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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 22, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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of this measure. 50 votes are not there, a tie could have been broken by vice president of the united states. need not be the case. this measure is dead so it would appear. trish regan. here we go again. trish: i hate to say i told you so, i did. my confidence level in these guy's ability to get anything done, neil is getting drained. i wanted to be proven wrong. there you go. doa. neil: exactly. trish: neil, thank you. president trump, everyone, issuing a stern warning to kim jong-un, don't mess with us because if you do you will be tested like never before this after the north korean leader blasted president trump's u.n. speech saying that the president is mentally deranged, unfit to be commander-in-chief and a gangster. trish regan, welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." north korea firing back today saying president trump will pay quote, dearly for his u.n. speech and latest round of
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sanctions. the rogue regime threatening to drop a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. how big of a deal is all this? we're asking former policy advisor for the trump campaign, dr. walid phares. >> obsession over trump and russia won't seem to end here. facebook saying it will turn over russia-linked ads to congress. mark zuckerberg, guess what? why weren't you doing anything to crack down on terrorists using your site to recruit people? what about fake news stories about president trump? in other words she wasn't the only one, why is there some kind of a standard here? dan gaynor from media research sound off. but first i want to go to blake burman for the very latest, how we have a couple stories going on not just kim jong-un but also this news here it is not going to happen as far as health care goes. that just breaking right now with senator mccain he can not in good conscience vote for the new gop health bill.
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also susan collins from maine coming out earlier saying she wouldn't vote for it. so lindsey graham was hopeful this might come together but, you know, us cynics were doubtful. unfortunately we were right. reporter: use the three letters, doa, dead on arrival. the math for republicans is three as well, trish. they can't have any three republicans in total defect. rand paul, we've known for a few days he is a no. but john mccain is a no as well. that's two. one more, it is done. susan collins hinted she is no. she voted against the last measure this summer. lisa murkowski out there, outstanding, who has yet to exactly say what she is going to do. she was a no last time as well. when you look at numbers, it is not dead yet but it is not looking good either for republicans on this graham-cassidy bill. other news as well though, we are following in washington
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today, trish, of course the response from north korea, today, to president trump's speech at the u.n., the foreign minister of north korea said that it is possible that they could test a hydrogen bomb out in the open on the pacific ocean and in a very rare statement from kim jong-un himself, he went directly after president trump describing him as mentally deranged. that was sort of the beginning of statement, he went on to say, and i quote here, far from making remarks of any persuasive power to helpful defusing tension, he made unprecedented, rude nonsense. one has never heard from any of his predecessors, kim jong-un goes to say a frightened dog barks louders. possible reaction president trump as he tweeted out, kim jong-un of north korea obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his own people will be tested like never before. all of this, of course came as the u.s. announced those not sanctions, but an executive
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order yesterday trying to crack down on funding with north korea >> foreign banks will face a clear choice to do business with the united states, or, facilitate trade with the lawless regime in north korea. reporter: now treasury secretary steve mnuchin, trish, insisted this was not specific directed at china who of course the administration tried, argued that china should exert its influence over north korea to try to tame things down. speaking of trying to exert its influence, begin where we started, and that is with health care. right now it appears this white house, possibly even mitch mcconnell has little to no influence offer certain few senators who appear to have potentially killed this graham-cassidy bill, trish. trish: yeah. i mean i guess one of the questions we should all be asking, blake, is what is this going to mean for tax reform? does this suggest that they're not going to be able to get
