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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 8, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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thought beforehand. finally you have european central bank yesterday and upgraded and reaffirmed the story of the euro zone doing better which pushed the euro and that push it is dollar down. you can see across the board, dollar has come under a lot of pressure. lauren: thank you. >> it means the fed might not have to move so quickly and help u.s. companies to. cheryl: christopher, thank you very much, that is it for us, we send it over to maria bartiromo. mornings with maria starts right now. maria: happy friday to you, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday september 8th, your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news overnight, a major earthquake strikes méxico. triggers tsunami waves, méxico's president says it is the largest quake in 100 years and at least five people have been killed. florida meanwhile waiting for hurricane irma after it slammed turks&caicos. category 4, but florida
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residents have rushing to board up homes and evacuate. >> we don't know exactly where it's going to be landing. where landfall will be. we think we are as well prepared as you can possibly be. >> i cannot stress this enough, get prepared now. know your evacuation zone, listen to your local officials. this storm has potential to catastrophically and you have to take seriously. this is a catastrophic storm that our state has never seen. maria: very latest on the storm's path and expected expectations rather for landfall, that's coming up this beaked. in washington lawmakers moving forward on relief plan. senate approving the deal that he made with democrats this week and open to reaching across the aisle again. market this is morning under selling pressure. take a look at futures indicating decline of 65 points on dow jones industrial average, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq also
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negative this morning. in europe take a look at major averages, selling underway, the ftse down a quarter of a percent as the cac quarante in paris. the dax index also weaker this morning. in asia overnight markets closed mostly lower with the exception of hong kong and hang seng squeaking out half a percent gain. a massive data breach at equifax, 143 million people's information would you say compromised. that's nearly half of the country. what you need to know if you were affected. that's coming up. opening night stunner for the nfl, the reining super bowl champs. joining me caitlin hugh burns is here. kevin kelly back with us and maslansky + partners lee carter.
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incredible with hurricane and now the earthquake in méxico. kevin: i know, specially legislative agenda for the month, great interview yesterday with secretary mnuchin talking about you only have a few days this month and all the rhetoric that's been coming out. it's been unbelievable. you get the news of, you know, what's going to happen to gary cohn, is h going to stick around in this administration, he has been working on the tax plan all year. maria: they say they are commit today getting something on paper by the end of the year, we will see. >> the president is committed to getting stuff in washington because he made a deal with the democrats, i'm sick of this, i'm going to work with people that want to deal with me. maria: i think it was a message going on. >> i think it was a lot of a messaging between republicans, this is on you guys to get it done. legislators in congress you have to get stuff done. i'm willing to make compromises, you guys better learn from this.
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maria: we have a lot on tab, we have to get comments, coming up this morning, ed rollins is with us, republican sean duffy is with us, evander holyfield making appearance today. former milwaukee county sheriff super pac david clarke is here and michelle malkin with us this morning. you don't want to miss a moment of it. get to breaking news right away. overnight, five people dead in méxico, this morning after the biggest earthquake in a century strikes the country. the massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit coast hours ago sending tsunami awes that could reach hawaii and california, incredible. the country's army, marines and federal police are responding to this catastrophe right now. the quack left 800,000 people in
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the dark. méxico's west coast is facing heavy rains from hurricane katia, to the east. i want to bring chief meteorologist, joe, your reaction to this catastrophe. >> we are talking about the hurricanes is what i can deal with, i'm not so good as earthquakes. katia is going to go into méxico and winds close to 100 miles an hour when it does tomorrow. of course, irma is what everybody is watching and the storm is behaving very well so far, we forecasted it yesterday a week into a four and come back to a 5. i cannot overemphasize that the parameters for intensification as this is coming to florida coast are all there, this is opposite of katrina and rita, remember, both of those were 5's and fell to 3, this is 5, fell
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to 4 and coming back to 5 tomorrow and the current track that we have takes it across the upper florida keys and this could cut florida keys complete my. the last time a storm this strong went into the florida keys it looks to me was 1935. that's a legendary hurricane, blew trains off the track, i cannot overemphasize how bad the storm is. for the east coast of florida, there's a glimmer of light here in that the storm is shifting west, the path looks like it's shifting west, however, that means that naples, fort myers, it will be as bad as we have seen hurricanes in florida and rival some of the storms, 1935 to 1940's, great miami hurricane in 1926, all the storms, it's almost incomprehensible as to how much
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damage they did and yet if you look back at it you see that this storm is sort of old school, throwback to the past and here it comes. maria: but hurricane irma is now responsible for at least 14 deaths as it bears down on florida, it's been downgraded down to category 4 storm but tell us what you're expecting this weekend when irma actually makes landfall in florida. >> i expect this thing to come back to 5. i don't think it's reached the lower pressure yet. that went down to 914milibars. and so what this essentially means is that people should not say to themselves, oh, it's a 4, it's coming down, a 4 is a destructive storm, this is
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coming back and this is probably going to be top two or three storms to ever hit florida. i can't say it any differently. there's not much else to say except we have to try to nail the exact track and it rooks like it's a little bit further west than yesterday at this time. maria: are you impacted if you're all the way inland, joe, real quick? >> it'll be a 2 all the way up to orlando and i've never seen a storm inland that far at orlando at category 2 or 3, it'll finally become a tropical storm in georgia and rain itself out next week not as bad as harvey over the southern united states. maria: joe, thank you. with the latest, we got to get fox news reporter julian, live in miami where evacuations are underway. julian. >> that's right, good morning, maria, good morning you at home as well. this has been a problem in miami for days, gas shortage. everywhere you turn it seems like gas stations have bags over
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pumps like this one right here but at least this station we are at has a good situation because you have some pump that is don't have gas but others that do have gas and people are waiting in line to fuel up pretty much at any hour of the day. it's 6:00 o'clock in the morning and we have a line of a couple of cars here. we will tell you we actually sat in line for about an hour to get gas ourselves yesterday, we did pay about 20 cents cheaper than the station we are at right now. we noticed the difference in price as you traveled around town. we are not the only ones who noticed, take a listen to pam bondi. >> you cannot inflate crisis during time of hurricane for essential commodities, we noticed we had about 45 complaints against chevron gas station, chevron, if you're watching mel right now, you need to call us and tell us why your prices are inflated in south florida. >> so here is the deal, you're looking 2.89 at the station near the airport, 20 cents less
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yesterday. we noticed the average was 2.77 in this area. maria, i'm not going to come on here and say that this company is price gouging, i am i am goie tell you this is the most expensive gas we have seen in two days down here in miami so far. that being said, you notice people waiting in line to get gas at this point they just need to fill up, that's the situation live in miami as i send it back to you. maria: it's scary because if you haven't evacuated yet you may not be able to because you don't have any gas, julian, thank you. >> right. maria: joining us this morning in miami. bipartisan deal between president trump and democrats to fund harvey disaster relief lifts the ceiling and keeps government funded and running headed for house today, easily pass 80 to 17, despite republicans misgivings president is open to making more deals with the democrats.
