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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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run for his money. in the back to open up this drive for the bears. starting at 22 for number 22. >> nice cut. stretching it out to the strong side. putting your foot in the ground and getting vertical. play all starts to the left and he sees it and cuts back. and a great job running through the arm tackle. and then mcgruder and the rest of the posse get them on the ground. >> it is anine yard run setting up second down and inches. smith throws. incomplete. atkinson the intended receiver. >> and a nice try to get back to the ball. at kinson probably could have kept coming but williams right there on top of it and a third and short for baylor. trying to stay on the field. >> that is a tough place to throw a square in right there. that is not great geometry like
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we talked about in the first half. >> williams gets the first down and still on his feet and terence williams wrestled to the ground by chad whitener at the 48 yard line. >> and you could see as a back coach, williams is just a different level than the other three baylor backs we've seep. he just has that little kick and the physical finish because he's a more experienced guy. a junior, a thousand yard rusher from last year. >> literally trying to run his way out of coach rhule's dog house right now. >> i think he's done it. played well. they would see what happened in the first half and playing the hot hand so they are seeing what we are seeing obviously. >> eight carries, 48 yards, adding to that total right now. he breaks free. williams dragged down from behind by a.j. green. but not before he picks up 38 yards. >> and that will show you the speed of the occasion state defense. calvin bundage and a.j. green
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stopping what should have been a touchdown. they are fast and they could recover but what a nice run by wings. >> that ran to the side and you could see bundage and green they could run and terence williams working back to full speed. >> player down for oklahoma state. it is kenneth mcgruder, number 3. the junior from houston texas. he's the biggest hitter on defense. and he's had some good hits today. it looks like they are working on the right leg. six feet, 220 pounds. >> hopefully he will be okay. he's had a couple of nicks and dings and hopefully he'll come on back. >> no weight on that right leg for right now. >> he looks like a linebacker. >> they've had good linebacker
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play. chad whitener is physical. justin phillips. >> there he is. >> it looks like it is going to be friendly fire right there from williams. kind of spinning into him. >> jamychal hasty in the back, baylor trying to make back to back drives with some points. hasty gets three to the 12. justin phillips who had a great first half, it is like we are watching temple here with matt rhule. blake black mar the right guard pulling around and hasty get under him and finishes a good play. >> coach rhule did not want to mess around. run drill for everybody. >> and no question. and hasty and williams who have been injured, you could see why they like him so much.
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they still like the young guys. >> smith throws high. incomplete. that was batted and nearly picked off by tre flowers who was just sit thering there pooh stricklin is down now for baylor. >> and after using chris plat the best receiver, pooh stricklin. >> and moving blake lynch to defense. it is not what they need. zach smith shows a high hard one. need to put that ball right on his armpit. makes those guys kocomfortable d taye physical in the area. good awareness by zach smith. sometimes guys feel they need to rip that thing instead of throwing it accurately. >> ball might have been tipped a little bit by chad whitener out of the hand of smith. stricklin looks like getting up like his legs got tangle up and the rhule out past the hash to see stricklin, he knows he can't afford another injury.
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>> he is a good in the sweep game and involved in a lot of different ways. >> a fresh front in here for oklahoma state. >> third and seven coming up from the 12 yard line. >> they have been great, that bunch look up top for baylor and very effective out of this formation in the third down situations throughout the year. >> pressure coming. smith to the end zone. back of the end zone and it is incomplete. atkinson the intended receiver double coverage there. >> ramon richards was the guy on him. >> they were trying to run a post and wheel out of it and there was nothing there. zach smith put it to a good safe spot high in the end of the end zone. >> he tried to thread it in there. >> a great spot to the back of the end zone and he gets in there and rips it out. >> at kinson had a chance at it.
