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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 3, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> we do, and are doing a great john. john: five seconds. >> unpopular, trying to override the will of people. >> thank you, charles payne will be back tomorrow, lou dobb saucs next. >> good eve inning happen new year, republicans fighting back against the deep state department of justice, and it is more than about time. lawmakers say they are likely to file conten contempt of congress regular this week against deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and fbi director christopher ray because they failed to produce documents related to discredit the trump dossier, today deadline they set to hand over the documents, so far rod rosenstein and ray have not complied, they did meet with speaker ryan on the hill, our
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special guest tonight, one of the brightest young leaders of republican party, congressman ron desantos, he is demanding answers for american people, and president trump delivering a straight forward counter attack against won of his ormer -- one of his former aides, saying steve bannon lost his mind when bannon attacked president's family, we take with up, shockingly personal attack against the this president with ed rollins. iran's ayatollah decides best response he could conjure to a week of antigovernment protest in iran is how about a pro government rally? state television with video of orchestrated counter demonstration with government employees required to attending. president trump said it could not be clearer that people of iran are trying to over throw the oppressive iranian regime, we take that up here, and more.
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top house, house republicans say they are likely to file a contempt of congress resolution against rod rosenstein and ray, ignores midnight deadline to produce documents related to the discredit fusion gps dossier, paid for by clinton campaign and democratic national committee. the house intelligence committee wants to know more about peter strzok. fbi official who was removed after a number of anti-trump texts were discovered on his phone. and committee wants to about whether strzok used dossier to obtain a war an from the nice -- warrants from the fisa court. and concerns about bruce oh.r., a jea -- senior justice departmt official, he was demoted after
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his contact. paul manafort today fighting back against the deep state department of justice, filing a civil complaint against mueller and rosenstein, alleging the russia probe has gone far beyond the scope of special councilman date. development in wake of a lengthy russia collusion probe that uncovered no evidence of any kind of the collusion what so ever. first gift, says that congress should use its authority it detain rod rosenstein and ray, if they fail to comply with subpoenas. joining us, can man congressman ron desantos, member of several key committees, a member of freefreedom caucus as well. i must say that new year off to eye quick, and strong start, where do you think we're headed
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if ray and rosenstein fail to produce these documents? >> happy new year, lou. i think we will go toward contempt. but it is important that type of contempt we pursue. if you remember we hello is lerner -- held lois learner in contempt, we said please prosecute her, guess what, eric holder was not. if we send a referral to justice, they are not going to pursue that against. i think we have to use congress' inherent contempt authority, that was done for 175 years, you have to bring them into congress. and have you a vote on contempt, then you detain them. just like in contempt of court, judge would detain you, and here is what i predict, if they were put in house jail for contempt of technology w congress we woue documents within 24 hours. >> that is an interesting idea.
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and i think it would have some considerable appeal to most people who want to see justice done. in this. but at same time there is so much that could be done, in addition to that, there should be seems to me from trump administration, to show to produce the fiso warrant application and find out what really was put forward by department of justice and the fbi dthey use that dossier with certain knowledge, and defraud the court and break the law? >> without question. without question. i would go, we need that. we need everything. who started this investigation? you remember, the "new york times" used to say it was because of carter page, now they are running an article this weekend based on a anonymous source say it was george papadopoulos, he was drunk at a bar, talking about hillary dirt,
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he has. -- i think from very beginning of that, we need to know what peter strzok was doing, and involvement of mccabe, and comey and bruce oh.r. >> during the campaign, and he has been demoted tells thre tele is something problematic with what he was doing, we need that and surveillance to page. and if "new york times" and right it was papadopoulos, that started this. where did they get bases to surveil carter page? have you a concerted effort from leakers in the permanent bureaucracy, to work with the media, to try to deemphasize the dossier. i think your viewers should ask, where would to -- why would the? i think because they are
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concerned. >> so far congress has not laid a glove on them nor the justice department nor the fbi. they are smear merchants used for one purpose by clinton campaign. to try to subvert his presidency. certainly have tried to subvert it once to did begin. >> and gutter politics, not new with clintons, but what makes this more troubles is confluences between smear merchant at fusion gps, and obama, lynch justice department and fbi, my whole thing with this, if answer to all questions were innocent. don't you think they would have just, said we didn't pay for the
