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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 13, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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gregg: congress passed a law that said the fcc can make a judgment on the fitness of a broadcast news organization. lou: good evening. breaking news tonight. the president today announcing major foreign policy decisions on iran. first, president trump has designated the iranian revolutionary guard corps to be terrorists. this is the first time the united states has verde clareed a military unit of a government to be terrorists. president trump also announcing his decision to not certainify the iran nuclear dl. the president took these actions becaus as he has said often, he find the obama agreement to be unacceptable. and president trump vowed to cancel it all together if congress and our allies don't
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address the deal's serious flaws. >> we cannot and will not make this certification. we'll not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakdown. in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies, then the agreement will can terminated. lou: we'll be taking up the president's effort to fiction the motion he inherited. he's going to halt billions of dollars in subsidies to insurance companies. the move meant to put pressure on congress to repeal the disastrous law. >> we are taking a different route than we had hoped.
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congress forgot what their plejts were. so we are going a different route. but in the end it will be just as effective and maybe it will even be better. lou: we'll take up what has been a week of decisive action by the president. firefighters in northern california battling another round of low humidity and high winds as they battle 17 wildfires raging throughout wine country. the devastating wildfires killed 32 people, left hundreds missing. we'll have the full report for you tonight. our top story. president trump taking bold action. reversing the obama-era policy of appeasement of iran. president trump announcing he's decertifying the iran nuclear deal, a deal the president says is not in the national security interests of this country.
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the president targeting iran's revolutionary guard and its destabilizing actions in syria and iraq. >> i'm authorizing the treasury department to further sanction the entire islamic revolutionary guard corps for support for terrorism and to apply sanctions to its officials, agents, and affiliates. lou: what will be the effect of the president's decisions on iran, the obama nuclear deal with iran. syria, iraq. what is the significance of what even democrats and the left are acknowledging is a bold reversal of the obama doctrine in the middle east. joining us retired four-star general jack keane. let's start with this deal. it was not exactly as had been envisioned by many of the experts in national security. the president found a path forward.
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your thoughts on its effectiveness. >> well, first of all, you put your finger right on it when you said in the introduction. the obama period of appeasement with the iranians is over. what we have here with president trump he has formalized the fact that the united states as a global power along with our allies will confront iranians and contain their aggression. i love the comprehensive nature of this policy decision. we are going to work with our allies and our partners to reset the balance of power. that we are going to stop the irgc's funding with our allies, we are doing business with them. and we'll focus to a certain degree what he's doing with the
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nuclear deal. they are outside the scope of the deal sadly. that's at the heart of this problem. it's such a poor instrument, and why people who are emotionally attached to it defend it is a sad commentary when it won't accomplish wait set out to do, deny iran nuclear weapons. it guarantees them nuclear weapons. lou: it was made clear by european nations that they believe it will lead to greater activity on the part of the revolutionary guard corps. that they will somehow respond to this in a violent manner as if they weren't already doing so. it's sort of a stunning position for the europeans to take.
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>> they are feckless leaders, lou. one leader after another in europe. after 38 attacks on nato by isis has failed to change a single policy that i'm aware of to curb that activity. we should not be surprised. here is what i do believe will happen. i do believe the revolutionary guards will conduct attacks against americans in iraq when they are on the move and when they are likely introduce the advanced ieds they used against us for years. that's likely to take place. it won't intimidate us at all. we dealt with these folks before, we have the wherewithal to deal with them again. lou: at to point does the united states with our service members
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being killed by iran or its proxies, and the iranian regime that the president reefed to as a rogue regime. at what point do we respect directly to iran and make them pay a price? >> we'll see what they do. i'm with you 100%. we should have done things before. we recommended to the push administration that we take down the two training basses from which all those iraqi shiia militia were coming from. but he chose not to do that. and that was a mistake. people around president bush at the time wanted him to do that. that would have been a direct attack. we'll see what the trump team does. they are of a mind to confront the iranians for sure. they know the appeasement isn't working.