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>> connor martin for a 29 yard field goal attempt. he just connected for 40. he is two for two. >> and tre flowers coming off this side right here. >> and now connor martin is three for three on the day. 38-16 here in stillwater. the fans have come here for home coming and they are having some fun. why not when your team is playing the way they are leading 38-16. [heavy sigh] ♪ real meal for five bucks. real meal for five bucks. real meal for five bucks. real meal for five bucks. real meal for five bucks. [deep breath] finger lickin', finger lickin', finger lickin'... gooooood!!!
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>> bullet has been busy this afternoon. >> there he is. pistol pete. the vacant eyes and the greased mustache. >> that would be a good look for you. >> i wish i could grow a mustache. >> he has the way to make it going. >> nailed, the dahl like eyes of a shark. >> tyron johnson, look for him to do something explosive. lsu transfer back to receive. the only way they haven't scored. >> johnson will take a knee in the end zone. so much for that. let's find out what is going on in the cotton bowl in l.a. and check in with greg. >> 112th red river showdown. oklahoma led 17-0 but here comes texas. wa warren and 23-17 in the third and baker mayfield just walked
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off the field slowly after a huge hit. murray is warming up. justin, mark, petros, back to you. >> how about that. and remember, guys, it was the sam ellinger and the entire push that got chris warren to the end zone in double ot. to kansas state last weeblg -- week. and on first down. rudolph with plenty of time will swing it out to hill. and again stopping on a dime but a good open field tackle there by preshiado. >> oklahoma state is going fast but we have to see this. this guy on the ground in space. that is so hard. >> see him move his feet. >> rudolph on the slant to washington. james washington. stiff arm washington. to the end zone -- touchdown, 68
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yards. >> harrison hand couldn't make the play down the stretch and connection between mason rudolph and the great james washington continues. these two guys are unbelievable. so much room he had there. >> the bubble -- the bubble action cleared out that underneither defender. great time by mason rudolph and great location to let this guy do what he does and that is make explosive plays after explosive play. >> he is now at 235 yards on the day. james washington, sixth touchdown of the season. last week he passed justin blackmon for second all time in receiving yards at oklahoma state. today showing off the speed and the balance along the side lines to get in from 68 yards 45-16,
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bye, rob.
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45-16 the oklahoma state cowboys offense is on full display. nine plays of 25 or more yards. touchdown plays of 28, 35 and 79 and 68 yards. so far today. ammendola to kick off. trevor white from the five. and wright gets hit at the 14 yard line. >> very impressive how hard they are covering on kicks.
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>> david harper there on special teams with the hit. >> back to the touchdown. this is the power of the run sell action and then some eye candy. the bubble screen action and watch the safety run out and not do his job. that opens up the void for washington to fill it with the post and he does the rest. out running and out physicaling harrison but they have done this time after time after time. >> mason rudolph fired up. >> look at the numbers with rudolph and james washington. >> that is amazing. that is montana and rice kind of stuff and that is up until the very last play we saw. >> hasty in the back field. on first down the pass to the tight end, feuerbacher. feuerbacher up to the 34 yard line. tackled by waniki. >> and baylor giving back a hit of their own.
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and feuerbacher coming back from a broken hand and working his way into 100% and looking good there. >> that is the difference between baylor and oklahoma tate, they are throwing it to james washington and they are just -- a workman like approach to things right now. >> handoff to hasty. who gets hit by jordan brailleford. aa two yard pickup, and let's talk about that. because we've talked about baylor 0-5. we talked about what their approach was in the bye week, how they were out there working on the run offense and working on the run defense. this is -- not going to happen overnight. >> it is long-term play for coach rhule who is trying to change the culture and has changed the culture of the baylor program. look at how long mike gundy has been at oklahoma state. that is a different story. >> hasty. people might be saying you are down 45-16, why are you running the ball and throwing it but
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he's trying to develop this foundation for his team in the program. >> and you are putting your guys in the best possible chance to win. you don't want to put zach smith back there and let them rush their face off and hit your quarterback. you want to do what puts you in the best position to move and score and right now that is how you said, a workman like approach. be great on special teams and they are working toward that. >> we are seeing two programs in different stages of development. oklahoma state almost fully developed, look at their offense. >> smith gets hit as he released it by chat whitener. is that what you are talking about. >> exactly. >> that is what happened on third and seven. >> chad whitener ran through the tail back. fighting his tail off. ebner, a great learning experience. >> you have to meet him casin r casino -- close to the hole. if he hits you -- he will south carolina your quarterback. >> here is a perfect example.
