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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 4, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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cheryl: the silicon oil prices once again with a new term -- lauren: you like that word today. you hope there isn't loss of life. that's the biggest concern for today. >> heed the warnings. keep the kids are good although my daughter's nursery school is opening today. thank you for joining us. maria: maria bartiromo separate now. maria: good morning. is there anything better than a anything better then the kid have an idea for a snow day. thanks for joining us. happy thursday. thursday, january 4th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. frigid weather bonds claims the east coast. thousands of flights already canceled the schools from florida home. >> i urge people in those areas to keep an eye in the forecast to your tvs and radios and make sure you know what's going
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on. we expect travel will be difficult and dangerous with power outages that are possible. >> the system could bring up to 14 inches in places like boston after hitting tallahassee, florida the snow for the first time in nearly 30 years in tallahassee. the energy market and your live this morning coming up today. future showing the stock markets will open with continued momentum. take a look at the market went again. dow industrials up about 70-point this morning. nasdaq, s&p 500. yet this morning major indices are also higher. cac in paris at the percent as is the dax in germany. at 200 korea. dk average in japan at three and a quarter% after a long holiday there. stocks in japan as well.
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meanwhile intel under fire this morning after researchers find those that could unpack nearly all computers in the past decade as the company scrambles to fix it they also face questions over the ceo reporting stock sales after the company was informed about the problem prior to when they were actually disclosed publicly. to get into all that coming up. the war of words, president trump slamming steve bennett saying has lost his mind. the commander-in-chief lawyer said the cease and desist letter to bed and followed his excerpt of the book. donald trump junior over a meeting with a lawyer in june last year. the latest firing back this morning. philip morris not quite cold turkey. marlboro making a new year's resolution to give up smoking. the baseball in lithuania, lavar
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ball creating chaos as he and his son arrived in the country they took off their professional basketball careers. thursday morning to join a talk about his fox news network dagen mcdowell. house oversight committee chairman fox news contributor jason che fit news contributor jason che fit the theory of the atari investment strategist won the battle. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> to trump, the banning thing, i live in crazy talent. welcome to my world. maria: the conversation yesterday was why did the president even say anything about it? >> he didn't just say something. he laid down on steve bennett epic in his her portion. at the end of the day i don't know how to reconcile this. he called the president a great
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man. he send the president. he send back the charter and by the end of the day: the great man. maria: a little too much drama for some people. dagen: i love it. the death knell for steve bennett missed some political guru was remorse to feed in alabama. it is no great surprise that he is trying to maintain some semblance of notoriety and that's how you do it. >> that's a great story. up to east coast this morning, millions of americans that the dangerous storm, several governors declared states of emergency across the country. packed with ice, snow, hurricane force winds. laura ingle is on long island this morning which could get hit with a foot of snow in area closed. what could you tell us? >> good morning. it's really coming down, coming in sideways dig it feels like
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you've got his breakthrough debut in the face. expect it to get much, much worse. standing outside the long island railroad line and it is going to be a messier today. however, even though we've got 305,000 commuters, the railroad says they are ready for this monster storm. the commuters they been watching on the platform today are bundled up and bracing for it. take a look at the snowplow actions obviously obviously as you can imagine a lot of press going into the big storm. sanitation workers all over the new york area have been gearing up snowplows and vault spreaders the last few days to keep the road clear as the fast-moving storm is expected to dump several inches. while the roads are a priori d., so his power. the national weather service predict and 50-mile an hour winds with the storm parts of
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connecticut, which means the potential for downed trees and power lines will be likely. still, long islanders say they are ready for the storm just like all the others they prepped for. >> yeah, we are getting gas for the car, putting air in the tires and stuck in her fridge. >> the winter storm could impact 41 million people from northern florida to maine. 17 deaths have been attributed to the extreme cold. emergency room doctors have been on the east coast report an unusual number of patients in the emergency room with cold related illness. this is obviously sent and to take seriously. we've heard from people as he could stay home, do it. use public transportation is your best bet is the storm continues to bear down and get worse as these became.
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>> stay warm as he can out there. thank you. there could impact to think about. dozens of flights already canceled. at a minimum we are expecting that. dagen: unless this weather continues into the coming month, these types of weather events, particularly with a storm like this is not compared to a hurricane, although bomb cyclone , bonzo genesis commended the winter hurricane. you are talking about a fleeting impact on the economy. linda can talk about this as well. when you have whether people might stay at home but they go out and buy other things rather than movie tickets they will buy snow shovels assuming they don't ever get on those. as long as there is some really lasting damage done by the storm, the impact should be
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minimal. >> in september and october. dagen: where there's work disruption. >> to your point, grocery stores, my sister lives in south carolina. maria: by the way, the economy so far pretty strong. he saw that yesterday. the event is said increasing the gdp three at a quarter% or 3%. >> dgc manufacturing data this week very strong. coming out later this week a preview for a new coming out. let's check in the senior meteorologist janice dean at night the streets of new york city with an update from that angle. >> this time is going to be a blockbuster especially for the i-95 corridor. up towards new york and long island into boston and maine where we have blizzard warnings now they have been up last night and now this morning throughout the day today in the criteria for blizzard is unique quarter of a mile visibility or left and
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went for 35 miles per hour for the duration of three hours or more for millions of people. that is why kids are off school. nonessential workers need to stay home enough the roadways. these winds could actually get cranked up to hurricane force throughout the day because the wind will bomb out, meaning it will strengthen exponentially throughout the day. blizzard warnings for at least nine states right now and winter weather at guys who restores the interior sections. this would be a coastal event. if blockbuster nor'easter will be a slick move or two down quite a bit of snow on some of the biggest cities. four to eight inches in new york city towards long island and boston a foot or more end with those who answered the call of the time, people need to be on alert. maria: we would keep checking back. janice dean there. a development that could impact
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all computers for the past decade as security researchers have discovered serious design flaws and tips from intel and others that could allow hackers to access sensitive data on devices. plus initially discovered in the middle of 2017 but they were made public until this week as several outlet reporting that ceo ivan child bride kucinich sold millions of dollars worth of his intel stock in the company was told about vulnerabilities before they were disclosed publicly. the chipmaker and tech firms to offer fixes. the global economics editor jon hilsenrath with more and not as well as the economy. good to see you this morning. how big of a deal is this? >> the security concerns are potentially a big deal. we just have to learn more information. usually when you hear about security breaches and found the software side of it. this is in the hardware itself,
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as far as the stock sales go, and that is something we also need to learn about from my understanding is that ceo by selling shares in a preprogrammed basis, something called a 10 b. 51 program. so they were already planned in advance, but you said it planned after learning about vulnerabilities. potentially a black eye for him. maria: when you first said you first said they plan its automatic, but obviously sent out the plan so we'll watch that. the federal reserve released in the in december yesterday showing officials are debating whether the tax cuts might require them to act more aggressively in 2018. we just mentioned a minute ago the atlanta fed and the gdp three and a quarter% versus an initial 3%.
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what's your reading on the minutes for the federal reserve? >> defenders planning on raising three times this year. the next one is likely to be in march. the question for the fed is whether they need to do more than not. there's a lot of wind in the economy right now. consumers will see that in february. there is also financial conditions supporting economic growth. the dollar is was surprisingly weekend last year in interest rates are very low. a lot happening in the financial markets underpinning growth and we could have a growth tear this year and how aggressively does the fed want to lean against that? >> yeah, that's what i just asked you. is it three or five. >> my point is they are saying three. the risk could be more than not.
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what happens on the inflation plan. inflation has been below their expectations. it could be hard for them to raise interest rates. >> there is a ton of debate between the dust in the hawks. i'm concerned are smart dust on the fed committee now than before. how is he going to do it that as he enters his first of march? >> jay powell is the first question. this is the first fed chairman. the one he needs to be wrestling with us is how hot does he want to run the economy? an unemployment rate now in a new one tomorrow. an unemployment rate of 4.1% already running pretty hot. does he want to let the unemployment rate could even lower to bring more discouraged workers back into the workforce
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at the risk of letting financial conditions are inflation overheat? we don't know the answer. dagen: something you don't hear them talking about in the minutes but that could make for it -- is the geopolitical risks that have popped up in the first few days of 2018 watching what is going on with iran, north korea, you name it. that has to be on their radar moving into the year. >> they have looked carefully at geopolitical risks in the past during the great financial crisis that was very much on their mind with storms in japan a few years ago there was very much on their minds. i think right now the domestic economy is really important. the global economy is important because there is a synchronized upturn supporting domestic growth. the risk is there that some
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overheat and they do more than three inches. trade will see if that smashes just as there can answer recovery. stay with us right here.
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maria: welcome back. president trump treating us this morning. many mostly democratic state refused to hand over data from the 2016 election to the commission on voter fraud.
