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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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email good night. stay safes specially all of you in south florida and beyond. i'm thinking of you >> lou: good evening, everybody. it is the time of trump. a new perspective if you will. president trump giving the ineffective leaders of the republican party in both the house and the senate a lesson in leadership and deal making. president trump striking a deal with democrat and securing an important legislative victory. on to the president's compromise plan, congress agreed to pass hurricane harvey relief funding and raise the debt ceiling and fund the government through december. and then if the republicans
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deign to take up the work. he announced the deal with leaders of both political parties. >> we had a good meeting and essentially came to the deal, and the deal would be good and very, very cordial and professional meeting. we have an extension which will go out to december 15th, and that will include debt ceiling and cr's and harvey. the amount of money to be determined and everyone is in favor obviously of taking care of the situation. we very much agree. >> lou: the rare bipartisan deal caught the right republican leadership off guard, particularly speaker paul ryan who hours before slammed the proposal as disgraceful. his words and ryan never
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explained why. >> we have another unprecedented hurricane about to hit florida. they want to play politics at this moment, when we have fellow citizens in need to respond to the hurricanes so we don't strand them. >> lou: did you follow his reasoning here? the hurricanes and you can't make legislative deals. it was not the deal, but house conservatives were in complete agreement and mitch mcconnell said he would support the president's compromise deal as well. after securing a historic compromise. the president flew to north dakota, the ambitious tax reform plan and the focus on the american middle-class. >> we need tax groepth, pro jobs
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and pro worker and yes, pro american. and anybody who votes against tax reforms in north dakota or any place else. you have to vote against them and get them out of office. it is so bad. >> the president appearing before the endeavor refinery in north dakota. it is fourth largest in the country and north dakota is the second largest u.s. oil producer right after the great state of texas. the united states importing only 34 percent from opec and doubling production in the last decade and united states the leading exporter of refined petollium products. joining me now of how the president is joining the agenda following the failed leadership of the republican congress.
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ed rollins was chief advisor to the dean himself and michael goodwin, fox news contributor and great americans. the deal, unprecedented, we haven't seen this in 20 years. >> the conservative votes were not there. and so he went to the democrats, and when the democrats are happy and the republicans are not happy, the deal is to their benefit. what he did was kick the can down the road and we have three months of debt ceiling and the first down payment on the hurricane relief. it is 8 billion and it could be 80 or hundred billion before it is said. and the president has to in the end of the day get what he wants. i don't see him getting it in his time. my fear is the democrats will
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say let's negotiate more and make the republicans decide to get their house in order. >> lou: you are not sure the president got what he wanted. >> three month debt ceiling is not a big deal. >> lou: it may not be a big deal. but there are years we would have wished to get that deal. he would not get it from speaker ryan, is it not a clever move. >> his treasure secretary didn't see. if the government is not shut down in christmas time he will have a benefit. it is the first step and obviously we'll see what schumer and pelosi want to do and his own side will do. >> lou: ed does not trust schumer and pelosi. >> i don't like it. >> lou: what do you think, mike?
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>> i think the message to the republican system loud and clear. which is you guys had your chance and produced nothing for eight months and i am going to get things done whether you it's what you want or not. it has to be a wake- up call to the republican base to get members of congress on line. otherwise theiad of a gofferring republican majority is neutered because they can't get things done and the president neapeds to get it done. >> lou: i can't wait to hear your answer to this. the reason that nothing is done even though the republicans control the house and senate and white house, is because of two rhinos. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. they only represent the big
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donors and not republicans or colstitients. >> if weep didn't have a revolution. and many of them would be thrown out. >> lou: we might have it. >> i will not argue for or against. i am trying to be an analyst. and i try to do that. >> lou: you just said dobbs. >> no, i am off and i want to give my opinion. >> lou: i am back. >> i think i said on the show we don't have enough republicans. they can't be pure as they want to be. if you want to be a majority, vote for what the president wants. >> to that point interesting to go to north dakota. it was only designed to get
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heidi hydecalf. and now hoo's rounding up the votes for what he can get them for. and something has changed in trump's approach. i think it is more than a warning shot to republicans, he intends to do this unless they give him a better offer. >> lou: there is another work here. the death of rinno. ryan and mcconnell, and the other rhinos in the senate and house. they have been marginalized here. there is no sense playing the game. the democrats if they want to be pretend republicans, they might as well deal with democrats and that's what the president chose to do. >> i would not sleep well if i was speaker ryan. there is other people in the congress who can lead the congress effectively as he can.
