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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 17, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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we had an eyewitness on the program earlier confirming people are being held hostage in a restaurant, a turkish restaurant in barcelona. the men's basketball team from clem ton, oregon state, arizona, tulane, all in a hotel near the incident in barcelona. they're reporting they're okay. continue development throughout the day. trish regan takes you through the next two hours. trish: thank you very much, maria bartiromo. we have spanish media reporting that one suspect involved in the deadly terrorist attack in barcelona has been arrested. police confirm at least one person is dead and 32 others are injured after a van rammed into a crowd in las ramblass. that a lot of people were gathered in the district. local maid yaw reporting the death toll could be high as 13.
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loan that police treating -- barcelona police treating this as terrorist attack. two gunmen stormed into a bar and it is believed they have taken hostages at that bar. it is turkish bar in barcelona. at this hour we do not know if the gunmen inside of the bar are same people involved in today's deadly crash. but as you can imagine intelligence officials are looking at those two seeing whether or not they may be linked. we watch ad market traded off on the news amid the geopolitical concerns, with the dow jones industrial average off 174 point, a loss of nearly 1% on the s&p 500. for the very latest on what is happening there in barcelona, i want to go to our very own ashley webster in the newsroom of the big headline being, they now have a suspect in custody. they have arrested someone, ashley? >> this according to a spanish broadcaster.
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i warn you they can be wildly inaccurate at times in situation just like this, trish, but they're showing video of a person being arrested and showing a picture of this man. there are reports that a passport was found at the scene of the attack beloved belonging to the driver. a spanish passport of a person of moroccan descent. a second van may be linked to the attack was found 40 miles outside of barcelona. perhaps it was some sort of a getaway van. we're also being told that the van used in the actual attack was rented in the city of barcelona. this brings back all memories on the attack on london bridge in the uk, where a similar white van was rented in london before eight people were killed in that attack. a local broadcaster reporting, there is someone, initially reporting two armed men inside after turkish restaurant that have been surrounded by police, of whom they were negotiating with these gunmen. now being reported that perhaps
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one of the men in there is indeed the driver. they're trying to negotiate to get out of that restaurant. as you can imagine. as you can imagine the city is on high alert. it is under a terrorist warning. via social media the police are going door-to-door as the area is in lockdown as they continue to find anymore suspects or anyone else connected to this, trish. as i've been saying, since this happened, this main pedestrian thorough fare is huge boulevard. it is tree-lined. it's a tourist hot spot runs 3/4 of a mile from the center of town to. traffic runs on either side of the pedestrian walking malls. so what this attacker did, was jumped on that mall, drive some estimates 50 miles an hour, not slowing down. at one point a taxi driver said the van was zigzaging to try to
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hit as many people as possible. as you mentioned, as of now, spanish police only confirming one death, 32 seriously injured. the death toll is expected to rise of the as i mentioned before, as always with these situations information, some of it wrong, some of it accurate, all as we continue to follow this. but we will continue to follow, we'll bring you latest trish as we get it. trish: thank you very much, ashley. president trump weighed in moments ago on this terror attack, tweeting, and i quote, the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain, and will do whatever necessary to help be tough and strong. we love you. joining me right now, former cia officer and national syndicated radio host buck sexton. former assistant secretary of defense, larry korb, former fbi dissanity director ron hosco. start with you, buck. there is some speculation that this might be islamic terrorism. i think that is the overall thought right now given what we've all been through but spain
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has particular problem as well with separatists, et cetera. in your view, what would lend it to being jihadism? what is it about spain that isis so badly want to target? >> well the targets set and the tactics used here mirror exactly what we've seen in other similar vehicular attacks in berlin, in london, in sweden, and nice in france. so this hines up exactly what we've seen in the past for jihadist specific attacks. spanish separatists this would not go with their m-o in the past. as we find out exactly what the perpetrateors are overwhelmingly likely. >> haltists at work of the was is isis inspired or directed we'll find out the process. hostage situation is still ongoing. this is still ongoing terrorist incident.
