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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail, or go to our website -- charles: thank you so much, here is lou. lou: breaking tonight president trump on verge of political success on tax cut and reform. in prospect, perhaps, perhaps within hours, a historic leblg lateslegislative accident that d cement a republican run away landslide in midterm elections less than a year away, senate republican leaders some of the last remaining hole outs, holdouts, mitch mcconnell is expecting a final vote, perhaps late tonight or early tomorrow, president trump winning big this being, taking on dems and deep state, prevailing, our guest has
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become one of go-to stars of president trump's cabinet mick mulvaney, the acting director of the consumer financial protect bureau, one of the most controversial and politically roiled and revealed government -- agencies. top democrats caught in wholesale reversal, now calls for embattled congressman john conyers to resign amid mounts sexual harassment allegations. what about senator al franken? two new accusers coming forward today, accusing him of groping, why aren't democratic leaders call for his resignation as they to of john conyers, for that
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matter why not mitch mcconnell calling for franken to resign. we'll have a full report. and also new reports white house shake up could be in works, president trump reportedly considering a plan to oust secretary of of state tillerson, replace him with cia director pompeo, nominate senator cotton to head cia. here we go. hang on. we take all that up here. our top story, president in past 10 monthed. staved off the attacks of dem, deep state, left wing media and republican establishment. tonight, he is on verge of historic victory, namely passage of his tax reform proposal. as it stands house passed tax bill attacks cuts -- tax cuts and jobsable. and senate has moved through committee partisan votes, passage at this hour, dare i say
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it, seems to be approaching assurance. next step is underway. amendments that will continue into the evening, then votes with key republicans in the majority supporting the legislation. >> we're in the stretch. you know horse racing is a big deal in kentucky, we're going down the homestretch toward the finish line, either late tonight or early tomorrow. lou: president trump and republicans more unified donate than any time in his presidency, and on verge of accomplishing more than republicans have dared to imagine. in more than three decades. our first guest, one of president's most important cabinet members, a rising star, who is critical to driving the president's agenda, mick
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mulvaney. mr. director good to have i with us. >> thank you. lou: i have to be, i know at least in some part, excited at the prospects that look so dim in pos lilpy just a -- possibility just a week ago. >> regarding the taxes, yes. there were some critical votes over course of the last 24 hours, yesterday was a motion to proceed, that was critical, we got every vote in republicans on that. today i believe a motion to recommit this bill to committee, which failed. that is critical for us. things have gone well. lou: and now, the issue is triggers and how much you will be able to cut in the way of rates. give us your understanding where we are right now in raising those rates by -- necessity.
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>> i think this is how the system is supposed to work this is how legislation is supposed to get made it looks a little ugly from outside, but the fact, this is how it is supposed to work froms beginning. what is critical our priorities are still preserved, middle class folks, paying less with a simpler tax system, a fair tax system. that corporate tax lowered, they are in the house bill, they are still in senate bill, there are details being worked out. but from administration stand point our principles are still preserved. lou: and rate in terms of corporate tax rate, moving higher, president has had to yield a bit in the horse trading.
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and bargaining. 22% right now. he wanted 15. where is the president, is he onboard with the direction right now? the senate? >> i think, if you would ask president he would still like original 15. but we agreed to each 20, that is within the house bill. if the senate does happen to pass it at something else, 21 or 22, then those who are factors will have reconcile before final passage, this is how system works, if you end up in a situation warehouse passes 20, senate passes 20, we know that will be 20, if house passes 20. and senate 21 or 22, final number may between. principles have been preserved, the process is working, it looks like we have, we can see finish line. lou: a quote from the director
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of office of management and budget 3 years ago. talking about consumer financial protect bureau. there it is, mick mulvaney, congressman then, said a wonderful example how a bureaucracy could function, if it has no accountability to anyone, it turns up being a joke, that is who the cfpb really is. you are now the acting director. and has our out look or agency itself improved. >> no. i want to make it clear, i think many people who work there are very professional, first week has been smoothly, i have had great meetings, the structure is fundamentally flawed. authority that i have now,
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really should frighten people, you can sit down in a room with 3 or 4 people, and say let's do this, there is no awo accountaby to congress, i could set the budget without congress. on one hand people call it independent, but bottom line it is unaccounaccountable. this is how i explain it. if they end up shortened. there is nobody they can complain to, they cannot complaint to president, senators or members of the house. that is wrong, i am hopeful it will change. until it does we'll limit as much as we can to interfere with capitalism and financial service market. lou: and against congratulations to moving forward, legal victory this week to assure the
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departing head of the agency richard cordray could not appoint his own successor, seems ludicrous from a distance. this is stuff of high drum in washington, d.c. >> as i said to folks, this was always going to happen, if anyone was over there working and support. warren thought that agency would be independent from this president forever, that was never going to happen. the president was going to get a chance to appoint a successor. now or in july. so, my fear is a lot of folks, including the woman now purporting to be acting director thought they would be, beholden to obama administration, but if someone else won they would not
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have to be beholden to them this not right, president of u.s. has right to have influence and that is what we're doing. lou: idea of an independent agency, no meter the agency should be frightening to every taxpayer. or citizen. direct -- >> no surprise, that we're having only real challenge to the peaceful succession of power. is coming from this agency, that is founded on not being accountable. i am glad to see court ruled the way it did this week. i look forward to doing the work that president wants to do, it has been a fun couple of days. lou: thank you s so much. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, more ahead. stay with us. >> nancy pelosi reversing her stance on embattled icons.
