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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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them and let them know water dealing with. lou: burgess owens great to have you here. that up it for us tonight. joining us tomorrow. night from. kennedy: the president signs an executive order on healthcare. will it help dismantle obamacare or make it system pore bloated? what are the democrats going to do with the millions in donations from accused rapist harvey weinstein. a liberal has to defend a conservative position, and vice versa. turn on the oven. it's time to get cooking. if you have been smacked in the kisser by the obamacare sucker punch. the president has a new executive order that will save or screw healthcare depending on who you ask. the e.o. will allow little guys
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to band together. plans will be offered supposedly across state lines and there will be more pretax money set aside for workers to buy cheaper plants of their choosing. executive orders are not my fast it arrow in the quiver. but i do like the affordability this has and insurance companies don't want to create a market new plan for the freshly insurable. critics are saying this order will further destabilize obamacare if that's possible. more choices and more freedom. but what one president giveth the next president can taketh
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away. since we'll never get government entirely out of healthcare, we'll have to settle for the next best thing and that's never good. let's get to it. i'm kennedy. healthcare is 1/5 of the entire u.s. economy. that's a massive cheung and it affects he single american in one way or another. will the president's order to do what the president has been unable to do accomplish or help anyone? joining me is chairman of the freedom caucus, mark meadows. nice to see you. as i said, i'm not a big fan of executive orders. i didn't appreciate it when president obama ruled by executive fiat. i don't think we should be
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hypocritical and accept executive orders from this party and congress president either. >> we fumbled twice. i agree we can't be hypocritical on this. but what we see under the obamacare statute. it lives the secretary of hhs wide latitude in setting up rules that go along with that. so what president obama set up as a rule we have president trump setting up a rule that will lower premiums. we have got to get to work. we fumbled twice. it's time we come back and get this done. codified in law. we have to make sure we deliver. and the american people are frustrated. i'm frustrated. when we look at that, we have to put real pressure on the senate. but what we'll start to see is not on will we get lower
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premiums but we'll start to allow the free markets to take effect. kennedy: this seems to be the most of free market crisis. realistically since this is no longer a theoretical issue. this is an executive order. will people see the benefit of that? and does that give congress a little bit more confidence from your constituents to pass the identical thing into law? >> i think it will. here is one of the things you have happening. once the free market takes place. once we see lower premiums for a lot of those people you were talking about, all of a sudden the pressure becomes if we can do this in a small way, why don't we do it in a much bigger way and codify it into law. i know we have a conversation
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with the understand commissioner later today. kennedy: the understand commissioners from south carolina and california, they have to be nervous and giving you pushback on selling understand across state lines. because a product from the southeastern united states is going to look very different going somewhere like the pacific northwest. how do you allay their fears and explain to them the utility of this? >> i think you will have the politics of individual understand commissioners to suggest otherwise. but talking to our commissioners what they are focused on is association plans. let's say you are with the board of real towards or home builders association. all of a sudden you can bring all those people together and they can get a group policy like they would if they were employed with a major employer, they start to drive down premiums and we see that actually working.
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the competition across state lines is problematic. each state has individual types of coverage you have to provide. but even if you have that threshold that you can go as long as you can certainly allow for reimbursement of your healthcare providers. that's why i'm having the conversation. kennedy: i want to switch gears and talk about the area of the freedom caucus. you are the on ones who actually talk about cutting the size of government. the president has complained that he has bent victim of secretive surveillance from the previous administration, and would you think that he would be more amenable to rolling back
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the stranglehold that the nsa has on warrantless surveillance. does the nsa reform package go far enough for the freedom caucus? someone of the things we have to look at is balance our national security interests with our constitutional protected rights of the fourth amendment which says there should not be unlawful search and seizure. yet what we have done, we find in some of the unmasking that the president knows all too well, the government tends to go a lot further than they need to just for national security. we have seen that in some of the most of recent story with the unmasks. so we have to protect those constitutional fourth amendment rights and find a tool to make sure we can go after the bad guys. we are not there. there are some who say we need to have more open surveillance.
