's like when you are on a diet and you feel like you
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have been on it forever. saturday the nate security council passed heavy sayings on north korea in response to their two intercontinental ballistic missile test. they are expected to cost the hermit kingdom a billion dollars a year. they said we'll make the u.s. pay a thousand fold for the heinous crimes. >> this is not going to effect north korea per se but it will affect china. china has been the one agency that has been able to change north korea's behavior. north korea disregard korea one nation with south and north
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being different regions. china in the 80s after china got the olympics, that's when north korea went in as well. when china sees an international community united with them, it won't along kim jong-un to say it's us versus the u.s. imperialists. kennedy: export like iron and iron ore and seafood, are those thing china consumes? >> it's not just us doing it unilaterally. kennedy: unanimous vote from the u.s. security council. kennedy: you were saying you want this president to work out to north korea as a rational actor and give them a hug.
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>> i think we have to -- we tried sanctions in the past. we at some point in time had to look them in the eye and said listen. kennedy: i think we did it with the soviets. and that's how we slowly moved to the end of the cold war. kennedy: do you compare north korea to the soviet union or any other country we warmed relations with? >> if we went to north korea the propaganda would be look, like kim jong-il said why do we have to go to other countries. bill clinton had to get at pyongyang when he said look -- i'm saying right away we are giving up something because right away we are forcing them to come here without a guarantee of a return.
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kennedy: i want to bring in kirsten. >> what will be an interesting dynamic to watch is the idea of talk. talk. south korea was elected with a more doveish response to north korea. you saw the trump administration respond to that. preconditions, but talk. >> north korea said the calls for talks are false and fraudulent. kennedy: china said there has to be a bilateral dell that north korea will give it nuclear program with south korea and the up s. stop their nuclear program. >> i'll give china whatever they want if they can give these people passports and give them information. >> maybe four party and five party talk. but bringing everybody to the
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table and having a conversation because the alternatives are so dire. the moment one of these missile tests hit japan or south korea, we are at our period. so there has to be something. kennedy: vice president pence is strongly denying a report that he was positioning himself to run for the white house in 2020. according to the article sell other republicans are preparing for a potential run in 2020. the statement reads today article in the "new york times" is disgraceful and offensive to me. the allegations in this article are cat gore i canally false and represent the latest attempt by the media to divide this administration. no matter what fake news comes
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our way we'll continue to advance our efforts to advance the president's agenda and re-elect them in 2020. any other suggestion is both laughable and absurd. joining me now former utah congressman and fox news contributor. jason chaffetz. i don't think it's a dumb thing for the vice president to be raising money for the next elect cycle, meeting donors, and there is a lot of turmoil in this presidency. is he wrong to cover his bases? >> vice president pence was spot-on. he left no ambiguity about this. this comes on the heels of a report on how the republicans are outraising the democrats by millions of dollars. as long as the democrats are putting up nancy pelosi and
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chuck schumer as the leader of their party, then the democrats will struggle with hair message and policy, but they have a total lack of leadership. this does not rise to the level of being quote-unquote reporting. kennedy: i think it would be foolish for the vice president if there are people who are truly going to run against this president, and there are reports that john kasich and ben action have visited new hampshire and iowa. why should the vice president be left in the cold? it takes three years to ramp up a presidential campaign. >> it's a nationwide election. you have people who raise money and of course you are going to be engaged politically. but there is nothing in the record that reflects anything other than the ticket.
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you can understand governor kasich doesn't like the fact that donald trump is the president of the united states. he will be out there beating the drum. but that happens all the time it's the presidency of the united states. kennedy: when your party is in power, typically people don't run against you. do you think other people will run against him? >> potentially. barack obama had people who were going to run against him on the democratic side of the ticket. to suggest that mike pence as the vice president is also doing that is absurd. kennedy: i think he's very smart and shrewd to do what he's doing if he is in fact having big republican donors talking about the agenda meeting people. fantastic.
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if something falls apart and he's got this network. that's even smarter on his part. >> the house and senate members need a strong vice president pence because he will be on the road constantly. kennedy: are you raising money for your run for utah governor? >> no. i raise money so i can go to chick-fil-a. kennedy: thank you very much. nice to see you again. coming up, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein said no one is immune from prosecution for leaking classified information. judge andrew napolitano weighs in next.
