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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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repatriation of corporate profits to funding infrastructure. >> the one thing that unites it all, it's your money it's not the government's money very simple message we'll see if it passes. >> very clear plan right there he's going to push it risk & rewards starts now. >> guys thank you so much because we'll keep these live pictures for just a moment as we watch president trump. he had a lot to say in that 45 minute speech he was giving in bismark, north dakota and he called again on washington and they have to get to work and pass comprehensive tax reform to get our country back to work and he also said this is a once in a generation opportunity for americans and for washington to americans and for washington to a lot to cover welcome to risk reward, everybody. obviously we're going to cover of course what the president was just talking about. he did reach across the aisle to democrats earlier today before he left for that speech that you just listened to in bismark,
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north dakota where he talked about tax reform and of course about hurricane harvey, hurricane irma we'll get to that later on in the show but what was really big news before he left washington president had hammered out a deal. on a temporary height for the debt ceiling and so something that would provide immediate relief funding for the victims of hurricane harvey remember this morning, you had everyone saying there's no way they could get this done they could not agree to fund to get the continued resolution to raise the debt ceiling and also of course to get that funding down to harvey, they need about $8 billion to begin to reconstruct texas as irma is approaching florida. well the president again in north dakota today he started out that speech talking about of course how devastating the scene s he saw in southeastern texas will and of course the president and first lady giving out a million dollars today. they gave it specifically to 12 different charities and also he was talking about oil & gas in north dakota standing at a
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refinery. they process about 74,000-barrel s a day. that refinery that the president of that just a moment ago, gas, diesel, jet fuel, they ship everything via pipeline across the country. they employ about 250 people at that facility. >> president trump: if we want to renew our prosperity, restore our opportunity and reestablish our economic dominance which is what we should be doing, then we need tax reform that is pro- growth, pro-jobs, pro-worker , pro family and yes, pro american. >> talked about simplifying the tax code talked about gasoline price and middle class family and do you know what? look at gasoline right now. 2.65 a gallon that's up $0.24 from last week. this is the largest weekly increase since hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast in 2005 and at the time the national average soared $0.49 just in one week so much to get to with my first guest i'm so glad he's here
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former oversight committee chairman and utah public republican congressman great to see you sir. >> thanks for having me i appreciate it. >> i want to get to tax reform because we've heard this language before but there was a couple questions i had but let's first talk about this deal he made with the democrats today on the debt ceiling and harvey relief. do you think that this kind of is a sign that he's willing to reach across the aisle and do maybe what mcconnell and paul ryan couldn't do since the meaningful legislation finally passed? >> well he certainly is showing that. there he is in the oval office inviting the democrats into make a deal. look, everybody wants harvey funding relief but a lot of us did believe that it should have been a "clean bill" that that should have been a standalone vote but it will be interesting to see in the actual language how far extended that debt ceiling is, if it's just for three months you kind of wince at it but that's a whole different thing than if they
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added $2 trillion and tried to extend it for another couple years because it's an impetus to drive the discussion about how we're actually going to stop having to raise the debt ceiling but everybody wants to see the financial relief obviously which is just the beginning. i mean, that's barely going to get you through one month or so of payments given the devastation in texas and louisiana. >> but do you know what though congressman and i'll still call you congressman as i've known you but what i found so interesting though is that you had senator john cornan from texas say that he believed that funding for harvey relief should be tied to the debt ceiling that surprised me. you also had mitch mcconnell saying the same thing. i wonder if that's the moment when president trump decided i'm going to pivot and reach out to pelosi and assumer. >> look, i'm just guessing here but look senator cornan is taking very different positions
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as my understanding i could be corrected but he's taken very different positions along the way. obviously he's going to look out for the state of texas in getting that type of funding as best he can. look, ideally we want the whole country we want people on all sides both sides of the aisle to support that funding, but you know, debt ceiling there's a reason why for more than a hundred years we've had one. it's so that it's a flashing red light and an alarm system if you will to say our house is on fire , we got to change the trajectory here. >> let me ask you about some of the things he talked about just now in bismark, north dakota. he talked about the importance of the corporate tax cut, the initial proposal from the white house 15%, we'll see where that stands we didn't hear specific number from the president just but he also wants to make the tax codes simple, more fair, but it doesn't sound like they've got quite everything written down. how realistic is it, we need to get this done in the next few days or at least get the debate