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there are some who say no surveillance at all. but we are engaged in that in a real way and we believe we'll have a debate. there are currently not enough votes to pass some of the legislation being proposed. so we'll have a real dialogue within the coming weeks. >> i hope there is a dialogue. i know this creates strange coalitions within the house and senate. don't be afraid of that. things have become so fractured and politicized. both parties are dug in, but for people who hold their ideological principles dear, we want to make sure you are fighting the good fight and that the government doesn't become so big and bloated and entitled that it feels free to spy on americans when they say they are scooping up foreign targets and americans accidentally get
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caught in that net. i appreciate your vigilance there. how do you think it ultimately will end up? >> i can tell you that i'm on the right. obviously we have a number of progressives who joined with us to say we may not have the same reasons for supporting different times of legislation, but on this, we believe it's important to adhere to the constitution and make sure it' protected. it does make for strange bed fellows. but i'm refreshed in the type of dialogue that's going on. even some that may not be as reformed blinded on this fisa surveillance issue, they are willing to even gang primarily because they don't have the votes. hopefully what we'll do is allow a real debate to happen in two weeks over the next two to four weeks before we come up with a reauthorization. kennedy: i hope you couple with
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a win. i know you have a lot on your plate. we want the economy to grow and we want the country to be safe. but most of importantly we value the constitution and what it stand for. thank you so much for your time. former fbi director robert mueller's investigation into russian election meddling is heating up. politico is saying the president's lawyers are open to the president to sit down and talk with mueller. trump's team apparently trying to create a more cooperative tone with the special investigation. john dowd did email politico after the story was published explaining totally false with 15 exclamation points which seems to happen any time there is a
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juicy presidential story. but mueller has been investigating potential ties between trump's campaign and the kremlin. would it be a good idea for the president to open up to mueller? america in the age of trump. jessica tarlov is here along with the host of the tom shillue show on fox news radio. listen every day from 12:00 to 3:00 on the east coast. and dolph ziggler. should the president agree to sit down for an interview with the special investigator? >> i do. i don't think president trump knew what was going on.
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i think he will probably say a few things that are -- that interview with lester holt saying i don't want james comey look into this. kennedy: he will be with his lawyers. when he sits for those interviews and the press knows how to box him in now and go ahead him in -- and to goad him into releasing juicy nuggets. >> no testifying it's a trap it's a mistake. i know he had nothing to do with it. city just want to hear what he has to say. >> i think he's a low-level brain in this corruption. tom: president trump doesn't speak in specific ways. he will get in trouble in a
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situation like that. you negotiate these things with the prosecutors. kennedy: you start at 15 like the corporate tax rate. tom: he should negotiate to have a teleprompter in the investigation. mueller asks the question an turns this way. he should have his audience there. you can turn around. jessica: like the hangar from pennsylvania. kennedy: what should he do? >> i think he wants ratings and everyone around. you put a crowd around them. but you will get like big bang theories minus the laugh track. you have the people who don't want him in office watching him try to stand up for himself. the only lifelines are people
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outside. i would do it just so everyone would be talking about him. and he would throw up three tweets. and you would say which one of these are true and which ones are real. kennedy: mueller says, hey, man, i just wanted to ask you some questions. do we have a makeup artist? >> he would love it and here is what we would all do. you would pick two sentences you would like out of it, and we would all go back to talking about the same thing and a week later it would be a whole new story. kennedy: we are going to play a game called party swap. president trump stepping up his attacks on what he calls the fake news media. he's questioning whether some outlets should be put out of business. thatatatatat
