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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> and in the most recent quota we are over three percent except for the hurricanes. >> you think you are a member of the trump lauren: breaking news this morning. the first arresting robert mueller's investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. cheryl: finally getting it in in writing. the house went for tax different to release wednesday that the aggressive trendline may put congress into emergency mode. lauren: the dow and s&p 500 for the seventh week in a row that the driving force later this week could look at this. look at this come of features to deliver this monday morning. cheryl: in europe, always on spain is thousands rally for unified country against catalonia's bid for independence. mixed bag in your.
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lauren: unmixed rally in technology. and china's shanghai composite down three quarters of 1%. cheryl: you won't believe what happened to an apple engineer after his teenage daughter video of the iphone 10. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: at "fbn:am" right now. it is monday, october 30th. thank you, mr. cheryl: i was in the apple store last night that last night. employees aren't even supposed to work will be in the store early because they want to get their hands on the tent. they haven't even seen it. lauren: was good at this breaking news. arrest likely coming today robert mueller's investigation into alleged ties between the term campaign in russia after
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cnn reported on friday a federal grand jury has approved the first charges in the inquiry led by special counsel robert mueller. trey gowdy sending mueller for allowing the media to learn of the development. >> we don't know who's been charged, with there being charged for. it was stressing to hand the importance of cutting out the leaks with respect to serious investigations. make no mistake, the material is a violation of law. >> adam schiff, top democrat had this to say about who could be indicted. >> the two people and press reporting that it's likely to be mike flynn or paul manafort. i don't think it's been appropriate for paul manafort to tell us. cheryl: president trump unleashing it power storm of three services.
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never seen such unity and anger over this fake dossier now 12 million. urania to russian deal. the comey fixes so much more instead they look at phony transgression of pollution which doesn't exist. dems are usually the witchhunt for evil politics. but now fighting back like never before. so much kill by democrats. we are going to take a closer look at the developing story with david bruno in just a few moments. >> investigators want answers after learning hillary clinton in the democratic committee. calling on john podesta, former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz and others to testify before the senate intelligence
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committee. >> it is difficult to imagine that a campaign chairman, and the head the dnc would not know of an expenditure of this magnitude in significant, but perhaps there's something more going on here. >> clinton's campaign used fusion gps opposition research on the president. cheryl: for more on this in the latest mobile investigation, criminal defense attorney and prosecutor david or no. good morning. first off come making the speculation this morning. he was indicted, arrested today. a couple of big names out there. versus paul manafort, one of the bigger names being floated around in general michael flynn. of those two names, we will start with paul manafort.
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50/50, 37 day we will see manafort today. >> not to put a specific number on it, but the fact that search warrant executed on his home earlier this year is a good sign. for this search warrant to be authorized from there has to be determination of probable cause that evidence of crime would be in place. that is number one. as far as flynn, the root ports are in fact he made improper disclosures and who knows what these two gentlemen about all the potential different crimes at play here. it is again like you said speculation at this because that hasn't been shown to my charges. cheryl: mike flynn in particular has been telling people quietly in washington that he expects to be indicted. that is something the selling friends and associates that he knows the coming. what about the smaller fish in all smaller fish in all of this, lower-level indictments. you go about someone that has
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knowledge they brought in front of the grand jury. maybe that is someone that can flip the bigger fish in the story. what he think of that train of thinking? >> absolutely. the page out of the federal playbook. if a person is charged on the day is charged come available here and is charged on the day the lawyer and there will be discussions between the defense attorney in the united states attorney and there will be some offers made. number one come a defendant like the opportunity to come into the federal building and under certain protections give a statement that can be used against them called a proffer working for a day. if the person agrees to cooperate, then they could be given some leniency or mitigation ultimately in their own case. that is that the fed do and it's very common in federal practice. cheryl: it's interesting because on one side you've got the mueller investigation that's been going on in part of it is james comey and the firing of james comey and some on the left
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they are hoping basically you'll see some charge come against president trump in particular. all of this could be an investigation of this side, kind if everything is on the table. should the president be worried? >> no. i've been on this program multiple times on these obstruction piece with firing comey on those issues. he's the sitting president. he will not be indicted. you will not be charged. the proper process will be through impeachment. of all the people in this world coming donald trump should be the one person they should not be concerned today. cheryl: if you're federal prosecutor right now, obviously you follow the money trail. one of the other pieces would land in the revelation of the last week or so, the dnc to hillary clinton who commanded the dossier that basically was written by the british