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it is very hard to gauge the full scope and scale until we know it comes to an end. trish: historically tension between spain and catholicism of spain and islamic faith. when you think back historically to what spain was, it was the land of the moores, i wonder, i question, is spain some way a target much like the united states of america is, but for very specific religious reasons? >> spain is target for con term larry foreign policy reasons and lot of opposition along with u.s. against jihadism. historically speaking referred to by jihadists as and dell lucia. train bombings years ago, that actually turned an election in spain having to do with iraq war back in 2004 you have historical
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piece that is credit lost jihad it territory in jihadist circles. trish: larry korb, we learned through local reports as ashley pointed out, we're getting a lot of information in right now and you have to decipher what's what, indeed one of the suspects is taken into custody. it is believed the person driving the van. how do they go about this? how do they figure out who is responsible, when the person driving the van fled into the crowd? >> well, don't forget we share intelligence around the world to prevent these type of attacks as just been pointed out, you have had them in berlin, stockholm. you had them in paris and you had them in nice and this is kind of, you know, the new weapon, if you wills that they use, these vans or cars, that they run into like, they did in london. and a lot of times when you catch these people, they're willing to talk because many
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ways they want to be martyrs. i think if you get them they will tell you why they did it and what was their purpose. as pointed out spain worked with us. they were one the few countries supported our invasion of iraq. why you had the attack in 2004 which 190 people were killed on a train in spain. so, whenever we catch these people they're more than happy to talk about why they're doing it. trish: wow. so that could be helpful. we are getting reports they have found one passport, ron, allegedly moroccan passport in the vehicle. they're tracing this back. so often in these case, ron, one of the most disappointing things as we learned, this person was known to authorities and that's something we'll be watching here once again. you know, you look at these situations as they unfold, you say how do do you prevent these?
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how do you keep the united states safe? >> first it is robust intelligence sharing internal to the u.s. between the fbi, dhs, federal, state, local law enforcement. it is the intelligence sharing back and forth across the atlantic and the pacific between the united states and its international intelligence partners. i think that intelligence-sharing has certainly grown exponentially since 9/11. in many places that intelligence sharing incredibly robust. apart from the department of state enclaves around the globe, the fbi occupies legal attaches in 60 plus localities, including morocco. trish: ron, we're getting more news coming our way. that is from reuters. they're saying there is no one held up there in that bar. of course we reported earlier it may be a hostage situation in a
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bar there, in a turkish bar in barcelona. we're learning from reuters now that there is no actual hostage situation going on. so again, a lot of information coming in right now. perhaps that is one positive headline we can share. ron you are saying a lot of intelligence sharing across the pond. >> these are habitual relationships in rabat, algiers. the ages do that. others do that. so you hope you collectively form a web that is seamless and that the right information is being passed to the right people at the right time. unfortunately, trish, you made reference to you earlier, there is a familiar refrain here and this is someone who had been on police radar or the intelligence services radar. in my fear is, that it ace numbers.
