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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  October 29, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. show show. >> abby: have a good saturday everybody. >> i spent a great deal of time on this, a better part of a year our position hasn't changed since day one and i think we are seeing new that if there was any collusion with russia it was between the dnc and the clintons and certainly not our campaign. >> dagen: after months of investigations there's still no proof the trump campaign colluded with russia, but what did we learn this week? an explosive report out of the washington post showing hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc helped to fund that russian anti -trump dossier. collusion, no collusion, john layfield says enough stop this nonsense on both sides and get working for the american people. hi everybody i'm dagen mcdowell.
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this is bulls & bears. the bulls & bears including john layfield this week, are gary b. smith and joan as max ferris along with daniel mclachlan. welcome to everybody. john you just about had enough of this. >> john: i think america has had enough of this and enough of congress. this is classic bait and switch. they're trying to take the fact they're becoming the most inept do nothing congress in our country's history. look we've had 21 special investigations since the carter administration only two have produced prosecutions with the principal person being investigated but we spent an inflation adjusted $339 million. what we were doing right now is wasting america's time nothing is going to happen, the democrat s and the republicans are using the doj as a political attack dog to takeaway from their own ineptness it has to stop somewhere. these guys have got to get work from the american people. we don't have a tax policy immigration policy these guys are doing nothing.
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>> dagen: daneen, we have investigations in the house and senate particularly in both intelligence committees and this past week we found out you take out the middleman, democrats including the hillary clinton campaign paid russians to put together a dossier of wild allegations on the then presidential candidate trump which then wound up in the hands of the fbi. does that need investigating too >> well this is classic blame your opponent for what you are doing. this absolutely needs to be investigated dagen. listen, americans have been lied to from day one about this whole thing. hillary, bill, their foundation, the dnc, her campaign, the uranium one deal, russians, all of this needs to be investigated because i think americans deserve answers. we've been lied to. it's not right. individuals need to be held accountable. >> dagen: crimes, gary b., don't add taxpayer dollars, shouldn't they be spent to uncover crimes
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by highest officials in this country? >> gary: absolutely dagen. if we had nothing better to do. to john's point i'm surprised he just went back to the carter years that was good research john did by the way it was a 31 investigation. i think going back to george washington and the amount of times people should have been investigated should have been in the thousands. looks there's back stabbing, bribery, there's been illegal deeds done. it didn't just start with richard nixon and water gate. it went back way further than that. look if we investigated every crime in congress, every congressman, senator and elected officials would have to be investigated to the point is is it illegal should it not be done and should we investigate it? yes but also to john's point. we now have on the table tax reform, healthcare, immigration policy, the wall, trade none of that stuff is getting addressed and if that gets addressed it's far more important than having
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some congressman and senators grandstand on cspan about all the great work they're going to do. >> dagen: jonas, is this worth taxpayer money to keep these investigations going? >> it isn't productive. i think all these things are a little fishie going back to the russia deal including the trump stuff i don't think they will find out anything because i don't think the investigations are that good. at the end of the day, like hillary she doesn't, if someone gives her money she doesn't question their character or what their alternative motives are, doesn't matter if it's goldman sachs or somebody needs to sell a uranium mine to russians essentially which is what basically happened. she doesn't care where the money comes from that's it. it doesn't mean it's crooked necessarily just is like oblivious and wants that money going on as far as the actual thing with trump and russia, as far as i could tell both politicians were getting dirt on each other and there's a legal way to do it and illegal way and
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the legal is you pay people stuff and get dirt and the illegal way is to get a government to do it for you, it's like insider trade and somehow you can give it to a hedge fund they might if they're caught. >> dagen: if there were crimes committed and all of these, we need to get to the bottom of it otherwise we are completely law less society. this dossier this democrat- funded dossier put together by russians on president trump wound up with the fbi. the fbi was trying to hire the intelligence official former intelligence official from britain was thinking about putting him on the payroll and we don't even know if this dossier actually lead led to the trump investigation in the first place. >> no, let's remember though this investigation started in 2016 where the fbi started to get concerned about russian medaling in the election z. trump became involved when he fired jim comey and then we had to appoint special prosecutor robert mueller because the doj
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was conflicted out. all of this talk about we should be spending resources on legislation, tax reform and the budget we can do other things during the clinton administration where it was a years long investigation we had great years so legislation can still continue and to your point dagen none of this means anything if we don't get to the bottom of the extent of russian medaling in the election. >> dagen: well part of the russian medaling john was my point was the democrats medaling with russia, that's the collusion we found out this past week and we've only just found out that the fbi is willing to turnover this information on the dossier to congress. they've been stonewalling on that and they just agreed to step up this past week. >> i understand that and if we had a special prosecutor but i disagree. politicians can't do all this stuff. they've done absolutely nothing and somewhere, we are violating the fourth amendment. when you smell smoke you can't just go and start investigating people and that's exactly what
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congress is doing republicans and democrats, look this uranium deal, hillary clinton was one of nine people on the community of foreign investment of the united states. she had one in nine as far as power over that decision and this company can't even export that uranium it's less than 1% of total uranium used in the united states anyway and it can't be exported. we are investigating just to investigate and using the doj as a political attack dog taking away from what our country is right now without a congress that its functioning. >> dagen: but we're nothing if we don't enforce our laws, and particularly if we have criminal s in our midst who are among the wealthiest americans i don't care who they are and we just kind of turn our backs and go well we're not very good at investigating and i don't want to spend taxpayer dollars and what are we worth as a nation? >> i agree listen 51% of likely voters believe that bill and hillary have committed some miss deeds here and along with their political allies when it comes to this russia nonsense
