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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 26, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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did not fully investigate this case. charles: all right, guys, gentlemen, thank you very much. it is a serious bombshell. another bombshell, jfk's files are going to be released today. 2800 files. now lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. as you can tell, we're still in the swamp, washington, d.c., and tonight we begin with breaking news out of the nation's capitol. president trump has delayed the release of some of the files on the jfk assassination that have been required by law to be released by midnight today. president trump has approved apparently only 2800 of the almost 35,000 documents to be released today before midnight, and if anyone in this administration understands what's going on, they're certainly not talking, not talking at least with me. one news organization is
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reporting the fbi and cia successfully implored president trump not to release documents, even though the intelligence agencies have had a quarter century to prepare for this day to actually follow the law. white house officials say the president will state in a coming memo that he had, quote, no choice but to keep some of the jfk files secret because of national security concerns. the deep state, and the intelligence community effectively holding a vito over the public's right to know and the volition of our president. as they have for the past 54 years when it comes to these documents. julian assange offered a disturbing analysis behind the decision to delay the release. he says intelligence agencies seem to be determined to make trump look weak by delaying jfk files after he promised their
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release today. this has to end and it has to end now in my opinion. also in the news tonight, sources telling fox news that president trump himself ordered the justice department to lift that gag order, a non-disclosure agreement that had blocked an fbi informant from disclosing to congress all that he knows about obama-clinton collusion with the russians during the uranium one deal. and the house of representatives today passed a budget. let me repeat. they passed a budget, a $4 trillion budget, that sets the foundation for what will be most likely the passage of tax reform legislation. history in the making. and the man at the center of what president trump calls the largest tax cut in american history is the chairman of the powerful ways and means committee congressman kevin brady who joins us right here tonight. also with us tonight, the president's man on all things
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commerce. business finance and trade. the secretary of the department of commerce, wilbur ross. he'll be with us as will dr. sebastian gorka, lieutenant colonel tony shaffer and byron york. so let's get to it right now. joining us on our top story, one step closer to the president's historic tax plan, the house narrowly passing the senate's $4 trillion budget resolution by a whopping two-vote margin, allowing them however to fast track tax cuts. house ways and means committee chairman kevin brady announced after that vote that the text of the tax bill will be released november 1st, the ways and means committee will consider the legislation and the committee markup beginning on november 6th. november 6th. republican division does remain, however, over the issue of wiping out state and local tax deductions, curbing 401(k) contributions and a few other
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matters. we're going to get those resolved right here tonight. joining us congressman kevin brady, the chairman of ways and means. great to have you here. a man who's been working tirelessly on tax cuts and tax reform for some time now. >> a while. lou: great to see you. >> thank you, lou, thank you for having me. lou: congratulations, moving forward with the budget, now that paves the way for your committee to star in what is -- can very well be a historic tax cut and tax reform. >> so today, lou, thanks for having me, and today marks the beginning of the end of this horrible u.s. tax code. president trump played a key role in passage to both senate and the house and republicans came together knowing that we cannot land tax reform this year until we have a budget firmly in place. they've got that done, and now our job is to lay out bold transformational tax reform, the type that president trump and the house and senate tax
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writers together laid out about a month or so ago, and then set aside a timetable to get this to the president's desk by the end of the year. lou: taxes are dull until we all start hearing about the prospect of tax cuts. and in the minds of i think most americans, tax cuts are long overdue and the government has grown and gained weight, burden has shifted to the taxpayer. let's talk about a few of the issues that are outstanding. state and local taxes. 401(k) plans. let's start with 401(k)s. where do we all stand right now? >> yes, so president trump and i visited several times about this. he wants to increase the amount of savings in 401(k)s, lift the limit, so do i. we want to encourage more people to save sooner in life and save more. lou: that's wise to me.