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anything done? >> one of the questions is, how do republicans function, right? the gameplan was, repeal and replace obama care within the first few months, move on to tax reform, have it by august and go on to infrastructure and what a great 2017 it would be. it is almost october. we'll hearing now they will release framework of details of tax reform, details of a tax reform framework, is a monster step right now, with a lot of question marks in between. trish: looks like they don't necessarily have the full support of all republicans. thank you very much, blake. just to fill everyone in again, senator john mccain saying he can not in good conscience vote for the health care plan. this is the health care bill. this is interesting, too. don't forget, senator mccain and senator lindsey graham are very good friends, good personal
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friends, and senator graham couldn't get senator mccain on board. senator collins on maine, said she wouldn't be on board. blake talking about lisa murkowski. you add this up, looking at washington, d.c., everyone, does not have votes it needs to get things through. health care stocks are i here right now. we could potentially looking more obamacare. more of the status quo. and there are a lot of questions what this will mean for tax reform. are they able to get anything done? interestingly enough, you're seeing the sort of anti-swamp rhetoric and mentality pour out in alabama where there is hotly-contested race between former chief justice at the alabama supreme court, and, the guy president trump picks, luther strange. president trump traveling there, to alabama tonight. mr. strange is seen as the
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establishment candidate and yet president trump is going to be supporting him. i will have live coverage tonight at 8:00 p.m. of the president on the ground in alabama. so i do hope you will join me, enjoy it. and i will indeed enjoy being there. for more fox news national security analyst and former policy advisor for the trump campaign, dr. walid phares. dr. fair -- pharis, we can get to mccain in a second because that is the big story here but i'm concerned about north korea, i really am and i want to know about this hydrogen bomb they're threatening to put over the specific. what, sir, could that do? what does that mean and harmful could something like that be? >> absolutely the whole world now is very concerned about statement by north korea that they are about to set off a hydrogen bomb somewhere over the pacific. this is the most dangerous statement i think since the end
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of the cold war. therefore not just the united states and its allies, but other neighbors of north korea, namely china, maybe also russia and other pacific nations, who will need to act and act very fast. china has started to move, by cutting off financial ties, banks. trish: do you believe it? do you believe it? i only say that you look at china they promised us before they would not engage in trade, say with north korea. what do you know, first quarter comes, see trade up nearly 40% between china and north korea. i say, yeah it is great, china says it will do this, do you, sir, do you believe them? >> i think the chinese start to realize with statements like these coming from north korea, they will have to do something. now, obviously the chinese don't want to crumble the regime to be replaced by a non-friendly regime from china. that we know. it is their own problem and calculations. i can not wait to see the regime really going very crazy.
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plus china needs statements by united nations, not by us. that is on the one hand. what we need to do basically is have the other part of the pincer, work with japan, south korea, ourselves, put all technologies we have to deter first north korea and let china know this will impact our relation with china definitely. trish: indeed. i mean look, dr. pharis, i think we have a lot of capability here. i think we actually have a whole lot of ammunition and i'm not talking military. >> yeah. trish: what more can we do to influence china to start to put pressure, real pressure on north korea? >> well, number one, if we -- i don't want to say escalate, but if we take measures are preventative, china can see, those measures are closer and closer to the china area of influence, that is a narrative the chinese will read. second, if we call on international meetings and china has, china today is not the china of 30, 40 years ago, it
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has financial interests in africa, asia, latin america. the president have formed a very large coalition at united nations, first time we saw that 120 countries want reform. many other countries in coalition with us. we need to use the large coalitions to tell china, you have trade with many, many of these countries and are most concerned about north korea. we need a good crafting of policy with china. trish: thank you very much, walid. good to see you. >> thank you. trish: once again breaking news right now, we have learned senator mccain is going to vote no on the health care proposal, the graham-cassidy proposal that had been put forward by the way by senator mccain's very good friend, senator lindsey graham. this seems echoing, makes it doa, that it is not going to happen, because they don't have the votes. they were hoping to have 50. then they have the vice president be the tiebreaker but they do not have them once
