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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 7, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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recovery. lauren: a lot of the same issues right here at home. thank you, chris for your time. at home, who's the next head of the federal reserve when janet yellen vice chair sam fisher. he says he's gone next month. lots of changes there, too. cheryl: great to have you all with us this morning. and now time for mourning said maria. a huge interview coming up on the show. >> hey there, girls a big show. happy thursday to you. i maria bartiromo and it is thursday september 2nd. top stories right now fixing them in the east coast. hurricane irma crashing the caribbean. category five storm responsible for 10 deaths causing widespread devastation. hurricane making its way towards florida. mandatory evacuations in place. cars jammed on highways, gasoline shortages at the palm. rick scout warning residents
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about the danger of the historic hurricane. >> we're being very aggressive for this storm in every floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family. possessions can be replaced. your family cannot. this is serious and we cannot take chances. it is life-threatening. this is not a storm you can sit and wait through. >> the details coming up this morning. president drunk pushing his plan saying it can create millions of jobs. taking a closer look at the timeline coming up after the important meeting at the white house yesterday. markets lower this morning about 20 points on the dow industrials. nasdaq, s&p 500. investors waiting on the central bank decision this morning. in his comments from ecb president mario draghi added the ecb. the dax index in germany up 1%.
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asia overnight markets closed thursday. nikkei average was up a fraction. kospi and creat better than 1%. lower this morning. facebook under fire. selling political ads to russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. pappas details. space x ready for takeoff. the company said to launch a shuttle later this morning. james bond looking for a new home. the two linux by two companies bidding for the rights to the iconic series. dreaming to talk about it a "wall street journal" editorial board member gary casillas here. former presidential candidate mike huckabee is here and home depot ceo of chrysler ceo bob nardelli. great to see you. >> great to be here. goodnight good morning, maria. maria: at the white house yesterday, the president going on at democrats. >> why not. he can't get republicans to do what they're going to do.
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what is he going to do? this is that the president is all about and he'll find someone that will work for him. maria: republicans are blindsided by it. >> airplane cited by it, but you have to look at the freedom caucus within the house. they say we will not negotiate. there was not a debt ceiling deal. they had unreasonable demands. they want huge entitlement reform in exchange for a debt ceiling extension. doubtless the health care reform this guy should've done a a deal with paul ryan and i think the president has sent a big signal to these guys. he said you can get your act together as if do deals with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. i was a big message. maria: about the message is much to can set up by the democrats say not to work with you. >> user businessman.
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i was divided as ambassador hailey's comment at the special meeting where she said we kicked the can down the road. so if you think about what president trump date, he said i got it. we are not kicking the can down. i don't know if the deal is a good deal, but he will take action. they have to learn in congress they better catch up to him and not try to pull him back. maria: you are right. that's the number one issue. join in the conversation, treasury secretary stephen mnuchin here this morning to talk tax reform in the meeting yesterday. house foreign affairs committee lee zeldin is here in attorney general pam attorney general pam bundy joined us as well. you don't want to miss a moment of it along with this fantastic panel. at least 10 people dead this morning as hurricane irma terrace to the caribbean. the deadly storm packing winds of up to 180 miles an hour as it heads towards florida this morning as well as georgia and south carolina. senior meteorologist janice dean
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tracking the storm from the weather center. >> very atomic category five hurricane irma sites on the bahamas, turks and caicos, south florida in the keys. any good news come good news come of this storm spares the worst of the winds, worst of the storm surge for puerto rico. they still got tropical storm force winds, certainly storm surge and flooding rainfall, but the worst of the storm come in the core of strong wins miss puerto rico. however, parts of the caribbean did not get mystery of devastation in places like saint maarten. future raider as we go in bahamas, turks and caicos, south florida the keys friday. very good up until friday and then we get uncertain. our cone of uncertainty, very good agreement is to go further in time. category four storms a preventable storm packing winds of 120 2130 miles per hour. this 1150 miles per hour. further in time, uncertainty.
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computer models showing an impact for the whole state of florida. other computer models are showing a mix of the state of florida. we still have to keep our eyes on this because we still don't quite know the impact it's going to have across florida. also want to make mention in georgia and the carolinas need prepared for possibility of a hurricane and maybe a major hurricane. our year of computer model. turks, caicos, parts of cuba here come the keys south florida looking for potential impact on sunday and then perhaps hugging the coast of florida in making an impact on georgia and the carolinas. something we have to monitor. listen to local forecasters and officials as well. back to you. maria: we will check back as news develops. turning to tax reform. president trump repeating its call for major tax cut during a speech in oil refinery north dakota yesterday referring to the tax code is a self-inflicted
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economic wound. back to simplify businesses and individuals. he urged his audience to pressure congress to support the plan. >> we will cut the business tax rate as much as possible. we would like to bring our business tax rate down to around 15%. now our business tax rate is the highest in the developed world. 60% higher than foreign competitors. ready bad. what is the setup? a disadvantage. we are not surrendering anymore. congress will deliver on it because they have no choice. voter should deliberate the clear message. do your job to deliver for americans or find a new job. do some e-mails. maria: joining us from washington to weigh in on this, although economics editor jon hilsenrath. is that tax reform strategy now
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that tax reform plan in jeopardy as a result of the debt deal yesterday the president reached at democrats? >> you could argue that it actually clears the path for republicans to focus on the dead deal. we've been talking for weeks of the month of september was going to be consumed with the debate about raising the debt ceiling and getting a continuing fun resolution. they now have that resolved until december said they have a three-month window to get some work done on taxes. maybe it's a window of opportunity. the interesting thing for me is what does this say about the dynamic dream trumpet the democrat as they discuss the tax reform overhaul. i don't see how you wind up getting many or any democrats on board with the tax overhaul. he's going to have to pay that now back to republicans and work with them on taxes. maria: that's what i'm saying. >> what it had yesterday was a signal to republicans.
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if you are not willing to govern, i'll find someone who will. chuck and nancy as she collegiately called them, so be it. if that doesn't wake them up and make them think about they have a majority in both houses, voters gave it to them to get something done and that included tax reform and tax cuts. if they don't do it, who bring heidi had camp on the stage and send her and the other democrat on their way with reforms. >> i'm just saying do know the democrats have all the leverage? this is a three-month deal and we are talking about continuing resolution in the debt ceiling, all of this around christmas now they want to get tax reform done by the end of the year. >> i agree with the governor. this is very strategically thought up by him. he is a businessman. he takes full responsibility that people put him in office with a mandate. the republican party is more about themselves right now than
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about serving the people. they forget to put them in office and who pays their salary even when they're on vacation for five to six weeks. >> the republican party is not a unitary blog. these different elements within the republican party. the other thing is he could've helped paul ryan and he could've called out the members of the caucus who are not willing to do a debt deal like for instance mark meadows who was actually dead set against it with a large part of intransigence and the reason the president decided to go to democrat. he didn't have to do that. now he's alienated republicans and i think that in and of itself makes paxil a harder because he's just upside to people within the party he needs to get the deal done. >> he said people within the party, but i just don't see the path to getting many if any democrats on board with a tax
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overhaul. if he wants to lower the corporate tax rate, he also has to lower individual tax rates for path through for self-employed individuals, small businesses. i just don't see how you'll get many democrats to overall these high-end tax rates. he did not do pay a price on the debt deal with democrats. he will have to pay a price to get them on board for tax overhaul. he's got to go back to republicans and mike mario says, now we've got more fractions in the republican party that you've got to piece together to get a tax package done. >> don't you think in a way this is his leverage now to republicans to say you guys need to come up with a tax plan. he put it on my desk, i'll sign it. if you keep stonewalling everything in playing games among yourselves, you will be the losers and democrats will be the winners because he's not that ideological. he's more the pragmatists in the
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finding that out. >> this is the other bit of news for everyone here. there is no tax plan. they are still trying to come up with some kind of plan that allows them to get corporate rates found comfort individual rates down. every time they talk about trade-offs that come with that at the border adjustment, people say that's off the table. we can't do that. there isn't a coherent plan that republicans have come up with to get tax rates down as much as the president wants to get them down. maria: we have the one paper for me for what the basic principles of the white house and tax reform and that's it. we haven't had anything else in writing. >> every time they come out with new principles, they get more and more made. principals and april were more vague and campaign promises and what they came up with more recently was even more vague than what they did in april. there is no plan right now. maria: let's not forget the dems
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said we will not cut tax rates by a penny for an earner. we will continue talking about this. this is our top story. the vet to get to the fed and ecb. vice chairman stanley fisher says he will resign next month. "the wall street journal" reporting president trump is unlikely to pick national economic director gary collins to leave the dead. would you expect that? >> not expecting much of the ecb. on the side, we just saw the president working with democrats he said he likes janet yellen. he said he likes her as a person and her low rate policies. there's a very strong chance that she and have been asked to stay in that position. maria: will she stay? >> that's a really good question. if i were her, what i want to stay? management for four years without any offense.