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>> i worry because the average 401(k) saver, these are important programs, the average saver in america is saving about $200 a month. that will not last them in retirement. we've got to find a way to the tax code, in my view concurs more of that savings. let them keep more of the money they earn through tax relief. get bigger, better paychecks with a strong economy. that's exactly what president trump and the house and senate are proposing in tax reform. lou: so the 401(k). what happens to the plan itself? >> only in washington is increasing the amount you can save a cut. that's how this town works as you know. lou: what a man or woman, whomever, starts a seasons only in washington, d.c., you know it's not going to end pretty. >> not going to end well, but this will fb 401(k)s, because we're going to strengthen this program if we get a chance to do that. the president is encouraged about the thought of more savings. he and i are going to work
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together on this effort. at the end of the day, if we can't find consensus how best to do that, we'll leave them as they are. i want to increase the amount that people can save. lou: and it sounds like you and the president are close enough that resolution is the more likely outcome? >> i hope so, i think savings is so critical, but one of the keys is for most working families, there's not enough left at the end of the month to save. so we really got get the paychecks up, it's hard to say when your job has left america and moved overseas, that's another reason we're focused on tax reform. lou: as the saying goes, all of this is part of the piece, and a very complex economy in a very complex life right now to try to, first of all, to sustain a job, employment, build wages and at the same time security for a family. let's go to the issue of state and local taxes, which is an important deduction for most
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people. threatened now? >> is it threatened now? as part of our effort to go to a simple post card-style system where nine out of ten americans file using a simple post card-style system. we propose flatten the brackets, lower the rates for everybody in every state and protect more of the first dollars they earned. that will provide tax relief for americans, regardless where they live. lawmakers in new york, new jersey, illinois, california, others as well. you know, they are worried because their state and local politicians are just hammering them with taxes and so they worry about that burden. we're working with those lawmakers to find a good way. at the end of the day for us, for me, especially chairman ways and means committee, i want people to keep more of what they earn regardless of where they live. whether it's manhattan or manhattan, kansas, let's let
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them keep more of what they earn. lou: those deductions, you know, the idea that interest on mortgages would not be deductible. >> that stays on the post card as well as the charitable. lou: and certain high-cost medical items that are deductible. where will they land? >> right now, those are not on the post card because we are significantly lowering the tax rate there, and we think providing good strong tax cuts, also by doubling the standard deductions. we're continuing to listen, though, lou, on that post card proposal. fair and simple, to find out where the american public ultimately wants to be. if they want to be that simple, that fair, and get rid of so many loopholes and exemptions and all that to lower the taxes for everyone, we can get there. lou: it's interesting, the conundrum that you face, the
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challenges that you face, and the trump administration. most people would like to have it simple, would like to have it fair, and like to have a hell of a lot of money back that they pay. >> we are an overtaxed nation. lou: if we accommodate all of that, you're a miracle worker, i know it's a tough chore, and markup begins when? >> two week, tax out two reform bill next week, we continue to listen, the american people, as we move this forward. for the first time in 31 years, the ways and means committee is going to take action to fix the tax code. lou: only took 31 years, and a fella named donald trump as well, right? >> it's a good team. lou: and kevin brady. chairman of the ways and means, thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: democrats dragging themselves into the mud trying to dig up dirt on guess who? president trump. they tried that. remember? >> i understand recently she
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said opposition research, opposition research is very standard, it's very interesting. she denied it. her own people denied it. everybody denied it and now sort of scooting around trying to figure out what to say. i think honestly, i think it's a disgrace. lou: dr. sebastian gorka of the make america great again coalition joins us live here in washington, d.c. we'll be talking about the fallout from the phony trump dossier, funded by the democratic national committee, the campaign of hillary clinton and at least one sneaky bad republican. we'll take that up and much more as we continue to await the release of documents from the jfk assassination file. that's next. stay with us, we'll be right back with much, much more.
