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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i guess sometimes you can take it with you. lauren: breaking news this morning. disturbing video of terror in spain. a driver kills 13 people and injuries more than 100. isis is claiming responsibility. we are live on the ground and we will have announcements on the developing story. >> weak earnings and concerns about the terror attack in spain and taking a lock at u.s. stock market futures now.
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dow futures lower by 22, s&p lower by 4, nasdaq futures lower by 7. lauren: europe affected by all the terror. down markets across the board here. you have a 1% decline in london, paris and also in germany. >> in asia japanese stock follow lead, we will have a live report from london on the global action. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ lauren: good friday morning, 5:01 a.m. in new york. august 18th, welcome to fbn:am. i'm lauren simonetti. >> i'm lea gabrielle in for cheryl casone. lauren: police in in spain foil attack overnight as they killed five suspects 75 miles of barcelona.
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authorities say the suspect had plowed pedestrians in their car and wore fake bomb belts, police say the second attack has been linked to the one just hours earlier in barcelona. >> mean while a manhunt continues on the driver of the van killing 13 people and injuring a hundred others. [inaudible conversations] >> there was terror and chaos, the van swerved side to side. >> i feel incredibly lucky and we did consider that, it's so nice to be out, we just said,
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oh, no we logo back and catch up with other friend and that decision was crucial and i just can't believe that. i still think about it now. i can't believe it. >> i started shaking and my heart dropped. all i thought about was hiding or finding a corner, somewhere to run to and not be on the street. lauren: isis claimed responsibility for deadly rampage. police arrested two people in connection with the attack and said neither one of them was the driver of the white van. a third person has been detained. lea: for more on this steve rogers, former member of the fbi national joint terrorism task force. steve thanks for being with us this morning. >> good morning. lea: isis and al-qaeda say killed westerners, kill the enemy as you can, vehicles as
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go-to weapons, last year nice, 86 people killed, london bridge, westminster bridge. >> almost all of the attacks are impossible to prevent because they are soft targets. saying that we need to increase cyber and to develop international as well as national intelligence gathering. look, our best bet here in the united states is to ensure that the people in each community have situational awareness, political policing is something that we need to bring back to the country so police officers can create relationships in the community and that's where we will get intelligence information. so situational awareness, if you see something, say something, we said it over and over again, that's about the best way right now we can combat this and be
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proactive. lea: can you go something to see something, say something because you look at soft targets here in the u.s. as an example, there are hard targets, places like the national capital in dc area where there's police, undercover, cameras everywhere but there are softer targets, cities with people stadiums, that type of thing, what types of things do people really need to watch out for and reporting to police? >> i have to tell you we find out after there's incidents and attacks that people heard something, they saw activity on the internet, people just need to go by their gut instinct, if you see a package, bag somewhere that you sense it shouldn't be there or if you hear a conversation if somebody is talk about a possible terror attack or bragging about something, we have to stop believing that we are bothering the police, we have to stop believing that the little things we are hearing are meaninglyless. everything that we hear and see, if it triggers instinct that are wrong, say something because you
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play be saving lives. lea: such a good point. facebook has a safety check feature that let's people connect but cyber is so important, what needs to be done more to prevent these types of attacks and prevent the coordination by terrorists in. >> well, this is hand been a controversial issue because of the first amendment, we need to let law enforcement, particularly the nsa do their job. i know a lot of people are concerned about the government dipping in and looking into cyberspace but unless we allow the government to do its job, we are going to have problem after problem, so there has to be more intercepts, more surveillance on cyberspace. lea: all right, steve rogers, thank you for your insight this morning. >> you're welcome. lauren: the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona and will do whatever is necessary to help, be tough and strong, we love you.
