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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 27, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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it's a disappointment to sit here and see the failure. lou: we'll find out more soon. choorly hurt, thanks so much. good night, thanks foreing with us. kennedy: another republican healthcare plan goes down in flames. what happens now and will they try again? north korea threatening the u.s. with an electromagnetic pulse attack. what is that and how devastating can it be? free speech week continues. is jeff sessions finally getting with the program? turn on the microphone, it's time to get loud. the left is in his tear is because jared kushner and fiefter white house staffers reportedly used private email accounts to conduct official business. hillary clinton is pouncing on
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the story because she is trying to sell books while pretending she wouldn't election and people still care about her. hillary clinton didn't have a private email account. she set up her own server which is vastly different in a trance parent i contest between a dirty window and lead apron. hillary likes to say it was dumb to have a private email account and it was. but she was using her own server to oversee everything so no one could crack her one-stop shopping collusion. even though she claimed she never sent or received classified information, that hyperbole was shown false as confidential strains continue to affect or credibility.
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she was secretary of state and one-third of a scam pay-for-play operations that was bilking shady countries for future favors. but there is not an ethical bone in her body. jared kushner has only slightly less political experience than a high school senior visiting the white house on a class trip. but he should still know not to use a personal email. the first rule of politic is learn from your enemy's mistakes so you never have to repeat them. is the private email an actual scandal or another guild attack on the white house. pete hegseth joins me along with
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"national review" editor, rich lowry. and she is a colorado columnist at the "federalist." welcome every one. ly a depasquale is here. the hillary clinton part of this and creating a moral equivalent and crying hypocrisy. it's almost too much for my black heart to handle. >> jared should not have been using a private email. he's not actually formally the secretary of state who has been in governor for decade. and all those things applied to hillary clinton. the democrats ignored all those things when they nominated her and they paid the price. kennedy: you look at this. hillary clinton's personal
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history is littered with bad decisions that if nothing else there are charming lessons in there. how could jared not know that one simple rule? >> i prefer to defer my time and roll tape again on your opening monologue. you did nail he aspect of this. today i feel like you nailed it. she is up a corrupt politician who reinforced that narrative through her reckless actions. jared kushner has to know better. and they will go after this. kennedy: on social media if you say anything negative about hillary clinton people come after you. she is the one who wrote a book and she is on a media tour and she is the one who won't stop
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harping on these issues. how self-aware is she? >> she is a zero on the self-aware. this is not the right issue for her. kennedy: all she has to do is look where republicans have taken issue with the president. and that's where you start. people aren't dumb. that's why a lot of them didn't vote for her. i understand she won by 3 million vote. but not where it counted. she didn't win in the states where people saw past the flimsy excuses because they want a better life. rich: you look at al gore, he lost a heartbreaking race. he went away, grew a beard and did something else. he did some things i don't like, but he tried to be a productive citizen. kennedy: same with jimmy carter building houses.
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the nfl national anthem controversy has become a dumpster fire. and today none other than hillary clinton child in. she said she found it deeply troubling that the president would be attacking black athletes who were protesting peacefully. the cowboys kneeled before the anthem was played during their game against the arizona cardinals. >> they take a knee selectively. booze can be heard from this sellout crowd in arizona. kennedy: a ports anchor said the
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booing. pete, i will start with you. have the cowboys figured something out? >> separate the protest from the anthem. pick another time to do it. but it will still make you unpopular if you tie it before or after the anthem. americans look at these last, black, white, hispanic, they say stand up. that's why i say president trump struck a chord. we are having a civic conversation about whether we can unify around a flag, we are americans first and then we can talk about all the segmentations and racial politics the left played forever. i love this debate. let's have it out front from the president daring the nfl. they have policies on all of this. their policy is you will stand
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for the anthem and they are not enforcing that. kennedy: you have to pick and choose your battles and we do come to points in our culture and politics where we make big paradigm shift. i don't know if this is one of them. i will say what i would like to see from the people protesting is a set of demands. something that's achievable so at some point they will stand again. rich: it's based more on a generalized sense we live in a racist society with a racist police system. separating it from the anthem is important. i think the kneeling is insip i'd and wrong headed. kennedy: i went on to the streets to see what people were thinking about the kneeling.
