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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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today. as nicole petallides pointed out retailers doing very well as well. here we go. closing bell is straight ahead. dave as man and melissa francis as they clap and smile. "after the bell." [closing bell rings] melissa: rally on wall street. the dow ending near session highs after secretary of state rex tillerson details president trump's new strategy in afghanistan. all major averages are ending the day firmly in the green. i'm melissa francis. david: it is a happy tuesday. i'm david asman. we're glad you could join us this is "after the bell." more on big market movers but here's what else we're covering for you in this very busy hour. it's 104 degrees in phoenix right now where folks are gathering patiently by the thousands for a rally by the president later tonight. president trump will arrive in yuma, arizona, this hour and we will take you there. the president will tour the u.s.-mexico border as congress
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is preparing for a budget battle over one of his biggest campaign promises, the border wall. new details on the president's tax plan for tax reform. how the white house is making progress on president trump's economic agenda. among our guests this hour, we have steve hayes from the "weekly standard," retired lieutenant colonel oliver north, and dr. kelly ward, the arizona rebel challenging republican establishment senator jeff flake. he will not attend the president's rally tonight. she will. interesting. melissa: back to markets, the dow surging today among new confidence in president trump's pro-growth agenda. nicole petallides at new york stock exchange. nicole, what started the rally? >> up almost 200 points, best day in four months for the dow and what's driving the rally is less focus on everything politics and more on the big picture which is tax reform, fundamentals, earnings, back to what we used to be running up on in the first place.
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here are some names that are driving the dow. you can see they're all technology heavy. cisco up 2%. apple, microsoft, gaining big time. you were mentioning about tax reform. the idea some traders talking about technology companies have so much money overseas that they want to bring home. also the nasdaq dropped below the 50 day moving average and looking better today obviously. taking a look at some other names including chevron which was on the move. chevron had good profits in latest number, lower spending. news, chief executive john watson will step down by next month. up half of 1%. designer shoe warehouse, dsw is the correct name. that is 17 1/2% higher. for the first time dsw saw same-store sales rising 0.6%. that is positive. fewer markdown as and the like.
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after couple of weeks of selling where the dow lost 1.9%, people are saying there are better valuations and they can scoop things up a little cheaper than couple weeks ago. maybe they're doing exactly that as well. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you so much for that. david: stocks continuing to bounce back after today, after president trump made what even some of his critics praised a high presidential order. let's bring in the panel. gary kaltbaum, from kaltbaum capital management and also a fox news contributor and bob cusack from "the hill." good to see you both. gary, was there a bounce-back or in connection with what the president said and how he said it last night? >> a combination of market being oversold, a lot of negativity built up last week. getting away from the real bad week for the president last week, looking much more presidential last night, that did not hurt. believe me what happens and emanates out of the white house does matter to markets. when you get the back and forth
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like we've seen last week or two, good to see something a little bit better. the markets did look at that today. david: a presidential demeanor, bob, could help the president get his agenda passed. we'll talk about tax cuts in a moment but what happens if tonight that whole presidential demeanor is wiped out by revert, how shall we put it more campaign-style donald trump? >> yeah that is the big question. he has to keep the momentum, continue to turn the page from his response to charlottesville. that was very, very tough week for the president but he gave a speech last night has been praised by many republicans. that is what they need. the republican party is so fractured especially after charlottesville, they go into fiscal battles, funding company, raising debt ceiling or tax reform, they have to be united. that has to happen real soon. melissa: going forward we're expecting president trump to make a more public push when it comes to tax reform and speaker
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paul ryan is remaining confident tax reform will be a lot easier than health care. >> i think it will be far easier for us to do tax reform than it was say for health care reform. the entire tax cut bill, tax reform bill can go through one bill in the house and senate. procedurally makes it much easier. melissa: oh, bob what do you think? should we get our hopes up? >> i think it will be very difficult to pass tax reform. when you're revamping the well tax code as speaker ryan said, he was in high school when that happened in 1986. that has been a long time and there is a reason for that. i think they can get something done on tax cuts, but reforming the entire tax code, you have winners and have losers and you have lobbying fights. i eventually think they go to plan b, i think they have a decent tax cuts but not the biggest tax cut in history as the president said. melissa: we're hearing, gary, that the legislation is done. steve mnuchin has done all the work.