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lea: vice president pence responding to the attacks response in panamá canal, take a listen. >> sicken us all. the united states stands ready to assist the people of spain and find and punish those responsible. leave lowe both trump and pence will gather today with the administration's national security team at camp david, they'll be working on a plan to resolve the conflict in afghanistan, i'm sure they'll also be talking about it. lauren: so many conflicts around the world. growing concerns over president trump's ability with everything else is going on, this is affecting wall street. we saw stocks selloff yesterday in serious way, biggest drop in three months, losses accelerated after news of the barcelona terror attack. joining us to talk about the agenda former congresswoman, nan. >> good to see you.
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lauren: there's a lot of chaos in washington, d.c. as well, are you concerned that donald trump has the support right now to get through his agenda of tax cuts, infrastructure spending and the like? >> the great thing is that really, lauren, he can point to a lot of accomplishments he's already made, he's put a million americans back to work, he's actively pairing down regulations that have been holding back business, unemployment applications were at a major multiyear low, he has a lot of great things to point to. we know that there's been a lot of drama in the past week. i know, i am quite certain and i know because i have contacts in the business community that people want to see the president get this agenda completed. lauren: but he just lost support from major ceo's in advisory
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councils, a protest, if you will. do you think that political story and the fact that he's lost support here publicly, does that affect the agenda? >> you know, i don't think -- these all are businessmen and women, so they all want to see our economy thrive. the president is the key leader to get this done, so i am confident that he has a lot of talent around him, he is a businessman. the president clearly understands, what we were just talking about, how to get this economy going again, so i think these folks are going to be with him, going to be with him to get this agenda accomplished. lauren: there were concerns that gary cohn, rumors that he would leave the white house, your thoughts on all of that? >> well, strong assurances that gary cohn is not going anywhere which is what we need to hear.
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i think that's crucial to confidence as well. so i think specially with the renewed focus on, look, we've got a purpose here as a nation, we have to strengthen our economy so we can be protect americans and all people who need to be protected from terror here and abroad. i think you're going see that people are going to move forward as they should and put politics on the back burner. >> farce investors are concerned, you have domestic terrorism if you will right here in the u.s. you have a barcelona terror attack, isis that hates us and political rift in washington, d.c. so it's difficult for people to feel confident right now. >> you're absolutely right. eight years of the past administration's feckless foreign policy and dreadful economic policy has brought us to a point to which the
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president has a great challenge but he is capable of meeting it and he needs and deserves the support of the business community and other leaders in washington and i think they're going to come to their senses and do it. lauren: i hope that all happens, nan hayworth thank you for waking up this morning. lea: news of ongoing renew of at&t-time warner deal. lauren: good to see you tracee. tracee: more progress here. regulatory review of takeover of time warner has reportedly reached an advanced stage. at&t lawyers are discussing merger conditions with the justice department according to wall street journal. this is a significant milestone in the deal that was closely watched for signs of how the trump administration would view large mergers, you'll remember
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during presidential campaign trump was critical, he said, this is quote, a deal we would not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few but he has not talked publicly about the transaction recently. we will keep an eye on that. lea: people do want to his impact. so let's talk about uber, though, because there's good news for uber today concerning a lawsuit. tracee: finally a victory for uber in an effort to keep unhappy customers from suing in court. uber lawyers were able to persuade a federal appeals court to send price-fixing case to arbitration, uber didn't properly notify in agreements that disputes would be arbitrated. this is a big deal for uber and other companies as boost for efforts to enforce arbitration efforts which often get buried in long list of terms and condition that is customers never see. lauren: it is friday.
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powerball winner which is actually a good thing. tracee: if we are not here on monday, you know why. because there was no winner on wednesday, get the powerball tickets for tomorrow's 510 million-dollar drawing. despite having one in 292.2 million chance of winning, that half a million dollars, a single ticket could take home a rough cash value of $324.2 million. lauren: that's it. tracee: not bad. lea: somebody is going to win. tracee: somebody, maybe a few people. lauren: i would try to keep it as download as possible. i think people -- lea: lauren would come in wearing hat and sunglasses, nobody would know who she was. thank you, tracee. lauren: coming up we have a new terror attack in spain overnight. plus massive manhunt now underway for the driver who killed 13 people by ramming into them in barcelona.