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should the players protest the flag or get off their knees and play. >> get off their knees and play. >> i'm with her. stop paying them. >> i think they should get on their knees and protest. >> keep protesting. just like 1968. they have to make a statement. it's not the president's lane to tell them what to do. >> i think they should keep the knee. >> they have the right to take a knee but they should get and play. that's not the right place to take a protest. >> it's kind of like the election. particularly when jerry joins out there trying to be there for unity and everybody boos him. he's listening to sports media and the players and he goes out there and his sold-out crowd boos him. kennedy: when you extricate yourself from your bubble, i
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worry about his knee. the party panel returns later. the gop effort to replace healthcare is foiled. mitch mcconnell decided not to bring it to a vote. rand paul and john mccain and susan collins announced their positions against the bill. with most of republicans focused on tax reform it could be a while before obamacare is touched. what options do the republicans have now? let me bring in peter suderman. welcome back. where do we go from here? is healthcare officially dead? it seemed like it was on life support last week. >> it isn't dead dead in the
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sense republicans can never repeal obamacare. but it's dead for now. the situation is that due to some of the arcane senate procedure they had until saturday to take a vote using just 50 votes in the senate. after saturday that expires. they could attach reconciliation instructions to basically the senate saying we can do this with a 50-vote procedure in this budget time prime to the next budget. but that's the same budget they want to do tax reform on with the 50-vote process. we have seen how difficult it has proven for republicans to pass anything related to healthcare, to find any agreement. kennedy: it's like the gift of the magi. >> because of the complexity of doing any one of these things, it would make it even more
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complex to do them together. for now republicans are going to take a knee on obamacare repeal. kennedy: a lot of us say republicans should have tackled tax reform first and gone for the easy erwin because it's not as emotional as healthcare. it should be a natural place for them to start. they can't do that. they spent even more political capital on the last graham-cassidy go round. how can they proceed to get just one thing done, not to mention the budget, tax reform and healthcare. >> the reason they went with healthcare to begin with was this was part of their scheme to kind of re -- to get around some of the senate rules that rear 60 votes to do anything in the senate and they were hoping to bring the budget baseline down which would give them extra room to maneuver. now that they have not done
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healthcare, they don't have that extra room so that makes tax reform even more difficult. what they will have to do is sit down and get some sense of just where the party is at and what they can all agree on right now. one way of trying to look at this is they want to do something like $5 trillion in tax reductions. but they only have $1.5 trillion in maneuvering room. so they will have to scale back on their goals. this was part of the problem with healthcare. they didn't have a good sense of what they wanted to do or how ambition they wanted to be. there wasn't an awful lot of approval. kennedy: i thinking about a republican top susan collins made something vastly different to being a republican for someone like mike lee. it's like they are not part of the same party. >> what is the republican party for these days. we know what the republican
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party is against. it has been clear about that. but the problem plaguing republicans as they tried to govern is there is not a clear positive legislative agenda. and that has obviously been a problem for healthcare. i think it will be a problem as republicans continue with tax reform. those two issues are kind of inevitably related. we'll see the problems continue to pile up unless they can talk amongst themselves and with their voters. >> they will pile up like maneuver on the snas during rush hour. coming up. the latest threat from north korea. something that could be more devastating than a nuclear missile. how realistic is an attack on our electric grid. i will ask gillian turner.