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he is incredibly capable, we're hearing from our own reporters, tony sayegh, who is very talented coms person moving into the white house. there is debate whether that happens or not. they know what they're doing. they're on message. they have to get the president on board to sell it. what do you think about that? they sound like they're organized? >> here is my problem, you hear paul ryan it is so easy to do, why wasn't it down three months ago? hope there is something there. here is my biggest problem, i'm reading inside the tax reform are tax hikes to pay for tax cuts which means where's anything? so if you're going to redistribute the money from one place to the other, you're doing absolutely nothing. we have got to change the trajectory of government spending, how much money is paid by the taxpayer into government. it is crushing the potential of this economy. so i'm keeping fingers crossed that they get this right, but
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what i'm reading today, i was not thrilled at all. david: no rate hikes. get rid of some deductions but no rate hikes. senator bernie sanders once again pushing socialist ideas to the democratic base in ohio today. take a listen. >> why is it that the united states of america is the only major country on earth not to guarranty health care to all people? david: so, bob, is bernie's socialism, not just health care, it is a lot of other things, is bernie's brand of socialism the accepted platform of the democrat party? >> i think short answer is yes. david: wow. >> the democratic party is moving in that direction. single-payer insurance -- david: bob, i hate to correct you. that is socialized medicine. that is what single-payer medicine. >> government paying for all. david: that is socialism. >> one thing democrats don't talk about how to pay for it,
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especially if it talks 10 of trillions of dollars. david: socialists never do. >> look at cosponsors in the house, half of democrats in the house cosponsored the legislation. bernie will introduce it in the senate. new litmus test for democrats, is this type of health care system. david: gary you don't have to have anybody pay for it because it is free. it is free. nobody pace forit, right? are americans going to buy into the socialist myths, gary, what do you think? >> first off, bernie sanders talking about the economy, i might as well be talking about brain surgery and nuclear physics. look, the guy has never created a dime of wealth. never -- david: but will americans. we know but will americans buy into it, quickly? >> hell no, because the guy doesn't have a clue. amazing when he ran for president he said i will raise taxes on middle class, don't worry i give you more back in return, since when has that ever happened. keep doing that and eif the democrats win any election going forward if he is the face of the party. melissa: so will the president
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have have 2020 challenger from silicon valley? president trump is viewing facebook ceo mark zuckerberg as a potential threat in the "20/20" election. this is new report from "politico." gary, will he have to be 35 to run for president? is zuckerberg like 10? >> he has the bucks. if trump's poll numbers keep heading south, yogi bear could run for president and probably win. his numbers are that bad. it will not be zuckerberg. my bet is howard schultz. many others coming out of the woodwork. expect a bunch coming out of the republican party going after him in the primary. melissa: bob, zuckerberg's number two, cheryl samburg wants to run for office. >> there could be 100 democrats running. >> you're right. >> donald trump will be primaried in 2020. he has to look over his shoulder but on democratic side you're
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hearing new names, non-conventional people, not politicians, because there is no sure thing on the democratic side. melissa: absolutely. gary, bob, thank you. david: gary, bob, my new a-list guys. they're sister risk. the commander-in-chief unchief unveiling his plan for america's longest war, vowing that america will win in afghanistan. coming up, steve hayes from the "weekly standard" and retired lieutenant colonel oliver north respond to the president's address to the nation and his new strategy for the military. melissa: the president is set to arrive in yuma, arizona. the grand canyon state is the battle ground for big ticket agenda items, immigration, the border wall, health care. later this hour, we'll speak to kelli ward, a primary challenger for arizona senator jeff flake. president trump recently criticized senator flake for being quote, toxic. will ward work to drain the swamp if elected? david: plus the president's
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again today facing an uphill battle on capitol hill. former congressman jason chaffetz weighing in on what should be republicans number one priority. let's hope it is that tax cut. ♪ me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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david: next stop, arizona, president trump turning to campaign style rally in phoenix one day after outlining his new strategy for america's longest war in afghanistan the our own blake burman is at the white house. i bet you're glad you're not in the 104-degree heat but not stopping thousands waiting for the president. >> reporter: not as bad in d.c. as it is in arizona. there is campaign-tile rally tonight in phoenix.
