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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. policies is a deadly combination. here's lou. lou: good evening everybody. breaking news tonight the clinton obama state department telling the american people judicial watch and president trump all to go hell. the state department admitting in a court hearing it has not processed even half of hillary clinton 72,000 e-mails that the fbi recovered last year and the federal court judge has ordered to be produced. that means it could be at least three more years before the public would see more than 40,000 pages of e-mails from clinton's tenure as secretary of state. the only reason we know that
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tonight is because the legal public interest organization judicial watch sued for those documents two years ago. that's right, two years ago and the state department has yet to produce even half of those e-mails. we will be talking with judicial watch's director of investigations chris farrell tonight about the mammoth corruption in our nations capital. also tonight there is no explanation for why the justice department has not lifted a gag order against an fbi informant who has provided testimony and evidence against the clintons in collusion with russia. the informant says he witnessed how russians sought to win favor with bill and hillary clinton and to influence decisions within the obama administration. tonight we will talk with the fbi attorney and the house
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oversight committee is now looking into the obama era uranium one deal their results in a massive payoff to the clintons and their foundation and the transfer of 20% of u.s. uranium to the russians. we will talk with congressman jim jordan about congress's efforts to uncover the vast corruption of the clintons and that of course the d.c. swap. our top story tonight shocking allegations the republican leadership aligned themselves with democrats in a deep state of blocked investigations into the clinton money trail leading to the 2010 uranium one deal. bill and hillary clinton are now implicated in what appears to be a quid pro quo deal that led to russian ownership of a fifth of u.s. uranium. house oversight committee member ron dossantos talked about the calls for an investigation that
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fell on deaf ears. >> last congress we huma oversight committee wanted to investigate the foundation and all the other payments involving the clintons and we are not allowed to do that or the leadership in the house. now i think this information is so explosive that there's no way you can justify not getting all the information on this. remember we have three russian investigations about trump and russia. there has not been any evidence of collusion. here there's a lot of evidence in this needs to be vetted thoroughly. lou: the house oversight committee is now filing an investigating uranium one deal. follows the senate judiciary committee that launched an investigation last week. the report reveals the fbi had evidence from an informant that russian nuclear officials were involved in fraudulent dealings in 2009 before the uranium deal
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was approved. congressman desantis is calling for the justice department to now remove that non-disclosure agreement that prevents the former fbi informant from testifying about the bribery scheme before congress. attorney general loretta lynch's department of justice blocking the informant from testifying last year threatening criminal action against whoever work to do so. my first guest tonight is the attorney for the fbi informant at the center of the uranium one scandal. joining us tonight is victoria toensing founding partner of the toensing law firm and tory a also the former deputy assistant attorney general in the criminal division of the justice department in the reagan administration. victoria does great to see you again. >> good to be here lou and god bless ron desantis. lou: he kicked over this particular scam and sounded the
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alarm and it's extraordinary that the state before we get to the investigation that we learned that the republican leadership was wanting that investigation a year ago. >> they did that to me in benghazi also. they were quashing that investigation. lou: again i'm going to ask for a judgment here. trey gowdy is now ahead of oversight. why is he not doing something? he was the head of various committees including benghazi that produced absolutely nothing in the way of concrete results or resolutions. >> we are glad the ron desantis is doing this because he was a former prosecutor. i think he will do a great job. lou: let's turn to a gag order that prevents him from going
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before congress. are you surprised that the trump justice department has not let it go forward? >> i decided when i got the case and that was only a few weeks ago that the best person to speak would be the chairman of the judiciary committee. i think he has more authority in his request than i do so that was my strategy to go and have the chairman because he's been interested in this issue for a couple of years now. he immediately issued a letter to the justice department and to me at the same time asking me to interview my client. he gave attorney general sessions until november 1 to cough up that nda. we don't even have a copy of vista we don't know what it says. lou: beer and were meant presumably does have a very good understanding of what prohibits him from doing it. >> he does because a year ago
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when he brought a civil suit has been lawyer was told by the loretta lynch justice department he goes forward and he does not dismiss the case his reputation and liberty are in jeopardy. when the justice department talks to me about my liberty i would say that's a problem. lou: extraordinarily this is a gag order and non-disclosure that has a criminal penalty for breaching it. >> that's what the justice department says. lou i've never heard of a criminal penalty for nda and all of my years of practice in law and it's been a good many. also if it does and it's unconstitutional, if her prohibits my client from giving information to the legislature. the executive cannot say that to people hey you can't give information to another body of government. it's either invalid or doesn't say --
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lou: so where are we? it seems like the most expedient measure would he come a you are the attorney in one of the countries best but at this point why not simply get a decision from the attorney general to look at the gag order and move ahead with these committees? as congressman desantis pointed out we have three committees investigating the trump administration without an iota of evidence for a definition of a crime in the case of the special counsel. the senate and house intelligence committees alongside them carrying on an investigation in total cumulatively talking about a year and a half of investigation without producing even as senator richard birth the chairman of the senate intelligence put it even preliminary findings because there are none. why in the world can we not have just a straightforward answer?