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xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to kennedy: imagine what would happen if north korea hit the u.s. with a weapon that plunged our entire nation into darkness, no phones, no cars, no hospitals, no run water,
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nothing. it's the kind of thing that keeps military strategists up at night. and according to experts that threat is real and could be deadly. it's called an electromagnetic pulse attack. north korea would just have to detonate a nuclear weapon above the u.s. power grid. no more hospitals, nothing. back to the stoneage in an instant. what options are available to america? welcome back, gillian. this is a scary scenario. i have been talking to a lot of people who say they are surprised north korea hasn't lobbed a missile at hawaii, japan or seoul. but this is something they could do that might be a more grave
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outcome than a nuclear bomb blowing up in the continental u.s. gillian: this kind of h-bomb is the worst case scenario. that's a nuclear holocaust. it would be a situation where a hydrogen bomb is dropped over the contiguous united states and it completely disrupts the electric grid. no access to any electricity. running water, the internet. i just want to allay everyone's fears, it's unlikely to happen. kennedy: why would we put that past them? gillian: this an incredibly sophisticated stifle attack. not only does it require the correct technology and an
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incredible amount of military hardware sophistication that we are not entirely sure they have. but it is worrisome to the degree tour companies have been thinking about it. the government has been thinking about it since the 60s. kennedy: obviously you can't test it. since the 60s it has been illegal to do high altitude nuclear testing for obvious reasons. gillian: the united states is woefully -- the united states government is woefully unprepared for an attack like this. i think something like the top 50 or 100 power companies in the united states have started a study to game out what the effects of an attack could be to help hedge against them. they are two years in of a three-year study. but the federal government has
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been chatter being this for a long time and done relatively little. this is an area where they have really fallen short. kennedy: always have a knife, solar panels, and a gray water take and become self relights. gillian: the future is scary. kennedy: we can go back to the path and survive ourselves. people are so reliant on technology. i think it will be the salvation of humanity in the planet. gillian: i know people who are die if they are disconnected from social media for 24 hours. kennedy: jeff sessions defended free speech on college campuses. is he the best person to be standing up for your first amendment rights?
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earlier today at georgetown university where he declared the first town found attack. it is a place for robust debate. but it's transforming into an echo chamber of political correctsness, a shelt - -- a shelter for fragile feeling. does the man president trump appointed to restore law and order have a point? pete hegseth, rich lowry and lisa depasqusle. >> he might be in the hillary
12:28 am
situation where maybe they shouldn't deploy someone else. i was pat berkeley the last weekend. and i found out i couldn't give my speech. and i haven't been at a speaker's bureau. kennedy: i asked robby soave. >> the student group was threatened with shade crimes violations. kennedy: did they miss dead lines. >> they probably did miss dead lines. but it's needless dead lines. >> so free speech means free speech. doesn't it mean free speech when republicans and conservatives are being attacked? it means free speech all the time. do you think jeff sessions is prepared to defend free speech?
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rich: i think the time is awkward because the president is saying people should be fired. but to vindicate free speech rights on campus you might need federal regulation that says if you lose a first amendment case you lose a portion your federal fndle and if you lose another case your federal funding will be zeroed out. kennedy: i went to the greatest public university in the world according to u.s. news and world report. ucla. so i don't like public funding for schools unless it's ucla. so we can talk about that. rich: a kickback for ucla. pete: so you are pro-pronyism.
12:30 am
kennedy: only when it benefits me. pete: it's way too late. it's about time our officials stood up and said this. president trump's condemnation of league owners is just like illegal immigration. you pick and choose what applies and what doesn't. you are making a politically correct statement about what actions are acceptable and are not. the same thing is happening in higher education institutions. except we fund these places, stadiums and schools. but more directly as it pertain to the attorney general where our kids are supposed to learn to be the civic minded people of the future. if we are not getting clear-thinking kids coming out of college, ape a hamlin con
12:31 am
says the philosophy of one generation becomes the philosophy of the next. kennedy: thank you so much. and the universities have been the epicenter in the recent battle for free speech. legendary comic every seinfeld says schools no longer understand racism or sexism. he says comedians no longer play colleges because they are more trouble than they are worth. our next guest has been criticized with everyone with the hilarious and off-color jokes that have made her one of the most of beloved company stars in the world. lisa a campanelli.
