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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 13, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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here. morgan wright, see us soon, please. we'd like to sigh more often. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us, tony sayegh, tammy bruce and historian doug wead among our guests tomorrow. thank you for joining us. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight tax reform finally on the front burner in d.c., how long can lawmaker avoid screwing it up? kentucky congressman thomas massie has ideas. plus the benghazi terror trial now under way but did the state department try to silence two contractors just before the attack? brian is here with the answers. and espn suspending a longtime network for saying the network is getting too political. why is another on the hook for calling trump a white supremacist. roll upon your sleeves. date night at the white house, yeah! and trump is dining with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi agreed
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to break bread and suck blood with the president. president trump had a taste of the sweet bipartisan nectar after making the debt ceiling deal with chuck and nannes while the idea of crossing a 60 vote senate threshold to make cuts long-term is intoxicating by working with the dems, swap and spit with the people who would trade kidneys and grandkids for a majority in either chamber to kickstart impeachment proceedings. fans of the president think it's a stroke of genius for him to torture his own party by having pillow fights with the opposition, but the president is in need of a win any, compromise is worth the interparty bad blood and spent capital. after a botched and embarrassing health care loss, the president can't rely on republican leadership to deliver something as crucial as tax reform and that leaves people posing the wrong what if? the question isn't what if the president fails on taxes with republicans?
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it's what if he succeeds with democrats? there's not a donkey in washington or tea juana with an ounce of fiscal sense or restraint and any government constituent will be sidelined faster than colin kaepernick. we will be left with government free spending populists whose momentary high outweighs long-term growth. it's better to be responsible than get it right than go for the quick fix and easy win by compromising on status and taxes. that is plain wrong. that's why you're here, baby. i'm kennedy. . kennedy: tax reform has become the white whale for republicans, and with the party fractures, on what moves to make the white house seemingly reaching out to democrats, can the gop reel this beast in? joining me the greatest reeler of all perhaps the kentucky
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congressman thomas massie. joining me once again on the "kennedy" show, welcome back, congressman. >> thank you, kennedy. the irony is president trump got a better deal, a more conservative deal with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi than the republicans were offering. the republicans wanted to extend the debt limit for 18 months, and chuck and nancy offered three months and he took it. ironically you got a conservative deal by working on the other side of the. i'm here's something else you're not hearing in the news right now. the three month debt limit deal is nine months, they filled up the spare tanks, there's extraordinary sxhshts debt jumped over $300 billion, the day congress voted to suspend it again for three months. so that will get them into next summer. >> wow, that's what i assume is the outcome, but let's talk about taxes a little bit. president did this deal in
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order to clear the deck for tax reform. so much strife within your party and we're having flashbacks, almost groundhog day, with health care, that there are factions on the right page who have the right philosophy but getting strong-armed and sidelined by the rest of the party who wants to deliver the president a win. how do we deliver the country a win? >> it is groundhog day. when he first got here, he took whatever bill congress had for the health care bill, and they said trust us, we've been working on, this we're the experts. and they sold him a bill of goods. obamacare light, and to his credit, this time he's had his own tax reform plan while the house leadership here has gone in a different correction with their tax reform plan. unfortunately, we've wasted over nine months being on two different pages. we have been promised as of this morning that in the next
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two weeks, we're going to be given a one pageerthal describe the consensus that has been reached between the white house and the senate, i'm assuming those are senate republicans, and the house. so -- >> and is this something from the big six? because you know, we have not heard a lot of detail, obviously, a one pager isn't going to gives a lot of detail, but what are you hoping to gather from that amalgamation? >> i'm hoping they will drop the controversial provisions in the house bill, not the least of which was border adjustment tax. >> what was that? >> sounds like something is falling down at the capitol. and hoping there will be a tax cut in there. i think you need to cut spending when you cut taxes so it will be revenue neutral. kennedy: congressman, you have said we don't need to focus on revenue neutrality but deficit neutrality is. and seems as though there is bipartisan allergy to cutting spending, but that is so critical in order to get the
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economy going, because you can not have all the things that both parties and the white house have promised and have relief for victims of hurricanes harvey and irma, and assume that the economy will grow, if you are going to cut taxes. how on earth do you do it? kennedy: >> look, you've got to cut taxes if you stimulate the economy. obama tried everything else, spending more money, he did not try reducing regulations which we have tried and that's starting to work. but you got to cut taxes. now the only responsible way to do that is cut spending as well. i think you can cut the spending in afghanistan. look, $43 billion of spending scheduled before trump announced his expansion in afghanistan. think of the stimulus that you could provide with that, but better yet, think what you could do to cut taxes if you cut $43 billion of spending there. and that's the tip of the iceberg, of the sort of things that you could do. kennedy: absolutely right.