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>> i think it does. i think we will have a different relationship than you've been watching over the last number of years. i hope so. i think that's a great thing for our country and i think that's what the people of the united states want to see. they want to see some dialogue. they want to see coming together to an extent at least. maria: well, we've got dialogue, caitlin. the republicans say that they were basically blindsided, the democrats cheering agreement and they think it will give them leverage come december. >> sure, i would have loved to be a fly on the wall when democrats were thinking, oh, wow, you actually agreed to what we are saying. remember, this is a president who ran against the republican party as much as he did the democratic party, very antiestablishment, let's do things differently, certainly kind of steam rolled republican relationship but that's the way he campaigned and so there are
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criticisms about what he gets from this deal and democrats are thinking, now they have leverage moving into the big fights coming in december, the key thing on these kinds of bills, they need democrat support and you will see democrats push the bill through today. what this means though, moving forward, i think it's really too early to tell, yes, they cut a deal with democrats this time, i don't know if they're going to be able to do this again. maria: does this impair tax reform? we are all talking about tax reform, does this hurt after year end? >> i don't think so, now we are looking at president trump who is saying, i'm willing to give a little, you guys need to be willing to compromise and the american people have in large part said, listen, we want you to get things done so i think it could be encouraging move for the president. kevin: i don't know why we are using tax reform. the president has stopped using,
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exactly, even in his tweets, tax reform will take a long time. there's a lot of special interest including democratic interests that they would need to get in there as well. tax cuts, yes, i could see that getting done specially because they want to come to the table and win, the democrats. maria: here is what steven mnuchin told us yesterday about what to expect. >> we have a path to get this done this year and we are hopeful to get it done. maria: would you be happy with just cutting taxes? >> maria, i think we've set our objective is to do comprehensive tax reform. it hasn't been done in 31 years, that's our objective and that's what we are trying to do. maria: does the plan need to be deficit neutral? >> maria, we have said all along that we are focused on the size of the debt has grown from 10 trillion to 20 trillion, we want to be financially responsible but we have been very clear that we believe we
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can get to 3% gdp that will add trillions of dollars of revenues so the discussion is clearly under our projections this will absolutely be revenue neutral. maria: so what does that mean, revenue neutral? border adjustment tax is off the table, how does it become revenue neutral? kevin: that means it's not going to get done this year. maria: just tax cuts? >> correct. maria: i think it will get done. >> more discipline from the administration on messaging. i'm encouraged. >> tax relief as the president has been saying in these tours that he's been doing across the country, i think that's more realistic. you're right, republicans need a victory here and i think they're very focused on that. maria: i think you're right about tax cuts as opposed to tax reform. lots to talk about this morning, stay was, breaking news next. back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, a scare at miami international airport last night for people trying to leave florida ahead of hurricane irma. cheryl casone with the details now, cheryl. cheryl: incredible situation down there, maria, mass exodus from miami international airport complicated by a man that was armed with a knife. he was shot by police after he gained access to secure room and made it actually out on the tarmac. he reportedly is in stable condition alive, the service
6:18 am
temporarily closed in the middle of all of this. well, the justice department is planning on taking a ruling by the ninth circuit court of appeals on the travel ban to the supreme court this after 3-judge panel ruled that the trump administration's view of who should be allow intoed the country is too strict and the panel said extended family members, gran participants and cousins should not be prevented from entering the country. the panel also ruled that refugees already accepted by resettlement agency should not be banned. and job cuts are coming at lily. 8% of workforce, 3500 jobs to lower costs and invest in new drugs. 2,000 layoffs are going to be here in the united states. this downsizing at eli lilly. tens of thousands of jobs in the years but shares up more than 9% this year. maria: coming up massive
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maria: let's check market this is friday morning, we are looking at selling underway, dow industrials really at the lows to have morning with decline about 65 points on the dow jones industrial average. nasdaq also down a quarter of percent. 11 points lower, this morning political uncertainty in washington and all weighing on investors, joining us right now s&p global market, richard peterson. rich, thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> breaking out or breaking down, we saw in tight band right
6:23 am
now, i think, in terms of the s&p, we are really looking at the yield curve, back at start august 10-year yield was 225, ended 212, now we are approaching having one handle. maria: we don't know the strength of the hurricanes and how that's going time pact. kevin kelly makes amazing point during the point and that is about texas and florida. kevin: giant infrastructure. we got a 3% gdp and also just saw the earnings recession and earnings are finally growing, companies are doing well, business travels -- maria: now this. kevin: we have seen when there's been storms not as severe impact specially in the winter, how has past storms impacted the warnings and what do you think that's going to be in guidance going forward? maria: texas and florida. kevin: largest parts of our economy are right there in
6:24 am
infrastructure. think about the gulf of mexico and all the energy that goes in there. we just started exporting 1 million-barrels of day overseas. >> we have seen some states have gasoline prices spike 25, 30 cents per gallon. so maybe a hit, not only on texas and florida but nationwide in terms of consumers paying more for gasoline, from investment standpoint, if you look what happened post katrina 2005 and one-year, s&p 500 property and cash and there was bump there. my concern is to the degree -- infrastructure, how damage it is. spike in claims which -- maria: we don't know that and we are not going get that info for a week or so at least in terms of the real damage? >> that's correct. again, you know, it maybe a boom in terms of recovery because
6:25 am
there will be a recovery. they'll be demand for plywood, materials, demand for lumber going forward and demand for labor. kevin: you see home depot do exceptionally well. we see the euro at two-year high and the dollar come down and that has helped s&p 500. what's your thoughts on that going forward? could that hurt us going further if the stronger is weaker? >> yield is being soft, affecting regional bank, bank stocks have been under pressure because they really thrive where the curve is more steeper. i think, you know, the issue really is -- maria: the euro is up big this year. >> if you look, there's been such a slow amount of foreign buying in the u.s. maria: part of it because of currency? >> in part. a year ago 30% of dollar value
6:26 am
came from foreign buying, now about 18%. so the slowest level of foreign buying in the u.s. since 2013. maria: we are starting to see get guidance in terms of the third quarter. we had a good first quarter and good second quarter, what are you expecting -- >> s&p, 6.7% on percentage basis, energy is going to be the big gainer over 100%. that's going to come from lower base. you get the big other areas, information technology over 10%, financials and materials. maria: energy and information technology. [laughter] >> a theme there. kevin: those are the largest companies, you look at top five market cap, it's apple, microsoft, it's google, alphabet, you think about that and it's over -- around 25% of the market cap of the entire market. >> if you look at russell 2000 many under pressure, small caps.
6:27 am
maria: in terms of the rest of the year, 3% gdp that kevin mentioned, do you think that's sustainable? it wouldn't be an overall consistency, i wonder what you thought. >> you look at auto sales, running higher rates a year ago, almost 14 million sale rate earlier this year, now 12.5. you may see a bump up in oil fields in fourth quarter to replace damage that is the hurricanes -- maria: that's typical, 14 million versus 12 million vehicles. >> concern that lenders in terms of auto sales are more laxed and could fear subprime coming into no prime. kevin: giving a lot of incentives. maria: the near-term issue is the hurricanes.
6:28 am
>> another top toik take into consideration about insurers, texas state passed allow that became effective september 1, limits consumer lawsuits against insurance companies for claims related to national disasters. maria: all right, great insight from you. rich peterson. massive security breach to report, details on equifax that could affect nearly half of all americans, are you on that list? back in a minute. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday september 8th, your stop stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news to report overnight. massive earthquake struck méxico, 8.1 magnitude quack hit the southern coast overnight just hours ago, in fact, setting off tsunami waves and aftershocks, strongest earthquake to hit the region in more than 100 years. hurricane irma meanwhile barreling toward florida as we speak. mass evacuations underway throughout the state after the storm wrecked havoc throughout the caribbean. >> we are working very hard and tremendous group of talented people there, the people of florida are like the people of texas, louisiana, you have seen how the people of our country have reacted under tremendous pressure. now it's just a question of what
6:32 am
happens. maria: very latest from the ground as citizens are rushing to the airport right now for last-minute flights and struggling to find gasoline, by the way, and gas prices arising across the country. the personal data of nearly half of the country may have been exposed. this is an enormous story, what you need to know after hackers possibly gained access to your social security number, your birth date after credit reporting agency ebbing fasm was -- equifax. alexa playing match-maker. teams up with e-harmony to help you find love. third of a percent lower, in europe, also selling underway, take a look at major averages
6:33 am
there with ftse down a third of a percent. cac quarante in paris down a third of a percent and dax inexdown a fraction. in asia overnight markets were mostly lower with the exception of hong kong which squeaked out a half a percent gain. back to florida we go. bracing for hurricane irma, still substantial storm, obviously, it could make direct hit to miami and florida keys this weekend. roughly half a million people told to evacuate and irma is triggering life-threatening storm surge warnings, fox news griff jenkins is in key largo right now. what can you tell us? >> well, maria, good morning, it's the first sign of rain here and certainly ghost town and as you mentioned the storm surge, that is certainly as much as the wind a concern for the keys, as you can see it's low-lying in key largo, you may see a few
6:34 am
cars getting out, but by in large the highways are empty but the storm surge, the connection of bridges, the connection of keys is low-lying, they are predicting 10 feet of storm surge and that would absolutely isolate the keys in what is expected here and unhabitable according to officials for weeks if not months. monroe county, that's where this is in key largo, monroe county's administrator roman says, you better get out and if you stay don't call 9-1-1 because no one is coming for you. take a listen. >> it's very dangerous, specially the storm surge, we will not come save you, if you stay down here if you're listening, you're on your own. don't even dial 911 because nobody is going to answer. >> in downgrade to category 4, it's a bit misleading because there's still going to be 150-mile an hour, category 5, winds of that nature, a storm of
6:35 am
this size, really has never hit the keys in this area, they are bracing here and most people are getting out less than 5% of residents remain, maria. maria: griff, even though this hurricane was downgraded from category 5 to 4, it doesn't feel like it's much different. >> not at all. we talk today a resident who is just leaving, you're not going to hold out? i thought i was going to but i almost died in hurricane andrew and it looks like this is going to be stronger and she's heading to the road and heading to tampa. maria: thank you, griff jenkins on the ground in the keys, your personal information possibly at risk, equifax targeted by cyber-attack affecting half of the u.s.' population. tracee carrasco with the detailings in washington. tracee. tracee: good morning, maria, equifax is one of the largest agencies in the united states that many people use to guard against identity theft but now
6:36 am
143 million customers are being placed in compromising position with private information in the hands of cyber criminals. although we are just hearing about this now equifax says the massive breach was discovered on july 29th, sensitive information such as social security numbers, birthdays, addresses and even driver licensee numbers. however, equifax says it's core credit card reporting database was not affected. the hackers gained access to certain files in the company's system from mid-may to july by exploiting a weak point in website software that's according to investigation by equifax and security consultants. even if you don't think you're a customer of equifax, there's still a strong possibility they have your data as credit card reporting agency equifax gets information from credit card
6:37 am
companies, banks, lenders and retailers to help it determine a person's credit score. now, in a video message to customers here is what chairman and ceo richard smith said. >> clearly a disappointing event. i deeply regret this incident. i apologize to every affected consumer and all of our partners. tracee: equifax is offering every consumer in the united states a comprehensive package of identity theft protection and credit card monitoring for free to enroll, visit www.equifax check your credit cards and other accounts for suspicious activity, change your passwords and also be careful opening any
6:38 am
questionable emails that claim to be updates from equifax or about the breach. now, maria, i reached out to equifax to ask how many people affected in the data breach may have been given free membership or retailers that experienced own security breaches but a spokesperson would not answer my question. maria: i think you bring up a really good point, tracee, because we were just talking about this during the commercial break, when there was a breach recently equifax comes to you and says, sorry about the breach, here is a free account. >> exactly. maria: because of that they exposed themselves because they got free account to equifax. tracee: people turning for protection are now caught up in all of this. maria: tracee, thank you. i want to bring cybersecurity expert. robert, thanks for joining us. what about that? how can victims of equifax this breach help themselves and what about the angle that many of these people didn't want to be part of equifax's portfolio and
6:39 am
they were given free accounts? >> yeah, this is just messy all around. the fact that their domain is equifax security, it should be equifax failed. they messed up big time here. consumers at a loss. they cannot rely at government agencies or corporations to protect them from identity theft. the responsibility relies on you and i. i was a victim of the crime, yes, in fact, my social and name showed up and they are requesting that i sign up for their free credit monitoring, that being said, one of the main things or most important things that consumers should do is get what's called a credit freeze which you get through credit bureaus is another layer of protection, locks down your social on your credit report, essentially preventing a lender from getting your credit scores, if they can't get scores,
6:40 am
they're not going to extend any credit f they're not going to extend credit to a certain degree you're protected from new account fraud with a credit freeze. maria: this is half of the country, kevin kelly. i know you have other news that we want to also bring out here but go ahead. kevin: yeah, this is unbelievable. one of the things on labor day i saw an ad from experian, hey, is your information on dog website, sign up for free trial. they ran ad for it and knew they had been breached on the 29th, three days later in regulatory filing their cfo sold just under $1 million worth of shares, the cfo. that's unbelievable. maria: it really is. three days after they discovered it. maria: that's incredible. the cfo sold stock three days after they discovered and yesterday the stock was down 13%. the company sa saying he didn't know anything about it when he sold the stock.
