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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 5, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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i'm going to have to touch off. we're at the end of the show. we'll continue the discussion we can be assured. please join us here. tomorrowgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgs joins us. good night. kennedy: tonight new fallout from a bombshell book on the president an lawsuits against the author and publisher. plus, can iranian people toppable their government? john bolton weighs in. jeff sessions says he's going to crack down on legal weed. grab a lighter. it's time to spark up this thing. steve bannon is a gas bag who flapped his gums to a presidential biographer and knew his bloated carcass is in the dog house. bannon gaifs hours of quotes to michael wolfe who through a lit gas on a gas-soaked relationship. bannon called the meeting
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treasonnist and unpatriotic, said the investigators would crack don jr. like an egg on national television and opined, you realize where this is going. all about money laundering. the path to trump goes right through paul manafort, don jr. and jared kushner. it's as plain as the hair on your face or the adult acne on your face or the unhealthy moles. the president responded with the fire and fury promised in the forthcoming book's title releasing a statement that he dicdictated that reads in part, steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he his mind. he spent his team at the white house leaking false information to the media to make himself far more important than he was. sit the only thing he does. take that girl, snap. of course, bannon went on
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breitbart radio this morning praising the president. but it appears his fat head and delusion already have. steve bannon is an anti-liberty isolationist with a personal ax to grind and his lack of sanity is seeping through his skin. the president looks measured and sane by comparison and will win the clash even if it's just a clever stunt and to distract from something much more dramatic. oh dear god, glad you're here. i'm kennedy. ♪ ♪ kennedy: the trump-bannon schism is much bigger than a falling out between a couple of bros. it has the potential to create more problems for the republicans, ahead of the uncertain november election. how badly could this relationship sour and what would the consequences be. let's go to my panel tonight, the senior editor, katie fray disis here and the columnist of
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the daily beast, anthony and fox news contribute, a buckeye fan for the ages, marie harvest. welcome everyone. >> thank you. kennedy: are democrats delight in this bannon-trump riff? >> yes. kennedy: how so? >> the book taken overall show as white house and an administration in chaos. particularly at the beginning but also continuing to this day. the fight that there's infighting and so much lack of focus i think makes the democrats think wait a second, this is why we didn't think president trump should win. kennedy: is this the thing that the democrats are hoping brings the president down or is it the kind of thing where voter goes, yeah, it's neat and dramatic, like something you could see on "house of cards" but at the same time i just got a job and my taxes are lower. >> or i lost my health insurance and my friend is a dreamer and i
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don't know if they're going to stay. >> it is very inside baseball for us in the media, us in new york and washington. but it's indicative of a larger problem in the republican party. you have a situation like deen heller -- kennedy: steve bannon was going for the soul of the party. he wanted to reshape the republican party. >> and he's losing. kennedy: i think that was the thing that drove the ultimate wedge and then the on-the-record quotes came out from bannon. bannon has been an anti-liberty guy. he's said he doesn't like libertarians. and he's really fiddling with all of the stuff for his own gain. is this fight real or is this just some manifes manifestationa fictional plot. >> bannon's mission is real. he was much more focused on his mission according to a lot of the stuff that we've seen in the excerpts of the book than trump
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was at winning the presidency. steve bannon has a mission to reform the republican party and the united states. he's convinced a lot of people in his breitbart circumstance toll call themselves li libertarians. but now that he has kind of built up this thing, trump who is now the president, and now he's going all in on russia, you know, and conspiracy and collusion -- kennedy: why is he doing that? why is he going after jared kushner and don jr.? >> jared kushner is his rival. but the russia stuff, it's an interesting thing. according to breitbart commentators last night, they're in with trump right now. he might be losing his minions. kennedy: this whole thing is playing out strangely but i'm wondering if it benefiting the president. are people who were on the fence about him, people who are republicans years arys year, are they looking at this going man, i'm glad bannon is out of there,