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have you proposed getting rid of the department of education altogether. i'm wondering if we made some of those bold moves, if people in positions of power like yourself were brave enough to actually follow through on some of that chatter, if we could have meaningful economic growth. >> bold and house leadership are almost oxymorones to put in the same sentence. kennedy: so sad. >> it's so timid here. we do need to be bold. we're not going to get anything done, and we're going to get blamed for anything bad that happens if we're not bold. we need bold tax reform. frankly, kennedy, i will vote for any tax reform that cuts taxes, literally, just about anything, and we need to simplify it because as you poi pointed out on the show, if you lower half of the people's taxes, the other half are going to go up. donald trump is not from the
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swamp and had the good sense to come up with tax reform plan. i'm hoping our tax reform bill with we get the consensus document looks more like donald trump's plan than the house plan. kennedy: thank you very much, congressman massey, appreciate it. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: today, senator bernie sanders unveiled medicare for all bill in the senate. most of the 2020 democratic hopefuls are on board but face stiff opposition from the left leadership interestingly enough as schumer and pelosi are too busy playing with the president, they refuse to go full socialist just yet. liberal lawmakers aren't the only ones trying to take on health care. a group of conservatives, republican senators lindsey graham, dean heller and ron johnson of wisconsin who love to eat dinner by swanson introduced a bill they claim would repeal before obamacare
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subsidies and protect people with preexisting condition among other things. what do we make of the latest? go to sweet and savory party panel for expert advice. former new york congresswoman and member of the president trump advisory board nan hayworth and host of the anthony couplia show. and from "reason" magazine, peter suitorman, the foremost expert. two things happening here, a free market solution to health care which is falling apart and not in the republican congressional plan, and then you've got this big single-payer push, where are we betwixt the two plans? >> the republican plan isn't a free market plan, not even obamacare repeal. it blocks obamacare and kick the problem to the states. admit that congressional
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republicans fail to figure this one out. kennedy: i'm fine with all of it. block granting, federalist, admission to fairly, fine. >> in fact, i think this is the least stupid plan we have seen yet. and least a theory of the cases which says congressional republicans don't know what they want to do. let states figure it out, have local accountability, local authorities who are better positioned to experiment, let's have 50 different solutions, so there's one possibility of upside there. there is spending controls in the long run. on the other hand, have you bernie sanders introducing a totally socialized medical system, you know a bill that would basically literally be a government takeover. kennedy: it would turn health care into the va for everyone. >> it is a legislative fantasy plan in every way. the biggest single problem with every single payer plan we've ever seen, we don't know how to pay for it. bernie sanders has no idea how to pay for this. there is no pay for it built in. >> it doesn't exist. >> but it's free!
