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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 17, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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covered, markets at a new all-time record. lou: good evening, a number of breaking news stories tonight. president today giving one of swamp creatures a bear hug, president trump dismissing reports of bad blood between he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, president saying, they are working together to build support for tax cuts and the rest of the president's agenda. >> we're probably now, i think as far as i'm concerned, closer than before. the relationship is good. we're fighting for the same thing, we're fighting for lower taxes, big tax cuts, the biggest tax cuts in history of our nation, and we're fighting for tax reform.
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we are getting close to health care, we'll come up in the early to mid part of next year, we have a vote. we feel confident we have the votes. my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has been outstanding. >> has it really? can mcconnell be trusted? we take that and more up, also, members of president's cabinet have gone rogue, or have they? u.n. ambassador nikki haley and secretary of state rex tillerson spent part of weekend insisting that u.s. will stay in the -- iran deal. what is going on? we'll take up those mixed messages with ambassador john jn bolton. california firefighters are gaining the upper hand in their battle again the worst wildfires in that state a history, we have a full report on the devastation
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that has claimed live was over 40 people, and forces thousands from their homes. >> our top story tonight, president trump today defending his decision to not certify the iran nuclear deal. stressing possibility that the agreement could soon be terminated, however. >> i feel strongly about what i did, i'm tired of being taken advantage of as a nation. this nation as been taken advantage up for decades, i'm tired of watching it. the iran deal was something that i fell had to be done. and we'll see what phase two is, it might be positive or negative. it might be a total termination. that is a real possibility. >> members of president's cabinet appear to be under cutting his message however. two at least, under cutting it appears his decision. their effort to remain in the
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flawed agreement are palpable. >> i think right now you will see us stay in the deal, we hope to improve the situation, that is the goal, i think right now we're in the deal to see how we can make it better. >> see if we not address the glaws iflaws in the agreement, y working with our european friends and allies within the agreement. lou: joining us tonight, former u.n. ambassador to u.n., and folks news exri contributor, jon bolton. welcome, good to have you with us. tillerson and haley talking with opposite tone of that of the president. two days preceding their appearance on sunday television. what do you believe is going on here? >> well, i think that president made it clear in his speech on friday announcing he would not certify that the iran deal is in
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best interest of united states he is skeptical can to be fixed. he adopted a two-step approach, i just would have gotten out of the deal. but he adopted a two-step approach to give congress a chance. but in in a person -- important line in his speech, he said, i have this under continuous review, and i could pull out at any time. let's discuss the positive bill teal that deal -- possibility that deal one made better, that would be iran having no capability to nuclear break out possession. that is possession of europeans in 2003 when they began these negotiations with iran. europeans were so tough back then. they said, we won't negotiate with iran unless they suspend all uranium enrichment
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activities. lou: we all know, or should know that the iaea has been accepting hearsay from third parties to when the iranians are doing in their facilities, that is how absurd the contact of this -- context of this so-called agreement has become. it is a fabrication. a list of desires that in no way, a binding forceful agreement that constrains the iranians to any point beyond perhaps 3 years out. >> just for education of fewers, if this were a treaty, president could pull out on his own anyway. if you want a metric of diplomatic failure, this deal
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gives it to us. compares position of european in 2003 compared to 2015, and barack obama took them down that slope. i think that notion that -- lou: a slope with this president obama was prime minister and reintroducing it tote rest of us -- to the rest of us. >> a bobsled team leader no doubt. lou: stunning, but more stunning is the tone by tillerson and haley. where is the chief of staff? where is the communication department for this president? this looks so bad. optics are horrific, audio is worse. coming from ambassador to united nations, and secretary of state, for crying out loud. >> i think if you love that iran -- i think if you believe that iran can be trusted with any
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iranian enrichment you are family sticking with obama administration policy, i don't think that is where we should be. i don't believe that is where president will come are on the out, that is why i said that deal did not die friday, it will die soon enough. lou: soon enough but you avoided my question, i want to put a point on it, how long can this -- or should this president put up with whether it is implication or tone or whatever it be out right contravention of what he is saying by his two most important representatives on matters of state. >> stop asking these hard questions. you know i can't answer that. i would make this point, i don't think that any president should have key national security issues being discussed and debated by his subordinates in public. they have to speak with one
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voice that is the voice of the president. as jim baker said to me, he would say, because the guy who got elec elected doesn't want to it, that is the way that constitution works, the guy who got elected sets foreign policy, not his subordinates. lou: i have to say, a rankerrous moment. it is their doing not the president's. this is a you know the easy architecture here is to look at the globalist within his administration. and those who are loyal host to him, and to the idea he campaigned on. the cosm is getting -- ka chasms getting wider and wider, only in july was haley the one talking about withdrawing in the treaty, much to be divined.
