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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 9, 2017 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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president when he is their position to bully others we all lose. a lot of losers because of harvey weinstein. maria: she finally speaks out. good to see you appear to have great day, everybody. you tomorrow. have a great columbus day. "varney & company" begins right now. take it away. stuart: have we got news for you. weinstein fired, liberal hollywood silent. pence walks out when players kneel. good monday morning, everyone. the silence is deafening. hollywood is outspoken on president trump, but is next to nothing to say about harvey wines gain. the movie mogul who is now branded a serial abuser of women. liberal icon, friend to democrats had been fired from the company that bears his name. the story is not over. the vice president attended the 49ers game sunday. the president told them if they neocon you should leave.
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they kneeled, he's not. now, the cowboys owner jerry jones has issued his evening. you don't stand for the anthem come you stay on the bench. miami dolphins laying down the law. football getting a grip on protest. look at this. stocks going up again. this is the week when big companies start reporting profits. maybe they are expecting good news. the taliban higher. by the way, only 226 points away from 23,000. since the election, the value of all stocks has gone up $5.07 trillion. if you are tired of hollywood dominating entertainment culture, watch the show. if you are tired of seeing economic success ignored, watch this show. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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>> the weinstein company. >> i think harvey weinstein. >> harvey weinstein and everyone for their undying support of me. >> and to harvey weinstein and everyone at miramax. >> i just want to thank my agent and god, harvey weinstein. [laughter] the punisher, old testament i guess. stuart: zero dear. hollywood has formed over harvey weinstein for years including meryl streep was so quick to attack president trump at this year's golden chords a warning. they have just issued a statement. liz: not everybody made. she said his behavior is disgraceful and appalling. i didn't know about the meetings in hotel rooms or the corrosive
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acts. if everybody know, i don't believe hollywood media would have in the click it for decades to write about it. stuart: let's bring in james freeman with "the wall street journal" editorial page. he editorialized editorialized frequently. we'll ask him to do this now. i am fed up with getting lectures from actors come in brilliant actors, lousy politicians. >> we get a lot of lectures on really president trump's first full day in office. you may recall a lot of hollywood folks, some of them wearing hats. talking about how nasty they were and looks like maybe not nasty enough in confronting some of the problems in their own industry. >> i don't think the story is over. let's ignore the side of it. whose money was that they paid off the women? did the money come from a publicly traded company? which lawyer knew about the payoffs to the women? was that legal?
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>> the members of the company i believe their position if they didn't know and they learned recently a couple days before the publication of "the new york times" report, their story is because this was his personal matter and he was paying settlements personally coming getting sued personally, that is why they were in the dark. we will see how much people were close to him. that is at least the story for now. stuart: i'm not surprised almost all hollywood celebrities have gone quiet on this. meryl streep has said something. the jig is up. hypocrisy has been exposed. >> it is odd that even now after the stories have started to come out, you are still not hearing much. obviously, his company is in quite what it was. you would think maybe people would have less fear of
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confronting him, but perhaps not. stuart: james comer thank you very much. a quick look at the market this monday morning. coming up on a whole series of record highs and we will go up a bit more when the market opens this morning. how about that. keith is a sickness. this is the week when we start hearing reports from big companies. are you expecting a batch of strong corporate profit reports? >> s., emp are also expecting the market to split. we will see clear divisiveness between a company like big tech, energy, defense and most companies related to consumer durable as independent and part-time labor so surprising last week. stuart: there is a split. the attacks on which side of defense? that's the interest for most of our viewers. where are they going? are they going to report with strong profits for big tax? >> i'd be surprised if they
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support anything other than big profits. if the global customer base, strong earnings, new product, lots of research. in the white scheme of things, $5 trillion a few minutes ago. 6 trillion, 23,000 or the end of the year in the s&p. stuart: hold on a second. don't just dismiss that i believe. by the end of the year, tell me again by the end of the year what? >> i think we are 23,000 on the dow, looking at 3000 on the s&p there is strong as they think they're going to be. stuart: that means the s&p closed on friday at 2549. you talk about another 400 points up for the s&p in the next 10 weeks. >> yeah because if we get tax reform coming through, if we are
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strong earnings without coming through pce is delivering products like we are expecting, this is an outside scenario but it's not improbable at this point. stuart: for a crash in the debt bomb explosion. dismissing that completely? >> the bears have been wrong as that is the day has been long. they will be right one of these days just like the clock told the time rating 24 hours. here's the thing, if you got the earnings come about is that the future is all about, companies all about. speedbump is an opportunity to buy more. stuart: we hear you and we are listening. thanks so much indeed. so far this program hollywood hypocrisy we've covered the markets announces. politics. the attack congressman luis gutierrez of illinois criticizing president trump's wish list with immigration. what they want to do is criminalize and delegitimize
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keynotes. andy pozen or is it best, the president has reached out to the democrats on immigration offering a deal will be nice to the dreamers, but we want to build a wall. that doesn't seem to be working at this point. >> it in work on health care either. the last thing the democrats want is for this president to succeed. it doesn't matter what the issue is, they will not work with them. they will not come up with a policy affect you for the american people. they can't you stuart: maybe the president can't get tax cuts done unless he gets cooperation from the democrats, >> we get these week made republicans. if they step up, we can accomplish the agenda in one elections for the next 20 years. stuart: side trump fight over the weekend. doesn't look like he's going to be very supportive. the bottom line is that he can't get the democrats support.
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they will not help them. you could look like they've got a victory. stuart: exactly. if the present case and gives in to the democrats on some tax issues, then there will be a deal. it's not a deal you would like. >> what's happening is weak kneed republicans are empowering democrat. >> they are not accomplishing it. benin is a good guy. i don't really know him very well. putting people up republicans is a good idea. republicans understand politics is a team sport >> no deal. the president cannot do a deal that would satisfy you and republicans. >> they won't deal. the democrats will not deal. stuart: hold on a second. thank you indeed, sir. i've got to get to the las vegas massacre.
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several weeks ago we were starting to report it. a handwritten note found in stephen paddock's hotel room. what did they say? they make it contain numbers if they were trying to figure what it was then they realized it was calculation based on distance and trajectory of firing bullets from his room down at the open crowd will pour across the street from mandalay bay. the frustrating thing is they have thousands -- over a thousand tips and leads, none of which have led them to a possible motive. that is the most frustrating part of this. they still maintain there is no link stood out. they haven't found anything of that yet they still believe it's possible, but it's the motive that is the most frustrating part. they did find 50 pounds of explosives in his vehicle. they still had no idea what he was planning to do at that. stuart: is rather cooperated. >> his brother is met with the fbi twice, trying to get them as
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much background information as we can. he too was racing in previous interviews that to this point has a book, this is a guy who has a lot of money. he gambled a lot but there's no indication he was going to carry out the thing he did. stuart: the absence of the motive, the most chilling thing of all. ashley: chilling incredibly frustrating. stuart: what did this? why did he do this? more on this. the next case, this story, very important. five separate fires burning in northern california. look at that. evacuations underway in napa valley. that is wine country. when dressed up to 50 miles an hour to fight fires under those conditions. this is wine country. evacuations all the way. catalonia wanted to declare its independence today. the spanish government said no, can't do that. the unity rally in barcelona over the weekend. 300,000 gathered to push catalonia and to stay in spain.
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france says it will recognize an independent catalonia, but what we've got now is a standoff. more for president trump tweeting about north korea over the weekend. only one thing will keep them under control. is he talking about using the military? we'll ask general jack keane about that next. so for once i've got plenty of time. what's going on? so those financial regulations being talked about? they could affect your accounts, so let's get together and talk, and make sure everything's clear. thanks. yeah. that would be great. we've grown to over $900 billion in assets under care... by being proactive, not reactive. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> would like to cover up the markets monday morning. talks are going to parrot up a fraction of $9 a barrel. the price of gold, or is that this morning? it is riva gold but. 1222 grounds. president trump getting mixed up with north korea. last week is that with military leaders referred to the calm before the armed but didn't go into detail. the president raided another warning about north korea. the president and the administration talking to north korea. agreements made of massive amounts of money paid.
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hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of negotiators. sorry, only one thing will work. general jack keane is with us. what does that mean? one thing will work. >> certainly he wants people to think that. the strategy that they have his number one denuclearize the entire north korean peninsula completely. go back to pre-2005. the strategy is isolate north korea maximum pressure in the first week of the trump administration, secretary matta said that the military option back on the table. every leader in the administration the vice president, president and entire national security team has been reinforcing not because they know full well they handle airplane as economic sanctions. that's their main effort. the strength in my opinion, people got to know that they are serious about the military
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option. i don't think we would've got the two u.n. u.n. resolutions come unanimous votes against north korea and china and russia is serious about a military option. that is strengthening our diplomatic chance. yes it inc. he's reminding people to listen, don't force my hand. don't give me only one alternative. he clearly wants china to play a strong hand here and it looks like they are beginning to do that which is good news. >> that's interesting. he is convinced china and north korea that he could just do this. you've got to convince them that he is serious. if the north koreans think maybe he will win broad as we have in the past, you don't have a policy. you've got no threat to back up your sanctions with. are you saying china and north korea do indeed understand exactly what the president say? >> could begin in mar-a-lago.
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remind her when president she was down there and bashar al-assad use chemical weapons on his own people in president trump retaliated immediately in a foreign president xi of what he had done. it was the next day when they were having their one-on-one discussion that president xi told them, i am going to help here. he clearly got the attention. he knew that right then that i have a different president and president obama. right before my eyes he's threatening the use of the peninsula right on the border and he is in taking them serious ever since i've been in them. stuart: the present i could set us on a path to world war iii. there is a statement over the weekend. would you say about that? >> they seem to be to say the least.
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i think something that president trump instinctively understands and i do believe he's got good instincts. he hasn't been perfect in foreign policy, national security. no one is. he also understands you want to stay out of sight, sometimes you got to be willing to get into one. that is kind of what is going on here with president trump. it is somewhat world war iii. he doesn't want to use military weapons on the peninsula, but he wants to make sure they understand if necessary they will. stuart: if you want to stay out of a fight, be prepared to get into it. general jack keane, thanks for joining us. always appreciated. >> attacking you, stuart. stuart: backlash. vice president pence lopsided game after some refuse to stand for the anthem. and now some are speaking out against the anthem protests. we'll break it all down for you after this.