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president lands in yuma, arizona, for an event with customs and border protection and speak with marines there. after that he heads over to phoenix. a whole lot of intrigue with this one, remains to be seen if the president will weigh into the questions surrounding controversial sheriff there, joe arpaio, whether or not the president may or may not give a pardon to mr. arpaio. there are two republican senators in that state, that have drawn the ire of the president in recent weeks and months, that being jeff flake who the president described as toxic. as you know it was senator john mccain who eventually sunk the health care legislation. this speech, also in phoenix, potentially gives the president another vehicle, another outlet to talk about his new strategy in afghanistan that he laid out last night. on this day self top members within the administration pitching a new strategy which
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focuses not only on afghanistan but out asia, the south asia strategy they're calling it and specifically pakistan, trying to put more pressure on that country. secretary of state rex tillerson said today there has been an erosion of trust with the neighboring country to afghanistan. >> we have witnessed terrorist organizations being given safe haven inside of pakistan to plan and carry out attacks against u.s. servicemen, u.s. officials, disrupting peace efforts inside of afghanistan. pakistan must adopt a different approach. >> reporter: and, david, tillerson also did not rule out the possibility of eventually conducting operations inside pakistan. david? david: very interesting. blake burman, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here now is steve hayes, "weekly standard" editor-in-chief and also a fox news contributor. first of all, let's do afghanistan. >> sure. melissa: what did you think about the speech, the tone, tenor, content, where does it
4:17 pm
put us? >> i think the speech was pretty good. this is one of president trump's better moments. just what you were talking about with blake was the most important part. i think the most significant policy development in the war on terror we've seen in this young administration, that is challenging pakistan. pakistan basically had a free hand to play both side for years now. melissa: yeah. >> and they have done that, particularly after the united states took out osama bin laden in a in abbottabad in may of 2011. melissa: he goes to arizona. he is threading a needle. he ride as good wave after the speech. he has support of senator mccain's support, dangling in front of him, as senator mccain sort of blew up the whole repeal and replace thing. how do you think he handles that? >> this will be one of the interesting questions.
4:18 pm
this will be one of the interesting rallies we've seen him do since he became president. the environment as you say. melissa: loaded. >> we don't know. he came off a pretty rough week in the aftermath of charlottesville. he gave what was regarded as pretty good speech last night, providing outlines of an afghanistan policy now he is headed to arizona. traditional white house you would say to the president, stay on message. your afghanistan speech was reasonably well-received. you had your surrogates in rex tillerson, mike pence, out promoting it today. this is the time to go, amplify what you said last night and try to build on that, and build popular support. but as you point out, there are some other things we know when he gets in front of an audience feeds off of that audience and often goes off message. melissa: can you imagine how far a message of unity would go tonight? this is set up, this is the perfect opportunity, to step up and say something -- he doesn't even have to specifically talk
4:19 pm
about anything that's happened recently that has been problematic but just to talk about on the heels of last night in the afghanistan thing to talk about bringing the country together, getting back to work, moving forward? what do you think? >> yeah, i mean he did that a little bit at the beginning of the speech last night. it was a little -- it felt a little awkward, right? we knew he was responding to charlottesville, doing some cleanup work there. then transitioning into afghanistan but i thought the way he did it actually came off pretty well. i think he could build on that tonight if he wanted to and build on those themes, draw some of them out. in my view, i didn't think handled charlottesville very well. stuart: right. >> because we know the president is somebody pretty candid with people i would acknowledge that yeah, i didn't say this maybe the way i had hoped i would say it. i screwed it up, but let me just tell you what i think. that could actually be pretty effective for him. melissa: it could, although i get nervous, anytime you retread
4:20 pm
back over territory, i don't know. steve, we'll all be watching, right? >> we will be. it will be interesting. melissa: thanks for coming on my friend. stay tuned to fox business for complete coverage and analysis of the president's rally in phoenix tonight starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. david: it will be a very interesting rally. north korea sending another warning to the united states what seems like an endless amount of threats, but, rex tillerson, our secretary of state, just giving us reason to be hopeful about north korea. we'll tell you what that was. melissa: plus, president trump praised by many after laying out his strategy for the war in afghanistan. retired lieutenant colonel oliver north gives us his take after the break. ♪ >> the way he squared his shoulders and said to the american people, and said to the world, here is what we need to do for our safety and our security, couldn't make me more proud.