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. lou: we're back, welcome. we're coming to you, from, as you can see, the nation's capital, where attorney general jeff sessions is beginning to clean up the irs and department of justice corruption. beginning, i said. the trump administration today announcing it settled lawsuits with tea party groups who were unfairly targeted by the
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internal revenue service under the obama administration. those settlements involving millions of dollars and, of course, payments to the plaintiffs, and an apology from the irs. how often does that happen? senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley today praising that decision to lift the gag order on the fbi informant who allegedly has information on russian efforts to bribe the clintons during the uranium one deal. a source telling fox news that president trump gave the order himself to lift that non-disclosure gag order. >> it is finally happened, because there's somebody that has some, we think, some very good information about what went on in regards to bribery, money laundering, things of that nature in regard to uranium one, and gives us a real opportunity to fill a void in what information we know.
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lou: joining us tonight, former strategist, deputy assistant to president trump, now the chief strategist for the make america great again coalition, dr. sebastian gorka. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me, lou. lou: quite a day in washington, d.c. >> right. lou: let's start with the obvious, that is the delay of these documents which the president told us that we were going to have today, the law says we must have by midnight today, tonight, but which we will not have, instead only about 2500 of 35,000 overall documents. some of which under seal for -- 50 -- imagine this! 54 years! >> right, first things first, less suspense with the fake news, i was reading the daily mail on the way here that said president trump, new cover-up with jfk documents. this is nothing to do with president trump. this is the fbi and the cia
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requesting to be able to redact some of the documents. lou: the hell with them! i mean that, seriously, to hell with them! why should we, our president, any administration put up with two agencies that over the course of what would be now, 25 years since some of these documents were sealed, they've had 25 years to do the right thing. cover assets. change methods. >> right, there's only two reasons that you would do that redaction right now. the reasons are you protect active operation or you protect sources and methods. neither of those can be true 50 years later, so what is it? something embarrassing. we have seen in the last eight years the rank politization of both the bureau and the cia under brennan, it stinks to high heaven. lou: one thing if we're talking about john brennan at the cia. go down in history as a liar, as the man -- >> a failed operative. lou: a failed operative.
7:19 pm
he's also the man who ordered surveillance by the cia of the senate intelligence committee and got away with it, or we can talk about james comey who lied to congress, the american people. >> and then leaked so he could get a special prosecutor against the sitting president. lou: but those two people are now gone, and in their place we have christopher wray, the new head of the fbi and mike pompeo. >> great guy. lou: head of the cia. what in hell are they doing? >> look, let's not narrow it down to two people. lou: no, let's doing are let's do. >> okay. lou: i want to talk about the two people appointed by president trump and putting him in as we quoted from julian assange making him look weak because his administration, his leaders that he put in place aren't in control of their agencies. >> this is a test. this is a test of leadership. the president is a steam
7:20 pm
locomotive. lou: absolutely. >> i met mike pompeo, had lunch with him in the white house, he's a true, true loyal member of the cabinet. lou: and i've got to say to you, because you are -- you're part of the make america great again movement that donald trump started. you are one of those who are part of the architecture. how in heck do you rationalize these two men putting in the position -- the president to look so weak, and the cia and the fbi to be -- to continue as runaway rogue agencies and actually under nicene war with their president and ours. >> let's wait until midnight, lou, wait until midnight. lou: i tell you, i will be waiting until midnight and millions of americans will be. julian assange is right. president has been made to look weak because those two agencies and those two leaders didn't
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deliver in meeting the law and meeting the orders of the president of the united states. >> well, you know he's not a weak man. lou: i know that. >> we have a few hours left. let's see if the team understands that this is not a man to be trifled with. lou: well, you would agree they are trifling right now? >> the machine is, absolutely. the machine is. lou: the swamp. >> the swamp. we're sitting in it. we're sitting in it. lou: my gosh. let's turn to one other issue, that is, of course, what we have seen reversed here. suddenly this is the clinton collusion with the russians. >> uranium-gate. lou: uranium one. it is finally, after all we have put in front our committees, our congress, our investigative agencies who still are not joining, that is the fbi, the cia and this investigation, at least it has begun, what do you make of it? >> i can share with you what a congressman told me this afternoon. lou: absolutely. >> he will go unnamed.