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stuart: the nfl national anthem controversy, vice president pence leaves the game when players meal. cowboys owner jerry jones says you said, you're benched. you don't play. it appears the game is organizing against the protests. am i right? >> i think you are seeing some owners management getting more aggressive on this.
9:24 am
i think roger goodell, the commissioner last year she decided center operating manual. then we are going to enforce that likely enforce. since then, i'm not sure the president really helped. i don't think calling anyone as serbia's necessarily the way to change any lines. i do think you are seeing ahmad teams realizing there are other ways to express protest without disrespecting. stuart: annie pazner, you don't buy the games coming to watch games anymore even though you're a football fan. >> with the family history of football. stuart: yes you do. i got out. do you think the president should have said as the abuse to players who nail? >> it did bring the issue to another level. they have to understand that just like any other business you can't defend your cost of our base. you're going to offend someone no matter what you do. he used to be for because it is
9:25 am
such a dangerous sport. now they are the heroes. i've got to believe that the real football fans in this country, the bulk of them feel you should stand up for the national lampoon. they better realize that quickly. >> the game is lost. some players have lost in the sense of loss. you disagree with that? >> it's really heartbreaking watching us. i watched college football on saturday. it's terrific. >> a big deal in tennessee. stuart: big deal in new jersey. where are we going to open this market? we are going to love again. i've team records for the dow this year. almost certainly open out another record high this morning. can't wait. back in just a couple of minutes with that.
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listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges. stuart: 30 seconds and we will be off and running again. the dow closed friday at 22,773. just a couple away from another record high. we are going to get a move up in the bell rings trading stocks and we will be at yet another
9:30 am
record high, probably for all three indicators are dow, s&p and nasdaq as well. remember, important here, their profits this week. profitability for the baseline stock market. a lot more about the rally with monday morning and we arrived. we only say this. not much, but we are out. opening trend is that. by the end of the day we arrived a lot and we've established a record. when we start the day, this is how it begins. that's an all-time high right there. 221 points away from 23,000. how about the nasdaq, the s&p first is down a fraction. broad-based indicator down .1%. what about the nasdaq >> at an all-time high rate there.
9:31 am
6597. news on wal-mart trying to be the competitor to amazon that launched a shopping to simplify returns for the holiday season. not much impact on the stock but not in an $80 per share door. who's with me on monday morning. ashley webster's here. stocks are at the break from the gate go, is the market telling us that corporate profits are going up, looking good still in the future? >> is it that they're down, business optimism through the roof a record highs. consumer optimism is up. the economy is on fire. job numbers in september nothing short of incredible. we will do fine. >> job numbers in september were incredible. >> the survey you are looking at, the business survey doesn't count you as employed if you don't get a paycheck for that
9:32 am
week. restaurant closed, nobody there for a week. the survey does come as employed even if the business closes. we added over 900,000 jobs. labor participation rate went up. the unemployment rate went down. the use six rate went down over percentage point in the percentage of the population of 60.4% hasn't been that high since the first month of the obama administration. stuart: this is the rodney dangerfield market. >> that's exactly right. markets looking good. >> i'm seeing a lot of optimistic signs, too. not just optimism measures of confidence. also very good report on manufacturing last week. we honestly had a good second quarter. a few good quarters in a row. obviously the storm knocked the headline number down.
9:33 am
when you look underneath coming you see wages rising. that having been said -- to .9% in last year is the highest bid in eight years. everything was up except 33,000 that was the headline. everything was amazing. stuart: we are up and running. how many times have i said this first thing in the morning. we've opened higher. here we go. record high. wal-mart, i want to get that story. wal-mart has launched or is launching a shopping half. apparently it will simplify returns if you take something back to the store right before the holidays. wal-mart close to 80 bucks a share. his wal-mart come in your opinion the best competitor to amazon? >> they are currently. they are picking away piece by piece. returns are so easy with amazon. wal-mart if they are competitive returns have to be easy and this is a good step. stuart: wal-mart the best
9:34 am
competitor of amazon? >> there could be others, but just to remind people amazon's often portrayed as this unstoppable force. they don't have a lot of the intellectual property it would prevent other people from competing in the specially wal-mart. if they make the commitment and lately they have been if they want to compete online they can be a tough competitor. stuart: i find this interesting. luxury brands don't want to sell on amazon because they think the risk of losing the exclusivity factor. >> the bigger issue for them is amazon cannot guarantee to police the site to make the counterfeit. which is a huge problem for high-end goods as the counterfeits get involved and they want certain assurances from amazon that they will be policing the site to make sure it isn't going on in amazon refuse to do it. the company likes to watch that we are not going to sell them. transfer that is ray. louis vuitton and gucci have 13,000 businesses on the amazon
9:35 am
site. we can't promise. stuart: lets cover all the markets. stocks have opened higher. the price of oil, and the price of oil is down to $49 a barrel, hovering around 50 this morning. 49 points 66. there you have it. mcdonald's answering the call of social media to bring back to shush one sauce. they did it for one day at select stores. mines around the block in some stores whether that was created i don't know. they say they will bring back the shush one sauce this winter. does anybody have any comment? >> what a time to be alive. >> everybody would like to have this problem. a very popular product. stuart: i love spicy food. >> i don't know why the casey cheese sauce didn't take off but i'm a fan. stuart: general motors story, look story, look at a go. forty-five dollars a share this
9:36 am
morning. they are buying a start up company called strobe. this is a tech company focusing on self driving cars. general motors climbed still more up another 1%. big tech stepping up to give puerto rico back on line and connect it. google launching balloons. >> googles wi-fi balloons, and solar panels, sort of like with local oil spill happened in 2010. hope the drug industry launch. is the utility they are still doesn't have the power on, so that's going to be a problem. they turned on the deal from wall street, take a cut on the junk bonds. you should get the bailout. you will do dice. you maybe get lucky to get 25 cents on the dollar. >> is to blame. >> a lot of my colleagues.
9:37 am
but i will maybe depart a little and say contracts are to be honored. stuart: you want to wall street bailout? >> quite the opposite. those bondholders maybe were not treated well in the pervy city of the government last year. at one time the problem in puerto rico as you've got a corrupt government when utility does not focus on customer service. stuart: the way to second. wall street knew that when they got the high yield bonds. they neither will the dice. >> they also note the puerto rican const duchenne said in a thought as a result -- stuart: pay attention to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. we just missed it for the first time ever we had 22,800. first time ever. never been there before. more on facebook. a growing force to get them to release those russian added.
9:38 am
>> they've already released 3000 that had ties to the kremlin to a congressional committee investigating it. there is a push and i would say from both sides of the aisle to get facebook to make them public so people can look at them and decide for themselves, republican senator john gordon of texas saying i don't know why they shouldn't be released. facebook saying in attorneys and federal law places strict limitations on disclosure of account information. but the belief is to maybe address this once and for all, get it all out there, let everyone look at it including the public and move on. stuart: yes please. little impact on the stock by the way. unilever, they make dove body wash. they dropped and not after he drew criticism for being racist. a black woman removes or brown shirt and transforms into a white woman in a lake sure. india, you are the ceo of carl's junior. you put us in risky ads in your
9:39 am
time. run those ads. >> please. you have to be very careful not to offend your base. this is the second that. stuart: there is one of the ads you put out. >> it is not racist. stuart: you didn't offend your customer base. trade for some women got mad about it? >> or demographic target was young, hungry guys come 18 to 34 year-old males and it didn't offend them at all. this was really very commit very positive. transfer how did this get to market? how come nobody caught it? >> is effective social media. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, exactly. stuart: sound the trumpet. all-time high for microsoft. i do on a few microsoft shares.
9:40 am
just a tiny sliver. we are up to 76114. retirement territory is $100 per share. the producer is like come on. stuart: thank you. according to a recent fed survey, 46% of us don't have enough money to cover $400 emerges be. i don't believe that. i'm sorry. half the population of america can't get together 400 bucks? are you kidding? >> it is true. it's a deep concern. maybe when you look at consumer debt versus let's say the pre-financial crisis in some ways has come down. student loans has gone out. auto loans now default. it's a fairly indebted consumer, even if maybe not quite the problems we saw 10 years ago.
9:41 am
stuart: it just sounds like an extreme thing to me that half the population can't get together 400 bucks. >> it does seem extreme. obviously one solution would be better paying jobs. we see in the middle class, the working-class and middle-class wages have stagnated. as we said over the past year to .9% we start to see that turnaround with deregulation and other policies the trump administration was pursuing. americans did a better deal. a better deal would be hiring wagers. stuart: a long way to go. it's that time and i have to say thank you indeed to james into andy. great performance this morning. you saw us move to a new record high for the dow. check it now. we've retreated from 22,800, but we are still up 13 points. not bad. what else have we got for you? hillary clinton blasting nigel
9:42 am
barraged campaigning for president trump pitches that he came to this country and insulted her in a very personal way. for roche will respond to that on this program today about 11:00. check this out. inside the gold nugget casino in biloxi, mississippi, storm surge from hurricane made. this is the first time a hurricane is that mississippi since katrina. back after this.
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stuart: i am holding onto the rally. a point from a seven-point chemist explains. the modestly on the upside. raymond james has downgraded the pharmacy benefit manager express scripts. that is work to a 3% drop unexpressed strips. on friday, elon musk push back the unveiling of tesla's big rig electric truck. the stock is down this morning. tell us more, nicole.
9:45 am
>> at the one almost 70% this year. again delaying the semitruck unveiling. pushing back originally in september. and now the new date is november 16th. they can't get these model three is out. they produced they talked about a production bottleneck that fundamentally nothing is wrong. they can handle this one. analysts are saying they better ramp up production of the model three because that is for the stock is connected. that is revenue for the company. robot trying to get the mass market product $35,000. stuart: it is indeed. the white house jerry code telling us on friday that a middle-class tax cut is a top priority. roll tape.