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that's what i hear all the time. free health care! >> democratic voters are getting fed up with that because they know they're going to get stuck with the bill and democrat plans are big fat fail, and you are look at obamacare but they want something. >> watching bernie sanders bump this plan out is a funny caricature that he does. no one is really paying attention to him, he's a joke at this point, honestly. think about it, people are tired of this socialism and trying to get the -- trying to get health care free as they say. i like the fact that trump is in there, if trump wasn't president, you wouldn't see anyone talking about this. it's kind of nice he throws the monkey wrench into the works and gets people talking about it. kennedy: it's interesting, nan, you come tat from both sides, you're a congresswoman and a physician. >> yes. kennedy: you've seen failures of government in two areas, government itself and imposes itself on the insurance and
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health care system. what do you see happening? >> well, kennedy, fundamentally i don't see anything much happening unless they bust the filibuster in the senate, quite honestly, and i happen to be on the board of the goodman institute for public policy who are the primary consultants for senator cassidy and the bill. one of the most brilliant advocates for market-based reforms and facilitating that from the level of what we have here. kennedy: he was also great on roseanne. >> fundamentally enough different john goodman. but, yes, i'm a fan of both. it's hard to envision getting enough votes from the republicans who would need to pass the bill, if they're still trying to configure it for reconciliation. honestly, kennedy they have to relinquish the filibuster. when he dealt directly with
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schumer and pelosi, he was sending a message to mitch mcconnell. you said we're going to have to punt it to the democrats in some form, senator, guess what, i'm going to do it first and take credit, and if you want more of this, keep on clinging to your -- kennedy: people like mitch mcconnell have so many excuses. if excuse making were an artform, hillary clinton would be jackson pollack, creating a painting wherever she goes. the people's pantsuit took the fight to james comey. watch. >> well, i think the determining factor was the intervention by comey on october 28th. kennedy: or the fact that you were a bad candidate and people didn't respond to hillary went onto blame russian hackers, racism, misogyny and a partridge in a pear tree. she also said had she won the election, she would be considered a genius! and seems like just yesterday
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she was warning the u.s. at a presidential debate about the dangers of a candidate not accepting election results, but here we are nearly a full year later and she's still not taking her own advice. what will it take to accept the results and move on? that's a trick question. it will never end. so she says that if she'd won, she would be considered a genius, though she was running against someone who is behind her in double digits, arguably the least likable candidate whose ever run for the presidency, somehow managed to secure the nomination from a party that despised him, and everyone, including her opponent expected her to win. but she would have been a genius. >> her message basically is that she was running against an incompetent nincompoop who didn't know how to do anything and she couldn't beat him? look, hillary clinton isn't president, she's not going to be president. i wish that everybody would leave her alone and i wish that she would do the same to us.
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kennedy: i want to move on. she's not letting me. she's just not letting me. when she makes these statements, the think about her, she doesn't think them through, she doesn't extend them to logical conclusion. >> yeah. kennedy: if donald trump, given all of his negatives, beat her and fulfilled the constitutional prophecy, does that make him a genius? >> people have taken that into consideration, he seems like a guy who didn't know what he was doing. some of the moves are pure genius that he's pulled off through the course of the campaign and the presidency, but hillary, just watching her, there's not a likable quality at all living in that body of hers, and when she calls out things like misogyny, she then pulse these stereotypical moves that people talked about, women can't do this because of this, and she's showing america that's what she's all about. she's not presenting herself as a powerful woman that could
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accept our mistakes and move on and learn from her errors. everyone else is wrong, she was right, she should be president. kennedy: and anthony is absolutely right. it's not falling down, it's how you get back up and that is what shows your character. it's not the fact that she was defeated, it's fact that every statement she makes she has to qualify because i'm a woman. it's so anti-feminist. >> it's the ultimate. i couldn't agree more, and as a woman, i am infinitely more offended every time secretary clinton opens her mouth about this stuff. it's insulting to all of us. america, you are so incredibly prejudiced against women that you couldn't possibly think of elevating a woman to that office. no, you're not all women, hillary, you are you, hillary, and you are deeply flawed and you are authoritarian along with everything else and maybe americans have an aversion to
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authoritarian. kennedy: she was attacking donald trump for being authoritarian and i wanted to see sister act, that is the basis of your personality. they're returning a little later. first up accusations he colluded with russia, he's racist, not sticking, claims he's not fit to lead. that's not working either. no matter how democrats try to attack the president, they can't land a damaging blow. chris stirewalt explains why the president has the ability to block right jabs and crosses from the left. that's next.