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we appreciate you taking us as far as you could toward the abyss of understanding and complete comprehension. we stop just short. ambassador john bolton thank you. >> any time. lou: take care, firefighters are finally making progress against the wildfires in that have ravaged california wine country, the weather remains hot. winds are dying down some what. there is now a possibility, but lawsuiter in the week. -- but later in the week, our correspondent, in santa rosa with our report. >> overall, things are feeling optimistic for us, we're cautious about that. reporter: slow but steady progress a week after start of deadliest wildfires in california. >> get a lot of black on the map, the black sections is where we feel comfort on fire edge. reporter: number of large fires burning is down from 22 to 14.
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while containment is up. 11,000 firefighters douse what is left of the flames, some of the 100,000 people who are evacuated are being allowed to go back home. >> the goal is to get people at home that are still livable. >> we're one of the lucky ones, with a house and work to come back to. reporter: maybe are not so lucky. >> oh, my god, my dining room. reporter: christina walks through charred remains. >> it was like a fire tsunami, a fireball, so fierce. reporter: similar story for thousands of others with 6,000 homes destroyed. >> in this moment, i realize, you don't put your boots on why your gloves on and sift through stuff, there is nothing to sift through. reporter: with dozens still reported as missing, law enforcement is dealing with a grim task of searching for those who may not have made it out.
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>> we'll have to find every missing person. reporter: in burned out neighborhoods like this utility crews have been busy fixing power and gas lines, so more evacuation orders can be lifted. and with weather working in their favor for now, they hope to have all of the fires contained by the end of the week. lou: thank you claudia co cowan. we could be 10 days away of release of documents on the jfk assassination. the cia and fbi have a october 26 deadline to approve release of government records without redacttion. neither agency said they will aappeal to president for secrecy.
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white house has been circumspect about what president trump will do, i urge public's right to know remains on this broadcast, a matter of primacy for all public servants, including the president. >> we're coming right back with more. stay with us. >> president trump today slamming chuck schumer and dems for their obstruction. >> they are holding up every single nomination, they are obstructing they -- i tell you they are not good politicians but they are very good at obstruction. lou: will the party of no ever change? will the republican party ever gets it act together. charles: together? >> we take with up with ed rollins next. >> nfl owners and players meet tomorrow, whose side will they be on. >> we'll have latest on gutless goodell and the disgraceful nfl, goodell and the disgraceful nfl, stay with
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-- concrete and steel sample barriers, will under go a testing and an evaluation, president still waiting for congress to approve funding for the construction of the wall. president trump said he still ongoing terms with steve bannon as former white house strategist -- chief strategist, i should say, has pledged to go to war with g.o.p. establishment. the president today said he could work with both bannon and the republican leadership in congress. >> we'll have a good relationship, as you know woo steve bannon. steve has been a friend of mine for a long time, i like steve a lot. steve is doing what steve thinks is right thing, some people that he may be looking at, i will see if we talk them out of, that they are great people. >> joining me now, ed rollins, chairman of great america pact.
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fox news contributor, great to see you. you know, i believe that president has picked up something on politics, he is working with the establishment. >> and against the establishment that is a good trick. there are people who need to be taught a lesson. senator flake is a good example, wrote a whole book. lou: who? >> flake. lou: a cartoon character. >> he wrote's book on how he would never be a trump person. governor kasich never going to be's trump person. lou: i have to believe president trump is proud of that fact. >> so these are people that you don't necessarily have to do anything to help. you -- if you can find someone to replace them and support your policies that is what you want. idea of taking everybody out, i like steve bannon, i have talked with him. i tried to tell him, you have to win, you can't take everyone on,
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you pick some out you can win, and you win, especially the first phase. lou: you know, ita hard to think about some of the issues here. it is jarring to see if we could see picture with mitch mcconnell, and the president today. talking about how long they have known each other, president giving him a i said, a big bear hug. to bring him in. what he is doing is really messing with the swamp, there is no bigger swamp creature on capitol hill than mitch mcconnell. can he really do business, get something done with mcconnell? >> the bottom line is what he had it lunch today, first question i would ask, do have you 52 votes for me in the senate. keep talking about healthcare, do have you 52 votes for me.