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now she is calling for congressman john conyers to resign. >> congressman conyers should resign. zero tolerance means consequences for everyone. lou: why is congress so slow and secretive when it comes to its misbehaving members? does it have anything to do with corruption? new wants of an impending white house shake up. secretary of state rex tillerson could be replaced by cia director mike pompeo, we'll have more on thattttt i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak underwear that's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel.
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lou: two more women coming forward accusing al franken of sexual misconduct, that brings total number of accusers to six, new include a army veteran say that he grabbed her breast during a uso tour in 2003, and a former elected official say that frank enforce ibly -- franken forcibly kissed her in 2006. >> and john conyers checked to a hospital, a second woman has accused him of sexual harassment. aide saying he is suffering from
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stress related to the mounting allegations against him and the resulting uproar. >> nancy pelosi who over the weekend defended conyers, as an icon, has now joinedder who us f lawmakers calling for conyers to resign. >> i wish them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. zero tolerance, for everyone. lou: joining me now, congressman dave bratt congressman of virginia. good to have you with us. give us a sense before we turn to congressman conyers, and al franken and others, and the issue of slush funds in congress. i would like your sense of where
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we are in your judgment in senate with tax reform. >> yeah, well, it is looking good with senator mccain coming on strong, we have a few differences we'll wrinkle out to conference, big thing getting rid of obamacare individual mandate. that frees up -- it is crazy business. cbo score is horrendous on growth. we were with with art lapre this morning steve moore attacks avoidance -- tax avoid an, and everyone on wall street is they get compensation based on avoiding taxes. lou: all right. you have taken us so quickly to weeds, i'm going to see if we can extricate ourselves, with over 300 billion that result in savings, for the purpose of the tax cut. it still necessary for you to
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overcome the triggers. we're told that way that will happen is we'll see the senate go about two points higher than house version to 22% for corporate rate, is that the way you know it? >> yeah, i hope not. lou: but is that your understand gd? >> not my understanding, the triggers are related to gdp growth. lou: maybe i'm should be going informing you. cor-- let's move to something e. that is the calls for conyers to important. you think he should? >> absolutely, evidence is in the -- witness after witness are coming in, when nancy pelosi says it's time, it's time. it was embarrassing this week,
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chuck todd asked a couple of wees, we saw ducking and weaving like we've never seen before. we don't want to throw anyone under the bus. lou: y there them under the bus are you kidding? minority leader calling for the -- >> i did not finish the phrase. you when evidence is clear, as it is. it is overwhelming, this is the deal. i'm just want to go to trigger piece, no one has to worry about that. lou: we're not going to go back. >> we're growing through roof. lou: that is right. if i didn't, i would be screaming about this. but, i think i have confidence in the conference, confidence that you will have the principle and conviction to put together incentives and penalties for corporate america repatriated
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capital is -- what about the slush funds? how quickly are you getting rid of them? >> asap, ron desantos, there are several bills, i am on all of them. i ran three years ago again the swamp, this is the swamp, we have a spinning bill after tax. that is why we're not giving huge tax cuts of a reaganesque stale to folks back home, only worrisome piece, we do not want to delay corporate rates for a year, that is importance -- important. lou: real issue is congressman. get the damn thing done. >> yeah. lou: that is most important thing to be done. >> yep. lou: you are unified as i have seen since president came to
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town. congress and senate working together is breath taking. we have not seen that since republicans control of both houses. congratulations, keep it moving and good to talk with you. >> i want to congratulate president, as being a cheerleader for pro growth business thing. lou: a hell of a lot more, he has been driving it. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you, you bet. lou: reminder to follow me on twitter, @lou dobbs, look at this, a historic day for stocks, i should say another. dow today posting best run of the year 332 points of rally, closes above 24 thousand for first time ever. nasdaq up 50, dow and s&p closing at record highs, volume on big board heavy trading.