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she could go out, ride into the sunset on a high note. i think her friends tell us she would likely feel a civic duty to stay there. maria: yeah, that's the thing. jon hilsenrath. keep it right here. we've got an interview with stephen mnuchin, treasured the secretary and two-minute. stay with us. my dell small business advisor has gotten to know our business so well that is feels like he's a part of our team. with one phone call, he sets me up with tailored products and services. and when my advisor is focused on my tech, i can focus on my small business. ♪
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this landed yesterday. but the plane about puerto rico just before the airport was shut down by hurricane irma. images showing the plane in the middle of one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the atlantic. the pilot flew between the outer band of irma. no one was injured on that flight. space x is usually pretty public about the rocket launches, but not so much for the one happening today. if the weather doesn't launch, space x will send a secret spy craft for the u.s. military aloft between this morning and 255 this afternoon. the airport has refused to say what they're reusable spacecraft actually does. james bond is still in demand. of course he is. distribution rights to the double o. franchisor still up for grabs. apple and amazon in the running for it. warner bros. remains in the
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lead. the land film distribution rights, the sources say tech companies are willing to spend in the same ballpark as warner bros. and possibly more. they got the cash. apple shares up more than 40%. taking a look at amazon, the stock up 29% year to date. maria: what a year for amazon. incredible. coming up, donald trump junior as to the hill. meeting with the senate judiciary committee to review what he knew about russian meddling in the 2016 election. speeding towards the future. the first green light to self driving cars. all of that on the other side of this break. back in a moment. ♪
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[inaudible] >> will see what happens. we will see what happens. maria: the president in the white house once again the banal options on the table as it relates to north korea. the u.s. proposal for u.n. sanctions with wooden embargo on the hermit kingdom's oil and textile trade. joining us right now, montgomery scott, chief investment strategist mark pushing me. typically, markets don't respond to geopolitical events. north korean markets. how do you see it? >> markets with pretty good job of the economic impact consuming as little or no and they move on to the next thing. the economics matter more than politics or geopolitics. it does tend to put the market back up in heels when they are
6:23 am
stretched. we don't know what this will escalate to. you could diplomacy as you have significant arrest leads to a diplomatic outcome. the question is what happens between now and that end as well if there was by chance and accident god forbid, that could enlist allies are non-allies into a conflict that could have economic ramifications. the market is kind of a show me state as it relates to north korea. >> this isn't singling a serious crackdown. china supplies all of north korea's energy and oil in food year. calling on the u.n. for more sanctions, is it really doing anything? is this where we are seen the market reaction? >> more symbolic and economic impact. more and the citizens of north korea than the government and arguably backing an animal in the corner that could do something that would perhaps in random key theory as to what the
6:24 am
likely outcome will be. the market is looking up as a something that we seek visitations of the most et cetera can this'll be another reset before we see any military conflict. obviously at the relates to china, the emerging market complex activity, olivet hinging on china's role in the gulf of the economy. any advice as it relates relates to some kind of a trade war as a consequence of sanctions could deteriorate economic commission not unlike the beginning of 2016. >> what are you telling your investors as a chief investment officer? we saw the other day of pullback inequities and people fleeing to golden treasuries. if that was causing some of the adjustment out there because of political actions? >> i think so. what we've seen historically defender of capital in the midst of the geopolitical crisis, not
6:25 am
a financial one is gold. it's a natural reaction. a consequence of that during this period. in times like this that works perfectly well. that said, the thing to brace for interview is something more per track events of that would be a recession in which would be warranted you see a reason and equity prices that they can't win between markdown of corporate earnings. that is in our view exceedingly remote this juncture. to the extent this actually leads to a correction, pullback in equity prices, we would be fires as opposed to sellers for fear this would derail the economic or financial bull market. >> well, recession. i wasn't thinking about recession. >> remote. 2019, 2020. maria: in terms of allocating capital, u.n. capital, u.n. of being u.s. doctrine the ecb meeting this morning.
6:26 am
what do you expect there? >> we have been. we continue to be. earnings growth profile is pretty steep. the discount of the u.s.-based counterparts in an essay last year had exceeded that of the first time since the late 1990s. growing above trend in their central bank is lagging the actions of the u.s. federal reserve. we still look at them as being highly accommodative, even though we expect mario draghi to end emergency measures that withstood the test of time and to some degree is taking credit for above trend growth in europe will likely begin to at least talk about the unwinding of quantitative easing, not coming anywhere near tightening by way of raising interest rates. >> mark on everybody talks the north korea system and how both of the worldwide markets. everybody says okay come to china is the key to making this all work out. nobody wants to get engaged in military action.
6:27 am
let they put something on the table. totally radical. give china the opportunity to the next north korea. take them. the only ones who can manage it, the only ones who can do it. maria: then you are going to get u.s. troops out of the european peninsula because that's ultimately what china wants. the trend administration still is not looking serious about tackling men's because if they were there with a trade embargo in place against china and accepting markets would react to. >> does not impact the entire economy? >> what's worse, an all-out war or do you want to actually put pressure on china to do something? >> i think you're right. china has a vested interest in not engaging the u.s. by way of bringing troops closer to the david already underway to move over to the asian pacific area, particularly the south china
6:28 am
sea. to your point, one way to solve for it to dp a few of north korea at the same time as the u.s. troops closer than what currently persisted that would be china. particularly at a time when president she is working in strong effort in order to maintain the flow. if anything he wants to subside, not escalate. maria: real quickly, tax reform. how much is that influence the market and if we don't see it by year-end, big selloff, what do you think? >> i don't think so. if you look at the small cap, large cap of the performance of some other areas, infrastructure stocks have rallied hard on the post election campaign i was going turn into legislation, they've completely unwound the gains made early on. it suggests to me there's literally no optimism where
6:29 am
we'll see a corporate tax reform. therefore if we do and i think there's a good chance we do. then i think there's a boost for equity prices before your injuries in 2018. i don't think it's necessary to sustain expansion. it would be a game changer by way of corporate profitability and market conditions. very polished. tree do great to see you. coming up, that face the music or the former i.t. staffer who works for debbie wasserman schultz another democrat strikes a deal to face bank fraud charges. we've got the story next. as puerto rico picks up the pieces, florida is bracing for hurricane irma come a long gasoline lines, frazzled nerves. our residents are coping next.
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. . .
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, it is thursday september 7th, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. hurricane irma slamming the caribbean, florida is on high alert this morning as the massive storm pushes forward expected to make landfall sunday. mandatory evacuations underway right now with people scrambling to get last-minute supplies including gasoline and water. >> we will clean up when it's done, that's what we do. >> we want to get to higher grounds. never had a cat 5, never
6:33 am
experienced it and it's just scary what could happen. going to higher grounds. >> i'm really worried because we don't know which way it goes, it's so large that i hope it doesn't follow us when where we leave. maria: we have watching the storm. markets like this look like this. futures indicating a mixed opening, dow industrials negative, nasdaq is higher up a fraction, 5 points higher, s&p 500 exactly where it closed yesterday pretty much. we have a decision coming later this morning as well as the news conference from president mario drogy. dax in germany up better than 1%. take a look at mixed markets. best performer is korea. donald, jr., taking the hill, the details as the president's son is prepare to go meet with the senate judiciary committee to discuss the trump campaign's contacts with russia and russia
6:34 am
questions also surrounding facebook this morning. the technology under fire over 2,016 political ads sold on the site apparently to the russians. facing the music. former staffer of debbie wasserman schultz has agreed to return to the united states from pakistan to face charges. more on that deal coming up. epic battle on the court. roger federer's quest for another title. russia election meddling focused on capitol hill this morning, donald trump, jr. will meet with the senate judiciary committee for first interview in the investigation. committee staffers to question him about the russian attorney back before election. sharing that he expect today receive damaging information on hillary clinton, joining us right now is the washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor charles hart.
6:35 am
>> good to see you. i don't think that there will be much additional information than what we already know. i think that when donald trump, jr. sort of surprised the political world when he released his emails in the first place, but and there was language in there that sort of surprised people and gave democrats to talk a lot about russia which they would talk about anyway, but there's still remains to be sort of no there there when you look at the amount of -- effort and time that democrats have talked about this, the amount of effort that investigators have put into this case, there remains very little evidence that certainly it looks like russia did it -- did what foreign countries adversarial countries tried to do but very little evidence to suggest that donald trump or anyone on his team was involved in. >> he can meet with anyone he
6:36 am
wants. he's not a government official. he offered nothing and took nothing and less there than a bottle dressing. [laughter] maria: let's talk about facebook, you want to say something, charry? >> when was the last time that somebody in politics actually met with someone to get damaging information on a political -- >> i never did that, of course, not. >> are we looking at the wrong side of politics when we are talking about russian meddling, where is the investigation about the steel dossier that some unknown democrat paid for to smear donald trump using information that looks like coming from russian intelligence, where is the investigation there? why did the fbi pay for that information? who was behind that? by the way, did we see the fbi director james comey and interfere on the election on the basis of that information against possibly from russia?
6:37 am
maria: i agree with you, mary. does anybody have an answer? where is that investigation? >> republicans are in in charge of congress. you're exactly right. to me that and the unmasking business with susan rice, all of that stuff, that's terrifying as a citizen and somebody who wants proper election -- >> when do we stop wasting money on the witch hunt. maria: it is money. >> our money going to waste. >> so much worst than that. we have a huge secret service appear root uis not only to protect the president and the presidency and that exends to his family so that nobody can get to his family and influence him except american voters and what we have here with the witch hunt expanding to don, jr., his family, it's all the swamp to put it in simple terms, it's the
6:38 am
swamp going after this guy saying, look, you know, you have put us in your cross hairs, we will put you in our cross hairs. maria: were you surprised that donald trump made a deal with democrats? >> i agreed. maria: 1,000-dollar in fraudulent spending prior to 2016 election, quote, we have shared our findings with u.s. authorities and continue to work with them as necessary. >> finally, collusion has been found. [laughter] maria: right, exactly. >> i can't wait, i can't wait until jim comey goes after mark zuckerberg. i want him to follow the money. maria: is he going to, though? >> no. it doesn't fit into this political whatever it is. maria: and the same as we know that comey wrote the memo
6:39 am
basically saying hillary clinton didn't do anything wrong before he even interviewed her. >> where is the investigation there? maria: exactly. >> i think vladimir putin will unfriend facebook. [laughter] >> we are laughing about it and it is funny because it's the only way to look at this but the serious nature, completely out of control washington that's acting with political intent to destroy the legitimacy of this president's office and that's what they're doing and the republicans are not being helpful. they are actually complicit in the attempt to discredit and to dislodge the president. maria: some of them don't care if he succeeds, governor. >> i think they're afraid that he will. they are afraid that he will succeed and with that goes their little party that they've protected for so long. it's an insul or world, it needs to be blown up and they are scared to death that he might
6:40 am
succeed. >> some of them ran on the exact same messages that he ran on and succeeded on and why they are not working with him, it baffles me? it should come as no surprise that he's going to work with democrats. maria: very good analogy. democrats right in for line. they are all on the same talking point. they do global conference calls or something, they get right on the same line and back each other. we have to talk about this it staffer, this is the story that very few in the media have been covering, we have been covering it, the journal has been covering it, the staffer for house democrats and, of course, daily mail has done an
6:41 am
incredible job, he struck -- daily caller has done a great job, he struck a deal, the wife of another staffer arrested and accused of double billing and equipment theft, both facing bank fraud and conspiracy charges, he's return today native country amid the investigation, your thoughts on this? >> going back to -- looking in all the wrong places, the idea -- at the heart of this, what began all of this was the hacking into the dnc emails. there's no evidence that donald trump had anything to do with that. we have this case. the appalling security and why we are not beating up barack obama and the government apparatus that was designed -- supposed to be looking into these things and protecting this from happening in the first place, it's -- the world is
6:42 am
upside down now. i mean, it's really incredible, democrats and i think it has a lot to do with the fact as you were saying, governor, democrats and the media are terrified of this guy and they will do anything, ignore whatever they need to ignore to go after this guy and make up stories in order to go after the guy. maria: is this a bigger story than just bank fraud? that's what the word is on capitol hill. they were worried that they were selling information to hostile countries, what are your thoughts? >> i think you have to believe that. this is a person that flees to pakistan, not exactly our closest allies, a country that harbors terrorists and they had access to levels of information in the halls of congress that most people will never get close to including members of congress. >> whether they did or did not sell information, from a managerial perspective, the fact
6:43 am
that this guy employed so many family members into fraud and taxpayers, so many millions of dollars over a period of years, if you were a private company ceo and that had happened, you would be out of there and debbie wasserman schultz would not have a job, there you go, she's still there in office, no accountability. taxpayers don't get the money back, it's appalling. >> we will see what happens with menendez. similar. >> same story. >> i don't know about that. >> nothing. maria: if they lose democratic vote that will be impactful in terms to have legislative -- >> a lot are trying to convince charges between him and the doctor, he lied about his --
6:44 am
about the stuff on federal forms and that's something that's not going to go well. maria: there you go. thank you, we will be right back. more to come when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world.
