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tv   Wall Street Week  FOX Business  September 22, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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>> but closed down from 11. lou: we'll have you both back soon. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. good night. reporter: the president of the youth is about to take the stage in huntsville, alabama in support of a cad his base doesn't -- a candidate his base doesn't like. a luther strange victory would be a victory for president trump. he's trying to send a message to the congress that he donald trump can make or break any republican. luther strange is facing an uphill battle. just days before the runoff against a washington outsider. this is the man senator strange is up against.
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formal bama chief justice roy moore. it's one of the most of unusual senate races ever. here with me tonight as we await president trump. gregg jarrett, dr. sebastian gorka, and the ceo of american majority, ned ryun. harlan, why is the president picking someone who is perceived as an establishment type as opposed to the outsider? >> mr. strange is not a creature of washington. he has only been in there for a short period of time. he's the former attorney general of alabama. he has a successful track record. he voted in line with the president overwhelmingly since he has been in washington. president trump wants loyal
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soldiers in congress to defend and further his agenda. that's what mr. strange is promising to do. trish: what is concerning mr. gorka is mr. strange is also loyal to mitch mcconnell. that's the concern from folks like and sarah palin and others who have come out full force for mr. roy moore. >> absolutely. this is a mitch mcconnell establishment candidate. they wasted $9 million on something they think should be a shoe in. why is it costing them $9 any if he's a shoo-in? he couldn't be further away from what happened november 8 if you tried. judge moore is ahead by at least 6 points for good reason because he's a classic mega candidate
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and he's not a lobbyist put in his current position by a governor who had to leave office for corruption. it's the swamp at large, trish. trish: a lot of trump supporters feel wait a second. which way do we go? we voted for the outsider donald trump. he said he would like more outsiders. >> i think this is where we can agree to disagree. a lot of of us are huge fans of what donald trump has done and is doing and shaking up how things have been done. what concerns us about this alabama race, what took place in 2016 was a rejection of the establishment of d.c., both republicans and democrats. i trust the people of alabama to be able to look at this race and
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say do we want a senator appointed by a corrupt governor and backed by establishment d.c. or do we want a guy who will give us the best chance of passing our agenda. up to this point we have seen zero policy passed through the senate led by mitch mcconnell. this is a testing ground for 2018. if luther strange loses, this is a message to republican senators in 2018 that the senate majority leader can come in and spend $9 million to protect you but you are not protected. trish: if strange loses, and he could very well win this thing. gregg, let's remember the president surprised people over and over again. if he goes to alabama and
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convinces that crowd and convinces alabama to vote for his candidate, what message does that send to washington? gregg: polling data is fickle. judge roy moore is ahead right now. but that could change after the president come out and makes a strong case for luther strange. trish: this is a big moment. you see them together. only one is getting the big old endorsement from donald trump. you see the president waving to the crowd. it looks like a healthy crowd size in huntsville, alabama tonight. we'll be interested to see what he has to say. you heard in the debate last night with both of these candidates, both of them were trying to tell the audience how
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much they love donald trump. and that's a big part of this. who can get the donald trump vote there in alabama. right now it looks like senator strange has the upper hand. they played rocketman earlier tonight. the sweet home alabama they are playing for the crowd as the president takes to that stage. let's listen in. [♪] he's enjoying the crowd. he's wave together crowd. gregg: he won this state with 60% of the vote. but among republicans 83%. so trump's endorsement here
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could shift the momentum. trish: the president of the united states. >> i love this place. we set every record in alabama. i love alabama, it's special, great, great. thanks. [crowd chants "usa! "] >> i'm thrilled to be here with the great person i have gotten to know, luther strange, with the hard working patriotic citizens of this great state. there is a football game tomorrow. but we are going to have a lot of fun, then you will win in football tomorrow. i love this state and i love the people of this state. they have been so good to me. we are producing. we are really producing.