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started; correct? >> well i don't think there's this deadline of the end of september in order to get tax reform. i'm glad that the president and the senators in particular are still talking about tax reform as opposed to just tax cut. obviously the estate tax plays well in north dakota in middle america in tic already a lot of farming states a big big deal. the repatriation bringing back what i think will be hundreds of billions of dollars infused into our economy, that's a huge part about this territorial system that republicans really champions for a long time and will be a great stimulator to the economy because if we can get that economic growth where gdp is growing at 3 plus percent that does bring up all resources and all revenue but my biggest fear with all of this discussion is we haven't cut spending. we'll have to spend more. we've got irma bearing down on florida and that will cost billions of dollars and what we'll have to do in texas and louisiana, but what's absent
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from this discussion is are we going to actually cut anything because we're having to raise the debt ceiling because we're nearly $20 trillion in debt. remember there was about 24 trillion-gallons of water that flowed on to texas and louisiana. give that and look at that visual and think about each one, one gallon being $1 that's how far in debt we are in this country. we've got to do something about this. i agree with you about spending and controlling spending. you know, and i guess one step at a time with this president, as he tries to fulfill his campaign promise but one of the biggest was of course tax reform you know, getting these american companies to develop and keep their money here in the united states versus parking it overseas and i think the reason i asked you about that pivot that i kind of feel like i saw today with president trump and we can speculate about it is the fact that i think he saw that with harvey relief, with funding , fema running out of money by the end of the week the debt ceiling, the continuing resolution all of that in these now ten days of legislative days left for the month of september,
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it seems to me that the president realized if i don't pivot back to tax reform and put that on the front page of the wall street journal tomorrow morning i'm going to get criticized so i'm wondering if he maybe did that today he cut this deal with pelosi because he thought wait a minute i'll get this off the table because it's a distraction. that's all that the cable networks talked about today was this fight about raising the debt ceiling, the fight about harvey funding. again, we're speculating but i think that there's something there. >> well, look, clearly, he said he was intending the white house plans these things a couple weeks in advance. i think we wasted most of august , not talking about tax reform. we hadn't sort of prepped the american people for what this is ultimately going to look like. i don't believe anybody thinks they're going to get a vote on this taxes in september. everything is coming together there in december and i think that's when you'll see all of the major funding for the rest
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of the year additional debt ceiling issues, taxes, immigration, i mean everything gets packed in there but we've seen this movie before and it's not a good one but what i'm trying to suggest is it's great to cut taxes it will stimulate the economy but we had all time record receipts to the treasury and yet, we're still hundreds of billions of dollars in the red. you have to cut spending and instead of talking about re purposes of appropriated dollars and trying to tighten the belt saying how are we going to pay for all of this flood relief there are other places in government to cut in order to fund what you have to deal within an emergency such as harvey and irma. >> connell: and irma which has already barreled through half the caribbean you and i share a friend and that's maria bartiromo and i want to let our viewers know actually in the morning she will have trump treasury secretary steven mnuchin in a 6:00 a.m. hours morning with maria so i'm glad
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to have you here at 5 p.m. but i want to ask you about something else that happened today as well president obama he broke tradition and he criticized basically a seated president and he posted this about president trump's decision to have d.c. decide on dreamers and i want to read you the quote that came from president obama. he said to target these young people is wrong and it is cruel. it's up to members of congress to protect these young people and our future ultimately this is about basic decency. but remember president obama once agreed with president trump saying it wasn't necessarily constitutional for the executive branch to pass law. i want you to listen to this too >> sometimes when i talk to immigration advocates, they wish i could just bypass congress and change the law myself, but that's not how democracy works. this notion that somehow i can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. there are laws on the books that i have to enforce. i know some people want me to bypass congress and change the laws on my own. that's not how our constitution