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the american people one time from their government? this is what's going on and these are the people responsible. >> called the justice department asked them. lou: i think we can consider this a phonecall right here. >> yes for some time since peter schweiker's great book we have had the equivalent of the menendez case. in the menendez criminal trial it said -- lou: senator menendez. >> he had all kinds of authority to carry out things for people and he had a doctor friend you gave them all kinds of goods. that's what they went to trial on and the prosecution is allowing the jury to decide whether there's criminal intent. we are to have that. think about it. we argue now that bill clinton has 500 grand for a one-hour speech in new york and that was
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four months before this deal went through. the foundation that tens of millions of dollars. lou: $145 million in fact, $145 million for one deal. >> and the deal went through and there were other things that will come out. this goes on but we know the deal went through. there is acquitted and there's a "." but my client does is put a little more meat on those bones. lou: a little more or substantial play more? way for us if you will the impact of what he does know and what you may have learned from him? >> i want to get in the business of violating an nda. it's quite significant.
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what all the russians were talking about during the bribery cases. lou: at what point does the national interest becomes so evident to even the swamp in d.c. that they have to make rational decisions about what the congress can learn and the american people must know. >> lou i was called a few days ago by someone from "cnn" asking me some questions and i said don't you want me to go on and discuss it? well we will get back to you. we can't even get anybody else to respond to do the story. lou: america should never forget that. >> never. lou: victorious good to see you again. thank you very much and we look forward to a successful and quick resolution. thanks so much. victoria toensing. we will talk with congressman
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jim jordan who sits on the oversight committee about the clinton collusion scandal momentarily and what's what in the world it takes to lift the gag order. is this america, really? we can't find out what's happening anywhere in this government, are you kidding me? we are coming right back. much more straight ahead, stay with us. congress is demanding the justice department lift the gag order from the obama administration placed on an fbi informant who helped uncover a russian bribery scheme. this informant wants to tell his story but he's currently under a non-disclosure agreement that was signed with eric holder justice department. lou: new reports the air forces preparing to put b-52 bombers on high alert for the first time since the end of the cold war. the take-up rising tensions with north korea [vo] when it comes to investing,
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a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to charles: new reports tonight that russia launched an all-out effort to win access to hillary clinton while she was at her. state. hill reporting that federal agents observed a russian spy posing as an accountant move closer to clinton's inner circle before the spy was arrested
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reportedly run 2010. other efforts in news such as when the kremlin linked bank paid bill clinton have $9 for single speech. it was double his going rate at that time. joining us tonight as congressman jim jordan. he serves on the judiciary and the oversight committee and a member of the house freedom commerce -- caucus. we have learned from your colleague congressman desantis that house oversight has begun an investigation into these matters, russian bribery efforts to exploit hillary clinton. it was an unheralded beginning to an investigation. as the investigation actually underway? >> i think you are in to see movement in the judiciary committee as we move forward. this is deftly something we need to investigate but also lou never forget the republicans
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sent to the justice department three months ago now a letter saying let's hold a special counsel to look into this uranium one issue clinton to come me to lynch him all the things that took place. we did that three months ago and yet no response from the justice department and where we met with people from the justice department i asked a few weeks ago when her lawyer responded that in having made a decision and it's not when you make a decision and it was we don't know. this is the republican justice department so let's give us some answers. this is a pretty important question let's look at the special counsel issue. lou: i think you are certainly right. this is a republican justice department but it's people that fly our flag whether you talk about rosenstein or the special counsel robert mueller andrew mckay vin number two. the list goes on and we can't even get a response from a
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republican attorney general to a republican house oversight committee? >> they won't give us a response and when i asked the question when we make a decision they said i don't know which is in response to that. when you think about 2069 eyes come back to this. think about some of the things that happen. we have as full investigation into possible russian influence but we know the obama justice department tried to influence the election because remember loretta lynch called the clinton investigation. loretta lynch one day before three days before secretary is scheduled to be interviewed meets bill clinton on the tarmac in phoenix and went she discovered she was having a meeting and corresponding with public relations people she didn't use her real name. again you can probably use your real name. these are the questions that need to be looked into because
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the obama justice department was certainly trying to influence the election and 2016 and yet all the focus was on possible russian influence. lou: is a fair statement to say that trump justice department by obama holdovers and it's an extraordinarily difficult task for attorney general sessions. >> yes and yes again that's exactly what's happening and just the fact that we have to question we know the answer is. that's what's going on there. they say this all the time they are lots of things that make america matt bennett copeland particular in one of those is when they perceive there is one set of rules for you and i the regular people but a different set if you are part of the politically connected class like clinton and call me and lynch that drives americans crazy.