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begin. another failed attempt by the republicans. clear they will have to get their ducks in a row if they want tax reform through. well have more with betsy mccoy joining me momentarily. the president and putting the world and china notice you do business with us or you do business with north korea. i guarranty you china would rather do business with us. we account for most of their trade. this is export nation we're talking about. guess who they export the most to? the united states of america. we are their biggest customer. so think about that. i'm joined right now here on set, by author, the coming collapse of china, gordan chang and professor at kings college here in new york city, brian benberg. it is important to remember, brian, we have a lot of power
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because guess what, we're their number one customer? >> what i love the president is saying very clearly, this is directed at china saying you need to choose between us and north korea. you say you want to be a world leader when it comes to the trade. you want a seat at the table when it comes to things like global trade. fine, you need align with entities aligned in this world on the side of peace. not on the side of war. he is economic -- is making that message clear. his predecessors have not done that that is one of the most important things that anybody can do to put forward on this issue. trish: do you think, gordon, they're taking the hint? they're understanding, they're -- we need to be cautious and my point to walid, how much do you believe their promises because they made promises before? let's say china is not always entirely faithful to their word. >> beijing has broken a record
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on backtracking. president trump said they will cut their trade with north korea. the foreign ministry said no, not so fast we're not going to do that. that is indication president trump will challenge them. right now chinese will maintain relationships with the north koreans. that is going to undercut american policy across the board. not only do we want to starve these guys of resources for missiles and nukes, we want north koreans not to have money in order to keep regime elements faithful. that is gift politics. kim jong-un does that to make sure his generals and admirals stay faithful to him. trish: the flip side, brian, if north korea doesn't have any money, first of all he will not actually, you know, take away from his nuclear program. he will take away from the people themselves. you could have starving people in north korea, which i imagine for china is not good, that will create a refugee issue. that aside, if he needs money what stops him from selling his
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technology to some rogue nation in the middle east or to iran has made it clear today they are continuing this path toward their acquisition of nuclear arsenal? >> you're right, trish, this isn't going to stop and he has one objective develop the biggest capability he can around nuclear weapons. he is perfectly happy to impoverish his people, starve his people. what is important, you're putting china on notice. we want you to be aligned on the right side of this. you've been dithering, going back on your word, there is no more time for that and we'll get serious economically. you can't take away the military option. everybody knows that economics are powerful potentially but military has to be option. i like the president is putting to it china very straight here, no equivocation. >> i hear you. i want to point something out. you know last year china sent us 600, forgive me, $463 billion worth of goods. half a trillion dollars worth of goods. we are a very, very good
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customer. so china, pay attention to what your customer wants, and we don't want a kim jong-un in north korea. gordon, brian, thank you so much. breaking us into, everyone, republican plan to reform health care appears to be dead on arrival. are you surprised? senator john mccain saying he can not support their plan. so how are these republicans ever going to get anything done if they can't bring their team together? we're talking about it. i will see you right here after this.
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graham-cassidy bill. what is interesting, senator mccain is very good friends with senator graham. a lot of people thought he would be a shoo-in. no, he wasn't. tell you what, former lieutenant governor of new york, betsy mccoy this is mitch mcconnell's fault and time for him to go. >> this is tremendous indictment of mitch mcconnell, majority leader, it is his job to on this issue, he is dooming to president trump on this issue but not just this issue if he can't get health reform through, what about tax reform? trish: i was asking the same question. the markets are not terribly nervous right now, actually health insurers were doing a little bit better today, but nonetheless, betsy -- >> this bad news goes way beyond washington because millions of middle class people are the new uninsured because of the failure of this bill to pass, repealing obamacare, and enabling the
