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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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value. we happen to own apache. we think it is good long term. they're commodity oriented. but they are efficient producer. closing bell rings] we think there is opportunity there. liz: the vilory fund is up 95% since inception. there is the closing bell. that is it for the claman countdown. melissa: wall street eyeing investors waiting for action as republicans take a big step forward on tax cuts. the dow ending the day up 70 points. that is something, david asman. the s&p ending in the green. nasdaq fighting for gains. nasdaq losing. they will not get gains. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." more on the big market movers, but, we say this every day, but this is extraordinary hour. a potentially historic moment in the nation's capitol, the house passing the senate's budget, clearing the way for tax form.
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in just days, house republicans will introduce the tax bill. new details where the plan stands now. an order from the top, searching for answers for the uranium deal. president trump urging the justice department to break a logjam and lift and order on the the informant. keeping quiet and playing dumb. how could the campaign to elect hillary clinton $9 million on that russian influence phony anti-trump dossier without hillary or the dnc head knowing anything about it? among our guests to answer all these questions, charlie hurt from "the washington times." guy benson from republican congressman, louie gohmert. andy parr. a. -- barr. a full show today. melissa: the house passes the budget, getting us closer and
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closer to tax reform. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. good afternoon, to you nicole. >> good afternoon to you, melissa. off the highs, up 130 points but up arrows as you noted. 70 points to the upside for the dow. looking at all-time highs, home depot, dupont, jpmorgan, and morgan stanley. i'm sorry, microsoft at all-time high. twitter was up about 18%. it beat the street, adding monthly users that wowed wall street. we're watching tech stocks going into the close. they were relatively flat. watching amazon, that is the first one coming out now. intel, alphabet, google, amazon, these are key. amazon alphabet, relatively flat at close. we'll break all these on "after the bell" on fox business. got you covered. back to you. melissa: let's go amazon breaking, reporting third quarter results,
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cheryl casone has them. >> hey there, melissa. the stock is moving up in after-hours trading. the web services we just got the number. that is a beat. a positive number. the web services is cloud business for amazon. we're all excited about the retail side of the company, but we're excited about web services. revenue 43.7 million. that is beat above 42.14. earnings per share. that was nice to see. 52 cents. estimate was was 3 cents. now we'll look for information with information with regards to whole foods and acquisition of whole foods. actually favorable impact, year-over-year changes coming from, without whole foods in the picture. still looking for whole foods information, excuse me. but the web service, that is very strong sign for amazon of the stock is moving higher. a few things to watch. there are reports going into the close that they actually had been getting pharmacy licenses around the country. if that is confirmed, right now
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just a report, if they confirm that in the press release or on the earnings call today, is big news. because that means amazon will selling homes, cars, going into pharmacies and food and everything else the company is doing. it is crazy. melissa: that is david in the background, losing his mind. david: $1050 a share. melissa: he can't take it. david's head just exploded. let's bring in our panel. kevin kelly, adam lashinsky and damn, it is amazon's world and we're just living in it. what do you think? >> that is very well-put. kudos to cheryl for pointing out amazon web services is what matters most. it is so important for years amazon did everything it could to obscure what was going on with the cloud computing
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business. it was coming on strong quietly. they realized it had to report it separately. it is so much of a different business and a better business than amazon which you point out is pretty damn good itself. melissa: stand by one second, alphabet, which is the parent company of google will try to look better than amazon right now. david: yeah, right. melissa: i can't wait to see what they have coming up. nicole. >> looking at google right now, we're seeing earnings per share of 9.57. can i see the bottom screen, so i can see what we're doing live? revenue, revenue, of 27.77 billion. 27.2 was estimate. after-hours it was up. anything on paid clicks or whole foods or cloud computing those are some other things, mixing up amazon and alphabet. it's a beat. back to you twice -- guys.