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he was a bad influence on the guy. >> i don't know how this impacts outside the beltway folks. this seems to me as something you would see when you're at the supermarket, getting ready to check out and you look and see the gossip magazines and it has the headline with trump on it. >> john edwards has a secret baby. >> it reminds me of that a little bit. but i don't foe in is going to make a difference to the regular person who liked or disliked trump is bannon is out. i think it's a good thing that he was gone. but as you were saying with breitbart, matt was tweeting out some stuff today, is he out at breitbart as well? is mercer group interested in him anymore? >> that's the going gossip. >> fresh start. >> -- who invested a lot of money into breitbart news conglomerate. hasn't spoken with him since
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november. she's pulling all of her funding. kennedy: hang on, they're going to be back in a little bit. but now the president is looking to have the publication of the book halted but the toothpaste is out of the cap. the president claims the book is libl louse, quote, mr. trump demands that you immediately cease and deset from release or of the book or excerpts to any person or entity and that you issue a full and complete apology to my client as to all statements made about his and the article that lack evidentiary support. let me go to judge andrew napolitano. judge, how are you? we've got you by phone now. >> happy to be with you. fascinating conversation you're having with the panel. the short answer to the question does the president have a case, no he does not. there are two causes of action
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alleged. one is for damage to the president's reputation and the other seeks the prior restraint, threaten a lawsuit asking the judge to restrain the distribution of the book. let's take the second one first. prior restraints are unlawful under the first amendment and have been uniformly rejected. there isn't a judge in the country that would sign an orderry straining the book particularly after the toothpaste is out of the tube and the most salacious parts of the book are out there. in terms of damages, it is impossible to liable the president of the united states. because the theory of liable is the publisher has a bigger megaphone than the victim. in this case, the so-called victim, the president, has anyone or thing on the planet. that's the practical reason why
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it's impossible to liable him. the legal reason is this is all somebody's opinion. and opinion is protecte protect. the only way you can liable a well-known person is if you publish something knowing it's false or with reckless disregard to the truth except for the president who cannot be liabled under any circumstance. kennedy: the president's legal team has also threatened to sue steve bannon for violating his mba seeking possibly monetary damages. is there a case there? >> i'm assuming that he had some sort of a thou shalt not speak against the boss agreement when he was employed. i don't know who his employer was, whether it was trump, pence, campaign inc. or whether it was the trump organization. but there can't be a nondisparaging agreement when you're mo employed with the
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government because the government is prohibited from interfering with people's speech. not seeing any agreement he may have signed when he worked for the campaign, we can't answer that. but he cannot be sue for anything that he learned or observed while in the employ of the president -- kennedy: i wonder if the president's lawyers were aware of that when he was elected. judge, thank you so much. i can't wait to talk about it in person. >> see you monday. kennedy: thank you. all right. so why is the president trying to squash the book? let me take it back to the panel. you know, no one likes bad stuff written about them but that pesky first amendment is the one thing that gets in the way. >> absolutely. and i think what we saw yesterday from the president's statement and this threat today, this book clearly has gotten to him in a very personal way. he hates to be criticized but this goes after his daughter and his son and a lot of really personal things about him. so i think it's gotten under his skin. he probably doesn't think that this legal threat has any mere it either.