12:32 am
are colleges as bad as jerry seinfeld made them out to be? >> i have literally played two colleges in 27 years. what i do is insult comedy. i insult he race, creed, color, sexual preference. i don't think these kids today are going to get it. while seinfeld's humor isn't that extreme, if a guy like that is feeling it, it has to be pretty sensitive. kennedy: richard pryor said you can say whatever you like, i just has to be funny. >> i have one line in comedy. if i can make it funny, i can say it. there are comics who have rules. not me. if you can get a laugh, that's the way to keep it.
12:33 am
kennedy: people are so offended. what i find more offensive is people who used to be funny are now offended by their old jokes. what do you think of comic like that that have gone back on their funny word. >> i allow people room for growth. i always say maybe they have had an awakening. at least in my case it would be gross. i never apologized for a joke. but i imagine if i look at my old stuff i might find something that i would say that's so stupid. my stuff, i look back and i'm sometimes embarrassed. with me it's always been about intention. if i intend to hurt you, that's bad. if i say it with love, even fit was an insult like rickles did. here is me. go see somebody else.
12:34 am
kennedy: when you were writing this play, was there a time when you second guessed yourself. do you find in this climate you alter or amended your comedy? >> i learned in theater, they are not used to this brashness and language and craziness. i found the crew would get a little startled like oh, my god what's going on. but then they understand the point in the show. it was educating the audience and educating a different world. not comedy, but theater. but a play is a different art form so i have to accept i have to earn my place the in this by sticking with who i am. i'm 56. what do you want from me.
12:35 am
i'm going to die in 12 years. kennedy: musicians level harsh criticism saying music is not good anymore. >> i think there are comics i will never get because we are a different generation. but that's not saying they are not funny. i hate when older com comics. i loved amy schumer. i love people who are different and have a didn't approach and have guts like the old school guys. me personally, i may not understand some of these people with their humor, but i get they are doing what they do. kennedy: is dane cook the nickelback of comedy? >> any time you make money from comedy, that's when they start hating you. when i was a loser with a dream,
12:36 am
no one hated me. the second i got some dough and a couple of houses and mortgages i'm not paying, all of a sudden i'm bad. but we have got to do what we have got to do. and comics are notoriously bitter. we hate everyone who is doing better than us. we are depressed. psychotic. we are sociopaths. i suggest no one hang out with us. so nice to meet you and talk to you. come back any time. tomorrow free speech week continues with a former nirvana member.
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♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone >> their client either buys or dies. kennedy: that was a clip from
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"the wolf of wall street." the film was inspired by the real belfort. he has since turned his life around. now he uses the same strategies that landed him in jail to teach people to make money legitimately. that book is out today. you have a lot of bravado. you are say i'm best sales person ever. how important is tooting your own horn to being a great salesperson. >> establishing who you are, what your qualifications are and say why should you want to read
12:42 am
this book. sales is not just for sales people. kennedy: aren't we selling ourselves all day long? >> exactly. kennedy: you have broken down the system and say it's essentially the same thing. >> whether you are a mom trying to convince your kids to make their beds. a pastor, a lawyer. it doesn't matter what you do. you are always trying to get your point across that connects with people. >> how much of it is psychology and intuition. >> at some level it's based on psychology. by the was something as a natural born sales person i do things a certain way. and there are other people like that. most of people aren't natural
12:43 am
born sales people. so they struggle. i dissected my own strategy and tushed it into an easily learnable model. >> you maid millions of dollars back to some of the -- you paid millions of dollars back. >> i continue to pay. kennedy: do you keep any of it. >> enough to live a good life and i continue to pay it. the sales is like anything else. you want to be great at tennis, take tennis lessons it's an abc step-by-step system. kennedy: i read "the game." it's fascinating, but that also you realize how different systems can treans sent to pickup artistry. do you think our president is a good sales person.