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is written. >> for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president. >> precisely because this is temporary, congress needs to act >> okay so why did he change his mind? >> well look, from 2009 to 2012 a good part of 2012, he was right. the president just want unilaterally change the law. that's why you have the legislative branch, but then he just threw it out there hoping there was some legal theory again when they tried to expand daca it got shot down by the courts, you had 10 states that are going to file suit. president trump actually i think did this country a great service in saying congress, you have about six months to get the job done. congress will continue on in perpetuity forever more. i think there is congress acts best when there is a deadline and i was on the judiciary
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committee as a freshman and for two years, when the democrats had the house and senate and president guess what? we didn't even have a meeting in the subcommittee and judiciary on immigration reform. they brought in steven colbert and they had a photo. that's it. >> [laughter] >> so suddenly now the president is concerned about all these kids and he needs to push lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to be able to say do you know what? congress is the only way that you can change this and i hope they do. >> congressman it was so great to have you especially as we had all this breaking news in the last three hours in particular the president's speech so thank you so much for being with us on a very very busy news day. appreciate it. >> all right well we do want to give you the other story right now we're following the other big story. airlines are canceling flights, residents are trying to get out of florida ahead of irma. jet blue has announced they're capping their ticket prices in every city in florida where they operate to $99 basically so people could just evacuate now. extreme category 5 irma crashing into the caribbean today.
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now, she's got her sights on florida and the southeast u.s.. how bad can all of this get? i'll bring in weather bell meteorologist joe. joe, we've seen some pretty bad pictures coming out of st. martin, st. barts, next is puerto rico. how bad is this in your opinion so far and how much worse is it going to get? >> well, puerto rico is fortunately the core of the hurricane staying offshore so while they are getting hurricane conditions on the north coast, this is not nearly as devastating as is going to be for the turks & caicos island and eventually florida wherever it goes ashore and not as devastating on these islands that you referenced and the island of barbuda. i haven't heard any reports out of barbuda which took a direct hit late last nate and we're over 12 hours since this storm has left there so that is really something, but look, this is as bad a hurricane as big a
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potential for a hurricane in florida as they've ever seen that includes the 1947 west palm beach hurricane, the great labor day hurricane of 1935 through the florida keys. if you look at the tracks of hurricanes through florida in the 1940s, you understand that you are looking at a return to what happened back then with these extreme events and this may be the biggest of them am. i have a friend in st. barts who says all of the power is out right now. the still photos they've been texting me it's incredible to see the amount of water just in st. barts and also in st. martin and the destruction we're seeing in those marinas. really quick before we go i have to ask you, you hate this question but where do you think we go? do you think irma ends up going up north on the east side of florida or do you think that irma would maybe go west and go around over to say the orlando area? >> i think irma is going to comma shore between key west and miami and in fact right very close to miami.
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our path the hurricane center moved their path over to ours from this morning and i think it goes back out over the water to the north of fort lauderdale and comes back in some place between savannah and wilmington as a major hurricane for the carolina s, and the georgia coast , north florida coast also. i think that it sideswipes the area say from cape kennedy on up to maybe savannah on the western side and then it's back in and it's a very serious storm. this storm, folks, could be as bad a hurricane for florida as they've ever had a benchmark hurricane and it could rival if it gets back out over the water what hazel did back in 1954 to the carolinas. >> i read a statistic joe that we need to run i know but i read a statistic that hurricane irma could be in the recordbooks as far as the worst atlantic hurricane and of the winds could be the top wind storm that we've ever seen since we have been recording these storms. >> now i believe it's second as far as wind but as far as the
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overall measure of the storm, the ace index i said a week ago, i tweeted it out a week ago. this could break the overall accumulated energy because we were very confident that it was going to develop very very quickly and be very strong for a very long period of time, so the parameters were all there. as a matter of fact back in the preseason i said when i was out for harvey. we said this was going to be a big year for impact on the united states. >> you did. >> not just the amount of storms but the pattern was back to where it was where we saw from the 40s and 50s as far as surface pressure in the atlantic basin go and that was setting the stage for what you're seeing now. >> joe you've been right so many times and you've got a career that proves it and i encourage everybody to follow you on twitter as well. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> and then you know, there's video from a noah hurricane hunter flying into irma going viral right now coming up one of
5:17 pm
those hunters is going to talk to us in flight from one of noah 's specialized planes but first the media implying that president trump's decision on rescinding president obama's deferred deportation action on illegals who enter as children is a racist move. judge andrew says it has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with president obama. he's here next. where to get in... where to get out. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. for tech advice. dell small business advisor with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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5:21 pm