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kennedy: president trump has been waging war against the so-called fake news media. but the media is pushing back. it started after the president went after nbc for a report that trump had called forea ten fold
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increase in our nuclear arsenal. he tweeted that licenses must be challenged and if appropriate revoked. not fair to public. the thing is, there are no licenses to revoke. that's not how it works. critics are saying the free press is a corner stone of our democracy and constitution. ben sass says words spoken by the president matter. are you recanting the oath you took to protect and defended the constitution? tim carney is joining us. i don't mind when the president
5:20 am
expresses his opinion. i know he has strong opinions. i have an issue, i don't like this so i may take some government action against something i don't like. >> i think ben as sasse and youe right that he can't do anything about this but this words matter. but he has the ability to shape the opinion of people who support and follow him. we saw the opinion toward the nfl go way down since trump took them on. we don't want him shaping the mayor cans in a more censorious method. you saw twitter shutting people down for saying things they didn't like. i think it makes people think,
5:21 am
let's shut down these news news people. kennedy: if they are making stuff up and there is exposure. lets the free market get rid of some of these organizations instead of the president using whatever power he has. the fcc is an independently run federal agency. so it's not like the president can sign an executive order and say nbc news no longer exists. >> but again to be fair, the left has had its fair share of this. ken there are jeff sessions just gave a big speech about free speech. he's 2340he -- he's not exactlyl libertarian. >> stiff remember the anti-war crowd marching up 5th after
5:22 am
knew of saying fox news has got to go. and the president is saying nbc has got to go. this is problematic because of the effect the president's words have on the country. i think that my arguments win when there is as debate. i don't think i have to shut up the other guy. i have a colleague, beckett adams, whenever there is a made up or proven false shore stories i blogs and documents it and shows how it's wrong. there have been a ton of them. kennedy: there are news organizations that have folded because they are crap. >> "rolling stone." kennedy: now for sale because they did a horrible story and
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kennedy: can president trump win another nermt white house. he might have a clear path to victory for a number of reasons. he remains focused on keeping his base. and his support is personal, not ideological. the political divide works to his advantage by increasing the probability of a major third-party candidate on the 2020 ballot. is the president on the right path to win another term? chris bedford, author of the brand-new book "the art of the donald." chris, welcome back to the show. so the president, everyone has countered him out every step of the way.
5:28 am
he is the president. there are so many who would like to impeach him including a california billionaire sending an open letter to his congress friends saying they need to impeach him immediately. >> it looks pretty good for him. the large thing here is the democrats have completely misread everything he has done because he didn't operate by jeb bush or marco rubio. the democrats haven't seen to have taken a single lesson from the last election and their shellacking as they should have. they trimmed down on race and marginalization politics. they are increasing the divide. it kind of worked when you had barack obama, an extremely charismatic person. reagan, the republican's famous letter could barely hold together three, the libertarians
5:29 am
weren't consequence and the hawks. the democrats want hillary clinton or joe biden to hold together these 2 some groups? there is no shot -- these 20 groups? kennedy: donald trump surprised you in new hampshire. you write about this in your book. it's the sale of two donalds. the steakhouse billionaire donald and the diner donald. >> diner donald was my favorite. we saw him in a steakhouse. we walked in with tucker carlson and the later d said no presidential candidate would come hoo in here because it was a steakhouse. the secret service came in and i thought hillary is doing it. the big story that came out that night was he got his steak well
5:30 am
done. kennedy: that has stuck with him. the next morning. 5:00 in the morning he was coming in for "fox and friends." jeb bush was sitting there alone at the counter like a sad painting alone. kennedy: that is so sad. ejected and hollow. >> then you had chris christie come in. he came in the back door and left through the back door. donald trump comes in, secret service. one of the hottest secret service agents i have ever seen came in with donald trump. but he hung out after the cameras were off for an hour and a half. kennedy: he memorized people's names, he was yelling and said who are you voting for? she says america.