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we will have a live report from london with the latest terror. former it worker for esm dnc debbie wasserman schultz indicted on four counts including a charge on bank fraud. we sl have the latest on that situation. you are watching fbn:am
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lea: welcome back, we will have live report from london on the barcelona attacks. let's get you caught up on what's happening now.
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despite criticism, president trump continues to oppose removing confederate monuments, he tweet thaad efforts to remove them are an attack on america's history and culture. now meanwhile the cleveland clinic and the american cancer society announced that they are canceling fundraisers, those are scheduled for trump's mar-a-lago resorts in palm beach, florida. a former it democratic debbie wasserman schultz was indicted yesterday on four counts, include bank fraud and making false statements, now the indict also includes wife, according to daily caller, relatives collected millions as they were working for house democrats, most of them who fired in january but schultz kept him on till july. one of the india's it services firms has resigned, resigned with unconventional long letter blaming personal attacks, follows public criticism of the
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company and shares fell 7% on that news and that's what's happening now, lauren. lauren: thanks, lea, we have breaking news this morning, florida has reported a second terror attack outside of barcelona. hey, katie. >> the hunt is very much on, they are looking at a terrorist of around eight people and wanted to use gas canisters as well as vehicles. dramatic developments overnight as you say in the spanish coastal town, a second attack there using a vehicle that left six people injured but police were able to intervene, they shot five suspects who they say were wearing suicide vests, later police said they made devices safe. now all this comes after the attack late on thursday afternoon in central barcelona. sheer panic when a van drove
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through crowds swerving back and forth. the driver was trying to hit as many people as possible. now that driver fled the scene on foot is still on the run, two people were arrested following the initial attack, they have fought to help with the white van involved in the attack. the street in barcelona has now reopened. spanish police keeping a close watch there but things are hardly back to normal yet. authorities say there's at least one suspect at large. a huge manhunt underway for the driver, whether that's the same person we don't know yet but it's interesting to know that isis had has claimed responsibility for this attack and using a vehicle is something we have seen elsewhere in european cities in berlin and also here in london, lauren. lauren: thank you for that report. lea: coming up, we will continue to have the latest on the new terror attack that happened over night, five jihadi's wearing
5:20 am
fake suicide belts shot by police. plus weekend weather scattered storms and heavy rain moved across the northeast and mid atlantic, plus we are watching tropical storm harvey, janice dean has the weekend forecast. checking u.s. stock market futures, we have been seeing red on the board this morning, dow lower by 16, you are watching fbn:am, stay with us where's jack? he's on holiday. what do you need? i need the temperature for pipe five. ask the new guy. the new guy? jack trained him. jack's guidance would be to maintain the temperature at negative 160 degrees celsius. that doesn't sound like jack. actually, jack would say, hey mate, just cool it to minus 160 and we're set. good on ya. oh yeah. that's jack.
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lauren: strong storms, heavy rain hitting parts of the northeast and mid atlantic but it's the weekend, fox senior meteorologist janice dean live in weather center. happy friday, janice. janice: every friday we get chance of storms. seems like it's been like that all summer and today is no exception. current temperatures across the map here in the 70's, down
5:24 am
south that's where we get a little bit warmer and cooler across the upper-midwest and great lakes as the cold front moves on through and the potential for not only, you know, rain showers but strong to severe storms for portions of the northeast. watching the system right here across the great lakes pushing in towards i-95 corridor, messy commute unfortunately. hail, damage winds even isolated tornadoes, for all of the big cities here along the i-95 corridor up towards new york state. watching that, forecast temperature radar, if you are traveling today, you want to make sure that you are in touch with airlines because we will see delays and cancellations, all right, okay. here is your forecast across the country. gulf coast very warm and sticky, florida showers and thunderstorms that front moves through the northeast this afternoon. it is warm across the west and dry across the west as well and real quick, tropical storm
5:25 am
harvey already busy season watching the system as it moves through caribbean and eventually towards yucatán peninsula and behind harvey several other features we are watching in the atlantic, it is hurricane season, ladies, it is going to be busy over the next couple of days, have a great weekend. lea: thanks, janice, coming up a massive manhunt underway in spain for a driver of a van that killed 13 people in bar. we will have the latest on that situation. and sticker-shock in iowa, you will not believe how much the only obamacare insurance state wants to hike the premiums there. let's take a look at u.s. stock market futures ahead of opening bell. dow futures lower by 16, s&p low er by 2, you're watching fbn:am.