9:46 am
how important is it that you get rid of the deduction for state and local taxes. i know that would bring in an extra one and a quarter trillion dollars over 10 years. i would be a big chunk of money you come in with. how important is it to you that you get rid of that deduction? >> as you know, i've said this and we'll say it again. we are determined, committed to make sure we have a middle income tax-cut. to be able to take away a loophole that really only benefits the wealthy in the elbow to use that money and deliver middle income tax-cut, we think is really important. stuart: john allison, former ceo of the cato institute in bbn teabag. you are a money guy. if it's just a middle-class tax cut in the deduction for state and local taxes goes, do we still stimulate the economy with this tax package? >> no, the most important
9:47 am
tax-cut is our corporate tax rates are way out of line internationally. i am certainly for eliminating a lot of the deduction across the board. in terms of individual taxes, you really haven't got much of a tax-cut unless high income people benefit. the most important benefit is low income moderate people would be a business tax cut which can drive faster growth. it would drive much higher business investment and would raise wages. that is how the middle income people benefit. >> i think we have to get rid of. the goal should be in lower taxes. stuart: if you got rid of the deduction, which upper income people pay in high tax states
9:48 am
come you get rid of the state or local income tax deduction. you get rid of it. upper income people will probably come in many cases, pay more to the federal government. that doesn't stimulate the economy, does there? >> a high income tax we are very happy people. north carolina would be pretty happy and i think that would be good. i think some states are really out of line with their tax rate. at the end of the day -- stuart: let's concentrate on your side of the argument, the business in the corporate tax rate. if it comes down to 20% and i believe that's the proposal at this point. if it comes down to 20%, and how much of the $2.5 trillion of the companies have overseas, parked overseas, how much of it comes back with a 20% rate? >> i think a substantial amount
9:49 am
comes back. typically create a window or they can bring back some low tax rate in the short-term. you would combine a lower marginal rate, say 20% with the wind bringing back the money which would rapidly increase investment in the u.s. that would be highly beneficial. >> to you, you are probably right on this, but to you the biggest impetus for the economy, the biggest stimulus is cutting the corporate tax rate. that by the way is the one area there seems to be a reasonable amount of agreement. you are saying this package if it goes through with the business tax cut looks good. >> it's not perfect. it's not exactly what i would do, but better than what we have today. trade your thank you so much for joining us. it's hard to keep track of all of these tax cuts of the package but he dutifully appreciated. see you later. are we still up? no, down three points lower.
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turning to look at this. ladies and gentlemen, this is from today. denver, colorado. monday is october the ninth. it's like a blizzard. 75 degrees in new york city. they are expecting up to a foot of snow in some part. denver is driving into work first first thing this morning. then we have city says get rid of those shares. their concern over how the company will talk to the partner charter communications. down 5%. how about this one? chopping the tradition of naming the top student. the valedictorian. >> yes, harmful competition. that's what the schools say. give him a collaboration with the students. it's hurting the students. it's happening in indiana, tennessee, north carolina. in tennessee, one school had 48
9:55 am
validate taureans. and now half of high school has published rank as well. true to the bottom line here is you can't have a competition because there might be a winner and the losers will feel bad. ashley: i hate to tell you but there is no justice out there, so get used to it. stuart: you don't have a safe space in the real world. you have one? a tense week in spain. a standoff between catalonia and the central government in madrid. >> it really doesn't. the pressure to stay within spain is growing today saying you declare independence. we are not going to recognize you and your out of the european union. the leader will address the parliamentary session tomorrow. the rumor is he will make a strong speech that stops short
9:56 am
of independence and may give some sort of symbolic message. for this part of spain to remain the country has really grown. they've decided to move offices out of the region. other companies making plans to leave catalonia. all of that is putting a lot of pressure for independents to not be called. stuart: similar. the left has just formed over harvey weinstein for years. everyone from meryl streep to michelle obama has sung his praises. and now as of today, mostly simon. you would hear my take on not at the top of the next hour. less common brit hume on the left playing identity politics driven congressmen accusing the president of advancing a white supremacist agenda. hour two, three minutes to live.
9:57 am
-- three minutes away. . . . .
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: harvey weinstein, the great movie mogul has been fired
10:00 am
by the company which bears his name. he accused abuses women for decades. the allegations are sordid in the extreme. he is a powerhouse in liberal politics, giving a lot of money to women's causes. the hypocrisy stinks. from hollywood, silence. they were rabid against president trump. stephen colbert turned into emmys into a hatefest. nothing from him now, harvey weinstein, the great actor, meryl streep, attacked trump but called harvey a god. she released a statement this morning saying in part, not everyone knew. the rest of her fellow hollywood liberals are strangely quiet. actually there is nothing strange about it. they know the jig is up. are we going to stand for more moral lectures from actors? they stayed silent for years when harvey was running amok, they will rant about how sexist america is? i think not.
10:01 am
same with politicians. hillary clinton called millions of americans sexist deplorables but she and bill took money from harvey. did nobody tell them about him? so did a whole raft of politicians on the left. senators elizabeth warren and chris 10 gillibrand plus president obama who went to weinstein's home for a dinner that raised $2.4 million. step back a home. there is a lot more to come. whose money was used to pay off the women? weinstein's own money or did it come from public companies? who okayed it? who else was propositioned by him? why didn't they come forward? most importantly of all, what is hollywood going to do now? their hypocrisy has been exposed. will they continue to dictate our moral standards? i have some advice. shut up and act. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
10:02 am
>> harvey weinstein for organizing this amazing day. [applause] harvey, this is possible because of harvey. he is a wonderful human being, a good friend, and just a powerhouse. stuart: all right, you saw it right there. that is michelle obama praising harvey weinstein back in 2013. meryl streep, she also praised weinstein in the past. actually calling him god on one occasion. today, she has released a statement. liz, tell me what is it. liz: disgraceful and appalling. not everybody knew. i didn't know about the other offenses. financial settlements. meetings in hotel rooms. she said if everybody knew i do not believe hollywood media would have neglected for decades to write about it.
10:03 am
here is the thing. hollywood applauds shining a spotlight on everybody but itself. it is pretty rich when it makes progressive when it comes to women. it has been open secret according to reporting what he was doing going on more than a decade. stuart: way more than that. several decades. for 30 years. "saturday night live" ignored the weinstein scandal over the weaken but one late night host did not ignore it. ashley: john oliver, last week tonight on hbo he actually referred to a quote from harvey weinstein when this first came out, when weinstein said, i came of age in the '60s, '70s, all the rules about behavior in work places were different. that was the culture then. i since learned. it is not an excuse. oliver shot back, your damn right, your excuse is not excuse. that isn't an excuse for behavior in the 196's, john oliver, only one, late night
10:04 am
comedian to address the controversy at length. will we hear anything more about it coming days on other shows. liz: deafening silence. stuart: deafening silence of the appalling really. check the big board. we lost the gain. two points lower, 22770. we hit 22,800 a few days ago. big technology companies are doing quite well this morning, in fact all of them. alphabet, facebook, microsoft apple, all higher. microsoft a new high which i own a few shares. tesla in trouble down 2 1/2%. they are delaying unveiling big new electric truck until mid-november. in addition there were reports, very interesting about components for the model 3 required manuel labor. wasn't expecting that from
10:05 am
tesla, were you? this. our next guest is ceo of online version of costco, order bulk items online. the company is called boxed. now this company, boxed it is using own driverless vehicles in its warehouses. popular guest on this program, ceo of box. we made him countless millions. he never paid me a dime. how are you doing? >> great to be back. stuart: look, i do want to hear about in your warehouses, you have got lots of them these days -- >> we do. stuart: you have to the your own driverless little vehicles and you designed them yourself? >> we designed them and built them ourselves. even before we started installing highly autonomous logistics operation. so it was really driven by robotics and driven by a conveyor belt system. we designed charts of the system in house including the cart system. stuart: is it superior to
10:06 am
amazon's system? you have to say yes. >> it is not superior but different. with our experience we let folks stock up, big families, businesses, office pantries, the green room, it is folks buying a lot of stuff. our system is built for that rather than small items you buy on amazon. stuart: is it that important to you, to almost get rid of labor in your warehouses, just to all robotics? >> what is interesting even though we went autonomous in the first system we didn't lay off a single worker because of the system. we retrained them interacting with state-of-the-art robotics. stuart: you are not hiring -- i don't know what your hiring plans are, you're not hiring people to walk around or drive around the warehouse, are you? >> what we think this will make us more efficient. unit economics get better and build more facilities. stuart: why should i go to boxed
10:07 am
instead of amazon? >> check the prices. we're generally cheaper online with unit prices. if you want three cookies, we're not for you. if you want 36 packed sleeves we're definitely cheapest. stuart: you're a bulk guy, right? >> exactly. if you're looking to stock up save, family, business, we're for you. stuart: how big are you? >> that is a good question. stuart: you know i always ask. >> i can't answer the question as much. we were in crains as number two fastest growing company in new york city or new york city. went from $40,000 sales had me on the show, in our garage, last year, we cleared over 100 million. stuart: this is fascinating to me. how long did it take -- >> you didn't get paid for any of it? [laughter] stuart: i'm your biggest booster. gone from 40,000 bucks a year of revenue, from your garage to
10:08 am
100 million now. how long did it take? >> during that stretch from 2013, end of '13 to 2016. stuart: three years? >> three years. people are losing hair. i had more hair when i was here first time. it is unnatural in my family. yeah. stuart: hold on a second. do you plan to expand to other parts of country? at the moment you're preach new york area. >> we're really strong in new york. actually some of our best customers are in the breadbasket of america. folks who may only have 50,000 people in their town, they know about costco but can't get there because it is hour-long drive. that is often ignored. we go after the folks hey, you can save without driving hour, hour 1/2 to the nearest sam's club. stuart: you have a pretty big niche. >> we're getting there. coming above the radar a little bit. i will go back under. you will see me in a year. stuart: see you before then, with a check in hand.