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they have fought hard to commission not be their records or methods because they know many people are voting illegally. must go to voter i.d. americans in identification sometimes in a very strong and accurate form for almost everything you do except when it comes to the most important thing, voting for the people who run your country. push hard for voter identification explaining why he did this band about voter committee that he had put in place. merrill lynch cracking down on bitcoin training. >> merrill lynch first-inning clients from trading futures now is banning trading investment trusts. now says investing is just too much of a risk. they could no longer suggest investment i make trades for their clients. bitcoin futures are down 7% rate
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now. the new year's resolution is to give up cigarettes. the make or brands like marlboro and parliament took out full-page ads in several british news papers promising they will wean themselves off of cigarettes. they will invest in smoke with tobacco products and create a website called a smoke-free future. no winners from last night's powerball drawing. that means that jack pot is half a billion dollars. now makes it the eighth largest lottery ever. the next ride on saturday with $418 million mega millions drawing tomorrow. combine the lotteries with the record-setting $968 million. that is a lot of bitcoin. maria: thanks, cheryl. new year, new retailers closing. we'll take a look at the retail side or with more ahead of the december jobs report could
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looking for some good numbers from tomorrow's report. outspoken data of l.a. lakers rookie creating mayhem ahead of his son play in their care will tell you why. take a look at the live picture of the snow with much of the eastern seaboard back in a minute.
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see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to maria: welcome back. another rally at the start of trading after the three major industries close yesterday. dow industrials up 100 points. almost half of 1%. two thirds of a percent and the nasdaq up almost 1%. 20% in 17 on the nasdaq and 25% chance of the dow in 2017. features indicating to open up 75 points, 33% higher higher extending the big rallies inching towards s&p 500 from her this morning. president trump treating this. the stock market had another good day though we have
6:25 am
tremendous upward potential. the dow shorter 25,000 but the number you thought students and administration for part 1% rights only getting better. this trombone has real momentum and we got your numbers this week tomorrow. the jobs numbers will see. dagen: start the new year writing about business up to miss them. company after company writing up to hand out bonuses in reaction even a couple of the airlines to employees. anybody even with the biggest brand can anticipate in the way of the momentum we see in the economy. you can see slower gains in the stock market given the valuations. anything that looks reasonably
6:26 am
valued looking across an entire array of asset classes. >> near market highs as we start 2018 every single day. maria: the policy has encouraged this. >> regulations have come down. the macro problem for the democrats as the tax cuts were not good for the economy and people's jobs and paychecks and bonuses are going the right direction. we are viewed as fighting for people here illegally as their number one issue going into the budget battle that looms on january the 18th. i don't know that democrats have a message to take advantage of the volatility is something shows up with steve bannon and others. >> it's going to be hard to argue the fact people have more money in their pockets in the economy's doing better. the atlanta fed raised the estimate of gdp.
6:27 am
>> i would've never happened if president obama. we talk about 1%. >> these policies are working. >> you're hurting people by giving them their money back. it was a problem over president obama's eight years that many democrats literally taught down the economy. government needs to intervene and raise the minimum wage because that's the road to prosperity as opposed to getting out of the way of business then getting in the middle of the highway is. >> to deregulation trump has been pushing. >> banks obviously huge beneficiaries to the deregulation. the bank's fourth-quarter earnings on the horizon now look towards fourth-quarter earnings. what do you expect dean fanatics are there any things you're particularly watching? >> fourth-quarter earnings and with jpmorgan, wells fargo, the
6:28 am
current estimate for the fourth quarter is 1026% growth. for the fourth quarter. but concerning thing is they haven't moved much over the last two months. and while that comes down, the market has been going up over 5% since mid-november which is interest in. i went hacking even when numbers don't budge, you can still see them outside beat and earnings growth. train to the first quarter come the second is much higher than not. >> is seen as the bill was passed to start with the numbers. >> will continue to see that 11.4%. we think that gets closer tonight teen. now the bill has been signed into law. you will see what that means for
6:29 am
capital spending. jobs number out tomorrow. >> 190,000. for part 1% unemployment rate. what unlucky not his wage growth. been there for two years. neither will it get out once the tax cut. dagen: city by city where the labor market is exceptionally this is a denver, colorado to name one, you are seeing organic wage growth, not the kind politicians come in and have to raise minimum wages. dagen: back to the vet and what that means for the federal reserve. >> yesterday's minute for like i don't know. they are like okay, maybe inflation. we will see. all that fiscal policy right
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...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea! nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea! here's pepto bismol! ah. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. maria: welcome back, good thursday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday january 4th, 2018. your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. a snow bomb making its way up the east coast all the way from florida to canada.
6:33 am
thousands of flights have been canceled already, governors across the country declaring state of emergency, we've got it another record day in wall street and the momentum continues, all three major indices closing at all-time high. dow within reach of 25,000. we are expecting a big opening this morning with dow industrials up 75 points. a third of a percent higher, s&p and nasdaq also in positive territory. in europe this morning, gains as well. cac quarante in paris is up better than 1% as dax index in germany, ft up just a fraction. nikkei average in japan opened after long holiday. nikkei up. the war of words, blockbuster new book including damns claims against the president from steve bannon. administration is fighting back. >> i know that the book is --
6:34 am
has a lot of things so far what we have seen that are completely untrue. you have many people that have quotes that are sourcing him that are coming out public i will saying they are not true. maria: president trump sending a cease and desist letter. tim cutting benefit for workers after being force today raise wages. more pain more macy's, expect today close more locations as it continues to struggle with the sales. lavar ball arrived in luthuenia yesterday. >> with all of the failed expert, quote, unquote, does anybody really believe the talks and dialogue would be going on between north and south korea right now if i was not firm, strong and willing to commit our
6:35 am
total might against the north, fools but talks are a good thing. the president reacting to the north and the south agreeing to talk ahead of the olympics. >> it's a good thing. nothing but the president patting himself on the back. it is good to have dialogue. olympics does hold a proximity problem given how close it is. but i think he's played north korea and south korea great so far, it's still a volatile situation, but i don't know what else he could possibly do. maria: i agree with you. dagen: i will point with you with ambassador john bolton, north korea is trying to buy time to get to nuclear weapon and playing to the gull ability of north korea. maria: don't trust. dagen: manipulation. >> president moon is much more
6:36 am
dovish. japan has the year of the president and that relationship between the prime minister and abe is very valuable. dagen: first president to meet with president trump after he was elected. maria: i've been impressed with tough talk with north korea. he's got to be some scared that the north is seeing because they have behaved differently. >> remember, it wasn't just days ago when we saw satellite imagery and then we saw the reuters report that that was happening with russia, we will see if the united nations is worth a hell of beings, i don't think it is. maria: we will keep talking about that. president trump versus steve bannon, the president's lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter to the former white house chief strategy itself following excerpt in book bashing donald trump, jr. over meeting he had with russian lawyer last year. he reportedly characterized the meeting which jared kushner and
6:37 am
manafort were attending as tre sonnousist and unpatriotic. president trump fired back saying this, steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency, when he was fired, he not only lost his job but lost his mind. steve was a staffer that worked for me after i won the nomination by defeating 17 candidates, steve doesn't represent my base, he's only in it for himself. bannon responding on breitbart television show last night, sarah huckabee sanders weighed in yesterday as well, watch. >> the president of the united states is a great man supported day in and day out. >> there are a number of factors that play in. going after the president's son in outrageous and unprecedented way is not the best way to curry favor with anybody. maria: joining us judicial watch
6:38 am
chris farrel, what's your take on all of this? >> i have known steve bannon for years and steve bannon has always been all about steve bannon. i'm not remember -- terribly su. it does disservice to the president and i have a hard time reconciling his conduct in the administration versus his conduct out of the administration and, of course, all of that is bound by a nondisclosure agreement which has strong letter. cease and dedis letter i would take quite seriously. this is a pretty serious feud. the president, based on all this circumstances and condition that is we have, he will win this. it's a head-scratcher.