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all that means is we should be focused on this investigation. chart -- lou: the uranium that was transferred to the russians. why wouldn't the united states government cvs itself which is charged pacific way with protecting american assets and precious assets why would they sell uranium for any price? >> that's a question that's why we need to investigate. that's why we need to move forward and figure out what went on here but one of the possibilities is because there was pressure from people higher in government at the state department like the secretary. maybe that's what to place. all the more reason we need to investigate and figure it out. lou: i have two images that in my mind on this issue. one is president bill clinton
10:22 pm
and that's vladimir putin's private daca and moscow having a discussion about all the things he wanted to talk about with 15 russians he was told and suggested that he not and we also have president obama meeting with medvedev. tell vladimir i can be more flexible after the election. that is evidence of collusion. those two images that anything that donald trump or anyone who works for him committed. >> well said and like you say we have this whole mueller special counsel looking into it and yet we can't even get an answer. from our justice department from members of the house republican members on the house judiciary committee weekend and get an answer to a letter we sent three months ago asking for special
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counsel to look at the very things you've highlighted. that's the problem. let's get an answer for that the more portly this is a committee charged with defending the constitution of its core principles of equal treatment under the law. i feel like we have had great conversations with her chairman and hopefully we will be moving out sometime soon. lou: chairman bob goodlatte has stood up and ever since i have been aware as he was to i've got to as this last concluding question and that is why in the hell is your leadership denied you on the oversight committee on the judiciary committee an investigation into these issues? how could they do that? >> again i think things are moving in the right direction. i have raised these issues. lou: it sounds like you don't want to answer congressman. >> there lots of freedom caucus
10:24 pm
members and lots of other conservative members. i think we'll move in the right direction. lou: was the leadership of speaker or was the leadership of chairman for both? >> i don't know that but i will leave that conversation to the chairman. lou: thank you jim jordan. i will pretend that was a question i was going to ask. congressman jim jordan. be sure to vote in our poll. you believe the uranium one informant should be allowed to tell congress and the american people what he knows exactly about the obama clinton collusion with russia scandal? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs and we'll have the results for you to follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. on wall street stocks close lower the dow down 55 points s&p down tim the nasdaq down 42 pre-volume on the big board
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3.1 billion shares. ge reported 6% today. that's the worst day since 2006. ge shares have fallen more than 40% after the former chairman jeff immelt resign. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next the clinton obama state department blocking the release of hillary clinton's e-mails, refusing to let an fbi informant speak to congress. is this an american government we are talking about or is it a soviet government we are talking about? we have judicial watch's chris farrell and by the way without judicial watch i don't know what we would do but i can tell you this it would be substantively measurably far less than that's his -- should scare all of us. we will take all of that and more up hehehehehe
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lou: the legal public interest organization judicial watch has done more than any lawmaker or congressional committee over the last two years to inform the public about the widening obama-clinton-russia scandal. it's because of their efforts the fbi says it has recovered 72,000 more pages of clinton records. the state department, however, says they have failed to produce even half of those 72,000 emails and pages in response to a federal court order. they told the state department has, the judiciary to go to hell. they have told the american people to go to hell, and anyone who expects the state department to ask like any part of the u.s.