6:41 am
kevin: the issue is he's an competent cutive, he would have to know, executive mac meant knows when something this big happens. lee: because the information is shared that we don't know about, this requires so much of the consumer to do their own due diligence on themselves, his experience of going on and finding out whether you were affected by this -- maria: how worried should people this morning? >> the most sensitive personal information, names, birth dates, driver license numbers, social security number, the most important thing is get a credit freeze, always pay attention to credit card statements, a couple hundred thousand credit cards being compromised, download your credit card company's mobile app and get alerts and notifications to every single charge. maria: robert, thank you very much for your insight this morning. robert siciliano.
6:42 am
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maria: welcome back, let's check markets here. indicating lower opening for the broader averages. dow industrials expected to be down 80 points, as you see, things are worsening as we speak here and at the lows of the morning here. a few names on the move. first watch fitbit, shares surge after the wearables maker announced new partnership. diabetes tracking company dexcom that will allow to monitor blood sugar. shares of fitbit fallen over the last year. shares of amazon, teaming up with dating site e-harmony to
6:46 am
help you sign matching. alexa reading you information about prospective partners. the nfl season kicked off last night, jared max is here with the highlights. what happened to the super bowl champs, jared? >> while new england took 27-21 lead, constituency scored final 21 points, hunt had the greatest debut in history. catch from alex smith, 28-27, boy a game of hunt and catch-up, 4-yard score. chiefs gained 537 yards. most ever allowed by a patriots team coach by bill belichick.
6:47 am
peters did not stand for the national anthem, he did not kneel, he sat on the team's bench. it's going to be a star spangled barn tomorrow night, we already knew this, all four women semifinalists born in the usa. venus williams trying for eighth grand slam title, 5-5 unsocietied stevens who scores fantastic point. double-match point. stevens would take it, she wins 6-1, 7-5, it won't be coco. madison against stevens for the u.s. open championship. today will be the men's semifinals. florida gators are canceled college football game this weekend, same for the university of south florida going up against yukon, college football being canceled as well.
6:48 am
hurricane irma related. atlanta braves showing hospitality. anybody who shows florida-issued id or neighboring county, come match the braves-marlins series for free. southern hospitality at its best from major league baseball, maria. maria: that's nice and everybody is trying to do whatever they can to help the victims of these hurricanes because this is a serious, serious setback f a lot of people. kevin: braves have a great new stadium. talk about southern hospitality. it'll be a fun experience. nice that they are opening up doors to everybody and it's going to be a good time. >> we saw this in house -- houston. j.j. watt. amazing. good for the leagues and good for people to see the athletes giving back. lee: advertising that led to some of those things. kevin: equifax is protecting all of their information, not.
6:49 am
it's unfortunate. specially in these areas unfortunately are trying to, you know, figure out living conditions and now they have this where their information may be stolen and be taken advantage of so it's very important that they get the credit freeze that robert siciliano brought up. maria: biggest breach since yahoo breach. kevin: supposed to be the largest and now we have this which has more rich information. driver's license numbers. >> what can you do about it? find out for their equifax solution. maria: free trial to become customer of equifax. really? stay with us oh boy.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
maria: hollywood joins hurricane relief efforts, elites to take part in telethon airing live next tuesday, in a show of support for telethon, studio will donate money. joining senior vice president at fox news michael tamara, great to see you. >> hello, my maria, greetings from the city of brotherly love. maria: yes, you're in philadelphia. why are you in philly and give us your thoughts on 21st century fox is doing? >> fox has a big sponsorship that we announced last night. things are happening at fox news this year, maria, in moment of change and evolution. but that said, big news, this is
6:54 am
hollywood at its best. politics aside, everyone, americans helping americans and really turning out to fellow citizens. twentieth century is supposed to have u.s. premier of kingsman of gold circle which is such an important franchise for the studio, back in 2014 when the kingsman first premiered it was a welcome hit, it was $80 million and went on the gross $400 million worldwide and all eyes on the second installment. they are trying to strike the right moment and mood in terms of launching this thing and will have international premier in london september 18th and opens up at state side on 22nd. we will be in london getting all the scoop for you. maria: i love it. what about this weekend? it's going to be a tough weekend for a lot of people across the country with the hurricanes, the weekend box office, meanwhile, new horror film it hitting
6:55 am
theaters, i want to get your thoughts. >> sure. maria: wow, horror film is adaptation of steven's king's novel of the same flame. will it scare audiences back into theaters? >> it can't come at a better time, talk about summer bummer, the worst summer in hollywood in 25 years. they started 6% ahead of last year, the summer was so bad, now 6% behind going into the last quarter so that all -- there's a lot of attention going on and this is when hollywood really gets it right with this kind of
6:56 am
movie, it appeals to cross generations, people like myself 40 and above remember the original novel and original abc mini series and appears a whole new generation of movie goers plus it's good, it's scary and that's what we need, we need good movies. maria: yes, it's true. another film getting buzzed is reese weatherspoon. >> i'm 40, right? >> i know that. ballpark. >> tell me you see them too. what are you doing here. maria: $15 million, right, michael, but a lot of star power. tell us about home again. >> small budget, probably will do big business and reese
6:57 am
witherspoon. it's fantastic. she is firing on all cylinders right now and this movie will not disappoint. maria: we will be watching, michael, have a good weekend. great to see you from the city of brotherly love. michael tammera, booking champ holyfield is here, how his company is helping harvey victims, next hour mornings with maria. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
welcome back in good friday morning everyone. i think it was so much for joining us. it is friday september 8. your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. after it slams caribbean islands. this week the deadly storm is a category four. rick scott regenerating his warning to listen to evacuation orders. every florida family must prepare to evacuate regardless of the coast you live on. we do not know exactly where the storm is going. see mac with. >> with the very latest on the gas shortages hitting florida. former u.s. presidents are coming together breaking news
7:01 am
overnight a major earthquake strikes mexico mexico's president said it is a largest earthquake in 100 years. and at least five people have been killed. futures at the lows of the morning right now. that's almost one half of 1%. in europe markets are down across the board as well. it is up a fraction. the german index has been doing extremely well these last couple of weeks. in asia overnight markets were mostly lower with the ups exception of hong kong. federal authorities are calling him a community danger. new. over the epipen. now pfizer is being targeted
7:02 am
over the lifesaving device. failure to launch apple is gearing up to unveil its newest iphone but it is facing production delays already. journey me to talk about it. good to see everybody this morning. it's action-packed. and the fallout from harvey. but yesterday you have huckabee on and he was great. he even talked about the political viagra that needs to happen in washington. with someone who has even better commentary with ed rollins. we have a with a big show ahead. ed rollins is here. we will talk about what went down this week in washington. sean duffy is here as well. four-time world heavyweight
7:03 am
boxing champion. plus former milwaukee county sheriff is here. big program you do not want to miss a moment of it. stay with us. miami bracing for a direct hit this weekend from the most powerful atlantic hurricane in history. the entire state is now facing a major gasoline price -- crisis. >> i want to tell you just about 15 minutes ago we have a conversation with the guy was from this area we are in miami right by the airport. he said look, as is so hard to find gas. you weigh in these lines and it want to do that. he was watching the local news they said this gas station here has gas i got in my truck and got right away and i came here. that's what the situation is
7:04 am
like. i do want to tell you about something case you are in the miami area and trying to figure out a way to find gas. governor rick scott sent out a tweet lessening this is gas by the end it's an app you can download and you can look at gas in your area. the app ask the question. and lets you know if it does. we downloaded this app yesterday and we've tried it ourselves. the apple told us they have gas. it goes back and forth that's one of the problems the gas stations are running out of gas so quickly and they are still waiting. you don't know when you pull up if there could have gas. this chevron does have gas i went inside earlier and asked them how long do you plan to stay open to how long do you think you will have gas and he said we just don't know. that is a situation here in florida.