6:39 am
i don't know what steve bannon thought he was going to accomplish by doing this. doesn't make a lot of sense to me. >> chris, high, jason chaffetz. i can't see anybody in the political landscape given that you saw the smiling face from mitch cock -- mcconnell when he put out of the treat and you have the president with strongest statements, who is going to financially back steve bannon at this point? >> i'm sure there's somebody out there. you know, law and order questions and for mr. bannon to throw around words assuming this is all true, of course. maria: that's true, that's a good point. a lot of speculation and a lot of retort say, i don't know what that really means. any way, use of the word
6:40 am
treasonous is red flag and everybody needs to take a breath. dagen: i said that the death now of his political power, if you will, should have been and looks like it was the alabama senate race with roy moore. he got behind a man before the revelations about sexual misconduct with young man. got behind a man who was a bad candidate, who had been removed from the state supreme court twice for defying legal court orders, he put all of his money on that one guy and lost in a bright red state. he was going after trying to dismantle the gop as we know it, planning to run candidate in primaries against gop incumbents
6:41 am
in midterms, in november. i just think that this is straws. maria: i totally agree. >> steve is all about steve. the internal battles within the party are not necessarily even a bad thing. i think it's kind of good thing to air differences. that's a fine thing. i don't see a problem there. but attacks the president and his family in the way that we have seen now -- maria: yeah. >> how many times has president trump declared dead on arrival. 17 republican who is he left in the dust and mrs. clinton back in chapakuaw. maria: we want to talk about corruption and collusion at the top of fbi and leadership there. yesterday we know that we have
6:42 am
news that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and chris wray met with ryan to talk about the investigation after house reached a deal to acquire documents relate today fusion gps, house panel issuing subpoenas to wray and rosenstein. a new deadline tomorrow. what's your take on what's going on now that we know so many people at the top of the fbi and the department of justice were in the tank for hillary clinton and they were protecting even the criminality that we saw around her e-mail scandal? >> well, the underlying question, of course, is answered by the fact that mrs. clinton is a national security criminal. i'm a former special agent of counterintelligence, i have investigated cases dealing with
6:43 am
mishandling of information. my guess at this, i have done it for a living, with respect to the show yesterday and it was a show, this was an incredibly disrespectful to mr. nunes, he's the name of the intelligence committee, he's the one that subpoenaed the documents and the testimony and the fact that he was excluded from the meeting and the fbi director and mr. rosenstein go to talk to the speaker, in my opinion, that's not a good sign. they may have reached some sort of agreement about production or testimony, but when they deliberately exclude the chairman of the committee who is asking the questions, guess what? there's a real problem and it speaks not only about the problem with doj and the fbi but that the speaker would do that to mr. nunes is not a confidence builder. maria: what's going to be done about this. jason chaffetz, now we know that
6:44 am
the e-mail -- the staffer at the e-mail company that breached, what did they do, beach blit, did you lie, he lies under oath and admits i deleted all the emails and gets immunity. >> that part of the case is closed case and that's absolutely no reason why that should be turned in but they still haven't done it, have stay in. >> jason, you'll recall, and we've obviously had a relationship in the past with respect to looking at the matters, if it weren't for judicial watches, the republicans wouldn't know about the issue. maria: that's right. >> a fraud on the court, the state department told the u.s. district court in dc, hey, no more documents until we force them to admit that there are. maria: chris, thank you very much, great work at judicial
6:45 am
watch. appreciate you being with us. chris farrel.
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maria: welcome back, what momentum in the market. take a look. futures indicating another rally. dow industrials expected to be up better than 7%. the company set to roll out 5g service in dozen markets, the moves heightens the carrier's rivalry with verizon who has plans to bring 5g to market at the same time. shares of at&t are down better than 10% in the last year. we are also watching shares of macy's this morning, several new store closures this week, both ohio and indiana expected to be those closed. this room leaves macy's with fewer than 600 locations.
6:49 am
shares of macy's as you can see down 20% in the last year. fire breaks out on bill and hillary clinton's property in chapuqua, new york. >> a second floor of a building that sits behind two-story building. the fire was quickly put out, the clintons were not on the property at the time, no injuries reported. former president and his wife had made chapuqau home, bought next door $1.6 million. country hiked minimum wage to $14 an hour. handed letter that is they no longer would be paid during break. the letter also informing employee that is they will have to pay for portion of dental and
6:50 am
health care coverage. minimum wage to $15 an hour next year. you probably used and sources telling the wall street journal google has been talking informally with suiters. now it's focusing on google plus, the social network, google not commenting on the journal's report, maria, shares of google parent alphabet up 35%. zagat or you have seen one, you choose, a little competition in the market? maria: sure is, cheryl. wild weather in the country. take a look at the live picture in snow coming down in maryland right now, we are watching throughout and we will bring these live pictures to you throughout the program, stay with us d of your brother. hey.
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maria: having a ball in the baltics, what a scene upon the arrival upon lavar ball and the sons. jared: they won't be there forever, lavar says we will go for a hot minute just to let them know before the boys get on the lakers. one reporter on the scene at the airport yesterday tweeted, photographers equipment spilled to the ground, media members falling down. one media person asked me if it was lebron or michael jorden, i just laughed. he plans to spend a few weeks to help. shaun white suffered a serious accident while training in new
6:55 am
zealand, we want to warn you, the video may be disturbing. shaun white cut his fore head and nose in this accident. he needed 62 stitches as he craumed to the half of top half . i had the big scar on the fore head and stuff, it's definitely not fun, a reminder, the question is who is going to buy carolina panthers. the team will be sold by jerry richardson. nascar issued a statement saying it denies accuracy of report and brian france is not involved. yesterday usa today noted that
6:56 am
tv ratings suffered 9.7 drop from one year ago when the league is on 8% decline in tv ratings. dagen: how about focusing on the sport that you do own and covering that? jared: you think -- dagen: when it smells like it could be true, it probably is true. jared: yeah. dagen: i will leave it at that. i don't have inside information on it but it's an open-secret that he has wanted to own a football franchise. maria: it's true. president trump plan to go attend monday between georgia and alabama, first lady melania and the president expect today attend as guest and vice president pence and chief of staff, jared. jared: it's a little bit of a punch, slap to the nfl also.
6:57 am
maria: right. jared: going to college football national championship. maria: no kneeling there. jared: i don't think we will see that in national title game. should be a fantastic game. georgia has grade running back. >> are you picking a team? >> i will go with the bulldogs. [laughter] jared: zare sanders talked to trump country. maria: catch jared fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115. all coming up. expected in most of the east coast.
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, thank you so much for joining us on a snowy morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday january 4th, your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. a frigid weather bomb slam it is east coast, thousands of flights have already been canceled. schools from florida to maine telling kids to stay home. >> it's pretty wild. i have never seen palm trees with snow on them before. >> i have never experienced anything like this. i don't even know how to drive on the road like this, in this type of weather. maria: mass i -- massive could bring 15-inches in tallahassee and snow in florida in nearly 30
7:01 am
years there. the emergency market in particular, stocks meanwhile continue a record showing, markets closed at record highs yesterday. coming amid optimism off of the economy. atlanta federal reserve raising gdd forecast up from 3% and momentum continues this morning. take a look at futures indicating another rally, dow industrials set to open up 75 points, a third of a percent higher. nasdaq is up a quarter of percent. the nasdaq is up 28% in 2017, dow industrials up 5% in the last year. in europe this morning, the dax index, live up 1% and the ftse is up just a fraction. in asia overnight, similar stories, stocks closed mostly higher, japan open after week of holiday. nikkei average bonnes 3 and a quarter percent of the holiday. a war of words back at the white house. meanwhile president trump slamming former strategists
7:02 am
steve bannon saying he lost his mind when he lost his job. the commander in chief's lawyers also sending a cease and desist letter to bannon, following bannon's comments where he bashed the president's son, donald trump, jr., over meeting with russian lawyer, the latest on the tensions coming up this morning. all hands on deck, details after the glitch has capital one customers seeing double charges and spotify reportedly filing to go public lu in a different way, thousand company can change how big technology hits wall street and mcdonalds, new value meal hits the fryer and taco bell fights back in a cheesy way, the fight for your dollars coming up. all the stories coming up right here and joining know break it all down dagen mcdowell, former utah congressman jason chaffetz and lindsey bell with us this morning. good to see you. >> good to see you. maria: good morning. >> i'm a big spotify fan and you
7:03 am
followed up the story with cheesy fries. [laughter] maria: on a snowy day. anything better than a kid being told to stay home, i love those days. [laughter] >> in florida? i guaranty you there's kids out there surfing today. maria: that's funny. dagen: jason has been shaming us for complaining about the cold. [laughter] maria: big news. dagen: snowflakes complaining. >> i don't know how to drive in this, i'm glad she's not driving but, part of big economic story, though, as wet and stormy on the east coast, in the rockies it is dry as can be. we are snow country and utah, idaho, colorado it's been dry and warm. >> 40-degrees all weekend. no snow. >> not good. maria: meanwhile massive storm
7:04 am
dumping snow and unleashing fierce winds, more than 3,000 flights have been canceled or delayed across the country. that number expect today climb. icy conditions causing major accidents including three-car amtrak derailment last night near savannah, georgia. fortunately no reports of injuries. the trean from miami -- train from miami to boston. what are you seeing? >> not much, maria. even though they are expecting to get over a foot of snow, that's not really the story with this particular storm and what makes it unique, some other things that go along with it, the wind and cold after that is what they're concerned about.