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but no one has stepped forth to challenge him. i think the next 40 days are critical to the president and presidency and country. >> i agree with you in the timing. it is it a short season. but your point earlier about ryan coming out against the deal just moments before trump accepts it. that is a humiliation moment from ryan. i agree with ed, he shouldn't be sleeping well now. >> lou: was i quiet enough now. >> your show, lou, we miss would you. >> lou: i am a work in progress and i can do better and i will. much more, stay with us, we'll be right back. president trump has put congress on notice. it is time to get to work and to fix daca. >> i really believe that congress is going to work hard
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on the daca agreement. >> lou: and how about the deal between the president and the democrats and we'll take that up with congressman franks and more tonight. new developments in the house democrats i.t. standal. the wife of the former i.t. aid reached a deal to return to face bank fraud and security charges. we'll have that and more straight ahead. dim dms
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>> lou: breaking news now. credit reporting firm eqa fax announced a data breach and compromised the personal information of more than 140 million equifax customers. more than half of the u.s. population and adult population. country. they hacked the information between may and july of this year and they obtained birth dates and credit card number and social security numbers and this is a tra vesty. equifax, the impact will be
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profound. donald trump junior defended his meeting with a attorney. and he met and in a prepared statement, donald trump junior said quote. i did not collude with a foreign government and do not know of anyone who did. end quote. he believed that the attorney might have information about hillary clinton's fitness to serve as president and he wanted to hear her out. that was kind of him. and he would be talking to attorneys before using such information and for more now on his tell and impact. we are joined by a former fox news an licht. thank you for sitting in while i was gone. you did a masterful job. cut that out. >> i tried. >> lou: you did wonderfully and we appreciate it. donald trump junior. i mean, what is there?
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it seems to be nothing. >> but if you listen to the media and i watched the other network and the hysterical commentary you would think that donald trump junior committed all manner of crimes and he hasn't. another channel said it is crime to have a foefrp national involved in the political campaign. that is not a crime. i think we will not mention msnbc's name. all you have to do is go to the federal election website and cites to law you are allowed as a foreign national to sit on the meeting. >> it is the first one to cite the fec regulation and here we are with pretend new's networks
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going on about a pretend crime against a very real member of the president's family. >> and his other crime according to the mainstream media he said i don't recall several times. it is an old lawyer trick. unless you remember the detail or conversation say i don't recall. you can't get in trouble if you say i don't recall and my evidence of that is hillary clinton. she said i don't recall more than three dozen times and guess what, she didn't almolegal get trouble. >> lou: i didn't hear i don't recall as many time. every cabinet member or everyone associated with that administration i don't recall. >> they would scratch their heads which is a sign they will
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recall. >> lou: let's turn to the issue of daca, six months come the president gave congress six months to make law about immigration. what are the prospects in your judgment and the priority of moving forward. >> president trump restored the constitutional sanity to the immigration laws. why do i say that? it is article one of the u.s. constitution. it is the duty of congress and not the president to make laups. >> lou: much to the embarrassment of obama. >> actually obama knew it. he said 20 times it is it unconstitutional and then he did it and he didn't recall and scratched his head. he knew it was unconstitutional and the daca program was found to be unconstitutional. and the supreme court left it
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intact as unforceable and unlawful. and daca would have ended up the same way and attorneys general would sue and it would have the same judicial fate. and we have former president obama and immediately seeing the blaze. president clinton joining in the talking in points in which they called president trump cruel for ending a unconstitutional action by a president. and the democratic party looks absolutely looks berefof prince approximately or integrity. >> they swore to uphold the constitution and they didn't read the document. they would realize it is their jobs and not his to make the laws. >> lou: the former president
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taught the course on constitutional. >> i am skeptical. it was one of them give me scheminaringly. >> lou: i am with you gregg. good to have you with us. up next, rhino paul ryan, he's finished. the speaker suffering an embarrassing humiliation after standing in the way of those trying to do the nation's business. i will have a few thoughts about his future. next and a lot more straight here tonight and we have a jam-packed evening for you. stay with us. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers.