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there are too many bad guys and potential bad guys and not enough good guys. trish: these hot spots in barcelona where so many people gather to go showing, go out to eat, they are certainly targets. you have many of those places all over the world that the jihadists want to target if in fact that is the case. i want to go to ashley webster who has more developing news on the situation. >> trish, we have another media outlet in spain saying there is a report that a white ford focus hit a police officer a short time ago, when it ran through a police check point. very close to the scene of the van attack in the las ramblass district. then people inside the white ford focus, jumped out of the car, began firing at police before escaping on foot. so, whether they were in the restaurant, who knows. that report coming in from spanish media that two gunmen or
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perhaps more inside a white vehicle running a check point, firing at a police officer. one of those officers hit as that car blew through a check point. clearly the situation is not over. trish: all right. just to get everybody up to speed here, we're following the situation coming to us out of barcelona right now where 32 people are injured according to authorities. one is dead. we're getting local reports of many more may in fact be dead as a result of a van plowing into a crowd there on a crowded boulevard there in barcelona, spain. where people were gathered for their evening. we'll be back with much more as more of this comes forward to us. a lot of developing news right now. i do want to point out the market off 180 points as investors react to the geopolitical situation. i'm back right after this. ♪
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trish: breaking right now, we have new video coming in to us. i warn you all it is pretty graphic. we blurred some of it to watch. tough to watch. if you have young children watching any of this. of course you know the news by now. a van that ran into a curb there, mowing down multiple people. we have learned at least one person is dead. local media reporting, many more may be dead. 32 at least according to the police have been injured. and they are classifying this as indeed a terrorist attack. so that is the video that we're looking at. it came from a cell phone. i do also want to point out we have just gotten word a car hit a police officer and its occupants, the car's occupants, got out an shot at that police officer. so there is clearly a lot of
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chaos going on right now in the streets of barcelona, as this terrorist event unfolds. they are looking for suspects. they have one person in custody right now. they have also found a moroccan passport inside of that van. we're watching the market near lows of the session, off 187 points here. these losses are accelerating a bit here as people get increasingly nervous about the geopolitical situation. i want to bring in bull's-eye brief publisher, author adam johnson, and kelly and company managing partner, kevin kelly. good to see you both. help with perspective around the market as we look at lows of the session, adam, in light of today's events? >> trish, markets are doing exactly what you expect markets to do. that is, as you point out, they're pausing. we don't know exactly what is happening right now in spain. as a result first thing people do they lighten up little bit.
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they decide to sell things. you're seeing gold move up. oil move up ever so slightly. markets are adjusting the way you expect them to adjust given the human emotions here. it is interesting to note, trish, not a wholesale selloff. we don't really know. no reason for anyone to necessarily panic. at least that is some cause for at least, not feeling as bad as we might otherwise. trish: producer, put up, if they would, showing a chart showing sectors that performing the worst today, retail being one of them. kevin kelly, there is a lot of concern in the market that things are too high or too frothy and that is a correction could be on the way. when you see the gilo political events, people say okay, i will back off right now, there is a little bit of a fear in the marketplace? >> i think marketplace is assessing confidence levels where they want to be investingwise given much of the market run this year is predicated on soft data numbers
2:19 pm
like business confidence, consumer confidence. now that we have had a government that hasn't pushed through any real fiscal reforms they promise for the year, investors are trying to figure out -- trish: they don't know whether they get the tax cuts, et cetera? >> yeah. trish: we're down definitely at the lows of the session, off 203 points on the dow. we continue to get breaking news headlines coming in to us. i want to remind our viewers, authorities have taken one person into custody there in barcelona. we had horrific event happening there early this evening, barcelona time where people were perhaps out for an evening stroll, out perhaps for a cocktail or for a drink, out shopping. this is an area where there are a lot of theaters. the opera house there, the big department store there in barcelona, is also nearby. so people were outgoing about their business. a lot of tourists in the area as
2:20 pm
well and they were mowed down by a van. we have seen this happen before. we saw this happen, of course, tragically in the uk. we've seen it happen very tragically in nice, adam johnson. >> yes. and paris by the way and boston and on and on be trish. it is just tragic. hard to talk about these things because there's no one person responsible. there is no one group responsible. it is just something that seems to somehow be what the world, what all of us are living with. it's very hard. trish: i was going to say, we're all living with. there is certain amount of complacency that perhaps sets into the market shall we say. >> yes. trish: we're not necessarily seeing that today. people are a little spooked by this, a little rattled, as we look at market off 202 points. go ahead, kevin. >> trish, i would like to say we're not touching base on the fed and that is helping move some markets downward today. yesterday after the minutes came out from the fed, they're worried about raising rates
2:21 pm
again this year, even though they signaled they wanted to do it. so if a quarter-point move rate hike is scaring the fed, then how bad is it? trish: investors are scared by that, for sure. >> that is compounding the effect of what is happening. trish: we have a car that allegedly hit a police officer there in the streets of barcelona. its occupants got out and fired at those officers. this coming shortly after the van mowed down those people. we were showing you the video. i disclosed it was hard to watch earlier. we have blurred out a lot of it so you don't have to see all of that carnage but it is devastating to see what is happening, what is happening in the world right now, the kind of barbaric animals that are lashing out at freedom, lashing out at free society. it is speculated right now, though we do not know, this is islamic terrorism. we do know it is terrorism. adam, kevin, thank you for being here today.
