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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: all 3 billion of yahoo's users were hit in 2015. charles: developments on major stories from wall street to capitol hill. but we begin with las vegas. the investigation into the shooter's motive continues to ramp up. 557 victims wounded. all victims have been identified by authorities. reports say stephen paddock gambled thousands in recent days and he sent tens of thousands of dollars overseas. jimmy kimmel delivered a moving
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monologue about the smooght in las vegas. >> president trump is visiting las vegas on wednesday. also in february he signed a bill making it easier for people with mental illness to buy guns. the republicans who have their balls in the nra money clip, they should be praying for god to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country. charles: joining me now with our panel, former nypd commission commissioner and tammy bruce. and candidate for senate in the state of nevada, danny
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tartannian. our well wishes go out to all the victims in las vegas. the creating a picture of the shooter. we are still not 100% sure about his motives. tell us what's going on in las vegas. >> i don't know what his motives are. i heard he gambled a lot. but there was no way he did this because of his began belling debts. he couldn't have gotten a room with a view of the concert if he had planned ahead. and he had made a reservation at another hotel but it didn't give him as good a line of sight. we are want to go know why someone would be so sick and
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deranged to want to cause this kind of hurt to so many innocent people. we had a cbs executive and attorney who was fired about drg tory remarks about the victims. now you are starting to hear people like jimmy kimmel specifically point out gop lawmakers saying they aided in this massacre. tammy: the problem americans have with all this lecturing is it implies the rest of us don't care. that's what's obscene. with all the argument like hillary clinton's tweets, immediately jumping to this framework when this happens. their solutions don't solve the problem, they make things worse. we can look at chicago. the end of last month they hit
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500 homicides in a gun-free city. the moment you move to that framework of gun control, it successes all the air out of the room like mental health and psycpsychotropics. but there is a larger framework^. charles: and air force one president trump addressed this again. traps the gun control debate will come. this is the second time today he said we'll talk about it as time goes on. the moment of truth will come and it feels president trump
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could be swayed by all the news and headlines. if you look at the recent mass shootings, the death tolls are much larger than they were 10 to 20 years ago. >> the president is right. bodies haven't been identified yet. there are families that haven't been notified. the whole political arena putting this front and center on gun control, i think it -- have some class. and this is why i think people are sick of politics in washington. they are sick of the democrats that do this and do it up front. are we going to talk about gun control? it will come. but i don't think that's the answer. focus on unity. don't be divisive. charles: some well-known people in the public eye only have one
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page in their playbook and it's division. danny, president trump will be in your city tomorrow. what do the citizens want to hear from the commander-in-chief. >> we want to hear him condemn 9 activity. and most of important to me i hope he comments about how great the las vegas communities has been to minimize the impact this had. you go from the police officers to the fire noarnt doctors and the emergency rooms. you can't give blood for over 6 hours. there are vigils all over the city yesterday. i'm so proud of our community for rallying together and showing the support it needed in this type of crisis.
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charles: with president saying with respect to the gun control debate. perhaps that will come. it will come sooner than any of us will be comfortable with. because it's being pressed. lines are being drawn. and it gets back to people concerned about the overarching constitution and whether this is one of many changes the left is trying to make over the past decade. tammy: when gun control has been implemented it made things worse there these have not solved the issues. we do want solutions. when you are dealing with background checks, of course we've have moved in that direction. but americans realize we need solutions. it's about the human conditions, but this is the quick, emotional
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response, and it allows government to have more control over people as opposed to the other way around. >> the hospitals, phenomenal job. the first responders, the cops. they are not getting enough credit for what they did. lives they saved. you had over 500 people injured in just a few hospitals. charles: coming up we'll hear from the tomorrow firearm manufacturer in congress. steve russell joins me with an exclusive interview next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions
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charles: house speaker paul ryan announced lawmakers have no plans to advance a bill that would have made it easier to buy gun mufflers. joining me, the sole firearm manufacturer in congress. the second time his hr3668 has been pushed off. we know eventually it will be pushed on it, for hearing protection. the ability to transport concealed weapons. where do you stand on that. do you think public opinion will change dramatically in leave it what happened in las vegas? >> i think a lot of it is separating fact from fiction.