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they are more aggressive than they have been. this deal has given them hundreds of billions of dollars. and it's given them a sense of moral high ground. after all the most of powerful nations in the world signed the deal with them. and that has given them hubris and confidence. now we'll stand up to them. lou: general jack keane, always great to have you with us. firefighters in northern california are making progress against the deadliest wildfires in the state's history. unfortunately high winds and hot weather is in the forecast for this weekend. adam housley is in oakville, california in napa valley with our report. >> we have people out here going on their fifth day. we are going to try to get them off and replace them. reporter: fresh firefighters get
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their marching orders for what could be a busy weekend. >> we need to you keep doing what you are doing. we just need to support you mentally and physically so we can continue this operation. >> an operation that includes 9,000 emergency responders. numbers increasing by the hour as officials issued another round of red flag warnings. currently they are saying they could be as high as 50-mile-an-hour winds. reporter: while containment is in double digits. there are still areas of concern. >> there are pockets we can't get to. there are good days and bad days. reporter: with the possibility. more bad days ahead. sheriffs are going door to door to make sure those in danger have gone the out. but some refuse to leave who are
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defending their home with the help of firefighters. >> we are not leaving. >> we are seeing our neighbors' homes going up in flames. we are hearing their propane tanks going off like grenades. reporter: others say they didn't wait. >> when you have to run, you have to run. you have to leave faster and you have to leave with nothing. you just have to save your life and your kids' lives. reporter: higher winds are forecast this weekend. they are hammering these fires from the air with water with help from the national guard. lou: we are coming right back. a lot to cover tonight. stay with us. keeping his promises, president trump deciding not to certify the iranian nuclear deal. >> i didn't have a schedule, but if i did have a schedule, i
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would say we are substantially ahead of schedule. >> we take up what may be the most of accomplished presidency in modern american history. ed rollins joins me. former u.n. ambassador samantha power in front of the hoins tell jones committee on unmasking of american citizens. that's next. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: hollywood's harvey weinstein's scandal is expanding. amazon has suspended one of their executives. the claims are so rampant that across stress jane fonda has expressed regret for not speak out herself earlier. eye found out about harvey about a year ago and i'm ashamed i didn't say anything right then. one of the women who has spoken out told me, let's not think this is some unique horrific. this goes on all the time.
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lou: a remarkable admission and unfortunate, perhaps even tragic. it appears hillary clinton has lost it completely. clinton tried to defend her hollywood pal harvey weinstein on the bbc. she hurled accusations at president trump until the host called her out. the former first lady called out on her own obvious and instant hypocrisy. >> this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it's entertainment, politics. we have someone admitting to be a sexual assaulter in the oval office. >> in your book the three women brought on the stage by trump you kind of dismissed them. >> it had been litigated. that was the subject of a huge
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investigation as you might recall in the late 90s. there were conclusions drawn, and that was clearly in the past. lou: clearly in the past. joining me now, ed rollins, chairman of the great america pac. and member of the political consultant hall of fame. what do you make of her emotional statement. >> hypocrisy. the and susheddity of a woman who covered up for her husband when was governor, president, and today. they are great friends. he put on her big birthday party. they have been in total denial on bad beshave year. the country made the right choice in not making sure show was our leader. >>er utterly, appalling entry.