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his lawyer certainly should not. this is his playbook. he's done it before. he did it when he was a businessman. this book has clearly touched a nerve in him. i would caution him not to overreact. he needs to be president. >> i agree with you. that is his first instinct, when someone punches, to go back to them much harder. this is a no-win. it's the first of what will be a library of books written about him and his administration. >> he as a candidate spoke repeatedly about opening up liable laws and as president it's terrifying that he might have that instinct now. but the thing about the trump presidency, just under a year int it, it's leaked like sieve all the way through. it's not so much leaks. they don't understand that things are on the record unless you say they're off the word. and if you let michael wolfe hang out in the white house for months and he hears stuff, it's all on the record. and apparently trump on a nightly basis calls up his
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favorite billionaires and rants without invitation about what's going on in his family and the white house and all of those people are not on the record and they're all too happy to talk. >> it's totally unbelievable that he does that. kennedy: again, that reiterates these are first and foremost businessmen who didn't quite understand how politics worked, that you can't call up your buddies or let someone skulling around the white house for a lock time. if you say something you think is in confidence, that doesn't mean it's in confidence. i think he has overreacted. this threatening to stop the book. that doesn't make anything better. that just -- to anyone who doesn't like the president, they go, ha, so it must all be true. >> something got to bannon for him to take the comments on breitbart radio to shield the president. it looks like he's doing damage control. we'll see how it all folds into the russian investigation and we're going to see the panel in a few minutes.
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kennedy: in the meantime, president trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, now suing the justice department, sue everybody. special counsel robert mueller and rod rosen stein name in the suit. in october mueller indicted manafort. from rosen stein by investigating matter matters und to the between election, rosen stein's order does authorize mule tore probe quote any matters that arose or may arise dreblghtly frodirectly from the. does paul manafort have a case or is he just grasping at straws and dropping jaws . >> bud saxton is here. so let's talk about manafort a little bit. this is also the concern of civil libertarians, that the federal government is going to overstep the bounds with investigations like this with an
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endless time line and resource to do what they want and investigate what they see fit. >> two things going on sigh mule train usually. one is the legal mechanism here. you didn't have to be a lawyer to figure out it's going nowhere. mueller has the mandate to look at any he wants to. which i think is a problem. why is manafort's legal team do this? it's sly and shady and worthless. kennedy: is it a way of signaling to the president we're not talking, you're safe? and pardon me? >> yes. i think it's a way of trying to pull manafort back into the trump team side of things that people like flynn -- by the way, i think flynn will be part of it. that is going to happen. but you know, i could be wrong. but i think he's trying to get back on that side, make it political. there's a gag order. they can't give press releases. this suit is a disguised press release. it as not going to have a legal
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effect. it's sly, shyy useless. kennedy: what's the other thing? >> the other part of it -- well there's the political aspect of this which is manafort is clearly trying to rally the trump base trump supporters and maybe the president himself to back in his good graces. manafort was voted off the island early, fed to the lions, pick your me metaphor, your analogy. i've said it here for many months, he's shady. he wants to be less known as the shady guy than the fall guy for this mueller overreach. but it is overreach. this thing is crazy at this point. they're prosecuting him for money laundering crimes but tax evasion would be the most obvious charge that you would think would come based on what they have so far. i think there's an indictment coming where they will have more charges against manafort. today's whole decision may be a desperation employ. if they give them the tax evasion stuff, you're looking at
12:16 am
rough times in a federal penitentiary. kennedy: that's not the kind of prison where ma thar stewart's friend makes you a lovely shawl for thanksgiving. >> i think it is. she went to that federal prison for lying to the fbi. kennedy: no. free martha. >> public service announcement, don't speak to the fbi. don't do it. kennedy: or the irs. >> don't do it, ever ever ever. kennedy: a public service announcement brought to you by bud saxton. antigovernment protests have intensified in iran. but this time around the u.s. has their back. so what will the outcome be and what does that mean for the iran nuclear deal? john bolton explains. he's next.