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david: by two stocks, alphabet, google, amazon, you're all set. i'm sorry to do this guys, i want to go to adam first because he covers it from silicon valley. adam, i'm looking for any dark cloud, that is hard to find for google and amazon. track fees are traffic acquisition costs, money that google pays to cell phone companies, that their name, google appears for anything else that is going way up, increasing by 25%. is that a problem? >> sure. any costs that goes up is a problem, but david, i would say the biggest problem for these companies a larger, existential one, fed by outstanding performance, they're getting so big, so powerful, all sorts of people are coming after them including government regulators. melissa: too much money can be a
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terrible thing. i hate to have these kind of earnings to see my stock go through the roof. david: don't worry. you can handle the money. but, scott, there are political problems, all these stories about false stories on internet and whether google has to play more active role preventing that pro happening otherwise they get sued, is that a problem from investor point of view? >> david, i think that is a lot of noise. google has the desire to fix those problems. facebook had that come up too. it will take longer than anybody wants. one quick thing, adam brought up interesting thing about amazon and antitrust talk. the last thing i found out about antitrust, wasn't that supposed to be monopoliesic, raising prices on consumers make it more difficult for you to do business. amazon does the exact opposite. bringing down prices. david: we have some more information on amazon. let's to back to cheryl, find out what it is. to ahead. >> remember, guys, this is the
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first quarter they're including the whole foods data, right? the expectation was to bring in 1.4 billion in revenue from the whole foods market, inclusion now of the company. that came in at 1.3 billion. so a slight miss, but stock is up 7, 8% in after-hours trading. they're doing well internationally. 100% jump of volume of sales internationally. those two points along with web services really pushing the stock up after-hours. it is really jumping. melissa: kevin, contrast the headlines with what the stock is doing and what their earnings are doing. you see things all the time bezos versus trump, everybody is afraid of drones. you have the studio head at amazon who is in trouble for harrassment, on and on. then they just crush, crush earnings, and own everyone. i guess headlines don't matter? >> headlines don't matter because we just mentioned whole
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foods. guess what? the day they announced the whole foods acquisition for $13 billion, guess what? their stock went up $13 billion. net-net, it cost them nothing. they wrap it up into their great platform where prime members will be able to go there, use their prime membership to purchase stuff at whole foods. they are wrapped up through this. they sell echos, that feeds through the amazon web service is. they were feeling competitive threats from microsoft on hybrid cloud. guess what? they did a partnership with vmware, so they go into the data services with a physical cloud and hybrid cloud. they're doing partnerships and they are doing deals. we're in amazon world and we're just living in it. melissa: elon musk makes jeff bezos that he can not think out of the box and intellectually boring individual. jeff bezos saw the cloud coming jumped into it when we thought it had to do with rain.
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he has gotten out in front of every trend. now he talking about pharmacies? what do you think about that, scott? >> that is amazing. jeff bezos when they're making tens of billions of dollars a quarter in revenue, you can step out into the ether from time to time to see if things are going to work. it is interesting with amazon and companies coming out, you talk about the beat, the word you used was damn. melissa: longer emphasis. i stretched it out more. damn. >> it's a so good. melissa: kevin says, they don't pay taxes. that is a huge issue. we want to talk about that more. we have microsoft reporting first quarter. cheryl give us those numbers. >> another piece of good news for microsoft. company's stock moving higher in the after-hours. first it was a beat on revenue and earnings per share. 84 cents on earnings per share. estimate was 72.
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revenue was 24.5 billion. i will use the word cloud services helping the company. nice increase not only on business-to-business work they're doing, especially with windows software, that the companies are using. also they say cloud service really jumped as well. overall, you know the as far as the software goes, windows software, kind of flat. overall about the cloud again for microsoft. it's a beat. melissa: thank you, cheryl. david? david: adam, let's talk about that, they are, for those that don't know, amazon, melissa saying got cloud down early. they have all these cloud services. they're number one. microsoft is number two. they're a strong number two. they're like avis rent a car, right? >> what is so interesting. not like these companies haven't had hiccups and haven't had hiccups even in the last five years. 10 years ago we would not talk about these companies. we would talk about sun micro system is or dell or hewlett-packard or ibm, who were making servers that power all of this stuff.