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>> lou: a few thoughts on the death of a rhino nothing to lament here. we are examining politics in 2017. i am talking about speaker paul ryan and his deverance to corporate lobbyist and unbridled hostility toward president trump.
6:25 am
the president took rhino ryan to the wood she'd and elimitinated the need for any republican to pretend ryan was a republican. or that he had a future after president trump booted the hapless speaker. here is clueless ryan this morning and talking about a proposal tying harvey funding to an increase in the debt ceiling. >> with the leaders you just described proposed is unworkable and it is ridiculous and disgraceful they want to play politics with the debt ceiling and i hope they don't mean that. >> lou: they did mean that and it was not ridiculous. in just a few hours president trump reached a deal with the democrats to raise the debt limit to fund the government to middecember to provide funds for
6:26 am
harvey relief. deal done and clearing the way for tax reform. ryan insult and obstinance of president trump to the democratic leadership much late. they calmed themselves and far more conciliatory in the rhetoric in recent week and ryan is fully exposed to the nation. his congress that accomplished next toing in this year and paul ryan two year tenure as a speaker has done. president trump and congressional conservatives made it clear to all who will recognize before their ieps. than ryan is nothing but an obstacle to getting the people's business done and it is time to follow the president's leadership and implement his leadership. rhinos are in the wrong party.
6:27 am
now not even corporate money can buy rinno's future. a quote from thomas jefferson. and his words live brightly today as when they were written more than two independent years ago. jefferson said this. quote. when the representative body lost the confidence of their constituent and made sale of their most valuable rights and when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put in to their hands, then indeed their conditioning in office becomes dangerous. and my friends, as long as we permit elite and establishment to keep ryan and mcconnell in place, our times will be remain perilous indeed.
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we'll be back with much more, stay with us. calms growing for a second special counsel and revolutions that fired fbi director james comey drafted a letter exonerating hillary clinton months before interviewing witnesses. is that efficiency or corruption. highest kind? stay with us. we'll be right back. rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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>> lou: breaking news tonight. house intelligence committee issued subpoenas about the records with the fbi's rapt with british office steel. he was working and he put out unverified trump doszier it's called and the intel committee wants to know the nature of the relationship between the fbi and steele. how much heap was paid and whether he was paid by the fin fib and what extent that dossier was to obtain warns and investigate the russia investigation. the chairman. house judiciary is adding his voice to the choerous to
6:33 am
investigate democrats. congressman bob goodlock chairman of the judary wants the truth about hillary clinton's e-mail and fbi director's comey's investigation. we learned last week, comey drafted an exxoneration of clinton before clintop herself was interviewed and a number of key, key people interviewed by the fbi. for more now on the clinton e-mail investigation, comey and mueller's rushiop probe. we are joined by chris. what do you make. issue of subpoenas by the judiciary committee? >> i am always leery of the committees and their investigations. >> lou: understandably. >> normally it is it hot air and sound bits. but points to a larger question,
6:34 am
comey needs to be asked under oath, what he was doing with steele and how much money they paid him to begin with. i think the heart of the question is good. i just wish that a law enforcement agency, department of justice were drilling down. frankly the committees don't have the depth or the strength to really carry through on these very, very important issues. >> lou: the house judiciary and senate judiciary committee also moving forward and doing so with design and purpose and greater seriousness and acknowledging what you say. i think it is absolutely the truth. these committees too often are frothy and if you will, that catch themselves up in the moment of the political opportunity rather than going after the truth and creating
6:35 am
accountability for these people. but these are two it seemses to me different cashings for the house judiciary and the don't judiciary. so it's going to be interesting to see. but what is getting interesting are the calls for a special counsel to go after whether it be for mueller himself or whether it be to investigate the amongst fusion, the democrats, you know, even senator mccain, who at one point is alleged to turned over the dossier for what purpose and motivation we don't know. it is getting very, very serious. >> it is very murky. i still want the dnc server, crowd strike approved or signed off on. the fact that the fbi took that
6:36 am
