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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 8, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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than one or two or three things at a time, including draining the damn swamp. charlie hurt, great to be with you. mike gallagher, same to you. great to be on the show with you. thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: bernie sanders is back with his full court press for single pair healthcare. is -- single payer healthcare. is there anyone on the left to stop the madness. north korea reports it now has nuclear warheads to fit on their missiles. it's time to crash the party. if you think it left has given us the idea of single payer because the obamacare failed
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look no further than loveable socialist bernie sanders for the truth. >> are you going to introduce single payer? >> of course. we are tweaking the final points of the bill and we are figuring out how we can mounts a national campaign to bring people together. kennedy: not people in the democratic party. single payer is gross, we want a free market solution. at least sanders is being honest about his intentions. next thing you know single payer is passed out on her lawn in a shopping cart and you are stuck with her. all people know why single payer is bad, it starts with price fixing and ends up with rationing and death. in tech they make money and compete for your business.
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can you imagine if we were at innovative with cancer treatment as we are with smartr smart phones? and materials is happy to further divide the dems and make them choose between pacifying idealistic millennials. bernie's sucker pool is drying up so has to indoctrinate younger and younger zombies into his cult. he's releasing a new book called a guide to social revolution. the push for single payer have any legs and should we be worried a politician is writing
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a revolutionary guide aimed at the young? let's go to my party panel. chris ta -- chris tall bawl makr debut on the show, mike baker, and happy birthday to editor robbie saoee. ve. >> something i respect about him. like you said, he believes what he's saying. he's not trying to sell you on some policy he's not committed to. i think young people like that about him. kennedy: it seems free. but further down the road when you have to pay for big programs like that, they will be the ones
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footing the bill. and we are so deeply in debt i fear for future generations if we pass medicare for all. >> god bless bernie, and i do respect him for his consistency. but at the same time, i am actually hoping with all my heart that he pushes this plan, he pushes the single payer plan, and ties the democrats to it as some sort of challenge. saying how are you going to stand on this. where are you on this measure. kennedy: a litmus test. >> i'm a small government republican. stay out of your kitchen and fiscal responsibility. there is limited government role in a lot of things. city was in the drug wars and i have seen a lot of weird things. but here is the point. if he does that, that is about
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the republicans' only hope, given how this -- is this effective? no. discombobulated they are. this would be a great gift to the republicans in 2018 if bernie makes the dems go one way or another on single payer. kellyanne: they are hoping this is a litmus test. they are hoping this is a wedge that splits apart the democratic party. but it's not bernie forcing it down nancy pelosi's throat. this is what the base demanding. >> i live in kentucky and i have a democratic congressman. his biggest applause line is when he says i'm for single payer healthcare. this is where the democratic base is. this is where the country is. i hate to break it to you all. bernie has already won this debate.
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yes, her fighting that healthcare is a right. ken there are now people assume that they are owed healthcare. and bernie sanders may not be the one who is shouting for it. i think he does have a loud base who backs him on this. >> those folks down in kentucky are applauding if the free of it all. they are not applauding the mechanics of single payer. kennedy: it's not free. there are liberal publiccation that pin the price tag at $32 trillion over 10 years. >> it's all what your priorities are. my priorities are healthcare over the massive tax breaks we give to corporations. >> it's all interrogation.
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either you like to save lives and you are in favor of babies or you want to give rich people tax breaks. >> it would not surprise me if this issue drives away young people at the same time bernie is trying to bring them? in. young people are healthy. these are gifts towards an aging population, the kinds of person trump is kowrgt. bernie could win with this. kennedy: medicare for all benefit people in their 40s and 50s. people in their 60s already get healthcare. >> there are several issues where younger people are now trending more conservative on a number of issues. they are for same-sex marriage. they are lower legalization of drugs. but on social issues, the
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polling shows younger millennials are going in a much more conservative way. >> regulate their uber and see what they have to say. >> born in england. a u.k. citizen. spent almost all my thrive overseas. the single payer system is a mess. if americans are willing to move from the mindset, no mat wear my financial standing is i deserve the mayo clinic. if they say i am okay with substandard care across the board and long waiting lines, then maybe what single payer system is what is necessary for america. >> we have some of the best healthcare systems in the world and the worst south comes. >> the way to improve it is not to push it count crapper and go to socialism.