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intelligence agency that was asserting the term campaign was colluding with the russians. it was robert mueller do you pay attention to this? >> i think he would have to given the reporting on it and to be transparent and objective he certainly should. it would fit into the purview of the rosenstein order which is very broad. it is the russian probe and anything that is unrivaled or revealed during the investigation so certainly that would be something he could look at. >> david bruno, great to have your legal mind on alt. this morning. thanks, david. >> pleasure. thanks for having me. transfer the tax plan, republicans will reveal details on wednesday. kevin mccarthy telling maria bartiromo to maria bartiromo to plan will help middle-class americans. >> we doubled the standard deduction so if in the couple now that the first $24,000
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tax-free. lower the corporate rate and compete around the world. that means $4000 in household income. >> also reassuring americans their 401(k)s are safe after lawmakers continue to discuss the idea sharply reducing the pretax limit on contributions to $2400 from $18,000 as part of that. >> so many people have been such a thread about the 401(k) speculation. lauren: 55 million americans contribute to 401(k)s. cheryl: well, bad news about puerto rico's power crisis. the governor making the call to cancel a major reconstruction contract. lauren: good morning tracey carrasco making this this morning. lauren: puerto rico's governor said sunday he would cancel a $300 million reconstruction contract with whitefish energy
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holding a firm after the federal emergency management agency said it had significant concerns about the deal. it had questions about how the deal's prices were negotiated and how the contract was. they would rebuild the downed power occurred in puerto rico after hurricane maria. lauren: 70% of puerto rico has not power in there will be 12 more weeks bg had no idea it's former ceo jeff donald took a lot of planes. tracee: it's hard to believe, but "the wall street journal" a point the executive didn't notify the board until this meant that it used to fly its fair business jet in addition to the private jet when he used to travel. he reportedly had an extra follow on overseas trips. he told directors that had produced the practice in mid-
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2014 and that the continued use of tobacco plan was was limited to isolated incidents such as travel to risky destinations. member is not happy to learn about this. he too didn't know the plane was flying. trendy he said he didn't know the plane was fair. okay, come on. anyway, apple taking action -- what if it's engineers? tracee: this is a tough life lesson the daughter of engineered third. burks emelia peterson posted a five minute video in september of herself visiting her dad on apple's campus for what looks like dinner. as the two lead in the cafeteria, but now fired engineer said his daughter handed him his iphone and viewers got a 452nd sneak peek scrolling through various
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features in the camera. the video is discovered by apple blog in the video at viral. they probably fired her dad and it is followed video and saturday, she offered an explanation of what happened. her dad apologizes and takes full responsibility for the one rule that he broke. cheryl: he won't get his job back. tracee: there is a zero tolerance policy. cheryl: lauren, within the apple store yesterday. there's not working on friday will be in the store early. they've never touched it. lauren: she was holding the iphone 10 for five minutes. she was scrolling through for about 45 seconds. that was the closest look anyone bad. 45 seconds out of the five minute video.
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the other part showed her shopping. she didn't now i guess. lauren: coming up, investors may finally get the big reveal. who will be next chairman of the federal reserve. "the wall street journal" says they know who. get this, thousands rallied in favor of unity in spain and against catalonia's bid for independence. more on that coming out. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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hi, guys. i'm back. time to slay! no,i have a long time girlfriend. you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. cheryl: welcome back of the future caught up on what's happening now. maybe still is under investigation in an army green beret. staff sergeant logan vulgar found dead in his barracks and malley on june 4th the investigators examined between the individual or whether sergeant melber died as part of a hazing incident. the separatist movement in catalonia calling on catalans to peacefully oppose the takeover of the reach of the hundreds of thousands of people gathered in barcelona yesterday in a show of unity. the government prime minister mari on a roadway seize control
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on friday. president trump likely to announce federal reserve governor jerome powell as his nominee to be the next chairman of the u.s. central bank. reporting a decision could come sometime next week if confirmed he would replace in early february when her four year term expires. that is what is happening now. we have a name. lauren: the big unveiling of the tax plan set for wednesday. senior policy analyst at the independent women's forum. good monday morning, patrice. we finally get details on wednesday. would you expect to hear? would you expect to see? >> is to be the delicate balance according to write lovers. it will raise revenue to provide tax relief, but at the same time not knowing constituencies. talk about the business side. corporate tax rates to go down
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as well from 45%. really important for 30 million american small businesses who need an extra tax relief. they just kept overseas, brought back to the united states. when you look at what the impact is going to have, it's going to spur growth which is good because that's when it goes into better paying jobs for americans. the average american family is expected to get $4000 in additional income as a result of this just on the corporate side. i think we are also going to see a lot of relief for american families. talking about dropping all the tax rates down. more americans will pay zero taxes, which is great. you will see an increase in the child tax credit which is fantastic. it's $1000 right now. hopefully double of that. we will see what happens.