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kennedy: attorney general jeff sessions announced the justice department is stepping up efforts to crack down and leaks. yesterday deputy rod rosenstein said the d.o.j. was after leakers but not reports. but went further saying the justice department will go after
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anyone responsible for leaks. >> what we need to look at is the facts and circumstances. what was the potential harm caused by the leak and the circumstances. that's more important than who is the leaker. we identify somebody no matter what their position is fan they violated the law, we'll prosecute it. chris: including white house officials and members of congress. >> anybody who breaks the law. kennedy: welcome back, judge. judge napolitano: i don't know if anybody means anybody. members of congress can spill secrets if they do so on the floor of the house or senate. but if he's talking about an official in the government with a national security clearance and has information that's characterized as confidential, secret or top secret. and hands it over to a journalist. let's say i have this clearance and i hand it to you, and you
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say the public has to know this. this is the exact opposite. you compton your show and reveal it. can you be prosecuted? absolutely not and under no circumstances. kennedy: jeff sessions was implying they can go after journalists. judge napolitano: as long as it's material to the public interests. yes, they can. the question is, can they come after me. they can. the question is, can they go to you to find out who your source is and what do they do to you when you won't tell them your sources. that's the james rosen issue. you had a perfectly legitimate professional relationship with a source the government didn't want published and they went after him big time and eventually they backed down. if the president does that, it's wrong and we have to resist it. kennedy: bill bennett, former
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secretary of education under ronald reagan says i disagree with judge napolitano. from the skills i learned at harvard law school the press do not have immunity. judge napolitano: on this we disagree. the supreme court is very, very clear. the press is immune from publishing any secret as long as it's material to the public interest. something the press rationally thinks the press wants to know. kennedy: there was landmark supreme court case where they established the actual malice standard. what does that mean? >> that's a standard for a civil lawsuit. the leading supreme court opinion is the pentagon papers case. the "new york times" against sullivan says if you want to sue
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the newspaper you have to show they published what caused you to be harm knowing it was false or with reckless disregard. kennedy: would sarah palin have a case against the "new york times"? >> she might have a case in was enough doubt on the part of the publisher on whether or not it was true and they published it anyway. that might meet the malice standard. kennedy: do we have a problem with leakers or are we dealing with rogue whistleblowers. >> some leakers do a positive good for our knowledge about what the government is doing. leakers like julian assange and edward snowden and chelsea manning. kennedy: reality winner? that's a compelling bit of
8:24 pm
information. judge napolitano: when someone releases a transcript of the president's telephone call and it does not harm the nation's security it's not a crime it's only with it's classified, secret or top secret. the person who hand it out, not the person who publishes it is guilty of a crime. those people should be in jeff sessions' cross-hairs. kennedy: thank you. new york city mayor bill deglassio wants people to bankroll the crumbling subway system repairs. what year did the new york city subway start running? i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync,
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potsc(in unison) drive russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually-
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gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing) it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. kennedy: welcome back. before the break i asked you what year did the new york city subway system start to run? the answer is 1904.
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it has been 113 years since it opened. little has been common in the sense of upkeep and the subway system is starting to show its age which is why the new york city mayor bill deflossio is proposing a tax hike to pay for repairs. and it will pay for half price metro cards for low-income commuters. is this a logical plan or big waste of resources brought on by a modern day robin hood. welcome back dr. paul. unfortunately the strain of populism infected both sides of the aisle if you are dealing with the two major parties. democrats and republicans are all about tax can the rich to pay for a long list of goodies.
8:30 pm
>> you get rid of the rich. it never works. and that introduces the notion of the fair redistribution of wealth which is socialistic. you are facing a government problem. they created the subway system and they were unable to maintain it. the only thing i might consider is what about the companies who make all their profits over government contracts. should they get a free ride any was wondering about maybe they shouldn't get so many good prove fits. so that would be a consideration and they have to look at the spending. they maybe could look into the right to work issue and all those things would solve their problem. kennedy: what about privatizing the subway system? >> in houston there are a lot of the toll roads. i guess you have them up there, too. i think paying for something.
8:31 pm
if you have user fees, it makes a big difference. but how do you sell a subway system that's been in the government's hands for 100 years it's conceivable they can do that. but that would introduce the notion of the marketplace instead just coming along saying we'll impose a fee on the ridership. washington, d.c. is the same consequence. they don't play their own way. a lot of people are coming up short. fence funds are coming up short. but it's to me a structural problem with the economics system we have. and the two democrats up there are fighting over how to solve the problem. but that's what happens in the washington. they just argue over the republican form or democratic form how to one things.