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always good to see that with a move like this today, largest single day gain for the dow in more after that a year, index has crossed 6 of the 1,000 point milestones six of them, since donald j trump was elected president, november 8 last year, stocks added more than 6 trillion dadrilldollars in mark. reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, up next, a verdict has been reached in kate steinle murder trial, we'll bring you that decision as we have it. and shocking new numbers to tremendous impact of chain migration. we'll have full report for you coming up next. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: breaking news a jury reached a verdict to fate of an illegal immigrant accused of murdering 32-year-old kate steinle two years ago in san francisco. he is a 45-year-old mexicans citizen, released from a san francisco jail before the murder. despite a federal request he be held for his 6th deportation, we'll have the verdict for you as soon as it comes in. you see there, in the courtroom hallway, national media is assembled as well as local media. to bring that verdict very important day in terms of issue of presidential campaign 2016,
10:28 pm
which president trump focused. brought to national attention which in fact has garnered attention of the country. fox news has obtained exclusive new details about the impact and scale of chain migration in the country. that allows entire families of immigrants given status in this country to come to country, in which president trump wants to end in favor of a merit-base the immigration sim, fox news, chief washington correspondent james rosen with the want. reporter: for first time white house said federal government counted green card issued between 2005-15 to migrants admitted through family presence or immediate or dependent
10:29 pm
relatives. >> for year we have known large numbers of immigrants have come based on petition from previous, this is first time we see the scope of the problem. policymakers can do what they need to do to address the problem. reporter: during 10 year time frame, u.s. permanently resettled roug roughly 9.3 milln new immigrants based on family ties, it is primary driver of low-skilled workers entry into u.s., a phenomenon analyst say most directly hurts american minority working groups. >> they don't care where the hell they come from. reporter: president trump urged congressional democrat to address chain migration. immigrant brought here as children, if they deal on their disposition is not reached, republican senator, tom cotton
10:30 pm
of arkansas and david perdue of georgia, proposed eliminating. >> we have current immigrants, determining who future immigrants will be, independent. >> group new american economy, comprised of 500 mayors and business leaders, notes 40% of america's fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or children. >> could we do it better? >> absolutely. but, that did you not mean in least we don't want to be reuniting families and strengthening communities. reporter: white house called the numbers explosive, they mark first time chain migration has been broken down country by country, at top of list, those that you would expect, mexico, india and philippines, china, and dominican republic. also iran. with over 80,000.
10:31 pm
and senior white house officials told fox news that president harbors profound public safety concerns and about terrorism and organized crime. data establishing those links was not provided to us. lou: james thank you. >> as i said, we're awaiting verdict indicate steinly -- in the kate steinle trial, we'll bridge it to you as it comes in. this is pictures of the courtroom. we'll coming right back with more. stay with us. >> president trump historic tax reform plan, getting a big lift after senator lisa murkowski and senator john mccain, say they will support the bill. we take up possibility of a major victory for the president,
10:32 pm
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lou: the verdict has come in breaking news now, jose ines garcia zarate, illegal immigrant, accused of murdering kate steinle, has been acquitted
10:36 pm
of murder and manslaughter in the killing of kate stinly, this just taking place we have further word, he was found guilty. of the possession of firearm. that fired shot that killed her. a lot of questions arising quickly with this verdict of acquittal of illegal immigrant who had been deported 6 times before the murder of kate steinle. joining me now washington time opinion editor, fox business contributor charlie hurt. i think we could safely say this is say stunning development. >> it is stunning. i don't know how it is possible that a guy like this is acquitted. given the aim of evidence. but -- it is breath taking to kind of take it in right now. but i tell you, you know who is
10:37 pm
not acquitted is the abhorrent illegal immigration problem we have, our system is a disaster. the biggest reason why donald trump won the election last year, because he and he alone unlike anyone in either party, understood the vital importance of getting a grip on this problem. and he has been thwarted at of step of the way, in past by republicans, still by democrats. you know if they want to play like this, we'll have things like this happen, we'll see in 2020, what -- what voters say then. lou: and i think, honestly, even before then, i think that midterms, depends on tonight and tomorrow with tax reform, i believe that tax cut goes through. so long as it is a tax cut for