6:18 pm
this is a fifth year senior, 189 tackles against a true freshman. >> who is not playing a lot of football. >> what would you do there, petros. >> cut. >> i would have cut him. >> connor martin on the punt. a bit of ashank on the side of his foot. it will take a baylor bounce, though. >> and this will go down to the 6 -- 26 yard line. a 37 yard punt. back to l.a. >> justin, thanks, number 11 miami one of 11 remaining unfeeted in college football. in yep ardy with tech texas. and lamb mont goes 42 yards for the yellow jackets leading into the fourth quarter. back to you. >> thank you very much. the numbers on mason rudolph seventh career 400 yard game,
6:19 pm
seventh straight game he's gone over 300 yards and he's thrown for 427 yards. and he hasn't even looked that good. >> some people questioning our discussion. you are nit-picking and this is -- this guy is a hall of fame excellent great college football player and that is what they do, nitpick. >> and hand off to j.d. king on first down. king can't slip the last tackle of harrison hand. but he gets ten yards in the first down. >> and this is a great opportunity for mike gundy. and mike you are saying offensive coordinator to get some reps for king. >> we may have seen the last of justice hill today. >> if we did, justice hill, 112 yards on 13 carries. >> johnson, tyron johnson up to
6:20 pm
the 49 yard line. >> interesting thing about tyron johnson, that is the most coveted recruit on this oklahoma state team. and he was only a four star and that was when he got picked by lsu. >> this is not a hotbed for five star recruits. these are developing players by mike gundy which makes them even more impressive. king, look at the hole. king up to the 36 yard line. >> justin, i'm going to tee up for this cowboy, [ inaudible ]. catch him come out of the back field and it doesn't -- and then boom. trust me, he ran through the safety. it is a great finish getting j.d. king beyond the second level. >> thank you for that. >> should have passed off on that. >> there is siane in the back
6:21 pm
field now. play action. rudolph comes near side to chris lacy. and lacy gets wrapped up right away by harrison hand. lacy was a big time weapon last year. this year coming into the game only six receptions. no touchdowns. you see how electric his body is. hauling that ball in and almost getting away. >> and just like coach wants, industrial engineering major here at oklahoma state. >> build me a factory. that completion for ten yards. good enough for a first down. >> it is a spot right here through the oklahoma tate offense coaches, you are talking about mason smith not playing long beyond the third quarter. trying to get him a few more throws it looks like. >> and there is one throw. taylor young, pulling up right there. >> now coach we talked about this before. you have a guy, you are winning
6:22 pm
the game by a lot and you have a guy like maceop rudolph who ises a heisman candidate and you have mariota in this situation. how long do you leave him in. >> third quarter. it is a general practice. and all of these things that you are getting the ball out of his hand as possible. pick. >> that as dangerous throw and incomplete. >> should have been picked. >> wallace, the intended receiver. chris miller was right there. >> just to look again, a little bit late to this ball. good job breaking it up there by wallace. and you've seen this drive, everything is quick except for that play getting the ball out of mason rudolph's hands. they have all been predetermined gives as far as the run game. so they are managing him in a good fashion. it looks like he is receiving. >> it looks like justice hill in the back field. it is direct snap to hill.