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same conversation he should have had when nancy pelosi and them came over. how many votes, how many members do you have to vote for me. each time he walks out he does not have a vote. lou: my question is, when are you going to kill the filibuster, bust the filibuster get to 51. >> the moment he does that. president can do that, moment he does that, he could move legislation, over 200 pieces of legislation that are sitting there, they will never be passed, that includes budgetary stuff, he'll carry stuff -- health care stuff, and tax stuff. lou: we know that nothing is going to happen if they can't hole everythinpull everything t. >> i agree. democrats can hold that 60. and i think it just, country deserves majority government. that is what they voted for. lou: you know, we have here, i think, i would like to hear your
4:21 am
thoughts. it looks like the republicans are spending almost as much time worrying about the obama programs. they are looking at dreamers, figuring out a way to save dreamers, to save obamacare. you know for crying out loud. you know to save the iranian deal. these are all the legacy, they are disastrous policies, they. disastrous policies. and republicans are trying to save all three. >> every element that has passed by obama and anyone else has a constituent see group. drusm land trump ra-- trump ran. lou: they are disaster, this president and these republican leaders are trying to save them. >> they can't save them. and reality is, they need to move it.
4:22 am
if the democrats' to save daca, that begins with border security, at end of day do you give them what they want up top. and you don't get what you want on bottom, that is not how you negotiations. lou: if you want to see's revolution, it will begin with closthose 3 obama regulation disasters. obamacare for crying out loud, belongings to the dems. it is around their neck. their millstone, why are they picking it up, and putting it oround their own. >> why is he apologetic for the other day, his justice department said you can't do that, now, everyone saying, he is bad guy, making poor pay. ry just living up to the constitution. make congress go out, you want
4:23 am
to change it. lou: tell justice department to go to hell, and jeff sessions to go to work. >> i think he is doing that. lou: all right. >> thank you. lou: ed rollins, always good to have you on with a sit down here. >> thank you, sir. lou: appreciate it. >> vote in our poll, do you believe best way for mitch mcconnell to help republicans out and make republicans winners in midterms is for him to resign as majority leader? like to hear you from, cast your vote on stwitter -- twitter, follow he on twitter, facebook. looking for employees who possess national security clearances. social media giants wants help in prevents future meddling in our elections, buffets book is -- facebook is a political activist organization, not an objective media organization, and last thing in my opinion they should be given are
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employees with top-secret clearances, so they can create, an adjunct of their own version of the nsa. maybe closer corporations between say nsa. fbi, the cia even. and facebook, but no, don't give them about more power than they already have. mark zuckerberg, i am sure is a lovely fellow. >> on wall street, stocks close at record highs, dow up 85, s&p up 4, volume on big board 2.9 billion shares, nordstrom shared plunged 5% announcing they are suspending an effort to go private after the holidays, the brothers got political and screwed up their. >> and weinstein company, getting a lifeline from colony capital. that is in talks to buy studio
4:25 am
assets, as it deals with fallout from harvey weinstein scandal. and interesting thing about that colony capital, is run by a good friend of president trump. what is going on here? and reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. tom barrack said he thought that president could do better. he is a better person. i think tom is a better person than to buy weinstein assets. are you kidding me? up next, president trump and mitch mcconnell, making nice in a white house news conference. their relationship -- longstanding. that relationship is the subject of my commentary coming right up. much more straight ahead, we'll have fun. today we're going to talk about trucks. which of these truck brands do you think offers best in class hd horsepower and the
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lou: president trump today giving one of the d.c. swamps leading contributedders. the president extolled mitch mcconnell's qualities of which there are many. mcconnell extolling tax reform rather than mere tax cuts. remember when mcconnell back in august refused to take responsibilities for the senate's failures to get anything done? instead he blamed president trump's excessive expectations? but there they were today
4:31 am
together. the president saying they are closer than ever. >> my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has been outstanding. we are working very hard to get the tax cuts. we'll continue to work hard to get the healthcare completed. >> i want to underscore what the president said. we have the same agenda. we have been friends and acquaintances for a long time. we talk frequently. lou: i love the fact that the president is trying. but mcconnell has failed this president too many times and used him badly in alabama. letting him back an establishment candidate luther strange which roy moore beat. the senate has just 39 days left in session this year with a very long list of things to achieve.