7:22 pm
a good man, he called me up and i congratulated the events of yesterday that finally this individual, this informant is being ungagged to tell us what was going on in america with our uranium and the russians and the corruption. he said, they have to fight the gop leadership because they blocked them every step of the way to uncover what was going on. why? because they didn't want to seem partisan. the gop did not want to seem partisan. like alice in wonderland, lou, it's crazy. >> it is still a swamp. >> yes. lou: the president is making wonderful inroads, as you say, there's nothing weak about the man, but there is -- >> a lot of work to do. lou: as you turn 360 degrees in washington, d.c., you see nothing but swamp. a lot of work ahead. >> eight years of work, and then eight years of president pence. lou: as you wish, but i have a different request. i would take 16 years of the president and his vice
7:23 pm
president but drain the damn swamp in the next year. how about that? >> absolutely. lou: dr. sebastian gorka, great to see you. >> and you. lou: on wall street we can tell but stocks, closed mixed, not exciting. the dow up again, up 71 points. the s&p up 3, the nasdaq down 7. volume on the big board picking up a bit, 3.8 billion shares. shares of aetna surging nearly 12% after reports that cvs, the drugstore, is buying the health insurer in a deal valuing the company at more than $66 billion. welcome to america, folks, it's getting wild. a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. coming up, the real russian collusion. >> i always said, and i had no idea how right i was because i didn't realize it would be to this extent but always said this was an excuse for losing
7:24 pm
the election put up by the democrats, that's what it was. when you hear the kind of money they spent and when you see all of the things about podesta, and you see all of the relationships that they actually have with russia, and you see -- lou: congressional investigators now have begun to zero in on fusion gps and the uranium one deal. now an fbi informant because of the president's order, is free to speak out, about dirty dealing by dirty democrats. and president trump tonight delaying the release of those jfk assassination files. we'll talk about what that means, colonel tony shaffer joins us here next, in washington, d.c. the swamp! can you just feel it all around you. it's beautiful, though. we'll be right back. hello, this is adt,
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. lou: welcome back, we're coming to you live from washington,
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d.c., where president trump made public a small fraction of the sealed jfk assassination records that were by law required to be released by midnight tonight. the fbi and the cia bastions of the deep state, lobbied the president at the 11th hour to keep a specially sensitive documents private for national security reasons. the president has given the agency six more months to review them further, apparently, but why should they need six months. they've had at least 25 years to ready them for the public to know, but they chose arrogantly not -- not to take advantage of a quarter century in which to do the right thing. joining me tonight, retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, a senior fellow at policy research. you've worked covertly, you have been, worn the uniform of
7:30 pm
the united states military. >> yes. lou: and you are watching two agencies tell the president of the united states that they're not ready to obey the law. >> it's incredible. and by the way, i had experience with redactions you might remember. lou: an entire book. >> an entire book. lou: and again, that was the defense department! that's right! >> that's right. and we won the first amendment lawsuit on that too, there you go. lou: took a while, didn't it. >> took a while. lou: but not 54 years. >> hard to believe, but people over at cia still don't want the american people to know they do spying. imagine that. whoa! >> well, i'm not convinced they do it very well. >> not lately. but this is the deal. they want to be able to, i think, maintain control of the process, have you to understand, lou, you've been watching a deep state, it's more about control than doing any good publicly, so in this case, i think it's one more thorn in the side trying to say we're not ready, we want to
7:31 pm
review this, and let me tell you, it's going to be hard to find anything in my judgment from 1963 that needs to be held back by -- lou: 1992, 25 years. the ignorance and the arrogance of mike pompeo, the head of the cia and wray, the director of the fbi, how much of an improvement are they over john brennan and james comey, when they don't salute the president of the united states, don't follow the law of the united states, and at the 11th hour. >> literally. lou: literally, refuse to honor the public's right to know? this is an american government run by the man i think is going to go down in history as one of our very greatest, if not the greatest president and you'llian assange for crying out loud is the first political analyst to say this looks like
7:32 pm
a conspiracy to embarrass the president of the united states. >> right, this is embarrassing for no reason. this is where the president does have the power to fire people, and we talked about this, and there's several issues at play here, and when you roll this around to -- lou: who do you want him to fire? >> i would fire anybody who is not -- lou: follow an order? >> you should always be -- you've worked a long time and hired and fired people. i always believe, lou, in giving someone one warning. this is your one warning. lou: i don't, we're talking about the government of the united states. two people who he apoint to their post that is wray and pompio, to lead two of the storied agencies of this nation's history. >> right. lou: and they don't deliver for him? they are arrogant. they're cowards, and they ought to be replaced, because this, if they cannot handle the deep state that is enmeshed in their agencies, we have the wrong people there. >> a number of leaders.