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she can't want to re-litigate her husband's -- the charges against him. and the liability for which he stood. ed: just take her behavior. lou: to attack the president of the united states again as if it's 2016 and they are candidates it's appalling. ed: she attacked the women who made the charges that turned out to be truthful. she dismissed it that it was litigated. the man was impeached by the house of representatives and he was used. and he lied under oath. lou: he was disbarred. ed: she ought to bite her tongue, teach at columbia and not talk about her good friends harvey weinstein or president trump. lou: let's talk about the
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president today. the man is taking action. doing what he said he would do on the campaign trail. we reached a level of presidential faith keeping that is extraordinary. edrequire many promises made, promises kept. he said to the congress, you made promises, fix healthcare. they wouldn't do it. through executive order he's doing as muchs he could. today he took a dramatic step forward in taking a subsidy that was illegal, ruled illegal by the court. he said i'm not going to subsidize insurance companies. if congress wants to approve money for that fine. but they haven't. the court said i shouldn't do it and i kit off. lou: it was illegal when president trump did it and he's reversing it. ed: he has undone a vast
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majority of the damage done by president trump by executive orders and he's trying to correct the legislative stuff that was done. lou: i understand what you are saying. but foreign policy, it will take some time and great resolve to fix what he did as obama. ed: he and kerry and hillary clinton as secretary of state. lou: there is a pair. ed: what he said to the iranians, i know you are cheating, i know it was a bad deal. i have got you on notice. lou: obama knew they were cheating. ed: he didn't care. he want to be part of the global community. lou: if you examine the obama years, every major decision he made -- no one can define what
7:21 pm
the obama doctrine is. but it is without question decisions taken against the u.s. national interests. there is -- i can't think an exception. >> i will never forget when went to west point and made a speech to the young cadets. he said this isn't about war anymore, this is about diplomacy. you would think he was talking to the foreign service school. lou: it is appalling. ed: we have a leader now. lou: i think we'll see his polling numbers reflect that. even though there is a built in bias against him on the part of the news organizations. majority of them that run these polls. you are seeing strength out there. i was giving a speech at hillsdale college, to see the enthusiasm for donald trump as our president and the acknowledgment of what he's
7:22 pm
achieving is terrific. ed: promised made, promises kept. he will turn this country around. it's so important. lou: it's under way. we'll talk more about that in the product cast and show you some of the evidence ed is referring to. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the dems should give back the money they receive from the entertainment industry until the full extent of hollywood's harassment culture has against ex pleased? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. las vegas police again revising the timeline of the october 1 shooting sat mandalay bay. and the massacre that followed. authorities say stephen paddock shot at a security guard on his hotel floor, the 32nd floor at
7:23 pm
approximately the same time he started to shoot at the concert-goers below. the new timeline comes a day after the hotel owner disputed the police department's revised timeline showing a 6-minute interval betweened the two events. on wall street, stocks closing higher and setting records. the dow up 31 points. the s & p up 2 and the nasdaq at a record high up 14. health insurance companies plunging following the president's announcement he's ending their suction does effective immediately. good news for the economy. consumer confidence hitting the highest level since 2004. facebook getting into the food delivery business. allowing their users to order
7:24 pm
from restaurants on its site. a me mindser to -- a reminder to listen to my reports every day on the salem radio network. >> we will take decisive action against those who would threaten our people with harm. and we'll be decisive. because we know that the first duty of government is to serve its citizens. lou: serve its citizens. what a novel idea on the part of the president of the united states. the president's successful week is the subject of my commentary here next. let's talk about how it feels to win, win, and win some more. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: president trump taking action this week to deliver on his campaign promises and to working hard to roll back mistakes and misguided policies of his predecessor. the president refusing to recertify the iranian nuclear deal which then president obama called his toirk. president trump warned republican leaders he will terminate that agreement if mcconnell and ryan fail to restore sanctions against iran. president trump cutting off billions of dollars in subsidy payments to health understand companies. and signing an executive order allowing interstate competition for insurers.
7:30 pm
and demand that must be met if congress wants a deal on daca. it's clear president means to fix the mess left to him by obama, with or without the help of congressional lead hers. he also met with canadian prime minister trudeau. and nominated a new dhs secretary and campaigned for tax cuts in pennsylvania. consumer confidence at the highest level in 13 years. all of these presidential actions threatening the establishment, the swamp, that's why the left, the gop establishment and elites, big, big, all hate any success demonstrated by the trump administration. there is a mounting, mounting number of successes the
7:31 pm
president can claim and the american people can say thank you, mr. president. all the while this week congress and the senate, they were laying about in the d.c. swamp of many critters. it's truly fun to watch. this quotation from john maxwell. a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. we are coming right back. president trump announcing he will not recertify the obama iranian nuclear deal. >> as i said many times. iran deal was one of the worst and most of one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. lou: matt schlapp and tammy bruce join me next.