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kennedy: healthcare costs have increased under president trump as have mortality rates because of obamacare. >> we need more doctors and more drugs. we need to cut regulations. kennedy: we need to get rid of the fda and introduce more pharmaceuticals into the market so doctors can experiment and give the kind of care people deserve. that means having a choice. >> republicans have been thinking about how to do all of these things for years and they utterly failed. >> that's giving them more credit than they deserve. kennedy: we'll discuss so much more with the panel a little bit later. senators on both sides of the aisle have been breaking from their party recently. joe manchin refused to sign a
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letter chuck schumer and his friends in the senate on tax reform. manchin made it abun don'tly clear with a bunch of swear words that his opposition had nothing do with getting re-elected. he said i don't give an expletive. don't care if i get elected, don't care if i get defeated. because i'm up for election i can be wrangled into voting for expletives. i'll do as i have always done. extremely independent. senator jeff flake released a book that was extremely critical of the president. >> pop thrism, you may be able to win an election with it, but it's not a governing philosophy. the immigration package put forward last week i think is in the wrong direction. cutting legal immigration in half is not right direction we
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need to go as a country. kennedy: what do we make of these rebellious senators. let me bring in bret baier. welcome back, bret. are these two senators fighting for their political lives or are we seeing the beginning of a trend where people are going to start to buck the party line? bret: i think these two senators have been bucking the party line for quite some time. joe manchin comes from a state that's overwhelmingly in favor of president trump. so much so the democratic governor turned republican data trump rally last week. he's fighting for his political life and he is being what he has always been, someone who works across the aisle, joe manchin has. but the reality of west virginia is different. jeff flake is standing up to his party and trump saying he's
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trying to fight for conservative values. he's not having success in the polls at home. he's at 18% back home in arizona. but he's standing up for what he says are conservative principles. kennedy: a cost-cutting conservative. jeff flake is sort of cast from the same mold. both of them said i don't care if i get re-elected. that's what i have been asking of politicians throughout the entire obamacare thing. stop looking like you are looking for a political lifeline. pass something that's rational it's interesting seeing two parties -- two senators from two parties go in a different direction than the parties they are from. bret: there is so much frustration that washington good can't get things done and we are one election away from handling
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the big items because of elections. i don't know if our system is set up yet to empower the center. it's still as we run elections and get closer to election day, a stir up the base kind of operation. it has been that until something changes dramatically. we may be stuck with that. kennedy: i think you will see the end of the filibuster and whoever is in power, both parties are going to go to opposite extremes and you will have to accept the fact that when your party is in power, the hat trick, that you will get stuff done. but that's not reality in washington because of the in-fighting in washington. it's like they don't realize they have that much power. brepower -- bret: president trump didn't run as the average republican.
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he didn't track with the republican party. he's not into republican dogma. if democrats lose in 2018. look for a major shift in that party as well. if they can't pick up major seats. they will have to think about going to the center with other candidates who can appeal across party lines. kennedy: nancy pelosi the way she is positioning herself. it's like they already lost the mid-terms. that's how she is talking. they have to couple with solid economic idea if they are going to appeal to the disaffected part of the country that elected this country. bret: if you look at the map of state governments and legislatures and governor seats. there has been a major, major shift. democrats are trying to find
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their way. so for all the talk about the split in the republican party. guess what? there is a soul searching in the democratic party. kennedy: they are both trying to figure it out. you have two simultaneous civil wars. we have no idea how this thing is going to end, that's why we always turn to you, bret baier. north korea stand defiant in the face of sanctions from the u.n. north korea says they have a nuclear warhead that can be carried on the head of a missile. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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kennedy: last night the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, said even russia and china are on board for additional sanctions against north korea. >> the international community is tired of it and we are going to start fighting back. kennedy: the foreign minister said they have no intention of ending their nuclear program. they are saying if the hermit
8:20 pm
kingdom is provoked further they will use their nukes against the united states. they have nuclear warheads that will fit on the missiles they already have. joining us brian suits. brian, let us discuss the miniaturization of these nuclear warheads. how much does it change the north korean threat. >> we knew this was coming. we were thinking in terms of 2018. you have to assume they have already done it. it literally do nothing was an option since 1953. and we have been using that outmoded option for 15 years. do nothing should have been thrown out 15 years ago.