daca which is another moral line that he would be crossing, which is something that would be enforcing advancing white supremacy agenda and also against a majority of americans want. >> cheryl: so the media implying that president trump's decision on rescinding president obama's deferred deportation action on illegals who entered as children racist. fox news senior analyst says president obama's executive orders created this entire problem in the first place and why do you say that? >> reporter: because he reduced them to writing. i mean the decision not to deport people who came here as babies or not to deport people who came here illegally and had babies here is one that was followed by every president from ronald reagan up to and including donald trump. only one of those presidents wrote it down, barack obama. he wrote it down in a series of 26 very technical executive orders but by writing it down he
5:22 pm
gave his enemies a piece of paper that they could take him to court and challenge and when you lock at what he wrote down, it does alter the statute and that's presidential law making which the constitution prohibits so in my view the courts did the right thing when they in validated it. if on the other hand he just did what reagan and the two bushes and clinton had done, which was look the other way and let these people stay here as long as they're not committing crimes, particularly the children who are fully americanized and have no roots in these other countries wouldn't have had this to begin with. >> cheryl: you are the for me the expert on the constitution and what i found so interesting is what president trump did was say let congress. they've got six months let congress figure it outlet them make it a law because that's what congress is supposed to do not executive orders by presidents and yet trump got completely beat up by the media. >> reporter: well the media will beat up president trump no matter what he does for a variety of reasons that they
5:23 pm
have against him, but in this case, he might be smarter than he is showing his hand to be. he might very well have done this to put pressure on congress to induce it, to write comprehensive immigration reform he is quite correct. this is for congress, that's what the courts have said. he even said in his tweet yesterday, why doesn't congress pass daca? well if congress takes the essence of president obama's 26 executive orders and turns it into a statute, something they refuse to do when barack obama had donald trump's job, and donald trump is going to enforce that, then that's a win-win for everybody except perhaps for the base that donald trump appealed to when he railed against this during the campaign >> cheryl: let me ask you about the legal challenges. obviously, mayor bill deblasio, more importantly, new york state , washington state, you're going to have a lawsuit. >> reporter: they filed this
5:24 pm
afternoon. >> cheryl: what does that mean and do those have merit in your legal opinion? >> reporter: in my opinion they do not have merit. in my opinion they made the wrong allegations against the president but the essence of their allegations are the president didn't follow the right procedure. he didn't give people enough notice. he didn't reduce his notice to writing. those are such technical aspects that only lawyers get involved in in the weeds. this is not a win-win for those states. it's almost as if they don't want to see this thing litigated their best argument is this. because every president from ronald reagan up to the present looked the other way and let these people stay here they have planned their lives on expecting that the immigration laws would not be enforced, so when the government does something to induce somebody to rely on the government, government is stuck and they have to keep letting them rely on it that's not made up law. that's black letter supreme court law the states did not
5:25 pm
argue that. >> cheryl: i like talking about clarity when it comes to especially the constitution but the law and what they should be doing. maybe they will do it. >> reporter: rarely clear it's the hard cases that make the law clear. >> cheryl: judge great to have you on the show. >> reporter: my pleasure cheryl. will i see you at the crack of dawn again tomorrow? >> cheryl: it will be you, me, maria bartiromo and the treasury secretary of the united states. >> reporter: happy to be here. >> cheryl: thank you, sir. all right, well, president obama 's former chief of staff turned chicago mayor ram emmanuel is protecting dreamers from president trump. >> our city, as it relates to what president trump said will be a trump-free zone. you have nothing to worry about. >> cheryl: coming up a guest who says he should be protecting dreamers from chicago crime. but first, florida is prepping for mass evacuations. analysts predict hurricane irma could head right directly for the state right into miami. former fema director michael brown is here to weigh in on how
5:26 pm
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>> we are preparing for irma to directly impact our state and while it is still too early to tell exactly where the storm will hit it is incredibly important that all floridians keep a close eye on this incredibly dangerous storm. do not sit and wait to prepare. get prepared now. >> cheryl: hurricane irma a category 5 storm with excess winds of 185 miles per hour barreling its way toward the florida coast. the white house closely monitor ing this dangerous and potentially deadly storm. the president tweeted out about it earlier saying "watching the hurricane closely. my team which has done and is doing such a good job in texas is already in florida. no rest for the weary." joining us now is former fema director michael brown. good to see you sir.