7:05 am
the finding food and water but they are able to do that. gas is the biggest problem. i will send it back to you. this coming as hurricane relief efforts get a presidential push. five forming u.s. president watch this. hurricane harvey brought terrible destruction but also brought together community. people are hurting down here but as one texan put it we've got more love in texas than water. we love you texas. president trump tweeting this. we will confront any challenge in the matter how strong the winds or how high the water. joining us right now is trump
7:06 am
great american pack chairman. ed, good to see you. >> i think it's extraordinary as i've watched that. the vast majority of americans don't know them. they are more popular today than they were when they were president. these men i think have a lot of wisdom and are giving back one more time to the country. and i think it is a magnificent effort. i went to bed early lessening. at the beginning of the fourth quarter. i thought new england was on its way to victory. three months from now we will see. that's the bottom line. nancy pelosi and schumer are
7:07 am
very sophisticated inside fighters. let's see how good the deal looks when they're sitting at the table. the president has shown that it's very hard to predict this. just as the treasury secretary. it was totally opposite from what the president ended up doing. i was a he is frustrated equally as important as the leadership is struggling with him. none of us had spent more time studying anybody else in america can tell you what's actually in it. it still trying to sell a concept. >> you were in that last administration that got tax reform done. >> can you talk about how complicated it was.
7:08 am
>> i was there for both of them. the bottom line is we have bipartisan support. they were both talking about flat taxes. it was still something the country wanted and it was not a party against it. with overwhelming votes on both sides. i predict it won't be any democrats. do you think that happens then. i think the republicans have to head something. they've record low numbers for members of congress. they will put something forward i'm convinced of that. in many ways people are saying that this is as much of a
7:09 am
message to republican congressman saint that he will impact the ability to move forward on tax reform. they're not convinced that trump is the right man to lead this country. my sense is something like this is not going to endear them when you're attacking the majority of the senate or the speaker of the house. i think it's not applicable -- particularly good thing. i do think i think they will do a whole lot of favors for this president. >> you make a good point about chuck schumer and nancy pelosi being very strategic. and really fighters. they have all of the leverage come december.
7:10 am
there at the table now. you're going right after christmas. are you still have a lot of things that move decide. obviously the president and his team are getting the tax thing through but that's a long hard battle. maria: let's talk about steve bannon in this interview. he said he should have resigned. >> if you are going to break and reside. it was leaked out. if you find unacceptable i'm talking about gary cohn and some other people. if you don't like what he's doing and you don't agree with it human obligation to resign. this interview will air this weekend. this man is absolutely right. juergen decides the president publicly. you should not be a part of the administration. the bannon and cohen battle goes back to more things.
7:11 am
and philosophically they have been at work for several months. at the end of the day gary cohn has to decide if he wants to be in this administration. my premise has always been having served in a couple of administrations. you just do that job and you don't talk about other jobs you might want. if he wants to be fed chairman do a good job you're in. does looking at the campaign. our people outside the administration frustrated by that how are they feeling. i was all over fox defending him hours and making the constitutional argument. in 20 minutes later i sent the last four days defending what
7:12 am
he has said. he did a sweet saying i am rethinking it. to a certain extent the congress needs to do if they want to do it. and you need a comprehensive bill. he responded. they are not on his side. we don't have any bipartisanship left. there is none left. she does not want anything that donald trump once. let's face it this is a group that is aggressively pursuing hearings on collusion with russia. this is the group that has aggressively talked about potentially impeaching this president. and i think she is going to
7:13 am
attempt to repeal it or change it or alter it. my sense is it's nice rhetoric. the reality is three months from now when were at the table and want a lot more. to put a bipartisan group together. you really had to give a lot up. does this damage the idea of tax cuts. there can say we will not cut tax rates on the rich that so we all have come to consensus spirit. thank you so much. mexico as rocked is rocked overnight by deadly earthquake. a nation wide raid on illegal immigrants. custom agents have a scrap of their operational plans next to.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
they are addressing the country and same as well. it has struck the coast of southern mexico causing buildings to collapse and triggering a series of summa tsunami waves. mexico is a president again calling this the strongest quake that his country has seen in the century. the magnitude 8.8 quake caused buildings to shake violently. just giving you a sense of how big this was. at least 20 aftershocks recorded so far. the streets in mexico city chaotic when the power went out overnight. power is back on for most people there. and then take a look at this. the earthquake was so strong it caused this monument to
7:18 am
sway back and forth in mexico city. there is new out at the chemical plant in houston. seven of first responders say said they got sick from breathing the smoke and are now suing for negligence. they failed to take that necessary step to avoid that fire in the first place. record rains flooded the plant. that knocked out the power and with it the refrigeration system. so now this first responders are suing the company over it. because of the two big hurricanes in the country. of course florida and texas
7:19 am
those two are the big targets there. and sources are telling the wall street journal and that journal and that the new iphone was hit by production glitches over the summer. it is expected to be debuted on to say. the new phone could have extended shortfalls. that will cause analysts to reduce productions the stock is slightly lower. here is a thing. they can debut the phone on tuesday but if they've got production issues you getting your new phone which could be as much as a thousand dollars might be a little bit of a problem. we will watch it. thank you cheryl. federal prosecutors want it revoked. a new reason to hit the gym. details on the new study that shows how fitness may reduce the risk of breast cancer.
7:20 am
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about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. wake him -- welcome back. it will take place on sunday here in new york city more than 10,000 people are expected to walk including our own gerri willis. thank you for being here. so important to you. i will be there and i will be one of hundreds of survivors let me tell you the teacher on the back said survivor we will be there in force there is a fox team and let me tell you our fund raising is going to go gang buster.
7:24 am
the company is number ten on the list of ten. individually were number six. we really climbed the lead table. this is a disease that needs attention. a lot of americans. one and eight americans will contract this disease. and 40,000 people died this year alone from breast cancer. 3million women survived this. and i'm can be one of them and you can too. need you to support us out there today. if to go to common nyc jerry. and then you'll be able to give them money. it's a great cause. the support here. here's what i really want to say. what's amazing about this is the way fox women had stepped up all of fox to contribute
7:25 am
and participate in support me. it just brings tears to my eyes. we are swinging higher every day with this cause. in helping this cause obviously. we want to bring in the author of the lucky years. university of southern california professor of medicine and engineering. great to see you. you've written a lot about this and so much in several books. give us the links of breast cancer and exercise and what people should be doing to get ahead of this deadly disease. a baby aspirin a day would reduce all cancers by 30%. eighty-one milligrams of aspirin per day.
7:26 am
you're right exercise works. study after study said that exercise changes the physiology. you catch it early and your outcome in your outcome is going to be better. those three things. you've written 70 bucks. you say some basic things about that. give us the basic things that we all probably should know but if i need you have learned as it relates technology as well. the data shows that people who eat their meals on a regular schedule with results in between have lower rates of diabetes feel better. our bodies were made for regularity. that snack in between a meal and you actually gain weight.
7:27 am
we never have a kitchen cabinet until hundred years ago. second is something we just alluded to. it is not just exercise its movement over time. our bodies were designed to move. with the rhythmic contraction of your legs when you walk that actually make your body work. if you walk the rest of the day to equal health. and that's critical. the next one is and i think this is especially going into the hurricane this weekend get access to your medical records. get your information from your dr. and put it online. wherever you are you can pull the information up. that's how you get the best of
7:28 am
care when you show up and nobody knows anything about you it's really difficult to get excellent care. that's one thing that the affordable care act never did. the obama care legislation is more about insurance than getting ahead of disease. the data from obama care one of the benefits was that people that were out of the system get into the system. outcomes of heart disease were better in the country as a whole. that me and said i'm a believer in people having health care. when you're in the system you practice prevention. we have to develop that. we to push people to the prevention side. why should non-smokers subsidy smokers. if you sit all day why should your healthcare be subsidized but summary that's at the gym all day. we to take her own responsibility for healthcare.