4:32 am
business and finance there is a saying that there is no such thing as scene exorbitant price, only a price no one will pay. but in politics in this particular bear hug, mcconnell's price may well be exorbitant. it's awfully hard to do good business with bad people. in washington the president doesn't seem to have much choice if he's to do business at all on capitol hill. pour quotation of the evening from abraham lincoln. he said quote you cannot escape the responsibilities of tomorrow by evading it today. we are coming right back with much, much more. please stay with us. north korea lobbing more insults at the united states. and it's not very original
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lou: president trump says he's
4:37 am
not taking sides in the fighting between the iraqi military and the kurds. >> we don't like the fact that they are clashing but we are not taking sides. we have had for many years a good relationship with the kurds. and we have also been on the side of iraq. though we should never have been there in the first place. but we are not taking sides in that battle. lou: joining us, retired general jack keane. do we have the choice of not taking sides? >> we should push towards a more favorable outcome. president obama pulled the trooks troops out in 2011. that gave the iranians incredible influence. despite the success we have had
4:38 am
with the -- with the iraqis and iran, they minimize iran's political influence and the political objective is the strategic ends, and it's significant what they are achieving. lou: are those holdovers in the obama administration coloring this decision as well as the iranian nuclear deal, in your judgment? >> i can't speak to their influence iranian nuclear deal. i don't think so. but i know they are influencing the decision in eastern syria. way think should happen is the kurds need to get some credit for the 18 months before the military system kicked in, they were saving the iraqis. they were the only fighting force of any consequence in
4:39 am
iraq. we can't just go back to the status quo where we were before isis hostilities which is where the trump administration is. we have to give the kurds some consideration. a little bit more autonomien more leverage with the oil they are receiving. some concession has to be made to them. lou: this can only ends badly for the kurds if the iranians mean for it to be so. our choosing neutrality is a lousy choice. >> our major strategic objective should have been all through the obama administration and now inside of iraq, is to reduce the strategic and political influence of the iranians. it deals with the end state of iraq. and iran is all over the government of iraq, including they are pushing back on the
4:40 am
kurds. lou: i want to touch on north korea. kim jong-un resorting to stealing one of the names of the president's cabinet matters james mattis, calling trump "mad dog." i think he probably managed to upset two people, "mad dog" mattis and the president himself. >> the one you don't want to upset is "mad dog" mattis. this rhetoric with continue. this is real training taking place with real capabilities. lou: you mean between south korea and the united states. >> absolutely. it's important to have those exercises. we'll never give up on that because that's how we are enforcing our allies. and we need to make sure we can
4:41 am
do the war the way we want to. lou: the trump policies on north korea seems to be work. kim jong-un seems to be out of original material. >> he hasn't run out of materi materiel. lou: materiel for sure. >> there has been no collusion. it's been stated they have no collusion. i think it american public is sick of it. lou: we take up the russia witch hunt and curious machinations in the department of justice. the department of justice. wliberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe.
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lou: the opposition research democrats paid to compile the trump dossier is trying to fight house intelligence leader.
4:46 am
they are going to plead the fifth amendment and refuse to testify. the fbi located 3 some documents connected to the 2016 tarmac meeting between former president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch. the papers detailing the interaction will be released next month. judicial watch requesting those documents. they were told by the justice department those documents don't exist. guess what? the justice department shall i say lied or found out they were inrac --found out they were ina. another victory and important one for the public's right to know. so congratulations. how can this be that justice
4:47 am
department doesn't know about these documents or chooses to straight out lie to you and subsequently all of us? >> you have to ask what's going on. we had two lawsuits against the justice department and fbi. the fbi said they couldn't find anything, we finally got some document showing the justice department was talking to the fbi about the clinton-lynch tarmac meeting. and that's when we found out they had 30 document. i don't think this an oversight. i think we caught them red-handed. lou: as you have done more often than otherwise. this tells you what the problem is. the american people have a government that is corrupt. the american people have a
4:48 am
government -- it's not necessary because someone takes money -- but is so politicized it's politically corrupt and ideologically corrupt. it's stunning stuff. by the way, now that you have got document. when do you actually get them and what shape will they be in? will there be word on the pages when you get them? >> that's the big yes. the government says they need up to november 30 to turn the documents to us. lou: they can't read 30 pages in less than a month and a half. >> director wray * who is the new head of the fbi. i would think he might want to ask questions about what happened here. we were told when comey was fbi director, the idea they didn't have document strains credulity.
4:49 am
a responsible official needs to look at this. this is a fundamental question whether we can trust our nation's law enforcement agency, the fbi and the justice department not to break the law and be dishonest. we are in the middle of a court case and they tell us they don't have documents. what are we supposed to do, go to the court every time and say the fbi is lying? lou: tell me why the american people should have any more belief about the fbi than that's where investigations go to die. i can't think of a major scandal that's been resolved by the investigation of the fbi. i am talking about going back to the fast and furious, benghazi, they never reach a conclusion. there is never a report. this is something rancid and
4:50 am
wrong at justice. >> especially when the justice department other fbi are implicated in the scandals, you are never going to get the truth or it will be difficult to do so. last week we were asking for the comey memos that he supposedly wrote. the justice department said we can't have one of them, any of them because it would interfere with mueller's investigation. so now the justice department is working with mueller to keep material comey leaked away from the american people. lou: and the senate and house leadership haven't got the guts to say enough and end it now. we'll have to get you back here soon. we'll take it up. tom fi fitton.