12:44 am
>> in some ways he's a great sales person. everybody can improve. i'm not here -- i'm a fan, i'm a republican. some stuff he did i thought was crazy and it turned out he was right. kennedy: if he was using the jordan belfort straight-line system -- >> he's brilliant at making an emotional case. sometimes he doesn't go for the logic first as much as he could have. that a more powerful way to communicate. what happens is without logic, the brain says something is wrong. it sounds great emotionally. you create the logical case first. once you have it, it frees it emotionally.
12:45 am
kennedy: you said if you could go back in time you would give back the money but keep the coke and hookers. >> i would. kennedy: yes, i know why. >> i'm sober for 20 years and in a relationship with an amazing woman. she is awesome. and she is my stability emotionally. ethically she is great. that was my life. self-destructive behavior while it's bad, i came out the other side. kennedy: your cellmate inkowrng- encouraged you to write. a canadian man had some bears on his lawn so he went outside and asked them to leave.
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kennedy: on this day in history,
12:50 am
barry bonds hit the record for home runs. in canada, birthplace of some of the smartest people in the world. and also pamela anderson. but perhaps no canadian is dumber than this guy who went out and asked some bears to get off his property. >> i need you guys to go. okay? i need you to go. thank you. i have got to go to work. kennedy: this adorable video has been watched by 2 million people. it turns out these bears were used to accepting defeat because they used to play in chicago. hey, guys, okay?
12:51 am
topic number two. it's no secret americans are facing a ton of adversity. hurricanes have ravaged the south and a trapped spoiled child has gotten his hands on nuclear weapons in north korea. and miley cyrus has an album coming out at the end of the week. but a senator from main has the answer to our problems. that's angus king asking for a lobster emoji since we don't currently have one in our smart phones. i say thank you for tackling such an important issue. is he serious? we have thousands, perhaps mills of people starving -- millions of people suffering and they don't need lobster emojis, they
12:52 am
need actual lobsters. topic number three. this is funny if you live in l.a. or southern california. rapper b.o.b. is trying to prove the earth is flat. if he gets the money, the rapper posted a video saying he would like to launch several satellites into space so he can find the earth's curve. when we last checked he only raised $700 for his cause. but that will change once shaquille o'neill sees it.
12:53 am
new england patriots fans may not have the money to donate to the flat fund because the team reportedly charged $4.50 for tap water. for that kind of dough you can almost buy half a beer. team officials say the hotter than expected temperature of 86 degrees caused them to go through twice as much bottled water as usual. but they are not sure why customers were charged so much money tore tap. if ever there was something not to stand for at a football game's $4.50 tap water. why don't you take up that cause, colin kaepernick. california named its first official state dinosaur. just 66 million years after they roamed the. there is a joke about
12:54 am
los angeles traffic. but i'm not going to make like the chargers offense and punt. look at this duck-billed creature. the name means impossible to type cast auto correct. you may not take this designation seriously. but to win the competition it had to beat out several other dinosaurs that are native to california. diane and nancy. you wish you were just 66 million years old. coming up, there is a lot of division and tension in america. but actor george clooney has written a prayer poem that will heal the country. grab your sick bag. grab your sick bag. the nightcap is next,
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daughter: daddy! we don't say words like that! ♪just let your love flow ♪like a mountain stream ♪and let your love grow kennedy: our names poet laureate george clooney has been gracious enough to ring out his deep thoughts into a poem. this is not a joke. i pray for my country. i pray we can finds more that unites us than divides us. i pray our nation's leaders wants to do the same. i pray that young children can
12:59 am
feel safe in their own neighborhood. i pray for all our children. george goes on. i pray for our police, our first responders. i pray for our men and women of the armed services. i pray dissent will always be protected in this great country. i pray for a more perfect union. and when i pray, i kneel. i get it george. you are no maya an angelou. jimmy kimmel may take cheap shots, but at least he doesn't bore us with dumb poems. that was really published. you can follow us @kennedynation
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