8:21 pm
kennedy: you have sanctions on export china and russia are on board with. i compare china with a co-dependent mom in an intervention who is sending the fat swiss cheese heifer to rehab. what's next? >> china seems to equate our anti-ballistic missile development to south korea with north korea's nuclear development. but china likes korea so much they want two of them. we are at a point where china recognizes if there is a conflict on that peninsula, it ends with one korea. one way or another there will be a single place called korea. for the chinese to get on board here, i think they have an assurance from north korea that
8:22 pm
the nukes are not meant for them. but they get the crazy juice spread on them if there is a war. there are already north koreans leaving across the yalu to china. but they are still smuggling in north korean coal. kennedy: i wouldn't be surprised if there is a healthy black market in china for the iron ore and the afood and other -- and the seafood and other exports on the way that will find their way inthe china and money will make its way back to pyongyang. is there any way -- and i hope to god you give me a yes -- are they pushing it to the point where the youth is out of options because of the reality
8:23 pm
their missile tests and because of their verbal threats? >> no. the north korean regime is not a government in any recognizable sense. it's not communism. it's the foundation of their government system is reunification. the legitimacy of the rule of the sun god named kim jong-un is reunification will happen the easy way or the real easy way. i don't think there is a way to do this without getting kinetic. he has no legitimate rule if he negotiates with the united states unless he gets surrender of the united states, removal our troops from south korea and everywhere west of hawaii and give up hawaii. we allowed him to paint us into a corner. so my crapometer is in the red. kennedy: who is the most of
8:24 pm
capable diplomat in these talks right now? representing us or even another super power in another country? >> i don't think we have a good player at bat in rex tillerson. i would put h.r. mcmaster in a c-17 and parachute him into pyongyang with a bag full of threats. i don't think diplomacy is doing anything. they are not listening. they are past the point of having to listen. there is no incentive for the north koreans to listen. kennedy: they say they are not giving up their nuclear program. what threats do they have? my worry is they have tens of millions of people in prison camps and they will kill them all. >> they literally cannot roll back on their entire philosophy.
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kennedy: welcome back. google fired a senior software engineer after a memo he wrote criticizing the company's diversity efforts went viral. he claimed men have a higher drive for status and are more capable of physically demanding job. he's not a crab fishermen. he said since women have a tendency to be more artistic they are moved away from high-pressure jobs. google says it krosds the line advancing gender stereotypes in
8:30 pm
the workplace. he says he believes the firing was politically motivated. what does this say about google's commitment to diversity? joining me is brian kilmeade. this is interesting. he made to clumsy ham handled assumptions about women and why they are not successful in a for up that was suppose to be completely open so they could figure out how to get her women to work in tech. and he self-identified as conservative. brian: i would add this. you have and question. do you want to focus on the gender difference or the political difference, a rare conservative at a known to be somewhat liberal organization. was that the reason? so men and women, the gender situation, in today's workplace,
8:31 pm
even if you begged me tell me the difference between men and women, i would say beats me, they seem the same. in today's environment the smallest thing can get you in trouble let alone the biggest thing in black and white. it's all about the backlash as well. if someone read this and said i'm a ceo and i'm going to make a change. storm a response to a manifesto that should never have been put out to the public. kennedy: why have the forum. brian: a couple of things. is getting conservatives to rally to his side because it's seemingly a conservative. number two, if you have tremendous backlash and a group
8:32 pm
of women who are going to walk out of work unless some action is done, if you are a major ceo and your job is on the line, do you say i'm willing to fall on the sword. or say i am going to make a change. to knee this is when they teach you have those courses about sensitivity? this is what they say what not to do, even if begged. kennedy: chelsea handler is famous for being funny. yesterday was not one of those times. it sounds like she is calling forethought police. she tweeted quote two chinese guys were arrested in berlin for making nazi sliewth. wouldn't it be nice to have laws here for people who think racism is funny?