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they credit for those people who take care of family members. a lot of really great relief that the question is what are the different tax income level is that of these may hate. and then we will see something loss which unfortunately. >> question is how do you pay for a lot of this. there have been a lot of proposals highly criticized. take a listen to something house majority leader kevin mccarthy said about the ratification of 401(k)s from the basically taxing contributions upfront. >> 401(k)s are very important. get a raise the amount you can put in. the more individuals can invest the money the better off we are in the long-term. more capital can protect themselves in the future. >> taxing upfront would encourage the savings? >> i think it would give most people invest in their 401(k)
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because they know it's pretax and the money will be hauled away without uncle sam being able to put his hands on it. it may not be a huge impact, but i think it will have an impact. >> you think republicans are on board here? for months we heard that the senate finance chair, orrin hatch in the house ways and means committee, that they've been talking except we don't know what they've been talking about since we haven't seen the details. he think republicans are largely united? >> largely united to hide the idea of tax reform or tax cut. when you start to type, use certain deductions that benefit concert in constituencies and that's when you have issues. i don't think it's going to go away. it would treat things annoyed
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that keeps people on board that delivers on the promise to americans. >> wednesday we get the details on friday but president for 12 days in asia. they've got to get the message and just write. good to see you, patrice. cheryl: coming up, wouldn't up, wendy, messy, chilly weekend with four inches of water in the region. janice dean the next. what is next for duane the rock johnson. how about a run for the white house? you were watching trainspotting.
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cheryl: a nice ring to it? the president has a really nice ring to it. that's a boxer said at an event that alleys, con over the weekend. fans have taken this to mean the rock is not ruled out a run for the white house after he told "vanity fair" he's not running for office is a great opportunity to help people. wait and see what the rock is cooking closer to 2020. probably a few multimillion dollar movies to make a train now and then. lauren: interesting to see who's actually running. a wet start to the workweek. heavy rain hitting the northeast causing more than 400 flights to be canceled today already. true to fox meteorologist genistein with what to expect
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today. reporter: more today and a better day tomorrow. stern system across the north east combined with the tropical moisture we saw develop over the weekend. we have seen snow on the backside of this with heavy rain, very gusty winds 40 miles per hour and that is where we see the flight delays across the northeast. wind advisory throughout the morning guess anywhere from 30, 40, 50 miles per hour. also more abundant glacier premise, especially across new england. the party scene three to five, six inches. parts of new jersey as well as new england and sections of the northeast that is ongoing. this will be out of here this evening, but cooler temperatures behind it. they're quieter forecast for some trick-or-treating tomorrow evening. there's your silver lining.
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thanks, janice. are you dressing up tomorrow by the way? >> you will have to wait and see. cheryl: can't wait. things come in janice lauren: speaking a halloween. big scare at the box office. george clooney and matt damon had one of the worst debuts this week in years. and then there's this. that is a ban on a plane. whether you wanted or not, southwest is bringing live performers on board. not going over so well.
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cheryl: breaking news this morning. the first arrest in robert mueller's investigation to russia's meddling in the kick off of the 2016 election. lauren:.ciphertext referring to be released on wednesday but the aggressive timeline may put congress into emergency mode. the gal in the s&p ending higher for the seventh week in a row. the driving force for stocks. right now features are explained plan lower by 26. all eyes on spain as thousands rally therefore unified country. catalonia's bid for independence. cheryl: asian stocks ended mixed. coming from a rally and technologies that. do you want to hear a concert on your next flight?