7:05 am
in immediate term with the concern is the travel, you see right behind me. they're treating just here, a guy trying to get a jog and behind that, the roads are sparsely traveled this morning and even on our way to the city, we saw the salt spreaders pretreating the roads and they put snow emergency into effect in city of boston which allows them to clear road of parked cars. again, that's par for the city like this. the challenges for travel, the 3,000 flights that have been canceled around the country, 700 of them are out at logan airport at boston, a lot has been done beforehand. amtrak train derailment, no injuries outside of savannah, georgia last night. travel from here on out will only get more difficult. it's the bomb effect, the drop
7:06 am
in atmospheric pressure that happens so quickly will be an issue later today. it's almost, maria, like a winter hurricane the forecasters say, as the winds start swirling, 40-50-miles-per-hour gust. so when you have that and the temperatures by tomorrow get down to 0, even below 0 temperatures they are worried about the freezing and what people have to deal if the power goes out. snow is one thing but the power going out with freezing temperatures is certainly another thing. maria: that's a really good point. >> yeah. maria: did you want to say something? >> it is brutally cold out here and it's a different kind of cold in the east when you get humanity and very dangerous times. maria: connell, thank you, connell mcshane. cease and desist threatening after former white house chief
7:07 am
strategists after describing the meeting with donald trump, jr. as treasonous. >> supporting day in and day out whether going to the country and give the trump miracle speech, i don't think you have to worry about that i appreciate the kind words. maria: michael wolf fire and puree book inside trump's white house and bannon took credit for getting trump elected as president. the commander in chief slammed bannon in a scathing statement reading in part this, when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. steve had very little to do with historic victory. me after i had already won the nomination by defeating 17 candidates, steve doesn't represent my base, he's only in it for himself. white house press secretary sarah sanders also took aim at bannon. >> that is a a ridiculous
7:08 am
accusation, i don't think it does anything to the president's base, the base and the people that supported the president, supported the president and supported his agenda, those things haven't changed. maria: joining us now nicholas johnson, welcome. >> thank you. maria: what do you make of all of this? >> amazing episode of trump show. some of the latest reporting from my good friend allen. steve bannon had been telling friends that he would hope in president trump's reelection campaign, he hoped he would run himself. he's traveling the country, appearing at congressional rallies and now the book is out and we have a massive explosion. steve bannon is on the oust with the administration. and so i think that relationship
7:09 am
is now probably completely destroyed. what happens next with steve bannon viewing himself as the ideological heir to the america first trump agenda particularly in the midterm elections. dagen: i will raise one thing that michael wolf had access to all of these people, he spent months inside the white house interviewing, this is according to release from the publisher, based on more than 200 interviews with the president, most members of the senior staff and many of the people they in turn, spoke to wolf. i think that this episode, does it raise questions about the judgment of the people who would give michael wolf this kind of unfettered access to all of these players. they might not be happy with what steve bannon said, taking shot at the president's children, but they are the ones who opened the door to the
7:10 am
writer. >> the editors note in the book and excerpt yesterday is fascinate to go read, talks about michael wolf, essentially set himself in couch of the thet wing, the president said it's fine to be there and spoke to the dysfunction of the campaign and opening day of the administration because no one there to say, hey, why is there a reporter sitting here every day, he needs to be out in the press room, nobody really took the step to push him out and there's another thing that we are talking to the trump people in the administration, the person he spoke to as bannon, bannon's book and worried that he will use it for score settling and we can see that's true. maria: bannon probably gave him the access. who would give him such access? >> the president. maria: of course, the president but also, you know, pushing bannon. dagen: this is john kelly.
7:11 am
maria: correct. dagen: mike allen had access, michael wolf was in the west wing unsupervised. maria: that's so stupid, i'm sorry. dagen: media figure in new york city. >> i did get to go into the west wing and you could just walk around and go from place to place. maria: something general kelly changed. >> yes. great report and stuff that you're doing, do we know how true this is, there are reports of this but parts of this book where the president is going to draw a line and say that is absolutely factually just not true? >> that's the approach the administration is taking already saying that a lot of the things that bannon is alleging are false. michael wolf told that he has hundreds of hours of tapes, a lot of interviews were recorded. one person that went one way and
7:12 am
one person sate it went the other way. we need to figure out what is true and what is not. the opinions drawn by these people, what bannon said he said is true, the attacks on the trump family on kushner, on saying that the real estate empire is a money laundering organization. maria: wow. >> those are the things he said and that's why the book has been such a bombshell. maria: we will see the cease and desist letter and what kind of impact that has. he will sit down with senate republicans, january 19th, the president said he will not sign a deal unless it includes funding for his border wall. white house press secretary sanders say that is the gop is willing to work with democrats, here is what she said, we have to get your take on this nicklaus. >> the president urges democrats to adhere to the so-called schumer rule and not hold
7:13 am
government hostage. we like to make a deal on securing funding for the border wall as well as ending chain migration in the visa lottery program, interior enforcements, we would like to do that right away. the democrats are willing to sit down and make the deal, we will be happy to get that done by tend of the month. maria: will they get it done, nicklaus? >> this is a very difficult policy. i covered immigration on the hill during bush administration, many different things fail and snag can tear the republicans and democrats apart. i'm looking for a smaller deal probably to solve pieces of it, push it into next year and get some of the funding that the republicans want. >> talking to my former colleagues, i think a lot of the conservatives want to have immigration dealt with as a separate issue whether the border funding gets in there or dealing with sanctuary cities, that language could make it bo into the appropriation's bill, right? >> that's where it gets
7:14 am
dangerous, though, jason, you were on the hill, you remember comprehensive immigration reform is very difficult because so many things get added to it and the more you add to it the more coalition to collapse. that's why they will go to smaller deal. maria: smaller deal, separate deal, do they avoid the shutdown? >> i think they wait the last hour. january 19th. maria: nicklaus johnsonton. thank you. the company's response to widespread glitch next. kicking up competition, how taco bell is taking on mcdonalds new dollar menu. stay with us you know what they say about the early bird...
7:15 am
he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using tripadvisor!
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that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. maria: welcome back refugee admission to the united states as historic low. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: that's right, inauguration day till the end of the year, the united states allowed 30,000 refugees across the border. the lowest number since 2002. the decline will continue in 2018 because the trump administration capping admittance to 45,000 refugees per year. that cap the lowest since 1980. 80,000 in obama administration
7:18 am
and spiked 5,000 in 2016. some customers are getting double charges on account putting several of them into the red and leaving owners unable to use debit card, the bank says all hands are on deck right now to fix the issue although it does not say how long this is all going to take. shares of capital one financial up 10% from just a year ago. well, mcdonalds is rolling out its new dollar menu today triggering a new price war, items include the sausage burrito, mcchicken, cheese berger and soft drink. yesterday wendy's announced 4 for 4-dollar menu and taco bell has a plan to sell new item, get ready to this one, poll, nacho fries for 1 dollar, that starts january 25th, shares of mcdonalds up about 44% from just a year ago, manner.
7:19 am
>> people at taco bell should prove that they have nacho cheese. maria: we will be here. coming up, unrest in iran, the details as president trump's support for protestors raises tension within the iranian government and shocker from tesla, missing the mark again on model 3 production, the new road block for tesla, back in a minute. i realize that ah, that $100k is not exactly a fortune.
7:20 am
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back, live picture of ocean city, maryland, on the path of winter storm, the powerful system expect today bring more than a foot of snow, several governors across the country have declared state of emergency, airports have canceled or delayed thousands of flights, check your flight ifs you're traveling. we will continue to monitor the icy blast and impact on you throughout the morning today and show you the actual impacts with these pictures, meanwhile president trump's tweets of solidarity with iranian protestors have raised ire of those in iranian government. iranian ambassador is claiming that trump's recent tweets praised the protestors and that's encouraging disruption. lea gabrielle with more on that, lea, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning. so, you know, i think that right now president trump is tweeting,
7:24 am
he is trying to encourage the people of iran, the popular protestors to -- to do what they believe they need to do but when you look at the situation in iran, what's happened is the iran nuclear deal was signed, iran felt and said and made statement that is this was going to allow this money to flow into iran and what the people of iran are seeing that the people are not getting the food that they need and the young people are not getting the jobs they need, in some parts of the country unemployment is higher than 16%. people between anales 20 and 24, 24% of them don't have jobs so people don't have food, they're not seeing seeing the economic y and people are upset and that's where this is all really coming from. maria: that is is what we heard from the future king of saudi arabia, the crown prince when i was there interviewing him in
7:25 am
october, look, we want to live normal lives before the 1979 revolution, before the rule, we want to -- that empowered the people and that's empowering people in iran as well. they want to live normal life. they see what's going on. >> they certainly do. what has happened iran instead of putting the money back into the people and any money they are getting and the economic recovery isn't as much as it would have been expected and that's because companies have been afraid to invest because of other sanctions that the u.s. can put in place and the u.s. has put in place but the expectation was that people would have better lives and, instead, iran is meddling in countries across the middle east, iran is putting the money into the military, we are seeing iran harass u.s. naval ships, we are seeing iran arm houti rebels, we are seeing involvement in syria and in the meantime the young people in
7:26 am
iran can't find jobs and they're actually having to eat less food. another big important thing that's changed here is that the number of people, the number of households who have cell phone access in iran has increased and they've been using apps to organize these types of protests but we are seeing a change in the way communications are happening. we are seeing the popular uprising and hopefully people will be able to don't protest this corrupt government that's keeping them from being able to eat food and live lives they they should be able to. >> how does the trump administration capitalize on the internal conflicts that are going on? >> that's such a good question, that's what president trump is trying to do by tweeting levels of support the way he is. you have to be very careful in this situation, if you look back at times when the u.s. has been in charge of coup, cia operation helped overthrow the government,
7:27 am
ultimately ends up in place and corrupt and 1979 comes along and iran changes and things develop to where they are right now. it's a sensitive situation. what would be interesting to know would be how much was actually available through the intelligence community and through the administration, how did they actually know going into the protest and that's what we don't know at this point. dagen: what we do know that whatever illusions being pedaled by the obama administration before the iranian deal and what the outcomes would be and ben rhodes under president obama, what he said about president trump and his foreign policy that somehow that was going to push the iranian regime closer to the iranian people and unit iran as a whole against the united states, well, that's not happening. maria: that made no sense, you're absolutely right. >> it's not happening. work ifs for state department and wrote interesting op-ed
7:28 am
talking about the idea that in the u.s. and many were saying that the iran nuclear deal would allow iran to grow and become stronger and instead people are becoming strong because of the fact that they are not seeing the benefit that is they were suppose today see from this. it's interesting to look at it. a couple of different ways to see how the iran nuclear deal is playing part in what's happening now. maria: so many people have tried to align themselves with the iranian people, this president came out right away but others as well. we stand with solidarity with the iranian people because they recognize that it's the leadership that is letting the people down. >> yeah, that has always been our role, our country's role has been wanting more prowestern governments, wanting people to be able to rise up in their own favor to be able to live empowered lives and so it makes sense that the trump administration would want to send messages right now letting the iranian people know that we support them. maria: lea, thank you, lea
7:29 am
gabrielle. we are taking a look at health care battle and where it stands in 2018. would streaming strike a cord in wall street? spotify to go public this year, what the move means to the music industry, back in a minute. ♪ to everyone else, i look like everyone else. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions.