2:20 pm
states to roll back the regulations that have pushed premiums so high. premiums are more than doubled in the individual market. and people who earn more than $46,000 a year, according to obamacare, they don't count, but the fact they are going to be the new uninsured because they're facing huge premium hikes this year. they will stop buying insurance. obama opened up insurance for the poor. poor lives matter. middle class lives? not to much. trish: this hourglass economy, people on the top doing fine, they have all the money they need. people on bottom get handouts. if you make less than 46,000, you're fine. if you're stuck in the middle, earning 50-k a year, going to work to earn that money, you don't qualify for same kind of benefits. >> that's right. don't blame it on quote the economy. blame it on the democrats who wrote obamacare and said, if you earn more than $46,000 a year,
2:21 pm
no matter how premiums go the law will force you to buy unaffordable plans. >> i blame it now on the republicans and i blame it on mitch mcconnell because they can't get anything done. >> john mccain -- trish: now in their hands and it is their fault. >> john mccain, whose personal animus against the president is driving him to override the nation's welfare. he is making this vote against donald trump even though it is going to punish millions of people who need to afford health insurance. trish: wow. another day -- another dysfunction in washington. >> this was the best repeal and replace bill i had seen, by far the best. trish: you were all prepared to tell us why it was the best. now the thing is doa. betsy thank you. seeming collapse of the republican health care reform
2:22 pm
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trish: off the lows of the session down nonetheless. lower on s&p, somewhat to the flat side on nasdaq. it is all amid this news that north korea is making another threat here. they want to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean and there is some concerns all the tensions between north korea and us, might distract the white house from pushing ahead with some pro-growth agenda items like tax reform. i'll tell you there is another thing that has people a little worried right now, the fact that the health care plan they were trying to get through, that is dead on arrival. you have senator john mccain
2:26 pm
saying he in good conscience can't vote for this. senator susan collins out of maine said she didn't think she would be voting for this. of course you had rand paul saying he wasn't going to vote for this. meanwhile lisa murkowsky looks unlikely to vote for it too. is this tough when it comes to tax reform too? you heard betsy mccaughey that mitch mcconnell has to go. he doesn't know how to round up votes. robert, starting with you, do you think there is some real failure in washington and even if there is, what does it mean for the markets? >> yeah. i think there is a lot of failure in washington trish, but i don't think that's nothing new. that plays into the whole idea of this emotional immunity that market participants have built up over the last several years. so when you're getting this type of rhetoric out of north korea, you know, used to be shoot first, ask questions later. now it is the opposite because
2:27 pm
investors that have sold on all these headlines in the past have continually gotten punished. until you see real deterioration in earnings we get in a few weeks, i think you continue to see resiliency in the market. trish: would you agree with that scott? you've been pretty bullish on this market all along? >> earnings have been pretty good, robert is right, that will carry the s&p ultimately to new highs as we've seen, trish. but don't forget, at grass as earnings look this year, next year guess what we have, those comparables looking back. that will be tough in today's tax environment. i'm not concerned about the health care news today, trish, if that portend more difficulty with this quote, unquote, bipartisan tax solution that will be a problem for the s&p in a matter of months. trish: hey, maybe some kind of democratic, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi tax solution by the time we're done because if -- >> wouldn't have be amazing. trish: you see the dysfunction in washington among republicans,
2:28 pm
donald trump may have no choice but to go straight into their arms? >> that's true and that is a scary thought and picture to paint, but you're right, i don't think anybody should be running into their arms, especially nancy pelosi's but we'll leave that there. you know, trish, what great about the comment, this could work out for democrats. can you man if they got some tax cuts through, oh my goodness we saw the economy return to normal rates of growth they could take credit for a pro-growth strategy. trish: i will tell you this, guys, cutting taxes does not need to be political. it doesn't. do what is west for the economy. jfk, a democrat, quite famously cut taxes. there is no reason why chuck schumer and nancy pelosi couldn't do it as well. >> bill clinton as well. trish: my frustration, you all feel this as well, bob, you look at the mess that the republicans have got themselves in, americans sent them to the senate, they sent them to the