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leave lowe breaking news this morning, disturbing video of terror in spain, a driver kills 13 people and injuries more than a 100 and now a second terror attack overnight with five of those attackers who were wearing fake suicide vests shot by spanish police. we will have analysis on developing story. lauren: all of this affecting the markets. dow sank 75 points yesterday fueled by terror and political uncertainty here at home and weak earnings and everything going on overseas. nasdaq is trying to eke out a gain, dow down 11. lea: in europe stocks also opened up under pressure, ftse down 69, cac quarante down 65 and dax in germany lower by 80 points. lauren: much of the same in asia
5:30 am
, live report from london on the global market action coming up right now fbn:am starts. lea: good morning, 5:31 a.m. here in new york on friday august 18th, lea gabrielle in for cheryl casone this morning. lauren: i'm lauren simonetti, unfortunately we begin the show -- lea: looking at another tragedy. police in spain have foiled a second terror attack overnight after they killed five suspects in the seaside resort town south of barcelona, authorities say the suspect plowed down pedestrians in cambrils and used fake bomb belts and police say that the second attack has been linked to the one hours earlier in barcelona. meanwhile a manhunt continues
5:31 am
for the driver of the van that barreled through a crowd and injuring a hundred ore people. [inaudible conversations] lea: horrible to look at, terror and chaos from the streets. the van swerved side to side as it attacked mowing down tourists an residents on the city's most famous avenue. >> i feel incredibly lucky and we did consider that, it's so nice to be out, but we said, oh, no, we will go back to catch up with other friends and that decision was just critical and i just can't believe that we did that and we missed, i just, i
5:32 am
still think about it now. i can't believe it. >> i started shaking and my heart dropped and i didn't know what was going on, i don't know, all i thought about was hiding or finding a corner or somewhere to run to and not be on the streets. lauren: popular area in spain, that's where people go and enjoy themselves and this attack by isis claiming responsibility for the deadly rampage, police initially arrested two people in connection with the attack but said, either one of them is the actual driver. authorities there now say there's a third person who has been detained. so we have three people in custody right now. leave lowe we sure do, for more on this let's go to mike baker, former cia officer and president of diligent, global intelligence and security forum, mike, i want to go to you on your background with cia, there are report that is the cia actually warned of a possible attack, what kind of warning would the cia put forward and could this have been prevented from such a warning?
5:33 am
>> well, typically these things are not specific. people might imagine, well, there's a warning and gave a specific date or individuals or methodology, actionable intelligence said spanish authorities could act on, that's usually not the case, usually it's more of an assessment, analysis of all the bits and pieces of intel that come in from a variety of sources, human intelligence and liaison partners and these warnings, the assessments, the sharing of concerns and analysis, it goes on all of the time. so, you know, people shouldn't be under the impression that, you know, somehow two months ago or cia gave them a report that said, the point of the attack in the near future and the individuals might be responsible for it. it tends to be more broad, more vague than that. sometimes if you're lucky, yeah, it's actually, it's actionable leads based on collection and
5:34 am
perhaps communications intercepts but typically it's not as specific as people might imagine. lea: difficult to follow. of course, we are seeing this type of attacks repeated and often times the terrorists choose points where people have to transit through. this is the first attack of large proportions in spain in years and we are also seeing a large migrant population. do you think the two are related? >> well, sure, yeah, the open borders policy throughout the eu has been a self-inflicted wound and it's causing them wide variety of problems. look, every nation has the right and most nations do to try to understand to some degree the people that are coming in to their country and, you know, unfortunately the policies they've had until this point in time they create a variety of problems for those people who are charged with trying to keep the population in that country safe.