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dossier or use something uncooperated. yet -- none of officials have been willing to say that, that is why you look at this, you say this stinks to high heaven. >> you and congressman jim jordan trying to get to answers. about what obama administration was doing, and how it may have been they interfered with justice and with department the dea, and other investigation to pursue the iranian deal that resulted in billion going to opresoppressive regime iran. same time the iranian people were complam orin clamming for . >> we have folks involved, we're
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are going to be interviewing them. so we're going to get to bottom of all of that, because you are right. they were so desperate to do a nuclear deal to give, ran that e money, fly in cash on jets to tehran, they were willing to empower, hezbollah, hezbollah has american blood on its hands from beirut bombing of the marine corp barricks in 1983. there have been reports that israel, was able to get commander of the cuds force. in its cross hairs and obama administration tipped off tehran that it would happen, thwarted israel ability to so bring him to justice. the extent to where obama
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administration begged off being responsible, i think we are only scratching the surface, and we'll have good witnesses. i have been encouraged with initial information come forward. >> congressman ron desantos. >> thank you, lou, happy new year. >> we're welcoming right back, a lot more straight ahead. stay with us. >> president trump and his administration firing back at former chief strategist steve bannon, after bannon insulted the administration and president's family. >> i think that is a welcome ris accusation. >> what in the world was steve bannon thinking? we take that up with ed rollins next. >> have you heard of the term bomb cyclone? is is what meteorologist did when they want to use hyperbole, describes winter storm that
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time responding to bannon's vicious attack on the president and his family, put forward in a white house tell-all book. in a statement president trump put bannon in his place, saying steve bannon has nothing to do with me and my presidency, when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. president trump begins 2018 with the spark of an economic boone. dow up 25% last year. more than 70 record closes, rate of economy growth more than doubles to 3.2%. from just 1.5% in the 4 rg quarte4thquarter of 2016. and unemployment rate fell. you can expect that to continue as benefits of the tax cut kick
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in. and a cut in corporate rate from 35 to 21%. and cut in most individual rates, more than two dozen major companies have announced they are giving their employees bonuses or raises in anticipation of the implementation of tax reform, joining me now, ed rollins, great to see you, happy new year. >> to you. lou: what in the world was steve bannon thinking? >> he set himself on fire in middle of south lawn, and president ran him over with a tank, and put him in reverse. i have never seen anybody do anything as stupid as he did. they think they are the one that are smarter, president got himself there, you will fine, when this book comes out, he did not have an experienced team but he tapped in what was going on in the electorate. this year of extreme
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accomplishments that was not bannon or reince priebus it was him. he came out with that stupid statement attacks the statement. i think that is the end. lou: and more than the issue of the between the two men, what would motivate bannon to think he is the smart as president, as witty? he watched this president on the campaign trail for three months, deliver proddeliver broadside ar broadside against 16 candidates. >> bannon has never been involved in a campaign before, he had the opportunity to watch one up close, as you say, he under estimated the horse he was riding, but that horse bucked him off and stomped on him
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today. i think he -- his political history is over. i have watched a lot of people. bottom line is those that get votes. >> a couple things going on, one is consideration about the delivery of documents and the appearance of rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray. this looks like it is headed to know impasse and a resolution on contempt of congress. >> president in say tomorrow,, i want these documents delivers to congress today, quit stonewalling them, this is what congress wants, do it. i think that time for president to do fbi and justice department would have done to bannon today. lou: he has a capacity to do
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that. the very idea that this administration has an attorney general, who already has receded from view. the president is working throughout. day in, day out. no matter where he is. we can't find attorney general jeff sessions. where is he? what is going on? >> as we've said many times on the show, i am a big jeff sessions fan, senator, he has not done the job. president needs to get someone in there who can do the job, and quickly. attorney general has to be your most important player in an administration with nothing but lawsuit and rest of crap that is coming forward, a cell edyear now -- a solid year now, nobody in justice department has been fighting for donald trump. lou: one of the most frustrating things from the base, we hear from this audience on twitter. this is a country right now,
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supporting president trump, they cannot begin to comp hend, i can't give you the answer, why in the world this can't be a trump administration instead of a mixture of obama leftovers, and deep state you know -- >> he can do it he just needs to do it i think he will do it most amazing thing to me, is with all of the disarray you head. people fighting with each other, the president still moved an agenda forward, and he has accomplished more than anyone thought possible at the end of one year if he had a team supporting him. lou: imagine what he could have accomplished much we look at his accomplishments. still well short of a year it is breath taking, and tax reform, the capper for 2017, that is a foundation for 8 years.