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because companies bought those servers. now companies don't buy those servers. amazon and google and microsoft buy their own versions, then offer what those servers can do out to everybody else. that business is just on fire. it is one of many digital businesses that are just on fire. that is why it looks like they can do no long right now. david: sun microsystems, you're making me feel old. >> i know. i know. david: nicole with more details on google's parent company, alphabet. go ahead. >> look as the stock is trading higher after-hours, up 2 1/2%. we noted a beat on both earnings per share and on revenue for alphabet, google, whatever you want to call it. you do see it higher. one of the reasons they saw revenue growth of 24% was on the mobile ad growth and that was certainly something that helped them along. also the cost per click, that was down 18 percent. but you do see big picture,
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here, that it is a win for google, up 2.8%. david: scott, the fact there is another thing that connects these companies. that is the amount of cash they have overseas. we heard a lot of talk with all the tax changes. president trump has his design to bring the money back. i will throw out figures. google/alphabet has $57.9 billion abroad in its various subsidiaries abroad. microsoft has 127.9 billion abroad. you bring that money back, that is going to create quite a to-do here in the united states, right? >> it will be wild, david. let's add facebook and apple's covers, you have real machine know to add up, my friend. you're right, that money comes back, trump, thrown out number of 4 trillion set to come back here if the tax reforms are passed, i'm telling you, that is going right into the s&p 500. that is going to be a major
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asset price lift. whether they create jobs with it, buy back more stock, what have you, that number of money, those dollars, coming back, you will see it with higher stocks prices. >> not that i disagree that it would have interesting impact but it is already in the s&p 500, right? melissa: we have to pause for one second. intel with third quarter results. nicole what do you have? >> take a look at intel right now. we are seeing intel trading to the upside. they came out with their quarterly numbers. a big earnings beat. they raised forecast, earnings per share of 101. the estimate was 80 cents. revenue a beat. it is up 3/4 of 1%. with raising outlook that helped things along for big chipmaker, for intel. it is a western. back to you. melissa: nice, thank you. whoo, whiplash round. what do you think? >> i'll say. congratulations to our cameraman, owns 20 shares of amazon. melissa: that drives david crazy, talks about every single
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day, one of our guys owns amazon. david: he bought it $10 a share. congratulations david. melissa: well-done. david: pivotal moment on capitol hill. house of representatives paving way for your tax cut, but is the drama just getting started in? next, charlie hurt, from the "washington times" here to respond. melissa: he might get mugged on the way out. you keep saying how much they own. david: rich guys. melissa: notorious trump dossier, denials are popping up, as democrats are claiming they had no knowledge of any payments made to the law firm behind the report. nobody knows anything. later this hour, guy benson from joins us. david: how do they know? last secret files on the jfk assassination are set to be released. will they provide anymore answers or fuel more conspiracy theories? melissa: it is amazon's world.
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david: well the road to tax reform has a few fewer potholes now. the house narrowly passing a budget today, allowing lawmakers, specifically the house ways and means committee, to release a tax bill that is scheduled for next week. here from capitol hill is connell mcshane t was close but they passed it. reporter: they did. you're right. they wanted to get to the bill next week so they needed to pass it. 216 to-212. that's a close vote. can only have 22 defect and 20 did. they have to figure out issues going forward, the big issue republicans from high-taxed states are worried about losing the deduction for state and local taxes. if you look at 20 nos on the
4:20 pm
republican side, from new york and low by on dough and new york list a larger crew, congressman peter king, most notable, top right of the screen. he has been outspoken on this i spoke to him a little bit. i was asking congressman king, what is next when it comes to tax reform? he said, well i don't know. i think with the no vote today we got their attention, meaning house leadership. he is probably right about that. the house ways and means committee chairman kevin brady stopped by our location earlier. he said, and i'm quoting him, we're working with lawmakers because we want to make sure people keep more of what they earn regardless where they live. he thinks they're getting closer to a deal on those deduction. that is not the only challenge though. some conservatives are concerned. >> this budget doesn't reflect conservative priorities because it doesn't cut a dime in spending. the house of representatives sent a budget to the senate, cut $200 billion. the swamp creatures in the senate don't have guts to cut a