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>> my original insting was to pull out and historically i like following my instincts but all my life i have heard that decisions are much different, when you sit behind the desk in the oval office. in other words, when you're president of the united states. so i studied afghanistan in great detail and from every conceivable angle. david: president trump admitting last night he had a change of heart on afghanistan from when he was on the campaign trail but why? to retired lieutenant colonel oliver north, host of "war stories," proudly shown every weekend on fox business. colonel, what do you think the president heard that made him change his mind? >> no doubt, he has listened to his generals. he listened to the troops. he listened to a lot of folks.
4:25 pm
david: what are they telling him? >> first his acknowledgement he changed his mind. one of many surprises, in that very surprising speech. here is another one john, or excuse me, david. here is another surprise from last night. it didn't leak. think about it. david: right. >> right up until the moment he stood up there in fort meyer, we were saying many others, number of 4,000 troops and timeline, none of that leaked. astounding thing. david: okay, so to make this man change his mind is very significant. we get that. but what specifically did he hear that made him do that? >> well i think one of the things he listened to people like general mattis, general dunford and general kelly. i point out proudly those are all marines. david: yeah. >> it was a policy speech, not a military strategy speech. i was glad he is committed to preventing afghanistan from becoming once again a safe haven for radical terror. he was magnificent in his tribute he paid to the soldiers,
4:26 pm
sailors, airmen, guardsmen, and marines that served over there and lost loved ones. he set an objective, an honorable outcome, hasty withdrawal is unacceptable unlike the obama bugout you and i talked about some times from iraq. he set out conditions-based, not time-based withdrawal. he defined enemy, radical islamists. he defined victory destroying isis and al qaeda with afghan and allied help. number two, eliminating safe havens in pakistan. no one done that before. number three, offering a political possibility in the future and finally stopping terrorists from killing americans which i hope he emphasizes again what he will talk about here in a few hours. david: well he didn't change all of his views. >> no. david: we heard some familiar donald trump. let me play a quick clip from that speech. >> we are not nation-building again. we are killing terrorists. david: we're not nation-building, we're killing terrorists. now we did that in december of
4:27 pm
2001, right after the 9/11 attacks. we sent in just a few hundred special forces. we allied with an army, a rebel army that was against the taliban, and we had tremendous success. can we do that again? >> yes, and i'm hoping that there this latitude in what he didn't say doing kind of things we all heard about from others suggest perhaps a hybrid of conventional military operation, covert operations and u.s. special operators. if that's done, i think you've got a very good chance bringing this to an end a lot sooner than anybody setting a timeline at the back end of the deployment like president obama did. the bottom line of it, this man changed the policy and strategy is going to adapt to it. you notice, even if all the q&as, how many troops? he is not saying. david: no he is not telegraphing. >> i'm hoping that the hybrid would include something like the proposal that was delivered to him last weekend up at camp
4:28 pm
david to have the cia, call it what it is, stand up on its hind feet, for a change do something like they did at the very beginning of this war. most of that was done by the cia and special operations units. david: very quickly, we have only a few seconds, colonel, but north korea, rex tillerson, sort of hate to use the word he did kind of compliment north koreans for pulling back at least in terms of testing and so forth. they have lobbed some rhetoric but no hardware. is that something to be thankful for? >> look, i think one of the things we're seeing from this president is people around the world to include the chinese, who have all the cards to play against pongyang are paying attention to this president because they know he is going to follow through. i think all of that rhetoric so widely criticized put them on notice, and despite terrible accidents at sea we've had lately i think united states of america is well-prepared to deal, if north korean, if the north koreans launch something
4:29 pm
else, they will pay a terrible price for it. david: colonel oliver north, great to see you, colonel. >> appreciate it, david. david: catch "war stories" with very north saturday and sunday on fox business network. melissa: breaking news, one suspect in the barcelona terror attack is being let go on conditional release, but a judge is ordering two other suspects to be held without bail on suspicion of being members of a terror group. murder, and possessing explosives, all according to the associated press. keep an eye on this story and report more as we have it. david: we have more breaking news, this time on the corporate front. sales force falling after-hours despite a beat on second-quarter earnings and revenue. the cloud software company seeing a sales increase of more than 25% from a year ago as investors continue to eye competition from companies like microsoft, oracle and service now. melissa: so one of america's