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>> absolutely. lou: that achievement, we're going to feel the benefits of that for years to come in the economy. >> i hope bannon is a lesson to everyone else, you did not get there, donald trump got there, it is his presidency. lou: i don't understand. the number of people in republican party, the number of folks, how many times have we sat at this disk ove drveg desks saying what is wrong with mitch mcconnell, and paul ryan, and their teams on capitol hill, number of people who insist on underestimating this president, as has been astonishing. >> well, my sense is, he is on his way now, inspite of all of the stumbles by his people, he still wared tha caddie that bals the finish line. lou: better.
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we can keep metaphor going for a long time, we look forward to our next session, tomorrow? let's do that. >> thank you. lou: happy new year, vote in our pole, do you believe this is year that russia investigation shifts focus on clinton and obama corruption and collusion? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, follow me, on facebook and instagram, forecasters are warning for nort east a bomb cyclone on the way. hitting east coast tonight, and may raining to the weekend. what is they bomb cyclone in we did not know. hopefully, you do. but to help anyone out, it a winter hurricane with ice, strong winds, and flooding on coastal areas from florida all the way to new england. a bomb cyclone, a storm's central bea -- barometric presse
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drops within 24 hours. and on wall street, a record breaking day for stocks. we're back in the market. the dow gaining 99. look at that. dow, is only 78 points almost, from 25,000. s&p up 17, closing 2700 for first time. and nasdaq up 59. all 3 indexes, tonight at all-time record highs. volume on the big board 3.5 billion shares, tesla shares falling, after missing mark on deliveries of model 3, and missing mark by a huge margin. auto sales overall falling from record highs, previous year, posting first annual decomplienn 2017 since financial crisis. >> a remind ir.
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save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you. lou: a few thoughts on a devastating counter attack by president trump against one of his former aides, who for whatever reason, decided he was a match for president and intellect, wit or verbal broadside, president today proved steve ban an t bannon to. president trump responded to bannon's reported insult to trump family and mr. trump saying -- steve bannon has nothing to to with me, or my presidency. when he was fired.
7:29 pm
he not only lost his job. he lost his mind, steve does not represent my base, he only in it for himself, scathing less than two weeks after a va "vanity fa" interview where bannon railed again ivanka and her husband kushner. the bannon remarks in a upcoming book, melania trump spokesperson blasted the -- white house press secretary sarah sanders with a statement. participating in a book, that can only be describe z add trashy tabloid fiction exposed their sad desperate attempts at relevancy, i have never witnessed such disrespect for any president or presidency from
7:30 pm
the very beginning of this presidency, and from all quarter of the political spectrum. this president and his family have sacrificed so much too to e this nation, for their trouble they are attacked from all sides from leftest academia and left wing national media, with little talent in he her either party ad less integrity, the hatred directed at president trump and his family almost of day sun is unprecedented, unfair and wrong. denying truth, turning justice on its head in the pettiness of politicians, and little partisans refusing to credit president trump for his extraordinary accomplishments, yes, he has yet to serve a full year in office this president has worked wonders, and hard. tirelessly, and more than anyone
7:31 pm
else in washington. but mr. trump's detractors will consume themselves soon. denying miss success -- his success and resenting his commitment. our quote of the evening, from general john george patton, we d sheep, drive ca cattle, we lead people, we're coming right back. >> president trump pledging great support for people of iran as they take to the streets to protest their corrupt regime. we'll discuss the unrest in iran and the trump administration's possible new sanctions again iran with general jack keane.
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lou: president trump today expressed his support for iranian demonstrators protests the regime. tweeting, such respect for people of iran as they try to
7:36 pm
take back their corrupt government. you will see great support from the united states at the aprop yeappropriate time, at least 21 people have been killed. hundreds more arrested during a week of protest. north korea relationship with south korea may be warming a bit. kim regime reopened a border telephone hot line with south korea, first time it has been opened in over two years, move days after kim jong-un discussed easing military tension with south korea ahead of february's winter olympic. joining us, four-star general jajack keane, great to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: happy new year. >> happy new year. lou: let's start with iranian protest, i was stunned to hear various members of obama administration suggest to president trump and his advisers
7:37 pm
they not say anything about the street demonstration in iran. >> the fact they were quiet in summer of 2009, 3 mello mel miln people demonstrating first public display of protest against the islamist state, and we did not support that and had no moral clarity on it, i was embarrassed as an american. president trump has done the right thing, we have moral clarity on the issue, this is a repressive regime, a regime that has taken the money they have, and used to to advance their foreign policy and lebanon and syria and iraq and yemen. they are squandering the opportunity to improve quality of life experience for their citizens, and their citizens present it.