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suppressers is the correct term it reduces the velocity of the round and reduces the decibels of the rounds to safer levels. i passed legislation when i was in the state senate that allowed you pressed hunting. so a lot of it is education on what suppressers are used for. that's a separate issue from the things going on in las vegas. not only are we proud of that city. but all of us are grieved by what happened. charles: you introduced a bill to curb the theft of firearms. some would say that's a tacit admission there is a problem with keeping track of fire arguments. and a noble attempt from the manufacturer of firearms to get a handle on it.
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>> our federal firearms licensees and shooting clubs. they take great pains to cooperate with law enforcement and to be responsible citizens. however, the laws sometimes are not in their favor, and people can do smash and grabs, and go into gun shops and steal things. my bill would change that so there is no longer incentive to treat it as a normal robbery and it would have stiff penalties. it's gotten support from law enforcement and the firearms industry. charles: i showed the clip from jimmy kimmel. but there was a part in here where he says mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, i assume he would include you in there if he had enough time, should be praying
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to god to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run the company. >> he can say that because of the first amendment. but there is the second amendment right behind that. the cost of freedoms and individual liberties. the same protections he's afford under the first amendment he's afforded through the others. charles report circumstances are tough. that's why we wanted your opinion. this will be a challenging moment for those who believe in the second amendment. the votes against this will say the body counts get higher and higher. the soft targets become more revealing. this is a time to do and make a
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change. and what are you going to say to them? >> anybody who is a good leader understands when emotions are high, you don't make policies that affect the lives of the millions of people. democrats want to push us to make a policy decision on this because their rants are based on emotion and our side is based on facts. i'm glad paul ryan decided to shelf the suppresser. charles: it was shelved after the shooting of steve scalise as well. the president said we'll talk about gun laws at a different time. but acknowledging this discussion must be made. steve bannon talks about the
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possibility that if the president were to push on this, that it would be over for him. >> he cannot waiver one bit. it would be highly destruct him to his political career and the republican party. there are well over 190 million gun owners who helped get him elected president. the president can sit down with pelosi and schumer and negotiate on a number of issues. this case is not going to be something where he can waive. i expect he will be able to see that as a strong leader he needs to understand you never get on the wrong side of the people. and the people have spoken loud and clear. charles: an advocate, not a spokesperson. >> spokesperson for citizens for
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trump. charles: what about modifications, the bump that was used to turn regular rifles into automatic rifles. and more stringent rules on mental illness. >> any bad guy who want to turn a semiautomatic rifle into a fully automatic rifle can do so with very little gun knowledge. you can learn how to do it on the internet. respecting law-biding citizens is never the answer. if you look at all of the mass shootings over the past 20 years, the one common denominator is not the weapon used. but in every case the active shooter was on a psychiatric drug. there is something we need to look at and have a serious discussion about.
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charles: steve sca lition sits down with martha maccallum tonight. martha: questions about the second amendment have been raised almost immediately after las vegas. has your own experience changed how you feel about that? >> it fortified it. you have got to recognize when there is a tragedy like this, the first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who were injured and do whatever we can to help them, help law enforcement. we should be thinking about promoting our political agenda. president trump touting u.s. aid to puerto rico. and he met with one of his chief
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is everything ok?adt, i could hear crackling in the walls, and my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me"
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and she took it from there. when a fire is going on, you're running around, you're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us. and all of this occurred in four minutes or less. within five minutes. i am absolutely grateful we all made it out safely. it's kind of one of those things you can't even... you cant even thank somebody. people you don't know actually care about you. to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares
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>> an incredible job done by the navy, the coast guard. the job of the first responders has been something i have never seen before. charles: president trump praising his administration's response to the hurricane that devastated the island. he said quote it has thrown our budget a little out of whack. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, you are throwing our budget a little bit out of whack. but that's fine, we saved a lot of lives. charles: emily, the left jumped all over that one.