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thank you. tuesday we are going to send a real fighter and a real good guy from alabama to the united states senate on a permanent basis. we have another great person in our audience tonight, richard. shelby: . where is are yo -- where is ric? stand up so they can see you richard. fantastic, thank you, richard. respected man. he's respected and loved in the senate. he has only been there 34 years but he loves the people of alabama, too. like all of you luter strange knows the true source of
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america's strength, it's god, family and country. and luther is going to be taking over for a man you all love, what's his name -- senator jeff sessions. you love jeff sessions. he's doing a good job. he's doing a good job. we have him very busy, watching the borders. a lot of things are happening. luther is taking over for jeff, hopefully. and you will be so impressed with what we are going to do in washington. before we begin i want to send our thoughts and prayers to the people of texas, florida georgia, puerto rico and the
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virgin islands and all the communities that have recently been ravaged by storms and floods. i spoke to your governor. she said how are you doing? she said we have 17 million people who just entered alabama for shelter. you took such great care of those people. i said, you know, you are the fastest growing state anywhere in the world this week. but it was -- you really did, you did a great job, and your governor is doing a great job, by the way. when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. we grieve over all that's been lost. but we are also inspired by the incredible strength and spirit and resilience of our people. together we'll recover, rebuild and return bigger, bert, stronger than ever before. it's going to happen and it will
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happen quickly. better. [applause] we also send our prayers to the people of mexico. they got hit hard by a devastating earthquake. taken a lot of lives. a lot more than they thought. i have spoken with the president of mexico and pledged our total support. we have crews in there lifting you have that heavy concrete it's a rough site. we sent down a lot of big equipment. but it's a tough go it's tough to look at and see the sadness. by the was bad. i have just come from a productive week at the united nations general assembly. [cheers and applause]
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[crowd chants usa] we have been working with our friends and allies to pursue a future of security and peace. we have tremendous relationships and we have some really bad people. and we are going to take care of the bad people. it's about time. we are going to take care of the bad people. one of the greatest honors of my life to represent the american people on that world stage. and i will tell you, the world is starting to respect the
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united states of america again. [cheers and applause] as i said during my address to the united nations, i will always defend america's interests above always. i'm here for you. i'm not here for global interests. i am not here for the rest of the globe. and we want to treat the rest of the globe right. when i say america first people don't like it. if you are in another country you want your country to be first. nobody understood. for years they said america first. but i am the one that really means it. there is a big difference. and i said, i said, look, it will be america first. we'll renegotiate these trade deals. we are bringing a lot of people back. we are bringing companies back. you see it in alabama. but i'm not going to worry so
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much about other countries. i want to treat them with respect and i want their people to fight for them just like i'm going to fight. but we'll be like your football teams. we are going to win all the time. we are going to win. i believe the best path to a more peaceful world are proud, independent and sovereign nations that serve and respect their own people. when you look at what's going on in the world, you have so many where they don't respect their people. but we want nations that cooperate together to create better for all people. that's what we are all about. all people.
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we can't have madmen out there shooting rockets all over the place. and by the way, rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. he should have been handled a long time ago by clinton. i won't mention the republicans. by obama. why did this -- this is a different -- this is a different time. this should have been handled 8 years ago and four years ago. and honestly, and 15 years ago, and 20 years ago, and 25 years ago. this shouldn't be handled now. but i'm going to handle it
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because we have to handle it. [cheers and applause] little rocketman, we are going to do it because we have no choice. we really have no choice. now he's talking about a massive weapon exploding or the ocean, the pacific ocean, which causes tremendous, tremendous calamity. where that plume goes, so goes cancer and tremendous problems. and i want to tell you something, and i'm sure he's listening because he watches every word. i guarantee you one thing, he's watching us like he never watched anybody before -- that i can tell you. and maybe something gets worked out, and maybe it doesn't. personally i'm not sure that it
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will. other people like to say we want peace. they have been saying for 25 years we want peace. then he goes and just keeps going going going. well, maybe something gets worked out. and maybe it doesn't. but i can tell you one thing. you are protected. you are protected. nobody is going to mess with our people. nobody is going to play games. nobody is going to put our people in that kind of danger. nobody. and japan and south korea are right up there with us. by the way, many other countries, many, many other countries. they are right up there with us. i have to tell you, i made a friend in china, president xi, and yesterday he basically took the banging industry away from north korea. never been done before.
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[cheers and applause] >> never been done. that's based on a relationship. a relationship is very good. but we are dealing with to be -- we'll figure out. he may be smart, he may be strategic and he may be totally crazy. but no matter what he is, we are going to handle it, folks, believe me, we are going to handle it. the foundation for progress begins at home with a government that protects and defends our citizens. that's what we have to do. that is why i'm here tonight to ask the good people of alabama to send luther strange to the united states senate so he can defend your interests, fight for your values, and always put america first. go out and get out the vote.
