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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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leadership saying something that's not popular but necessary. paul: all right. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. i'm >> lou: good evening, everybody. the leaders of the september intelligence committee are co-cob spir thors of the russian which hupt. chairman senator richard byrd led them for nine months and the result no evidence of russian collusion with the trump administration or vice versa and not one iota of evidence for the fbi's year long investigation. in all 21 months of investigations and nothing to show for it, period.
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instead chairman bird is a tool for the panel's top democrat, senator mark warner. they urged reporters to tune in to a new's conference promising the committee will make news in the russian investigation. what did they produce? more grand standing and bird and warner said they have no evidence that the trump campaign in any way coordinated or colluded with russia and they presented all of this in big posters to show how they wasted taxpayer money and claimed to have intrude more than 100 witness and holding 11 open hearings and the result is it nothing. and the committee obviously should realize it is time to
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shut down their witch hunt, but senator bird can't face reality. now, it is safe to say that the inquiry has expanded slightly. and initial interviews and document review renerated hundreds of requests on our part for information and identified many leads that expanded our initial inquiry. >> lou: the senator thinks he is being cute. it is pure grand standing by senator burr, and senator warner doing much of the same. the puppet master role in the witch hunt is something he seems to enjoy. and burr as well. the nonsense doesn't stop there. catherine herridge as the
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latest. >> reporter: after nine months of investigation and hundreds of interviews. they say they don't have the cop crete evidence between the trump campaign and russia >> the investigation is open. and we investigate intelligence and witnesses and we are not in a position where we come to any time of finding on that until we concluded the process. >> reporter: the next phase will invite michael cohento testify. cohensaid his appearance is not firm and the committee has until november to testify. and the senator said the goal was division in not helping the candidate or party. >> we feel that they used social media in terms of paid
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advertising and in what i believe is more problematic created false accounts and others that would drive interest to stories and groups, and generally those stories and groups were to show chaos and drive division in our country. >> reporter: there was unverified trump doszier that was compelled by steel. they have a investigation last year in the alleged russian collusion. steele refused to identify his source and who paid him. >> the committee has hit a wall. on several occasions, we made attempts to contact with mr. steele and include the vice chairman and myself as two individuals of making that
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connection. and those offers have gone unaccepted. >> reporter: the senators told reporters that the russian campaign continued after november. and they expect more aggressive targeted campaign in the midterm election. >> lou: our first guest is outraged over the obvious incompetence of the senate intelligence committee and an investigation is nothing more than an insult to the american taxpayer. joining us is chris farrell. let me ask you if i may, chris, first. perhaps a question you don't often get asked. up run a lot of investigationing. houchl would you score the intelligence committee's efrpts to this point? >> it is it's failure. if my investigators on my staff came back to me after nine months and gave the mealy mouth
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double talk swors that mr. burr and mr. warner gave to the public, i would fire them. >> lou: senator warren just blattingered in response to the questions. this is preposterous. and yet mitch mcconnell is not talking and saying come on, guys. no one is keeping this in porportion. this is i don't know if the right words witch hunt, but it is obviously insulting to the american taxpayer and the intelligence of the americans go in the country. to center it go forward without evidence of any crime. and no crime defined or found, what in the world, and by the way,in am talking with allen desswitz said collusion is not a crime.
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he can't condone anything they are doing. >> no one can tell you the criminal pred cute. and unfortunately senator burr is a glorified sock puppet to senatory warner's 2020 campaign he's getting up. and this is ad- sound bite material. they produced four this happened pages of witness tell. and make it public and put it on the internet and crowd source and i get i can come up with conclusions to draw. >> lou: burr said he hit the wall with the trump doszier from the former british spy. chris steele who by the way, we don't know if he is on the fbi payroll and who was throwing money at him.