10:38 pm
middle class. as long as there are is intensives for business to invest, and repatriot capital, and enjoy improvement in tax rate, i think that democrats will be run, away from elections and will be defeated. i could honestly believe that it would be a landslide midterm election in favor of the president and republican party. >> if they want to shut down the government to get through a you know dreamer actor whatever. if that i want to shut government down, if republicans don't hang kate steinlyy -- kate steinly and this acquittal on every single one of them, i tell you, donald trump will hang this one on them. especially if they want to talk when about shutting down to close government ferrillin for l
10:39 pm
illegal immigrants rather than americans. lou: and it is a mess. it a nightmare for democratic dt party, it i think it will get worse. >> yeah, i agree, you would not know that from media. media would rather focus on supposed problems they find in the republican party, that how they operate, it is an under told story, i think come elected day, i think that people will pay attention. lou: and i do want to update, we have just learned mitch mcconnell, majority leader will lead votes on tax reform tomorrow rather than this evening, they are not going to have so-called voter ama they
10:40 pm
envisioned wit with delays on is of triggers and how to compensate within that. it will be a longer conversation than anyone element your thoughts? >> i think that i have been impressed by degree of cohesiveness that we've seen among republicans. we know that democrats are in lockstep against any hope to throw a lifeline to taxpayers. but we've seen encouraging signs any time republican can get john mcexaimccain onboard with remary positive comments about the bill is an easy day for them. lou: president, is poised to win an extraordinary legislative
10:41 pm
success, a victory that will have ramifications through 2018 and certainly will send some consider able shiffers through the democratic party if this all comes together as is expected tomorrow, charlie hurt, thank you so much for being with us. >> great to be with you. lou: up next, white house making plans to replace secretary of state tillerson within weeks, we'll take up possible shake up and more, with vice president pence's former press secretary mark lauder, he is joining us next, stay with us, we're coming right back. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better
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lou: democratic insider terry mccauliffe reportedly occurring a run for white house, but close ties to the clintons could inhibit his ambitions for presidency. he is assessing his chances, he might consider chinese investors who filed suit against mccauliffe and hillary clinton a brother for allegedly scamming them, looking for $18 million in returned investment. >> joining me now former press secretary to vice president pence, mark lauder.
10:46 pm
let's start with where we are, with this senate considering of tax reform. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, making it clear they will continue their debate tomorrow, and looking for ideas from nose those -- those ons fence, bubble or considering om opposing and voting tomorrow. >> we're on eve of a great victory. for american people. and for president. you know we'll cut taxes for middle class, and reform and cut taxes on corporate side so people and companies can invest in hiring and get economy growing, we already seeing it happening just with the anticipation of fa tax cuts and rolling back regulations under president trump. lou: we're used to being under the presidency of barack obama, we keep speaking sometimes as if
10:47 pm
the last year has not occurred. we look at growth in this economy, we're talking about better than 3% over previous two quarters, and about a 40 year low in claims for unemployment benefits. imagine that. we're looking at a historic low for the unemployment rate within reach. this is an extraordinary period, manufacturing jobs returning, consumer and investor confidence soaring, this is some year with which to begin your presidency. >> it is astounding. looking at dow crossing 24,000 today, another record -- we were 18 thousand barely a year ago, now crossing 24,000, but we've seen it. you have strong conservative pro growth leadership in white house, we do under president trump, the economy spend ons, it
10:48 pm
will get better once tax cuts get approved by christmas day. lou: i'm about to say something, i will test it out. it looks to me like the republicans are flirting with unity. mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, the senate and the house, coming in to line with the president. i mean could we imagine such a thing? unity and power full already -- powerful already in prospect seems to be the result? >> i think this is what we're seeing under leadership of president, republicans -- we always stand for putting more money in hands of american people. letting them spend it themselves, and companies decide how best to invest in hiring american workers. and so we're seeing that in action. have you that under leader ship of senator mcconnell, and speaker ryan. then, to president's desk, a great christmas for american families when president signs this in to law.