10:09 am
just a joke. >> diapers in hand for everyone. stuart: you're all right. appreciate it. vice president pence, walked out of a game between the colts and 49ers yesterday after some players knelt during the national anthem. after words the vice president tweeted this. i left today's game potus, president of the united states and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, flag, or our national anthem. joining me, mark lotta former chief of staff to vice president pence. are the football authorities, nfl owners, getting a grip on this protest laying down the law. >> before we go too far, thank you for the promotion. i was vice president's press secretary, not chief of staff. stuart: sorry. >> when you look at aa approval ratings in the nfl, they're taking a big hit in terms of favorability right now, with one of key demographics, men 35 to
10:10 am
54. they're now underwater according to a recent poll in terms of favorability. clearly something that the nfl has to get a handle on to get with the american people. stuart: is it fading? will the protests fade? jerry jones laying down the law. miami dolphins owner doing something similar? is this thing about to end? a lot of football fans want it to end? >> hope so. that is something for the nfl and players union. good to see we're having discussion. the president and vice president, very clear there are places to have discussions with the players and concerns the players have, at end of the day, national anthem, disrespecting the flag is not the time to do it. stuart: senator bob corker in a tweeting spat with the president over the weekend, the senator ended up by saying look, white house looks like a day-care center with adults
10:11 am
absent. it has got to pretty much an extreme here. how do you see it? >> that is unfortunate the senator is voicing that. we look forward to working with the senator during his remaining months in office, moving issues forward like tax reform for the american people. we still need to make sure we're taking care of, trying everything we can do to repeal and replace obamacare as the president said. obviously talking about issues, making it about personality, this president is a fighter. the american people elected someone who stands up for what he believes in and makes sure people know. stuart: is it working? when you get into twitter spats like this, using language like that, four or five republicans will not go along with the president for personal reasons? one thing i point out to you there is always something going on in the white house. we're always moving the agenda forward under this president. we're talking about tax reform. talking about repealing, replacing obamacare and dealing with threats that confront the nation around the world. some things may take up media
10:12 am
headlines and space on social media. at end of the day the american people elected this president to get things done. he is looking to work with members congress working with him doing that. we will have that discussion. the president and vice president will have that discussion with anyone that comes to the white house talking about moving forward to make america great again. stuart: marc lotta, former press secretary to the vice president. got it right this time. >> thank you very much. stuart: take a look at this. this is the view from biloxi, mississippi. hurricane nate made a second land fall there over the weekend. first hurricane to hit mississippi since katrina in '05. brought very heavy rains. that was moving on to ohio in the northeast. look at that. that was a parking garage. that looks like a flood. next president trump tweeting about north korea, saying after 25 years of negotiations only one thing will work, but is the president's aggressive stance already
10:13 am
working? we will ask that question. ♪
10:14 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: epa administrator scott pruitt holding an event in kentucky. announcing plans to repeal the obama administration clean power plan. ashley: the clean power plan was put in place essentially on a state by state basis to set targets to reduce emissions by a certain level, pre-2005, by the year 2030. states had to put in what they were going to do, their plans, by 2016. scott pruitt, head of epa, this has been a huge problem for
10:17 am
individual states, reducing, imagine reducing carbon footprint by that much is not an easy task. meant shutting downs plants and businesses. symbolically being done in kentucky, showing a place not being cut down because of the rollback of the clean power plan. stuart: that is big deal for profitability of manufacturing operations in america. ashley: in kentucky, yes. stuart: he is rolling it back? ashley: yes. stuart: got it. big board, dead flat market, that is quarter point higher, 22,000, 774. disney upgrade, one analyst says, it reached a turning point of the company is focusing less on espn, and more on its direct to consumer streaming efforts. disney at 100 bucks a share this morning. our next guest is director of documentary look how global
10:18 am
policy, manufacturing changes are after a affecting american business. it is called "american made movie." vincent vitorio. is your documentary, basically changing china, trade policy killing manufacturing in america? >> no, it is looking more at relationship we have to manufacturing. this song we played many years ago we looked at what happened in detroit and other cities but we're not realizing manufacturing has changed with advancements of technology and the way we're making things in this country. we have to stop thinking that it is gone and it is not something our youth should look at a job for the future. stuart: do we look down on blue-collar manufacturing jobs, as a society? sometimes reminds me of england, a class-based society. is it becoming same in america, we look down for people that work with their hands? >> it is difficult approach. we're not looking at it viable career option. programs in the state of
10:19 am
new york, like ptech, halfways technology, getting kids into a program earlier so they can realize this is something i like, because right now, we're pushing everyone to a four-year degree. there is nothing wrong for that. we need to see it is not right for everyone. manufacturing jobs are viable jobs for youth of today. stuart: nice to hear that, actually. your documentary says 3 1/2 million manufacturing jobs will open up in the next few years but there are two million of those jobs will go unfilled because we don't have the skilled labor to put people in those jobs. is that accurate? >> yes, very much so. you see what is happening right now, in the state of wisconsin, with foxconn, announcing that a lot of other auto manufacturers opening up. forgetting presidency and any of the politics with that, people are not looking at next three years but looking at future of this country. this is a viable option.
10:20 am
companies believe in the american workforce. i think they are willing to invest in communities. they're going to look at this for future of our country. stuart: do you believe that president trump who is big on this, big on bringing manufacturing jobs in america, has the right answers? >> i, no comment. i can take it from both side. i think ultimately i'm just optimistic that the leaders of this country outside of anything political, see where things are going. economy is doing great right now. we're continuing to put more interest in that. which gets me to the point i believe in in movie so much, we want to make it available to everyone. about to, free for entire audience, using the code, american made 17. stuart: that is the, say it again. >> stuart: thank you, vicinity
10:21 am
sent. thank for joining us. we'll get awe a few viewers. thanks for joining us. not just your social security and credit card information, oh, no. the equifax breach could have also exposed your pay history to identity thieves. we have details for you. ♪ who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to stuart: all right, mcdonald's, for one day, introduced the very popular szechwan sauce.
10:25 am
police were called to one store. it is coming back in winter. they are using szechwan sauce in all stores. liz: love that story. stuart: general electric stock falling towards a two-year low after an analystdown beat view of management changes. i think it is 23, $24 a share on ge as we speak. new worries about the massive equifax breach. hackers may have access to your employment and pay history. i don't know why the stock has gone to 112 for heaven's sake. ashley: worst the news gets higher the stock goes. they have this service, work number. all you need to access it, someone's social security number about, date of birth. guess what was stolen during the huge breach? social security and date of birth. this particular service equifax has gives everybody's employment history and their salary information going back more than a decade.
10:26 am
where they have worked, how much money you earned. service for equifax was for people, banks who would say i want to know this person's work history. stuart: right. ashley: their ability to pay back a loan. what they have done opened up your information and some other people, 150 close to it, information. irony the top of the particular service, never forget your personal information is protected. ha, ha. stuart: never forget that. hollywood staying relatively mum on harvey weinstein. "saturday night live" cutting from their show this weekend. this extraordinary story. we're following it for you. ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ stuart: i call it a pretty flat market. 22,770 is where we are. look at that now, 22,771. look at big techs. all of them are up this morning. worth noting facebook, only a couple bucks away from its all-time high. amazon zeroing in on one this dollars a -- one thousand dollars a share. microsoft new high. alphabet, close to $1000 a share. apple moving up. the company is worth $808 billion. general motors announcing they will buy a startup company called strobe. this company focuses on self-driving cars. gm pushing further into technology. they were at 45 bucks a share a
10:31 am
moment ago. they backed off just a few cents. that is a high from last couple years. ge, an industrial giant going the other way. 23 bucks a share, near a two-year low. jpmorgan downbeat view of management changes. down 2.7% for ge. that is a very significant drop. now this, president trump tweeting about north korea over the weekend. here is what he wrote. presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. joining us now, colonel ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst. has the president's aggressive stance actually worked here?
10:32 am
because we've seen no missile launch much or bomb test for a few weeks? >> i think we'll see more north korean tests and launches. they are not fully convinced, but, i give president trump very high marks being the first president in quarter century to stand up to get tough with north korea. his tweet over the weekend, i don't like his tweeting overall, sometimes they're right. the one oaf the weekend was absolutely right. appeasement, buying them off, talk, talk, has not worked. that does not mean we go to war. allies need to be assured we're not ready to attack tomorrow. military option has to remain on the table, we can not allow, at some point in future a nuclear pearl harbor. president trump gets big points for being tough, but he is also weakening his case getting off message. we need a unified front, a tough front. but mattis, tillerson, nikki haley, everyone else in the cabinet, they need to be on the
10:33 am
same, to use cliche, same sheet of music. when trump goes impulsively, he doesn't control impulses and tweets something that freaks out our allies, it hurts the cause. we need allies. stuart: knowing the way things work, knowing the way we look at things in america and in the western world, do you think that at end of the day, maybe some day down the road we will accept and accommodate a nuclear north korea? >> well, i fear, yes, we may. stuart: yeah. >> and it's different. it is not like accepting a nuclear soviet union or even china, which, idea of mutual assured destruction worked. north korea is different, until it proves itself, until it proves it is not different. threatened us directly again and again and it's a regime that can't be trusted. that does not mean we shouldn't exhaust every possibility before going to war. bottom line is this.