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we'll continue our coverage here. i do want to say local media is reporting as many as 13 casualties. what authorities are calling a terror attack on barcelona. this is in spain, las ramblas, a big tourist area in barcelona. one man is under arrest believed to be in connection with this incident. we also we believe a moroccan passport found in the van driven into the crowd. aing situation. we'll see you right here after this. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker.
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trish: we're getting update on number dead of officials there in barcelona. they're reporting 13 dead, 50 people injured after a van mowed down a crowd there early this evening in barcelona, spain, in las ramblas, a tourist district
2:26 pm
there in barcelona. spanish police reported they arrested one man linked to this attack. they are treating him as a terrorist. they are saying this is a terrorist attack. i want to go to ashley webster for the latest. >> spanish police, trish, for a while it was believed two armed men were inside after turkish restaurant off this pedestrian mall were holed up there and had hostages and negotiated with police. spanish authorities saying not true. they say that is spanish media speculating. it is not true. as you say they have one person in custody believed connected to the attack, whether it is the driver or not we're not sure. i mentioned to you earlier saying a spanish passport was found showing a person of moroccan descent. other media outlets in spain saying this individual had what they call in spain an nie, that is basically a working visa,. in other words foreign national loud to work in spain has to carry one of these things.
2:27 pm
he was from north africa. that is what we have. also the area still in shut-down. the police are going door-to-door. when this attack happened people ran for their lives as you man imagine. many people on both sides of the boulevard dived into shops. those doors were locked by frightened people. only last 35 minutes or say an hour where police have gone to each individual stores, opened shop doors to allow frightened people to get out and get out of the area. it is still developing but we have confirmmation one person is in custody. as you say spanish officials are saying number dead, 13, injured 50. 10 very seriously. trish: we're getting a lot of information coming in to us. local media reporting they have the name of this particular person, which is the big newspaper there, in spain, is reporting that they have his name. let me see if i can share this
2:28 pm
with you from the producers, yes? dres akab irs the person they're citing there. moroccan passport in the van? >> spanish passport but a person of moroccan origin although there are other reports that the individual had a visa if you like, work permit, from north africa, but able to work in spain. we should point out a second van has been found about 40 miles outside of barcelona, believed perhaps that could have been a getaway van. we do know that the van used in the attack was rented in barcelona. so plenty of evidence and things to investigate for spanish police. at this point we know one person is in custody. we have no idea, how many, if there are any other suspects in this attack. trish: i i want to again update viewers. ashley we'll check with you throughout the hour.
2:29 pm
13 dead in barcelona, spain. 50 injured. this is per local reports. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer from london center for policy research joins me right now. lieutenant schaefer, what is your gut reaction. what do you think this? >> i heard you talking about the panel the fact elements in spain have been destablizing them. the basks had separatist movement. i went to high school in list done during the late '70s, clearly that period there was spanish terror. i don't believe this is spanish terror. this is not home-generated this is something from a foreign source. you were talking about documents that this individual may well have been in north africa. we know isis moving into places like libya and morocco. there are attempts of isis attempting to do things. my gut reaction on techniques used, using vehicle in some combination with small arms.