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welcome back thursday morning everybody. it is thursday, january 4. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. thousands of flights had been canceled governors of the governors and declaring states of emergency. another record day on wall street. the momentum is strong and it continues this morning. we are expecting another rally. a gain of almost 90 points. money moving into accurate would -- there as well.
7:33 am
the dax index there. the first opening of 200018. they kick off the new session. the senate will need to tackle a number of important issues that year. a renewed spirit of congeniality. it's not done better than 3%. roku wants to get smart. they are looking to get a page out of amazon's playbook.
7:34 am
how the company could change how big tech hits wall street. the republican tax plan dealing a major blow to the healthcare law by eliminating the individual is killing the affordable care act. they want to see another attempt in 2018 despite the defeat in congress last year. research fellow at the hoover institute. good morning sir. what is your take on all of this. i do think they are going to try again. zeroing out the individual mandate really kind of getting
7:35 am
rid of that individual mandate is to create some pressure for republicans to act. it's one of the challenges over obama care. then i have the choice of insurance plan that they want. create at the condition. what is the biggest opportunity. where do they start. giving states the freedom and flexibility to craft healthcare plans.
7:36 am
the affordable care act. it is the best place to go. that is the only principle on all republicans agree. within that particular conference. this is good to be a little bit more challenging. it's good to see you bright and early. paul ryan the speaker is talking about entitlement reform. is there really room to tackle that. are we able to put something forward and that could maybe get some bipartisan support for our republicans can have
7:37 am
try to go alone on this one. i sure hope we can do something on retired -- entitlement reform. you are a leader in the congress on this. we have to figure out some way to get our spending under control. sent about the discretionary side of the house. that is medicare hope we could all agree on. that is an area where there is an opportunity here. i don't know if there's any oxygen for it. i think paul ryan and a lot of folks i'm not sure about president trump on this. but if there is to be a long lasting solution it's can in bible -- involve entitlement. that's why they won't deal with it. maybe they will deal with it when interest rates skyrocket. we will not be able to afford
7:38 am
this. here are some basic numbers. in seven years medicaid spending and of the republicans did try to reform the last year and failed at it. medicaid spending in this country. it's a federally and state funded health insurance $929 billion. defense spending will be about 200 billion dollars less than that. it comes in just over $700 billion a based on these estimates. we are turning into a nation that is going to be swamped by these health costs. and they won't do anything about it and it is infuriating. we talk about the risk this is a bomb that's going to blow up in our face. i don't think they won't do anything in terms of cutting back.
7:39 am
you will see a lot of pictures of granny going off the cliff if you do see change. why would they this year ahead of 2018. exactly spot on right. it's just not there. i think he's right on this one. 47trillion-dollar budget. to degen's point medicaid is one place where they can start.
7:40 am
and one of the things that they could do here with medicaid is to restore some sense of fiscal sanity here. morgan to give states the cap amount. the challenges with an election year coming up this can be even more difficult. the crisis is here. we are going towards bankruptcy here because we are spending too much on medicaid. these are challenges are getting bigger not smaller. you mentioned the lower numbers in terms of military spending. 60% of the planes in the navy are not flyable. within the congress and they are going to win it there went to get more money. there to get their funding and
7:41 am
that will be the basis for every dollar increase in dispense spending you have to increase social spending within the budget. it does get to the discussion of what is the role of the federal government. is it to provide garbage health insurance like medicaid which has poor outcomes to giant swath of the country. or to protect the united states. what are we going to spend money on. they don't need to worry about answering these questions but the day is gonna come that might show up sooner than they think that they can have to. the day when 50% of the planes in the navy are not flyable. i don't think so. those were put in place in order to force some sort of spending restraint. they were put in place in
7:42 am
order to at least force these politicians to make these tough choices. the north korea threat the isis threat. have you spoken to mitt romney. the former presidential nominee considering or on for u.s. senator. i sure hope he rents. obviously runs. obviously he knows the dynamic in utah. better than any of us. i think mitt romney would be a terrific united states senator. he comes in at a time of great opportunity. he could lead on this issue. he is one of those guys that can step up at with the courage to get it done. i ask her the question to make i think mitt romney would be
7:43 am
for the tax cuts just like jeff flake was. i think he will work with this administration. we want this seat to be republican. he has every interest in working with this president. is a he and never trump her. we heard what he said about him in the past. if he just wanted to be the antagonist he has a platform to do that. i think he wants to get something done. i do think he needs to go to the voters of utah and to the nation and explain why he is doing this. if the president was looking for someone to have the moral authority to get the fiscal house in order there's nobody that -- no one better than mitt romney. >> utah would vote them in. i don't know if you can get a hundred 1% of the vote.
7:44 am
he has two houses in utah. he lives in holiday utah. i know president trump was asking him to stick around. if he wants to run he will run and he will win. there will be opportunities for the president in a future senator if there is one to work together. ultimately there are some tough issues we have to tackle here. we will see you soon. we're taking a look at the latest delay and what that could mean for customers. they are hoping to bowl over the competition.
7:45 am
and this is frank's record shop. frank knowns northern soul, but how to set up a limited liability company... what's that mean? not so much. so he turned to his friends at legalzoom. yup! they hooked me up. we helped with his llc, contracts, and some other stuff that's part of running a business. so frank can focus on the beat. you hear that? this is frank's record shop. and this is where life meets legal.
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welcome back we want to show you a picture of what is going on outside. months or winter storm is a statement the east coast. the whole so-called bomb cyclone could bring up those areas. several governors have already declared a state of emergency. we are continuing to monitor the icy blasts. we will bring you to various places in the country. a lot is riding on the model three.
7:49 am
that won't happen now. they were developing their own voice assistance. it is going to release the roku entertainment assistant this fall. the company also plans to launch a roku connect software. that is not stopping in general mills. the company is expected to roll out three new serial matchup's. you probably know frosted flakes.
7:50 am
in case you are wondering. the peanut butter blasted shreds. i'm sure it's good. the shares are down about 5% from just a year ago. coming up next music for the people. they gear up to go public early this year. while investors believe in the strain. what to know about the highly qualified ipo. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices
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7:54 am
welcome back spot if i -- spotify is hit with a one point $46 billion lawsuit. lorne, good morning. the ways modify disrupted music. this is different than a conventional ipo. no restrictions on when you can sell shares. 60million of them pain.
7:55 am
it could be one of the largest tech debuts a sense of facebook. [music] wicks and music in music publishing which controls a song by petty, the doors, missy elliott and others they are suing spotify saying that they are not qualified to stream the songs. it is not expected to affect the timing of the stock
7:56 am
debut. we spoke about different ipos and we talked about google. now are concerned whether were concerned whether some startups are companies like huber or air b&b when they decided to go public will they pursued an avenue like this. >> it gets complicated. they have some early investors they lead spot a five for a billion dollars. part of the exchange they turned the debt into equity. i'm one of the 60 million people that pays them each month for the music. i think it's $14 for the family. while investors think so.
7:57 am
we will see. alive look at seaside heights new jersey. we are not even in the heart of it yet. the powerful system expected to bring up to a foot of snow. many are canceled or delayed. thousands of flights. stay with us. whoooo. when it comes to travel, i sweat the details. late checkout... ...down-alternative pillows... ...and of course, price.