7:33 pm
>> am i wrong? >> you're right. a number of leaders i've worked with in the past established links to people like me to maintain sanity. when you get in one of these things they try to recruit you, make you part of it. try to make you feel the power of the agency, and sometimes power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. i think these guys tend to forget who they work for. lou: they work for the american people! who they refuse, refuse to honor their right to know. >> right. lou: we are no longer a constitutional republic if we cannot compel our intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies to follow the orders of our president. >> and of the interest of the american people. there's absolutely nothing at this time to hold back. nothing. lou: tony shaffer, good to have you as always. >> thank you. lou: more provocations by north korea. president trump ready to head to asia on a very important
7:34 pm
trip. >> we have to solve the north korea problem, they're a big problem. should have never been given to me. this should have been solved long before i came to office, where it would be easier to solve. lou: former cia analyst fred fleitz says china could hold the key to containing kim jong-un. he joins us here next in washington. we'll see what he thinks about the cia, the fbi. we'll be right back.
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. lou: the trump administration turning up the heat on north korea. the treasury department placing new sanctions against the north korean government and military for human rights abuses. also the "u.s.s. nimitz" is now in the western pacific, joining the roosevelt and the reagan, three carriers on station. it is the first time in a decade that the navy has had three aircraft carriers in the region. joining me now, fred fleitz, former cia analyst, chief of staff to ambassador john bolton, now a senior vice president at center the for security policy, and it is great to have you here, fred. >> welcome to the swamp, lou. lou: thank you very much. i have the pleasure of saying it's merely a visit. [ laughter ] >> let me turn to one of the reasons why it's easy for me to say that. this is the swamp at work. tonight, making a liar out of
7:39 pm
the president of the united states. refusing the heads of the cia and the fbi to follow the law, to follow the orders of the president of the united states, elected by the people of this country. why in hell should the american people put up with the insult, the affront and simply the capricious arrogance of two, two heads of agencies that, whose agents and servicemembers deserve a hell of a lot better. >> lou, i can't conceive of legitimate reasons not to release the jfk files. i hear it could be names of sources, names of investigators, sources and methods. i imagine the people are long dead. i got to tell you, i trust mike pompeo. i imagine there's a good reason if he recommended to the president this not be released, and if there is good reason, better be made clear to congress tomorrow. lou: i don't want to put you in this position because you are defending a man who you like.