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melissa: bracing for an ambitious agenda. lawmakers returning from august recess will face a massive to-do list in washington. vice president mike pence says president trump will have a clear message for congress tonight. >> the president tonight will call on the congress to step up and move and a again today forward that will make america great again -- agenda. melissa: here is former congressman jason chaffetz, a fox news contributor. the to-do list is enorm must when they get back to work. what should be at the top in terms of what can be done to build momentum? we're looking at screen right now. there is infrastructure. government funding, debt ceiling. obviously that is something they need to deal with right away. border wall, something president
4:35 pm
talked about. then there is health care. what do you think? how does the list shake out to you? >> all of the above is what republicans were elected to do. tax reform would do most good for the economy. not just tax cuts but tax reform. charitable deductions stay in place. mortgage deductions stay in place. but a ambitious corporate tax reform and dealing with the individual rate, bringing dollars back from overseas to inject those dollars into the economy. a rising tide help all ships here along the way. and, that would, by far do the most. but you have to do some of those others like the debt ceiling. >> totally, but you know all those guys. you know those guys. can that actually get done. if what we're leaking down and we'll get it done, is tax reform doable? can they find consensus or will
4:36 pm
it be another failure like health care? >> all you have to do is get republicans to vote for it. you have got to be able to do that the senate will be a much more difficult situation and there is going to have to be some hard negotiation there in order to get that portion done but in the house, yes, i think you have to get that done. now how that plays out with infrastructure, i think thinks some dollars probably to play with there but when they got rid of earmarks they made this process much more difficult. nevertheless, you have to get it done. melissa: so infrastructure, that is another one the democrats have said is a layup, because something they want to be involved in and even when he tried to lay it out before, of course thunderdome took over. the, idea around infrastructure made a lot of sense, billions they were talking about, the matching fund from private industry, shortening the permit process, that you actually might get something done in two years as opposed to 15 years, looked like a solid plan.
4:37 pm
do you think that's something that could get done with help from everyone on all sides, realistically? >> i think that will be part of the leverage that they use in order, i believe, to the get the tax reform portion done. the gauntlet here. you have to fund the government. do a debt ceiling. you have to pass a budget. border wall has to be in there and democrats will dig their heels in in. there are only 12 calendar days for house of representatives earns. half of those are fly-in and fly-out days. if i had to pick one, i think it would be tax reform. you have to do a debt ceiling, representative tom mcclintock has a way not to default but to fund the government. melissa: do you think there are conversations that people are talking to each other, there is a plan and ready to hit it and get back to work? >> i think representative kevin brady in the ways and means
4:38 pm
committee is ready to do this. what i am concerned about, august was not spent barnstorming the country, laying a foundation for principles you need on the tax reform. i don't see the president. i haven't seen the vice president, i haven't seen republicans as a whole beating week in, week out with op-eds and rallies and meetings, i haven't seen that. melissa: you're right, jason chaffetz, thank you so much. >> thank you. david: grim discovery in the search for the 10 missing u.s. sailors off the coast of singapore. the navy confirming it has found a number of human remains in a flooded compartment on board the uss mccain. search-and-rescue operations are still underway, despite earlier fears, a naval official telling fox news, this and other accidents with navy ships were not the result of cyber attacks. poor training may be a bigger problem. the pentagon will be conducting a thorough review of fleet personnel and equipment. the president tweeting his
4:39 pm
condolences, saying we pray for our fallen heroes who died while serving our country in the u.s. navy aboard the uss john s. mccain and their families. melissa: north korea threatening to turn the united states into quote, a huge heap of ashes. that is so nice. the warning coming one day after the u.s. and south korea began conducting annual military drills. the rogue regime telling both countries it would respond with absolute force if need be. that president trump's handling of the situation has been, quote, unimaginably reckless. david: but no more missile testing, very important. rex tillerson pointed that out. president trump's supporters are lining up by the thousands patiently waiting in over 100-degree heat to hear the president speak tonight. fox business is bringing the speech to you live. melissa: senator jeff flake might need to watch out. his challenger is ready to put up a fight and could president trump end up endorsing her
4:40 pm
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melissa: which are awaiting president trump's arrival in yuma, arizona. there you go. the president will hold a campaign-style rally in phoenix later tonight. local police are bracing for protests. jeff flock on the scene with all the details. jeff? >> reporter: i tell you, fever, tensions running a little bit high here. occasionally people come by, this is the rally site where people are waiting to go in. somebody will come by to give a signal these guys are number one, or holding up one of their fingers, anyway, that doesn't get met very well. the police are out in force here. they're ready to kind of take, take steps to keep people apart, any protesters.