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the black hearted president, mean spirited it seems he was joking around and it felt like a successful trip. and every one expressed a tremendous amount of gratitude. i think we saw him shaking hands with the mayor who criticized him. but the left has been pushing this narrative that donald trump doesn't care about the people of puerto rico because they are minorities. unfortunately that comment played into their narrative. it sometimes gives them ammunition he doesn't need to be giving them that can overshadow what would be a good visit. charles: ways your assessment of the visit? >> they desperately want him to fail when it comes to puerto rico. they see it's a minority
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community. they would like to make this a racial issue. and they are looking for what they consider a heck of a job brownie moment. they would like to see what they thought was a failure by george bush be pinned to president trump. president trump has things they are outraged about every day. the other is i think he was well received. the press is so entitled and cynical, they don't understand the value of a presidential visit. but he is. when he goes to a place like puerto rico. they like seeing him and like to hear him joke around. it brings comfort. charles: i have a lot of relatives in puerto rico. a lot of people are trying to leave. more so now than just two or three days ago. big rumor is they are going to quarantine the island.
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in one household we have someone from texas, florida, new york and new jersey. if the left could populate enough states with the people from puerto rico, you may populate the electoral map. >> the left is interested in giving puerto rico statehood. i hope it doesn't come to having to warren teent island. but your point -- doesn't come to having to quarantine the island. charles: the bottom line is fear sells. and the island was gripped with fear. no matter what side of the political isle you are on. for me this trip was extraordinarily important for everyone. >> the lead-up to this trip included a lot of anchors and
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reporters desperately asking the governor of puerto rico to create distance between himself and president trump. the only exception is the mayor of san juan. and she is the one who hasn't been participating in the federal meetings. charles: the governor's political party was created to be neutral.
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charles: big businesses are behaving badly, congress is not letting them off easy, former ceo of equifax, testifying, about the massive data breach. across the hall, wells fargo, taking meet over that bank's fake account scandals, more on that, later on, but first we talk about the equifax. it was a 1 tense moment, many americans who watched were cheering, you brought the heat, the question now is what
6:32 pm
happens. just moments ago the irs awarded equifax a $7 million contract to protect i.d. >> i didn't know what to say when i read that. first we knew about it. this has to hit a high bar in the government to get a sole source contract. given what they knew about the breach that is affecting consumers, for the life of me, i don't understand why they preceded with that contract, we intend to ask the irs now. why would you think that makes sense?
6:33 pm
i give credit to mr. smith, he took blame for what within wrong, but holy smokes, you dig into it, you find out it of a human error, one person forgot to tell someone, they had a piece of software that needed to be patched. how do you have an important company like equifax rely on one person to make the right decision at right time. charles: but with all due respect, perhaps it started out as a comedy of errors, it was compounded by attempts to cover-up perhaps or, you know, not be so forthright or honest with the customers or american public. i think that is where people are concerned. >> you are right about that. and bo yondthat -- beyond that, they tweeted wrong address for web site for consumers to go to,
6:34 pm
three times, sending consumers to the wrong url . there is a big question about the web site they set up. you know at some point, how do you trust these people to give them new data to protect your old data. data. >> these are questions we're tying to get to bottom of. if we need to change federal law we will. but, as i said, in some cases, you can't fix stupid. charles: breaking news right now, your colleagues in senate, commerce committee, calling yahoo! and equifax. the yahoo! breach is every person that typed in yahoo!.com. so, you say, if you have to change the laws, we heard this before, it sounds promising, how realistic is this? this is becoming issue number one for americans, our identity is sacred. we don't have control of them.
6:35 pm
>> former chairman of the committee barton talked about this in his part of this, maybe there needs to be a different fee structure, i said, i don't want the government pocketing all of the money and consumers left behind. we need to put consumer first in whatever we do, protect their data make sure they are compensated. that is what we'll look at. but the long and short, we have all kinds of laws on the books today. charles: i love the idea of rewarding consumers, we saw where banks were paid billions from the obama administration, that did nothing for consumers, who were ripped off by them. >> right. charles: thank you congressman. >> thank you. charles: here to discuss wells fargo scandal, liz peek. and da nene boreli, your thoughts liz, maybe they all start out as an error, but they don't end that way.