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maria: welcome back, let's check market this is thursday morning, dow industrials set to open down just a fraction. really a mixed performance this morning. couple names on the move, several names reporting earnings this morning among them dell technologies, shares of dell technologies are up 60% over the last year. we are watching barnes & noble, fiscal first quarter earnings, analysts expect a loss of 12 cents a share. down over 30% this year attracting investors as well for some change, we will see about that. the latest update from the national hurricane center has the eye of hurricane irma moving toward coast of dominican
6:48 am
republic. cheryl: what we know right now the dominican republic latest to irma. losing power overnights, thousands without water as well. irma's maximum winds last report 180 miles per hour. the storm is really leaving a trail of destruction, the caribbean island of barbuda and st. martin ruined with nearly all properties destroyed. the airport at st. martin and st. bartz has been badly damaged. drivers are rushing to fill their tanks in less than 48 hours, living trucks are waiting to load up and transport gasoline to service stations there. the deliveries are being slowed down by heavy traffic as
6:49 am
residents trying to get away from the keys. georgia and south carolina preparing for a possible hit from irma early next week. janice dean told us earlier. irma is baring down on florida and airlines are canceling flights into south florida, specially, more than 700 cancellations just for today. you need to check with airlines if you're plan to go fly to or from florida, pretty hard to come by, but jet blue says they are offering any remaining seats in select markets at reduced fair anywhere between 99 bucks and 159 bucks, that includes taxes, american, they capt the price at $99, maria, if you want to get out of florida, the airlines will take you but seats are pretty hard to get right now. maria: all right, thank you, cheryl. tough situation there. i want to talk to bob nordeli about that. you went through this before
6:50 am
when you were running home depot and 9/11. >> katrina. for 330,000 associates at home depot are at their best, they are passionate about reaching out and helping, it's what they do, you know, home repair, home building and i was privileged to be part of that from the standpoint of serving, obviously devastating but we had three control rooms, we were watching news, we had a logistics room and vendor room, a 9/11 when we saw everybody going in and their shoes burning, we get on the phone, we need 5-600 pairs of shoes and we get express trucks and grown zero. 24/7, we keep it hot, you turn on the lights and they are totally prepared. when we had to show up pentagon when the roof came on, we started on the west, same thing with katrina, we set tents up
6:51 am
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6:54 am
maria: miami marlins baseball team is i think to all it can to prepare for hurricane irma, jared max jared max with the story. jared. jared: did not want players to worry about family back in florida, to ensure everybody's safety, invited the families on 7-game road trip, last night's game against washington nationals, 14,000, about 14
6:55 am
people all in all, marlins not too terrified of what could become of stadium, the park was built to sustain hurricane 4 winds, retractable roof will be kept open in several spots for hurricane irma. nfl season kicks off tonight. new england patriots favor to beat kansas city chiefs, but another football story talked about today, sharing his heroin story of mistakenly taken down by las vegas police last night. acquired by tmz, bennett said while at casino nightclub after recent mayweather-mcgregor went running and officers threatened to blow his head off. >> it's a traumatic experience for me and my family and it sucks that the country that we
6:56 am
live in now sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin. jared: he's considering filing a federal suit. 26 pieces of video to watch in internal investigation. nfl commissioner roger says michael bennett represents the best of the nfl, leader on his team and in the community. we understand the vegas police department will address this in the evening and the issues michael has been raising deserve serious attention from all leaders in every community. prediction. public address system will pay american girl tonight several times. for the first time since 1981 all four women semifinalists are american. new york city native, former nbaer, madison keys advance with a straight sets win yesterday
6:57 am
against qualifier kaya. last night roger federer unable to reach the semifinals against rafael nadal but all american semifinal at u.s. open. venus williams against stevens to open it up. maria: oh, by the way, federer lost. i was there last night. it was incredibly exciting. i enjoyed the women's, madison key was excellent and there's my husband and me sitting in the stands. all american girls for the u.s. open, have to love it. >> 1981 since this happened. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls...
6:58 am
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday september 7th, your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. hurricane irma crashing crashine caribbean this morning, category 5 storm already responsible for at least 10 deaths causing widespread devastation, the hurricane making its way toward florida as we speak, mandatory evacuations are in place, cars jammed on highways, gasoline shortages at the pump and florida governor rick scott warning residents about the dangers of this historic hurricane. >> i cannot stress this enough, do not ignore evacuation orders, remember, we can rebuild your home, not your life. maria: we are tracking the storm's path this morning, details coming up right now.
7:01 am
president trump flips the script, he made a major deal with democratic leadership on extending the debt deadline yesterday, what it means for the tax reform timeline coming up this morning. futures indicating a mixed market at opening trading, dow industrials is exactly where it closed yesterday. s&p 500 and nasdaq up fractionally. in europe investors are waiting for european central bank, that happens later this morning, we will have headlines for you along with mario droghi. as you see, dax index better than 1%. in asia overnights, markets closed mixed. kospi up better than 1% in korea. wild fire raging in oregon this morning, this photo of people golfing amid the blaze went viral. we have the latest. confederate stained glass windows removed from the national cathedral. the fallout ahead. coming up, amazon's new headquarters, the technology titan launching its search for a
7:02 am
second home outside of seattle. how many new jobs are expected to come with that big move. all the stories and joining me to talk about it mary is here, former presidential candidate himself mike huckabee is here and former home depot ceo bob nordelli. >> good morning. maria: a lot on the docket this morning. such a busy news day and we are on the stories importantly the debt deal announced yesterday. we will talk with u.s. secretary mnuchin this morning. you don't want to miss a moment of it. stay with us for big two hours. we begin with eyes on hurricane irma, most powerful storm to hit in history. leaving at least 10 people dead, thousands of others without power this morning. irma is barreling toward florida
7:03 am
packing winds of 185 miles an hour forcing new evacuation orders, fox news meteorologist janice dean tracking the storm in the weather center. >> maria, the damage that's coming out of the caribbean is unprecedented in some cases and we are so concerned for our friends obviously in puerto rico, the bahamas, turks and cacos, south florida and the coast as well. let's move in. 18 oh-miles-per-hour sustained winds 17 miles per hour, new advisory at 8:00 a.m., we will bring you the very latest. fact that this has remained category 5 storms for several days now and perhaps the next 24 to 48 hours is unprecedented. so as we go further out in time, a good agreement of where the computer models go until sunday and then there's a lot of uncertainty, we have our area of high pressure, bermuda high that continues to steer west ward and then we have a question mark, when does it get picked up and make sharp right-hand curve and
7:04 am
that's why we are concerned that much of the state of florida needs to be watching this as well as the southeast coast, georgia and carolinas. again, good agreement as we had into saturday and sunday, category 5, category 4 storm perhaps making an impact on south florida and the keys and then does it run up the coast of florida, does it take over the state of florida or does it remain offshore like matthew did last year. all of these questions we still don't have answers to, so i need folks in florida, the keys and the southeast georgia, the carolinas and mid atlantic to pay taxi to local forecast and local officials. maria: janice dean in the weather center. the house approving nearly $8 billion in initial hurricane harvey relief. this as president trump stunned republicans yesterday by reaching a deal with congressional democrats. the president supporting a
7:05 am
proposal to to attach emergency aid to harvey victims to keep government funded till december 15th, the republicans wanted much longer than that. senate majority mitch mcconnell says that the president's decision was an effort of unity. >> emergency created by harvey and irma, which must be addressed this week, we have the debt ceiling expiring because there's more borrowing the secretary needs to do than the current debt ceiling allows it. if this isn't the definition of an emergency, then what is? the president speaks for himself. we need today come together and not create a picture of divisiveness at a time of genuine national crisis. maria: joining us right now congressman zeldin, thank you so much to sew you. >> thoughts on this deal.