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and gps collusion disappeared from the conversation. taenero is not. there >> they are hard at work below the radar and certainly out of media attention. this smells to high heaven and looks like the senate intelligence itself with the insistence on grand standing and persisting in the face of evidence, they look like they are involved in the same web. >> let me give them leads and pointer. start off with the dnc server and have debbie wasserman schultz explain her relationship with the alman brothers. and find russian collusion and intelligence involvement and will foreign contact and
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control. look at that little gang running e-mail on servers from debbie wasserman schultz and 40 other democratic members and then ask the republican leadership why they are not saying the same thing i am right now? they are lejet mate evidence. correct. >> lou: chris, this is beyond comprehepgz that burr continues act like a. he's been warner's lackey here. it is appalling to watch and certainly someone in his staff or family should point out to the good senator that you look awfully foolish. >> it is it embarrassing. i don't know how he gets up and makes those presentations and let's warner go on his tyrailed. it is it disrespectful tol his
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own office and a shame. >> lou: great to have you with us. i wish we had more time and we have a lot more to discuss in the next few days. >> sure thing, lou. >> lou: robert luler expanding not just investigating so- call would russian collusion with the trump organization, but now mueller has tapped deputy solicitor general michael dredman to work around-the-clock for pretemptive pardons. dreaden is serving 30 years and including under president obama and clinton. and mueller team would up with new york democratic general eric smil smiled've -- snyder man.
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and the president does not have pardon power over state crimes. we'll come back and examine the issue what this special counsel is doing and what point will the republican senate and house join with the republican president to decide whether or not he has abused his powers. stay with us. president trump and hurricane ravaged puerto rico. witnessing the devastation and plotting hard work of first responders and local officials. >> texas and florida we get an a plus. and we have done good in puerto rico and it is it a much tougher situation. >> we take up the president's strong leadership in times of crisis. secretary mattis saying staying
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in iran it is in our best intchlt mattis, how is he confident and how can it be in the national special to keep mattis? we take that up and more. stay with us.
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>> lou: something strange going on in washington something unusual with james mattis seeming to break with the president on the iran deal. listen to what he told the senate armed services committee. >> do you believe that it is in our national best interest at the preponderate time to the ac poa. that is a yes or no question. >> yes, senator i do. >> lou: a yes or no question. and the defense responds to the ignorant statement by senator angish king. it is remarkable. and president trump may pull out of the deal. the defense secretary promoted himself. establishment republicans
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haven't learned from the roy moore run last week. it is how establishment elegalities that former white house strategist steve bannon can out of incumbent rinos x. bannon is eyes senate races in arizona, nevada and mississippi and others. and joining me to take up the delusions of the republican establishment and the push for tax reform. mat, good to have you with us. mat, start with defense secretary of mattis. gen flecting to an ignorant senator saying a yes or no question. >> it is time for a cabinet meeting, lou. president tweeting with rex
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tillerson and the secretary of defense. they say right now, is it okay that we are in the deal, and he said yes, i hope by the time we get to the deadline we are looming where the iran doef deal should be decertifying. >> lou: it is in the national best interest and decidedly in the judgment of folks i respect most, not. your opinion of it? yes, no. >> i agree with you. and i never even talked to angus king and so there you go. >> lou: what a beauty he is. un believable. and mattis, how can you put up with tillerson going rogue in asia and decided he would lay out the fut are the of the
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administration's foreign policy. and general mattis, not for the first time, just a little too cute by half? >> i think the thing about donald trump that is jarring to lou, i don't know what he will say in response to secretary of defense. he tends to take his dispiecesure with cabinet secretaries public. is there a wood shed moment in private or public chastisement and something needs to happen. >> lou: i never have seen a president treated so poorly by those he gave as extraordinary authority as secretaries in his administration. this is bad form on their part and i consider it ignore apt behavior at the very best on their part. >> and no more clear campaign promise. no more clear than he would get out of the terrible iran deal.