as evidenceary and a law enforcement act is nonsense and how they got away with telling the fbi, drop dead instead of the fbi or u.s. marshal seizing the server is beyond me. but again, that is it part. same mentality that had comey writing a get out of jail free card for hillary back in late april. >> lou: and the fbi to this day said it is incumbent not on themselves but someone seeking truth to provide assurance and imperical evidence that there is a public interest in a case surrounding say, a former secretary of state, her e-mail server and what she did with it in 33000 names and as well as the dozen devices that she destroyed. this is an extraordinary moment in history and this cannot
6:37 am
stand, do you believe? >> there is a great video clip of congressman radcliff disassemblingment phony argument it is comey used to rationalized hillary clinton's conduct. she is a national security criminal and sent top secret emails across the outlaw server. any other federal. even would be kicked out in chain and she laughs about it and she will go on a book tour to make fun of it. anybody in intelligence world, and makes their stomach roll over and know there is a notion of equal justice under the law is destroyed by what comey did and he needs to answer for it. >> lou: chris farrel, one of the
6:38 am
people who will make sure that is the case and outcome. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> lou: former white house steve bannon speaking out and hitting members of the trump's administration hitting those who don't agree with the president and said see publicly. here is bannon in an interview. nstuff leaked that week by certain members of the white house was unsenable. you find it unacceptable resign. >> who are you talking about? >> gary kohc n and you don't tliek and agree you have an obligation to tresign. >> spoe he is have resign would. >> absolutely. >> and hillary clinton has a book out. the blame game is well under way. sxch james comey, clinton's
6:39 am
latest scapegoat for costing her the presidency. and leaked upsurts is saying she should have hit the former director hard over the e-mail investigation. comb ep is the third clinton fall guy. joining bernie sander and joe biden and hillary's pantion of the traitors who subverted her candidacy. if you worry that the failed candidate is running out of material. have no fear. want list of scapegoats whom she held responsibility and her own, meaning anyone what happened could be a useful doorstop. it will be interesting to see. be sure to vote. do you have any confidence that
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>> lou: facebook today admitting that it sold political ads to the russians apparently looking to target american voters and yes our american presidential election. the adspace that totalled hundred thousand dollars was sold by, well, facebook to a russian firm with a history of pushing pro kremlin propaganda. according to the reporting, the revelation if you want to examine left wing national media bias, the revelation is likely to fuel pointed questions from investigators about whether the russians received guidance from people in the united states. that is not only a stretch on the part of the post and it's, well, if you want to call that
6:46 am
reasoni reasoning it is a cataput of assumptions and leaves open the question that maybe mark zuckerberg was leading the russian effort during the election last year? we'll have to examine that carrfully. and the wife of the former tech staffer for debbie wasserman schultz struck a deal with federal investigators. enrom's wife will return to the united states from pakistan to face charges of bank fraud and conspiracy. she fled the country while her husband and she were under federal investigation and now a very complicated web is being woven and a busy day on
6:47 am
cantittal hill. republican congressman frank. great to have you with us. >> always love to be on. >> lou: what do you make of the deal with debbie wasserman schultz's i.t.'s advisor's wife now ready to deal? >> well, lou, i don't want to talk out of school. i think you will see revelations that are pretty profound and the fact that the wife is coming back from pakistan and willing to face charges. there would be a good chance she will receive immunity to tell a larger story that is disturbing to the american people. it is it ironic to me, when you see these kinds of things that happen. and someone who does not have the best interest of america within the i.t. system and
6:48 am
united states congress and paid by a member of congress, it is frightening. >> lou: former head of the democratic national committee who was forced out in disgrace. >> i am always amazed how the democrats talk about russia so much. they couldn't find russia on the map 20 years ago or see the soviets as a threat to the world when they were our primary enemy. and all of the sudden, they see something to discredit the president with, they find their tongue and find russia? >> lou: interesting how long it took to bring to ground these people who obviously, their conduct appears every bit as criminal and every bit tresinous and certain leap the complicity of the member of congress makes
6:49 am
it troubling. >> i am sure the media will have a reasonable answer for everything that happened. but the truth is, i would predict that this is going to be a significant story and people should fasten their seat belts on this one. >> lou: we are buckled up, congressman. >> yes, sir. >> lou: watching what is happening in the united states. has use tightening our belts as well. the president putting a deal with the democratic leadership and dismissing the rhino leadership of your party and house and the senate. >> i think the president just came back from texas and he saw all of the tragedy and carnage and he was determined to get the package through to help texas and he didn't want going to interfere and it gave him a sure way forward on that and obviously texas will recognize