7:29 am
you and i have a discussion a couple years ago about vitamins. why take vitamins. it's not like they're regulated by the fda or anything. it's the data. we spend more on vitamins in this country than we do in all of medical research we spent more on potato chips the cancer research. there is yet to be in the history of the united states a positive study in men or women showing a benefit to vitamin or supplement women over 70 who take calcium increased rate. how many friends of years had a lack of vitamins. i challenge you.
7:30 am
82% of americans are low in vitamin d. but taking supplemental vitamin d is not always good for you. the reason we ten is a block vitamin d absorption. >> i want the book. coming up florida residents are bracing for hurricane irma. and then house speaker paul ryan weighs in on the deal. i completely understand why he was doing what he was doing. minutes.
7:31 am
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welcome back a good friday morning everybody. it is friday september 8. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. a race against time. hurricane irma battling against florida. massive in vacuum asians underway. protecting life is our top priority. no resource or expense will be spared to protect families. but we cannot protect you in
7:34 am
the middle of the storm. some residents are rushing to the airport. those still hitting the road are struggling to find gasoline. in mexico a massive earthquake has struck mexico. the 8.1 magnitude quake hit the coast just hours ago. it's with the country's president is calling the strongest earthquake to hit the region and more than 100 years. the nasdaq down 15. a quarter% lower. europe markets are also under pressure today the ft 100 down 30 points almost half of a%. another travel being rulings. the asian markets were down with the exception of hong kong.
7:35 am
the justice department is fighting back against the latest blow to the president's executive order. martin shook riley under fire. they want the former bail revoked. the details as the fda targets pfizer and now following multiple complaints. with all that coming up. people are hitting the road in airports try to get out before the categories for storm makes landfall. we are continuing to monitor the boards minute by minute and we are seen most of the flights are listed on time. a lot of them are hit going to the northeast. this is the southwest check in counter. people have been weaving
7:36 am
through those lines since about 4:00 this morning. we have seen them in trying to arrangements and among those who are trying to get out of town we were able to connect this morning with doug plank. your trip has been cut a little bit short. one thing down here it's wonderful because everybody is expecting a storm and they've gone through this before. 90% of anything is preparation. these people are prepared they are extremely cordial i'm can have to cut my stay short here. everybody has been great. what was the tipping point for you. you're always leaning on your past memory and in the hurricane that just happened in houston i was getting flashbacks. the one that really got me was the nursing home and assisted living where they were underwater.
7:37 am
it's not worth it. you don't get any medal of honor badge coming for that hurricane. before we let you go where you headed and what is your experience been like so far. wendy when you hope to get out of here. i live in the dry spot of america. scottsdale arizona. it's important because i think everyone is so much more aware i think this time i was accurate last year when the hurricane missed tampa. thank you so much for your time. and doug is just one of several travelers we had have a chance to connect with this morning. some of them doing whatever they can to get to tampa international airport. the actually rented actually rented a car. traveled to tampa.
7:38 am
half of them are traveling to the north east on one flight the other half on another flight. hundreds of flight cancellations are expected across the board. when you're looking at that window from friday to monday. we will keep talking to travelers and we will bring you another update as soon as we get it. meanwhile the senate passed a $15.3 billion aid package for harvey victims yesterday. the house will vote on the happening today. this coming after president trump negotiated a deal with democrats which included extended the debt limit has bigger paul ryan and mark cuban weighed in on president trump's negotiation yesterday. >> i have a belief on the issues that we should put the credit markets there. i understand why his motivation is that. let's clear it so we can focus
7:39 am
on our shared agenda likes tax reform. is pure classic donald trump. i think it's very smart. you want to keep deals alive. the biggest sphere they had is that the deal would die. who keeps a keeps the deal alive. during this right now wisconsin congressman to talk about that. congressman duffy your take on this. here's what the president did. he think he is clearing the deck and saying let's get the debt limit off of our plate for the short-term but what he really did was move it only three months down the line when techs are from is going to be the hottest. about the time these issues are coming up. he has actually empowered democrats. he's giving them incredible leverage to wreak havoc on tax
7:40 am
reform. i know everybody sits back and applauds him. some republicans no matter what the president will do what he will support them. he shot from the hip and missed the target. when were trying to do these big issues that we promise this is good to come blowback rate in her face and it's gonna be a big problem. >> are you going to need democrat votes for that tax reform or what you do reconciliation. i would argue that the resist movement the never trump movement is so strong there to try to hold even democrats who understand the need for tax reform they are going to be afraid of the left wing base. we would love democrats to come with us. this is not a person issue. >> but will you need democrat, september.
7:41 am
we are in a little bit of a problem because we don't have money from healthcare or the back taxes. we are working out details on how we get the revenue to lower rates. we can still do it on our own. it's easier to do it with democrats. >> we keep talking about that. the house is doing fine. it's a sign that we are having issues with. and donald trump was telling him that. time and time again i've ask you to suspend the rules to get the legislative agenda done and it hasn't happened. here he is just a if you guys are going to get something done i will do it myself can you blame the president for doing something like that. yes i can because i think it's short sighted.
7:42 am
we've talked about blowing up the filibuster rule. what the senate can actually do as they could actually just tweak their roles and in african do budget reconciliation make sure that it doesn't have to be revenue neutral. we can just do a massive tax reform. don't worry about the budget neutrality of it. if they make that small change we can blow the top off of tax reform and executed done with 51 votes. they care more about their roles than the american people. and that's why we're having so big of a problem. not only do we have a dead -- debt limit increase we have an increase of federal spending but they also did a clean short-term extension of the flood insurance program.
7:43 am
we have millionaires building great beautiful homes on the coast of that the american people subsidize we incentivize people to live in really dangerous areas and then we had rescuers the head to go in and rescue them during storms and lose their lives. we've a market in healthcare this market at all. we can get donald trump to play with us on any of these reforms. to make you. >> you can understand how frustrated everybody is. at the end of the day the average guy or gal out there estate that republicans and cannot govern. we still haven't had real victories in terms of legislation of the tax reform. i'm on the trump train the whole way. healthcare it was frustrating and healthcare was hard but we
7:44 am
are about to get tax reform done. this is the time that this is can happen. those get to be very tenuous. you have to play ear cards out. if you don't play the cards out. we weeks to do it. the president just snaps his fingers and said he doesn't want to make america great again. chuck well never be a good partner for you. you need to figure out how to get on the same page. >> when you both sides agreed to what the play is can be and then he blows it up and says i'm going to go a different direction we have to stick with the plan. he did not do that. stay with us we will be right back. ♪
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7:46 am
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welcome back at the justice department now planning on taking a ruling by the ninth circuit court of appeals on the travel ban to the u.s. supreme court. cheryl casone with the details now. this comes after the ninth circuit ruled that the trump administration's view of who should be allowed into the country is too strict. extended family members like grandparents and cousins and should not be prevented from entering the country. they also ruled the refugees already accepted by a resettlement agency should not be banned from coming in. federal prosecutors want to see martin squarely in jail sooner than rather than later. federal prosecutors asking a judge to revoke his bail after he told his 100,000 facebook fans to grab hair from clinton while she was on her book to be show.
7:49 am
the fda is accusing pfizer of failing to properly investigate reports of the device that's not working. that includes incidents when they died or became very sick after the epipen ale. it is used to treat allergic reactions. it's up more than 4% so far this year. coming up a heavyweight hero. we four-time world champion here in the studio. to talk about how he is helping the houston recovery effort. he is next. oh boy.
7:50 am
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welcome back. we had boxing leverage and evander holyfield. the four-time heavyweight champ promoted a middle heavyweight fight. and the efforts are. the real deals are. thank you for being here. it is great to see you using your notoriety and fame to really help those indeed -- in need. tell us that what you're trying to do. the fact of the matter is you can order the fight on real deal boxing promotion. in 1984 have is in houston
7:54 am
texas in 2014 that was my training grant. they gave me the opportunity to be the man than i am today. and obviously your heart is there. if a home in florida as well. how concerned are you with irma coming this weekend. did you do anything in terms of your home to get prepared as irma is going to make landfall this weekend. there wasn't really anything to do. tell us about the site this weekend and why this is going to be important in terms of raising money. when they go in and the screen to get the fight.
7:55 am
just hoping that it's there. >> let me get your take about what's going on we have a lot of nfl players on the program that say you've had hits to the head so much that you're going to get a concussion. what a career you had head. the fact of the matter is. in the game of boxing you see what's getting ready to happen and you can brace for it. you get hit, you don't see it i think that causes more concussion than anything. would you go into boxing today after what you know. i understand that you have to take care of yourself.