8:32 pm
maybe they shouldn't be running so many things. maybe you can get private people take on some of these responsibilities? kennedy: thank you so much for your time. this has to go before the new york state legislature. speak of republicans. they are suppose to be the party that can't stop fighting. this summer's democratic unity tour is looking like an oasis tour. the latest cat fight started after former dnc chairman howard dean said there is a whiney portion of the democratic party more concerned with being ideologically pure than coming together on a single payer healthcare system. howard dean writes some progressives have placed purity
8:33 pm
ahead of victory. the party panel is back. kristen haglund, richard fowler and michael malice. are progressives whiney? >> i think we are at a time in our party trying to figure things out. kennedy: what is howard dean talking about? >> we are trying to figure out how to do healthcare. i think what we do know, i'm a single payer person, and i think what we are seeing now is the moment affordable care act was passed and the gop fix to the affordable air act, or the repeal and replace. shows that once the regulations went in place and we forced private industry to cover what they didn't want to cover and you are moving into a single payer system.
8:34 pm
taxpayers were already paying for people they didn't want to pay for when you went to the emergency room and you couldn't pay the bill. >> howard dean doesn't know about running elections, what is he talking about? whining implies we aren't willing to take strong measures to enforce these points of view. so whining is basically a symbol of saying we don't have the votes and the numbers. we can push for our issues. but what are they supposed to do otherwise? >> i think what he's saying is they could be winning more elections there weren't a progressive liberty test. kenneth's not just gary johnson.
8:35 pm
you can see there are so many people who are libertarian in this country who don't identify with the party. >> they know the party won't accomplish libertarian ends by definition. i think bernie sanders riles up the base a lot more who have more strong progressive ideas. kennedy: does that win elections? >> change the culture. >> where is -- what's the vision for the future of the party. after the party suffers a big loss like the democrats did. republicans went through this after 2008, and you saw the rising up of the tea party which some would say was a whiney version of a conservative test for republicans. the moderate blue dog democrats
8:36 pm
we have to get back on our side? the rust belt and midwest states or is the future with the bernie sanders and elizabeth warren side of the party. kennedy: the ultimate end of socialism. price fixing and relentless government control. we have five seconds. >> it was a geographical shifting in both parties. republican party used to be the party of the country club. and the democratic party used to be rural america which is deep red now. there is a shifting in both parties. that's why you see donald trump as president. kennedy: that's what happened. thank you so much. al goarms sequel to an
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for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. >> the storms get stronger and more destructive. this is global warming.
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despair can be peril liegs, but this is the most of exciting new development. we are seeing a tremendous amount of positive change. the basis is there but it's not enough. kennedy: despite his alarmism on the issues, i don't want him concerned about his personal impact. his home gobles up 20 times the electricity of the average american household. should we be trusting al gore to give a full view of the climate issue. welcome, alex.
8:42 pm
you say that al gore is being hypocritical and dishonest and he shouldn't be allowed to be part of this national and international discussion on climate change because he's not giving a full view of the subject. explain. >> we think about what al gore is doing. he's trying to prevent us and $1.2 bill people in the world who don't have electricity. he's trying to prevent all of us from using fossil fuels. he better give us a full picture of what that entails. kennedy: you say the film is biased, manipulative and self-serving. you say right now fossil fuels have never been more vital. >> absolutely. he's saying climate is more dangerous than ever.
8:43 pm
but he doesn't give us the data. we used to have millions of climate-related death. but now we have 6,000. but you would never guess that because he uses anecdotes and i stead of data. and solar is 2% of the world's energy activity. kennedy: al gore's pool devours enough electricity to fuel six u.s. households. just his pool. >> you know, it's true al gore is a hypocrite. but the issue is not how much energy he is using, but how much he wants us to be free to use. kennedy: when you curtail people's economic freedoms, it's
8:44 pm
difficult for people top come out of poverty. that's the case people like al gore are trying to make. you are saying he has six alleged today as trophies he addresses in the movies. and these are not based in reality, yet individual anecdotes. >> the key thing to look at is how many people are dying. gore is saying climate is more dangerous than ever. i look at the international disaster data base, we are going from millions of deaths 80 years ago to thousands of deaths now. and it's because we had mild warming. the warming is not a big deal. what is a big deal is industrial progress which makes a dangerous climate and makes it receive. kennedy: alec, thanks for your time. i appreciate it.