5:31 am
he's in a b rirks oni suit and everybody else is in jackets. kennedy: "the art of the donald." christopher bedford, thank you so as much for being here. don't you hate when partisan hacks vomit talking points, the same ones over and over again? one of our panelists came up with a suggestion. make our guests argue for the opposition. it's time to party swap. our liberal jessica tarlov is going to argue for the conservative side. conservative tom shillue will do the opposite. and www.super star dolph ziggler will ask the questions and referee. >> immigration. why is the border wall
5:32 am
absolutely necessary to stop illegal immigration? >> we have to insure even though the numbers have gone down on numbers crossing the border, and i will admit that is due to our chiefs amazing political rhetoric. we have to insure nobody is jumping the line. we have millions of people waiting to get into this country legally. we don't want to take any chances. >> how do we make mexico pay for it because we are going to. >> i have heard that and i have complete faith in donald trump that he will accomplish everything he has set out to do. 237. donald trump is amazing. >> you ready? tom: yes, i'm ready. >> why must we at all costs
5:33 am
protect illegal immigrants? we are a nation of immigrants. when i visited the statue of liberty, i believe it was emma thompson, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. even the most of unfortunate, they are welcome here. we are all immigrants so that's why we need to keep our borders open. >> that was well done. >> global warming. this will be easy for you. ready? why is global warming the absolutely most of important topic for voters at all times? 99.97% science peer review stories show the globe is warming. and that human beings are the cause of it. it's because of greed.
5:34 am
i remember when i saw "an inconvenient truth," my favorite film, and the favorite of a good friend of mine, democratic donor, harvey weinstein, a great man. why is global warming a hoax created by the chinese. jessica: i think that's quit obvious. you hear liberals running around with the 9 person * statistic. what about the other 3% of sign timptds that are not getting on board. and china is the root of all evil. they are best buddies with putin. i would like a little bit better perception of him, but not fully loved. china is helping little rock the man out. those 3% scientists we don't
5:35 am
discount them i'm sure they were very fine schools. maybe trump university. and god is great. >> one last question. let's go, tom. why would hillary have been the greatest president in u.s. history. tom: she not on is a great woman. the entire clinton family i have respect for hillary, for chelsea, and i was with her and i'm still with her. and she won the popular vote in this country, and i believe she won the electoral vote as well. kennedy: was there some fuzzy math. kennedy: if the president is impeached will hillary become president? tom: if? and yes. i think hillary presidency is in our future. >> why is donald trump the
5:36 am
greatest presidential candidate in the u.s. history. jessica: he saved america already. it's been less than a year. the stock market is up. we have taken out isis. he has been a fierce advocate for women. you see sarah huckabee-sanders up there, kellyanne conway. we get no credit for that. we are the party of women. kennedy: who's the winner? >> i believe both sides have much so. and the almost wing and nod you gave to all of us is the only reason i don't believe you as much. you guys are amazing. and thank you.
5:37 am
kennedy: coming up. no secret harvey weinstein donated tons of money to democrats. but what do they do with all that cash now? juan williams has some advice. this woman is laughing because she's listening to audible. and this woman is pretending her boss's terrible story is funny. experience the comedy, not your commute. dial star-star-audible on your smartphone to start listening today.
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one of the democratic party's more generous donors. democratic leaders are wondering what to do with the cash they received. the $30,000 he donated and $30,000 over the years. >> there is no one to give it back to. what other people are saying. is they are going to donate it to charity. i give 10% of my income to charity he year. this will be part of that. there is no doubt about it. kennedy: are democrats obligated to give up the dough? and should democrats think twice before taking the high ground. juan williams, it's a tricky
5:42 am
situation. elizabeth warren said i'm going to donate the funds he gave me to various women's charities and organizations that are a little bit more feminist in nature. hillary said there is nobody to give the money back to. she could give it back to the weinstein company. juan: you can't give it back directly to him was he probably wouldn't accept it. he's not there anymore, after having gone into a rehab or running away. i thinked the money is clearly tainted. people also in terms of the politics do not want to be associated with harvey wine sign, especially on the democratic side because they are taking the moral high ground with regard to the feminist issues. kennedy: when we were having our troubles here at fox with roger
5:43 am
ailes and bill o'reilly. people were saying there is something about being a conservative. i would say these personality disorders and the harassment that harvey weinstein has shown is a big deep psychological problem that has nothing to do with party. but he did use his money to gain political favor. that was part of it. offering politicians book deals. lisa bloom who was his lawyer. juan: it was interesting to watch lisa bloom get out of there. because she felt pressure. my impression is that powerful men seem to think it's their prerogative to do what they want to do. in the case of harvey weinstein i might have said to you why
5:44 am
would women go to his hotel room? he had the keys to the kingdom in terms of starring roles. kennedy: i don't think going into someone's hotel room is consent. i think you can go into someone's hotel room and assume you are going to be raped. juan: i think you can go to dinner. how do women maintain mentor relationships with powerful men. given what was said. he had a hell of a bad reputation with women. kennedy: a long time and a lot of people knew it. those pleading ignorance now, it's disingenuous. >> that's the problem for people like clinton. kennedy: i don't think she is going to do anything differently with the money than she was going to do last week.