7:56 am
i didn't see that. it's getting ready to happen. give a reaction to that. you saw that again just this week. >> my other thing as i am from america so should they be doing this. should they stand for the national anthem. we have freedom what were your thoughts on the big money fight floyd mayweather connor mcgregor. went longer than people thought. >> i knew that he could take a lot of shots. and stuff like that.
7:57 am
florida is a thinking man. floyd wanted to win so he will do anything. he is a smart fighter. what were you thinking when they were going through the rounds. some people said you waited until the tenth round to knock them out. that's how long it took. that guy was just that tough. >> he could've just knocked them out in one second he would and did it. the fact is the guy is tough. you two great guys that was not going to give up.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo it is friday, september 8 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast florida bracing for hurricane irma category four storm now major devastation in the caribbean an update on the storm last hour saying it would devastate the united states. >> it is not a question of if there is going to be impacted it is a question of how bad florida is going to be impacted anybody right now from alabama, to basically north carolina needs to be monitoring taking preparation. >> we will take you live to florida where residents are bordering up homes evacuating trying to get gasoline to evacuate as well, this,
8:01 am
breaking news a major earthquake strikes mexico, triggers tsunami waves, mexico president says largest earthquake in 1200 years at least 20 people have been killed. >> kim jong-un reportedly gearing up for another missile launch tomorrow, the fallout ahead, markets are selling off this morning, futures decline 70 at opening of trade a third of a% lower nasdaq down a quarter of a % in europe down across the board dax index positive by a fraction, up 7 points the ft 100 down a paf percent about cac quarante down a quarter of a percent. >> asia overnight markets mostly lower a data breach at equifax this is a huge story, the company says, 143 million people have seen information compromised that is nearly half of the country, now
8:02 am
executives sold stock before that announcement was made. the stock down 13% yesterday, plus opening night stunner for nfl reigning super bowl champion losing first game of the season latest from that upset, all stories coming up joining me to talk about i it realclearpolitics national political reporter, about kelly and company managing partner kevin kelley here, lee carter good to see you -- >> good morning. >> great to sue you about unbelievable september so far a lot more on legislative agenda coming so i am excited for what happens. >> big week in terms of what have the president did with democrats. >>of course. >> that is a big interview the congressman saying you got to get on the same page here, they are aren't what i think frustrating for the people. >> congressman duffy to his credit candid said look i don't think this is a good deal he explains why, meanwhile, a worse case scenario for florida miami bracing for direct hit from
8:03 am
most powerful atlantic ocean hurricane in recorded history residents evacuating in the air on the roads jeff flock in daytona beach with more, jeff good morning to you. reporter: good morning as good news as i can get you this morning with this thing barreling down on us this is route 95 main right out on the east coast, and as you see wide-open from miami we checked made trek up here last night now this morning, this is open, the only choke point is north of us, on the way to jacksonville this is great news people getting out look at this not bad backup as we've seen before these are people getting off to get gas gas has gotten through deliveries got through gas available, so this is good. good news, for folks trying to get out yesterday real concerns long gas lines we hope not going to see that again, because, as you have been reporting, this thing is
8:04 am
barreling down on florida, going right up the gut, the entire state is going to be affected by this, so more people are getting out than were initially planning to get out the middle of the state sometimes you say i live here i don't want to be near coast deal with hurricane crowd now they have to deal with us perhaps category two, three may be category one whatever they have to detail with a hurricane in the middle part of the state. good news that they want to leave, they have the authority to, at least on the east side. >> ability -- to have gasoline -- jeff. reporter: so far, we've seen pretty good deliveries, they kept the other side of the road open, usually they -- the camera letting traffic go south that means traffic allows delivery of gas in there they have done a good job with that i have seen this long before in the he go wrong in the past this has been pretty well we will continue
8:05 am
to watch. >> 'we will be watching, on the ground, in daytona jeff sfok in waubt president trump keeping eye on the storm, as it approached florida adam shapiro covering that angle from the white house, with the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning to you the president yesterday we have photos to show you was briefed by his staff, on the progress of hurricane irma as barreling towards florida, and later today around noon going to get another update, on what is happening with the hurricane, then he will be off with the first lady, to camp david but in regards to florida president has been asked knows florida so well what he thinks about preparations for the storm here is what he said. >> the governor has so far done ab terrific job and they are preparing we don't know exactly where it is going to be landing where landfall will be we think as well prepared as you can possibly be. reporter: reminder yesterday
8:06 am
the senate passed legislation in order to fund hurricane harvey relief roughly 15 billion dollars we couple house to vote on that is there any something contention between republicans democrat, of course, president in alliance you might say with chuck schumer nancy pelosi with democrats to get this through all attention right now on hurricane irma the money that is needed in the future for relief in florida. maria: we will be watching that adam shapiro white house, loath is now breaking out on caribbean island of saint martin hampered, obviously hammered by hurricane irma french dutch officials say police reinforcement is sent to try to restore order food, water security first priority from michigan county sheriff david clark senior advisory spokesman for pro-trump super
8:07 am
pac america first action a pleasure to have you on the program thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. maria: you have seen situations like this before how big a problem is loath right now during natural disasters does that typically happen immediately how do you stop it? >> you know one of those situations that considerations, that somebody has to do something about, because when you have force evacuations even if voluntary somebody has to protect property resources stretched thin at times like that i think in a state of emergency declared, government officials and citizens need to be given special exemptions during time like that you need the citizens to stay behind to help you protect some of that property, i have no problem with using deadly force gains looters we can sit up shrug shouldz say just a little loath so what i don't feel that way in these vacations,
8:08 am
once order restored state of emergency is lifted then we go back to you know our normal situation, would be that you can't use deadly force against property, but state of emergency i think all bets are off. >> state of emergency looking at florida, houston how could you compare these kinds of situations? >> well, you know, the flooding, obviously you, in houston, we don't know what is going to do in the florida situation, so that is play it by ear but, again, the state of emergency is declared. and so you know, like i said special dispensations exemptions have to be made if you see flooding in florida they have in houston obviously parallel situations but until it happens wait and see. >> i have no sympathy maria no sympathy whatsoever for looters can't think of anything more disgusting than
8:09 am
when in a vulnerable situation. >> all of a sudden prices for everything are skyrocketing including gasoline i got a effects from friend said he paid almost 5 dollars gallon in new york for gasoline, let me switch gears at home he immigration customize says they are clapping plans to you a to hurricane routine operations will continue how come in all -- >> the immigration customs enforcement they have had some in milwaukee they are effective that is what they have to do to deal with this situation of illegal immigration especially when it comes to employees are employers not going to use e-verify driving down wages taking jobs away from americans, and so they have to conduct these things i am tired of the crocodile tears about the -- the illegal
8:10 am
immigrants illegal aliens all we need to feel sorry for them, no, we need to feel bad for americans who can't find work, we need to feel bad for americans whose wages are depressed because of hiring illegal aliens at a lower rate. >> what i want to ask you about new role in the pack how did that come about, as opposed to a role within the administration? and we've seen several of the president's closest aides from the campaign now, outside of the white house what impact do you think that is having? >> i think going to have a huge impact because you have to have inside army and outside army two-pronged situation to deal with resist on the inside this is always adjudication could i best serve this administration and this president, on the inside or on the outside? and the end determine nation
8:11 am
better job outside in terms of what i can say where i can go what i can do i am pleased to be with america first the team on america first action as we defend this president policies, agenda his vision for america. >> what are your thoughts about the deal he very you can with the democrats yesterday? >> well -- look the gop has been unwilling to use the power they have the votes they could change filibuster rule in the senate if they wanted to, they have shown little will as far as i am acupressured you know this president made it very clear going to work with anybody who wants to help make america great again who is willing to get something done not going to worry but ruffling feathers worrying about america inspires that is what he said as far as the deal is concerned do you worry democrats have all the leverage come december. >> you know what if it comes to congress, democrats have
8:12 am
always had leverage when in power they know how to use it when out of power know how to us i wouldn't it they have been able to stymie the gop at every turn, so really doesn't matter, in terms of congress as to which party is power, that is what we're seeing couldn't get obamacare through, but or repeal, couldn't get you know who knows what is going to happen the tax reform, the infrastructure bill. immigration illegal immigration reform like nine months in this congress have done small things around the edges, but they promised if they got power were going big and bold we have not seen that on this gop and congress, doesn't have help from gop congress. >> always a pleasure to see you thank you very much, we appreciate it, and by the way, the sheriffs comments really reflect the the frustration of the american people. >> no doubt. maria: does it not. >> no doubt i spent time talking to american people, for three hours, and it is as
8:13 am
astoundinging the level of affirmative action american people have, i think that many people -- saying -- a totally different day i am. >> who point of me saying you have to figure out a way to get on the same page. >> reflected in the polling, polling -- congress -- >> we will take a break 8.1 magnitude earthquake rocks mexico overnight triggering a tsunami warning killing he at least five the devastation left behind by what mexico's president is calling biggest quake in a century. >> social security numbers home addresses driver's license numbers exposed massive equifax data breach the message to 143 million americans potentially hit by this hack, half of the country. back in a minute. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will.