10:31 pm
government will be sorely frustrated. only a handful of those emails have been made public, and at the current rate under federal court order the entire controversy of children 207b reports won't be available for release until 2020. that passes for american law and order. and state department integrity. joining us, chris farrell. the director investigation and research. first congratulations. i'm always delighted when i can say that to you and judicial watch. it means american people are going to learn something that we wouldn't otherwise. you are in little rock, arkansas tonight. let me ask before we get to all of the other intrigue tonight, what are you doing in little rock? >> i'm spending some time at the
10:32 pm
national archives at the clinton library. this is my 14th or 15th visit to little rock over the last 17 years. it's a demonstration of our commitment to following through. we never quit, we never go away, we never give up. day was looking through some old hillary healthcare task force records. and a couple of interesting nuggets. one was the absolute state of panic and despair in the clinton white house in may of '93, the language. i'll send it to your staff, you can look at the document tonight. it talks about a state of december pair and anxiety and complete confusion that pales in comparison to the his area over the trump administration.
10:33 pm
it's interesting what happens when a new administration comes in. lou: i was there, as the saying goes. i was much too young to be covering national politics at the time. the health security act of 1993. it was the famous clinton 2 for 1 deal when hillary may run healthcare. and they discovered there might be a little problem on the contraction. and the media was feasting on what was calamity for the clintons. the secrecy they built everything around. they weren't in regular order in those days and they weren't wide open and transparent despite the revisionist history it was see krets and concealment and deception and ultimately doom. lou: you want to share a nugget?
10:34 pm
>> i will send your staff the nugget. but that's the level of confusion in the memo i came across today. it's stunning. lou: i can't wait to see the note and see what you have come upon. i have got to get your ideas. we spoke with victoria tunsing who is under a gag order it's the darnedest gag order she has ever heard of, reportedly to have criminal penalties for violation of it. your thoughts? >> this is what i said all along. these congressional investigations have their place and their time. but the level of criminality they are talking about now and the national security threat we are talking about now, attorney
10:35 pm
general sessions, call your office. we need grand juries and indictments. we need prosecution, not congressional hearings. if the congressional hearings come along after the fact to look at the systemic problems and larger constitutional problems that's great. but the matters we are dealing with so so serious, we have to see people indicted and put on trial. we need findings of fact from court, not opinions from politicians. lou: is it your judgment that the special counsel enlarging his investigation to include the podesta firm and john podesta's brother that that amounts to anything or is that a shiny object? >> it's good they are look at podestas. but i hope that isn't a
10:36 pm
throwaway to distract from something else. lou: chris farrell, always good to have you. thanks so much.
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lou: air force is readying a least cold war era b52 bombers
10:40 pm
should the air force place them on high alert status. the command said there are no plans to put them on high alert, but they want them ready for the call to action if they get them to the high level of ready alert. they have not been in that state since 1991. joining me, general jack keane. let's start with first this ready to get ready alert that is being reported. what do you make of it and what's going on. >> the possibility we could have nuclear war with north korea is there. we have to make certain our capability are what they should be. the military is taking all the
10:41 pm
necessary precautions to do that. parking b52s out on a tarmac in designated spots with nuclear weapons on board and pilots in a nearby facility where they can run to their airplanes like we have snreent old strategic command films, i suspect we won't get that far. but i do think the intent is clearly one to make sure our forces are capable, and to send a message. it's about deterrence. we have got capability and a president that's willing to use it if it's necessary. and that's what message we want to send lot and clear to china in particular, and also north korea. and the president's visit to the far east which is coming up in a couple of weeks.