7:38 pm
--s resense it, about what impresseds he about protest, it is not urban elite that are protesting. this is cut through political social contours of the state. there are tens -- >> widespread. >> very widespread. and cut across socio economic lines as well, this will cause a fizzure. this is not going to be something they will be able to put back easily. lou: turning to north korea, we have this two-state peninsula, which has been strategy for the united states, as well as china for the past 50 years, really. the idea that kim jong-un suddenly is making overtures, to south korea as a attempt to frustrate president trump, i am
7:39 pm
anxious to get your analysis. >> they are taking out the chapter of an old playbook, they have done in past with our previous presidents, much motheir success -- much to their success, they have gone to negotiating table, whether they do, that they buy time, they are advancing their technology, they feel pressure here. you know gas lines, there are gas stations closed. evidence of two solers that came across the border. they were malnutrition. they are usually well fed, they had serious bacterial infections. the reality is, that seems to be some economic squeeze taking place. we don't know if china and russia do have a backdoor that still helping north korea. but i think our intelligence service have a good grip on that. >> and some good pictures of oil being off loaded from chinese vessels to north korea. let's turn to james clapper.
7:40 pm
people may forget it was the outspoken political statements of kle three heads agents, cia,, and ndi, james clapper, now saying that trump administration should accept a nuclear north korea, it would be a fool's errand to do otherwise. your reacted? >> i think that is irresponsible for a u.s. official, at least claim too have been one, to make a statement like that, that was obama's policy. even though he said military option was on the table, he never intended to use it. including kim jong-un believes in his own mind, because we have accepted nuclear weapons in 2005, 12 years later, and have done nothing about it, if he developed nuclearized icbm's that u.s. will follow that
7:41 pm
pattern and accept it. the problem, that was true under obama maybe previous presidents, but not this president. it is not just nuclear icbm's pointing at scale of usc, it is miniaturize nuclear warhead to can be provided to terrorists for money, it be give every to n making this wor worm world's moe dangerous place. that will strengthen the economic diplomatic action which has been taken to date and much more has to be done. lou: because people like james clapper advising president's like barack obama, here it is all facing president trump. for reading. for resolution.
7:42 pm
>> general great to see you. lou: great to see you. lou: watch this group of wingsuiters unite 13 thousand feet over florida, creating this aerial display. that is extraordinary. first of all, those wing suits are sufficient to let them do, that i wouldn't trust that idea for a month. >> up next, top clinton aide huma abedin under fire after forwarding government passwords classified to her personal e-mail, doll daily caller, vert gativinvestigative reporter luk, we'll be right back with that. liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother.
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7:47 pm
found on a laptop belonging to abedin's husband at the time, anthony weiner. our knocks gues new york stock - our next guest has written on e-maieconomy scandal. let's start with why based on what we know now, and largely because of wh what the house inl committee has been able to produce, why is there not an immediate reopening of case against hillary clinton and her top aides? >> that is a good question. i think to reopen it, you have to acknowledge the mistakes they made. that is going to be troubling for the fbi, they have not explained why they did not pursue them in the first place. we learned today that hillary clinton's privately hired i-t guy deleted e-mails after they
7:48 pm
were i subpoenaed by congress, e lied to fbi about it, and they gave him ir immunity, some of te are still binding. lou: for same thing, that lying to fbi that general flynn acknowledged he had done. >> that is right, we see how carelessly, clinton and her crew treated cyber security. you think about it, you have huma abedin sending classified information about syria and russia to ya he to -- yahoo! whs hacked. you have pakistani national, hacking congress, democrats not seeking charges, they have been careless with these documents. lou: if i may, to put a point on this, you say they did not care.