8:14 am
some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team. (con artists...) they'll try anything to get your medicare card number. so they can steal your identity, commit medicare fraud. what can you do? guard your card? guard your card?
8:15 am
just like your credit card. nobody gets my number, unless i know they should have it. to protect your identity, new medicare cards without social security numbers will be mailed next year. visit stay sharp people!
8:16 am
. . death toll rising following earthquake in mexico. cheryl: right, so at this point the least 15 dead after that earthquake struck the coast of southern mexico in causing buildings to collapse a series of tsunamis residents evacuated as precaution due to that tsunami alert mexico's president says in a century. >> uber ceo facing a major legalish the "the wall street journal" is reporting right now that the fbi is
8:17 am
investigating whether uber has used software to interfere with exorcise, the investigation was -- could talk where restrictively companies live allegedly prices offering different routes, we will keep you posted, major cyberattack targeting equifax, the social security numbers andorre sensitive information more than 200,000 credit cards hit the company says it detected attack in late july equifax says the executives sold equifax stock to discovering the security breach adding they were not aware of the hack at the time the executives 1.8 million dollars in stock last month shares of the company lower sharply
8:18 am
lower premarket, this move -- >> tom tom and super bowl champion team new york patriots he probably looking for a detail took a 27-21 lead fourth quarter but chef chief rookie -- the chiefs of huge comeback 537 yards on offense most allowed by team -- >> chiefs last month he protested the only player on the team to do so those are headlines. maria: thank you. coming up next tensions with north korea president trump new warning to condemning kim regime amid concerns of a
8:19 am
missile launch by hermit kingdom this weekend senator lindsey graham urging former fbi director jim comey to testify saying he smells a rat. hey, how's it going? um... who are you? i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see?
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8:22 am
>> military action would certainly be an option, is it inevitable nothing is inevitable it would be great if something else he could be worked out, i would prefer not going to route of the military, but it is something certainly that could happen. >> hopefully we are not going to have to use it on north korea. if we do use it on north korea it will be a very sad day. for north korea. maria: president trump issuing a stark warning to north korea new report suggests the hermit kingdom may carry out yet another missile test this weekend, to celebrate anniversary of the
8:23 am
founding of the country joining us former white house national security staff member fox news contributor julián turner good to see you. >> good morning. >> so uss ronald reagan left port in japan for new patrol in the region amid rising tensions how did you see north korea provocation playing out? >> tomorrow is the 69th anniversary of the founding of the country as i mentioned this regime like -- celebrate anniversaries by showing expressing their military might any new hardware anything they have in development, they like to make a big show of it. >> so i think folks around the region he are bracing for so he will kind of another missile test or nuclear test. the reality though the one thing i was thinking while you
8:24 am
were speaking aring everyone shares same interest what president trump just said not having this escalate to the point where there is some kind of military altercation never been does not want this to go military conquickly escalate to shb horrible in this situation they have got a nuclear weapon we have to keep the threat of military might on the table, so i think president trump this week particularly today is trying to toe a very fine line. >> isn't one of the biggest things we have not deployed yet as strategy oil embargo, sanction saying china you cannot stop providing energy oil resources to this hostile regime otherwise will lead to military confrontation what are your thoughts on that. >> that absolutely makes sense from united states' perspective i think that is what president trump and vice president pence his trip to the wreckage has been
8:25 am
advocating this week they have been pushing asia pushing latin america to get onboard with strenuous set of sanctions includes oil embargo the problem from fortune's russia's perspective that they are never willing to go quite as far as united states they have got a very specific vested interest in propping up north korean national economy for them the collapse of that economy is worse case scenario they would rather have a nuclearized north korea under the thumb of kim jong-un than one that is falling part actually at a whole series of crisis they are going to ultimately have to deal with does that make consensus. >> for sure thanks for insights appreciate it, and in case you missed we had a good week on "mornings with maria" to look at top moments from the program. >> only a few days left in terms of legislative time when house and senate are in
8:26 am
session together. is this really a first quarter tax cut plan. >> viable to get it done this year our objectionable to do comprehensive tax reform it hasn't bn done in 31 years. that is our objective and that is what we're trying to do. >> urgency to this look, our country has gone through incredible things in the past, we have taken on incredible challenges in the past the question is, are we going to treat the tax code as if it is a national disaster like we can't do anything about it? the answer is, of course, not. >> we have to deal with harvey we have debt ceiling continuing resolution have to finish off eight more appropriation bills the budget to get done for those members afraid not want to tackle tough issues i say the sooner we do it the stronger we are. >> will you agree this obama era immigration policy is in fact unconstitutional? >> every american president since ronald reagan has done
8:27 am
what the barack obama reduced to writing just did not put it in brig barack obama puts it in writing donald trump campaigns against it now wants to get rid of it. >> trump has a window of opportunity to really push the chinese in better directions if he is willing to show political will if we were to unplug chinese financial system going after their banks not just bank of chooen that would rock the chinese economy could very well change political system. >> how is helping needs looking at harvey and irma. >> those houses are ready to be rehabitual taitsdz we are can you go to red tape so that we can get that money texans, people i don't think a whole lot every going to flee. >> i think we will see a settling down. >> there is an expression in the industry up like a rocket, down like a foether a rational
8:28 am
practical behavior to step back in. >> reports amazon charges 20 dollars or more for water ahead of the storm. >> i was on the phone with amazon they use third party vendors amazon really stepped up to the plate not only using their automated system to track the pricing of water, but they are also about scrubbing manually in florida, it is price-gouging illegal you are not goingo steal from floridis in time of crisis. >> han you naturally prepe for natural disaster. >> first thing plan by planning i mean make sure you have right kinds of insurance in place, and coverage, understanding what those coverages are going to do. >> top insurers state farm all state employing drones in the wake of harvey tell us what you are seeing. >> a drone flying over a house can help and adjust cover as much as three chimes per hour versus three claims per day. >> facebook revealing it
8:29 am
believes on activists behinds ideas. >> 16 section there i think will unfriend facebook. >> we're k leaving it is funny the serious nature of a completely out of control washington that is acting with political intent to destroy the legitimacy of this president's office not afraid he will fail they will afraid he will succeed. i'm a concrete mason.
8:30 am
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8:32 am
. maria: good friday morning thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo it is friday, september 8 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast,a race against time this weekend, hurricane irma barreling towards florida as we speak, massive evacuations under way throughout the state after the storm wreaked havoc across the caribbean. >> heed all of the warnings the goal is get out of the storm surge vulnerable area that is wind-driven coastal storm surge flooding waters coming onshore, that is the most devastating hazard associated with hurricane, get out of that storm surge area, and get into a facility that can withstand the wind. >> some residents are rushing to the airport for last minute flights out those still hitting the road are struggling to find gasoline. breaking news overnight a massive earthquake has struck mexico, the 8.1 quake hit country southern coast hours ago setting off tune mi waves aftershocks at least 20 people are confirmed dead what the
8:33 am
country president is calling the strongest earthquake to hit the region in more than 100 years. manually on wall street, futures indicating a lower opening for broader averages off the lows of the morning right here dow industrials expected down a quarter of a percent 60 points lower nasdaq also off lows down fraction 8 points lower to look at european indices we have seen a little bit of improvement, the major averages opposite of the lows the dax index in german up a fraction ft 100 down 25 points one-third of one percent in asia overnight market closed the mostly lower as you see. >> are former white house chief strategy bannon warning gop establishment trying to nullify election rules he gave an interview we've got some clips. >> dread from democrats the party fretting over hillary clinton's upcoming book tour we tell you what is planned for that book tour, if it bit taking on diabetes will allow
8:34 am
about diabetics to use did company smart watch alexis matchmaker amazon teams up with etch harm mi to help you find love, robot -- >> ♪ ♪ ♪ i am falling, falling -- >> we have the company behind the first album entirely composed proud bir are all intelligence top story meks core rocked by strongest earthquake the country has seen in a century. robert sands u.s. geological survey joins us now what can you tell us? >> about -- 7 1/2 hours ago, central time here before 1 a.m. eastern standard time 98
8:35 am
-- a earthquake 50 chiles off mexico i am hearing strongest earthquake in the past 100 years that is not correct it is strong earthquake in this southern region back in 1985 there was 8.1 that happened due west of mexico city, that did extensive damage to capital of mexico city so this is strongest earthquake in the southern part of mexico past 100 years. >> this is obviously serious, we've got 20 people confirmed dead, as a result of this. what should people there be doing or thinking about at this point does another quake follow something this large in terms of magnitude. >> with large shallow event as this is we see aftershocks that runs weeks to months after main shock 8.1, then there is aftershock series
8:36 am
would not be uncommon to see mid magnitude 7 large magnitude 6 earthquakes in the next few weeks to months opinion. so there are some there is the possibility of some larger earthquakes yet to come. >> thank you very much weighing in robert sanders geophysicist there breaking news from president trump, president tweeting this, hurricane irma is epic proportion perhaps bigger than we have ever seen be safe get out of its way if possible -- federal government is ready, donald trump just tweeting this out about hurricane irma the federal government is ready, of course, we are expecting that he will sign the harvey release bill today clues there would be charges related to the probe into former dinitiativec chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz former i.t. staffer prosecutors reportedly given him copy of the hard drive