5:35 am
so, yes, there's definitely a direct correlation to that and unfortunately now what the eu is looking at whether it's spain or large number of disaffected individuals who don't feel vested in homeland and often times create potential recruits for jihadists. lea: is sis claiming responsibility for this attack, do you think that there's attack to support that claim, we know that isis lost land in places like iraq and syria, they are pushing for more of these, your thoughts? >> it doesn't matter, from my perspective they could care less they were committed and direct line to members of isis in terms of coordination or provision of resources or money or communications, you know, as long as an act is committed, it doesn't matter to isis. we tend to get wrapped around the axel over was there this
5:36 am
connection and in reality from the jihadist perspective whether it's an absolute religious zel out who believes in cause or individual who latch on, hey, it's a win if they commit an act of terror. lea: hopefully we will be able to get clarify on that in the future. thank you so much, mike. >> sure, thank you. lauren: president trump is sending his full support to spain following the attack, he tweeted the united states condemn it is terror attack in barcelona spain and will do whatever is necessary to help, be tough and strong, we love you . lea: vice president pence also responding in panamá canal. >> latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sicken us all. lauren: this issue of terror
5:37 am
overseas certainly affecting the markets. yesterday the dow fell at the lows of the session, down 274 points, we saw the losses accelerate of the terror attack in barcelona a. dam johnson the founder of bulls eye brief, he joins us to discuss. adam, what exactly is going on here? what is the biggest factor behind the selloff that we recently saw? >> it was the obvious. it was spain, the problems here in the country with lack of leadership in the white house. you could argue that washington is the headless horseman as the white house becomes detached as the gop is fractured and democratic slap their own message. admittedly yesterday it was all about washington-excuse me, all about spain. lauren: speaking of washington, it feels that this week things in washington got more chaotic, you wouldn't -- >> they did. lauren: are you concerned about the trump agenda at all, is it still on track? >> admittedly i'm not sure there's a trump agenda sadly and i'm speaking as someone who
5:38 am
deploys capital into the markets and has an expectation that we are going to get leadership out of this administration. admittedly, we have got none. it's very disconcerting and yet what the markets are keying on and more admittedly even stead because we are steady on futures and lack of leadership at the white house is the fact that we have earnings and employment in this country. that's really the message here. we have earnings growth of 10% that's accelerate to go 12%. earnings and employment, that's the story, that's what markets are keying on long-term. the two e's, yeah. lauren: as you're speaking, we did see futures for nasdaq and s&p turned positive suggesting that investors are coming in and try to buy the dip here. gold at a high for the year, $1,300. first time we have seen 1300 since november. investors are nervous. >> investors are nervous. you know what's interesting, if you look at gold, went down to
5:39 am
1200 four times in the space of call it six months and as a matter of fact, actually i wrote to my bulls eye subscribers, you to respect price action, when you have something like gold that goes to the same price four times and bounces in each case you're probably ought to be buying it and you're now seeing gold at 1300, i actually look the junior minors,gdxj. it's more about trying to position yourself correctly so you don't lose money because it's very difficult right now, lauren. lauren: adam johnson, good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. lea: makers of epipen have finalized claims for overcharges. lauren: tracee carrasco with more on that and the other headlines making news this morning. tracee: reached a deal with federal authorities to settle claims that it overcharged the medicaid program by millions of dollars.