10:42 pm
lou: i saw that movie "strategic command." james stuart, a terrific actor, a terry pike movie. let's hope it stays in the realm of fiction. this is an extraordinary potential even counter and confrontation that i don't think any of us want. but korea and china don't seem to be convincing in their response that they want to avoid as the president put it, annihilation. jack >> it will be interesting e if china will start to accelerate. xi will have solidified his
10:43 pm
power. he clearly wants china to be the preeminent power in the world, and this thing in my north korea stays smack in the way of doing all that it's a major impediment for him. lou: the most of powerful man in the world xi jinping, they missed it by an entire ocean. that person still is president trump. >> it's true, and we are the most of powerful military in the world and a healthy economy despite the fact that it's not growing as fast as we would like. lou: it's growing so many faster than it has that i can't help but cheer. long secret documents about the
10:44 pm
assassination of jfk to be made public more than a half century later. we'll have the full report on what to expect when president trump releases those documents for the first time in 54 years. did i say soviet-era government? 54 years sealed this is what it's all about, jamie -- helping small businesses. damage your vehicle? we got you covered. [ glass shatters ] property damage? that's what general liability's for. what?! -injured employee? -ow. workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement. what's happening? this is carla. how's it going? and if anything comes up, our experts are standing by. ♪ boo! ♪ big thinking in the finger lakes
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lou: president trump has made an important decision in the interest of americans right to know. the president announcing he will not blocking the release of document that have been sealed, document about the a he assassination of john f. kennedy. ,000 of classified document in the national archives are set to be made public this thursday, withheld from the public view for 54 years. can you imagine america has become such a country? fox news chief washington correspondent, james rosen, with our report. reporter: hours after politico reported that president trump will likely with hold some of the classified files, president
10:49 pm
trump tweeted early saturday morning. subject to the receipt of further information, i will allow the long blocked and classified jfk files to be opened. along with the 30,000 pages that have been released only in redacted form. reports say the cia is concerned about document generated in the 1990s. >> i'm enough an historian i think i would go with the release posture. this happened long enough to go that it's unlikely to stimulate any immediate strong hostility between the u.s. and russia. reporter: as nation researchers
10:50 pm
hope to learn more about the visit to mexico city by oswald. and they also want to know about an undercover officer who on the day of the assassination leaked information to the media. a legendary cia officer who oversaw the agency's response to the warren commission. >> i think there is material that could change our perception of the investigation. reporter: the agency says it will continue to determine the next steps regarding any previously unreleased information. lou: the public has the right to know. get the material out, and you
10:51 pm
know, remember one thing, folks, it's still america. it sometimes seems like just barely. presidential historian dog wead a. [applause] the president's -- doug wead a. [applause] the decision. years and years of gag orders on the uranium one scandal. we'll take up the real russia collusion story. collusion story. stay with us, we'll be right ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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lou: joining me now as i try to cool off under the collar. i'm joined by two great friends of the country. the chairman of the great america pac, chief political adviser to the rusm can house leadership. ed rollins and michael goodwin. great to have you here. i ask the question re torically and honestly. can you imagine that america has become a country where you seal documents for 54 years, in the
10:56 pm
assassination of a president? where you permit a lousy -- she is a lousy secretary of state that was temporarily not just a citizen, to seal records and escape accountability for violating laws? ed: no. to answer your question, no. ed: the public has a right to know. when you become a public servant like she was, you can't have confidential documents. this has to do with clinton intrigue and it should be out in the open. lou: this is supposed to be one of the consequences of an election. that's the mysterious part. the obama justice department covered up for the obama administration. we had an election. here we are nearly a year later
10:57 pm
and we are still stymied by that past administration. i don't know why donald trump doesn't have a cabinet meeting and say you do this, you do that. that's the power of the presidency. ed: the danger of not doing that is the starts becoming his justice department and his congress that isn't doing the right thing. we need to get to the bottom of this as quickly as we can. lou: we have long talked about corruption in d.c., the swamp. the president has vowed to drain the swamp. but is there anything you can conceive of -- and i want to give the president credit for releasing the jfk documents. sealed for 54 years. he realized he had not wouldn't
10:58 pm
election, there would be no investigation by the house oversight committee swbt judiciary committee, the intelligence committees don't matter. where do we go from here. we have testimony taking place in closed committees all of the time. >> these stories have an art to them. the story goes away. we don't know what they said. we don't know what congress thinks about what they said. it was in closed session. lou: the american people are so used to this crap now, we are waiting for people to shovel more of that stuff on us in the darkness and occasionally water. >> only he can do it. he has to bring sessions over and get this stuff out there,
10:59 pm
and if you don't do this, go back. lou: why does sessions have to be told to lift a gag order on an fbi informant who has wind that gag order for five years? >> the lawyer made an important point. how do you block him from testifying before congress? congress has the right. lou: does congress have the guts to test it? and say why aren't those judiciary and oversight committee chairman saying da dammit, sessions, wage. >> i hope the president doesn't wait. i think that's the fastest route. let's do it.
11:00 pm
ed: good question they are they are released. lou: when is that? ed: wednesday. lou: i'll ask t policies is a dy combination. here's lou. lou: good evening everybody. breaking news tonight the clinton obama state department telling the american people judicial watch and president trump all to go hell. the state department admitting in a court hearing it has not processed even half of hillary clinton 72,000 e-mails that the fbi recovered last year and the federal court judge has ordered to be produced. that means it could be at least three more years before the public would see more than 40,000 pages of e-mails from clinton's tenure as secretary of state.


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