2:30 pm
we've seen this through other places throughout europe. at this point i will go out on a limb be, i am 95% sure this is isis act of terror against what we know that they seek. soft targets, targets of symbolic, basically hitting the west in areas where they want maximum press coverage. that i think is where this is all going at this point. trish: let me ask you, colonel shaffer, about the history of spain and why that is significant. you heard buck sexton earlier saying, former cia analyst, there is some significance in spain in part because it was once the caliphate this was a land occupied by the moors, islamic faith and symbol of catholicism. within the isis extremism world there is special significance attached to going after an area like this. >> i agree. i think buck is completely correct on the fact that isis
2:31 pm
made it very clear it wants to retake, reinvade, if you will, those territories it once held. that is to say the islamic faith once held. they, isis, feel they are the vanguard of islam. now i think rest of islam take exception to that, thank goodness. that is their perception. they have also said very severe things about the fact they feel they will quote, unquote, basically invade the pope and the vatican. so they have made it very clear their goals, their long-term folks have to do with destablizing major target of religious significance and spain indeed is very much a target for this sort of thing. trish: tragic to see. just to update the viewers on some of the headlines, we're also getting report that a car hit a police officer and the occupants of that car got out and then shot at police officers. we have also learned, colonel shaver, that perhaps there is not a hostage situation going on
2:32 pm
at a local turkish restaurant. that is a little bit of encouragement. there are a lot of headlines flying in one after another, which make situations like this especially for local media on the ground very confusing. >> this is something that will take time to get sorted out. referred to by buck one of last major terror attacks in spain was 2004. the 11-m attack against trains in madrid. it took a while to figure out that day how many targets were hit and by what. this is not new. again spain is, i think returning in problem nance as a major target by the fact i think other elements, other parts of europe recognized the threat. they will bo to the softest target available. trish: i said over and over, we'll talk about coming up, but european union with the open borders and welcoming in of all of these people from countries that don't see eye-to-eye with western society. that created an entire problem
2:33 pm
to itself. we'll have more on that coming up. colonel shaffer. thanks. >> thanks, trish. trish: more development on the barcelona, spain, right after this. non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything.
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trish: more news coming into us right now from barcelona. we learned one of the barcelona attackers, this is per officials there, is in fact dead. one of the people that was driving that van, i would add, we don't know how many people were driving the van.
2:37 pm
we heard one had left and run off into the crowd. we also had gotten reports there was a car that hit a police officer and the occupants got out and fired at the police. we don't know if that is related to one of the barcelona attackers that was in the van being dead. we also know that police have one person in custody as well right now. just to bring you up to speed here, tragedy in barcelona with more than 50 people injured, 13 dead after a van mowed down some people just going about their evening there in a tourist section of barcelona called las ramblas. there is a lot of theaters there, stores. close to a big department store there, kind of like the big macy's in new york city. that is one way to think about it, along with the opera house, as i said theaters, flower shops, restaurants, bars and now, the entire city in a real state of alert as they try to figure out how this happened,
2:38 pm
what happened. they are saying it is a terror attack. the president weighing in on the terror attack tweeting out moments ago, the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona explain. we will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong, we love you. >> in some ways, ford, it puts everything in perspective. we do not this is islamic terrorism. we know it is terrorism but suspicion here is it may indeed and regardless, i think it remind thaws we have some real problems in this world that need to be fought. >> well, absolutely. look, this is scary, awful stuff. i think donald trump's response is absolutely right. you peaceally want to lend all the support you can to spain.
2:39 pm
you want to be a calming effect. trish, since 2006 we had more than 30 vehicular terrorist attacks. the problem we're getting a little bit too, this is the norm and we have to be a lot more vigilant but you have to do it without scaring everyone else. the united states and western world for that matter have a lot of enemies around the world and we have to be honest about that and we can't be brushing it under the rug. trish: in so many ways i think europe did brush it under the rug and did so for years, suffering the consequences much as as we are as well. when you look at europe, rich, look how they opened their borders, effectively opening floodgates to different cultures coming in, not having a support system to integrate any of these people into society, how much has that weighed on things and contributed to this rise of extremism in europe? >> well it's true, europe, especially france, imported indigenous terror problem.