8:33 pm
she spoke of her own history with racists on the "today" show last year. >> people associate racism with dumb people from the south who aren't educated. but i met with a lot of really educated intellectual racists which i find amazing. kennedy: they are just amazing, chelsea. really turned people around with that one. she is taking heat for saying first lady melania trump can't speak english as well as making comments about angelina jolie and brad pitts' kids. robbie, i think this falls into your wheel house.
8:34 pm
you cover a lot of censorship things on campus. it's interesting to see a comedian take a sharp right turn when it comes to their own free speech. >> probably the greater concern than someone like chelsea handler who is probably not well educated about the specifics of the first amendment, and the obvious ones. but i talk to college students all the time, young people and i ask them about their views on the first amendment and more concerning is so many of them agree with this sentiment. they think that racist speech is not only offensive, something you shouldn't be able to say. they think it's already illegal. i said look at the first amendment and it says no racist speech. kennedy: it was a difficult time
8:35 pm
at the constitutional convention when they hammered that out. with the first amendment, you say we have to be all in. >> i don't see a conflict. if you like the first amendment, and you have got to be all in. you can't pick and choose the parts that you like. and then wave it to support your particular argument. whether you like chelsea handler or not, and i sometimes finds her funny, it's hard to defend -- every now and then she'll throw something out there like the president does every now and then when he tweets something. kennedy: i understand she has got good intentions by the many self-defeating for the brave come different she has been doing for years that is abandoned when it becomes professionally inconvenient. >> i think many of us are
8:36 pm
hypocritical on this issue. we are all for free speech until someone says something we don't like. >> i'm offended. >> she has the freedom to say the thing she said. she is exercising her free speech rights by attacking if free speech. and the people saying we need free speech are attacking her speech so it's confusion. thank god chelsea handler is not a politician or constitutional scholar. kennedy: we don't have any unorthodoxed politicians running the country now. >> donald trump has been criticized for saying let's change libel laws. why would you want to give more power to this government figure who has a penchant, who said he's willing to look at changing that and make it harder. kennedy: he talked about lock up journalists.
8:37 pm
>> in line with your group think, this is all part and parcel of where we are at. this society is very odd. i spend a lot of time overseas. then i come back in here and i spend 5 or 10 minutes listening to what's going on, we are getting to a strange place. kennedy: thank you very much. robbie and mike. and corey taylor has never been afraid to speak his minds and at times alienate his fans on stage.
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kennedy: you can heart melodic voice of a sweet angel in there. he says he's never been shy to speak his minden stage and in interviews. he has taken his humor and outrage and aimed it at us. here 20 chat about the book -- here to chat about the book and the new album, corey taylor. welcome to the show.
8:42 pm
the release of the book along with your tour. there is a lot of divisiveness when you talk about politics. you are interested in politics and you love your country. there are a lot of people who sort of cast a negative eye on our political system and bad mouth it. >> very true. and i think when you get down to it. they are using those freedoms in a way to try to make their point across but not appreciating that they are living in a country where they can actually do that. it's a double-edged sword especially for people who are purportedly trying to look aught for people and hurling the curses they see flung over the wall. kennedy: when you talk about progressive millennials being snow flakes. but people on the right if you
8:43 pm
have say something negative about the president you get attacked on twitter by people who are so sensitive. there is an oversensitivity that lends itself to the negativity. >> one of the things i was trying to do in the book was finds where that came from. the thing i found wasn't one particular thing. it was a combination of a bunch of things. certain people feeling like they weren't being heard, or represented local government, federal government. for me, as someone who walked the middle for a very long time. i'm just as frustrated as everybody else, by wasn't lending myself to one side other other. i'm trying to stay in the middle where i feel 98% of the country is. but we get come barred with crazy noise from both sides.