7:40 pm
>> i know him well, i can't imagine he would recommend this if he didn't think there was good reason. there better be. lou: i'm going to suggest a better reason, it's called a constitution, it's called a government that is a constitutional republic, and i think people in this town, and i'm speaking broadly because i believe broadly this is an issue here. i think they've forgotten who they work for, the american people, our right to know is being denied even when the president of the united states orders the government to deliver. that is a big damned deal, fred. and in this town, it means almost apparently nothing. >> well, there better be a damn good reason, i can't imagine what it is. if mr. pompio has such a reason, he better be on the hill tomorrow to explain what it is. lou: yeah, i don't know if the hill is enough, frankly. i think they better just do what the hell the president says. there is a time to salute, and i would guess this is that
7:41 pm
time, just as the men and women on those carriers in the western pacific will be saluted. how can you absolutely -- how can you ask any american to trust this government with a conduct of those two agencies today? >> i'm very concerned about the way the cia has behaved, especially in the last year during the campaign, there's a lot of swamp draining to go on out there. it hasn't taken place yet, i'm concerned about that, i have spoken to mr. pompeo about it. lou: does he give a damn? >> i think he gives a damn, doing things to fix the place. i'd like to see much more be done, maybe fire the first three floors of the building. lou: how many floors in the building. >> seven floors. lou: i think seven would be a good start. fred, let's talk about north korea if we can. it appears the president is preparing us for the prospect of military conflict and
7:42 pm
intervention against north korea. your read on how dire the situation is and how likely is military intervention? >> first of all, the president is following up his tough words with a measured military response by sending two additional aircraft carriers by putting b-52's on 24 hour notice. this doesn't mean we're going to attack but making clear to north korea, testing hydrogen bombs is unacceptable. firing misles over japan is unceptable and'm going to back up my words wit force, if nessary. lou: if this president gives an order to the united stat military,o you think it will befollowed? >> our intelligence agencies at wa with this preside a not foowing his orders? >> i thi there's a l of work to be done to reform our intelligence agenes. lou: we don't have time, we've go b-52s on 24 hour ready notice. we have intelligence agencies that say we'll see you in six
7:43 pm
months. to the president of the united states. >> i agree with you. there's a real conflict there, but i think our military is going to follow the orders of the president. most of our intelligence agencies, vast majority of intelligence people are loyal, they serve the president, they serve this country but agree there is a problem with the small minority that have been not acting in the national interest. lou: and two of them run two very important agencies, the fbi and the cia, in my opinion. fred, thank you very much, fred fleitz. >> good to be here. lou: as always. up next, president trump's border wall prototypes officially unveiled. we'll have that. >> we're going to take a look the the wall, and get it built and it's going to be quite the wall. it's going to be very effective. lou: mr. trump's focus on border security next. byron york joins me live tonight from washington, d.c. we'll be back right after the break. it will be a very quick break. stay with us.
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. lou: welcome back and thank you for joining us. we're coming to you live from washington, d.c. we're getting closer and closer to seeing the border wall along our southern border.
7:48 pm
earlier today, eight border wall prototypes were unveiled. 30 foot tall, 30 foot wide prototypes undergoing a series of tests the next 30 to 60 days, joining me tonight chief political correspondent with the washington examiner, fox news contributor, byron york. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me, lou. lou: aren't those beautiful prototypes? >> they look darned effective. when you see some of the things along the border, rickety pieces of metal that people can jump over or what are called vehicle fences, bolics placed here and there and you walk through them, a large part of the border is like that. so if the president is able to get the money to do it, because remember -- lou: paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, they're going to do the right thing, they're pals, buds. >> they knew you had faith in them, that's good. but the president really
7:49 pm
already has the legal authority to do this. congress passed a law called the secure fence act in 2006 and it's still there. lou: i can still remember duncan hunter and dana rohrabacher talking to me 2006, telling me about they're going to build a 700 miles of border because they got the president's guarantee that that would happen, the guarantee never did deliver. >> the problem has always been there, is a bipartisan consensus against enforcing some of our immigration law. lou: there's a bipartisan consensus in this town to never do what you say and do as little as possible, and if you have to cheat, lie or steal, stand by because one of those three will happen. >> because they pass the secure fence act in 2006 and said the administration shal do this and the next year they changed it to may, and ain't got done. lou: isn't it extraordinary?