4:21 pm
nickel of spending. we need the say we not only need tax cuts but spending cuts. reporter: david, issues to be figure the out here, the big headline they got it passed. it was disaster for republicans but they did. they're on course to get to the floor, the bill get introduced by next week and passed possibly. david: i use that state and local tax deduction. i'm from a very high taxed state. i would be glad to get rid of deduction if my rates went down. melissa: i don't know if that will happen though. david: we'll see what happens. get rid of deductions lower rates. melissa. melissa: we'll see with charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor and a fox news contributor. charlie, let me ask you to react to the discussion that just came before you. what do you think? we have to starve the beast of government. >> well, you know, i've been hearing this argument about starving the beast for a long time around here and the problem
4:22 pm
with that is -- melissa: never happens? >> exactly, it never happens. they don't have, they managed to get around to cutting taxes but they do never manage to get around to cutting spending. they do the easy thing. they never do the hard thing. melissa: right. >> i'm always very suspicious anymore, when people, well--meaning, i would do anything, starve the beast, kill the beast, do whatever you can do. melissa: slay it. >> do surgery. melissa: paint it a different color. whatever you can possibly to do stop the forward momentum. >> exactly jehan thing that could stop the forward momentum, president trump, is doing everything the way a president can't do anything. oh, the lack of civility, our cultural is lost. i will give up civility if we could have some change in progress. if we could cut taxes. if we could grow the economy. he is not doing anything traditional. maybe that is a good thing. >> i think it's a very good
4:23 pm
thing and the secret to his election. i think secret to his success now. if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a difficult result, then, that's kind of i think major reason why both democrats and republicans are so fed up. melissa: yeah. >> a guy like this walks in, at least he is changing the tune. at least he is doing something different. we might possibly get another, some sort of a different result out of it. i'm very conservative guy. melissa: yeah. >> exactly. i'm a conservative guy. donald trump is not conservative in any sort of regular sense of the word. he is willing to do something. i like a good bit of what he is doing. melissa: yeah. >> so you know, let's see what he has got. melissa: if he gets the result, that is the key, he has to get a result, because you were one of first to say something very clever maybe about a week ago, now it's a talking point. so you should have trademarked it in other words.
4:24 pm
you said i may not like his style, or the way he says but seems like he is effective all of a sudden. if he end up getting things done others haven't, you don't love the tweet but, if he is getting it done, what do you think? >> and i think that is a big reason why he was such a turnoff to so many people around here in both parties, they just didn't like his style. they didn't like his brash new yorker kind of rude, swashbuckling behavior. melissa: name calling. >> name-calling. they didn't like it. it was a style thing they didn't like about him. so they were so obsessed with that they missed all the good stuff he is talking about. of course now, i think a lot of him don't like him because they genuinely feel -- melissa: could drain the swamp. >> he is a threat. melissa: he is a threat. ones that didn't get on board. see you later. now they're gone. charlie hurt, you're great. thank you. thanks for coming on. david: we have breaking news, spectacular, no other word, new numbers from amazon causing the
4:25 pm
stock to jump after hours. the whole foods deal has a lot to do with it. melissa: look at that estimate. david: $3 billion in sales from whole foods this quarter. a lot more than expected. look at the stock right now. $1051.85 for one share of amazon. that says it all. melissa: up 80 bucks in after-hours. david: unbelievable. melissa: estimate was 52. what went down during the obama administration that gave a russian-backed company a huge stake in uranium supply? we're asking republican congressman louie gohmert after the break. david: president trump taking major steps to combat our nation's opioid crisis. what changes is he making? who is responsible for the crisis? details coming up. >> working together, we will defeat this opioid epidemic.