8:44 pm
it overshadows the fact we don't start talking to each other. kennedy: you call the work "america 51." >> you can find of laugh at it like i would rather watch aliens than anything political. kennedy: it used to be scary. i was listening to your show this week. you went in from cat stevens. i love the musical flexibility you have. i wanted to talk to you about chester bennington. i know you are close and you dedicated your show to him. his death affects me in a way, i have known chester for many years it was so crushing because this is such a sweet person, a
8:45 pm
sweet soul. and you are the one who takes stock in all of this stuff. >> i was just as blindsided as everybody was. i just had spoken to him a few weeks before. he sounded fine. he sounded great. like that's what i missed. is the fact i'm not going to be able to hang out with him and make knew music with him or share the stage. what a talent. but i have -- i have started doing it after chris died. and when chester died, i thought that's it, i'm devoting a will the of time and effort into promoting a lot of suicide prevention centers. the lifeline is way it's called. it's a national consortium of the local -- but there is also a lot of great different organizations that deal with it,
8:46 pm
whether it's preteen things like you cannot be replaced. kennedy: i was reading an article that there are middle aged men taking their own lives it's almost an epidemic. young teenager, 12, 13, 14 years old. we have to have a respect for dialogue and each other and get back to our humanity. >> the more people talk to each other we'll have that. but we live in an age where people would rather shout than listen. the difference is you don't hear anybody when you are screaming. kennedy: come back any time. >> i will absolutely come back. kennedy: the los angeles rams aren't the only ones in california going nowhere this year. i'll talk about a guy who got
8:47 pm
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kennedy: congratulations are in order to rachel and brian who got engaged on the season finale of the baich lowerrette. -- of the bachelorette.
8:51 pm
this is the "topical storm." we begin in austin, texas. let me preface this by saying we don't normally cover serious subjects, but the 4th annual rubber ducky derby just concluded. it's a fun race for the boys & girls club of america. each duck costs $5 to sponsor. austin makes leaving las vegas looks like a city about mormons. topic number 2.
8:52 pm
if you are looking for things to do in california this week, allow me to suggest the ventura county fair. and from what i hear it's a good hang. oh, no. oh, no, this poor guy was stuck upside down on a bungee cable for 20 minutes. witnesses say he was able to keep the blood from rushing to his head by doing situps. topic number 3. melissa rivers is writing a book about her mother joan. she is promising not to hold any of the salacious thing back. she put all her energy into being funny instead of worrying
8:53 pm
about who would be offended. joan rivers is an icon and i think we can all agree her face belongs on the mount rushmore of comedy. we just have to decide which era face. topic number 4. this next story is for the people of oklahoma. so if you will excuse me, i'm going to speak a little slower. don't go writing me more hate mail. all right. the cop came out of the car to find a goat on the hood of the cruiser. the neighbor got it off. then it jumped right back on so the cop shot it. can you manage? the goat was pulled away without incident. but the video is still being watched by over 2 million people. do you realize how many people 2 million is?
8:54 pm
take the number of people who enjoy the emoji movie and add 2 million. finally spike lee announced he will attend a rally in support of colin kaepernick outside of nfl headquarters later this month. kaepernick is still a free agent. a crappy quarterback who can't get a job. many people say it's because of his national anthem protest. it's unclear if the rally will work, but there is talk if someone does sign kaepernick he will agree to drop his protest and then he will go back to sitting on the bench for the usual reasons. coming up for women's day, kindness day, bloody mary days.
8:55 pm
but there are some things that should not have their own day for celebration. i'll tell you what one thing tops the list in the nightcap next.
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take a dirt nap? dogs will starve to death rather than eat you. a 2013 studdiey shows cats killed over 20 billion smaller animals just for fun. cats spend a third their day killing and they would kill you if they were bigger. when a cat rubs against hour leg it's because he's rubbing his stink on you to establish is dominance. cats carry a parasite in their poop that can cause mental disorders or death. enjoy international cat day. go buy a dog. thank you for watching the show tonight. follow me on twitter and
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instagram. email me at tomorrow on the show, chris stirewalt, mollie hemingway and dave smith. it's so good i feel it in my bones. good night. beholder. so meet the beholders. >> these paintings just did not appeal to me. and i don't think they appealed to my wife, either. >> i said, well, i guess the salvation army is as good as anyplace. we don't want them. >> but one man's trash... >> it just knocked my socks off. >> we have $50,000. >> within a few weeks, everybody knew about it. >> another's treasure. >> did you ever consider stopping? >> there is a point we all have to stop. but no.


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