4:51 am
judicial watch. a chinese space station hurtling out of control and threatening those of us on the blue rock. it's expected to crash into early sometime between this fall and next year. large chunks of metal could be raining down on areas that we hope will not be inhabited. we'll keep you posted. up next, president trump targeting the nfl. >> it's very disrespectful to our country when they take a knee during the national and i them. the people our country are very angry at the nfl. all you have to do is looking at their ratings and their stadiums. you see empty seats where you never saw them before. lou: rachel campos-duffy and
4:52 am
niger i i i i i
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jackie: as an 18 year old, i let my mistakes kind of take over my life. i was point-five credits away from completing high school and i didn't do it. angela: i got pregnant and i was the main one working so, i did what i had to do to survive. jocelyn: sentía que la escuela no era para mí. karim: most of my family they never graduated high school or even let alone go to college so i'm trying to break that barrier. jackie: my family never stopped pushing for me to be better because they knew what i could become and who i could become as a person. karim: everyday after work i went straight to school, studied hard, and it paid off. jocelyn: sentía como que si quiero cambiar el mundo tengo que cambiara mi primero. group: surprise! surprise! surprise! angela: i could not have gotten my diploma without my family.
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jocelyn: mi consejera, ella fue lo máximo para mí porque me ayudó mucho con todo. jackie: i've been given an opportunity and i'm just thankful for it. angela: yeah it's hard, but keep on going and keep on trying. karim: the high school diploma has just added to the confidence and now i feel unstoppable. narrator: find free adult education classes near you at lou: joining us tonight, rachel campos-duffy and nigel innis. glad to have you both with us. the owners are meeting tomorrow, rachel. do you expect to see this protest resolved and the nfl say we are sorry for insulting the nation and everyone else?
4:56 am
>> well, i do think that the president rightly point out there is a lot of empty seats out there. this is a cultural issue. the president is winning on this. hillary came out today and said she stands with kaepernick and antifa and people who burn flags and disrespect our flag. that's what she is saying. if that's where the democratic party wants to be, trump wins all the way, and the nfl, they don't understand their customers. they ought to learn from nascar who knows and loves their own fans. lou: it's stunning how absolutely remote and tone death goodell and the owners are here. >> they are tone death and political correctness has a real cost.
4:57 am
attendance in the stadium is down 15-20 percent from a couple years ago. it has gone from being the most of popular american sport to the least popular all based on the flag. lou: ret we know the ratings are down just about 20% from 2015. and we can't get numbers on merchandise sales. but rachel it looks like it's substantial as well obviously. and the attendance down 10% this year by most of measures. why in the world are the democrats going down this path? they lose. and they know they lose. >> they can't help themselves. i remember during the campaign season i did an event with "fox and friends," and we interviewed a lot of independents democrats.
4:58 am
ones the democrats lost, and the topic of the flag came and they were with trump on the flag. the democrats that they lost love america. they love their vets, and they liked the nfl until this. i don't understand what the nfl is doing, but they are sphail naight their customers. lou: let me turn to weinstein and what's going on now. there is a culture exposed in hollywood. we'll are moving beyond it's a culture of sexual harassment, it's a cover-up and hollywood is in the minds of many an evil place and it's being revealed in many swais to be precisely that. >> not only evil, but full of liberal hypocrisy. those who love to play victims and love to points the fingers at bad old white men, here is an
4:59 am
example of a real presented for within the hollywood community, a mainstay of democratic donorship, these folks like meryl streep and hillary clinton and barack obama, the silence has been deafening. lou: what do you expect to happen next? people are really reacting. are we going to see some sort of backlash? do you believe towards hollywood, music, movies, you name it. >> i definitely think that middle america is sick of being electric tiewshed to by the elites in hollywood and the snowstorm superiority. -- and the moral superiority. there is going to be a cleanup but it will need to be a big one. >> amen. lou: it's a job worth doing. good to see you. thank you so much.
5:00 am
that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. special coverage of president trump's speech to the heritage foundation. we'll be right true into truth declared. mitch mcconnell holding a joint press conference to talk about the agenda appeared with the lead to win on tax reform. train to check out the dow closing in on 23,000. nasdaq futures down three points. drink a stock seen rising slightly at the open but the story has changed. all the major indices are down just a fraction.


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