5:40 am
mylan will pay $465 million. that settles allegation that is mylan misclassified epipen as generic product reducing the amount of rebates owed to medicate. lauren: tell us about the obama premium hike in iowa in. >> this is pretty big, iowa only obamacare insurer is looking for 57% rate increase, that's 13% more than they asked for in june. it's because of uncertainties over federal health care subsidies, this is a growing trend and insurers are stuck in holding pattern waiting on congress and the trump administration to decide the fate of obamacare. lea: we got clarity on the subsidies. i want to talk about this because i'm going on a little trip to alaska and i like to look at google maps before i do and now i'm hearing that google maps is going interactive. >> perfect time for you then,
5:41 am
google will come in handy for people traveling, so anywhere in the world, travelers can access the q&a feature through listings through any local business and ask questions about that business, the owner can answer or anyone else who may have an answer. >> thank you, tracee. lauren: have a good weekend. spanish authorities foil a second terrorist attack that happened just outside of barcelona, live report from spain on the ground on the situation. the skipper of the uss fitzgerald released from duty after a pay tale june collision, we will tell you about that. look at that. we will be right back. ] karma, . ...karma!
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lauren: welcome back, we will have the latest on the terror attack in spain. right now we want to get you caught up on the stories, navy that is disciplined top officers when crash killed seven sailers and almost sank in the coast of japan after struck by philippine container ship, other members of the ship's watch team was also disciplined. a mass burial held for about 300 victim of monday's deadly mud
5:45 am
slide in sierra leone, another 600 still missing, about 3,000 people are homeless. 10billion-dollar foxconn facility moved closer to reality after passing 3 million tax break for foxconn. it could employ up to 13,000 people in wisconsin. deal was announced three weeks ago by president trump as well as governor scott walker. lea, that's what's happening right now. lea: all right, thank you, governor, the uss fitzgerald, a number of sailers were true heros, true heros in that incident. but let's get to other breaking news this morning, police reporting a second terror attack outside of barcelona. katie, what are we learning? >> good morning, authorities in spain say they are looking for one key suspect, a manhunt underway for the driver of the
5:46 am
white van that was involved in the attack in barcelona. we don't know if that's the same person but what authorities are also saying that around eight people were involved in the terrorist and also wanted to use gas canters in their attack, we saw that again last night in dramatic developments in the spanish coastal town of cambrils, a vehicle used in second attack and left six people injured, police did intervene and shot five suspects who they say were wearing suicide vests which they were able to make safe. now all of this comes after an attack on thursday afternoon, late thursday afternoon in central barcelona, they were seen as panic when a van drove through crowds in very busy tourist street and the witnesses were saying the van was swerving back and forth and the driver was trying to hit as many people as he possibly could, that driver did flee the scene, he is still on the run and two people have been arrested in relation to that particular attack. it's thought they were perhaps
5:47 am
linked to the hiring of that vehicle. a third person was also arrested this morning in spain related to these attacks, now that street in barcelona has been reopened in close watch of spanish police but things are hardly back to normal. authorities say there's a huge manhunt underway and huge investigation, counterterrorism investigation is beginning and interesting to note as well that isis has claimed responsibility for this attack and it does follow a series of similar incidents in europe using vehicles to drive through crowds and injury and kill people, we saw in berlin and in london and elsewhere, back to you. lauren: so unfortunate, the list goes on as terrorist strike us in very conventional ways, kitty, thank you very much so much. we are getting photos of the suspect. initial reports said he rented the van that was used in barcelona attack but later handed himself over to police
5:48 am
saying he took no part in the attack and his brothers 8-year-old stole his identity. police are now looking whether the teenager from barcelona is the real suspect here, reportedly written on social media in the past about killing infadels. that's a quote.lea: coming, we o to london. in sports, two college basketball teams who had close call in barcelona. jared max will have your sports update. you're watching fbn:am. cloud. this is a car protected from storms by an insurance company that knows the weather down to the square block. this is a diamond tracked on a blockchain - protected against fraud, theft and trafficking. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a patient's medical history made secure - while still available to their doctor at their fingertips.