10:34 am
if north korea is on the brink of having the capability to devastate american cities, hey, better dead north koreans than dead americans. stuart: okay. i want to talk to you about europe. seems to me it is breaking apart. it is balkanizing itself. in catalonia they're still talking about declaring is this week from the rest of spain. i know the spanish government promise to block independence plans but essentially looks like the whole continent is balkanized, would you agree with that? >> no. i agree there is danger of balkanization in different areas, scotland leaving u.k. fleming are tired of putting bill for southern belgium. northern italy rumbles about paying for the masgorno but the catalonia case it really, it threatens the spain and not the eu the common denominator, in all separatists movements, cat
10:35 am
tone yaw, even basks, none of them want to leave the eu we're seeing a paradoxical situation where states are breaking down but everybody wants to stay in the eu. i don't see europe going away for for spain catalonia, catalonia provides 20% of spain's gdp. only 16% of the population. a much higher proportion of spain's exports t would be devastating to spanish economy to lose it. it could trigger other separatist movements, the basqes coming back. historically catalonia has been oppressed by the ma trade for centuries and tired of paying bills. madrid says, look, you get a a lot of benefits. there are two sides to this, more complex to go into, there
10:36 am
are no perfect good guys or bad guys into this. we hope it resolved peacefully. the cat at that loan leader is unpredictable. that would bring a strong response from madrid and dispossess catalons who want to leave spain. stuart: there are a lot of them. thank you, colonel. harvey weinstein has been fired from his company following a a "new york times" report detailing sexual harrassment allegations. he has been a main donor to democrat and liberal causes for years. hillary vaughn joins us. some lawmakers are returning money they received from weinstein. who is giving it back? reporter: stuart, here is who giving back tainted cash. senator blumenthal of connecticut, senator heinrich of new mexico and senator warner from massachusetts are giving
10:37 am
$5000 to charities and groups that advocate for women. that is about the amount weinstein gave them when they were campaigning. since 1990, weinstein has given $1.4 million to dems. which means there should be a lot more money leaving democrats prockets. some democrats are giving up cash. senator cory booker is donating almost $8,000 of weinstein cash to a non-profit. senator kristin gillibrand of new york giving over 11,000. senate minority leader chuck schumer donating $16,000 to charity. the dnc is donating 30,000 to charities. that is only 16% of total contributions they received from weinstein. now democrats who benefited from weinstein's deep pockets coming out one by one. hillary clinton and president barack obama haven't said anything about it though. both obama and clinton have
10:38 am
cashed five figure checks written by weinstein. michelle obama called him a good friend. he has been cozy with the clintons, helping to organize president bill clinton's 50th birthday party. so far, stuart, none of them have opened their wallets. stuart: can you spell hypocrisy? miss vaughn, thanks for joining us. thank you very much. i want to bring in howard kurtz, host of "media buzz" on the fox news channel. howard, apart from meryl streep's statementing this morning, hollywood has been mostly silent on weinstein since the news broke thursday night. how do you account for that? >> i account for that because it is lot easy for hollywood liberals to attack conservatives when there are sexual allegations or misconduct. the silence is deafening, stuart. as well from hillary clinton who likes to talk about these kind of issues. nothing to say on harvey weinstein. i have to give credit to the "new york times," obviously left-leaning on editorial pages, nailed a guy a liberal hero,
10:39 am
making films with very toxic past. stuart: they tend to brush it off with the silence, seems to me. "saturday night live" had a practice run with jokes about harvey weinstein but did not include that in the final edition that went out to the public. they pulled it from the show essentially. you know, i got to say, howard, look, i'm sick and tired of having moral lectures deliver to us, america, by people in hollywood. i'm tired of it. but i don't expect it to stop, do you? >> yeah. "snl" thing is very telling. i'm not buying the notion the jokes fell flat with the studio audience. harvey weinstein is very well-connected guy. one of the reasons he was able to get away for years, apparently open secret among journalists in the hollywood community. he was so powerful, nobody wanted to take him on. it wreaks of hypocrisy. the company fired him.
10:40 am
it is the weinstein company. he co-founded it. his brother is the other founder. they fired him. some folks in media in hollywood can't be bothered to express disappointment. stuart: i would like to see investigative journalism, where did the money come from? if he paid off women for three decades, whose money was it that paid it off? who okayed those payments? was it a lawyer working for a publicly-traded company that okayed those payments? there is a lot of questions here. i would like to see some investigative reporting but i don't expect to see it. >> well, you might be waiting a while but i think the weinstein company, if it is going to survive, hard to imagine, harvey so tied to the brand, hired outside law firm to investigate. apparently information was so bad, after two days, firing was last night, owes us a explanation as well as media digs in here as well of previously undisclosed settlements. stuart: howard, go get them.
10:41 am
have exposure here. this is a great story. >> that is not the word i would have chosen. stuart: howard, thanks for joining us. coming up, vice president pence leaving the colts-49ers game after players dealt during the national anthem. brit hume on that. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
ashley: stocks at record highs the next round of earnings is just about to begin. according to andy puzder, corporate profits are growing thanks to market optimism. roll tape. >> expenses are down. business optimism is through the roof. manufacturer opt system up. the economy is on fire. jobs numbers were nothing short of incredible in september? stuart: the jobs numbers were incredible? lost 33,000 jobs. >> business survey doesn't count you employed if you were a you didn't get a paycheck. restaurant closed, no one there. survey counts you employed even if the business is closed, household survey said we added over 900,000 jobs.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> tomorrow in washington, d.c., i will sign a proposed rule to withdraw the so-called clean power plan of the past administration and then begin the evident to withdraw that rule. [applause] -- the effort. stuart: that was epa administrator scott pruitt. that was an event in kentucky. announcing plans to repeal the obama administration's clean power plan. that is a very big deal.
10:46 am
it will have significant impact, major move. check the market. we're down seven points. we opened up this monday morning pretty flat. holding right around all-time record high levels. now this. democrat congressman luis gutierrez from illinois slamming president trump's latest immigration proposal with very harsh language. here is the quote. it is an extension of the white supremacist agenda. what they want to do is criminalize and delegitimatize latinos. joining us now, brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. that seems to be extreme, harsh, language. what do you say? >> luis gutierrez, who personally a rather than nice man, given to flights of overheated rhetoric when something comes along he does not agree. that is widely overstated but i'm afraid, stuart, it is kind of a sign of our times. there is a lot of this flying around on all times, and it is regrettable.
10:47 am
stuart: do you think there will be any cooperation between president trump and democrats? i mean, i believe the president has offered a deal, protect "dreamers," but build a wall. is this going anywhere? >> it's a little more complex than that stuart, because the democrats are of the view going into this, that the wall is off the table, and the list of things that mr. trump would like to see put in place extends well beyond the wall to a range of other measures. and, you know, there is in there, in them the basis for a deal. he keeps "dreamers" program in place, and they give him, legislatively, a series of measures that change our immigration policy, to points based one, not based on family connections but upon this country's needs and so on. it is quite a long list. democrats don't like any of this stuff, if they want to keep "dreamers" act in place they need to make a deal with him. at this moment nobody is saying
10:48 am
nice things about the other side's wishes. we'll wait to see. stuart: there is negotiating, isn't it? that is what is going on here? or is it? >> there is basis for a negotiation. whether there will be one, whether it goes anywhere remains to be seen. we're certainly i have to say, a far cry from that moment not too many weeks ago when people were saying ah, we have a new era in washington. chuck and nancy and president are going to be working together on a range of things. president turned away from his party and so on. i don't think so. we're a long way from that. stuart: you were laughing then and laughing now. >> i am. stuart: we like it when you bring a smile to the table despite all harsh language. i want to talk to you about vice president pence, who left the game between the colts and 49ers yesterday. several players knelt during the anthem. afterwards, 49ers player eric reid slammed the vice president for walking out. just roll tape. >> this is pr stunt. he knew our team had most
10:49 am
players protest. he knew, we were probably going to do it again. and so, this is what looks like, man of power comes to the game, tweet as couple things out, leaves the game with an attempt to stubborn our efforts. stuart: i thought protests were winding down but the language from eric reid suggests it is not. >> this is discouraging, episode, stuart. look, these players staged these protests, and planned to do them and they do them. now you can argue that, i mean they have a legal right to do it. that doesn't mean the league can't punishment, they're on duty and game operations manuel, says they're supposed to be on the field and stand and show respect for the flag or during playing of anthem, but they had a legal right to do it. if they had a legal right to do it, they planned to do it, why does not vice president pence
10:50 am
have a legal right to do what he did, whether he was ordered to by the president or not? i would say this is protest and counterprotest. each side has a right to do it. it is amazing, these players are so unself-aware. this is stunt. is not kneeling on the field a stunt as well? it is stunt versus stunt to me. stuart: brit, you sound almost exasperated. >> i am. stuart: not just in football, politics, generally, exasperation, we're so far apart, and language being used is so harsh. >> it is reflection of the fact that neither side in niece debates trust the other's motives. nobody thinks that the people disagree with them are doing so for sincere reasons. see it in the gun control debate, wonderful example of it. the people who are second amendment advocates and defenders think that the left is trying to grab their guns because they want to regulate everything. and the people who are on the
10:51 am
left think that the, that the gun enthusiasts are crazy people who are perfectly content to have mass murder go forward. neither side respects the other's good faith. when you have a situation like that, you can't have any negotiation, any kind of middle ground. nobody wants to bargain with the other guy because they think their motives are corrupt. stuart: brit hume right on all counts again. you're welcome. thanks for joining us brit. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: it is columbus day, yes it is. one town in long island welcoming all unwanted columbus statues. our take on that in just a moment. is this a phone?
10:52 am
10:53 am
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10:55 am
>> it really is an embarassment. people have to embrace real history. we're talking about more than 500 years ago. quite frankly, these actions divide a nation, and are counterproductive to their goals. stuart: that was joseph saldini, supervisor of oyster bay, new york, earlier on "fox & friends." oyster bay, says it will take all unwanted statues of christopher columbus. antifa, by the way plans to deface and destroy columbus statues across the country. what do we make of this, ash? ashley: that is disgusting.
10:56 am
you can rewrite history, look at history in today's light. it was a different time. the things that these people were accused of in today's world, not right. you can't rewrite history and deface, bring down monuments all because a group of people have a problem with it. i'm sure, i think in this case it is silent majority should come through and say enough is enough. these are historical figures that have a huge impact in the formation of this country. leave it alone. stuart: what do you say, liz? liz: beating but the head with pipes and broom handles to get that i way and vandalism to get their way, instead of rational arguments. that is what antifa is b we should talk about their violence. i hear ashley, put the statues in museum. keep christopher columbus statues up. i'm for keeping statues up. stuart: where do you draw the line? whose statues do you take down, whose do you destroy? liz: why are we answering to
10:57 am
antifa the most violent group in the country, one of the most? stuart: it is columbus day. we're on the air. we're celebrating columbus day. we'll be back. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at i can do more to lower my a1c. and i can do it with what's already within me. because my body can still make its own insulin. and once-weekly trulicity activates my body to release it. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. it works 24/7, and you don't have to see or handle a needle.