6:23 pm
and hill has the first down. maybe they don't trust j.d. king in that package yet to just catch it and run the show. they brought justice in just for that play and quickly getting him back out. >> trust is a big thing. last week -- excuse me two weeks ago in the last game with 30 carries. and that 41-34 victory over texas tech. this drive is over 2:30. talk about not used to something. rudolph to the end zone. the ball incomplete. marcell ateman, harrisan hand there. it looks like he may have gotten a hand in there to knock it free. >> absolutely. they used every bit of the 6'4" and lobbed it up to ateman and he poeted it up and that is a great job competing and rip the ball out of the top. >> you have to be physical with a big physical receiver and if you get flagged, you get flagged
6:24 pm
but harrison hand has given up four inches out of cherry hill, new jersey, just a freshman. one of the young guys playing for coach rhule. >> and versus a senior, and tenth play of the drive coming up. longest drive of the day for oklahoma state. >> they might do the same thing up top now. >> going to hand off to king. king slips a couple of tackles. lowers the shoulder and king still driving. and he is down at the -- what looks like the two yard line. very close to that first down marker. >> all state player out of georgia. good looking freshman that coach gundy dug out of the south. just refused to be tackled and then gets behind his pass. >> it is a first down. now a flag is thrown. false start. oklahoma state just not set going too fast for their own good. great job by mason rudolph on that -- great job on the previous play.
6:25 pm
could you hear the audio, kill, kill, kill, meaning he's killing the play and going to something else and in that instance it was a run play. >> this is set back now first and goal from the seven. king on the carry. and king will get a yard. and up to the six. taylor young and jalen petery combined for the tackle, and hearing that mason rudolph voice reminds me of andrew luck. he has a deep loud voice down there. >> good discipline by baylor. they brought edge pressure and oklahoma state was trying to get their eyes to go with tyron johnson on the sweep motion. tackle for loss. just gives mason rudolph more room to operate.
6:26 pm
he looks at that as passing yards. >> play clock down to four. rudolph and a flag is thrown this time. against blake lynch as he was guarding marcell ateman. >> i'll take it. if i'm blake lynch. >> absolutely. you are competing your tail off. as you talked about before, batting the 6'4" guy and you are 6'3" just learning the position. that is a good battle. >> here is ateman with just a good day and being physical. >> he has to do there and use his hands early. he has to take advantage of the battle at the line of scrimmage where theoretically he's the better athlete lick. >> and so they all have receiving touchdowns and hill and king and rudolph have
6:27 pm
rushing touchdowns. first and goal from the two. >> rudolph keeps it. and we'll get back to the line of scrimmage. >> that really surprised me. >> they don't want him running the ball, especially in this situation with the game in hand like it is heading into the fourth quarter. >> that is the end of the third quarter here in stillwater. it will be second and goal from the two when we come back. but james washington having a big day, over 200 yards, 235 to be exact. it is 45-16, oklahoma state leading. ( ♪ )
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college football on fs 1 is sponsored by volkswagen. start of the fourth quarter here in stillwater at boone pickens stadium and 45-16, oklahoma state leading. they face a second and goal from the two. mason rudolph is in there and people might say why. why is he in there one touchdown away from a couple of different records right now. in motion is washington. rudolph bringing it back out to washington. washington to the end zone -- touchdown! >> and i think that was a backward catch. >> it was. >> it is interesting to see what they determine. >> it is a run. >> i have to go to the official score to change that.
6:31 pm
for the record. >> that is a great red zone route. you bring the guy in and bring him back out as fast as possible. it is hard for the defense to recognize and recover in man coverage. >> ammendola on for the extra point. 52-16. all oklahoma state here.