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8:00 am
maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. on snowy morning it is thursday, january 4 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast frigid weight slamming east coast this morning flights canseled skooltz from florida to maine telling kids stay home, the massive system could bring up to 14 inches in places like boston, after hitting tallahassee florida snow for the first time in nearly 30 years. >> my flight canceled rescheduled for tomorrow, amp. >> never seen snow first time so that heavy snow very dangerous driving. very cold temperatures, and winds combusts. >> latest on storm impact it is having on energy market, and take a look at energy crude oil almost 62 dollars a barrel, the stock market closed a record high again
8:01 am
yesterday. this coming amid optimism of the economy atlanta federal reserve raiseriing gdp to 3 and quarter% from 3% momentum continuing this morning futures indicating a rally at start of trading this morning, with dow industrials up 86 points the high of the morning right here, a third of a percent higher earnings hitting the tape monsanto misses expectations, with its fourth quarter numbers right now nasdaq meteorology up 20 points almost a third of a percent higher momentum also in europe, take a look at uruapan indices higher across the board cac quarante in paris up 1 and a third dax in germany up better than 1% ft 100 fractionally higher in asia overnight stocks mostly higher japan is now open, first open of 2018, after a holiday nikkei average opens up with a banning up 3 and a quarter percent in japan in u.s. a war of words blockbuster book liquidamage cl
8:02 am
from steve bannon president trump sent a cease and desist letter to bannon. >> enormous design laws in intel under fire researchers find detects could impact hacking concerns the company scrambling to fix it. >> all stories this morning joining me to he can bra it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, former utah congressman hours oversite committee chairman jason chaffetz, lindsey bell. >> good morning it is cold. >> it is dark outside. >> dark. >> for new york activity of day pretty dark. >> i'm hankering to get a look at your play list you brag about on spotify.
8:03 am
>> i might share it. dagen: an hour, okay want to sing what jason chaffetz -- my play list is bigger than yourself. >> really all right. we have got that conversation coming, joining the conversation, this morning, about louisiana congressman majority whip steve scalise with us, former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush k karl rove, bull riders jb mauney jeff lockwood are here wait till until you hear stories don't miss a moment a big hour we kick off right now with this top story, the so-called "bomb cyclone" is dumping snow unleashing winds across the east coast several gls declared a devastate declaration the number to climb icy conditions causing accidents as well including tleer car being atram train derailment near
8:04 am
savannah georgia no reports of injuries, janice dean has been tracking the storm outside our studio, in new york city. reporter: it is going to beat the band in new york city those snow totals upped since yesterday so the storm has shifted westward, and that means more snow, and more wind, along the coast we have blizzard warnings up for at least six states right now, and the visibility is low, and continues to be very poor on the roadways, blizzard warning meaning conditions are going to did he tier eighth through the day a quarter mile or lows visibility 35 miles per hour winds for extended length of time more than that the coast, this storm is going to strengthen next six hours bring potential for hurricane force gusts along the coast beach he ro someone coastal flooding the concern once over the blizzard is done, tomorrow, the temperatures are going to bottom out this weekend, with record-setting cold, so if people's power
8:05 am
goes out concerned they need to get somewhere warm, here are the snow totals some areas especially eastern long island could receive upwards of a foot or more that extending towards new england coastal new england as well not very good for the next several hours, people are urging stay off roads, of course, millions of kids, have the day off back to you. maria: got to love that, thanks so much, now go to ocean city maryland this winter storm picking up steam there, corey is there with the very latest. >> in ocean city now sun has come up we can see conditions exactly what the snow has board of trustees i'm going to move out of road slightly as a car comes through this road has not been plowed we have seen some higher vehicles able to come through that have traction on fires all-wheel drive, this city in general ocean city is really more of a tourist town in the summer, so one of the good things with having this winter storm is that there is not many people
8:06 am
here, only people out here this point, you can see, palm trees trying to stay up and remain -- we don't see power remain -- good news for folks out in this area the very people remain out here, as mentioned whipping winds going to continue to be an issue the ice on the roads, which has frozen over at this point fox news. >> stay safe, turning to politics president trump is now breaking with his former chief strategist he steve bannon attorneys for president sent a cease and desist letter to bannon accusing him violating the terms of confidentiality non dispara disparaging agreement in excerpts of that book bannon describes the trump tower meeting between don, jr., and russian lawyer as treasonous n
8:07 am
patriotic calling ivanka trump dumb as a brick. president trump struck back, in a statement that reads this, in part. sfooef bannon has nothing to do with be or my presidency when he was fired, he not only lost his job he lost his mind, now that he is on his own steve is learning that winning isn't easy as i make it look bannon responded to the fallout on breitbart's radio show white house press secretariry sarah huckabee sanders weighed. >> president of the united states great man you know i support him day in, day out going through country trump miracle speech or on show web site. >> a number of factors played in would i certainly think going after the president's son and absolutely outrageous unprecedented way is probably not the best way to curry favor with anybody. >> joining us right now former deputy chief of is it a have to president george w. bush fox news contributor karl rove thanks for joining us the author of this book michael
8:08 am
wolff reportedly spent hours in private areas of the west wing in office of reince priebus unlimited access apparently your reaction as former chief of staff yourself? >> shocked. why would you allow this to happen? you don't need to have the press floating around the west wing, he was given a special pass to get if, he spent large numbers of hours there, at least 20 different visits to west wing hours at a time, and allowed in areas that really the press should not be allowed in, there is no reason for reporter sitting in fact office senior advisory chief of staff, for large amounts of time, for a book in the first year you know, you may need have somebody come interview you in office for a story or newsmagazine article but a book? there is nothing good can come from that. >> by the way, do we know if steve bannon said this while he was still at the white house? how you know takes a while. >> absolutely. >> sounds like it.
8:09 am
>> while michael wolff had access while working there. >> right absolutely, and he is not denied it in fact, he affirmed that these things were there, and wolff apparently has tapes of a lot of these i can see bannon being so egotistical love to be maleized on tape that picture from vietnam war budist morning poured gasoline on himself emlatest himself this is what bannon has done in narcissistic egotistical burst of self-interest. >> does that mean can't be trusted you are second person on day to say this is a steve bannon like comment the way he is. >> absolutely, absolutely, look remember this is the guy when fired from the white house walked out and said on the record the trump presidency as we know it is effectively end in other
8:10 am
words, i am the power behind this president i am the puppet master he is puppet i am not party it is all over ironically went out attempted to depict himself as the sort of the brand of trump when it came to elections was going to pick candidates would represent donald trump brand overthrow republican party as now exists and replace it with his own image of a nagsistic populistic party we got roy moore kelly ward danny tarkanian candidates crueltied through into race all to be asked tough question do you agree with criticisms of the president and president's son, and president's son-in-law president's daughter is this guy you want supporting you backing you do you embrace him like he is embracing you -- >> jason chaffetz here. it you are in the democrat end of this spectrum how are you going to use this and
8:11 am
spotlight it to make hay from thank you know make trouble for the republicans in 2018? >> well, i think they are going to focus less on bannon and more on the ugly things that are said in this book about president trump. and look, there is a limit to what if you don't like president trump, there is plenty in there to not like in this book. but that is not what in my opinion is going to determine the outcome of the election outcome is going to be whether republicans can the affirmative vision what they want to achieve dplalts spend themselves in resistance how bad donald trump is or wake up you realize to maximize gains in midterm they have got to have an alternative vision what have they want to do, that optimistic american my hope they continue down
8:12 am
mindless path we hate donald trump want to impeach move donald trump ain't enough to maximize results they could have in 2018 election. dagen: looking back at steve bannon this hurts steve bannon even more than it hurts the trump presidency. >> absolutely. dagen: in the way that bannon got behind roy moore, bad candidate to begin with. roy moore losses in a state that should a republican should never, ever lose in. >> right. dagen: bannon trying to tear down the republican party, the republicans join arms and pass a tax reform law, that is going to benefit the vast majority of americans. >> remember, bannon, in the white house discussions about tax reform, was an advocate for raising the top rate, and republicans lowered the top rate albeit modestly for much
8:13 am
more populist less growth centered less supply-side oriented tax cut, look, is effectively dead as a political figure, he left white house said i -- he said publicly, said i am going to replace this establishment of the republican party mitch mcconnell you are dead i am taking your donors taking control of primaries i am there is going to be a slight i am going to challenge every incumbent republican senator for election in year in north carolina i did event for a strong superof president trump because i supported him bannon announced was going to support primary challenger reverend harris has to be asked do you want to continue to have support of steve bannon, bannon effectively ended who i go go to give money nobody wants to be his candidate no one. >> mitch mcconnell deprived the president's response
8:14 am
according to "washington post" told president it was perfect he would not change a word, mcconnell reelection team tweeted out a simply message just this image of mcconnell smiling you love that. >> i got a kick out of that i thought, no words, no text, just a nice little gift of senate majority leader smiling all the way. >> you have op-ed in journal titled a fortunate teller's reckoning in 20128 looking back on protectioedictions past make new ones for '18. >> china will sign more deals next year than u.s. no u.s. uk trade deal by the end of the year isis will step up rectangularing scale twooksdz economic growth more than 3%, you want to read all nearly, 30 predictions for 2018 pick up "the wall street journal" turn to my standard position
8:15 am
right underneath great dan henningjer lead on the editorial page. >> we got it good to see you we'll be right back right here stay with us.