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david: hopefully getting some answers. the justice department lifting a gag order on a former fbi informant set to testify about corruption in the uranium deal signed during the obama administration. now a source telling fox news the order came directly from president trump to lift the gag order. congressman peter king is vowing to get to the bottom of the deal. take a listen. >> chairman nunez designated me to lead the investigation from the intelligence committee side. and then we'll do it jointly with trey gowdy's committee, and ron desantis will be the lead for their committee. it will be desantis and i, will spearheading the investigation. david: joining me to discuss, texas congressman, member of the house judiciary committee louie gohmert. good to see you, congressman. do you know anymore whether the president had to prod the
4:30 pm
justice department to lift the gag order on this guy? >> we don't know for sure, but one of the things most shocking, a guy named rosenstein, if that name sounds familiar, since he appointed mueller, hearing the rumor that he helped sign documents that got the whole thing, the original cover done by ceiling documents back sealing documents back, in the document administration so hillary could go through to make millions. david: congressman, let me cut to the chase here. i wasn't going to ask this until the end of the interview. mueller was head of fbi when they clearly had information about corruption and raketeering in this deal before it was made. >> you betcha. david: if jeff sessions had to recuse himself from the russian investigations, shouldn't mueller recuse himself aspects counsel now since he was so involved in this russia stuff. >> i've been saying that most of this year. he should have never accepted
4:31 pm
this. i was saying comey is central witness. they have been too close. he can't be a fair investigator. david: back then we didn't know that he was fbi director when, was either holding back on information that would have prevented obama administration or not giving you guys in congress information? >> the blockbuster line here now, he and rosenstein had to be involved in him being the special counsel now because now we know he needed to cover up the fact that he and rosenstein originally covered up the first investigation. and they didn't, obviously they wouldn't want that coming out. now it's out. we're going to be having hearings. we will get to the bottom of it. but mueller should never have accepted that. >> right. >> he is so completely disqualified from investigating this but he was fbi director. he knew all about what had gone on in russia's efforts to get
4:32 pm
our uranium. david: right. >> they sealed up that original, they covered up that original investigation because it would have prevented the megamillions coming into the clinton foundation. david: i don't know if it was covered up, congressman. we need to find it was covered up. >> david, we know they sealed these documents. we know they prevented that coming out back then. david: most reasonable people would agree in the whole panorama of russian stories out there, russia obtaining 20% of u.s. uranium reserves is a key point. to have the february by director, right in the middle of that investigation, didn't -- >> that's right. in middle of it. david: didn't pass that information on to people to stop the deal he can't head the investigation himself. >> he can't. trump had good idea bringing in american dollars from overseas to get the economy going. we didn't know hillary had a similar plan. her plan was to bring russian
4:33 pm
foreign dollars, megamillions, to sell off our national security to help get our economy going. it was rather untoward because they were selling off our national security. totally -- >> congressman, louie gohmert, a former judge himself, who will judge all details in this case. thank you for coming in, congressman. >> sure, anytime, thank you. melissa: breaking news for you right now. google parent company alphabet hitting all-time high after-hours, currently up more than 2% after beating expectations. one highlight, ads on google getting more clicks, jumping 47% from the same quarter a year ago. they are tempting you to click away. revenue was up 24% on mobile advertising growth. david: wow. if they could get the false news off of there, we would have a good company. the american people voted to put a republican president in office. why is hillary clinton bashing the republican party after her failed presidential run? details are coming up.
4:34 pm
melissa: plus will president trump finally give americans the tax cut we've been desperately waiting for? congressman andy barr is joining us after this break.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. >> effective today, my administration is officially declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency under federal law, and why i am directing all executive agencies to use every appropriate
4:38 pm
emergency authority to fight the opioid crisis. david: president trump taking aim at the opioid crisis in the country. here is republican congressman andy barr from kentucky who was at the president's event earlier today. congressman, who or what do you blame most for this crisis? >> well, of course it's a terrible epidemic that is affected the entire country but in kentucky, my home state, we suffer from the third highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country. david: let me stop you there. why is that, congressman? you have such a small state. why would you have so many opioid deaths? >> well, there is hopelessness and economic distress in certain parts of our communities. we have had severe downturn in our coal economy, in the mountain communities of eastern kentucky. but, down economy and hopelessness is not the only reason. we have a public policy response that has been deficient. we have overprescribing.
4:39 pm
we have physicians that are not adequately trained. we are overprescribing narcotics. we have an unsecure southern border. we are faced with chinese fentanyl manufacturers pumping fentanyl into our country. david: by the way the president called that drug evil today. do you agree? >> i totally agree, totally agree and i applaud the administration, i applaud the president for this bold response to this epidemic. we are losing 175 americans a day in overdose deaths. david: extraordinary. to another one of your points though about the prescription, the overprescription, there are 214 million opioid prescriptions written in 2016 is. that is actually down a little. couple years earlier it was it 55 million. our own dr. siegel says that is way too many. >> absolutely. david: doctors are prescribing these things like they were candy. how do you stop that? >> absolutely.