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lea: welcome back, four men's college basketball teams are there to play exhibitions, jared
5:52 am
max is here with the highlights, jared, a couple of those teams had close call. jared: very close calls. the situation that's sadly and many know the feeling, something catastrophic happens in the location where friends, acquaintances, loved ones might be near. wayne saw a tweet yesterday, he let the world know everybody with the team was okay. coach team in barcelona, safe and accounted for and then responded, yes, we are, happened directly in front of our hotel while we were having a team meal in the restaurant. so senseless and sad. all accounted for. in addition oregon state, men's basket al from clemsen, arizona, all reported to be safe, shaken by what they saw, david amber was in the same hotel and he tweeted something horrible happened outside of my hotel. unclear at this point but the area has been evacuated.
5:53 am
all members of all four teams are accounted for and safe. back state side controversy brewing in boston where red sox owner walks -- wants streets outside to be renamed. boston mayor reportedly supports the idea, yawkey was the last to hire an african-american player 12 years after jackie robinson broke the color barrier. now let's have some fun. [laughter] jared: check out pittsburgh pirates dancing the night away last night. not only did harrison hit a two-run home run, before the game, this is going on in the dugout, on the field, showing it off. they are dancing and the pirates lost and this is the kind of fun you have to have at that point. way to go.
5:54 am
gary sánchez, three-run blast and the difference as the yankees held off to win 7-5. tonight yankees are in boston. four games behind the red sox. you remember the rally in st. louis? >> yes. jared: gouged the crew member who ran him off the field, the team wants to adopt the cat. cat named rally but they said, we are going get the cat and the st. louis outreach says not so fast. we have made no decisions about rallies long-term placement and inconsist to make false statements. give him the cat. easier to sign up for a passport in your name. nba finals kevin durant say ifs the warriors get invited to the white house to celebrate title he will not be there. kevin durant says i don't agree with what he agrees with regarding president trump. so my voice is going to be heard by not doing that. that's just me personally but if
5:55 am
i know my guys well enough, they'll all agree with me. still no invite for the warriors . second story that involves the cat, their beloved live tiger mascot had passed away by age 11. the tigers need a new live mascot and this could be the one. that's harvey, 11 month's old, before he could be taken over by lsu, he gets checked out by vets, they need to make sure that he's not going to -- that he's not going to knock the highlighter off the desk and that he's going to be okay as far as with interaction with the fans. lea: i'm sure harvey will be just fine. jared: he's friendly. they want to get in there with him. lea: jared max, thank you. you can catch jared sports on 24/7 and siriusxm 115.
5:56 am
lauren: coming up we will have a live report from london on how reports are react to go yesterday's big decline on wall street and recent terror in barcelona. we will be right back
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> riva gold, hey, riva. >> good morning. lauren: it's going to be a tough day in europe. we have big moves on wall street
5:59 am
yesterday to the downside that are affecting and terror in barcelona. >> a lot of the focus is with the victims but from a market's perspective what you're seeing is travel shares across europe, a lot of airlines, hotels, they're underperforming today leading declines as well as spanish stocks as people tend -- investors make assessment that this may have impact at least for now on tourism in the region as well. you couple that with all the tensions and nervousness around washington and you're seeing a continuation of some pretty classic kind of riskoff moves across markets in europe and asia. lea: do you expect the turn that we saw yesterday to continue and what are you looking for next week? >> in the short-term it would appear so. u.s. futures are lower, yen is up, people are looking for heaven assets, next week jackson
6:00 am
hole, a conference, central banks in focus, a couple of data points but everyone wants to know what is janet yellen going to say, what is mario drogy going to say. lauren: tough morning, maria. maria: thank you so much, ladies, lauren. terrorism in spain, good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us, friday august 18th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. second attack in spain overnight. police killing five suspects wearing fake bomb belts who were linked to the car ramming attack in barcelona yesterday. [shouting] maria: at least 13 people and a hundred others injured. 13 people dead, a hundred other injuries in the rampage in the heart of the city yesterday. authorities


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