7:06 am
>> not thrilled wit. i'm always going to be as honest with you, maria. having bipartisanship is great, we can have better legislative solutions when we work together and share ideas with each other. four congressional democrats, i believe, that we just created a new leverage point for them before the end of this year, the house is going pass tax reform, we are still on schedule, i can't speak for the senate republicans and the senate chamber as far as what timeline is. but they need to get it done before the end of the year, that's a must. i think the president had more votes on the other side of the aisle than he realized. i didn't see congressional democrats tanking a bill that pretty much had just the debt limit increasing and taking care of hurricane harvey recipients. the president can still working
7:07 am
with congress, republicans and democrats negotiate a great deal, i don't want to by any means by saying that i'm disappointed, i'm putting past the president working with congress to get a great deal in december. i believe it's easier to do more now than what we will try to achieve then and quite frankly we created a leverage point for democrats in december that didn't exist before. maria: that's right. congressman, we appreciate your candor and honesty, that's why you are where you are. what's the leverage point? in other words, is this going to threaten getting tax reform done by tend of the year? the democrats may say, we are not going to cut taxes by one penny for the highest earners, is that what we are talking about here? >> the good news is budget reconciliation, senate republicans are able to pass tax reform with 51 votes. i feel like it's dejavu and they weren't able to get to 51 votes. but it does not have to slow
7:08 am
down one bit tax reform. now the president has been working with senate democrats, that's great if he's able to bring some of them over specially those who are desperate to work with them because they are up for reelection and they have a popular president in home state who they don't want to be looked at being obstructionists entirely, so it should get done before the end of this year, it's definitely going get done in the house, hopefully gets done in the senate as well. >> congressman, what is the conversation between the republican caucus because you have again, a group of republicans who simply refuse to negotiate, they wanted a debt ceiling increase coupled with incredibly, unrealistic expectations in terms of entitlement reform, is there any -- does paul ryan have any leverage over these guys like mark meadows, what are you hearing when you're in the party room? >> well, we have managed to raise the debt limit being in
7:09 am
the majority every time it has come up. the fact is we really do need to when these debt limit increases votes come up, look at ways to be able to bend the cost curve. my daughter just started middle school a few days ago, they are turning 11 this month and for us to just continue to punt the tough decisions to future congresses, future presidents, it's kicking the can down. >> that's terrible politics, you could have passed debt increase and gotten away for six months and done real reform in a separate bill, i mean, that's the kind of language you hear from the freedom caucus, that's why we are in the mess that we are in today. >> well, i'm really confident that if we had a vote on a longer-term debt ceiling increase coupled with the hurricane harvey relief that it would have passed and it would have been republicans an democrats putting the bill over the top. one of the benefits of having a
7:10 am
large diverse house republican conference, we actually have enough of a majority where we don't have to be unanimous, it's not the same as where the senate republicans have to get practically 50, 51 out of 52 in order the pass health care and tax reform. i don't think at tend of the day, you'll be able to get freedom caucus guys to ever vote for the final package because they're just -- they are asking for something that drops off too many republicans on the other side. so i don't think that would have been possible. maria: bob nordelli. >> congressman, bob nordelli. if not now when, if not us, who. and so to maria's point on taxes, we hear it would be done 20%, 25% for corporate, what are we going to do for small businesses, if you think you're going to get something done, share was your candor, what are some of the element that is
7:11 am
you're prepared to put forward? >> well, i would fully support 15%. i agree that we should be simplifying our tax code, that we should be refusing tax brackets from 7 to 3, there are a whole lot of other components of this debate that get in the weeds of more specific components to have tax code. we have people left and right who are upset when we see jobs and american companies and american liquidities go overseas. i support 15%. i don't know if at tend of the day we end up at 15%, 20%. i don't know what the final number is, but it would be huge improvement over our current federal tax raid of 35%. we need to become more competitive from that regards but we also have to allow hard-working, blue-collar, middle-income americans to see tax relief directly to them and their families. that'll be important component as well.
7:12 am
being able to simplify the tax code to the point where as we've heard from others and it's so true, being able to fill out your tax return on a form as simple as postcard would be great and i think a lot of americans appreciate that and want that as well. maria: yeah. sounds great, but can you get it done? >> congressman, this is mike huckabee, i know republicans were frustrated with the president for making deal with the democrats. does the american congress understand how frustrated, 53 million trump voters are with congress for having a zero record after eight months with the house, the senate and the white house, do they fully understand how exacerbated? >> i'm exacerbated as member of congress. i just got to congress january 2015 and what is an interesting moment in time is at no point since january 2015 have we on the house side,
7:13 am
republicans have been more confident and optimistic that we can pas whatever we want and need to pass and at the same time since january 2015, i don't know of a moment where we've had a lower confidence that the big ticket items are able to pass in the senate, the house has passed hundreds of bills. we just need our friends on the other side of the aisle, on the other side of the capitol to get their work done and the american people would be happier. maria: it's the senate but isn't it also the freedom caucus? >> no, we've had hundreds of bills this year, the senate has passed and i have been on other channels where we have talked about dozens of bills the president has signed. i'm not talking about executive orderers, i'm talking about bills. we are talking about bills. they feel that the government is not working for them when people giving them news -- maria: yeah. well, we understand that, but we
7:14 am
are also wondering how the two sides are going to get together and get real legislation done, congressman, thank you, thank you for your candor, we appreciate it. congressman lee zeldin. stick with us in about 15 minutes we will talk to secretary in each about all of this you can do endless move 201online research.t,
7:15 am
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7:17 am
maria: welcome back, police in oregon have identified a teenager they suspect of starting the massive wild fires burning outside of portland. cheryl casone with the story, cheryl. cheryl: that's right, maria, police believe the fire was started by a 15-year-old boy setting off fireworks along the east eagle trail. the blaze merged with the indian creek fire together they've consumed more than 30,000 acres. there are extensive evacuations, road closures along the colombia river. check out these pictures, golfers at beacon golf course, they had to finish up a round while the hillburns behind them. okay. all right. the washington national cathedral will remove two stained glass windows of confederate generals, the historic church vote today take
7:18 am
down windows on general robert e. lee and stone wall jackson, the windows do not reflect its values. and there's this, toys r us, 400 in million, comes next year, toys"r"us will report earnings. we shall see. amazon looking for a second home. the company plans to open a second headquarters, somewhere in north america, 5 billion-dollar projectle they are calling h22, 50,000 people will be employed. equal to the company seattle headquarters, i'm sure mayors around the country are putting proposal right now. amazon shares up 20% so far this year. nice-looking chart.
7:19 am
maria: do you need two headquarters? house approving a bill to pave to way for self-driving cars. tracee carrasco. >> the first piece of significant federal legislation that will get the self-driving cars to market companies like general motors have been pushing for legislation to get technology out there. yesterday the house unanimously approved a sweeping proposal that puts federal regulators in the drivers seat and bar states from blocking self-driving vehicles, the measure gives the federal government authority to exempt automakers from safety standards not applicable to the technology and to permit deployment of up to a 100, 000
7:20 am
and safety inspections and not performing standards. they are applauding the legislation as a way to improve road safety and drive american innovation, listen to what they said. >> today marks a really important milestone in the pursuit to make our roadways safer and support american leadership in self-driving innovation. >> we are one step closer to reshaping american innovation for generations to come. we cannot let this opportunity slip us by. tracee: however, several consumer groups are strongly opposed to this in a statement consumer watchdog said, quote, the autonomous vehicle would leave a wild west without adequate safety protections for consumers. the bill preempts any state safety standards but none at the national level.
7:21 am
next wednesday the senate committee -- commerce committee will hold meetings to discuss commercial trucks, now the senate, they're also working on similar legislation, maria. maria: all right, tracee, we will be watching that. we will take a break. when we come back, hurricane irma battles the caribbean and how residents are coping with strong winds and rains later this hour. president trump pitches plan to overhauling taxes. i will speak to secretary steven mnuchin about the tax code, will it happen this year? straight ahead
7:22 am
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7:24 am
maria: welcome back, corporate america taking a stand. president trump is the first
7:25 am
businessman to take the nation's highest office and even form business advisory boards and councils, of course, they've since been dissolved. i want to bring managing partner steve, steve, good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> good to see you. maria: how it's changed and why it's important? >> i think business wants to be engaged in this administration and i think business is speaking out. there's lots of issues out there, some of them, we are living in divisive world right now and country and i certainly believe why we need to be speaking out on the issues, the values where people, organization, diversity and inclusiveness is part of who we are, people expect us to be leaders and be engaged. maria: what about tax reform? >> being leaders and engaged, where was the business community under last administration where taxes. >> going up and red tape layered all over america, jamie m --
7:26 am
diamon was the only one who got in front and where were they then? >> something i believe will get done, it only needs 50 votes under reconciliation, i think the question is when and what, it's a complicated issue, there's a complex calendar of issues washington is dealing with but i think something will get done. maria: what are the deductions that you think should be going away? go through some of the details of what you think will move the needle on economic growth? we need the corporate tax rate coming down from 35% is critical. >> that's why something will get done here. the business community needs it and the administration needs a victory and they do have the votes to get something. i think corporate will be easier, now that they've pushed the border tax aside. they'll be a rate reduction,
7:27 am
there will be a territorial system, i think, globally, they'll be a repatriation, i think all of that happens. it gets more complicated on the individual side with the politics around the middle class and upper and then pass-through, more than 50% of businesses in this country get taxed as individuals, that gets complicated as well. lots of complexity and which deductions on the revenue side and lots of passion around that, but go back to square one, something has to happen and this is an administration and needs victory and has the votes, so something is going to happen here. >> steve, congratulations on another record tale but let's look at the small businessmen, 50%, what do do you think, what are you hearing on what will be recommending and what will be passed for the small businessman? >> job creation is going to get better. the u.s. economy has been moving along at decent rate here,
7:28 am
global economy is doing okay as well. tax reform is going lift all boats, it's going to lead to lower rate, more jobs, lead to investment and so the devil is in the details but i'm very optimistic. maria: you sounded more optimistic even since yesterday's debt deal which changes the scenario. >> i think in a way it could help move it faster because that would have been a divisive dialogue in washington. not everybody agrees with politics but does move it down the road, everybody can focus. maria: we will talk about that right away with steven mnuchin, steve, good to see you, steve howe, ey, there. president trump strikes deal with senate democrats, details on the agreement straight ahead when i speak with secretary steven mnuchin about president trump's tax plan, stay with us. hey, how's it going?