6:36 pm
they are compounded. just -- >> it gets worse, we know a cover-up of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is part of the problem. had she be forthright in the beginning it would not have been such a big deal. the same is true here. there is a difference between wells fargo situation and equifax. equifax was stupid, they were careless. charles: they could have told the american public sooner. >> for sure. but the wells fargo thing is a culture and rule making that encouraged bad behavior, it was a disaster for the banking industry. banks had just begun to rewin the confidence of americans, then we have this huge scandal, which has no excuse. charles: wells fargo, one of the biggest banks, with boiler room tactics to meet the bottom line and trigger the bonus. >> that is wrong way to
6:37 pm
intensivize employees to get more customers to the books, these cases are textbook examples of how to not handle a crisis. and i know, good and bad leaders, good and bad ceos and all coming down to leadership. you have to be decisive and swift when you have a crisis. sadly, too many ceos, companies that are not doing due diligence for customers or shareholders. charles: i don't think that either any of the people testifying today fell on their swords heard enough, they had prepared statements, then defense, defense, deflect, deflect, that makes me think they have not learned a lesson, that may be problem. particularly equifax with the new contract. >> right. charles: another record day on wall street, all major averages
6:38 pm
hit all-time highs, i will tell you what is taking the market higher, it is calls fundamentals, i hope you have those animal spirits. we'll be right back.
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charles: usx pehling 15 u.s. diplomats today. the expelled diplomats have one week to get out. finally, listening to my wife, went to a doctor. and i became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma... that diagnosis was tough. i had to put my trust in somebody. when i first met steve, we recommended chemotherapy, and then we did high dose therapy and then autologous stem cell transplant. unfortunately, he went on to have progressive disease. i thought that he would be a good candidate for immune therapy. it's an intravenous medicine that can affect the patient's immune system
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and unleash it against the cancer. with chemotherapy, i felt rough, fatigue, nauseous. and with immune therapy we've had such a positive result. i'm back to working hard. i've honestly never felt this great. i believe the future of immunotherapy at ctca is very bright. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. charles: well the s& s&p 500 rallies to a 6 consecutive record, showing an uptick in the economy that reflects groundswell of optimism after the election is manifesting. september auto sales came in better than expected. according to auto data pace of sales last month more than a million above wall street consensus. there was a bump from hit areas
6:42 pm
hit by hurricanes harvey and irma. this is a huge number, that was a small part of the story. in real world's lot of people are waiting for insurance companies to cough up the checks. >> so far off, estimates warn that pop will be short lived. i believe they are too pessimistic. all-time high, but i think that speaks to cars, the suvs, hybrids, pickup trucks, they are flying off the lot at record margins, market moves from government data. for me there is nothing better than getting data from companies that do business on main street, ceo of homebuilder lennar beat on revenues and earnings, mr. miller observed that strong results were supported by a
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macro economic environment, renewed optimism, increased consumer confidence. by the way speaking of 2006 after breaking out last week the homebuilder index, it could be on the way to retesting all-time high set in march of 2006. then yesterday, ism manufacturing data, best number since may of 2003, paced by a surge in new orders, and employment, highest in 6 1/2 years, we're in the midst of a manufacturing renaissance that has potential to be great if washington, d.c. can do its part. it is feeling like christmas, a longer shopping season and strong consumer confidence, will deliver retailers a strong holiday season. now you will never hear this in mainstream media, but our economy is coming together, you should be less concerned about overdue correction in the market
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charles: the las vegas shooting is an american tragedy that touched every life. the victims, a middle school teacher from manhattan beach, california, a off-duty police officer, then sunny, melton, a victim of the shooting, he died a hero, shielding his wife heather. lisa romero, high school secretary from gallup, new
6:48 pm
mexico, also a hero, another one susan a 22-year-old mother of a 3-year-old, she was shot in the back while shielding her boyfriend, a off-duty officer who was shot in the head. and father of three, credited with guiding 30 people to safety, there are scores of stories of sheriff lombardo called actions of heroism by normal citizens, joining me, kathy, an eyewitness to the whole thing, thank you for joining us. >> hello. charles: we heard about this. we are hearing stories of selflessness, and heroism. did you see people helping other people? and you know, amid the mass hys? >> 100%, so many people helping she'll people, get them into
6:49 pm