2:40 pm
it is not surprising, ford's right we shouldn't accept this as the new norm. the fact horrifically is the new norm. every couple month you have an attack like this. they are not terribly sophisticated. everyone own as car. it is not hard to rent a van and drive it through the heart of tourist regions. we'll continue to see these sort of low-level attacks in europe. trish: do you think both side take this seriously enough, capri? i say that, when asked what was the biggest problem in the world, president obama, previous president would say climate change. that was sentiment hillary clinton echoed as well. i think average people out there, i mean, domestically, the economy is an issue and internationally they're very, very concerned about terrorism. >> sure, trish. i think you're absolutely right. president obama is no longer president of the united states,
2:41 pm
no longer what his opinions had been, and i believe in climate change and i believe it is man made, no question issue number one at home is economy and national security. globally europe has specific issues because of imperialist history, particularly france. trish: we don't -- not to go back to the election again, rich, hillary clinton saying we need to bring in more and more. this was also something that barack obama kept saying, we need to bring in more migrants, more and more people from these challenged areas in the middle east. i think americans are watching something like we're seeing happen there in barcelona, spain, or, as we previously saw in nice, france, and saying we're frightened. we don't want that in the united states of america. >> this is not what we want to have happen in this country. now there are some distinctions. europe has for years basically let people walk into the country, literally walk into the country. that is not happening here.
2:42 pm
trish: that's right. >> refugees we're letting are more vetted than that you can argue whether they're vetted enough but the general takeaway i have, be cautious on immigration. doesn't mean we have to shut down borders entirely. doesn't mean we have to take no refugees but just be mindful what this country can absorb and who we're taking. >> rich, on that point i think democrats are underselling. i would argue republicans are underselling threat as well. the reason why we're underselling it because we haven't had a major domestic terror attack in the united states. i see this right now with our current immigration system. donald trump puts forth merit-based immigration requires more vetting, democrats push back, call it racist. none of us actually talk about the ill-effects of our current immigration system, our current vetting policies or anything else. we want to turn it back into racial or sexist or something else that is.
2:43 pm
>> ford i would respectfully disagree in that regard. i believe democrats and some republicans want comprehensive immigration reform? >> what is comprehensive immigration reform. trish: we're veering off in another direction. i have to market off 200 points. thank you much for being here today. i want to point out to viewers as we watch this tragedy unfold and watch for authorities to to after the bad guys in barcelona, spain, we have a market reacting off 1 187 points. dovish comments from the fed that we'll never an able to raise interest rates. that is contributing as well. we're off the lows of the session, down 187. retail one of the sectors getting hit the hardest. we do now know 13 people are dead. more than 50 people have been injured in the streets of barcelona, spain. we're waiting on more intelligence coming from officials momentarily.
2:44 pm
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trish: all right, everyone. 13 people dead, more than 50 people injured in bartz loan that spain. we're following all development coming to us now -- barcelona, spain. after a van slammed into pedestrians in a busy tourist section of barcelona. las ramblas it is known as. it is an area where you have a lot of theaters, restaurant, bars, shops and a big department store in barcelona nearby as i said earlier, kind of like macy's in new york city, in other words, a highly-populated area. people going about their business on a thursday night getting mowed down by this animal driving a van. we know it's a terrorist attack. we do not know if it is an islamic terrorist attack although some of the experts coming on this show are concerned that it is what it is given what we've seen previously there in europe.
2:48 pm
new york congressman lee zelden joins me right now. congressman, what is your reaction? >> terribly unnecessary and tragic. it almost feels like, it is another day, another terrorist attack. there are a lot of people all around the world, part of the free world, the good, decent human beings who are watching the news. it feels like too often these days we're hearing about these attacks. a lot of people here in our own country, from spain, from the region. they have family there. have visited there before. this is highly personal attack for all of those americans with strong connections to bars clone and people of entire nation -- barcelona. trish: a lot of americans were there on vacation. i should point out four american basketball teams were there, tulane university, clemson
2:49 pm
university, arizona state, were staying thankfully in a hotel nee birand thankfully not involved in this. this is an area a lot of people visit. people there in bars loan spain going out for thursday night, may have been out to dinner or a bar. they are subject to this horrific attack. as you said something we're seeing increasingly. people are able to access cars and treat them as weapons. they're doing these small-scale attacks. congressman, how do we make sure it doesn't happen here? >> our intelligence community is amazing. just how many attacks have been foiled as a result of our intelligence, our law enforcement community, different levels of government working together, working with together with other intelligence networks overseas. we've been able to foil a lot of plots. we hear about when these incidents actually take place.