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all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. stuart: the crash is coming, the debt bomb is about to explode. oh, you've heard the pundits on this program. david stockman, harry dent, dan schafer, they all think a stock market bust is just around the corner. but with it hasn't happened yet, has it? one day it will because it's the nature of markets to correct violently at some point, but so far since the election 11 months ago, the market has gone the other way; that is, straight up. over $5 trillion added to the nation's wealth. the dow up by about a quarter, and we're only one good rally away from dow 23,000. now, this has come as a surprise to so many people. most thought it would be a trump bust, not a raging trump rally.
11:01 am
but make no mistake, this stock market performance is all about trump. his growth agenda, his tax cut proposal, his deregulation, his energy policy. and it's about profits too. corporations are making more money now than ever before. investors love it. so what of the future? well, i don't do forecasts, and i'm not going to start now. but i will say this: we'd better get a tax cut, and we'd better see profits keep going up if this rally is going to hold. for now, open up your 401(k), your ira, your investment account and smile, please, because if you've got a dime in stocks, you are doing well. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ money, money, money, money
11:02 am
[laughter] stuart: money, money, money, money, money. i mean, you're making it. look at that. you've got a dime in the stock market, you're doing okay. we're up nine points on the dow industrials, and i see a lot more green than red amongst the 30 stocks. the nasdaq has also hit an all-time high as of today. scott martin's with us, king's view asset management cio and fox news contributor. does this market -- it feels like it just wants to go up. do you think it will go up a lot more? >> i do, stuart. and i think one of the reasons the market is doing so well, i mean, you mentioned in your intro there just out of the election period is because the market had so many haters. i mean, there were so many people that you said talked about this trump bust and how it was going to be a total failure, and those are conditions that the market typically loves. now admittedly, i guess frighteningly, i do have some liberal clients, believe it or not. and i've got to tell you, stuart, a lot of them took their
11:03 am
money out of the markets or at least raised a lot of cash in their portfolio. so in their 401(k)s, sadly, they've missed this whole rally, so now they're even further behind than they were before. stuart: what happens if we do not get a tax cut? what happens if the profit reports are not what we want to see, they're not robust? then do we start coming down on this market? it starts to move lower? >> most likely, yes. especially on the profit side because that's what the market cares about. with respect to the tax side, i don't know. i almost feel like, stuart, this is more of an opportunity missed if we don't get tax reform and regulatory reform, maybe some infrastructure spending, than it is a total disaster to the market because the reality is as you laid out, the economic conditions -- whether it is in the earnings picture, how about business confidence at multi-year highs? how about comments from business leaders that we respect throughout this country talking about how much they love this administration? that stuff is concrete, that stuff is firm, that can carry stock prices higher.
11:04 am
it's missing the tax cut as far as the big upside that the market could have if we don't get the tax cut that i'm concerned about. stuart: bear with me, scott, just hold on for a second. i want everyone to check this survey out from the federal reserve, and it says 46% of americans do not have enough money to meet a $400 emergency expense. you've looked at this, lizzie. you've got a nugget, a little wrinkle in this. >> yeah. and it's in the footnotes, because i love the footnotes. it says that the fed itself says we oversample households that make less than $40,000. so almost a third of those polled make less than $40,000. >> skewed, isn't it? stuart: i just didn't believe that. i don't believe nearly half this country can't get together $400. maybe i'm living in a bubble. scott martin, am i living in a bubble when i say, look, i'm sorry, i don't believe that half of america cannot get together $400? is. >> well, if it's a bubble or not, i want to join you, because i hope it's not reality.
11:05 am
i'll tell you what's funny, ill tell you this, there are a lot of clients out there, a lot of people that to not safe enough. life expectancy is going higher, health care costs, as you know, are on the rise. and what's interesting, they talk about this in the survey as well, it's the fact that people don't budget. people don't like to budget for some reason. it's hard to go out there and say, hey, i need to cut downsay $50 in spending from going out, or $20 a month from the grocery store. while the numbers may be skewed as you pointed out, the reality is this: americans do need to save more because of a lot of the economic factors that maybe weren't there 10, 20 years ago. stuart: got it. scott martin, thank you very much indeed, sir, appreciate it as always. the house and senate are in session smugglesly for 28 days -- simultaneously for 28 days until the end of the year. not a lot of time to get a tax
11:06 am
deal done. fox news politics editor chris stirewalt is with us now and, chris, you have been skeptical. last week you flat out said you don't think they're going to get a tax deal done this year. are you still skeptical? >> sure, and skeptical not because of the tax deal per se. obviously, it's complex and a lot of negotiations have to take place, but i'm skeptical because of what else needs to be done. and we saw with the president and the white house rolling out their demands on the daca, dreamers, whatever you want to call them, young adults who came to the united states illegally as minors. that deal is now i wouldn't say just imperilled, it's gone. and they also have to raise the debt ceiling. and they also have to come up with a continuing resolution, find a way to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year that just began. they have a lot they have to do. they have deep discord among republicans and plenty of enmity among between the two parties. stuart: i just keep going back to it, if republicans cannot get
11:07 am
tax reform done, they're just not going to do well next year in the elections. i can't believe that this bedrock policy -- cut taxes, small government -- if they can't do it after a year of dominance in politics in d.c., i just don't see how they can go to the electorate next year. >> i would say this, the republicans are making the same mistake on taxes that they did on the repeal of obamacare which is that they are litigating the issue on the territory of their opponents. on the question of tax cuts, they're not talking about growth, they're talking about whether they're fair and whether the taxes for rich people will go down or not. republicans used to know, yeah, we're cutting taxes for the rich, but it's going to make everybody better. now they're very sensitive ant this, and they are litigating this in the wrong territory. they should be talking about growth, not taxes. stuart: well said, chris. over the weekend the president tweeted this: i called chuck schumer yesterday to see if the dems want to do a great health care bill. obamacare is badly broken, big premiums, who knows?
11:08 am
he's reaching across the aisle. i don't think it's doing much good at this particular moment whether it's taxes, immigration or health care. right? >> i think that's right. and we saw that the president also, the white house is getting ready to roll out their instructions for group health insurance plans which could send the whole individual market kablooey too because it could shift the risk pools and do all of that stuff. so wreoing toave a very busy october. stuartyou know,ou ye a porful guy. if you'd have come on this program and said, yes, tre's no qstion, stuart, we're going to get a tax cut deal this year, that market would go straight up. you missed your chance. >> it's monday. next week i'll think about rallying the market. stuart: my heart bleeds. [laughter] thank you, sir. now, serious subject, here we go. miami dolphins' offensive line coach has resigned after video surfaced online with him allegedly snorting cocaine. tell me. >> yeah. chris foster, he's, as you say, the offensive line coach, and this is the video seen snorting a white powder through a $20
11:09 am
bill before he goes off to a meeting. this morning this has moved very rapidly, he announced he's resigning. in his statement he says i'm resigning with the miami dolphins, i accept full responsibility for my actions. dolphins saying we were made aware of this video late last night and have no tolerance for this behavior. he was, by the way, according to espn one of the highest paid assistant coaches, a salary somewhere between $2.5-$3 million. stuart: and more terrible publicity for the nfl. jam-packed hour just ahead, we're joined by taylor winston, hailed as a hero after he stole a pickup truck and drove victims to the hospital in the las vegas shooting. he's with us, he'll tell us his story. he's a good man. and the scandal rocking hollywood. harvey weinstein, the movie mogul who is branded a serial abuser of women, has been fired from the company that bears his name. hollywood mostly silent. antonio sabato jr. on that
11:10 am
coming up today. and hillary clinton blasting nigel farage for campaigning for president trump. she says farage came to this country and insulted her in a very perm way. farage is with us next to respond to the attack -- personal way. ♪ ♪
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: ladies and gentlemen, it is octr the 9th, and you're looking at a snowstorm in denver. up to a foot of snow expected in that area. that's snow right there. here it comes. [laughter] winter is close. hillary clinton shamming nigel farage -- slamming nigel farage. she gave an interview with the sunday times, a london newspaper, and here's the quote. he, that's farage, came to the u.s. to campaign for trump and
11:14 am
spent half of his remarks insulting me in a personal way and talking about trump as the alpha male, the silver-backed gorilla. think of those images and what that says about what's acceptable and what's not. fox news contributor nigel farage joins us now. he always smiles -- there you go, i knew he would smile eventually. [laughter] you've got to give us your response on what was a very strong attack on you in the "sunday times." 9. >> yes, it really was. hillary is here in london selling her book, "what happened," it's 20 pounds. clearly, the clintons haven't made enough money yet, and it's a book that should be renamed, in my opinion, the great winch because none of the reasons she lost the presidency has to do with her. it's because the world is an unfair place, and it's full of horrible, beastly people, people like me. the idea that i spent much of my speech in mississippi on hillary
11:15 am
clinton is lewd douse -- ludicrous. i simply said if i was an american citizen, i wouldn't vote for her if you paid me. [laughter] she, of course, responded the next day last august by calling me all the names under the sun. i was named a white supremacist. the upshot of this is very simple, i think it's important in life to be judged by your enemies. and if hillary clinton is a sworn enemy of mine, i reckon i'm in a pretty good place. stuart: nigel, can i just explain for our viewers winge, that's complaining or whining. it's an anglo-australian word which you've now introduced into america, and i think it might fly. [laughter] >> anyway, she, she -- but it really is. what a sad sight, isn't it? to see somebody that can't accept that perhaps the main reason she lost is because she, from the start, gave this sense of entitlement as if, you know, it was the crown that was due to
11:16 am
be placed on her head. she was arrogant, she was out of touch, she didn't go out and meet voters and citizens. and yet somehow it's all everybody else's fault, including mine. i have a funny feeling this book is not going to sell very well here in the u.k. stuart: i want to draw your attention to -- you know what's going on here. this is catalonia. thousands of protesters over the weekend were demonstrating in favor of national unity. opposing the breakaway of catalonia. now, it seemed to us from a distance -- we're here in america, we're looking at europe -- it seems like it was heading towards kind of balkanization, splitting up into very small countries. but maybe that's not the case. what's your thoughts on this? >> well, let's get a sense of perspective here. twenty years ago the number of catalans that wanted to separate from spain was about 15-20%. over the last few years, that's risen.