4:40 pm
i think we have to have a prescription monitoring program, a more robust prescription monitoring program. one of the initiatives the president announced also, working with the national institutes of health and department of health and human services, to more robustly educate and train physicians and prescribers, about the dangers of opioid addiction. there is -- david: hold on. why would you have to educate doctors about the dangers of too much opioids? that is common sense, is it not, particularly for a doctor. >> it is but you know bad public policy -- hhs policy regulations coming out of cms actually reward hospitals and physicians and health care providers for managing pain. so when you get reimbursed at higher rate because you're getting higher scores for just prescribing pain medication and medicating people, that is the wrong public policy. david: congressman, i think it's a little simpler than that, perhaps a little worse what
4:41 pm
you're prescribing. i think as doctors realize, if you want to shut up a patient, if a patient is complaining you write the prescription, that shuts them up literally sometimes. if somebody comes in easier than getting to the cause of the problem rather than treating symptom. >> we need to promote programs enhanced recovery after surgery, non-drug pain management techniques that are coming on strong. there is a lot of research to support anesthesiologists, pain management moving away from narcotics and pain management. this is what the announcement was about. it is comprehensive strategy. it is not just law enforcement. there is a role for the department of justice. it is about education and training of physicians, and national prescription monitoring program but it is also about the fda, and making sure prescription pill manufacturers are not, are not doing the wrong
4:42 pm
thing and doing the ethical thing in terms of the type of drugs and how they're marketing them. also partial fills. you know when you recover from a surgery, you dent need 30 or 60 days worth of pills. david: yeah. >> if you need opioids or narcotics, maybe seven days is enough. david: congressman andy barr, good suggestions. best luck to you. this is killing 33,000 americans a year. it has to be stopped. i appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: the anticipation is almost over of the jfk assassination files. they are set to be released any moment from now. what hidden secrets will we find out? plus hillary clinton's team denying they knew anything -- david: nobody knew. melissa: nobody knew. but what happens when the truth ultimately comes out like the book? get it? opportunities in real time.
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>> hidden details about to be revealed. president trump set to release
4:46 pm
the jfk assassination files, a long-kept secret to the american people. rich edson has details surrounding the files. rich what do you expect? reporter: melissa much of the focus is on lee harvey oswald's trip to mexico city weeks before the kennedy assassination. historians will look at the central intelligence agency, what they may have known about oswald's contacts with soviet and cuban agents. oswald courted the soviets. even lived there. he defected in 1959. lived in minsk, married and returned a year before the kennedy assassination. he was involved in pro-castro fair play committee. cuban connection is one of the assassination theories in assassination of president john kennedy historians and will mention mafia, cia or government figures. this is also a look into the workings of the u.s. intelligence community during the 1960s. it's a time a year after the cuban missile crisis, when it is
4:47 pm
primary focus was on containing the soviet union and the spread of communism. the national ash curves is down playing the documents claiming much of information will be tank against to the assassination. the archives may with hold information such as grand jury testimony and tax return information. it is unclear how much information the archives will release. expected to be thousands of documents. it is unknown, how much push back current intelligence services presented to white house of the because the president still can block some or all of this release. melissa. melissa: wow. rich edson, we'll see. thank you. david: we have more breaking news on the earnings front. toy-maker mattel plummeting after hours, briefly halting its sales. sales in the company were hurt very badly bit toys "r" us bankruptcy. remember that? worldwide net sales dropped 13%. the american girl doll plan worldwide gross sales fell 30%.
4:48 pm
you can see after-hours. the stock is down over 15%. at one point it was down 25%. mattel taking it on the chin today. melissa: yeah. shocked and confused. that is what the clinton campaign is saying when it comes to revelations they helped fund the anti-trump dossier. so could hillary and her top aides not have known? that is a tough sell. guy benson joins us after the break with his take. >> i'm not a human polygraph. i don't know what she, what she knew or did not know. i would find it pretty interesting if her campaign was making decisions at that level she didn't know about.