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john mccain could cast the deciding vote against tax cuts. and susan collins is shocking everyone. she is going to stay in the public trough -- i mean the senate rather than run for the governor of her state. joining me now, matt schlapp, washington times columnist, fox news contributor, tammy bruce. also a great mayor can. let's start with his successes. this has been an extraordinary week for the president. he talked on the campaign trail about action, not words. he's a man of action. tammy: it end up what capitol hill being an obstructionist grape work has been a benefit to the president. allowing him to highlight his
7:37 pm
strengths, getting things done on his own. imagine what would happen if in fact everybody got it and wanted to serve the american people the way the president does. there are large things the government wants to get done and mcconnell and ryan need to move forward. if they don't, conservative groups earlier said get out. lou: isn't it the reality that gop establishment, the entrenched -- those who are entrenched in the public trough. democratic he athletes, the business -- the democratic elites. in president trump succeeds, and he's succeeding beyond anyone's manage nation to this point. if he succeeds they are in a hell of a lot of trouble.
7:38 pm
matt: that's exactly right. let's talk about susan collins for a minute. let me just say this. in the state of main which we have been told forever that more moderate and liberal you are as a republican, the better you will do. the reason she is staying in the senate is she wants to be the governor of maine, but she can't get out of a republican primary. it's people across this country who are sick and tired of the fact that congress says they will do things and republicans in congress say they will do things and they fail to get them done. and they are not going to take it any more. lou: is it possible to consider the possibility that there won't be tax cuts.
7:39 pm
speaker ryan says he will have people work on fridays, if you can imagine. tammy: they might break a sweat out there. nothing is going to happen this year. they couldn't deliver with obamacare. there is a reason for that. that wasn't a fluke. it's what mcconnell wanted. and we'll in the same dynamic. mcconnell noted they would get thanks reform by the end of this congress. which means he's anticipating next year. he's already deciding to do it in that fashion. lou: i would say he's anticipating taking down another major agenda item. he's become loathe some in his lack of principle and integrity. fidelity and concern about the national interest. matt: i'll risk doing something here on a friday to agitate you
7:40 pm
both. lou: you don't have to worry about me. matt: i think mcconnell understands the political noose around his neck. if we fail, we already failed on obamacare. if we fail on taxes which will be awfully tough to get done. if we fail on that as well, i think there will be a wholesale revolt in the republican party. lou: for self-preservation you would assume some of the people in the conference would want to win and succeed and line up shoulder to shoulder with the president. it's startling to watch this. >> they are not blaming the president. they want the president's agenda. in the senate, the john mccain and the susan collins, i think you will see wholesale change. you can't keep winning elections
7:41 pm
and not getting anything done. lou: this president is getting things done. that's the headline greeting the eyes of everyone walk into polling booths in the 2018 mid-terms. everyone on capitol hill should understand something. there will be two winners. the country and the president who leads in the successes he's chalk up every week. they are going to be decimated and irrespective, donald trump as president will prevail again. there is just no way that these kinds of small people like ryan and mcconnell can in any way impede that. maybe the agenda, but not the president. get it done. matt schlapp, tammy bruce, thanks for being with us. please, roll the video.
7:42 pm
watch as this athlete takes his bike on a high-flying ride in sunny california effortlessly flying through the air performs mesmerizing sensational flips and turns. our words of the night are mesmerizing and phenomenal. i haven't used those in months. i am so proud of me. up next, president trump fighting back against nuclear threats. >> there are many people who believe iran is dealing with north korea. the longer we ignore a threat the worse that threat becomes. lou: john hannah takes up the moves by the trump administration here next. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: north korea again threatening to launch missiles towards the u.s. territory of guam. rocket man kim jong-un is upset about joifnlt s. and south korean naval drills in the waters around the peninsula. joining me, john hannah.