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. kennedy: welcome back, the white house making yet another big move in an attempt to get back on track, and unify the message. but will it work? for starters, hope hicks has been named the newest communications director, she but 28 years young. however, she's been a longtime member of the trump team, she is trusted and the promotion is a latest in a series of changes made since white house chief of staff john kelly took over. kelly successful in cleaning up the white house and bringing order to the west wing plugging the leaks and what not, but despite all the recent turmoil democrats can't seem to make a dent. they've been trying their darndest to attack the president on his character and job performance but so far it's just not working, according to a political report data from
8:22 pm
private focus groups and internal polling suggests democrats can't sway voters heading into the all-important 2018 election cycle. so is the president the teflon don or do the democrats need a better strategy to beat him? here to break it all down. fox news politics editor chris stirewalt rejoins the "kennedy" show. what up, chris? >> what up, dawg. kennedy: it's men's night, your pick? >> i think it's one of a piece, we're talking about basically the effort to impose order on what it been an extraordinarily, a historically chaotic west wing, and having a communications director, now look, 28 is young to be white house communications director but the only thing that matters to be white house communications director is the president trusts you and the president will listen to allow
8:23 pm
you to execute the strategy. she brought in mercy schlapp who is knowledgeable, who is experienced, who put together communication plans, worked in the bush administration, so hicks may not have the experience she needs, other than the experience in trump wrangling. she is the world's foremost authority on on trump wrangling. >> very good. >> she has around her now some people who can help her execute. >> well, the execution so far has been very interesting, because as we saw throughout the presidential campaign, and as we are seeing throughout this administration, there are times when the president himself make some unforced errors, that's clips the news cycle. democrats clap and cheer because they consider each one to be an early christmas present that is going to undo all republican chances of the victory in the midterms, but
8:24 pm
seems according to the polling that voters are not swayed by the chaos and the resistance necessarily, that doesn't help them. how problematic is that for democrats? >> look, i would say this. democrats have a tough -- so we talk about head-to-head polls, we talk about generic ballots, something we look at that's far out, pollsters ask people, which party would you prefer to have control of congress? the democrats or republicans? the democrats are running way, way, way ahead. republicans are unpopular even among republicans. democrats are up to a ten-point advantage in this. now, that doesn't matter, what matters is individual case. we don't really care, so the democrats have a tough map because in the senate, they did so well in 2012, they've got a lot of senators in a lot of places where it's not friendly territory for democrats, and that's why you see these democrats -- trump is reaching out to democrats, cutting deals with democrats on spending,
8:25 pm
looks like on daca and probably on other things. trump is so willing to deal with democrats because he's in the pits, his numbers stink and he's unpopular, but these democrats and other democrats are willing to do these deals with trump because they're in the pits, and they're unpopular. so they're stuck together and one of the reasons trump is moving left and will continue probably to do so for the very near term is that he's got to find a way, he hates the republican leadership and the republican establishment more than he hates the democrats. kennedy: he does, not any palatable victory for him, and he needs something that tastes, smells and feels like a big fat win. he doesn't care what it takes at this point. >> or what's in it. kennedy: if democrat, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi can give him the victory he so desires, he's going to go them. what does it mean for the average voter? is that a good thing for the
8:26 pm
person sitting in wisconsin, pennsylvania or michigan who has been frustrated by the way they've been treated by washington? >> probably not. look, there is essentially one establishment in washington, and it is bipartisan in nature about the way things are done, the way business is handled in washington ask those things. you can take the side that wears blue, you can take the side that wears red but you end up in the same place. kennedy: of course you do, that thing you're talking about, i'm not going to use filthy language, it's a family show. >> is it? kennedy: it is a money floozy, it is silly with spending perfume and it is quite an untoward person. >> and they all love it. they all love it, and can't wait to get back to it. every time they go to new orleans for the convention with the elks, they go right back to the money floozy and rolling around in dough. kennedy: no money floozies
8:27 pm
here. coming up, jury selection beginnings in the trial of the ringleader of the benghazi attacks. a new report claims two contractors were pressured to keep quiet about the lack of security at the compound by hillary clinton's state department. so many questions about what happened in libya remain unanswered. what happened? brian tries to shed some light next.