7:50 pm
at least they were paying attention to the language and had the integrity to change it before ignoring it. in the case of the cia leadership and the fbi, no integrity of any kind. >> well, i think what we're seeing here is similar to what we saw with the iran nuclear deal, which is the president campaigned on getting rid of this deal, he said it over -- lou: the president five days ago said it's going to happen subject to -- >> i'm going to release these kennedy files, right? and now he's going to release some of them, some of them now and some of them in 180 days. lou: i've got to ask you this. >> yeah. lou: why should anyone have any faith in the cia and the fbi who are ignoring the will of the people as expressed by the votes and the passage of law by congress and the senate and the orders of the president of the united states and why is there any reason not to be alarmed at the state of what is an
7:51 pm
intelligence community apparently at war with the duly elected president of the united states. >> i think people should be alarmed, congress passed a law 25 years ago that said on this day these would be released, i think it's hard to imagine any argument that 54 years after the assassination they cannot be released. lou: and as fred fleitz said, you got a few hours. fred is an optimist. good to see you. >> great to be here. lou: up next, president trump issuing a warning to nafta trade partners. >> mexico and canada have such a great deal, it's so good that it's very hard for them to get used to the fact that it can't be that way anymore. >> the administration's top official on all things trade and business, commerce secretary wilbur ross joins us here next. we're live from our nation's capital. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s
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lou: commerce secretary wilbur ross is a great american, terrific friend. good to see you. you have got so much work, and you are doing so much as is the entire administration. let's talk about the president's upcoming trip to asia, how
7:56 pm
important that is to the agenda, creating balanced trade and building important partnerships. >> it's important on both scores. a lot of people in asia have the mistaken impression when we pulled out of tpp we were pulling out of the region. nothing could be further from the truth. if this trip doesn't say that eloquently, nothing could. xi jinping is firmly ensconced in china's leadership for some time to come. he's the man. his new stronger position and role, is it helpful or is it a negative for the prospects for a better relationship? >> it's a positive given he has a good personal relationship with president trump. that i think is going to be the
7:57 pm
determining factor. there are already very good signs he's being more helpful with north korea. they did vote for the last two sanctions. as far as we can tell they are enforcing them much more stringently than they did before. so that's a very good sign. lou: you are going to be there for at least the chinese portion of the discussions. i want to turn to what has been a productive day for capol hill, t passing of a $4 trillion budget. talking with kevin brady, the chairman of the ways and means.
7:58 pm
>> i think the vote today told you that the tax plan is a prospect. they didn't put in any amendments even though they were talking about amendments. the only reason they would have had for doing that was to grease the skids for the tax bill. the few negative votes that came were probably mostly over the deduct built of state and local. lou: chairman brady made it clear to me that he and the president have more talking to do, whether it be 401k plans or the deduction of state and local taxes. a little chatting still to be done. >> i think the president was wise to come with a framework rather than a fully blown bill. because at the end of the day it's the congress that will
7:59 pm
write the bills anyway. so that would have delayed things in giving more controversy to them. so i think the strategy was right. lou: as secretary of commerce, you are doing a pretty good job, i would like to say. we are watching 3.5% growth. you have got amazing job creation. businesses eager to get things going with tax reform. congratulations. it's the president who should get the congratulations. it's his programs that we are trying to implement. lou: it is an extraordinary -- you have to go back to bill clinton's administration, 30 years, to find any kinds of achievement at this level. that's remarkable. >> in the most of recent quarter
8:00 pm
we would have been well over 3% except for the hurricanes. lou: you would think you were a member of the trump administration. mr. secretary, thank you very much. we thank all of you for joining us. kennedy: republicans pass a budget. but the big tax fight starts next week. the president lifts the veil on the jfk assassination. will we get answers or just more conspiracies. open your eyes. it's time to see the light. the budget barely sneaked through the house. but not without a few snares. several high-tax blue state republicans almost taingd this latest effort. the state and local tax deductions that make living in places like


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