4:44 pm
there is not a large group of protesters, so that is a good sign. one thing that will not add to tensions here, the fact we confirmed at fox news and fox business, that former sheriff joe arpaio will not be pardoned by the president tonight. the sheriff has said that he will not be attending tonight. now the white house is waiting, that they're not going to issue a pardon for him tonight. maybe at some later point perhaps. you hear the build that wall. that was chief desire and support for president trump, the reason for sheriff arpaio supporting president trump, he a big backer of the president's immigration efforts. i should report, also, as you leave you with this, melissa, at this hour the president is visiting with border patrol agents down in groupma. he is seeing some of the technological advances they have, and they're employing now to secure the border, pointing out the border is now a lot more
4:45 pm
secure than it was under his predecessor. this is a test for his base tonight, i would say the base looks pretty doggone strong. folks we talked to out here seem vociferious in their support for the president as they had been before the events of charlottesville. melissa, that is the latest. back to you. melissa: jeff flock, thank you so much. david. david: we'll keep this picture of the president's plane up. that is a live shot of air force one. it landed in yuma, arizona. here to react to all of this, dr. kelli ward, who is challenging senator jeff flake in the 2018 gop primary. president trump tweeted out, great to see that kelli ward is running against jeff flake and weak on borders, crime and a non-factor in the senate. he's toxic. i wonder if you expect full support at the rally?
4:46 pm
>> i'm thrilled with supportive tweets. not every day that the president of the united states calls you out and brings up point about your opponent that are very true. weak on the border. weak on crime and a non-factor in the united states senate. so i'm excited toe be here with all of these great supporters of donald trump. many are also supporters of kelli ward. david: you have president trump. that is a pretty big ace in your hand. your challenger, senator flake, the incumbent, senator flake has mitch mcconnell and mitch mcconnell's pac, his political action committee put out ads saying and i'm quoting here, you have got your head in the clouds with crazy ideas. so you have the president. flake has mcconnell. who do you think wins in that hand? >> well if i had to pick a champion in the "game of thrones" i would definitely go with trump, not mcconnell. david: all right. well, and what about the people of arizona now? it should be mentioned that the
4:47 pm
president won the state against hillary clinton, i think he got about 48%. she got about 44 1/2%. but the president's ratings have come down in arizona. do you think that would negatively affect you? >> we aren't seeing any sign of that here tonight. i think that support for president trump and his america-first agenda is strong in arizona. people want a secure border. they want to stop illegal immigration. they want obamacare to be repealed. they want the economy to continue to grow like it has been under president trump. the sky really is the limit. my head is not in the sky but the sky is the limit for this economy and this country. david: you are a physician, we should mention, so health care is very important to you personally but also as politician. arizona has become kind of a poster-child for how obamacare has failed. we can put up the amount of, that insurance has gone up in arizona since obamacare started in 2014.