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kennedy: jury selection has begun in the trial of the accused ringleader of the benghazi attack that claimed the lives of four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. the washington post reporting potential jurors are being asked 130 questions from concerns over a terror attack, where necessity live or if they think hillary clinton and her state department contributed to the benghazi attack. two -- two contractors revealed to fog news that they were pressured to keep quiet about what happened. what is most of stunning to you
8:32 pm
about this case and what do you think of the revelations from some of those private contractors that they tried desperately to fortify security at the compound and they were later told to shut up with what they saw. >> i'm still getting over the shock that the hosts on "the view" didn't hold hillary's feet to the fire a little more this morning. but ill get over that. from susan rice down to the contractors there was a full-court press to mitigate the bad press on this, which was stupid. because they could have simply said, this was a compound we thought would be okay on 9-1192012. we are fixing our procedures and it will never happen again. instead they said it was a
8:33 pm
youtube video and there were no pro discussers or warning signs. as soon as they started that back stroke all this stuff came out. leon panetta said there was nothing the military can do because it requires specific orders before it goes anywhere. ask anyone in combat how many specific orders did you get after you were ambushed. kennedy: when you are in the middle of a brutal attack. wait a second, i have to go down the chain of command. >> so me the power points. kennedy: we are reminded of facts like the ambassador two weeks before sent a missive please give us something. we cannot survive a coordinated attack in this facility. >> there was a british element. kennedy: the blue mountain
8:34 pm
group, they weren't even armed. >> there was an elite british military unit detailed at a british mi-6 facility in downtown benghazi. and they sent warnings to their americans, they weren't called either when they said if you need us, here is our number. hillary didn't make the call that night. she didn't say don't support them. but it's her state department. kennedy: she ignored the calls in one of the world's hotpots where terror was bubbling day by day and they wanted to prove a point. bryan suits, thank you so much. there has been a major breakthrough in cancer research. scientists say it could be a game changer. the good news, the fda approved
8:35 pm
a new treatment for a rare and specific form leukemia. the bad news, it cost $175,000. it includes gene therapy that can work through just one injection. to this, to many it might be a miracle drug. but with such a hefty price tag many patient who need it won't be able to afford it. the party panel is back. i will start with you, nan. since you have worked specifically in this area. if you can break it down. obviously incredibly hopeful for people suffering from blood cancers that might have a broader application. why does a one-time injection cost almost a half million dollars? >> numerous factors. one of them is what will the market bear. but it's not a friel free
8:36 pm
market. it's a highly distorted market in which pharma and bio tech can indeed ash trawncan -- indeed kh for as long as possible and help suppress competition. they all contend and there is a point, we have magnificent research and it's enormously expensive. the fda sets a high bar and often they move the bar. kennedy: i want to bring and peter in here. this is your area of expertise where medicine and the free market collide. oftentimes the pharmaceutical companies are propped up with tax credits which are essentially subsidies. as man point out, it's not a
8:37 pm
natural free market. >> it's extremely expensive to develop these grounds-breaking new therapies. think of the kinds of people you have to have working on something like rewriting the genetic code on these mega treatments. there are smart people who are highly educated and it takes years and years. but one of the reasons it takes so long to develop these drugs is the fda had all these regulations in place so on the one hand it's extremely expensive just on its own. and the government makes it a lot more expensive. kennedy: when people just want to blame big pharma and want government to come in and rescue. sometimes that's the worst idea. >> i'm not a doctor. in a perfect world wouldn't we
8:38 pm
love to have this available to everybody for free. but then there is the other end of the spectrum. i think for profit's sake and lack of competition. there is a lot of money being given to these pharmaceutical companies. i think there has to be some kinds of compromise in the middle where people have these amazing medicines available. >> the more people have access to them, the more people they treat. you would love to see the prices come down. free the markets. get the government the hell out of there. thank you so much. coming up, espn is turning into an outlet for liberal nonsense. sometimes fans just sort of watch sports without all the political jibber jabber?
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kennedy: there is an old saying in sports that inconsistency is the hallmark of a bad team. yesterday they suspended linda
8:43 pm
evans or one day after the network decide not to suspend jaemele hill who tweeted that president trump is a white supremacist who largely sore yietder white strem is. jared hill joins me. how's it going? linda cohen has been working in this arena for a while. >> she made comments in april about regarding why espn is losing subscribers. she says maybe we signed too many contractors and paid too much money, and our politics,
8:44 pm
and people don't want to see politics. she received a phone calm bifrom john skipper said don't come to work this week and think about what you said. that's reportedly. kennedy: that sounds like a suspension it's one thing. if the company policy is don't bad mouth what we are doing. let's keep our heads down and talk about sports. but that's not the case. you have innocence dairy comments from other people, some of whom have been fired popters strike in jemele hill who seems to tow the corporate policy line. curt schilling reportedly made comments about transgender. an espn reporter asked about the showering habits and discrediting him by asking his teammates about that and they
8:45 pm
give a courage award to michael sam. inconsistencies. january 2016 there was a memo that went out to espn employees. you are not to criticize the political candidates leading up to the election. what jemele mill did is easily a fireable offense. kennedy: they lost 10 million subject scrieshes. when they ask those subscribessers why they pulled the plug, they oftentimes cite espn has gotten so political, they are unhappy with it. coming up, a kansas city man asked his girlfriend to marry him. now they are taking a plunge into a ponds because he dropped the ring.