5:30 pm
>> good to see you. >> cheryl: well you've been through this before you know the drill that miami-dade county at this point says they're holding off on mandatory evacuations, and this seems to me like a dangerous move by the mayor, houston's mayor criticized for not putting in place mandatory evacuations, what do you say? >> well i think this whole idea of calling for a mandatory evacuation is something that you're damned if you do and damn ed if you don't so i think the mayors have to take into consideration what the national hurricane center is saying about the cone of probability and based upon that, they should at this stage, now this may change in 24 hours or 48 hours, but right now, they should be warning people that an evacuation is probable and if you have the chance to leave now , you have, you know, if you can get up into georgia or wherever you need to go to see friends or relatives you ought to do that and save the mandatory evacuation until you get closer to the cone of
5:31 pm
probability where you know, because sometimes it might be better for people in certain parts of florida to go south than it would be to go north and so that's why you have to wait, i would say at least another 24 hours or maybe 36 hours before you make that final decision about a mandatory evacuation. again, because it depends on where it hits some people may need to go south and other people may need to go north. >> cheryl: uh-huh and there's another hurricane developing in the gulf as well right behind irma, but staying with irma, it's showing up on measuring earthquakes, does that worry you >> no that's something that almost every hurricane will do that at one-time or another simply because you have all of the movement of water. those size month graphic devices are particularly those out in the ocean are below the sea bed and occasionally those storms
5:32 pm
will stir up enough water that it might detect a little bit of movement but i think that's being overhyped a little bit. is this storm a big storm? absolutely. i wouldn't pay much attention to the sizemographs. >> cheryl: that's why we have you on the show former fema director michael brown, thank you. >> good to see you. >> cheryl: all right well we shall see what irma has in-store for florida. well, not everybody is actually evacuating right now because of irma. a british billionaire richard branson deciding to ride it out on his private caribbean island for the arrival of the cat 5 hurricane. the founder of the conglomerate saying this is his fourth hurricane he has endured on his island. he better get ready this is something we never seen. so this is something fabulous. this is video crazy from a noah hurricane hunter flying into irma. its gone viral coming up one of the hunters going to talk to us in flight, from one of noah's specialized planes. >> cheryl: but first a troubling
5:33 pm
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5:37 pm
ed in the city of chicago, this is your home and you have nothing to worry about. >> cheryl: former obama chief of staff turned chicago mayor ram emmanuel saying he's created a trump-free zone for students at chicago schools. this after another bloody labor day weekend, seven dead, 35 wounded in labor day weekend shootings in chicago. so far this year, more than 2500 people have been shot. that's 350 less than 2016 and it's only september. the year is not close to being over and the mayor is tweeting out about dreamers. this is what he says to dreamers , you belong in school. you are welcome here in chicago and in our schools keep dreaming big, hashtag chicago i congressman colonel alan west. you know, colonel, those like the mayor and their priorities, it seems like he might be deflecting from his own failures because chicago is in the midst
5:38 pm
of a violent crime wave. >> it's good to be with you cheryl and emmanuel would talk to the dream ers there in south side of chicago. those kids that just want to be able to go out and walk the streets and not have to worry about a drive-by shooting or young african american males that don't have to be pressured into joining a gang. you know, when you look and see what is happening in chicago it is almost genecide and this is not a one in time instance that is occurring this is a trend and you just talked about the 2016 numbers and we're about to eclipse those numbers so i wish that ecitizens in the south sidf chicago. >> cheryl: you know the number of deaths in chicago has
5:39 pm
astronomical these numbers but you've got the city, the mayor they don't ever seem to own up to that. how do they get away with ignoring such a horrible problem that's a national story by the way. >> well they get away with it police on their side. >> cheryl: i want you to take a look at this. this is something else. there's a troubling sign displayed on an overpass in
5:40 pm