10:49 pm
lou: it is you talk about republican orthodoxy, that is actually, i think, been sort of exploded here. we are looking at a president who single-handedly brought back business to the country. who is jawboning those who take jobs away who driving relentlessly against legislation, we have never seen any republican president including ronald reagan, attack over regulation with the effect everiness and energy of this president. president. >> i think that is one of biggest reason that president trump was elected last year, campaigning in michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania, they were tired of being told for decade their jobs were extend in-- expendable, this president said no, enough we'll put american workers first, and america first, you see is now in action that is why i think we're
10:50 pm
seeing that consumer confidence so high, we're seeing be confidence so high, and record stock market. it is all to what president has unleashed. lou: mark lauder, come back soon. >> absolutely thank you. lou: roll video now, as we look at ski slopes. different. no problem. the houses, look at this. this bold skier racing across a canadian city, british columbia, amazing flips and jumps across rooftops, cars, other obstacles, what to we wall call -- we call that? i love it. i love it i should copy reit cot that. >> up next, senate to vote on tax cut tomorrow. >> a shocking verdict indicate kate murder trial -- in the kate
10:51 pm
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10:55 pm
all slush funds be defeated at the polls. 95% of you say yes. joining me now, byron york, quickly to the kate steinle verdict, shocking as it is styled right now, your reaction? >> i think a lot of people are shocked. because this case became prominent in last presidential campaign, they knew bare bones. illegal immigrant, criminal, deported a bunch of times, should not have been here, fires a gun, kills a totally innocent woman. walking nearby. this is all they knew. they did not get into the weeds, what was argue in courtroom. there was an argument over trajectory of bullet. and idea is that he did not fire directly and hit kate steinle.
10:56 pm
he actually -- bullet ricocheted. hit the concrete about 15 feet in front of them then her 78 feet away. lou: i know that we're supposing and we're some way fills on fizzing on this, but, why not manslaughter, if he is responsible, because he was convicted of possession of the gun that fired the bullet, that killed her? >> that is an excellent question. we'll have it talk ta jurors about, that a crowded dock, you fire a weapon, you have to be held responsible for what happens as a result. that i cannot answer. but, generally when a couple of jurors talk about their deliberations we're learn what they were thinking. lou: turn to tax reform, debate goes on, in senate they have mitch mcconnell, has delayed vote, until tomorrow.
10:57 pm
on the legislation. they are this close, to pulling off a remarkable feet, in giving president's legislative victory that will be powerful. particularly as we approach 2018 midterms. >> big news, today was that john mccain said he would vote for it, i had my doubts. lou: i prove sized that two years ago. >> there you go. he came out, said he would vote, that is say big deal. it appears that whole trigger idea, which may be was impractical has collapsed, they are looking for some other method to satisfy the senators who say they are so concerned about deficit problem. lou: where the hell were these senators what barack obama was president? when the country watched almost 10 trillion dollars of debt be added it national debt, in the
10:58 pm
coarse of 8 years are barack obama? for crying out loud! we have an opportunity here for this president, to drive this economy even farther, look at what he as done in 10 months. it is incredible. >> you know deficit is right up there with filibuster as vehicle for most intense hypocrisy in u.s. senate no doubt, you are right, you had senators on democratic sider, who were not concerned when deficit went through the roof during the obama years, and republicans not concerned when it went up during the george w. bush years, that said, it is pretty clear, the republicans want to pass this thing, i think they will find a vehicle to satisfy deficit concerns, then, if they get to 51, let's say if they lose one member. then they might get a few democrats to go along. remember, you have democrats who
10:59 pm
come from states that donald trump won by 20 points or 40. >> i can assure you, i have no interest in providing cover to any democrat of any stripe and state. >> if they vote for it and donald trump can say it is bipartisan that is a person talking point going -- important talking 5 point going forward politically. lou: okay, i will grant you that i have to tell you, i do so half halfheartedly. >> they will too it with 50 votes if they can and vice president pence, they would love to have 54 or 55. lou: right now they would love to have a bill passed. >> yep. lou: byron york. >> thank you. lou: that is it for us, thank tk you for being with us.
11:00 pm
good night from new york. charles: thank you so much, here is lou. lou: breaking tonight president trump on verge of political success on tax cut and reform. in prospect, perhaps, perhaps within hours, a historic leblg lateslegislative accident that d cement a republican run away landslide in midterm elections less than a year away, senate republican leaders some of the last remaining hole outs, holdouts, mitch mcconnell is expecting a final vote, perhaps late tonight or early tomorrow, president trump winning big this being, taking on dems and deep


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