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"fbn:am" continues right now. cheryl: it is 5:32 in new york monday, october 30th. good morning. cheryl casone. >> good morning. lauren simonetti. concerts on airplanes? no thank you. >> who thinks this is a good idea? i know southwest says. cheryl: breaking news this morning. arrests likely coming today and robert mueller's investigation into alleged ties between the trump campaign in russia after services to the federal grand jury approves the first charges in the inquiry led by robert mueller. representative trey gowdy simon mueller on "fox news sunday." find out about the impending arrest. >> we don't know who's being
5:33 am
charged, what they are being charged for. it was stressing to him the importance of setting up the leaks with respect to serious investigations. make no mistake the material is a violation of law. cheryl: adam schiff, top democrat on the house intelligence committee had this to say about who could be indicted. >> the two people i think justin press reporting that it's like to be mike flynn or paul manafort. we haven't been informed of who it is. >> who and what are the charges. president trump unleashed a firestorm over the weekend never seen such republican anger immunity if they had concerning the lack of investigation on clinton now $12 million. the uranium to russia deal. so much more. instead they look at phony
5:34 am
trump, russia collusion which doesn't exist. dems are using this which is terrible and bad for a country. but the republicans are fighting back like never before. so much guilt by democrats and clinton and now the facts are pouring out. do something. cheryl: is certainly good. congressional investigators want answers after learning hillary clinton and the dm the help pay for a dossier smearing president trump last year. senator susan collins: i'm john podesta, former dnc debbie wasserman schultz to testify before the senate intelligence committee. >> it is difficult to imagine that a campaign chairman, that the head of the dnc would not know of an expenditure of this
5:35 am
magnitude, but perhaps there's something more going on here. >> clinton's campaign and dnc lawyer mark allied is to watch the infirm fusion gps to conduct research on the president at the time. tranter publicans were released details this wednesday. kevin mccarthy telling maria bartiromo that the plan will help middle-class americans. >> we doubled the standard deduction though a family couple may now get their first $24,000 tax-free. lower the corporate rate down to 20 so we can compete around the world. latest study shows that means $4000 more to the household income. >> decorate the reassuring americans their 401(k)s are safe after lawmakers discussed the idea sharply reducing the pretext limit on contributions.
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yet another horror film topping the weekend box office. tracee carrasco joins us now with more on that in the other headlines. yet again getting in the mood for halloween. the latest in the franchise jigsaws was a big winner with $6.3 million in its opening weekend down one spot from last week. pulling in an estimated $10 million. she is driven third with 5.6 million rounded out the top five in blade runner 2049. suburban contra the dark dark comedy directed by george clooney was a big flop in ninth with two quick $9 million. >> why did it do so bad? george clooney, matt damon. i saw some chat on social media that they thought the film was a little is in the current political environment. i don't know.
5:37 am
lauren: i have no idea. setting a skyhigh record. what's this about? >> last night the longest nonstop flight from the u.s. took off a united airline flight from los angeles to singapore. 8700 miles to fly clocks in at 17 hours and 55 minutes. return trip is 15 hours in 15 minutes. the daily route is flown under boeing 787 true minor of 252 state in the previous record holder for the longest nonstop flight from the u.s. from dallas to sydney, australia on qantas just over 8500 miles. i checked the trip status. this plane will land tomorrow morning. >> when i am flying i like to be in my little ipad world. >> that might disrupt your
5:38 am
ipad world. teaming up with nashville for something and live it 35. southwest is planning for about 20 concerts a year. if you are complaining of social media to conquer would be disruptive. concern is unwarranted and we take into account when it comes to the flight election process. two in the of a million. not that long i don't think. a few songs. >> do them on friday between burbank and las vegas. coming up, the white house confirming to fox news the white house senior adviser jared kushner took an unannounced trip
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to saudi arabia last week and we'll tell you why he did that. one of the best cities that ranks the best in the worst. we will be right back. ♪ everyone's got to listen to mom.
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get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. >> good morning and welcome back. let's get caught up in what's happening now. north korea connecting safety measures amidst a nuclear war. reported in the country has contacted blackout exercises as well as evacuation drills in the nations capital. reports of the exercises come as james mattis recently said the threat of a nuclear missile attack by north korea are accelerating. president trump senior adviser jared kushner is back in the u.s. after another unannounced
5:43 am
trip to saudi arabia for talks reporting the trip was there to the country. white house officials would not say who kushner met with there. and in may from virginia, this guy back in jail after being caught. investigators say he escaped the south central regional jail on wednesday that the jail staff did not notice until thursday night. for jail employees have been suspended pending the results of an investigation. >> because you bought done in civilian clothing, lauren. there's a video to watch another regular clothes trained across the border. with future interest rate move sinclair, or should really get investors to put their money weight to work. price waterhouse coopers that was the signal for gas. good morning, mitch. >> good morning, cheryl.
5:44 am
we think is the pic in mr. lauren: with the interest rate environment up in the air, you're looking at the best cities. give us some examples of where we should be putting their money to work. >> the drumroll seattle is the number one city for real estate investment 28 team. last time was number one back in 2009. the really interesting fact is since 2000 the average size of the city in our top 10 has come down precipitously at number two of less than 2 million people. the trend really is the small city versus the big city for real estate investment. cheryl: san jose, boston, still seemed kind of the real estate price story. >> you nailed it.