albany, new york that reads " more dead cops" and then it has a symbol that stands for anarchy and nobody knows who did it and how long its been there and its been removed. is this free speech or is this kind of a sign of things to come we're going to see more violence against police officers? >> well i don't see tha citizene by drowning? those are the type of people we have and the thin blue line that are willing every single day to serve and sacrifice
5:41 pm
>> cheryl: agree with you 100%. i'm a texas girl and very sadden ed by that last year. colonel thank you very much it's good to have you on the show. >> my pleasure cheryl. >> cheryl: all right well switch ing back to the hurricane, video from a noaa hurricane hunter flying into irma is going viral. coming up one of the hunters going to talk to us in flight from one of those planes. and forget sanctuary cities, try sanctuary homes? cher is opening her doors to save any dreamers who feel threatened that is next.
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visit stay sharp people! >> cheryl: forget sanctuary cities try sanctuary homes. that's cher's idea she's announcing on twitter she's opening up her home to any dream er impacted by president trump's decision to phase out an obama airing action for deportation of illegals brought here as children saying "those
5:45 pm
who can must take a dreamer into their home and protect them" and i'm ready to do this and others in my business will do the same. but do cher and the liberal left fully understand what exactly this decision is? laura ingrahappen doesn't think so. i think people have to understand what the deferred action for childhood arrivals is all about. we're not talking about mass deportation. it's about giving work permits and federal benefit to people who are as advanced in the age of age 36. people think we're talking about 10 and 11 year old kids. the median age of dreamers is 22 -23 years old. >> cheryl: joining us now is washington examiner contributor giano coldwell, and hillary clinton communications director adrian elwood. welcome to you both, adrian she made a very interesting point. does the left really understand what president trump has decided and the fact he's kicked it back
5:46 pm
to congress for six months? >> well look first of all it's nothing but conservative spin to suggest that anybody who was protected under daca is no longer at risk of being deported they issued a very stern memo five days after president trump became president on january 25 of 2017 and basically saying anybody whose not here legally can be mass supported at any time, so there certainly is any sort of notion that these people can be deported is simply , you know-- >> cheryl: well so far there's not-- >> the guidelines elsewhere suggest that for those six months for those who actually did get the daca protection that they are going to be okay for at least six months and they can also renew their permits if it done by a certain date. so i disagree with that. >> cheryl: and they do that is true. >> there's no guarantees. >> cheryl: they were very specific in saying this wasn't like let's just kick them all out of the country tomorrow. that's not what we all agree it's not what president trump did, but here is the thing, you know many in the left are
5:47 pm
leaving this like is this mass deportation of children? mia farrell tweeted about if the actress and she said expelsing 800,000 kids is wrong, who grew up in america so they're just getting the story wrong. the facts don't seem to be kicking in here. i think at this moment we all need to take a deep breath, because there is a lot of fake outrage going on at this point. we see that a lot of folks on the left have said time and time again that president trump is racist, he's cruel, he's mean, he's a bigot and why give the decision to congress then wouldn't that be what you want unless it's fake outrage so we have to be honest about what this really means what this decision means. we know that president obama said on many occasions he can't unilaterally change the law which is true. we know the supreme court ruled on numerous occasions that the president has broad powers in terms of who he can let into the country but congress has the ultimate thornton that. what president trump did here i
5:48 pm
thought was good hearted. we're going to give six months and if nothing gets done we're going to go back to the table and reexamine. you're not going to deport 800,000 people; however at the same time, if there's someone that you and i know any of us that does something illegal the judge may say oh, you have kids but they are still a punishment so we got to look at this thing from-- >> cheryl: nothing seems to be talking to you adrian like the gang like ms13. a lot of those were young teenagers that came in from central and south america and became have become violent criminals, but i think what i don't understand with the left is that they seem to kind of take it's almost like fake news, but they're seeming to take the facts and twisting it to just using it as another reason to beat up on president trump, lyme damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. >> i'll be very clear there is these dreamers no longer protected under daca and yes we have the six-month extension and yes it's now in congress' hands to come to a bipartisan solution