6:50 am
the commitment of the president in that regard. he didn't want going to interfere. having said that going forward. the only reason the president has to do that is the 60 vote rule in the senate gives the democrats leverang and you have to do dra matec to get anything to the floor and we'll have great challenges in the months ahead on the debt limit and of course the appropriation's package. and i will predict we'll have real challenges there. and i would hope that people understand the challenge of the 60 vote rule. republicans even in leadership are stick on this thing. they don't really recognize all of the challenge and division it creates in the house and senate. >> lou: i believe the american people understand the math here. and when you have a 52 senator presence out of 100 and you can
6:51 am
move all. legislation you want with 51 votes rather than 60 which is what mitch mcconnell is clinging to and that we need to change the rule or change mitch mcconnell and move him out of leadership. >> the democrats are going to change the rule whether they get in power. the question is will the american people get a glimpse of republican policy before that happens. >> lou: congressman, always good to talk to you. >> thank you, sir. >> loupe lou trent franks, congressman from arizona and a great america. do you believe that the president's deal rendered ryan and mcconnell. and follow meal on lou dobs and follow me on facebook and
6:52 am
instagram. lou dobbs tonight. perils of blanket amnesty and the president's decision on daca. and have there is it no such thing as a deserving dreamer, stay with us. we'll be right back. what started as a passion to make something original... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make.
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i ...prilosec otc 7 years ago,my doctor recommended... 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. >> lou: in last night's on line poll we asked whether you believe that president trump's deal with the democrats on the debt ceiling rennered ryan.
6:56 am
joining us when times get tough we bring in michelle in to tell us. great to have you with us and congratulations, michelle. start with daca and your reaction and thoughts? >> this has been in the works for a long time, the open border and lobby, and of course, seeing the long- term strategy here of designating a privileged political class with an insatiable appetite for government entitle sxment that's what daca programs. they are hand out and illegal blanket waiveres and a work permit program. >> lou: you said no such thing as a deserving dreamer? >> no, i don't.
6:57 am
>> lou: why is that? >> that phrase repeats itself over and over from the mouths of the chief labor lobby on the left and the right. oh, they deserve protection. they don't deserve to be punished. look a lot of people in america law- abiding american and immigrants for that matter are born into unfortunate circumstances. this is not how we come up with public policy based on pulling the heart strings. the fact is, if there were ape single deserving dreamer in this country they would be deserving because they would acknowledged they are owed nothing and they deserve nothing from a country in which they were born because of their parent's illegal activity. and you can talk to anyone who came in to the country the right and proper way including my own parents, there are first and second generation americans who
6:58 am
understand citizenship is a privilege and not a right. when you have an entire class of 800000 people who feel entitled to be here despite the law, you are creating the trouble we are in now. the people who claim to be so oppressed and living in the shadows when they are out of the shattedos on the lawns of the white house and in front of trump tower demanding, demanding. >> lou: an entitled class you say. turning to the president's choice of making and creating an opportunity for bipartisanship and going to the democratic leadership and getting done and one sit down with the democratic leadership and not able to get down with the republican leadership over the course of eight months. >> let me say this. i will put aside my own opposition to raising the debt limit and doing an ad- hawk
6:59 am
budget process. it is not how a responsibility family or business operates. let's put that aside. it is it the moderate republican and goff establishment that demand limited government engage in bipartisanship. and in fact we have donald trump cutting out paul ryan and mitch mcconnell in doing it and getting grief from it from all subpoenas. the question is whether this action rendered paul ryan and mitch mcconnell obsolete irrelevant. they rendered themselves irrelevant a long, long time ago, lou. > lou: i think you are right. that's it for us tonight. be with us tomorrow night. join us tomorrow evening and we thank you for being with us tonight. and thank you and good night
7:00 am
from new york. ♪ >> a farmer with an unusual hobby hands down a humongous collection to his family. >> anybody that collects 150 tractors -- doesn't that make you eccentric? ♪ >> he spent a lifetime, and a pretty penny, amassing it. >> definitely a method to grandpa's madness. >> is it a treasure trove of valuable americana? >> it was almost out of control maybe you would say. >> or a herd of white elephants? >> dad, are you ever gonna stop? you know, for one thing, you're running out of room. where are you going to put them all? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, and i'm just


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