5:45 am
san francisco which had been on my top list forever investors were looking on the disease were largely homebuilders look united in saying you can't get outsized returns. let's look where others aren't looking. this is the first time we haven't had a texas city, maybe not like that. >> have seen this before. because of the state or local income tax, i do want to ask you about tax reform. jerry howard, and over the weekend says they are going to oppose tax reform in washington. republicans wanted those guys on board. the builders.
5:46 am
what are you hearing about the industry's reaction to the proposals in tax reform? >> they've been lobbying for quite some time. they don't like to things. they don't like the state income tax deduction witching with property taxes and they don't like the fact the standard deduction is going up in the mortgage deduction not going away. they've been trying to negotiate some credit which may be applicable to lower income americans in the field via mortgage deduction something they can see on their tax deductions and will distance the device people to buy so they are not loving the new tax package even though the homeowner deduction is not going away. >> we should say really quick new york, new jersey, those are the lawmakers pushing to leave the mortgage alone.
5:47 am
it really penalizes people in the systems. >> comes a more expensive which means the interest rate would be higher. so it's a combination of the two, which really gives that the debt ability gives the home buyer the incentive to buy, the realtors, home builders don't like it because they are worried the volume will go. >> thanks for being here. lauren: coming up, throw in a five of the series. the houston astros at the home run derby in extra innings. the detroit lions in a late-night game. influential dallas cowboys owner jerry jones trained to take on roger goodell. you are watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: some owners may be losing faith and roger goodell. a group of owners fled a jerry jones trained to free contract tracks. reporting things between jones also pretty tense over d.c. keeled elliott six-game suspension. the protest and declining television ratings a big part of the argument now. however, there doesn't appear to
5:52 am
be -- lauren: stay tuned. first, the world series. 41,000 fans per year's turnout every fan will say they were at game five. this one legendary. one highlight after another ticket into the ninth inning. delivering a huge two run homer. chris taylor, singled to drive in in the bottom of the 10th. >> in this thing as a base hit in the left field. drives in the winning run. in the bottom of the 10th inning. >> gaster's cayman three times and both teams combined for seven home runs.
5:53 am
the teams head back to l.a. for game six tomorrow night. astros will try to clinch their first world series title in the 55 year franchise history. first time ever for the astros. cheryl: big week for baseball. now in the nfl, houston texans players protesting during the national anthem yesterday. they were angry with her owner bob mcnair who said we can't have inmates running the prison. the pittsburgh steelers setting a team record against the lions. rob was berger connect the word 97-yard om. look at that. i was the longest of the nfl
5:54 am
season. he had his bike stolen earlier in the week. now to nascar. kyle busch won the first daytona 500 but the fireworks after the race everybody's talking about. here in the chase with all the rest to go. knox had elliott. also got a fit all riled up. he wasn't happy. the video shows demanding but telling him learn how to drive. >> a lot of sports excitement. a major pro-unity rally in catalonia. we are going live on the
5:55 am
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cheryl: it was big. hundreds of thousands of people turned out for a rally in catalonia. good to see you, riva. apparently not everyone in catalonia wants to be in spain. >> well, some of these numbers can be very difficult. even the people who showed up at a protest to the organizers of the protest are claiming that several times larger than the local police who were there and similarly with the vote, you could argue that had an overwhelming majority, that many people didn't participate in the vote. very hard to get an accurate read at the moment in catalonia and that makes these upcoming elections a very interesting kind of challenge and a very unpredictable situation for anyone watching. >> right now we are waiting to
5:59 am
hear because they know the former leader of catalonia as of friday still plans to go to work. is this going to become like a police situation today? the nike had mentioned he's well aware aware he's recognized he does face jail time. he's called for peaceful resistance to direct rule over catalonia. it would be a big test of how that will play out in what's going to happen as they take over control of the region. >> in our final 20 seconds, what is japan doing to invest more in the stock market? >> behringer generations working with different kind of apps, tax, structures, but unfortunately, japanese household investors really not playing into the recent stock market rally in japan. 10% of japanese household stacks
6:00 am
of compared to 36% in the u.s. even a new generation not buying into these apps. lauren: riva comic thank you so much. cheryl: thank you for watching "fbn:am." more tomorrow. right now we are over to maria bartiromo "mornings with maria." she is back. >> thank you be great to see you. i maria bartiromo. top stories right now. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. announcement could come as early as today on the first indictment is part of special counsel bob mueller's investigation into possible russian election interference. trey gowdy weighed in on these reports. >> is really important what the charges. it's really important the person being charged is. i don't get that excited although i do see it a lot of reporting


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