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ken report new york yankees have
5:49 am
advanced to where they will face the astros for a trip to the world series. one of the most of expensive disasters in history, was in houston. topic number one. we begin tonight in the entertainment mecca of wisconsin. i can assure you it's a real place with real people who have real problems when it comes to dressing their pets. this their annual wiener dog costume contest. it takes place every year during oktoberfest which i only point pout because these outfits make a lot more sense when you realize their owners have been drinking since 8:00 in the
5:50 am
morning. where is barney. i want to dress like a reindeer. they also attempted a contest for the best cat costume. but that was stopped after three people got clawed to death. the nightclub industry has been losing money so they are launching an appeal to millennials parents. according to a report in the wall street general, a growing number of night life owners think people in their 40s and 50s are the new club kids, because they are far more likely to spend money on pricey food and drinks provided they can get a sitter. can venues have shrunk their dance floor space to create for sitting space for the older crowd.
5:51 am
nobody in their 40s wants to go to your club because the only thing more after he nowing than staying out ladies seeing all those people trying to act hip. i don't know any of those people. it's so gross. topic number 3. taylor swift is launching a new social app based on her life it's called dump her. the app is called the swift life. it's a platform where fans can post content taylor can see with her own eyes. for people who want to shell out $4 for an app that does the same thing.
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what's next? a nightclub that appeals to middle aged people? in addition to an app. taylor announced plans to reveal her own set of he mow jis. apparently being taken seriously was not one of her squad goals for 2017. i should pnt make fun of -- i shouldn't make fun of t. swift. i confess, i want to do it. just shut the song off. topic number four. rap mogul p. diddy figured out the answer to the controversies engulfing the nfl. let him buy the league. he tweeted. i did have a dream to own a
5:53 am
team. now my dream is to own our own league. to be fair he continues do any worse than the owner of the browns. there is only one small problem. while forbes puts diddy's net worth at a staggering $820 million. the nfl franchise, each one is valued at $2 billion. his hit song, i'll be missing you was actually about math class. we come to the part of the show that's topic number five. it's where you try to bring it down a peg with your critiques. i'm not scared. you would never be as mean as the voices in my -- as my
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noggin. this is viewer mail. if you have don't pick it up i'm thinking about whiskey tomorrow. phillip tweets, what's up with the giant nerd glasses. no need to call people names. come on, man. there is 50 ways to make fun of phillip. paul tweets, you have to stop. don't worry, paul, i already blocked you. nancy writes on facebook, sorry, but can't stand kennedy at all. oh fancy nancy. finally max emails, i can't find any pics of you without glasses. do you have a lone ranger complex? kennedy: yeah. it's called nearsightedness.
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kennedy: cats are homicidal devil spawns who hate people. a lot of cats don't get adopted because word of their awfulness has spread. so a death squad of bloodthirsty cats are being deployed in barns so they can spends the night torturing redon't for sport. they do serve a purpose. you doze rescue shelter and for finding jobs in the death army instead of putting them down. just because they can't get along with humans doesn't mean they should be dispatched to the kitty guillotine. thanks to the good folks in maryland they can live and kill in peace. thank you for watching the show
6:00 am
tonight, cat lovers. follow us on twitter and facebook. email let's g broadcast news organization. lou: good evening. breaking news tonight. the president today announcing major foreign policy decisions on iran. first, president trump has designated the iranian revolutionary guard corps to be terrorists. this is the first time the united states has verde clareed a military unit of a government to be terrorists. president trump also announcing his decision to not certainify the iran nuclear deal. the president took these actions because as he has said often, he find the obama agreement to be unacceptable. and president trump vowed to cancel it all together if congress


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