7:29 am
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>> welcome back good thursday morning everyone. it is their state september 7. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. the east coast. the catastrophic storm has killed at least ten people. the latest as florida braces for impact coming up. the storm comes as congress reaches a deal to fund release efforts. present trump surprising many in his party by agreeing with
7:32 am
democrats on a three-month extension on the debt ceiling as part of that deal. see make our tax code is a giant self-inflicted economic wound. our tax plan will reduce taxes for the middle class and allow them to keep more of their own money keep that hard earned money where you can spend it the way you want to spend it or guess what you can also save it. but it's your money not the government's money. the debt limit extension from yesterday. it just just moments from now. the second in command stanley fisher is stepping down. new reports say that gary cohn may not on the list to possibly replace janet yellen when the term ends next year. fugitive indicating a mixed
7:33 am
market. s&p don't have to point. in europe we are all waiting on the central bank decision. that happens later this hour. as soon as they go back to the news conference. the major averages up between half a% and 1%. tour tops are in this half an hour. present trump striking a deal the deal with democrats to fund the government and rays of the federal debt ceilings for the next three months. this negotiation comes hours after house speaker paul ryan originally criticized such an idea as disgraceful. we've all of this devastation in texas. we've another unprecedented hurting -- hurricane about to
7:34 am
hit florida. and they want to play politics with the debt ceiling. it will play havoc with this. i think it's a ridiculous and disgraceful idea. mister secretary it's good to see. thank you so much for joining us this morning. can you tell us a little bit about what went on in that room yesterday. in the terms of the president going with this three-month extension. let me first say we are very happy that we have a deal. so the president's priority was to make sure that we have fun the -- funding for harvey. we had accomplished that. we could've done a longer deal. so there was discussions about a one-year deal on the table that would have required a
7:35 am
one-year deal for the cr. and the president's priority is to refund the military and get additional funding and he did not want to give that up. that was a president's priority particularly with what's going on in north korea and other parts of the world. we have an extension. i've also said that everybody in the room was very clear that we would never let the government default. doesn't give the democrats so much more leverage come december. you've been great in terms of pushing tax reform forward. and now, look at december 15. look around december when what the democrats say we want this that and the other thing. i would say the best part about this is this clears up the next 90 days for us to focus on important things. we have the funding for harvey. we are focused on tax reform. they'll be the big priority for the next few days.
7:36 am
so that we can have a bill passed for the president to sign. so that we can have a bill passed for the president to sign. i understand that you are excellent in the meeting and you are the one that were person for the american people. some of you would have to vote on this deal. i'm disappointed by this deal. i would not want to put it past this president working with congress to be able to get a great deal done in december. i believe it's a little bit easier to do more now than what we will try to achieve then we just created a leverage point. what you think. as treasury secretary i would rather have a longer deal but i'm very comfortable with this. he thought it was very important to put the interests
7:37 am
of the american public about politics and that's why he wanted to cut a deal to clear out the next 90 days and focus on the funding for harvey. let is a major compass meant and for the first time we have it with a bipartisan agreement walking out of there. it's a big step in the right direction. we know that there are only a few days left in terms of legislative time when the house and senate are in session together. in this really a first-quarter tax cap plan can you go through what you actually see as viable. i think as you know i had been working on this since january with the leadership we've made a lot of progress. we are meeting again today. there is a lot that's done. it will go to the committees. they will add it to different parts of this. we've a path to get this done
7:38 am
this year. that is our number one priority at the moment. where is the common ground then. what else you think you can actually get done. i think it's about on the personal side tax simplification. 95 percent of americans will be able to do their taxes on a big postcard. it's about creating a middle income tax cut and making our businesses competitive. with the highest or one of the highest rates in the world we leave trillions of dollars offshore. that is what the president talked about yesterday in north dakota and he will continue to talk about it. in looking at a story right now. inside the freedom caucus tax
7:39 am
plan. they can obviously block the parties leadership. how is it different than your plan. i meeting with them today and i hope there is not an intent on a separate plan is can be debated. it will be discussed. the committees can add what they want and we will go through. this is something that the members well have the opportunity to make changes but we are very optimistic about getting tax reform done. they want to cut the corporate tax rate as you do to 16%. tax reform must worsen currently. what about that. does a planet need to be deficit neutral. we set all along that we are very focused on the size of the debt that has grown from
7:40 am
10 trillion to 20 trillion. we want to be financially responsible but we've been very clear that we believe we can get to 3% gdp that will add trillions of dollars of revenue so the discussion as clearly under our projections this will absolutely be revenue neutral. the question is under the joint tax numbers which well had lower scoring and it will be one of the things that the committees well had input on and we have levers that can move the plan to adjust it. we like to get the corporate rate as low as you can and the president has repeatedly said since the campaign ideally we would get it down to 15% i'm not sure we will get it all the way there. will make sure that we have a competitive business only get tax reform passed. there are some people who work in essay there is no way i can vote for something that eliminates the deduction on the state income for example. would you be happy with it
7:41 am
just cutting taxes x. >> our objective is to do comprehensive tax reform. it has has that been done and 31 years. that's our objective and that's what were trying to do. but realistically speaking do you think you can come up with that were talking about between now and year end. i think that's realistic. there are big issues that people are focused on. our objective is to get this done. we don't need to set a specific date. our objective is still to get it done this year. people are really questioning this. will they ditch the scoring already and come up with their own scoring.
7:42 am
what is your take on this. this is what keeps getting the skeptics alive and resonating with the american people that the score said it doesn't make sense we cannot afford it. >> i'm not married to their scoring at all. we had 100 people in treasury that do our own scoring and we will have her own assumptions. there are people that will look at the scoring and there's people that had different views as to how it should score. we have the current baseline versus the current policy i think to the extent that we roll over the current policy every year that is something that we should be scoring two. let's not kid ourselves just because you roll it over every year thinking that you need to score otherwise. these are the types of issues that we are talking to the members about.
7:43 am
i'm wondering if anything has really changed at this point after yesterday's meeting secretary emanation. are you worried at this point that come december the democrats have all of the leverage. they may very will say we are not agree with that. if you don't cut taxes on the highest earners you're not for cutting taxes because the highest once pay all the taxes. isn't that right. i'm not worried about any gop revolt. we've an understanding on this tax plan. were moving floor -- forward on this tax plan. it's something we are working with the leadership on every day. i hope we have democrats that come across the aisle and support tax reform. >> are you saying that nothing changed from yesterday.
7:44 am
the thing that occurred yesterday was we cleared the next 90 days and had more room to focus on taxes. why this is good for the economy and why we need this. we have to create economic growth and that's what this is all about. and i expect we will have democrats understand that and come along and vote with us on this. that is up for them to decide as we go through this process. we've been talking about it all year. the american people just want to see it executed and i'm wondering if that execution hits a wall. the journal this morning is reporting that the president trump is unlikely to nominate gary cohn to be the next
7:45 am
federal reserve chairman. do you think he will stay in the administration if he doesn't get that. >> first of all the president hasn't made any decisions. it would be inappropriate for me to make any comments about the federal reserve process as you go through it. secretary, it's good to see you sir. thank you so much. e. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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>> welcome back. the latest update has the eye of hurricane irma has it moving on the coast of the dominican republic in right now. that last update told us that the dominican republic is now the latest the hurricane also pounding overnight puerto rico much of the u.s. territory has now lost power this morning thousands are without water there.
7:49 am
the maximum sustained winds are 180 miles per hour. this storm is leaving a trail of destruction behind it. the caribbean islands are pretty much in it ruins. there is a gas shortage in florida right now as drivers there are rushing to fill their tanks with her mother expected to make landfall in the next 48 hours or so. those deliveries are being slowed down by heavy traffic as florida residents evacuate the southeast as you can see one highway from the keys window they are preparing for a possible hit early next week. a state of emergency has been declared in georgia, north carolina and south carolina. with hurricane irma now bearing down.