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it is striking tis it also striking that the staent leadership committee deciding that steve bannon's threats were overstated in terms of the consequences in behalf of and the success of judge roy moore in alabama. there are 17 or 18 other seats that is are vulnerable by some measures. how can these people so arrogant and indifferent to the lessonness that they are witnessing in the shift of american politics. >> mark swain said nothing more dangerous than believing in something that is not so. and for want republicans who believe in what happened in alabama isab aberration will have to lose when you imprint
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a candidate with congress, which failed to implement major campaign promises. that people put them here to implement, when you impresent that candidate, they are weakened. and i think the primaries are a very real threat to them. there is no question about it and only a loser like mcconnell who would preside over a party and suddenly clubbing about the success of judge roy moore and the failure of his permanent $24 million he pumped into that election in alabama. this guy should be contrite and modest, but instead trying to deny a clear shift that the president and judge roy moore
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and other in special elections. who is mitch mcconnell? >> it is extraordinary. >> this story showers that the political operative that are investigated in the stat ous quo are upset on the money trail. their donors believe they can win you with the shock and a we of outrageous amounts of money. >> lou: how strong is steve bannon and his group that heap put together. how strong are they? >> it is it pretty strong. it is it a combination of two things. she has access to a leem mat form and real funs. and. there are a hot of trump supporters are that independents and they are frustrated with congress. especially the senators who lied
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who they would to and in they got the miermgity. snp hopes he doesn't squander all of his attention on the senate and turns to the house and finds nup leadership there as. >> this is a lot of target and for speaker riap and leader mccopile. their political nets is on the line. it has to dhifr in stipulateding the economy. and it is it not going to be easier mchl >> i.t. seems thiek could be but haven't problemed to be. thank you, fur. > anchor: sho any dlshgs eo's be personal he subjected to a mass 55 final.
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and the as many 145 million, of them in batch wor on loupe dobbs and like me on facebook and twitter on lou dobbs tonight. president trump standing by his secretary of state who went rogue. >> it was a "fake news" and totally feel've phony story. and total confidence in rex. i have total confidence. >> should the president keep tillerson in his martian. tillerson in his martian. we'll talk about ththththth
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loupe lou what do members of trump's cabinet do when they behave bad leechlt insult and
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open contradiction and ignorant behavior on the part of presidential cabinet secretaries was exceedingly rare and more rarely tolerated by the president. and president trump as we noticed does things differently. he's saying it seems to the wayward secretaries from time to time, that he is it big and strong enough to put up with insubordination. rex tillerson tried to tamp down reports of a rift between he and mr. trump. the secretary of state called the media to report he was not on the verge of resigning. tillerson was not convincing and asked if he had called the president a moron?
7:30 pm
>> i think it is most important part of the article to reaffirm my role to the position. and disspell the notion of me mreefg. >> did you call the president a moron. >> i am not dealing with petty stuff like that. >> lou: petty or not. he was close to the of position of creation and that means tillerson himself was a person it seems to be responsible for the subject being approach. and the president had to reign in tillerson for negotiating with north korea and tweeted that tillerson is wasting his time. and defense secretary of mattes that is a star in the trump line up not only contradetected the president but strayed away from
7:31 pm
his lane has he seems to do. and mattis told the senate that the iran nuclear deal is in our national intchlt but the president has not made a final determination on that issue. and for the ousted tom price. and speaker paul ryan tried apparently to persuade the administration to keep price despite his ethical issue and failures in the health care legislation. we have a president to be proud of. make no mistake of it. one of the problems is that his cabinet is not acting secretarial. it is time for them to give him the respect he sdefbs.