2:29 pm
house and they sent them to the white house and they elected governor after governor, republican, they have control and yet they can't find their way out of a paper bag. >> and i think, trish, what we're failing to realize here also we've got one benefit for the markets right now, the lack of an alternative, right? we already saw what the fed said and let me tell you once you start to see interest rates tick up, that affects bond yields there, is real competition for stocks, then you have failure out of washington to get tax reform passed, forward valuations on s&p at 22 times earnings, that is when it will become an issue. that is when investors start to care and you see reality play out in the market. trish: i would suggest everybody keep watching this very, very carefully. i suggest everybody put pressure on the likes of mitch mcconnell and others there, at that can't seem to bring everyone together. this is going to be a real problem for the party and potentially for the markets if they do not get tax reform
2:30 pm
through. scott, rob, thank you very much. good to see you guys. speaking of all this dysfunction, the president is heading to alabama tonight where he is hosting a rally in support of senator luther strange. he is the incumbent. he is locked into this fierce republican primary battle for jeff session 'open seat with roy moore. trump is backing luther strange, which, i'm not a big believer in puns but it is kind of strange because strange is seen as the establishment guy and donald trump is backing the establishment here. well, some of trump's base, some of his supporters, are furious, including the likes of sarah palin. we'll show you. >> a vote for judge moore isn't a vote against the president. it's a vote for the people's agenda that elected the president. [applause]
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trish: cuts are an effort to compete with all that competition out of amazon and google. reports say cuts are expected to start before the end of the year. london's transport regulator revoking uber-'s license to operate in the city, potentially impacting 40,000 drivers. citing public safety reason for
2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
we beat the swamp. [applause] buttal last, 10 months later, guys, the swamp it is trying to hijack this presidency. the swamp is trying to steal the victory that we worked so long and hard for, to to steal a victory a lot of us put our reputations on the line for. we voted to put america first, not the political elites that ignored us for decades. trish: what is going to happen? this is quite a splintering? republican strategist, evan siegfried and ceo of american majority, ned ryun. ned, explain to me why the president is supporting luther strange. >> you know, i actually don't know how he came to that decision? and, trish, you know me, i've
2:37 pm
been a strong and ardent supporter of the president before the primary was over, on this one i will have to agree to disagree. he finds himself otherwise occupied by alabama. the thing for alabama, it is referendum on mitch mcconnell's leadership i would argue, lack thereof, pushing for the america first agenda. when we talk even just about this health care debacle taking place right now, mitch mcconnell has shown a strange inability, that i believe is intentional, not pushing forward the america first agenda. i said it before, i say it again, mitch mcconnell would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven. when president trump going to alabama, sarah palin saying drain the swap. you have to drain the swamp. you can not create a protected class of swamp creatures. the thing trump will realize, he has put himself opposite of grassroots, at the same time, many of us are still strongly
2:38 pm
supportings him on variety of other things. trish: it is very clear, there is a real movement for roy moore, despite so many of you really believing in the trump presidency and believing in him. >> that's right. trish: so it is interesting, interesting to watch. a little strange for a little pun on words there. but you know, look, here is the reality of the situation, you now see yet again, health care, dead on arrival. they keep trying to do stuff and they can't get it done. and evan, you can understand and feel the frustration that people like ned have, with this sense that, sarah palin, that they worked hard for something, and now it is being taken away before their very eyes as you have many, sort of taking hold of trump and sending him in what they believe is the wrong direction into the arms of democrats or the likes of senator strange. what do you say? >> well i don't see what we accomplish by replacing luther strange, who has been with the president since the first day he got into d.c. in february, with roy moore gets us.