7:50 am
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stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast hurricane irma crashing caribbean category five storm responsible for at least 10 defendants, causing devastation, we are tracking the hurricane as churns towards florida, on to washington we go, president trump flipping the script he made a deal with democrats to raise the debt limit and fund harvey relief some republicans in arms white house says the deal will help tax reform get done. treasury secretary steven mnuchin told me that last hour. >> we have the funding for harvey we are focused on tax reform, that is going to be the big priority for the next 90 days, we are going to work with the two committees on that get that down to the floor so that we can have a bill passed for the president to sign. maria: we are taking a look at fallout as legislative calendar winds down, markets this morning, flat dow industrials down 2 points nasdaq up 5, fractional moves ahead of the open in hour and half in europe european central bank decision is that
8:01 am
they kept rates unchanges nod surprise investors waiting on the news conference from ecb president mario draghi that gets under way later this hour we will bring heldz as they hit markets in europe higher about about across the board ecb keeps rates unchanged in asia overnight marks mixed korea best kospi up better than 1% stories coming up joining me to talk all about it "the wall street journal" editorial board member marry kissel, mike huckabee former home depot ceo chrysler ceo bob nardelli good to see you -- >> big story obviously this hurricane and you've been down that before running home depot. >> yes level of preparation selling plywood some have shutters plywood generators water, i mean that home depot team is just passionate committed to help serve those poor victims hit by hurricanes. >> the other big story debt deal thank you journal wrote
8:02 am
about it this morning, basically saying, that the -- the republicans are blindsided. >> essentially it is a win for democrats, gives democrats more leverage as lee zeldin told you last hour but they were elected to govern i think president trump felt that he had a choice, he could either put pressure on freedom caucus trying to get republican caucus together or do deal with democrats short term chose latter puts republicans in tough position might make it harder for president trump to get republicans to rally around him for tax reform. maria: steven mnuchin treasury secretary said president could have had a deal for a year, but decided to go with this three months. >> i think he -- fired a shot across bow to republicans made the republicans mad but i think also, a strategic move for the democrats, look. the fact that they agreed with the president he had chuck schumer path himself on the back almost to break his arm telling everybody what a great
8:03 am
guy to make the deal pressure on democrats to show bipartisan efforts if they stonewall as they have been, they are the ones going back on what they dentaled yesterday i thought a brilliant move. >> you did. >> yes, i did he has nothing out of republicans for 8 solid months. >> what did he get from democrats now is he going to get something for this what does he get from democrats. >> i think in every political arrangement, you always make deals that you can make, so that you have the basis to make a deal that you want to make, if you don't give in on some smaller things you will never get bigger things. >> okay. >> gives democrats leverage, i think a terrible deal. >> absolutely a terrible deal. >> most people are saying that on republican side anyway they look how honest lee zeldin was i am disappointed but we will see you are right it is a deal, we will see if focus is tax reform -- next couple months. >> how disappointed would they have been if nothing happened right i am with you governor. >> that was not an option they
8:04 am
need. >> it they need it in this world change is only constant what the president did he was voting on the side of change to keep things going, not give you know, pulldown into the morass, of the politicize that has taken place up there. >> people in washington living all or nothing midnight mind-set when you play all or nothing you get nothing and you get it every time this is where they have to start understanding nobody gets everything they want. >> freedom caucus needs to than us a little bit. >> -- pushing the principals in freedom caucus don't get me wrong it is great to call for entitlement reform all the rest fantastic but you have to also compromise so you can push ideas forward this is where they fall down. >> you make an important point, we are looking at top story this hour right now that is florida georgia parts of kaelz state of emergency irma barrels towards united states jeff flock in i'm let's check with the latest jeff good morning. reporter: and we got a series
8:05 am
problem here maria, and the problem is what you see behind me that is gas. take a look at this line one station, here on the southern edge of miami look at that line goes all the way down here, people need to get gas to get out, people want to get out. because this is right in the crosshairs here, and the a lot of times can't get the gas, that is one station look over here, this is the station across the street mobile, i don't know if bob can see that another gas line you can't even see the end of it people can't get out escape hatch or escape vehicle the way they charge devices everything to get out, well -- right now gas is a problem. governor trying to relax, regulations on truckers, so this gas trucks can get in so people can get out, but right now that is route one you are looking at, by the way, that is the route out of the keys, and right now packed with folks, and you got to have gas or you can't get away. checking out bob stomping
8:06 am
grounds at local home depot here as he pointed out earlier there is plywood flying out of there, see that on the program coming up. maria: jeff flock thank you that is incredible gas lines where they are obviously, oil prices going down, and people are expecting oil to go down with all the supply in this country now gasoline prices are spiking. >> they have plenty of oil, it is the refineries that are just now starting back up again in houston pipelines are going to move the gas, through the southeast up to north maria that is what some of the problem is unavailability. >> people fueling up, where are they driving to hurricane could follow them, right up the state of florida, very scary situation. >> really is meanwhile, another have you heardeel for tax reform president trump surprise short term he debt deal democrats could make difficult task passing tax reform tougher for republicans adam shapiro covering that part of the story right now. reporter: good morning, maria. during interview with secretary mnuchin treasury secretary he said he did not
8:07 am
believe there would be a gop tax revolt as you pointing out the freedom caucus is actually writing its own tax plan, mnuchin will be meeting with members of the freedom caucus later this morning, but it is what happened yesterday that deal the president struck with democrats, nancy pelosi chuck schumer has capitol hill abuzz, according to the treasury secretary clear debt for ninety days to accomplish tax reform here is what he said. >> funding for harvey we are focused on tax reform, that is going to be the big priority for the next 90 days we are going to work with the two committees on that, and get that down to the floor so that we can have a bill passed for the president to sign. reporter: as mnuchin pointed out during interview with you they could have had a deal as far as raising debt limit for a year but president was pushing for ninety days, clearing the deck for tax reform. back to you. maria: all right, clearing the deck for tax reform, that is the question, right now. in terms of whether or not tax reform became ez yes, sir or
8:08 am
tougher. >> i think it got in a way easier because now the republicans now if not willing to puts something on the table, that the president will turn to democrats and look for eat alternative that he wants to a end unwith a deal. maria: what is more -- governor democrats have said they are not going to cut taxes on highest earners highest earners pay all taxes that is the alternative? the president is going to? >> i don't think so, i think he will push for something it won't be what we want, but i like to believe this may get the republicans off high center where they have been -- >> can't argue with that. >> problem you have a core here in the republican caucus that are in -- a safe seats freedom caucus members not in danger of losing -- their political -- >> political power, you are looking at texas at guys like mart meadows, are they in danger. >> oi don't know i think you got to put pressure on these guys, say look you want an
8:09 am
idea a principle or get things done? >> democrats he aren't going to a give you anything got to get republican caucus together. maria: mnuchin just said to us he is going to meet with marker meadows freedom caucus today hopes not a separate tax plan but word is they are working on our own tax plan as if whole another party about incredible battling democrats and battling the republicans, and you faced it firsthand yesterday by the way, let's talk about what you -- yesterday, because you and your daughter white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders appeared on the view the view off host pup erred you with questions about president trump characterizing him as a racist a sexist a liar how tough was that. >> i didn't go in there thinking they were giving me warm hugs and kisses i have been on that show many times i think important those of us conservative that we are willing to go into lion's den not afraid we've got a position willing to did he have it, frankly it
8:10 am
adjudication's our view spirit full of anger irrational ha hatr hatred. >> things he says about women are horrendous how can you let your a dust defend him. >> is he empowered a lot of women given -- my daughter an knowledgeable opportunity. >> anecdotal. >> no look at women -- >> not only, in the white house, but also the women that he hired in the private sector people say on or abouts a racist well he has been on show many, many times. >> -- 5% what he says is a lie -- 95% what he says is a lie? >> that is a you are doing exactly what we're talking about in pushing -- >> 95% what the president says is not a lie. >> but -- defend those lines every day.
8:11 am
>> we really -- >> you know, i have to believe that there are a lot of smarter people in the american public, than they think there is. and the fact is, that again, they are hatred of donald trump is so irrational i think that comes across, that it is just amazing to me, to think that they believe that they are representing, if it is a shock to you, i actually like whoopi get along with joy, i have a mys communication with them during the break. >> i like them too. >> so with a so we have a country where we can express strong opinions i think important at least engage those conversations. >> good for you -- >> thank you. >> thank you for taking the lead. god bless you. maria: all right a break when we come back make a deal, former democratic i.t. staffer for congressman debbie wasserman schultz agrees to return from the u.s. -- to the u.s. from pakistan the charges she is facing next and the team, joining forces with netflix to win over new
8:12 am
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8:15 am
following this story, he faces bank fraud conspiracy charges she works for congressman meeks the democrat husband for representative debbie wasserman schultz. arrested in july she fled to pakistan a couple children, documents show she agreed to return to u.s. face arraignment as early as october 6 husband scheduled to appear in court for status hearing, mcdonald's is expanding beyond golden arches selling mccafé drinks next year, catch up with dunkin' donuts starbucks, chain signed a deal with coca-cola to deliver bold versions of its drink as well as shares mcdonald's up sizzling 30% so far 2017. and tmobile offering free access to netflix to family plans subscribers incentive to give it an edge over their
8:16 am
wireless competitors at&t and verizon netflix offer for new existing subscribers on plans they have at least zwo lines that cost 120 bucks a month shares t-mobile u.s. up nearly 11% to date netflix -- 179 and change, i just say i find mooiz watching networks on ipads. >> wow, the power grid in crosshairs packers target the energy sector across u.s. europe fallout from cyberattacks next watson is going to college now, ibm teams up with mit to make its the artificial intelligence smarter massive price tag on that partnership, stay with us. ♪ ♪
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . maria: welcome back hurricane irka powerful storm to hit atlantic in recorded history, it is now headed for the turks and caicos island the bahamas, the 185-mile-an-hour winds whipping puerto rico starting he directly now at florida this after category five storm killed at least 10 people knocked out power to thousands of others across the caribbean, millions races to leave the city. >> janice good morning. >> good morning, maria. not only florida but southeast coast needs to be on alert over weekend as well, i also point out two other hurricanes josé in the atlantic this is in the gulf of mexico, right
8:21 am
now, those storms are not going to affect u.s. we will have to keep an eye on it radar, the future radar showing the storm still maintaining its category five strength perhaps weakening to a four, but still could devastate turks and caicos in bahamas uncertainty towards south florida keys still want people to listen to local officials, forecast all cases we are going to feel this hurricane, it is impact along the sunshine state just exactly where the center of this storm goes is still yet to be determined here is our most reliable forecast models, very good agreement saturday and sunday, very good agreement now as we head into overnight sunday and monday this is a big impact, for south florida, as well as central florida and we think perhaps going to rise up the east coast and make another landfall in georgia or are carolinas monday and tuesday
8:22 am
very good agreement 48 hours, and then we discrepancy depending where track goes ease or west will definitely make impact on your neighborhood however, florida needs to be on alert for perhaps a major hurricane making landfall as early as saturday. maria back to you. >> do you expect that it keeps moving closer toward u.s. mainland what are your expectations in terms of where this goes next. >> this is a tough forecast, i am going to put that out there right now really the diming on when a trough a cold front comes across east coast and picks this storm up, the timing of that exact timing where it gets lifted whether it be more east or west still yet to be determined, if we get a little bit more to the west going to feel more impact of hurricane, and more east then we might not even see a potential landfall but eye on ball here florida needs to be prepared, we have a major