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and listen, americans are also outraged that really there's two sets of books and two sets of rules. when it comes to politicians and the elite and every day americans who are not able to get away with half the things we are talking about right now. >> dagen: to your point though gary b., i'll give you the final word on this is that they don't even have any idea in congress how much these investigations will cost and all we know is millions and they won't really fess up about how much and we don't know how much the special council mueller investigation is costing yet either. >> gary: exactly and john made a good point. it wasn't just millions it was hundreds of millions. my gosh if you go way way back i bet we spent billions which is crazy. if you ask the average american out there look, even if we did an investigation, hillary and this say my gosh we investigated her for months on the e-mails, came up with nothing. let's get the things that americans care about done first
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then investigate until the cows come home. >> dagen: some people would say we did come up with some thins and there was enough for her to be prosecuted. >> well she's still free and out there even hinting she might run again, so i'm not sure we came up with all that much. >> dagen: it's fox's garden? there you go. thanks guys and gals. cavuto on business about 20 minutes from now. neil what have you got? >> neil: dagen donald trump's feud creating worries that it could hurt everyone's chance of getting a tax cut, so whose side will republicans take? senator marco rubio giving me his take and decades after jfk's assassination we finally get a look at those jfk files but not all of those jfk files. are more delays only wasting more time and creating more conspiracy theories? we'll see you at the bottom of the hour. >> dagen: thanks, neil we can't wait but up here first, the house paving the way for tax cuts so why is someone in the white house talking about tax
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easter earn. >> dagen: republicans talking a lot about tax cuts but president trump's key economic advisor is talking about a tax hike. gary cohen reportedly telling law makes they will have a chance to vote to raise the gas tax to helpay p for infrastructure ry b., you saye need to pp the brake on this one. >>ary: exactl we need to go the opposit way dagen. there's tee key points in my nt spending problem in fact if you look at since 1983 when we started raising the gas tax, its gone up considerably since then and the problem is we're spending it a lot of that money on silly stuff like light rail, skateboard parks, bike paths, all well and good but that money which is supposed to go to fix the roads isn't going to fix the roads. point number two, there is a straw man out there who says our nations infrastructure is
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crumbeling. it is not according to the chicago fed, the george mason university the quality of the roads out there has been stable for the last 10 years and the percentage of bridges that need repair is actually at its lowest percentage in the last 15 years, and finally, per a federal gas tax, 98% of the roads and bridges are owned by state and local government and they've been raising taxes. why the federal government needs to raise the gas tax is beyond me. >> dagen: danielle it is incredibly hitting lower income americans the hardest. >> danielle: it certainly does like any sales tax, on the other hand you have a tax where the benefit and the burden correlate one thing the federal highway authority has indicated and the research shows every dollar you spend on a federal road you get $5.20 back in savings through fewer emissions, through lower gas usage, so there are benefits here beyond the spending. the other thing is that americans elected donald trump
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to put through an infrastructure bill so we have a couple of choices. we spend more, we do public/ private partnerships or we use this tax. >> dagen: john, president trump actually did float this idea earlier this year in an interview, so he's willing to raise the federal gas tax, hadn't happened since 93 to pay for some spending. >> john: look, gary b. is spot on. look if you spend a dollar on roads i understand the idea you get $5.20 back in economic benefit but the problem is you're not spending a dollar on the roads the reason the highway fund has in solvent is because in 1990 and 1993 the congress raised the gas tax and put 50% toward the general fund is what created that right now in the highway fund. state and locals now have anywhere from $0.11 in alaska to $0.50 in pennsylvania gas taxes but the problem is they're not spending it on roads. most of it is a lot of it is going to schools, a lot goes to general funds, so you give politicians more money, they're just going to find more ways to
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spend it. you've got to put some type of restraint and show this gas tax will go toward infrastructure and if so, the revenue will be there. >> dagen: jonas, your face says you are all on board with raising gas taxes. >> jonas: okay, am i the only skateborder? first of all it's regressive and the rest of the tax they can use a little regression and this money will come out of income taxes, borrowing, or tax drivers i'm for taxing drivers. you can make the case that where it goes is all going, it doesn't matter. here is another problem we don't talk about. cities are getting bigger and they're not building more highways than the most cities so there's a capacity problem that gets worse. you've got to tax people off the road by creating less demand and raising the price. why not do this just to get rid of traffic forgetting they don't put anything and it's all going to skateboard parks and bike lanes in portland. it doesn't matter we have to get the traffic off the road some of the low hanging fruit people have to get kicked off the road and if you see all the actions
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people have i have to tell you whenever i pass an accident, like that person wouldn't be on the road if we had $6 gas. i say it all the time. there you go. >> dagen: please make sense of that. >> well listen, this will harm hard working americans. a gas tax is regressive and listen, i think that the elites who are really disconnected from the fact that this will harm americans and on average, a lot of americans don't even have $500 for an emergency. that would mean coming up with more money to pay for a higher gas price that they don't really have in their budget, so it will harm hard working americans. it's not a good idea. >> dagen: i just want to figure out a way to make people driving teslas pay for the infrastructure and road repair because they're not paying gas tax. >> they're getting a subsidy. >> dagen: yeah, thank you. thank you, jonas ferris thanks everybody guys and gals cashing in just over an hour from now. liz clayman, what do you guys
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have coming up? >> hi, dagen the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign caught red handed funding the russian dossier on president trump. huge news, right? so why are mainstream media networks downplaying it? plus, mixed messages from the white house and lawmakers about the fate of your 401 (k). will your retirement accounts be capped or taxed sooner rather than later? big news here, cashing in we'll see you at 11:30. >> dagen: thanks, liz we'll be watching but up here first, a new poll showing democrats maybe gaining support with voters ahead of next year's midterm elections, but does the money poll say otherwise? we'll explain, next. six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse.