8:16 am
8:17 am
>> we have breaking news december apd number the private sector employment add 2:1550,000 jobs in december, estimates big the estimate was 190,000, this is a highest reading since march to look at furlts a rally ahead of
8:18 am
numbers it did strengthen dow industrials up 95 points, we've got job numbers out tomorrow, lindsey bell with us, 250,000 jobs, from adp is that what we are going to see tomorrow. >> a good sign for tomorrow a huge beat, beat 188,000 above high end of the consensus range this is certainly encouraging for friday's number we are seeing a lot of momentum, in the economy, going into the end of the year -- starting 2018, again another new high for the market. maria: . >> under 25,000 dow jones industrial average reported atlanta federal reserve raised estimate on gdp now to 3 and a quarter pers dagen going to be three quarters of 3% plus growth, about if we actually get that number. dagen: incredible momentum into the year and this was all happening before the tax reform law was passed. so again, you want to talk about really encouraging business spending, it is really hard to know how much
8:19 am
of a boost the economy gets despite predictions out there, but, again, repatriation of money potentially from overseas, 15 1/2% rate consumers going to start seeing money show up in paychecks, maybe roughly february but vast majority of people in this country will get a tax cut felt. >> consumers feeling confident more money in pocket going to spend to continue to help gdp, and the economy going forward. >> good stuff, you got to believe the things are definitely accelerating new year new agenda president trump gears to up meet with senate republicans on 2018 he legislative priorities including budget immigration majority chip steve scalise will weigh in. >> walgreens, the stock is down a half percent, we break down the first-quarter results from walgreens coming up.
8:20 am
♪ all i want to be is -- ♪ ♪ gentleman welcome back,
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8:23 am
tax reform at work, as of today at least 1200 companies have promised bonuses, raises other investments, since that tax reform law was passed, and signed by the president. among them suntrust aflac comcast southwest airlines bank of america shoprite just a small list of many others, joining me right now to talk about it house majority whip louisiana congressman steve scalise always a pleasure happy new year. >> happy new year maria great to be with you. >> obviously a happy new year on heels of tax plan i and your colleagues got this done like you said you works we are seeing is a real reaction from
8:24 am
corporate america. >> it really is unbelievable to see, just how many companies have stepped up, paying their work rs more giving bonuses a lot of big companies we keep a a list now on web site majority whip gov you can see this list growing, small businesses too in fact small businesses in my district using tax cut bill increasing pay hiring more workers kind of economic boost we need for a long time we worked hard to get it done, but great to see it working for families taxpayers wanting this so long. >> president has been talking about jobs, jobs, jobs, as you have in your colleagues, this morning we've got aa dp out 250,000 jobs created in month of december, much better than the estimate was 190,000. we get a jobs number from labor department out tomorrow, so how good can it get how hot might this economy get do you think going to see a continuing up trend in terms of jobs kicking off tomorrow?
8:25 am
>> what president trump said running we're going to win so much get tired of winning i never get tired of winning great to see jobs created economic just if confidence that is out there, not only companies talking about hiring more workers, expanding in eric m, but now you are seeing the families starting to make additional investment, if they get that pay raise in paycheck come february, many people are going to be able to make a consolidation to go on family vacation or to buy first home, so that is what you want to see, give people more money, they are going to do a lot more better things with it than government will maria: we are seeing futures, trade up this morning, we are looking at the highs of the morning, the dow industrials expected to be up better than 100 points today on the heels of another record high yesterday probably would crack 25,000 on the dow jones industrial average right out of the gate this morning, on this market where we are looking at 104 point move steve you talk about winning less winning when it comes to dealing with your colleagues
8:26 am
in congress. certainly you've got three weeks before another government shutdown funding deadline, the president is set to meet with senate republicans today about budget priorities, including if the spending bill will still be linked to a border wall and daca, this comings a day after congressional leaders from both sides say they have positive productive meetings with trump administration officials, let's talk about appropriations here, and how you are going to appropriate the money come this deadline in extwo weeks. >> well if you go back to september house passed a bill, to fully fund government using the conservative priorities that we have never went anywhere in the senate but, at the same time, i really do think you are seeing movement on getting a dw two your budget agreement why that is he is important especially for our men and women in uniform, you know you look at our department of defense, you look at the just the tools that fighters need protecting our freedoms have not got tools they need we need to make sure we proper fund men
8:27 am
and women in uniform in military to protect our country heart two of year budget agreement then move from there, to do the things you need to do, to continue to the rein in agencies president trump has done great job on regulatory relief one of the reasons so much economic growth would i like to see as youa lock at lot of reforms in not that uncertainty 8 years from now, some later time things might change again. >> i know but can you say categorically yes, you are going to raise budge caps in terms of of spending when sequestration killed military spending jack keane a regular on this network he always points to the fact that 50% of plains in navy no it flyable military needs upgrade need to raise caps can you be insure this is going to take place. >> i think maria it is critical that it takes place, you flow obviously we have been working very hard, and speaker ryan leading the
8:28 am
effort from house side to get that budget agreement and you saw, you you know a few weeks ago the democrats walked away from table in middle of have a lot of these discussions, that we were having on moving tax cut bill through i think they wanted to try to disrupt that, they weren't successful we passed tax cut bill that is is beyond us let's actually focus on getting a real agreement, so that we don't leave our defense department hanging out there you don't see all planes as you mentioned literally you know for every five one on tarmac being harvested for parts because they can't get partsdz for the or four. >> let me ask what gives, the president wants that funding for the border wall, the democrats want a deal on daca for dreamers what are you willing to give on do you think we are a actually going to see funding for the border wall? >> i think we will. i think we need to, this is a commitment president trump made, but the country had a say in this, when they elected donald trump as president, one
8:29 am
of the forefront issues was making sure that we build the wall i think it is important that congress follow through on that, that is surely part of the discussions that we are having on budget agreement, and as you talk about daca, look i am not for amnesty i think there are a lot of other things short of amnesty you can do to make our legal system of immigration work better we are most generous nation in the world let a million people into our country legally every year, let's make that system work better while we secure our border, and start to build that wall do the other things you need to do, to make sure we've a secure border like so many other countries have. >> what are you willing to give on we have been talking all morning this morning with with panel about the fact that you just did a budget 47 trillion dollars budget what did you cut a billion dollars. i mean come on, congressman when does medicaid medicare social security we all know going broke when do these things become a priority. >> they are a priority in the budget we passed in the house
8:30 am
we actually tackle the possibly bankruptcy of medicare we have a plan to save medicare from bankruptcy we passed it in the house, time and time again, every democrat unfortunately votes against it but we passed it because it is responsible for sprz and younger people to know there is going to be a program in place that works. as it relates to other spending programs, the mandatory spending is place you've got to go to solve balance the federal budget president trump made it clear we in house made it clear we want to go into some mandatory programs, like welfare, as you see more people looking for work rs a need for workers in 20178 beyond, maria what we need to do is all these people we are paying over 30,000 a year not to work, there are a lot of able-bodied people capable of getting into work force we need to reform welfare programs put work requirements in place that will save hundreds of billions of dollars get more in the
8:31 am
work force reform medicaid broken most broken form of health care, innovate kwldz of safe money increase health outcomes we work on that, too. >> does that happen during election year we know the priorities, but can you achieve that going into the midterms, let me ask you before you go congressman i got to ask with growing tensions between gop fbi justice department we know there has been incredible amount of collusion at the top of the fbi and department of justice so many of the leadership were against donald trump, and protecting hillary clinton. during the election. or is anybody going to be held accountable? there was a deadline yesterday, that came and went. where you know the intel committee wanted documents from fbi did they get tell me. >> they did get agreement finally chairman up innes doing an incredible job trying to get the facts, you know trying to get fbi to give
8:32 am
basic information on dossier, that ib maybe led investigation, into the trump campaign, you have seen explosion about what i think corruption concernings about the special counsel the celled of spbs special counsel very much in question so many people brought in were very anti-trump on campaign to this at a you can't have people in justice department working on investigation who have predisposed problem with the person that they are investigating. so i think just the impartiality of this investigation is called into question, and i have serious concerns about it. maria: especially since we know hillary clinton's he e-mail manager deleted her e-mails then lied to the fbi about it and then got incubate, people are wondering where this goes is there ever going to be having the? congressman i know you are
8:33 am
watching that one. >> there needs to be more accountability we are going to continue the investigation, getting the facts holding fbi accountable too when needs to happen. >> thanks so much. >> we will be right back. stay with us. late checkout... ...down-alternative pillows... ...and of course, price. tripadvisor helps you book a... ...hotel without breaking a sweat. because we now instantly... over 200 booking sites find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. don't sweat your booking. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices.