8:23 am
hurricane one that one of which in cases we haven't seen in 100 years in this region we saw what harvey did to texas we feed to be prepared best-case scenario doesn't hit land but i cannot guarantee that that is why, we have that cone going right up the florida coast and georgia carolinas you could have a major hurricane as well monday and tuesday. maria: janice thank you. we will be watching, a suite out of date "the wall street journal" reporting as of late june 8 of the 11 cruise destroyers uss mccain clyde with liberianship august 21 uss fitzgerald clyde with filipino vessel june 17, 17 sailors killed between two crashes joining us news correspondent lea gabriel why lack proper certification we
8:24 am
talked about fact navy neither is what the smallest it has been in decades, in entire military actually but in particular the navy. >> it comes down to money maria he we've seen, the navy having to deal with and military in general to having deal with mandatory budget cuts, navy over the past four years has received 30 billion dollars less than what it requested, the navy also having to operate and military having to operate under continuing resolution means that instead of being able to plan what they need to years and years down the road they are basically having to only assume they have the money that they had last year so basically puts a big stop on everything that they can do in terms of training, maintenance, and where they can allocate money, when you look at those two the most recent two incidents, what they are talking about as far as what ships seventh feet weren't certified for mobility seamanship things like basic steering of the ship very important things, when you are out on navy ship you have people between ages of 18, and
8:25 am
25. i was 25 yeaold. >> people 18 years old on bridge of ships part of this navigation process, and people constantly flying and in out of ships duty stations changing ships do certification processes to make sure right amount have been trained to handle different aspects being able to operate, on naval warship that is where they are running into problems right now because the operational tempo is so high, the 7th fleet around the world but particularly in 7th fleet, because that we think of the korean peninsula south china sea, 7th fleet so high that they are having to get people at sea trying to do operational training on-the-job training just -- -- difficult to stay ahead. >> i was privileged to be on nimitz a few months ago three days, 5,000 young men and
8:26 am
women, passionate dedicated -- just unbelievable sight let's criticize them. >> i am certainly not criticizing them some best and brightest. >> you think a 25-year-old landing a 60-million-dollar hornet super hornet right on that about aircraft carrier doing best with what they got you cited the issue they have been, really stretched, relative to -- the hornets they had oxygen issues had to ground them a lot of issues out there because of this pullback in funding for the navy. >> you will hear from military leaders going to do best they can with what they have you are no the going to hear military leaders say we can't do it we cannot meet operational requirements going to do it they are sticking things together with bubble gum and glue right now. >> before the journal report i i was jack keane general jack keane on this program a year
8:27 am
ago said to us that more than 50%, of our current vessel within navy are not ready. they are not ready should something happen we need them to go into you know action. >> one thing. >> incredible number. >> it, listen to what at a navy said in congressional testimony repeating from representative said in statement we are not currently providing navy with resources it will needs to do what we ask at least not without burning our ship planes and sailors energy long term readiness what we are seeing that was specifically addressing issues of budget the issue of continuing resolutes you will hear that if you listen to congressional testimony of mill leaders on the hill, that is a huge problem for them. >> this is not really a problem of the military flower it is a problem of the political leader's failure to provide resources asking people to put lives in harm's way not giving them the -- the
8:28 am
bare minute resources they need this is a scandal! >> this also sounds like emergency needs to be addressed now the problems you are describing can't be if i could in a couple months if you have to build new ships if you have to entire point of what military leaders have been saying, governor you are so accurate saying that this is a problem with congressional gridlock the military leaders as i mentioned they are going to do what they need to do with what they have certainly not going to project to other leaders around the world, to adversaries around the world where problems are there -- there sort of like secretly begging for help right now that is what i am hearing, and in my conversations with people at high levels in the military that they need help they need congress to work they need them to stop doing these continuing resolutions need a proper budget process more money we have a greater with adversarial sayings around the world than i think we ever faced in terms of the number level of risk they are saying look we can't shrink we
8:29 am
got to grow we've got to give sailors seamen airmen marines the resources, that they need to do their jobs. >> there used to be gap, right in the middle east, where one carrier fleet would be out there then three to four months -- now they got two aircraft carries out there, so not only are they not fully prepared from the standpoint they are being called to do more than they thought they were going to have to do. >> and being called to do more, the operational tempo continued high, young people who are serving in military need resources, they need congress to give them resources. >> very important story thank you lea important stuff thank you, coming up protection from price gouging how florida is stepping in to make sure residents are not overcharged the state braces for hurricane irma are they overcharged for gasoline? we will talk about it european central bank president mario draghi to speak in a few since after leaving interest rates
8:30 am
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maria: welcome back. good to see you thanks for joining us, everybody i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, september 7, about welcome back, your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. hurricane irma slams caribbean catastrophic storm has killed at least 10 people after battering several islands with powerful winds relentless rain, florida residents on high alert scrambling to get last minute supplies including
8:33 am
gas water as mandatory evacuations get under way storm comes as congress reaches a detail to fund relief efforts, president trump surprising many agreeing with democrats on a three-month extension on the debt ceiling, as part of a deal treasury secretary stephen mnuchin told peel he was happy getting something done. >> we are very happy that we have a deal so the president's priority was to make sure that we had a funding for harvey, and to make sure we raise the debt limit to pay for that we have accomplished that. maria: secretary mnuchin also spoke on tax reform telling me he expects to get a deal done. >> it is still very viable to get it done this year, i think as you know i have been work on this since january with leadership made a lot of progress meeting again today, there is a lot that is done, the major blueprint outlined going to the committee. >> speaker with of the house paul ryan to speak on tax reform and debt ceiling deal moments from now we will bring
8:34 am
remarks, futures show markets will open mixed fractional moves this morning jobless claims 298,000 latest week on hurricane harvey latest one week increase jobless claims since 2012 dow industrials expended down s&p 500 nasdaq up a fraction european indices big news european central bank decision could keep interest rates unchanged no surprise we will see what dagen says about stimulus in press conference as that gets under way momentarily markets higher across the board dax best off 1% asian markets overnight largely fractional moves, breaking news right now president trump just tweeting, here is what he is saying hurricane irma raging we have great teams of talented brave people already in place, and ready to help, be careful, be safe. hashtag fema. a major issue people in florida are dealing with, ahead of hurricane irma price
8:35 am
gouging, there are reports of amazon charging 20 dollars or more for water, ahead of the storm not only is price-gouging wrong it is against the law, in florida, joining me now is florida attorney general pam bondi, good to see you miss attorney general thanks for joining us. >> you, too, maria that i think so. >> what are you doing to crack crack down on price work being 24 hours a day hotline open from 8 a.m. to 11 pm seven days a week i have 50 full-time people doing it 60 additional volunteers in my office, who are cross-trained doing it all offices, safe zones, we have been receiving, well over probable now well over 2000 calls as night rolled on we have over most of them deal with water ice food commodities if a store out of food we can't help there that is not price-gouging, but some main ones are water, people are charging exorbitant prices
8:36 am
for water that is shame full i was on phone myself calling local gas stations, all over the state of florida, telling them get their act together last night. you talk about amazon i was on the phone with amazon, they use third party vendors i can tell you amazon stepped up to the plate, not only are they using their automated system to track the pricing of water but they are also scrubbing manually have entire team of people, i have the whole seattle legal team on phone last night, and they are working with us very well, what is happening the third party vendor will go on and say yeah well i will sell you case of water for 20 dollars, then charge you 100 dollars shipping fee, that is ridiculous! amazon shut down 12 people doing that, and refunding the shipping fees, so that is one thing, home depot reached out to me they said what can we do to help. they have -- locked water prices in at 2.97 a case thank you home depot. they are bringing they have
8:37 am
already yesterday delivered, sold 335,000 he pieces of plywood can you believe that in florida alone, so floridians thank you, you are listening to the governor you are listening to me, you are going out and you are buying the boarding homes up right now in florida as far as evacuation we only have two roads open right now 75, 95 coming out of the keys one miami those two, so the reason is not all for lane it is because you will see fuel trucks seeing home depot trucks you will see wal-mart trucks you will be seeing supplies taken in to most needed areas right now while still safe for drivers and trying to help those still there we are seeing a lot of good on i talking with scott, epa worried about prices epa incredible to us they have granted us additional 20 day waiver, to use a blended fuel, will drive the prices of fuel down over the next 20 days.
8:38 am
they did it during harvey now done it for us extended it 20 days for irma so we are able to get more fuel into our state as well. to help our consumers. maria: that is you make a really good point but you know when you are talking about a supply demand situation how do you push back on a company that says look, we have to skyrocket, the price, of whatever it is i mean look at gasoline, because the demand so is much higher right now, and they could hide behind the supply demand story rather than just saying what it is and it is price-gouging? >> actually they can't, because in florida it is price-gouging it is illegal, to start charging 1,000 per bad act up to 25,000 dollars, if you are doing it i will be saying your name all over national tv and i will destroy your company. so you are not going to steal from floridians at a time of crisis, we are here to work together but maria i cannot tell you for the most part you are seeing people coming together, like never before in a crisis, they lived it in harvey living in irma people
8:39 am
just know this is going to be worse than andrew if you are still in keys, get the heck out of there, please. miami, start leaving now! but for the most part people are here to help, so many companies have stepped up to the plate. the airlines are now offering i was on phone with american united delta jetblue all nightlong, i know tr rrtdz by faa i have white house backing me up on this airlines stepped up to the plate locking about prices in, i got them to let pets fly free, waiting change fees capping the prices, and this is what we needed in our country is everybody working together, to help your fellow americans. maria: absolutely right let me ask you this pam in terms of the long term effects of the hurricanes, we have a developer on yesterday he said, houston for example will never be the same because people will will become homeless, then they will leave, they will leave their
8:40 am
homes, somewhere else go to dallas go to austin do you see that kind of impact in florida? where you know, this storm can just destroy homes to the extent that it will change the cities for the long term, it will push people to other places, they will create new homes, in a different place. >> well, you know maria right now too early to know we know the keys south florida miami broward are in general we need to get the first and foremost maria your life not hurricane, and your home, get out of there, and especially our seniors, senior population pack up messes put in ziploc bag don't forget prescriptions as well pharmacists are telling me that a lot of he elderly people forget to take prescriptions, pack up get out of there bring your animals bring what you need board up your house, i think that is ev dent by 335,000 pieces of plywood sold yesterday from home depot when i spoke to hope home they said what can i
8:41 am