7:49 pm
you are talking about the obama administration did not care? the fbi departmen didn't care, d not insist on forensic exa examg a of the servers of the dnc . >> right, they did not let the fbi, the obama department of justice see the dnc server, but the dnc hack is worse thing that happened. they are running state like hacking is say non-issue. using yahoo!, the most laughably unsecure e-mail providers. at the end of the day, it should is not be considered worse for americans to be able to read e-mails of political party, compared to letting russia or foreign actors see united states
7:50 pm
government documents. to me, treatment of government documents, in a insecure manner is worse than political peter py e-mail exposed. lou: reporting they have secured sufficient evidence to say that the fbi believed there was evidence that laws were broken. simply by the amount of evidence that they cataloged, there was every reason to believe a crime was committed, salomon doing that reporting. and yet again, we're at point that some want to be in denial of the sorry corrupt state of the top of the fbi. to me it seems that leadership of fbi has to be cleaned out. this say matter of national
7:51 pm
security. this is troubling that no one is acting to do so. >> well said. lou: that is where you are leaving it. >> you got it. lou: well said, better done. >> thank you. >> luke. lou: up next, mitt romney, he wants a senate seat that will soon be available. we take that up with former utah congressman, jason chaffetz, up next, stay here with us. ♪
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...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy. ldz in our online poll we asked you last night, do you believe it's time for a new and unbiased investigation of the clinton team's reckless handling of classified state department e-mails. i was thinking about maybe 20% of you would say yes to that. just joking. 88% of you said yes. joining me now for former republican congressman from utah, jason chaffetz. good to have you here. happy new year. >> thank you. happy new year. lou: what is mess. what a join us here. >> can you imagine somebody leaving that disgusting mess. lou: and i want to go to john
7:56 pm
solomon's reporting in the hill today talking about the now discovered enough evidence to prosecute hillary clinton. why is this taking so long when it is so obvious that the fix was in from the moment that the fbi's top management got involved? >> if you go back to july of 2016 it makes comey basically make the case that hillary clinton should be charged only to say that no reasonable prosecutor would charge her because the fix was in. that's what it appear toes a guy like me sitting at the time, you know, in congress. i do think though, one of the most important things which is happening, which doesn't have leaks, you don't hear and read about it is what michael who wits, the inspector general, his 450 employees, nearly 100 million dollars budget, doing interviews, reviewing documents,
7:57 pm
doing the things he needs to do and by tend of the first quarter he's going to have the most definitive report from a body and a group of investigators that is -- they don't have -- lou: is that going to include the national security division at the fbi? >> i hope so. lou: he wrote a 58-page memo to explain why the house didn't have oversight of the national security division. >> it is kind of ridiculous. lou: and the house accepted that. >> the oversight was put in place in 1814. so even abraham lincoln when he was in congress was sit on the oversight committee. lou: last i heard the house had right to change laws. i'm overwhelmed at the idiocy of the swamp. why would anybody in their right mind accept the idea that the inspector general has at his lee sure a year or two to come up with the result. we haven't looked at the inspector general report on
7:58 pm
benghazi for crying out loud. >> i know trey gowdy and others believe in michael who wits. myself and elijah cummings did this together. lou: you and trey gowdy. if i had gone through the frustration that you guys had, i would cling to me possible hope that the system works. because we just haven't seen it. the american people have every right to say what in the world are you doing to us. and by the way, the democrats don't care because democrats are the principle targets of all of this now anhave been for a while. but the republicans, to be treated so badly, why should we have to accept that an inspector general report has infinity in which to produce a report? >> two things that i think come to mind. one is i don't see the republican leadership taking this as seriously and driving it on a daily basis to say this is of utmost important and i say that in both the house and the
7:59 pm
senate. the second thing is i do believe it's time for attorney general session to go. there are major systemic problems within the department of justice that get talked about on a daily basis. i don't believe the attorney general is up to that job. his name is almost never mentioned when you're talking about -- lou: you don't think much of mitch mcconnell either. >> but they don't think this is a tier one most important type of position. lou: god help us. >> i've had that experience with them. they don't believe that. lou: myth romney in the wings waiting for orrin hatch to get the hell out of his seat and come to the u.s. senate to make life miserable for just about everybody in the swamp what's going on? is it a fixed deal? >> if myth romney runs in utah, he'll win. he's the most beloved figure in the state of utah. lou: wait a minute. he's the most beloved in utah? >> yeah. lou: i thought he was from massachusetts and michigan.
8:00 pm
>> he's really from utah. come on. he went to byu. he owns a home there. he not only owns one home, he owns two homes in utah. lou: jason chaffetz setting the record straight. thank for being with us. kennedy: tonight a war of words, president trump fires off a major twitter warning. plus a new report claiming the the fbi found criminality in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. why was she left off of the hook? does steve bannon think donald trump jr. is guilty? grab some matches. it's time to burn this thing to the ground. kennedy: well, i hope you stacked up on canned soup because it looks like we're all going to die. north korean said in his speech the entire u.s. mainland is within the range of the n


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