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but i'm going to tell you. i'll tell you this quick crazy story. why do i like luther. i have a lot of friends and some of them say do you minds if i go for the other candidate. that's fine -- they may not have a job monday. right, richard? we might have to get rid of a few of them. no, they are good people. but i'll tell you what happened. the first go-around on healthcare i said for 7 years we have been hearing repeal and replace obamacare. for 7 years i have been hearing repeal and replace. so i'm have much involved. they like to say, mr. trump, president trump sat in the oval office and didn't. i'm in the oval office screaming at people for weeks. they gave me a list of 10 people
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that were absolute nos. these are 10 republican senators. john mccain's list [crowd booing] >> john mccain was not on the list. so that was a totally unexpected thing. repeal and replace because john mccain, his last campaign was all about repeal and replace, repeal and replace. so he decided to do something different. than that's fine. i say we still have a chance. we are going to do it eventually. with light and everybody. but i have to tell you this story. we are here tonight for luther strange. i'm here for luther. it's a friday night. i do love the people of alabama because you treat made so good. in fact, i said, i don't want to
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speak negatively. i said if i lose this election maybe i'll move to alabama or kentucky. or some states nice to go where people love you. here's what happened. here's what happened. but we never want to lose, right? despite that we don't want to lose. we are doing a lot of work. we are getting a lot of things done. they hate to admit it. we have a supreme court justice is judge gorsuch who will say how about a thing called your second amendment. right? remember that? if crooked hillary got elected you would not have a second amendment. you would be handing in your rifles. you would i saying here they are. you would be turning over your
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rifles. you got to speak to jeff sessions about that. so here shreveport what happened with luther. so luther -- i get this list. 10 names of people that are absolute total nos. and there were good people, a lost them. in all fairness, rand paul was on that list. they said don't waste your time calling him. he voted twice yes. he was very good. i haven't given up on him. i think he may come around. wouldn't it be ironic if he took john mccain's place answer they
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don't like each other. that would be ironic for those of you that know the inner workings of the senate. so i have a list, and one of the names is luther strange. en i know he's the snore from alabama. but i don't know him. i said that's the tallest human being. i'm tall, he's like should in the new york knicks. i call him big luther. but i have to tell you. so i call up the different people. well, mr. president, could you have dinner with my wife, my family, my cousins, my kids and my uncles and i would like to talk to you about it. they come over with the family. pictures all night. but brutal. brutal. you know what that is, folks it's called brutality. i call another one, i say nor,
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we need your vote, i know you are oppose to it. well, you know i think i can get there, but you have to do me a favor, you have to see my brother and his wife. they love you and they want to have dinner with you and breakfast and lunch. and after you have fish with them, how about we'll go out for a picnic on the white house lawn. then after that maybe then we'll start talking about it. it was brutal. you have no idea. okay. now i call luther strange. i say, i got to call this guy. and he's a no. and i say, senator, i need your help. i have got to get your vote on healthcare. he says, you got it. [cheers and applause] i said what do you mean i have it?
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i have just been hammer bid all these people? what do you mean i have it. he said sir i was for you right from the beginning. i knew you were going to win, i have always been for you, my family has always been for you, and if you want my vote, you have it. i said do i have to come and meet you someplace and have dinner with your family? i think his wife is fantastic. i said do i have to have dinner with you and your wife? he said no, sir, you don't have to have anything. puff my total support. i went home and told my wife that's the coolest thing that's happened to me in six months. okay? it's true. true story. and then time goes by and he voted. then of course john mccain came
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in and went thumbs down at 3:00 in the morning. everybody. i know so much, folks, i could tell you. it was sad. we had a couple other senators. but at least we knew where they stood. that was a horrible thing. honestly, that was a horrible thing that happened to the republican party. that was a horrible thing. so time goes by, and i see luther's in a race. people are saying he's friendly. whether you like mitch mcconnell or not doesn't matter. people say he's friendly with mitch. he don't even know mitch mcconnell. he was just there for a few months. they put that mantel around his neck. he doesn't know mitch mcconnell at all. luther is a tough tough cookie. he doesn't deal with and could you tand cow to kowtow
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to anybody. then i see he's dunn by a lot. they were giving him a bum wrap. because he happened to be in the senate they were giving him a bum wrap. the other people i called. they were fire. the dinners -- you remember one sentence. stir, don't even waste your time talking, you have a lot of business to do. puff my vote. this was a definite no. and i called him, and i checked, and he was down because of being saddled with stuff, he was down by quite a bit. i said i'm going to endorse you. he didn't believe me. he said you would do that? >> i said yes. i shouldn't be doing it. last thing i wants is to be involved in a primary.
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i could be home right now getting ready to watch some of the games. last thing wanted to do. but i'll never forget the way he did that it was really cool. so what happened, i called him and said how are you doing? how are you doing? and he said, honestly i'm down a little bit. >> i said i think you are going to come back and you are going to quick everyone's ass and you will do great because he got saddled with things that he should not have gotten saddled with. he started off here. he was in third or fourth. he went to third, second, and now it's like almost pretty even, right? and i called him up a week ago. and i said, you know, i think you are down by a few points, but i'm going to come to alabama
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and make a speech for you on friday. true story. as soon as we announced -- you look at the fake news i call it they won't say this. they will say donald trump spoke before a small crowd in alabama last night. it was a small crowd. very unenthusiastic crowd. it was a terrible evening. these are among the most of dishonest people. for instance look at the crowd. i would love to have them show the crowd. they don't show the crowd. they show me.
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melania, she has become very popular. she has become very popular. i mean, she respects the white house. we love the white house. they said about me that i called the white house a dump. i think the white house is one of the most of beautiful buildings i have ever seen and they said that and they wouldn't retrack it and i hated it. because i love the white house. but my wife respects the white house. when she leaves the plane. we are going to texas, and she leaves the plane and she is dressed appropriately for the white house, and she is wearing high heels like many of you would do. and they went after her. but she didn't know. when they got up in the plane in texas she was wearing sneakers which she had with her.


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