do i said we to me more plywood they started driving trucks in by hundreds, so thank you to everyone working together hopefully, hopefully, we are praying, it is going up the east and then hopefully -- i mean up the east coast hopefully continue away from land, you know you know, changes hour-by-hour day by day now we know we've got to get people out of keys get people out of miami, and i am going after anyone trying to steal from at your citizens and hurt them in time of crisis. >> by the way, today on show we've got the former ceo of home depot saying the same thing, so good for you, to calling it out, quick pam before you go, before you go, just give us a characterization of florida today, as the storm is approaching about to barrel through i know telling everybody to leave what can you tell us in terms of the very latest right now. >> well -- i am fourth generation floridian right now over caribbean we know going to go over the keys, that is that is a pretty certain, and
8:42 am
we know most likely heading into miami fort lauderdale, people you need to get out of there, the roads are open, governor opponent incredible job we have national guard deployed we have roads open we have roads hope to still head down for good companies like walmart, home depot to start delivering goods, and fuel tanks, to come down, to help as well, so -- >> people just have to -- >> heed our warning get out worse than andrew floridians please know that please leave your homes. >> stay safe attorney general thank you very much the country with you we will be watching thanks for joining us pam bondi joining us attorney general in florida, speaker paul ryan talking tax reform live right now listen in. >> we are going to talk for about 20 minutes, then we will have a few questions from the audience, so if you are watching us on facebook live, just put your questions in the comment section, otherwise if
8:43 am
you are here or on tv, about watching tv you can just e-mail it to q, letter q, at initiativy, let's jump in right now hear to talk tax reform, and -- speaker ryan you've been traveling around the country making a case for tax reform, i just like to stipulate the -- a lower mess especially own corporate side president obama wanted tax reform even schumer wanted tax reform at one point accept the situation jump in see where we are, when are we going to see your tax reform -- >> -- this fall, excuse me to get it done this year the reason get it done this year we want america to wake up an new year's day 201 with a new tax system, and we really believe, we get a moou tax system tax reform, we can achieve lasting 3% or plus
8:44 am
growth in this country i think hard to get 3% growth without it if you get 3% -- difference between 2 or 3% growth is trillions of dollars wages get increased, better standard of living more take-home pay the difference between a tax code like we have now, and a reformed tax system it makes sense to stay in america to make things in america it puts us in a better level-playing field with rest of the world so i see it as an enormous game-changer examine economically for our country it has been since 1986 since we have done this. >> september now you think by end of september we will have some detailed -- >> yes, that is i to tax writers ways and means finance to decide when they relief template as they describe it i this i very close on track of doing that, and then once they released their template start moving through committee legislation, going to take a while to do that always does, this hasn't been done since 86 they have spent unifier year working on this we came
8:45 am
consensus middle of summer how to do it house was advancing, basically consumption tax border-adjustment tax key opponent we basically agreed concluded we didn't have consensus there i think a smart way to go long-term for our country but we didn't have consensus so we agreed in for the sake of consensus, to stick with income system and reform income system we believe because our tax code is so bad right now, it is literally basically dead last in industrialized world with respect to competitiveness there is so much room for improvement to get country tax code from back of the packstride world to front of the pack in industrialized world basically our goal. >> let me ask you you are a catholic there is a group of nmany of y nnyou hadn't ns. >> on tax reform -- how do you emerge those two? >> the not for 1%, obviously
8:46 am
we do know that the -- >> catholic tax reform -- >> tell you got to use whatever advantage you got, the slogan not for 1%, we do know that affluent have don pretty well last 20 years, as middle class struggled so can you -- can you realize a simplified tax code and keep it progressive? >> sure you can have -- we propose a progressive rate structure progressive system for oppress rate structure don't think seven brackets makes it more about complicated we should streamline simplify by streamlining simplifying from seven brackets to three not only do middle income tax payers get a look low income tax payers get a break you dramatically change the code so they can file on a postcard don't have to pay for all expensive tax preparation, because if you if you
8:47 am
effectively double standard deduction keep important things nuns would agree with this mortgages things middle income families rely on participate in with that increased standard deduction you dramatically simplify the code it is fairer that way. >> income same kind of tax not the way it works today. >> you can talking about doubling the standard deduction. >> all do compact math basically effect what we are talking about close. doubling there are a number of things to dramatically simplify if you raise standard deduction you don't the to itemize you are getting a break for middle income tax pair you don't have to go through complicated storms and schedules hire all tax preparation irs we want to convert from a gotcha agency into a servicing agency, and then you mentioned, corporate and businesses, the issue that
8:48 am
i think is confusing 1% conversation is 80% of all our businesses in america pay their taxes as individual people. we call them pass-throughs. llc's sole pro pry torz sib chapter s corporation. >> i think that is a c corp. >> i don't know -- >> the answer to that didn't look into that one. >> but -- >> here is the issue, so you will have take manufacturing wisconsin. 50 employees, family business, top effective tax rate today because they pay individual tax rate because they are like i said corporation 90% wisconsin businesses by the way, they are rate is 44.6. >> if they make a lot of money. >> but -- sure, 50 -- you got to understand, they are business pass-throughs that have 500 employees 100, 200, those are job creators but competing against here
8:49 am
countries -- canada probably biggest competitor where i come from overseas to us lake superior our retailers farmers, they compete against canadiens taxed at 15% ireland 12 1/2 percent gleaned 18% china between 15 and 25% the industrial world average tax rate on businesses,is 22 1/2 percent. >> our tax rate on corporations basically 20 paris american businesses one of the bigger companies like "new york times" those pay a 35 percent rate highest in the world, but -- >> right. >> 44.6 is top effective rate pass-throughs pay. so getting those rates down, getting those rates down, so they are competitive with the rest of the world is really crucial, crucial for economic growth, it is crucial for competitiveness and i really belief going to stop the inversion trend that is occurring what do i mean when i say that u.s. companies are quickly about becoming foreign
8:50 am
companies for tax reasons either converting themselves to foreign companies johnson controls biggest wisconsin company we have -- >> tico irish company now headquarters not milwaukee wisconsin it is dublin ireland tax rates not 35, 12 1/2. >> you have foreign companies buying u.s. companies, anheuser-busch, belgium happening fast worried about not only losing competitiveness losing headquarters manufacturing losing jobs if headquarters leaves a town that headquarters losses itself town spirit losses the united way campaign the executives, the affinity for our country, for its exuberant, that is a real problem, and we want to fix that. >> the president trump has said he wants a 15% corporate tax rate, a lot of people have said, that is impossible, it is just too low what do you
8:51 am
think a realistic corporate tax rate would be. >> the numbers hard to make that work, he obviously wants to push this as low as possible, i completely support doing that, but at the end of the day we've got to make numbers work i think, our goal to be at or below the world average 22 and one half so our goal is to get in the middle of 20s. and we think that is an achievable goal. >> you mentioned a few of these, tax reform is generally thought widening the base of available taxable income and lowering rates. there are three huge tax expenditures in this tax codes the deductibility for employer sponsored health care mortgage interest deduction you mentioned, and there is. >> charitable deduction. >> i think paul ryan -- house speaker paul ryan talking with times as you hear about tax reform wants american to wake up new year's day and have a new tax system. new year's day mary what do
8:52 am
you make of what we are hearing from speaker paul ryan. >> well, i think he is trying to temper expectations but i got to say when he says, we need to make the numbers work, what that is actually for we need to make this quote/unquote revenue neutral because of some process set up in washington that i would like speaker to say you know what 15%, that is a great goal, let me explain to you how that is going to supercharge economic growth, let's get pressure on the republican caucus to get this done, he is too worded about process not bold enough he needs to think bigger. maria: yeah i think you make a really good point. >> i agree, listen why do we want to be average, trump is 15, used to be 25 now 22 1/2, splitting the baby, so a it average why don't we want to lead. >> they want to be revenue neutral don't want democrats to say you cut taxes now big -- to --
8:53 am
>> on the left dike tays tax cuts. >> instead of controlling, the message explaining to americans why tax cuts promote growth and prosper 70. >> revenue neutral we know border-adjustment tax off the table paul ryan said too much debate off table where getting revenue a whole new tax? at. >> now got to make the case, that tax cuts are going to stimulate investment growth job creation -- >> forget these artificial estimates. >> agreed. >> repatriation offshore funds job creation helps us don't try to make it neutral going in. >> are you all listening? we will be right back. ♪ i count on my dell small business advisor
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. maria: welcome back, delivery couriers make sending receiving almost anything fast easy many workers are not being fairly compensated, now local delivery start up is looking to rectify it hiring its workers as w2 employees take about that with ceo home and logistics, adam price joining us good to see you thanks for joining us congratulations on start-up tell us about where the growth comes from. >> sure, a company helps businesses run local deliveries same day, we work with a variety of businesses ranging from restaurants grocery stores liquor stores enable them to reach customers
8:57 am
out of store base by running deliveries for them headquarters in new york city. >> what is the benefit of hiring employees as w2. >> we are a firm believer investing in employee base ranging from couriers to software developers that develop technology is ultimate success at the end of the day it is people using software, and investing in all the people, is important to the business. >> using w2s admirable how do you compete on price, if i go and order grocery release want delivered seven dollars, can you that is can you compete with that. >> absolutely, the payoff investing in wit-- w2s on efficiency when you invest in onboarding engagement as opposed to contractor relationship you are going to retain that individual for much longer time at your company also going to end up with individual that is engaged more efficient doing the work efficiency increase
8:58 am
how we compete on price. >> do you provide the vehicle. >> we provide all equipment for employees. >> how do you compete with something like say an amazon, that has all logistic centers, technology they have been doing this for years how do you get into those markets. >> right a great question, you know, what we found is a very strong fit for you are a service in moving local goods, short distances, and that is a little bit different than the classic last mile where you are distributing packages out of a big distribution center or warehouse like amazon has we have developed a way to stitch together local merchants use technology to deliver in a new way we think services the customer in better experience. >> does consumer call you directly or are you being -- retained by the restaurants or grocery stores. >> it is the latter that is the best part of our business we don't have to create the ask consumer demanded we work with businesses that you might already be familiar with we provide that outsourced
8:59 am
delivery service on local level. >> i like the fact your kour yerz earn more than average average hourly rate food deliver workers 11.43 they owner 16 dollars on average how do you do that a what is you is your business model how do you keep going. >> we are excited as well goes to gainlt proper treatment of workforce but the way we do it comes down to efficiency, by combining the technology that allows to us move these deliveries very quickly, about efficiently we are able to legitimate more revenue per hour allows to pay courier more per hour. >> tax cut help. >> will help. >> talking about tax reform all morning do you think that is helping the bottom line to see lower corporate tax you are probably a pass-through will be a pass-through. >> at the end of the day for us we are still a very early stage technology company, and we're not profitable so tax cuts doesn't have major impact on our business until a couple years from now. >> it will right. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> thanks.
9:00 am
>> adam price ceo home logistics thank you so much mary bob, governor we appreciate it great show. >> great to be with you. >> have a great day seize that day "varney & company" begins now. >> best shot. the president gets something done democrats jubilant republicans stunned welcome to new political landscape good morning, everyone. picture this oval office president there, congressional leaders mcconnell schumer ryan pelosi arguing about the debt little bi limits getting nowhere president so right go with three-month extension on debt a continuing resolution to fund government the deal is done. according to "the wall street journal," that is what happened the president got it done with democrats support. then he went on to north dakota and made a great show of inviting democrat support for tax reform. this is a major


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