cars and under cars. stheeldinshieldingthem. charles: tell us how close were you on concert stage, and walk us through your own experience. >> i was in suite 3, i was to the left of the stage, where the shootings began, i had just gone to the restroom, my husband and friends were in the suite. so i hid behind the toilet. until i stopped hearing the rounds, it was pop, pop, rounds of it. once second round stopped my mind is there were terrorists running around with guns and bombs, i wanted to get out. i got out, and the second round of pop, pop, a bunch of us dove into a food truck. and waited that out, then got out of this round. started running. another round of pop, pop, then
6:50 pm
we dove under a car, everyone was grabbing each other, pulling each other. people were getting shot around me. we were grabbing the people that we could. everyone was. it was awful. charles: you mentioned perhaps an act of terror, were rounds going off in such quick session it sound like it had to be more than 1 person. >> i believed there were terrives shooting around people. charles: be being separated from your husband that time, what were you thinking. he is still out there in midst of this, what were you thinking? >> i'm just praying, praying he was okay. not shot. then i got to the -- into a car with two gunshot victims, we got to a hospital, i was stuck there
6:51 pm
with nothing. i found out. he and hig my friend survived. charles: were you able to help began. >> oh, yeah we all did, everyone in the car, everyone at hospital, everyone helpe help everyone. i have never seen so much selflessness. charles: despite the evil of the act, do you feel it could have been one of america's brightest moments in some ways. >> that say loaded question. charles: in terms of people coming together to -- >> yes. charles: to save each other, just out there, wide open on slaught of automatic weapon fire, and the ability to help total strangers. >> almost looked like people went into automatic, that was my experience, you go to automatic drive. and you see someone in need, you can't walk away from this. that is what everyone did.
6:52 pm
charles: kathy, god bless you, i am glad you are safe, we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. charles: we'll be right back. fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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charles: deficient secretary -- defense secretary. >> remain in jcpoa, that is a yes or no question.
6:56 pm
>> yes, senator, i do. charles: that was a pregnant pause before reason, serious answer, it was short but defense secretary mattis backing iran nuclear deal. during a senate testimony today, despite president trump's criticism of the deal he called quote, an embarrassment to u.s., president trump and his team must decide whether to renew the deal by october 18. here to discuss tammy bruce, and mike baker. mike, general mattis was painted to have to say -- pained to have to say that. he put a lot of thought, why do you think he thinks that the best option. >> i love the "show boating" on capitol hill. we have disfunctional politicians to feel it is okay
6:57 pm
to disstill, a yes or no answer. i have great respect. i am not a fan of this deal, i never have been. primary season is because of verification, john kerry said, all based on verification. i am here to tell you, i have worked in intelligence, that for a long time, that verification is always has been lacking. charles: trust and verify in this case is a oxymoron. >> right, they are not allowing us full access, we don't have sufficient co corroboration from human sources, with all due respect to mattis, he was pained about this, we'll see them renew this, rather than snap back
6:58 pm
sanctions that frankly can't be snapped back. charles: it was a defacto count down to them having a nuclear weapon, that is what bothers' lot of team, that just gives them a time table. >> people have watched since clinton administration is u.s. being taken or a ride. believing we have dealing with north korea, they have been cheating and voila they have a bomb. we know that iran is working with north korea, a dynamic partnership that existing, they are violating u.s. antion -- u.n. sanctions as well. they have cheated, they still want to wipe israel off the map, they are in league with another country that is also terrorist based. this is clear on its face for
6:59 pm
average person this is say problem. mattis' point and what happens in washington is say concern because of the failure in the past. >> particularly evidence is irrefute able in ballistic missile technology area, this deal does not cover ballistic missile. charles: another thing is idea they are involved in something like that, is that a disqualifier for the deal? >> i don't know anybody. i am going back to my default statement that i go to with this topic. i don't know anyone, when i am alone with them, and press is not around in positions where they have access to information. that actually believes that the iranians are living by this deal. that does not give me any comfort to stand back and say maybe. charles: wrap up this, do we --
7:00 pm
will they recertify. >> we have to hope president trump prevailed, and let's hope not. charles: okay. >> i'm with her. i'm with her, that is a good slogan. charles: can't wait to see what lou dobb thinks about it, he is next. lou: good evening there have been few president the tested by events and challenges so traumatic as president trump. with natural disaster, tragedies and international threats, beset by a vicious national left wing media and a democratic party aligned with that media, in the hustle opposition to all things trump. and there is the deep state. all are clearly intent on destroying mr. president trump's administration, and subverts his presidency in every consevere able manner, n


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