8:37 am
wasmen shuttles tried to keep law enforcement from looking at he could face cybersecurity charges any things to bank fraud michelle, malkin thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you, maria. >> we have been talking about this scandal for a long time, of course, a has done very good job is this about to get more wide-open in your view what do you think? >> it sure is, because all signs point to some very shady behavior, by debbie wasserman schultz and in all of this, particularly even before the latest story that luke as you mentioned has done terrific work for daley caller on this before this came, up, with the convoluted purloined laptop all very strange, but debbie wasserman schultz behavior previous to this the blow up with the capital police, over
8:38 am
the laptop. and then even before thavk her clinging to him curious defense silence on part of house democrats had employed him his wife, and several others in that inner circle in that family. with more going on here in terms of -- yeah possible theft not just of the equipment but of intelligence? we don't know, but i think the more you scratch at the story worse it smells. >> it does ensure hitting the nail on head we know he -- the thought trying to take out loans send it overseas as well as his wife, they got him at the airport but what kind of charges could she face what are those implications? are we talking federal observances offenses capital police now finding more investigations into this what
8:39 am
could actually come of this to her? >> well, you know, it has the arc of obstruction on her part. with -- you know, hiding that laptop at her house, and trying to block the access to it. there is a larger pull back the lens a little bit here he larger immigration policy issue as well. when first story started about bubbling up my question how did the family get here, of course, we know now that he was trying to flee the kin and join his wife had up and left as the scandal was brewing with three children i have asked several house democratic offices including castro in texas greg meeks, and several others had employed members of the family well, what was their immigration status did they come here on hitch 1 g's
8:40 am
something i have done a lot of reporting on for crtv and columns in my book the national security implications of having people who are unvetted essentially as h-1b tech woeshgz access to highly sensitive information if they would be the come on h-1b what program did they come on who sfornsed them chuck grassley sent a letter to dhs couple months ago asking that question we still don't have answers people are government -- taxpayer funded employees, we deserve to know immigration status and that -- not hold back stories. >> a lot of things we deserve to know we haven't i point your attention to op-ed, kim strassel in journal about fbi comey's secret power what kim strassel titled this in op-ed in journal today talking about how jim comey as judge jury executeer on hillary clinton that investigation, withheld
8:41 am
ignored total requests for information new development according to kim strassel is this look at how mr. comey may have juked the probe of donald trump reported ties to russia your take on op-ed? >> she makes a very good point this is the problem, when president trump you know confidential declares he was going to drain the swamp incredibly hard to do that when people in the swamp cannot police themselves in corruption consensus kimberly strassel is asking all right questions shining light at right come roovckroach. >> not just deep state liberal media anti-trump resistance unfortunately in establishment of both parties donald trump has to fight but very people
8:42 am
supposed to be entrusted are part of the pro about. >> what do you think about bannon trashing everybody saying gary cohn should have stepped down. >> i agree with him on that particular matter, absolutely right, when people in your own administration are engaging in what is essentially ideological flagging, and throwing the president under the bus that is employing you i agree it is -- it is bad enough you've got entire democratic party always attacking republicans, that is what this was about not just against the race card. >> did a deal on debt ceiling yesterday. >> i know he did. >> i hate washington i -- ban -- >> we love getting you fired up thanks for being here. >> thanks, maria. >> see you soon michelle malkin, breaking news president tweeted again saying our incredible u.s. he coast
8:43 am
guard saved more than 15,000 lives last week with harvey irma could be tougher we love our coast guard, we will be right back. >> ♪ welcome back to another tennis canal court report a presentation for fox business i am jonathan novack friday semifinal at u.s. open final four fighting it out for play in match. >> the first man to beat feder feder federer may jurors will face rafael today? in bottom half draw anderson and american run in big apple set up his meeting against the surprise package of this year's open, pablo, see both
8:44 am
semifinals from flushing meadows tennis channel friday tonight 11 pm eastern. .
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
maria: shares of kroger taking a hit this morning saying it will no longer provide longer term guidance stock down sharply, nicole petallides. >> if you are a shareholder you are not pleased to see stock down 7% this year down even more on that news that they are no longer providing guidance latest set has not gen good the stock down 25% when they gave forecast that was weaker than expected has a cut, and discount everything to compete against wall marts how about amazon now with whole foods cutting all prices, so everyone cutting across the board with supermarket industry tough a set of guidance end of the year 2018, end of the year is in line but did not account for the hurricane, moving to amazon is is there anything
8:48 am
amazon doesn't do moub matchmaker finding love of life with alexa amazing read messages look for matches, do profile display photos amazon, your friend, my a lot of new matches, look there is joe what a catch! seems great. that is it. new thing. maria: thank you so much michael on the floor updates all day long on kroger not just stopped guidance had a tough quarter. >> second quarter profit the actually pretty bad unfortunately facing competition from european investors as well coming over here setting up shop, wal-mart so it is a big problem they are off 19% last quarter, now 6% turn it around behind in -- >> amazon whole foods deal a problem, breaking news president trump tweeting again, republicans sorry but i have been hearing about repeal and replace for seven years,
8:49 am
didn't happen cht even worse, the senate filibuster rule will never allow the republicans to pass even great legislation, 8 democrats control where do we get 630 votes versus 51 votes it is a republican death wish is he basically making an explanation for the deal he did with them? i think partying making explanation but also hearing that he is definitely waging war a little bit with republicans going like republicans i have heard about this for seven years indefinitely distancing himself from congress. >> exactly the deal certainly a message to his own rep leadership this is how he campaigned i am wondering what this kind of affect the has into midtemperatures of republicans need to expand majority if they want to pass legislation does this deter people from voting for republicans does it encourage them that is the question. >> if they don't get on same page they are in deep trouble
8:50 am
deadly hurricane irma 1150 minor winds towards florida expected to hit southern part of the state early sunday morning, stewart stewart with more. >> may i just say the republican party is dead in the water at this point having totally failed to do anything in the last 8 months, despite promises i don't blame president trump jumping ship going with somebody scan actually do something apart from that higher anxiety weekend irma bears down on whole state of florida, there is an earthquake off the coast of mexico, the north koreans tomorrow they might launch some kind of missile, what are we going to do if they launch then monday anniversary september 11 a high anxiety weekend i am not surprised that market is down a little this morning. maria: good point stu lot to worry about next couple days we know you are all over it 10 minutes see you stop of the hour "varney & company" begins
8:51 am
every day 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stewart and company next we will be right back we've got a big interview coming up stay with this. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one.
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♪ i'm falling ♪ i'm falling ♪ maria: that could be music of fewest artificial intelligence platform has created the first album entirely composed proud by a.i. the album i am a.i. collaboration with artist, joining us right now cofounder ceo, thanks for being here.
8:55 am
i have a mper proper producer unique professional in a matter of seconds, and designed to allow anyone around the world to be able to express themselves creatively through music regardless of musical ability, so at a minimum making three things the music you want to create mood to convey length of any desired track if you know more information about your music if you are a musician perhaps talk tempo instrumentation harmony rhythm will create that music for you once you get it feedback collaborate back-and-forth until happy download it a royalty free to use that music. >> how is this cell phone app how do you use amper. >> cloud based accessible web app via panel adobe premier pro, vr api available at amper
8:56 am >> we have been working on it 3 1/2 years at this point my partner sam and i but before starting am per were composures in los angeles blockbuster movies tv shows video games has taken entire career lives as musician to understand how to solve this problem, that previously was thought impossible to solve we are fortunate to have a brilliant world leading team that carries the torch further than we would be able to do so on our own, really combine industry academic experience to build groundbreaking technology. >> what does it had cost to do something like this. >> amper free access mode for the public, as long as for personal use you can go to use music entirely free if you are a business, might license functional music
8:57 am
you want to resolve pain you can speak with us about business liz if artist we encourage you to do so as well. >> you have a voice -- >> well -- >> understand -- how experienced do you have to be to use something like this. >> amper designed to work with anyone regardless of musically ability if you know nothing amper will help you 90% of the way. >> great, that is me. >> if you know everything, amper going to sit in the become help you where you need to go. >> we will be right back. .
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maria: just enough time to say "varney & company" begins now thanks satirist to you -- >> yes, it does thank maria all right, this weekend, irma will hit every city in florida. right now starting to hit your wallet, a financial storm, too. good morning, everybody. as of now, the dow set to open 50, 0 points lower not major sell-off investors clearly nervous shock from unprecedented back-to-back natural disasters beginning to show cost of harvey astronomical and here comes irma the storm hits the keys south florida tomorrow, projected track now shows affecting almost entire


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