8:46 pm
the groom might be in trouble.
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kennedy: weather officials in florida say at its peak hurricane very caused 15 million people to lose power and hillary clinton says it caused her to lose the election.
8:50 pm
hurricane alread -- hurricane ia broke records. but check this out. this is sister margaret. when life dealt her a bad hands, she didn't reach for a pen to write a book of excuses. no, she reached for the chainsaw and chopped down trees. 10 million people have watched her clip. there are people who will give you an extra sip of wine at sunday mass. and if you don't want it, i'm sure hillary will take it.
8:51 pm
topic number two. can you imagine their dry cleaning bill? topic number two. a kansas city man was proposing to his girlfriend when he dropped the ring. he got down on his knee, but then dropped it in the ponds. oh, no. yeah. it fell indeed. the video was shot by a friend who wanted to capture the magic moment. then he decided to take the plunge. 25 of their friends dove into the water to help finds the ring which reportedly cost $3,000. no one was able to find it. topic number three. when it comes to smoking weed,
8:52 pm
the state of hawaii is cashing out. all 8 of the state's marijuana dispensaries have agreed to stop enforcing cash sales. now they are requiring people to purchase a debit card. the u.s. government regular plates banking and still bans marijuana. many pot users expressed concerns that the app could be hacked. but a spokesperson said that is completely impossible because their app uses the same ironclad security as equifax. what could possibly go wrong. they are fine. topic number four. here is a much-needed feel-good story from the state of florida.
8:53 pm
a police officer was check on a shelter in florida when he came upon an elderly woman who wouldn't stop talking about how upset she was by the storm. so he mailed her. it's not true. this is deputy james frolich. and his dance partner. her name is pat. she had been evacuated from an assisted living. his kinds offered efforts paid off bigley. and we have footage of pat afterwards. there is pat apparently feeling energized by the dance party and her new halloween costume. topic number five. two endangered snow leopards born at the los angeles zoo have
8:54 pm
reportedly made their public debut. look at those little kittens. these two would kill you for fun if they had the chance. cats like humans as much as dogs like firing worse. meaning, d fireworks. meaning, they don't. their mother is a 3-year-old leopard named georgina. and then everyone is getting sent to boot camp. today is celiac disease wareness day. it's something i know a little too much about and i'll tell you all about it in the nightcap. grab your gluten. your brain changes as you get older.
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stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and. kennedy: it's september 13 and that means it's national celiac awareness day. go ahead and get your burger wrapped in lettuce and go gluten free for the rest of the evening. gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and eye -- and ry. the on cure is a gluten-free diet. and now it's easier than ever to
8:59 pm
go g free. i have celiac and it kind of successes. but it forces me to eat healthier. so if i want to eat bread or muff begins, i pretty much have to bake them. i could make you a plate of blondies or chocolate cake that would make you weak with delight. if someone in your family has celiac. get a simple test. a vast majority of people have no idea what makes their gut suffer and getting diagnosed could save your life. people with celiac have a higher risk of developing nutrition -- lack of nutrition conditions. email
9:00 pm
and tomorrow night on the show i have going to punch in with gillian turner, and brian brenberg. good night. >> the story of my strange inheritance occurred when they fished my cousin's body out of the gowanus canal. >> a flood of questions. >> you think it's something sinister? >> i do think there's something going on. >> are the answers locked in storage? >> i just shook my head and i go, "oh, my god, this is a nightmare." >> he was, one might say, an idiot savant. nobody has what he had. howie frank had the best. >> he was sitting on a photo collection potentially worth $10 million. >> they dubbed him the "million dollar beggar." is it worth a million dollars? >> don't change that channel. it's a made-for-tv "strange inheritance." >> dy-no-mite! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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