2:39 pm
roy moore, basically not qualified for office. this is a man who, while luther strange was enforcing the rule of law, he was ignoring the rule of law. trish: was on the supreme court. >> he was kicked off for ignoring a federal court order. he was thrown off the supreme court. he came back as chief justice of the supreme court 10 years later, ignored, told his probate judges to ignore rule of law, federal law on marriage equality. he was suspended again. he resigned so he could run for this. i don't understand why he would do that. refer to reds an yellows. trish: he has evangelical vote then. because we're talking about -- >> says he wants to criminalize homosexuality. you know what other countries criminalize home sexuality, iran. we are talking about a man who is a little bit too extreme for even extremist. >> but here's the thing, literally you could almost say it doesn't matter who is on the ballot. this is referendum on
2:40 pm
mitch mcconnell. if you talk to people in alabama as i have, from elected officials to grassroots, this race is becoming a referendum on mitch mcconnell's lack of leadership on pushing forward the agenda. roy moore, someone else -- >> in 2016 americans showed they're very frustrated with congress not doing anything. congress's approval ratings gone to low single digits. >> tanked. >> if we put roy moore there, he has not shown willingness to work with others, very much a hard-liner, if you put him in there, it will be more gridlock. why do we want to punish ourselves giving us more gridlock? luther strange is willing to work with the president and anybody who is -- >> evan, what you see is with roy moore, at least a willingness, ability to go to the mats to push forward the america first agenda which i have not seen from mitch mcconnell or -- >> million dollars out of his own charity. >> i will say this, evan, i will say this, if luther strange loses on tuesday night, i think
2:41 pm
he will by very narrow margin, this sets tone for 2018, republican senators, despite the majority leader spending nine to 10 million on your race, you are not protected, pass the president's agenda you could face the wrath of grassroots. trish: what will happen as we close out this segment, i think good chance senator strange could win this thing, i do think president trump has led his base along. i think -- >> it will be close. trish: people are more loyal to him than they are to these ideas. they are loyal to donald trump. so when push comes to should have, if he tells them to vote for senator strange, they may in fact do that. you know what? that will show you guys, it will show you other republicans need to get in line because he will then show his power, this will be the sixth race, right that effectively he has been able to help decide with the power of his tweets and the power of his presentation by flying in there
2:42 pm
on air force one of the if that is the case, then maybe, finally, somehow, the republicans will come together and support his agenda. >> i will agree with you on this, if luther strange wins tuesday night, it is because of president trump leaning into it and putting his muscle behind it. that is the only reason that he will win on tuesday night. >> if he loses that is a very major blow to president trump, weakens him as president by undermining him through supporting roy moore. trish: all right. that is probably right too. ned, evan, thank you so much. make sure you tune in tonight. i will be right here, 8:00 p.m. eastern, i'm hosting our special coverage of this trump rally, right after lou dobbs. 8:00 p.m., straight up, don't miss it. , right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes
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trish: breaking right now the national weather service, a dam, a major dam in western puerto rico is failing. evacuations of two towns, that
2:46 pm
is underway right now. of course keep in mind, the concern here would be flooding if this dam is breaking. all that water there, two towns they're evacuating as they try to deal with this. you have 3 1/2 million people living on this tiny island. they're expected to remain without electricity, in the dark, possibly for months. and this is all as crews trickle in today to begin recovery efforts. join me be on the phone with latest on recovery efforts, red cross spokesperson dan halliburton. can, do you know anything about the towns that are being evacuated? >> first i heard of that. that is tragic piece of news. we hope for the very best. such mountainous terrain amplifies the all the rainfall we have received. trish: it is tough. 3 1/2 million people, like i
2:47 pm
said, no electricity for months. any update on that? is there expectation they could be going really until the end of the year without electricity in puerto rico? >> as i have heard reports, the infrastructure itself was challenged to begin with. you add a symptom of this magnitude, here on the mainland as they struggle to bring power back, mountainous terrain, heavily vegetated area, lots of trees. it amplifies the challenges and amplifies pain for people that live there. tropical climate, following a hurricane. lots of hard work to do. weather conditions and no electricity makes it very, very tough. add to that the communications challenges, really just make it a tough job. trish: so,. explain why it is so tough? electricity, just something,
2:48 pm
that normal part of your day. you need to buy something, you use a credit card, you need electricity for that. need to get money out of the bank. need electricity for that. need to turn on lights. you need to heat your water. you need to heat your food rerefrigerate your food, all the people there, 3 1/2 million without power for months in a very, very dangerous spot. >> really why we talked to so much of the red cross about preparedness. about being prepared. you know, we talk about shorter periods of time, for most parts of u.s., in hurricane prone regions of the island, you have to plan for the long haul. the island has significant resources. they have been through this before. while it is the worst in 80 years, the government take as strong lead role in that. red cross in there. there will be lots of partners to make that happen.