4:48 pm
insurance has gone up 157%. do arizonans blame congress or the president for the fact that we haven't had a repeal of obamacare? >> they are blaming congress and in particular here many are blaming senator john mccain for giving that thumbs down on the skinny repeal to start the ball rolling, to get rid of obamacare. arizonians, just like all-americans are suffering under high deductibles, sky-high premiums and no access to high-quality, cost effective health care. obamacare has got to go. david: what do you hope to hear from the president tonight about obamacare? >> i hope he is going to continue to work with congress, the house and the senate and the white house together so that we can fully repeal it. david: do you think it is over? a lot of people say, let's move on to taxes. let's bench the idea of repealing obamacare for the moment. what do you think? >> i certainly don't think it is open, but might take until 2019
4:49 pm
when we replace establishment, middle of the road, professional politicians with true conservatives who want to put america first. david: we're expecting the president to go out to the border as well today. the question of the wall is still current, whether or not mexico is going to pay for it is one deal but will we see any action on the wall with regard to the border? >> i'm glad the president is visiting with the border. he is visiting with the border patrol, that need our support and need resources and manpower and money they were hired to do. that is one of the biggest differences between flake and me. he is for open borders and amnesty. i'm for securing the border, building the wall and stopping illegal immigration. david: dr. kelli ward, thanks for coming on. we look at the president's plane there, the cabin should be rolled back, when you see the back portion, that portion being pulled back, that is when the president comes out. that will happen in a moment. we'll be right back. stay tuned.
4:50 pm
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melissa: a live look at yum ma, arizona, where airs force one just landed. we're waiting for president to walk off the plane. he will head to a border patrol station ahead of his rally tonight in phoenix. it is always about money, right? joining us republican arizona congressman trent franks. sir, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. melissa: what are you hearing from your constituents about the wall? >> it is something, it is largely supported in the state of arizona being a border state but one of the things that really surprises me, melissa, is
4:54 pm
somehow the whole debate here. i stood behind george w. bush in 2006 in scottsdale, arizona, when he signed the first border wall bill. that was a bipartisan bill that he signed, and so it was something that was of a common discussion at the time, and you would think that donald trump was the only one to ever mention a wall. the wall has been a partial wall there in the yuma area has been extremely effective. it hasn't created all the problems everyone said that it would. so i think rallying cry should not be quote, build the wall but finish the wall. melissa: yeah. >> this is something that began a long time ago, long before donald trump ever considered running for president. they yet somehow try to turn it into a der interrogatory notion -- derogatory notion only person would think of physical barrier would not be israel or george bush but only would be donald trump. that is simply not true. melissa: it wasn't controversial
4:55 pm
then. it is controversial now. maybe the way the message is being interpreted as he talks about it and the way that, you know, that people hearing it have tied to it racism, have felt like there was a racist undertone to it. >> i think you've hit on, i think you have hit on it. the strategy of the left in recent years, especially always been that way, especially barack obama played the race card as his first card every time. now they try, the left tries to paint conservatives broadly with a brush of racial prejudice. it is really sad. because the republican party was born out of a commitment to try to bring a protection to people that the democrat party said weren't even human. so it is a very, very frustrating thing to me at times. it was abraham lincoln that freed the slaves, he was our first republican president. i don't know how we get this all turned around. melissa: we have only a second left, is there something that the president could say then to
4:56 pm
quell that, our push back the tide that is being interpreted from him as racist thing? >> i think he should always come out clearly and do that. he has, but the only way sometimes to overcome that is to emphasize it to an an overwhelming degree, we hold truths self-eviden, that we're all created and that is what makes us equal. melissa: congressman, thank you for your time. >> appreciate it, melissa. david: might not be trump tower. but there is a way to stay in new york city for $30 a night. we promise. we'll tell you in a moment. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my...
4:57 pm
potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing) ...
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
david: president arrives just moments ago in yuma, arizona. melissa: 30 bucks a night in new york city, national park service is running an outdoor camp on staten island, you can pitch a tent for $30. david: a firepit, picnic
5:00 pm
table, flush toilets, outdoor showers, and best view of manhattan is staten island, and free ferry ride into manhattan. melissa: you are doing it. david: i would love to, my wife wouldn't. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we're not nation building again. we are killing terrorists. victory will have a clear definition. attacking our enemies, be on lit yates isis, crushing al qaeda, preventing taliban from taking over afghanistan, stopping master or as thats against america, our commitment is not unlimited, support not a blank check. our troops will fight to win. we will fight to win. >> president trump delivering his speech last night, trying


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