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>> dagen: as republicans are fighting among each other, democrats are gaining ground among voters. a new fox news poll shows support for democrats is increasing ahead of the 2018 midterm election but when it comes to fund raising, so far this year the rnc is crushing its democratic counterparts. john, you think neither makes a difference in this anti- incumbent environment? >> john: i don't because the world is just anti-incumbent as you just said. look it's like we're picking between republicans and democrat s it's like a texan watching oklahoma play oklahoma state in football. there's no one to root for. you hope they both lose smatch but the incumbents are being voted out everywhere. look at what happened with theresa may, brexit, president trump. people don't like status quo. there's no one to really choose if you vote out the incumbent, but they're voting out incumbent s so money doesn't
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matter that much. >> dagen: gary b.? >> well i'm not sure money matters at all. maybe at the margin it does. if it does matter i'll leave you with this fact we would have hillary clinton as president. she spent almost 50% more than trump and her campaign. she had this huge war chest and got nowhere. give me a good candidate with a good platform and a decent amount of money to buyout space and then i think you have a winner. >> dagen: danielle? >> there's a big difference between what's happening at the national level with the rnc and local races so the democratic congressional candidates are out fund raising republicans and that's where the money matters and i agree with gary i think money matters on the margins and hillary clinton about $450 million more than trump and she still lost the presidency but important to look at what's happening at the local level not the national level. >> dagen: the rnc has five times the amount of cash on hand, it has no debt, dnc and debt.
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>> the dnc has a lot of problems going on but getting back to what the main question is listen , the money does not dictate the outcome of an election. just ask hillary clinton. i'm sure that's not in her book what happened, but really it comes down to the candidate and what their policies are. what they plan on running off with the country. >> dagen: jonas? final word to you. >> it boils down to small money donations . that was what obama had and mitt romney, hillary didn't have as many small donations as trump had, that's what it boils down. it's not the total amount of money you raised that said there's no enemy for the republicans but also no star in the democrat party that's what you need to get democrats to vote so if the money if it's from small people means good things for the republicans. >> dagen: thanks you guys to everybody, for joining us. a tiny island nation just dethro nins the u.s. in one big way that someone here says can make you huge profits.
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>> dagen: predictions. gary b., go. >> dagen i was shocked when i read the news yesterday, jeff bezos is the richest man in the world eclipsing john layfield. i was sad matter of fact but he's worth it because amazon is a great company and i think the stocks $2000 in two years. >> dagen: a lex a is your girlfriend jonas. >> [laughter] i'd pit her against the one from google. you know i will say the government is never going to let any company break a trillion dollar market cap including amazon. >> dagen: john your prediction? >> john: i just love gary b. ge is at near bottom i bought it recently. >> dagen: gary b., do you like it? >> gary: this stock catching the fallen knife i'd avoid it unless you have a strong stomach >> dagen: your prediction jonas? >> step aside germany because singapore has the most powerful
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passport in the world where you can go with limited visa interruption good for the singapore stock market, shares up 20% not bad for a country who does caning. >> dagen: help john. >> john: i'm shocked that jonas admitted to skateboarding. >> dagen: neil now. >> neil: with the release of a tax cut bill now just days away is it time for d.c. to stop the dysfunction and deliver the goods? listen to what two big newsmaker s just told us. >> i've never seen washington as disfunctional as it is. today it's awfully partisan, both sides attack each other, it's difficult to get people to sit down and really try to resolve issues and find consensus and that just means that washington is failing to deal with a lot of the issues facing the american people. >> there is no way this tax reform will have everything i want okay? it's not but the question is does it make things better or does it make things worse and if


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