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52-16. oklahoma state leading. they've gone over 600 yards of total offense. james washington with a two yard run. we are waiting for whether it is a run for mason rudolph or a pass play, that went for a run and he doesn't get credit for a touchdown. all of that for nothing. time for a game break. let's find out what is going on with the situation in tcu and kansas state. here is rob. >> justin, good news in manhattan. the weather has once again cleared. we're estimated that play will resume around 6:47 eastern. tcu up 20-6, about 12 and a half left and that game on fs 2. >> thank you very much for that
6:35 pm
update. back here in stillwater. zach smith wearing number 8 for the first time, a single-digit jersey which ahuge honor or a matt rhule team. matt rhule actually sent zack the text after the kansas state game saying how do you feel about wearing number eight and he was like i would be honored to do so. throws to mims who can't come down with it. incomplete pass. and in this game today, you saw the numbers. nine now of 23. >> he hasn't been the zach smith that we saw at oklahoma or at kansas state. but they've put more of an emphasis on run. >> they have. they come out running the ball and baylor is getting a taste of a big 12 whooping. they did not get that against kansas state in the manhattan, a tough play to play. they played well at oklahoma and the game before this and right now they are putting everything they can on matt rhule and they have not adjusted.
6:36 pm
>> the hand off to ebner. and no horse collar tackle. >> it was from the front it looked like he had mostly jersey. a lot of ow and ah from the side line. >> and a hand on the shoulder of ebner and rips him around. that is a lot of curls in the facility. you have to be strong to do that to a good back. >> and very appropriate that walter shied is from texas. >> and a fourth year guy up against a freshman and who has the more physical dominance, the older guy. smith stepping up. throws. and he completes that pass to tony nicholson for the first down. up to the 45 yard line. a 21 yard line completion. >> nice job by the front here, zach smith picking this up. it is a start on both sides. the o-line blocked it way and he
6:37 pm
steps up and finished that throw. you want to see that this late in the game and the oline still competing and zach smith is thrown in rhythm and now he's down. >> that is the theme of the baylor team. they want to keep competing but zach smith is one of the stall warts all year and something wrong. >> that was awkward. he wasn't touched on the play. that i saw. >>a new solomon was a starting quarterback for baylor. zach smith took over. charlie brewer is the back-up quarterback. brewer is now in there in the huddle. and you could see he is not doing anything with the right arm. >> yeah. but he comes back not so much with the trainers but with his teammates and staying there.
6:38 pm
we'll be monitoring that. >> that was really awkward. hopefully just a weird nerve firing or something that just felt really bad and awkward. now he's fine. >> so here is charlie brewer out of austin, texas. went to westlake high school. same high school as baker mayfield, the reverse to nickelson and the pass down the side line -- incomplete. >> good way to throw deep and you are not sure if the quarterback is warm. you have the receiver do it. >> it was to the quarterback. charlie brewer. and brewer stopped this route. he could have kept running and be yelling at the guy if that was a wide out. he would have had a chance there. a good job by nicholson giving brewer a chance and he just throttled down and that would have been a touchdown. >> interesting spot for a call like that. right when you have the back-up.
6:39 pm
>> handoff to hasty. hasty makes a guy miss. can't get his footing back. as he picked up six to the 49 of oklahoma state. >> a little zone read action and he is a high school quarterback and through for a million yards. zach smith is back in there. >> so zach smith back in. which is good news for baylor. >> another bunch route on third and medium. watch the bunch combination down here. the three man bunch and a single match up up top, and you could work up there if zack likes it. >> smith opened to nicholson. nicholson has the first down. and gets thrown to the ground by morrow. a 12 yard pick up on third and four, the bears are still playing. i like the way tony nicholson
6:40 pm
has a plan, he caught the ball and started to work inside. pretty athletic guys on the edge for baylor and that is nothing new. >> low throw. incomplete to gavin holmes. blackmon got knocked back into his vision and into his feet. it was a dirt ball in the perimeter. probably everything in this area would be four down territory for baylor. >> could we call it a dirt ball with all of the turf in the world. >> i have to be able to call it a dirt ball. >> bundage showing off the edge down here at the bottom, number one. smith under pressure. throws, and it is incomplete for his running back trestan ebner.