7:32 pm
and it is notice. this is from president eisenhower. only strength can cooperate. weakness can only beg. roll the video and that is it a base jumper right there. they fear nothing obviously. they jump off the side of the 4000 high mountain in norway and dangerously close to the jagged area the and captured by drones and drone and base jumper, all safely landing. we'll be right back. >> the inepiitude of the senate intelligence excitee is astonishing. the chairman and ranking democrat wasting taxpayer's money after finding no collusion between the trump campaign at
7:33 pm
all. >> we will center to complete the process. >> we take up a grand standing witch hunt on capitol hill with edrollins and a dream wedding coming true with this daring couple. how theyyyyy prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> lou: joining me now is ed rollins. esteemed member of the political
7:37 pm
consult apt hall of fame. he only worked in three presidential administrations thank you for being here. starting with tillerson and mattis. what is going on with the president cabinet secretaries? i mean these are accomplished people. they don't seem to understand the value of keeping counsel between themselves and the president. >> there's too much thinking out loud. i used to brief in the reagan white house. i want to remind you. one person got votes and everyone else lives off his power. and make sure you are doing what he wants you to do and communicate with him. and certain extent i think tillerson makes a good faith effort. but it stepped on president's peach in las vegas. this is the president's a
7:38 pm
jeopardia and i think tillerson is a decent man and i don't think he understands. >> when he was running in exxon mobile would be glad to have a southbound ordinant and what would he have done if someone said tillerson is it a moron. >> he would not be there. and i think equally stories of him leaving are coming out of the state department and not white house and to a certain extent that needs to move forward. the period has full confidence. it is it interesting to me a certain who cares quality to the story. if he leaves so what and if he stays so what? nonly one person who got votes in the white house and he can appoint a lot of different people and to a certain extent. i hope mr. tillerson will be
7:39 pm
part of the team and move forward. but if he doesn't, be replaced. >> lou: is it your sense that jared and ivanka is a distraction. >> i thought it would be best if they stayed in new york. and when you become federal employees, it is disporportionate and ronald reagan as i complained about daughter mauren. he said just be glad i only have one daughter involved in pom ticks. >> all fathers can understand that. >> and in the case of jared, he has knowledge and creating chaos. and she made a good faith effort to be a good soldier. i think the administration will be better served when they go
7:40 pm
back to new york. >> lou: i am talking to gary cohenand a handful of people in the trump administration. it is it getting awkward. and i am not quite sure if there's going to be a rising comfort level in the republican party, conservative wing of the party so long as they are there. >> one of the problems. it is it not question of democrat contributors it is a philosophy. we see this in the tax bill. we have nine or step months work nothing the tax bail. we have to get the bill passed. we have 3 or 4 different versions of it. >> lou: it looks like a replication of that effort. >> if you want to get the economy moving, cut taxes across
7:41 pm
the board and get small businesses focused on and toap certain extent creating more confusion with the different stories and talking about a fourtherate and this and that. and you put your plan on and run and defend it. don't think outloud again. >> it is sort of funny. riap and mcconnell talking about regular orders and now they are doing. what would you call it a piece- meal weak knead effort. and talk to kevin brady. if you have an idea and listen to pull rhine make a peach. this is it amateur night on capitol hill. >> this is it a critical thing for the president to get the tax thing right. >> lou: thank you.
7:42 pm
please roll the video. this couple of tying the knot literally as they rick slack lines above the grand canyon for their wedding. two prchgzales making their way to the middle and finishing off with a bufrmgy jump. i am blood my knife department see it x. russia opening up a new battle front and take up the new led with general jack king. and we'll talk up the response to all of the crieses that the left has prepared for the president. they just keep it coming. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> lou: joinings is retire will
7:47 pm
general jack keane. let's take up the issue of generals in this administration. someone had an interesting idea to me. maybe the trump administration should do is start looking for a bunch of generals. three stars and higher just people the administration with it. and then you hear mattis answer a question like he did yesterday from senator angus king with a yes or no, and he jumps the president in terms of the view of the iran nuclear deal. which is the way to go. >> you love to put me on the spot here. >> lou: you always handem -- handled it before. >> jim is a good friend of mine. and generals in the mrgdz and principle would positions they have in the past in the
7:48 pm
positions in government they look at themselves being independent of the administration although they serve it loyalty. and now they have political appointed possessions and that means they serve the political agenda and everything else that they are doing. and that is a leap for general officers. and i think they go through adjustment to this. in the end of the day, they don't likely think of themselves as a political appointee. the truth is they are. with mattis question to the congress and every time i went before the congress, we believed you answer truthfully. and he's now serving a president who hasn't made a decision on the nuclear deal and under review. the better answer for a political appointee. >> senator that is under review