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maria: welcome back good thursday morning. thanks for being here i am maria bartiromo it is thursday january 4 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, markets heading record day dow industrials eyeing
8:36 am
25,000, probably see 25,000 right out of the gate this morning. futures indicating another rally started trading dow industrials up 95 points here about the high investors watching a fresh group of data on the labor market, the adp report out 15 minutes ago showed private sector he had aed 250,000 jobs last month, initial jobless claims hitting wire 250,000 filing for unemployment in the a lift week worse than expected, we had our special jobs' report tomorrow, the government monthly jobs' report is out tomorrow morning, the estimates call for jobs 190,000, added to the economy month of december, we've got full coverage tomorrow in jobs in america special, kicking off here 8:00 a.m. eastern join us as we identify where the jobs are. european markets, cac quarante in paris up 1 and a third paris taxing in german up 1 and a quarter%, ft 100 up a fraction in asia overnight stocks mostly higher exception
8:37 am
korea nikkei average up 3 and a quarter percent after a long holiday first opening for japan, in 2018, back in u.s. a snow bomb making its way up the east coast right now, all the way from florida, to canada, thousands of flights already canceled governors declaring states of emergency what to expect. >> americans evens under way we are expecting a number of big reports next week, already this morning we heard from monsanto walgreens ahead of the open take a look at stocks tracking the action, from floor of new york stock exchange. >> enormous design pause there intel under fire as researchers found detects leading to hacking concerns would impact nearly all computers made last decade as company scrambles to fix that facing questions over a move by ceo brian, he sold 24 million dollars one way or another of stock after the company was informed about the
8:38 am
problem, but prior to the public disclosure some carriers affecting out in-flight entertainment systems this morning, first this, critical security flaws effecting most intel chips, in all form computers at risk nicole petallides watching stocks with exception of that individual story looking a pretty good openly. >> we might see 25,000 as you said right early in the morning watching for that maria intel a key story yesterday and today, this is a big story, google actually did a security search they revealed three possible techniques that hack% could use intel dropdz over 3%, yesterday, down 2% this morning, and the hackers they could use and get sensitive information could be for every more than computing dwiez that has intel chipdz thchips. >> walgreen's they did well
8:39 am
with down three-quarters of a percent the -- under pressure quarter over quarter monsanto this one expect like so many companies maria up arrow expect positive impact from tax reform, beginning soon in 2019 so many companies already touting the tax reform bill. >> thank you so much, to nation's capital president trump to meet with group of republican senators ahead of admit month budget deadline fight or immigration adam shapiro with the very latest good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you maria not only or about on agenda at the white house there is a new policy that will go into effect next week for people who work here at the white house, or actually come to visit, it has to do with slopes especially for people who work in west wing, no prolonger able to bring personal cell phones, to work, to the west wing, here on white house campus here is the
8:40 am
statement, from sarah huckabee sanders, the security and integrity of the technology systems at the white house is a top priority for the trump administration, and, therefore, starting next week use of all personal devices guests and staff no longer allowed, in the west wing. now that is one of the issues they are delegate with, of course, the he legislative agenda, is the other, president trump very busiest since he got back from his christmas holiday break going to be meeting later today with several senators republican senators john cornr tom cotton lindsey graham grassley langford -- discussing immigration reform one issue is possible deal with democrats on daca here is what sarah huckabee sanders said about immigration reform. >> our priorities on what we would hope to have, in any immigration bill in any daca deal, have not changed would include, securing the border with a wall, ensuring interior
8:41 am
enforcement eliminating visa lottery program chain migration. >> that meeting takes place 11:missing from that attendee list, jeff flake, and marco rubio interesting because flake has been working to try and get a compromise on daca, of course, marco rubio from florida big immigration population there. >> thank you, adam shapiro at who is a reaction. dagen: it will be interesting to see how it plays now you know the ways washington a whole lot better than i do jason but in terms of some republicans isn't it a fansisti comprehensive immigration reform package separate completely from the budget, discussions that are going on, that just seems like such an impossible heavy lift. >> i think going to have to parse this several things conservatives will not stand for putting anything other than funding for the border wall and dealing with
8:42 am
sanctuary cities administration law says a lawsuit a few weeks ago, were saying they could not withhold monday from sanctuary cities and states if they put a constituency or two in appropriations bill will be able to deal with sanctuary city issue. >> california now the first sanctuary state as of. >> new york trying to be behind it. >> incredible just incredible, that that can exist, blow off the federal law. >> falls on congress, congress has the power of the purse that is what courts said in that decision, against the trump administration, trying to withhold funding from cities so again more pressure put on your former colleagues. >> what are we talking about january, '19. >> the budget then 12 appropriations bills, the house passed all this but senate did none of them why you hat military continuing resolutions i think what we are looking at here is more what have we call a
8:43 am
"crominibus" some continuing resolutionovers omnibus inject policy riders republicans want policy riders in place will have biggest impact, on the government, built would also looking at probably one of the biggest expenditures history of united states on discretionary budget, four trillion dollars overly talking about 1.2 interest will in discretionary, biggest line-item for that is department of defense. >> defense and then the disaster relief a hundred billion there a hundred billion in defense the boardr funding that is 1.8 billion dollars out of 1.2 trillion so it is a distraction a little bit in terms of the big overall number, but every dollar that they want to increase in defense spending democrats want to have more social spending. >> there is the -- >> the crush. >> when we come back flying skies without inflate entertainment some are affecting out seat back screens next and are you he
8:44 am
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maria: talk amongst yourselves entertain yourself on some airlines cheryl casone. cheryl: you may have to talk to neighbors on the plane maria, air also continue to find ways to cut costs, the latest they are going to remove the screen from back of seats, the "new york times" reporting some carriers phasing out devices while expensive and ate weight travelers bringing smart phones tablets plenty of movies on already united american offering entertainment you can screen directly to your smart device. >> speaking of transportation security administration tsa with most unusual science for 2017 a couple items you probably have never seen, here is the top of the list face
8:48 am
tend riser, part brass knuckle. carry-on bag buffalo niagara international airport, here is another one, pizza cutr from carry-on bag that they discovered in honolulu temperatures on tsa list a pointy -- a throwing star, grenade, all they called it a replica rifle umbrella -- wrapped narcotics no winners unless paw balldrawing jack port more than half a billion dollars, 8th largest praise ever nextdrawing saturday reporting 18-million-dollar mega millions tomorrow, sitting at 968 million dollars combined. >> get that ticket -- >> coming up, dagen -- a bull
8:49 am
by horns wait till you see here is here jeff lockwood and jb mauney biggest of professional bull riding all right. good to see you. ♪
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8:53 am
spectacle will offer over a million dollars in prices, joining us right now world champ, bull riders jeff lockwood and j.b. mauney great to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> j.b. you have been a bull rider more than a decade, at this point right? you are celebrating 500th career ride tomorrow? >> hopefully. >> how does that feel. >> as long as i say if on feels good. >> how did you get -- >> [laughter]. >> how do you stay on it, tell us how do you this? >> well i didn't like working when i was younger so i figured this was fastest way to make money. >> has it been? >> sometimes. >> what is long evident you stayed on. >> 8 seconds. >> we need to take you a an event, once -- whistle blows they are off. >> i have been on when will blows get away. >> 8 seconds jeff you are a newcomer to business you have
8:54 am
already have two major awards. >> this is third year progressively professionly. >> since little took liking to build riding side who knows why. >> j.b. you are 31 next week to give away your age-old man in business quite frankly what are you going to tell jeff because this is really longevity what is key to success, again you don't ride with a helmet. >> no. >> and head injury is a major, major problem in bull riding we talk about football. >> yeah, there -- >> they have got new protocols, and all different things they have been doing now, so if like -- this event here will go through a -- a base test, a baseline around also, for getting going next
8:55 am
today take test if we don't pass the option to say you are not riding used to be when i come around nobody could tell you couldn't get on both legs broken i want to get on had to pick-me-up set me on bull i was getting on. >> do you always know the bull, like in other words, when you get on do you know that this is particularly wild or -- worse than before. >> we see a lot of same bulls throughout the year they do different things, some will have kind of a set pattern but when you think you have to go the them figured out they do something different, and -- i really don't worry about it i don't hardly look, because i don't pay attention can't remember what but also bull is what. >> for people never to an bull riding event bulls athe athletes one of the things so exciting. >> always asks gains us
8:56 am
against animal really, the bulls everyone thinks mistreated or something they get treated better than us. >> this is a no joke. >> to that point, talking about how they would let you guys ride, with any sort of injury back in the day, and they were animals cared for great deal better than you all were, years ago. >> if a bull was sore pull him out, they wouldn't buck him, get on, i have rode a bull broke jaw all different broken bones, bulls get best care kind of like race horse all about bloodlines, everything nowadays, and you know they put so much time and effort money into them, that they are going to take care of them, a lot of them like pets. >> anything we should expect this weekend, at madison square garden. >> it will be wild first event of the year everybody fired up ready to go.
8:57 am
>> -- you all rested? >> work out before how do you prepare for bull riding. >> this guy works out. >> yeah. >> you work out a lot watching the diets -- i work out. >> j.b. drinks beer. >> good luck this weekend great to see you thanks for telling us about it we will watch this weekend madison square garden, opening bull fighting j.b. and jeff there coming up final thoughts from this all-star panel. stay with us. . . i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better
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maria: great show, everybody. >> let's go to the rodeo. maria: get ready for dow 25,000, jason chaffetz, lindsey bell, dagen mcdowell. stuart: what a day this is going to be. sit back. avoid the extreme weather, if you can and watch financial history unfold. good morning, everyone, right from the start we will tell you this, we are on 25k watch, yeah, dow 25,000. let's we forget we crossed the 24,000 mark on november 30th, all the major indicators will open in record highs f dow opens with gain of 73 points or more, yes, we hit 25k. and here is another milestone that could fall soon, the value of all stocks has


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