4:49 pm
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>> when did you learn the dnc and clinton campaign were behind the dossier? >> i wasn't aware of that at
4:52 pm
all. >> how can you, could you have led the dnc and be in the dark about the dossier? >> i wasn't aware of the arrangement. >> what do you think about the new leadership statement, basically kicking the can back it old leaders, your leadership, new leaders didn't know about it? >> [inaudible] melissa: nothing inspires confidence like repeating your lawyer's statement over and over and over again. here now is guy benson,, fox news contributor. you know, i think she wasn't aware of the arrangement at all. what do you think, guy? >> first of all, melissa, greetings from your alma mater here at harvard. melissa: oh, nice. >> good to be here. this is such a weird story. i don't think that a lot of democrats and liberals a few months ago ever suspected the whole russia collusion investigation might start to boomerang back in their own
4:53 pm
direction. what did the dnc know at highest levels? what did the clinton campaign know at highest levels? we don't know that answer yet, but you better believe there should be an investigation into those questions and one of the things we're seeing now, they're starting to blame this on their lawyers. this money was apparently lawn dered effectively through a law firm, but it was still democratic money going to fusion gps, going to the guy who put together anti-trump dossier. someone had to know where the money was going and why. if they didn't know, they have some questions to answer about lying to reporters for months about the providence of the dossier and funding behind it. melissa: you say how could the democrats have known it was going to boomerang back on them? how about because they knew they did it? how about there was investigation going into pay-for-play and the uranium
4:54 pm
deal, when they made that deal, they knew the russians were involved? how about did anyone ask themselves why would we agree to sell 25% of our uranium to russia? how about because somebody hired this opo research firm to dig up the dirt. who hired michael steele, that was not republican. they hired the opo research firm that brought back dossier proven false, handed over to the fbi? they knew, they had to know it would boomerang back on them? >> well there are a couple different pieces to this. it is hard to keep them all straight. the uranium deal, uranium one company, all ties to the clintons, that was revealed in the "clinton cash" book. we ajudicated that a fair amount although there are new details last couple weeks. melissa: christopher steele, was the investigator at mi6. go ahead. >> christopher steele, one of the way democrats are deflecting
4:55 pm
this story, there are a lot of rank-and-file democrats, liberals across the country had no idea this would eventually perhaps make its way back into the democrats backyard. we know now that robert mueller was investigating the podesta group in connection with this investigation. but with this deflection that i was about to talk about, some of the folks are say, on the left, oh, this was a republican initiated, sort of investigation opposition research project into trump, which is true in as much as it started with a republican donor before the dossier, before christopher steele was hired. once trump was going to be nominee, it got taken over by democrats. they started paying for it. that is what steele was hired. that is when the dossier started to get compiled. so it's a misleading argument to say it started with republicans. that is not exactly accurate. it is totally unaccurate vis-a-vis the dossier itself. melissa, the other big piece of
4:56 pm
this to me, it is not democratic party. it is the fbi. why was the fbi, this is my biggest question. melissa: yeah. >> why was the fbi according to "the washington post" confirmed, now, paying christopher steele to continue his investigations into an anti-trump project, then stopped as soon as that became public knowledge? that seems highly unusual and weird to me. melissa: yeah. i mean it couldn't even be a movie because it is so, it is so farfetched and diabolical, that you wouldn't believe it as a plot. anyway, we have to go. guy benson, thanks so much. get a steak and cheese at pinocchio's. bring it back. >> i was at noke's yesterday. melissa: he was there. david: we have sound bite from hillary you will not believe. stay tuned for that. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology.
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>> the republican party is imploding. it is becoming a far right,
5:00 pm
captive party to ideological religious and commercial interests. it is at the mercy of its financial backers and a cabal of leaders. >> financial backer, i was thinking of the clinton foundation. >> who is she talking about now? >> "risk & reward" starts now. >> deny this. >> hillary herself. hillary who has been touring the world, complaining that the russians colluded with trump to steal the election away with her, and she's colluding with the russians. >> the profoundly vindicating day. >> almost $6 million that they paid. >> the clinton campaign was doing what it accused of trump campaign of doing. wittingly or unwittingly working with russians to undermine the 2016 election or affect the 2016 election. >> totally discredited. total phony, like all the fake news, disgraceful. >> it's a stunning turn of events and we'll soon learn how serious people were about


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