7:49 pm
and the president knows how i feel about it and i will not talk about it until he makes the decision. >> lou: he couldn't say when it was a yes or no question. he couldn't say you areap idiot. >> no, he will not say that. >> lou: when you have a handle like mad dog attached. >> you want him to be colorful. >> lou: i do in support of the president always in particularly. and i take your point. but i expect a generals to be adaptive and recognize. and think of the talent we are talking about the generals in this administration. a little thing like a senator he can handle better than that. and other issues that are far more complex and important in the long run. and start with north koir co --
7:50 pm
korea. p there is back grouped noise with the talks and the president advancing it with no to waste your time. what is your judgment? >> i think the talks that they have. we have a back channel open for the hostages. i don't believe for a minute any discussion that am bring north korea and united states in a bilateral discussion unless all of our conditions are met and standing down the program and let people verify that. that is it the position. administration and i don't think tillerson is outside of that at all. >> lou: general, great to see you. you just got in from europe and you look the expression is it splendid. >> stayed up all night watching
7:51 pm
the yankee graim game. >> lou: congratulations to the yankees by the way. china, buying its way in the u.s. economy and president trump is trying to constrain that. blocking a take over of the chicago stock exchange after the whieft white urged him to block it and that means the deal is dead. speculation over whether president trump will exit the iran deal. stay with us. this is what it's all about, jamie -- helping small businesses. damage your vehicle? we got you covered. [ glass shatters ] property damage? that's what general liability's for. what?! -injured employee? -ow. workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement.
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>> lou: our on line poll question. do you believe that the senate intelligence committee should investigate democratec wrongdoing that you know nonexistent russian collusion. 98 percent said absolutely. good to have you both here. >> let's start with the amazing thing. the president suggesting that the senate intelligence committee investigate fake news rather than collusion since they can't find anything over 6 or 23
7:56 pm
months of investigation? >> and lots of witnesses and hundred thousand documents and lots of money involved in this investigation and nothing fruitful came from it. yes, we should look at "fake news". it is it a real problem. thankfully we have a media expert who will testify about his media expert. you have to give the truth. they are watch dogs of america. if they are "fake news", you have to drill down on it and say what you have a responsibility to do correctly and tell the truth to the american public. > lou: you are asking for jourpal working for washington post and new york time and nbc news and we, this list could get long. it is it the major news outlets that are involved in this
7:57 pm
extraordinary attack on sitting president. >> hugh research, the trump presidency only gets five percent positive coverage. that is impossible when you consider whether he is polling 42 percent. how do we get to 95 percent of the stories are negative? this is an out stand number. >> lou: we wouldn't have stock markets that went up 25 percent since he was elected president. >> gd, up 21 percent. >> and there is confidence of what is happening in the united states. none other part of the poll i found more interesting. when covering president trump. 74 percent of the time they forkus on his character and leadership and only 26 percent
7:58 pm
of the time policy and performance. that is upside down. we should not concentrate on trump the person. >> lou: it is not even psychoanalyzing. they are trying to subvert a president and propaganda and nonsense and they are unwilling to acknowledge that any five reporters you can name at random in the "fake news" business. it is it a stunning thing to watch the white might press corps contending with sarah sanders and the questions they ask. ignorance piled on instance and then they repeept the questions. >> in any other setting forget talking p the media. if you are in the work place. if you are lying and in any other setting, you would be out
7:59 pm
of a job. if you are in corporate america you lie you are out of the job and your company seizes to exist. that's what we are talking about accountability. >> go to the home page or front page of the washington post and count the number much headlines that are anti- trump every single day. good news is, that the hill compiled the number of endorsements that hillary clinton got. she got and donald trump got. 57 endorsements went to hillary clinton and two to donald trump. that got her concession speech. and while they go negative people see through it, lou. >> lou: i think it is it a wonderful thing. but i think it is it wrong what they do day in and out and shame on them. joe, and mercedess, thank you.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. dr. sebastian gorra and lieutenant tony scha fer will be our guest tonight on "war stories" -- they put their own lives in danger to rescue their fallen comrades. >> am i going to die? i said, yeah. not today. >> warriors of medicine. for them, there's nothing sweeter than cheating death. >> there's no feeling like it in the world to save a human life. >> a special breed. their will tested at every turn. >> we wouldm no matter what it was. >> next on "war stories."


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