2:50 pm
we don't hear as much about when they're prevented. we need to continue to give our intel community and our law enforcement every tool they possibly need to be able to prevent these from happening. fortunately they have been successful. unfortunately investigations are going on literally in all 50 states. hopefully you stay ahead of it and prevent it from happening. trish: congressman, we find out after the fact that authorities already knew about this person or this person was on authorities radar. you say why the heck didn't this person get arrested? why are they not more tracked and how were they able to kill innocent people? >> absolutely correct. often with these intelligence, with these investigations we don't want to foil an investigation too early. sometimes, you know, we're able to get additional information from the communication might take place to elsewhere. trish: okay. >> we also have to defeat a threat overseas.
2:51 pm
trish: most definitely, most definitely. tragically 13 dead. more than 50 injured there in barcelona, spain. we have more details on the story just developing right now. congressman, thank you very much. i will be right back. got you outnumbered.
2:52 pm
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you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. trish: all right. more than 50 injured, 13 people dead there in barcelona, spain. we're following all of the developments coming to us from officials there. the president weighing in again on twitter, and i want to share his tweet with you. it reads and it is a little bit confusing, so buck sexton, former cia analyst is back to offer historical perspective. do we have the tweet? asking the producers. see if i can bring it up for you right here. he wrote, study what general pershing and united states did
2:55 pm
to terrorists were caught. there was no moderate call islamic terror for 35 years. this is the president tweeting this now. i believe he is talking about general pershing in the 1917-18, in the philippines. he did once tell a story on the campaign trail, a very gruesome story, how general pershing went after terrorists there in the philippines and, it turned out the story wasn't true. so, you don't know if he is talking about that or talking about something else that general pershing did. i'm here with buck sexton. maybe you can shed some light on that? >> sure. in the philippines in the moro involved southern radicals in the southern philippines, island of mindanao, in that area, during u.s. occupation, there was difficult counter insurgency operation u.s. was involved in. amoro terrorist group operates
2:56 pm
in the philippines and others that proclaimed allegiance to isis. interesting section to spain, in original colonial over lords of philippines were spanish, they referred to the muslims as spanish history with muslims in spain, they referred to muslims in the southern philippines as moros as well. why you have the moro islamic liberation front in the philippines. it is holdover from spanish colonial era. interesting now we're seeing president making a reference. i don't know if he knows the backstory but i think he is trying to say you have very difficult counterinsurgency operations and counterterrorism operations in the case of spain that will be ongoing to figure out was this a cell, was it a cluster? outside support? these are all parts of puzzle. trish: saying we'll be tough, tough, on terror for sure. a little bit of lack of charity regarding that tweet. we'll keep looking into it for you. we'll have more on barcelona after this.
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>> we have the first picture, i gave his name earlier, reporting that the man behind the vehicle there that mowed down so many people, injuring more than 50 and killing 13. we're going to have more at 4 p.m. on fox news. i'm in for neil. now over to liz. liz: thank you very much, trish. we are watching the markets go to session low after session low, we're just off it right now, but the barcelona terror attack grabbing the attention of wall street and main street. spanish authorities are now confirmed in the last 45 minutes that it's not one dead, it's 13 dead and more than 50 injured after that white van plowed through pedestrians on a very busy street in barcelona. at a news conference earlier, catalonia's regional interior chief said he expects the number of fatalities to rise because of this man on your screen who has been


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