7:47 pm
great to have you with us. this has been as we were discussing earlier in the broadcast a remarkable week of leadership for the president of the united states. on iran. on domestic issues, whether they be immigration. you name it. we are look at an economy that is right now strong, it is growing. and the confidence of the american people is reflected in interest, you are advise and indexes. this is something that the left has feared from the moment that donald trump jumped into the race and ultimately won the white house. >> let me just refer to the iran case. what happened today i think is just a major inflection point in the history of u.s. policy forward iran. in over four defend kids no american president prior to
7:48 pm
donald trump has ever had a con prehencive strategy to push back against iranian aggression and iranian attacks againstmerican intests. donald trump has now declared war on the islamic republic's revolutionary guard corps. lou: we are hearing from europe that they fear there will be great activity and terrorism on the part of the elite republican guard of iran. meanwhile, that's precisely what they do day in and day out. the largest state sponsor of terrorism principle armies the revolutionary guard. >> exactly right. lou. ref solutionary guard is the tip of the spear for all of iran -- the revolutionary guard is the tip of the spear for all of
7:49 pm
iran's malignant activity. the human rights abuses, terrorism, aggression, ballistic mission isle program are all controlled by the irgc. this an irgc regime and the president has put a target on the irgc for the first time in nearly four decades of policy toward iran. lou: the president has taken this action without the support of the leadership of the republican party in the senate or house. he's operating against the wishes of many of our allies who are utterly dependent upon the united states for their ultimate national security and protection it 15 minutes an extraordinary moment as you say. he's snowing true presidential
7:50 pm
leadership and he's standing stall. unfor the thatly for the most of part alone in the decisions he's making. >> i think there is some truth to that. but i think this guy is a pretty masterful negotiator. what he has said to the sewer phones and congress and the iranians. if you are so in love with this nuclear deal, i'm prepared to stay with it. but only if you work with me to actually improve it and fix these fatal flaws that exist in this regime. lou: in december is naight the ircg terrorists under that designation is remarkable. he stood tall and for the most of part alone with reticent -- i
7:51 pm
could use on ther adjectives -- use other adjectives, allies in europe and most of especially the republican leadership. we were rinsing to bob corker go on today it's a disgrace to watch this man behave against the interests of the country and the agenda of the president. >> the irgc controls the iranian economy. they are a terrorist group under terrorist designations. no american business will want to take it risk that the party they are dealing with is a front organization for the irgc.
7:52 pm
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lou: in our online poll we asked you is it time for the nfl to hands out harsh penalties for players who continue to insult the anthem on our flag. 94% say yes. thursday night football down 13% from the week before. the trajectory of the nfl viewership as millions of fans are turning their backs on the league. average viewership all nationally televised nfl games down 7% from a year ago. and that was to follow an even worse year in 2013. 18% down. despite the ratings crashes, commissioner good. ellisongood goodell reef
7:57 pm
fuses to punish his players. sheriff witting on says he refuses to support those who show disrespect. burgess owens, it's good to have you with us. we know the nfl owners will meet with the commissioner next week. we also don't know what to expect. but they seem to be proud at nfl headquarters of not in any way enforcing a private employer contract for behavior with the players. it's stunning. >> hi, lou. the reason why we are here is there are left why its within the nfl.
7:58 pm
they have become political tools for the democrats. and the goal was to have hillary clinton get elected. to have one of the guys get on the knee and energize the black base ways they do best. they took it a bridge too far and didn't realize the american people don't think they are all that that they think they are. i am proud of a country that says we care about our country more than we care about entertainers. no matter what you have done in the past, we'll turn you off. lou: next week goodell and joe lockhart, they are getting belligerent. they say they will not compel conduct on the part of players. maybe that explains why we have seen so many arrests in the nfl. the commissioner don't know what standards to hold players to.
7:59 pm
he sees the consequence of it. we are down 18% in viewership in the past two years. >> you just hit on something i think is more important. i'm thankful for a president who said your progressive ways are taking away our heritage and culture. and that's what we are. we are having a conversation i wish we would have had a long time ago. these kids have been trained to think the way they are. you gone into a community where 18% of black males are unemployed. we with black men leaving their family. misery is a political strategy for these guys. it's time to turn it against
8:00 pm
them and let them know water dealing with. lou: burgess owens great to have you here. that up it for us tonight. joining us tomorrow. john bolton. good night from new york. >> from fox business headquarters in new york city the new "wall street week." maria: welcome to "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. the bond king jeffrey gundlach is our special guest this weekend. gerri willis is standing by with some of the big headlines this week. gerri: a busy week indeed. earning season getting underway with bank earnings this week. wells fargo with revenue numbers coming in well below the mats. the bank however did report


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