6:41 pm
webber, a defensive lineman out there on the coverage. >> he drops out of the zone blitz, oklahoma state brought two off the bottom side, he was dropped out into coverage. the paddles and pads are coming alive here on third down. >> the fourth quarter, people still going strong. even though oklahoma state put them up a 50 burger. >> most are celebrating on campus, home coming. >> unbelievable scene down there, like you were talking about. >> man. >> smith throws -- interception. jassia kehm. >> the senior out of broken arrow, oklahoma. >> smith took a big hit. what a series for the baylor quarterback. going out with an injury and
6:42 pm
comes back in and gets beat up and took a big hit there. like he was swallowed and throws it to akehm. >> looking to go over the middle. the middle linebacker read it. turnover. oklahoma state. loving it. leading 52-16. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? armless bowling. ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy.
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6:45 pm
brown. a new tail back. takes up six. so you replace a 6'5" with a 6'6" quarterback. >> he is big. >> a big old kid. third season here. he's been a back-up for three seasons. it is tough line up to crack with mason rudolph, former walk on. so he's been resilient in sticking with it. >> the corn dog. nice. >> up to the 40 45 yard line, cornelius comes back and finishle fake and says follow me. and hits them around the corner. look at this. >> but he is not in a blocking position. he was all the way up in the sky. he has to bend his knees. he is in a position.
6:46 pm
>> left the tick break. >> this is always one of the best jobs in the football. the third tail back on a team. you are facing clean fronts you get a lot of runs calls. >> i had that job. with a really good team. >> oh, cornelius. look at him go. there goes corn dog for the touchdown. 40 40 yards. >> look at mason rudolph. he loves that. >> third tail back, what about the second quarterback. >> quarterback controversy here in stillwater. >> every bit as fast as mason rudolph. >> taylor cornelius and a nice fake and nobody thought the corn dog would pull it and make a nice cut. >> [ inaudible ] key block getting around the horn and you
6:47 pm
love seeing the reaction to the quarterback. that is a big deal. i look to that in recruiting. watch how the team reacts to the quarterback and they loves cornelius in the end zone. >> ammendola for the extra point. 59 points on the board for oklahoma state. a 40 yard run by taylor cornelius and for those of you tuning in for the retart of the tcu kansas state, that game is over on ft 2. but the corn dog is running wild here if stillwater. 40 yard scamper for the touchdown and it is 59-16, cowboys on top. mustard! thanks to three layers of advanced thermal insulation- your pizza arrives oven-hot. it's like having our oven right in your kitchen. well, pretty close. taste it in action with the best pizza delivery deal. get a large, 2-topping pizza for just $7.99- kept oven-hot from our place to yours.
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59 points which means that guy has done 299 push-ups so far today. >> so? >> an hour and a half of hot yoga. >> that is solid push-up. s and your duck with his bill in the way couldn't get down. >> trevor white will take it out of the end zone. and white will get the 21 yard line. let's take a look at the deluge trading company hardest working player and it will go to mason rudolph. again over 300 yards for the seventh straig seventh straight game and 459 and ran one in and threw for four touchdowns and didn't have his best game but till put up huge numbers. >> and was firing. you could tell oklahoma state wanted to prove something after their loss to tcu in this game. they wanted to take advantage of
6:51 pm
separating themselves in this conference because it is a free for all right now. and look at what they've done in their history offensively. it is amazing. >> that is so impressive. so impressive. fourth time in history. >> charlie brewer is at quarterback here for baylor. brewer able to get chased out of bounds about a yard shy of the first down marker. >> they are trying to fight atkinson on a come back route and good decision when there is nobody for you and for a second and short for the bears. >> till smacking the wall. those people -- >> they playing four quarters. >> williams up the middle. to the 40. tre flowers with the tackle. >> good to see the junior
6:52 pm
terence williams still out there working himself back to 100%. we talked about it, off season shoulder surgery and in the coach's dog house during the bye week and he's coming around well today. >> swung around, nicholson and that is a nice play by nicholson. and you mentioned the dog house by terence williams and we talked about how matt rhule is trying to build the program. during the bye week he dismissed two players, wilson and blake. two guys getting significant time on the -- >> starting. >> and he said it wasn't because they violated rules, they weren't buying in and looking for the teammates they are looking for and when you are trying to build a culture, he said i give teams until that bye week and then i amortizati-- i . he did it at temple and he did it here. and that is what happened with
6:53 pm
terence williams but he begged and fought and said he will do what i have to do to be a good teammate. >> and he did it in a nonchalant way and a big future and dismissing a guy from a team is a big deal. but you have to go forward with who you got. >> low throw in -- is incomplete. and does the method work. this is what he did at temple. the same exact year. year one at temple, #-10. 6-6, 10-4, 10-3. he knows how to build a program and the right way. >> and the hardest part for the baylor fans an guys on the team, they won before. they have to change the culture. he's done -- there is a new president at baylor. everything on down is new. and i think it just speaks volumes of who he is and how he's done it, do they need to win some games, absolutely. but that will come. >> brewer slips. goes down.