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kennedy: the fifth "sharknado"
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movie went off last night without a hitch or applause or a special effects budget. there has been some controversy surrounding the film after tara announced she only earns a quarter of what the male stars make. she referred to the cast as stars. that's a bit of a reach. and this is the "topical storm." topic number 1. if you were hanging on the beach in california and you swear you saw a dog on the surfboard for once it wasn't just the weed. the world dog championships took place saturday. and i'm going to stop talking now. whatever comes out of my mouth can't compete with the awesomeness of a dog on a surfboard. nobody is listening watch. o.j. was in it.
8:50 pm
maxine waters is doing a great job. first prize went to an australia kelpie. or abby. but unfortunately abby didn't pass the post-race drug test. he dog got a participation trophy and called it a day. president trump crashed a wedding at his new jersey country club saturday. love him or hate him it was great to see him crash something other than twitter. the guests were thrilled. and friday the groom hit a golf ball into the woods, and when he was look for it, he ran into hillary clinton. hillary likes to say she
8:51 pm
meditates in the woods. what happened? no, she is not medicating. she is trying to figure out where she buried her server. no trump story can end without controversy. cnn is quoting unnamed sources saying a guest at the wedding draining a white russian and we know that is a sure sign of collusion. topic number three, do you love the 80s. just to be clear, i don't mean the women in bernie sanders' black book. i mean the decade. speaking of karate kid being rebooted. the story joins the actors in their modern lives where they are both driving for uber. actually one is driving a lift.
8:52 pm
one day a fight breaks out over a passenger so they settle thing it only way they know how, with their feet. they are way too old for a karate fight. so they settled it with a dog-surfing competition. i shouldn't be joking about this. our cameraman lost $500 on the race. topic number 4. the state of illinois decided to honor president obama with his own holiday on his august 4 birthday. i'm just glad to see the illinois legislature focusing on such important issues while their state goes bankrupt. what can we do while we are still sitting here in our rent a
8:53 pm
center furniture? how about obama day? genius. according to the press release barack obama day will not be an official state holiday with forced closures and paid time off it's a huge symbolic gesture that accomplishes nothing from a legislative standpoint sort of like his presidency. perfect. topic number 5. finally a feel-good story at the prague zoo. there is mom, right there hanging down. there is a furry friend. hi, guys. control licking all cute and fuzzy. the mom gave birth back in april but they have been withholding footage out of respect for the
8:54 pm
females who had to sit through baby showers. they are the most of famous cheatas since bill clinton. coming up, donald trump is the first sitting president since harry truman to live in the white house without a pet. we'll test the knowledge of the first pets. which president had a pet hippo? e with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit.
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kennedy: we are nearly 7 months into donald trump's presidency than is one major role that remains unfilled. white house pet. i hit the streets to ask people if they think it's time for the trumps to take in a pup. president trump doesn't have a pet. what kinds of pet should he get? >> a dog like a pit bull. >> a dog. kennedy: what kind of dog. >> a boxer, that's what i have. kennedy: what kind of pet should president trump get? >> everyone gets dogs. dogs is man's best friend. get a dog, buddy. kennedy: which president had 10 alligators. >> i don't know.
8:59 pm
>> john quincy adams and herbert hoover. kennedy: which first lady had a pet named satan. it wasn't hillary clinton because she was satan. which president had a pet hippo. >> i don't know. kennedy: which president had a pet hippo? >> calvin coolidge. kennedy: he got it right it's calvin coolidge. how did you know? are you a calvin coolidge fan? >> no, i am not. i wish i were. kennedy: i love it, too, thanks so as much for watching the show. you can follow me on twitter and
9:00 pm
instagram. email tomorrow night bret baier, crystal ball and -- krystal ball and mike baker. the three bs. y dad said, "if i'a do conan, it's gonna be done my way." >> curvy vixens... >> when i look at the female characters that dad did, mom was okay with that? >> the da vinci of fantasy art. >> this entire visual genre traces back to this one artist. >> how much did it sell for? >> about $1.1 million. >> but when he's gone, a real battle takes shape. >> how bad did it get? >> i'm not close to my brother anymore. even today we don't talk. >> can the next generation save the family and its fortune? >> i think i was like their last hope. >> my grandfather deserves to live on, and what better place than comic-con? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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