5:49 pm
on this issue, but nobody is safe here. i mean these people, the dreamer s daca recipients turned over their information to the government several months ago with the full faith that they would be protected and now, the government has all of their-- >> cheryl: but that's the point they very well maybe. >> let me make a quick point. president obama said look i can't unilaterally change the laws and then he came back and said i'm going to implement this temporarily, so for folks who thought this was going to be a permanent solution look back at our former president who said this was going to be temporarily done. there for folks should expect the president of the united states to take this action which he campaigned on and this should be no surprise to anyone. >> cheryl: adrian if they come up with a law, then i think president trump signs it, you know, and it's not like he jumped on this in the first six months of presidency. >> and i will say that, you know , he has come out and said, you know, i am very conflicted about this. i want to make sure that we do
5:50 pm
have a solution here, so i hope he puts his money where his mouth is and continues that and by the way a lot of conservative s as you both know in congress support a path to citizenship for dreamers. many people came over when they were six months old. >> i supported a path to citizenship. >> cheryl: and they may get it adrian is the point they may get it in six months time. guys thank you very much appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> cheryl: well, we want to show you video from a noaa hurricane hunter that's gone viral on the web. this aircraft is flying into the eye of irma as a cat 5 storm. one of the hurricane hunters joins me from an airplane, next. ♪
5:51 pm
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>> cheryl: all right so as hurricane irma approaches the state of florida the national
5:54 pm
ocean an ic and atmospheric administration releasing incredible video a noaa plane flying right into the storm. joining me live from one of the planes is a noaa hurricane hunter flight director rich and henning. richard can you hear me okay? >> i can hear you just fine. how are you, cheryl? >> cheryl: good, good so tell us about the plane, it's a gulfstream 4, right? >> yes, ma'am. noaa operates two hurricane hunter airplanes, our p3 which plows through the eye wall at low altitude i think that's the video you were showing on the air, and then we have another aircraft that flies up at about 45,000 feet across the top of the storm and we released dozens of what we call drops into the storm and they are essentially a weather balloon in reverse and instead of a weather balloon going up these instruments fall
5:55 pm
down by parachute into the storm and we collect data that is transferred directly into the computer models. we not only drop these into the storm, we also drop very importantly in the environment around and ahead of the storm and all that data, which is pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, all gets fed directly into computer models off our aircraft to make those track forecasts more accurate so right now we're flying half way between nassau and grand turks in the bahamas after spending about two hours flying over hurricane irma. >> cheryl: what are the conditions like right now? >> well the conditions regarding the storm are just terrible. this is the strongest hurricane that's ever formed in this part of the atlantic and an aircraft
5:56 pm
recently was in the center and measured a pressure of 915 millibars which is incredibly low and measured winds between 150 and 160 knots at the surface so you're talking about in miles per hour that's over 180 miles per hour and this is a legitimate category 5 hurricane and it's also a large hurricane. it's growing in size so you're talking about a swath of hurricane force winds that's about 125 miles in diameter. >> cheryl: rich henning, thank you for risking your lives so we may save many lives on the ground when irma makes landfall, thank you, sir. >> thank you, ma'am you have a wonderful day good luck to everyone. >> cheryl: be safe as well yourself. we're going to take a quick break we'll be back talking about your markets.
5:57 pm
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reporter: that is all for us tonight. we have couldn't mcshane here making money *. connell: breaking tonight from the state of north dakota making his biggest push yet for lower taxes. >> we need tax reform that is pro growth, no jobs, pro family and pro american. connell: before he headed out west back in d.c. the president sat down with congressional leaders. in a surprising move he cut a deal with the democrats. >> so it was a really good moment of bipartisanship. today was a good day in a generallyer


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