6:54 pm
you mentioned the new president. the new president is dr. linda livingstone from perkins, oklahoma. played basketball here at oklahoma state. >> she's a star in stillwater. >> was named the big eight scholar athlete back in 1982. >> and when rhule is done here, under that president and theon that they are tasking him with is to absolutely change everything about baylor football. and when we walked in that building a couple of weeks ago, you could feel it and for a winless team, this is one of the most impressive coaches i've ever been around. >> they are positive not a frivolous way but in we'll get this done. bill snow, defensive coordinator, they've done it before and it is hard. >> and here is a young freshman learning the hard way. throwing the pick late. >> that is an interception to juan eeky and that is on fourth and five. >> you have to -- >> yep. >> that is another coachable moment that they've had a
6:55 pm
million of so far this season. >> oklahoma state will take over. 7:59 to go. the cowboys have texas coming up next week. they put 59 on the board again against another team from texas today, baylor. ♪ nationwide is on your side. ♪ so many things you're doin' with your life. ♪ ♪ nationwide is on your side.
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6:57 pm
back here in stillwater. just under 8:00 to go. oklahoma state takes over at the 20 yard line. taylor cornelius in at quarterback with 20 straight games with a takeaway and that bodes well under mike gundy. 61-8 when they win the turnover margin -- or the turnover battle, excuse me.
6:58 pm
>> be interesting to see how oklahoma state operates, which is always an issue for a no huddle team where you are trying to get guys some experience and the quarterback some experience. you will milk the clock down and try to get in the best play possible. josh hen son, long time offensive line coach got in there and got in there kitchen a little bit, challenging them. let's grind this thing out. >> hard to do when that is not what you are used to doing. the identity of this program is not to hold the ball. >> you just do what they are doing now and snap it with two or less on the play clock. >> stay in your stance forever. >> it is kept by cornelius. cornelius gets the edge again. >> good job staying in bounds. >> and slides down to the 46 yard line. time for a game break. back to l.a. >> back in the cotton bowl, oklahoma off the loss to iowa state and not lost consecutive regular season games since 1999.
6:59 pm
maker mayfield took the hard hit and stayed in the game and to mark andrews, 59 yards for a two point con vefgs. no good. but the sooners retake the lead 29-24, fourth quarter. justin, mark, petros, back to you. >> thank you very much, greg and watching that game, taking a look at that. we saw that sam ellinger went down for a an injury for texas. we'll have to keep an eye on that. handoff to wilson. to the 49 yard line. >> eric over did a good job there finishing the play. look like he was laying on top -- [ inaudible ]. >> the third center for oklahoma state right now, number 5 5 5 50 -- -- number 50. took over and did a good job. >> baylor challenged themmin sid and did some different things inside they hadn't done.
7:00 pm
>> they brought somewhat -- >> some funk. >> it is home coming weekend. they are bringing it all night. >> handoff to wilson again. to the 48 of baylor. >> coming up on 5:30 to go. >> so we mentioned how oklahoma state has texas next week. baylor, they've got west virginia. west virginia coming off the victory today at home over number 24 texas tech. cornelius completes the pass to


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