11:17 am
and in some polls, it's been as high as 40 percent. but what happened on october the 1st when the local catalan government tried to hold a referendum and the spanish police used ten, the spanish government used 10,000 police the stop people voting literally dragging elderly women out of polling stations by their hair to stop them voting. since then i have a feeling that, actually, those who now want to separate from spawn have grown -- from spain have grown. sure, there are two sides to this debate, but what is absolute fact is the spanish government, and it's supposed to be a modern democracy. they're supposed to have moved on from the days of fascism. their behavior has been so awful that i think that catalan's separation and independence has got a little bit of wind in its sails now. stuart: we shall see. nigel, thanks for joining us. always appreciate it. we'll see you again soon. thanks very much. check out walmart. it's an interesting case of
11:18 am
retail stuff here. launching a shopping app to simplify returns for the holidays. that's another shot at wal-mart -- i'm sorry, at amazon. walmart's hit $80 per share. take a look at this, please, this is northern california. five separate fires. evacuations underway in napa pa valley. that is wine country going up in smoke there, some of it at least. wind gusts 50 miles an hour, very tough to fight fires in those conditions. we've got more details on that coming up for you. congressman luis gutierrez from illinois criticizing president trump's wish list on immigration, calling it an extension of the white supremacist agenda. more on that in a moment. but look at this, spacex has launched ten satellites into orbit. the launch took place from vandenberg air force base, california, anden on wednesday spacex is set to conduct another launch, this time from kennedy center in florida. it'll send a hybrid broadcasting
11:19 am
satellite into orbit. spacex is on pace for 20 launches this year. back in a second. ♪ ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way
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once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder, or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at
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♪ ♪ stuart: does anybody still care ant this? [laughter] i don't know, that was a teaser from the new "star wars" film, the last jedi. it shows rea with her light saber, it's eight sects long, but -- seconds long are. the last jedi hits theaters on december 15th. i can't wait, can you? >> sarcasm -- stuart: i can wait all day long, thanks very much. [laughter] vice president pence walked out of a game between the indianapolis colts and the 49ers yesterday. some players kneeled during the anthem, the vice president later tweeted this. i left today's colts' game because the president of the united states and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or our anthem. dallas cowboys' owner jerry jones says if his players don't
11:24 am
stand for the anthem, they will be benched. they don't play. and now this from the players' union. they've got a statement that reads in part: no player is disrespecting our country or our flag, as thousands have shown in the past. it takes bravery and courage to speak and confront these issues as our players have, especially when it's unpopular with some. there you have it. that's football. more wildfires tearing through california, sweeping across wine country, napa and sonoma. one fire exploding from 200 audiocassetters to 20,000 acres -- acres overnight. thousands evacuating from hospitals, homes, resorts. listen to the fire chief there this morning describing how bad it is. roll tape. >> we're looking at a fire that's impacted, you know, hundreds if not thousands of structures. we do know that there are structures that have been damaged or destroyed. we also do know there have been civilians who have been injured. right now firefighters are in ap all hands on deck -- an all hands on deck kind of one-team
11:25 am
force trying to get containment and evacuating people. stuart: fair enough. i'll repeat, this is taking place in the very heart of america's probably best and most productive wine area tt we ve at this ment. there's the fires raging. emocrat congressman luis gutierrez, illinois, criticizing president trump's wish list on immigration calling it an -- the president's program, his ideas, an extension of his white supremacist agenda. outrageous. and president trump has said he wants to make america the dominant energy producer. all right. how's he doing? we'll answer the question. ♪ ♪
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
♪ ♪ >> john fogerty. stuart: john who? >> fogerty. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, you mentioned ashley webster doing air guitar. [laughter] >> i'm really good. >> took a lot of lessons. stuart: dow industrials, 22,783. [laughter]
11:30 am
watch him play that air guitar. >> he took a lot of lessons for it. stuart: change the facial expression, ashley. >> okay, okay. stuart: that's better. now you're playing bass. politics, president trump trying to reach out to democrats on immigration, here's what congressman luis gutierrez says about the plan, quote: it's an extension of the white supremacist agenda. what they want to do is criminalize and delegitimize latinos. congressman sean duffy, republican from wisconsin, is with us now. i say, sir, that is out of bounds. you don't start using language like that with the president of the united states. what say you? >> i would agree with you. i think luis gutierrez is a political hack. here you have a situation where you can secure the border, you can deal with sanctuary cities, and you can deal with the dreamers, the daca kids. and luis gutierrez doesn't care about actually fixing this problem, he cares more about having this as a political wedge issue.
11:31 am
luis gutierrez, by the way, is someone who has sat behind closed doors with republicans talking about how we deal with immigration reform, and he understands that if you're going to get immigration reform done, you have to secure the border. we have to be able to say in the country who comes in and who goes out. and he knows darn well the pathway comes through the border, and this just shows he's trying to enflame his hispanic base or latino base and get them angry at the president. so, again, this is hacksmanship. sad. stuart: your wife -- i don't want to get personal, but your wife, who's billion on this program as our guest frequently, i believe, is his hispanic. how does she feel about this? >> so are my children, also hispanic. listen, she understands that we need immigration reform, but we look back to '86, and, you know, we had amnesty today in exchange for border security tomorrow. border security never came. and so luis gutierrez should see the pathway to getting complete
11:32 am
immigration reform done that's fair. but the only way both sides come together is dealing with this decades-old issue of what happens on our border. and my own wife, she's one who looks at the hispanics in america who are here legally, and they're the ones who are working that get tainted sometimes with some of the bad doers, the criminals in sanctuary cities where it makes it, stuart, as you know, really hard to get them out, to identify them and get the bad actors out of our communities. stuart: got it. >>. so she's fully supportive of trying to get border security but also getting both sides together to find pathways that work for the country. stuart: congressman, thank you very much for joining us this morning. always appreciated. president trump has said he wants to make america the dominant energy producer. obvious question, that's his policy, how's he doing? former shell oil president john hofmeister is with us. is america now, or is it going to be in the near future, the
11:33 am
world's dominant energy producer? >> i think in the medium-term future it's highly likely if we take the right steps. and the president is off to a pretty good start, from my point of view. particularly when the previous administration was trying to handicap the oil and gas industry and make it very, very difficult to keep gas affordable. i think this president has seen where some of the duplicative and redundant regulates at the federal level simply need to go away. they weren't necessary to begin with, they were installed to make oil more expensive. now dismantling that is the right thing to do, but we're a long ways, stuart, from energy independence. we import seven million barrels a day in this country, i don't call that energy dominant. stuart: but if we gave free rein to our frakers to get the oil which is beneath our own territory, could we become energy independent? >> we absolutely have the
11:34 am
supply, but there's a structural change we need to make. we need to start using our plentiful natural gas as a transportation fuel in addition to feeding power plants to make electrons. if we could convert natural gas to liquid fuel such as ethanol or methanol along with lng, compressed natural gas, we could eliminate imported oil and become truly energy dominant because we wouldn't need to depend upon anyone, and we could satisfy our needs for the century to come. stuart: of course, that is a very long way away, let's not forget that. now, scott pruitt, epa guy, he's announced plans to -- to withdraw from the clean power plan. that power plan, as i understand it, john, placed targets for co2 reductions, reductions in emissions. we're abandoning those targets. is that a good thing, john? >> well, i think the previous
11:35 am
administration made a horrible error in trying to impose the clean power plan through executive fiat. that's just simply bad in a democracy with, you know, a congress that's there to legislate. and so by ignoring the congress, the president did not do the will of the people, which is how -- why we have elections, to make sure we do the will of the people. i think we need to continue to address co2 reductions. i think we're doing a good job of that with the substitution of natural gas for coal. i think that there is a role for coal, however. it may not be the dominant role that coal had for many years, but that was before we knew how much natural gas we have. so we can reduce co2 -- and we can also use technology to make coal cleaner. it's called coal gasification with carbon capture and sequestration. we have that technology. we simply choose not to use it
11:36 am
because it starts out to be more expensive. but over time you actually pay down the higher costs with the increased efficiently -- efficiency of coal. but it's making the initial investment that's difficult. so i'm a believer in reducing carbon emissions, but it's how we go about it that matters. stuart: it looks to me like the times in the energy business are really changing fast. john hofmeister, thanks for join ising us. come on in peter morici, university of maryland. i want to get your reaction to what john just told us there, that we are becoming the energy-dominant power in the world. from that, i take that to mean as we control the price of oil, our frackers control the price of oil on the world market. what say you? >> well, there's something to that. whenever oil gets above $50 a barrel, i follow very closely the number of drilling rigs out there, and they start to rise. basically, u.s. produceers put a
11:37 am
cap on the price of oil, it's not going to get much above $55 a barrel in present market conditions because the frackers come in with additional supply whenever the price starts to rise. and this is very, very good for the united states because it's making us less dependent on imported oil. stuart: i want to talk to you about the stock market. you've often voiced opinions on it before. we've just gone straight up since the election, and we're getting very close to 23,000 on the dow. seems to me that this stock market performance, really spectacular, has occurred just since president trump was elected on november the 8th of last year. is this really the trump rally? >> well, it's part, the price to earnings ratio is at about 25 now. it's recovered to its 25-year average. these are hardly overvalued stocks. and optimism remains strong because the optimism about future profitability which has recovered the last two quarters
11:38 am
very nicely is that it will continue now that we have a business-friendly environment. after all, you have to remember it's not just donald trump that was elect and replaced barack obama, but now we're starting to get a grip on the deep state which is extraordinarily hostile to business. extraordinarily hostile to the notion that it is legitimate to make a profit and to earn money and things of this nature. and in this environment, the united states becomes a friendlier place to invest. you know, $150 billion tax cut is not a lot, but it's a down payment on a whole list of things that are going to happen. more regulatory reform, it unfolds every day. immigration reform that is focused on providing america with the kinds of immigrants that it needs to, you know, in engineering and science and so forth. all of these things are part of a puzzle, a mosaic that restores america. and what you're seeing is a restorative stock market. stuart: yes, sir. you really are, almost 23,000 on
11:39 am
the dow, up $5 trillion in value since the election. a lot of money. peter, thanks for joining us. >> take care. stuart: look at some individual stocks that we're watching. mcdonald's, they brought back the schezwan sauce, very popular, brought it back for just one day. lines around the block, we are told. couldn't meet demand, they're going to bring the sauce back permanently this winter. no impact on the stock -- >> really? >> big news. stuart: car sam is a low form of wit. [laughter] general motors, they're buying strove, a tech company focused on self-driving vehicles. we've got ge on the board at the moment -- sorry about that. general motors, i should tell you, is at $45 a share. that's a nice rally again. big tech stepping up to get puerto rico back online. alphabet launching balloons like that one there to help provide emergency cell service in the area. it's part of a program called project loon. right now 83% of puerto rico's
11:40 am
cell towers are down. in comes google trying to do something about it, and the stock's close to $1 is ,000 per share. the las vegas went dark last night in honor of the victims of the worst shooting massacre in modern u.s. history. the signs went out at 10:05 for 11 minutes to honor the 58 victims who lost their lives at that exact moment one week ago. we're going to be joined shortly by this man, iraq war veteran taylor winston, hailed as a hero after he took a -- well, he stole a pickup truck to drive victims to the hospital during the shooting. he's going to tell us his story. well, hollywood they've fawned all other harvey weinstein for years including meryl streep. next, her statement today. and antonio sabato jr., he's with us to respond to the weinstein mess in a moment. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm nicole petallides with yourx business brief. a look at farming, something unusual now, and a development, that is, and that is machines bin to replace humans as they work on the fields, planting, growing, harvesting crop in the united kingdom. one group there, the project called hands-free, you can take
11:43 am
a look there as they move forward with a $250,000 investment by the government in order to run a farm, planting, growing, harvesting, a yield of 4 minute 5 tons of finish 4.5 tons of barley on two and a half acres as the rising cost for humans is a huge driver in trying to advance technology in this field. computers used to be, one person says it used to be very expensive and now it's come down in price, and maybe these automated items will also come down. ♪ ♪ i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think our recent online sales success seems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name.