2:49 pm
trish: dan, thanks for joining me today. our hearts an prayers are with everyone in puerto rico, as well as texas, as well as florida. it has been one rough season. facebook says it will hand over three thousand russian-linked ads to government committees investigating russia's influence on our election or attempts to influence our election. hey, great stuff, right? i want to know about all the anti-trump fake news sites on facebook? there were a lot of those as well? i saw it. you probably saw them too. i had people asking me if some of this stuff was true. what is facebook going to do about that? shouldn't this be full circle? no double standard? think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can
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2:53 pm
trish: facebook says it will work with congressional investigators to take steps to increase transparency after the company found more than 3,000 political ads apparently linked to russian accounts over the past two years. president trump reacting to the news on twitter saying, the russian hoax continues. now its ads on facebook. what about the totally biased and dishonest media coverage in favor of "crooked hillary"? >> trish: he may have a point there. that wasn't russians. that were american journalists that were vicious in their attacks against him, one after another. meanwhile, as far as fake news goes, it is not just hillary, right? there is plenty of that to go around. lots of fake news about donald trump that came out during the campaign and after. here is one. quote, all child support in the
2:54 pm
united states will end by the beginning of 28 -- 2018. false. this was shared on facebook 230,000 times though. this one is another. trump health deteriorates at white house pressures mount. joining me right now dan gaynor from the media research center. i don't like fake news, you don't like fake news, but reality on facebook there, is a lot of fake news about hillary clinton, donald trump or lose weight quick products that mean nothing. there is all kinds of false advertising all over the place. why is the donald trump trump sort of buying his election thing singled out because there are other things on the other side too. >> they have to push the russia
2:55 pm
narrative. donald trump's tweet is right. they are pushing the rush shun witch-hunt. they want to make it seem like russia is the reason donald trump won. it's not. donald trump is the reason why donald trump won. hillary is the reason why donald trump won. the american people is the reason. we didn't listen to journalists. we didn't listen to hollywood and we might not ever again. that terrifies them. that they have to blame somebody. trish: it is funny, she is going on about fake news, what about all the so-called, you know, mainstream media, right, that attacked him over and over and over again? it was, it was really kind of weird. cover of "time" made him look like he had devil ears? that he was somehow satan himself? >> yeah, we just had our annual gala last night, and overall winner for the worst quote of the year was all the liberal journalists we don't like because they of course, they
2:56 pm
were so biased in their coverage of trump. 89 to 91% we keep bouncing back and forth between those numbers before and after the election. the worst media coverage of any new incoming president has ever received. the media refused to acknowledge they're doing something wrong. they want to use facebook as a scapegoat. trish: i don't know that it is going to work but if facebook wants to clean up things, they might also look at all those isis terrorist recruiters on their site as well. there is a lot of ground to cover. dan gaynor, thanks so much. we'll be right back.
2:57 pm
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.. i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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♪i'm living that yacht life, life, life top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas it's a champagne and models potpourri on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, gany, gany, gany♪ ♪watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested >> tonight, 8 p.m. eastern time, you've got to tune in. i'm going to be hosting prime time coverage right here on fox business of president trump's rally in support of luther
3:00 pm
strange all happening in alabama. he is campaigning for the incumbent while many of his backers are pushing for the challenger, roy moore. it's going to be a very interesting night. i'll be there with you right after lou tonight at eight. see you there. >> well, you know, trish, i think it will be even more interesting with the events of the last hour as senator john mccain seemingly spiking the senate's republican last ditch effort to fix obamacare. he's done it again, john mccain, the senior senator from arizona. of course, fighting that deadly brain tumor, giving the thumbs down to the graham-cassidy bill on lasting reform. really dramatic. now, it comes the same day president trump and north korean leader kim jong un engage in a game of verbal chicken. the commander in chief and the so-called rocket man attacking each other, the president


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