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stuart: he's a movie mogul, at least he. harvey weinstein, well, he's been fired by the company which bears his name. he's accused of abusing women for decades. hollywood has fawned all over him for years. listen to meryl streep at the golden globes awards in 2012. roll that tape. >> i just want to thank my agent, kevin, and god -- harvey weinstein -- [laughter] [applause] the punisher, old testament, i guess. [laughter] stuart: i would like to say that she is a brilliant actress. well, she released a statement this morning saying, quote: the disgraceful news about harvey weinstein has appalled those of us whose good and worthy causes he supported. the intrepid women who raised their voices to expose this
11:46 am
abuse are our heroes. one thing can be clarified, not everybody knew. we're joined now by actor antonio sabato jr. who is running for congress. you announced that on our show just the other day, thank you very much. is that correct? >> yes, sir. thank you, sir, how are you? stuart: when you run, are you running against hollywood hypocrisy? >> i'm running against the democratic party who is a socialist party right now, the worst party i've ever seen. this party is not only lying to the american people, but is actually trying to change the constitution and the future of this country. and i tell people all the time we are at a border right now where we can change things or not change. and i'm going to fight to keep america the way that i love america, and i love this country so much. so we need to stick together and fight for the future of this country. it's really important that the democratic party at this point right now is going to keep on lying and keep delivering these kinds of messages to keep policies in place. we can't let that happen.
11:47 am
stuart: sir, you're in california. i've got to ask you about this, i.c.e., immigration folks. agenting director thomas hohmann, he's slamming governor jerry brown for signing the sanctuary state bill. hohmann says his agents will have no choice but to conduct immigration raids. so what's your reaction to that and jerry brown making california a sanctuary state? >> this is the most ridiculous thing and offensive to the american people. we should never have anything to do with sanctuary cities, sanctuary states. this governor is the worst governor this country -- i mean, this state has ever had. we have a new election next year. i'm running for congress in my district, 26, go to vote, we've got to make california red again at some point. how can we protect people who are coming here from all over the world who don't love this country, who don't appreciate this country, who don't want to
11:48 am
learn the language, who don't have a passport and take advantage of the taxpayer money every day? the veterans are last, the american people are last. i mean, we don't take care of the american people, what's left in this country? but with we take people who are coming here from all over of the world and taking advantage of these democrats whose so-called -- they call america as their country? no, no, we need to change this, and we need to change this fast. stuart: as i recall, you came to america as a teenager, is that correct, sir? >> that is correct. i came here in 1985 as a proud italian with my family, came here, waited in line, did everything legally, and i came here, and i'm proud to be an american. stuart: exactly. i came here many, many years ago. when i came here, when you came here, neither of us thought we'd ever see the day when you'd just walk across the border, make demands, and you're going to stay whether you're legal or not, you're going to stay. i never saw that coming, and i don't think you did either. >> no, i never saw this coming. but, you know, the socialist party as they call the
11:49 am
democratic party, they really are changing the constitution. i mean, we've got to really protect this country by electing people like myself who love this nation so much, who put my country first. stuart: one last one. california senate democrat dianne feinstein, she says she's going to run for re-election. she's 84 now, she would be 91 at the end of her term if she is reelected. your thoughts, please. >> well, listen, they reelected pelosi, and look what's going on in that party. the democratic party's losing from left and right. i mean, they're losing all over the place, and all they do is attack our president every single day with no proof whatsoever. so i just tell the american people, this is our time to get our country back and to support our president and to support our nation and to support our veterans and our military and everybody who lives here, who are paying taxpayer money who love this country so much. that's what we've got to do. stuart: candidate antonio sabato jr., thanks for coming on the show. thank you, sir.
11:50 am
>> my pleasure, sir. thank you. stuart: next up, iraqi war veteran taylor winston joins us, he's the man who stole a pickup truck during the vegas shooting to transport people to the hospital. he's a good guy. he's being rewarded for his bravery too. he'll tell us his story in a moment. ♪ ♪ if you're on medicare, remember,
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or visit us online. we make it easy to enroll, too. so call or go online today. [sfx: mnemonic] stuart: we do not want the massacre in s vegas to fade from our memories and fade from the news cycle. we don't want evil to take over. we're hearing stories of heroism, and we're telling you those stories about that man on your screen right now. he's an iraqi war veteran. when the shooting started, he drove around 30 shooting victims to the hospital in a pickup truck he found near the scene. taylor winston joins us by phone. taylor are, it's a great pleasure and an honor to have you on the program, but explain something to me, will you? you came outside during the shooting, and you found a truck? did you hot wire it and steal it? what did you do? >> i wish i was that crafty. [laughter] i gotta give credit to the
11:55 am
knowledge i have with it's values. -- with festivals. i was pretty sure there would be a vehicle over in the work vehicles that would happen to have keys left in them because people tend to share them for efficiency throughout the day. that happened to be the case the very first vehicle i looked in. it's honestly kind of surreal and out of a movie, but it worked out. stuart: i don't know whether you were ever in combat in iraq, but you've been in somewhat similar situations. did you find what looked like a combat situation when you, when the shooting occurred? >> the only thing i can kind of relate is wounded victims, but this wasn't anything like war, to me honestly. a lot of veterans agree. it was just, you know, your friends, family, local americans
11:56 am
, you're pretty much getting shot like fish in a barrel, and there's nothing you can do. it was just incredibly horrific. stuart: well, were you under fire when you took those people to the truck? >> we grand the truck and then we went back towards the gunfire where a lot of other unsung heroes were starting to stage a makeshift hospital on the other side of the fence away from the gunfire, and that's the only reason i was able to grab so many people, because others were dragging them out of the venue to the street where we were able to load them up and get them to the hospital. stuart: well, you're a hero, indeed, and i believe -- i think you've got a reward for this. you've been given a free truck? tell us, please? >> that's what we've kind of been working out. it took me about a week to even reach out to them because i've never been given a gift of this caliber before, and it's been hard to accept it.
11:57 am
but we looked at a lot of positive, and and spoke to a lot of friends on whether i should do it or not, and we decided to go through with it and accept them on their offer. stuart: well, taylor winston, you're a good man. you're a hero in our eyes, and we want to keep these wonderful stories alive, and thank you very much for being on the show this morning. taylor winston, everyone. a good man. >> thank you so much for having me. stuart: sure thing, sir. more "varney" after this. finish and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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. . . .
11:59 am
stuart: just in case you missed it, some very big name technology stocks are at or very close to all-time record highs. facebook, for example, is exactly one dollar away from its all-time high. 174 at the moment. microsoft is at a new all-time high or, just a few sents away. 76.28. it reached 76.39 at one time.
12:00 pm
i call it all-time high. amazon not at all-time high but closings in on $1000 per share. what a day. by the way, the stocks added $5 trillion since election day. my time is up. neil, it is yours. neil: thank you very much, stuart. we're focusing on security today a week after a nation comprehends what the heck happened in las vegas. growing security at any public event, including what is going on in new york's midtown for the columbus day parade. they are on heightened alert, make sure nothing, nothing out of the ordinary happens. connell mcshane in middle of all of that. connell? reporter: they are on heightened alert couple reasons. we heard about arrests last week. three individuals arrested for some planning isis-inspired attack in new york city thwarted by federal authorities. we're thinking about las vegas as we watch floats and


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