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kennedy: iran's revolutionary guard is trying to put an end to antigovernment protests in that country where demonstrators are fighting against their and oppressive r regime. earlier this week the president tweeted his support for if protests which are the largest in the country since 2009's green revolution in an op ed in the washington post vice president mike pence writes, those brave protesters look to
12:21 am
the leader of the free world for support. but adds i saw first hand as a member of congress, the president of the united states stayed silent. in the wake of demonstrations and the regime's brutal attempts to repress them. the vice president says that this time the u.s. will not stay silent on iran. so what are the administration's options? joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton is back. welcome back. what does that mean you have contracting administrations, the president using forceful language in terms of supporting the iranian protesters. but what does american support of those protests look like? >> i think it's important that we do provide support. i don't think we want to be in a position of encouraging people to rise against a repressive ra jet stream like this and then
12:22 am
abandoning them when the fighting starts, which could happen if these protests continue to grow. the united states has a history of this. we did it in the cold war. we called on the eastern europeans to rise up. they did in hungary. we watched soviet tanks slaughter them. we encouraged iraqi to rise against saddam hussein, they did and we did precious little to protect them. kennedy: what does protecting them mean? does that mean sending in u.s. troops to iran? >> of course not. kennedy: what does that look like? >> what it means is several fold. first, i would reimpose the sanctions that were waived as a result of the nuclear deal as we've discussed before. i would get out of that deal anyway. the president make as separate decision on the sanctions and i think any additional presh sheush you put on the regime in tehran is a good thing. number two, it's clear that the mullah's are doing their best to shut down the internet and
12:23 am
social media communication which has been important in bringing people together. kennedy: what would you say to those countries that that comply with the oppressive regimes, as there are in iran and china. what do you say to them, facebook and other companies who bend to the whims of these places hoipg to get in when their markets open up? >> they ought to show that they believe in the freedom that they espouse for themselves here. i think communications experts can tell you some of the things that we could do to assist reopening communication. i think that should be a priority. and then finally i think there's material support that we can give the demonstrators. they need resources, they need money. they need a lot of things they probably are not going to be able to get easily in iran. that doesn't necessarily mean weapons but i wouldn't rule that out. and i think we ought to be doing abeffective diplomatic lobbying campaign particularly in europe
12:24 am
to get the europeans off their posteriors, instead of worrying about trade and investment with the ayatollahs, worry about the people of acran. kennedy: the horses have left those barns though and they're trying to put pressure on the president to stay in the iranian nuke deal which i agree with you, i think it's a horrible deal and i think it's a great compromise for this country. and if what we're hearing in the reporting is true about former president obama squashing efforts for hezbollah to be stopped from importing cocaine into this country -- i think drugs should be legal in the country. that's a different conversation for a different day. that's incredibly problematic. and not showing support to the iranian people, many of who are great allies of this country. >> the nuclear deal itself constituted a grotesque act of the ie piecement of the ayatollahs. all of these things you're mentioning reflecting a policy
12:25 am
of apiecement that went on for years. and i think this started with obama, when he said when the green movement broke out after the election in iran, he said we don't question the right of the iranian people to pick their owner leaders, the iranian people don't have the right to pick their own leaders. they don't vote. he had it wrong from the beginning and he was doing everything he could to try and get that deal. i think trump as obviously reversed that but there's more to do. the threat in the middle east is not the only threat. but the principle threat is the regime in tehran. i think it's good policy for the united states and good for general stability in the region to aid the people opposed to it. kennedy: now i know there's been some reporting that the president took issue with your mustache. and i will say this. your mustache is so smart, your mustache alone could have run exxonmobil. so just so you know. your mustache has the full support of this show. >> well, i appreciate your
12:26 am
endorsement, kennedy. i'm sure it will take me a long way with the president. kennedy: the wind beneath your wings. coming up, president trump says he'll give out awards to the dishonest media next week. is the president giving his critics more material or should he put the fake news on notice? party panel returns with reaction of the break. stay right here. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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kennedy: welcome back. the government is going to shout down in two weeks unless the lawmaker consist agree on a budget deal. today the president sat down with republicans to begin a compromise on immigration and dreamers. >> i can tell you the republicans want to see it work out very well. if we have support from the democrats, i think daca is going to be trefng. we have to be careful because this drug epidemic the likes of which we've never seen in the councountry. we need protection. we need all of those things and frankly a lot of ropes agree. whether they'll vote that way is another situation. kennedy: i democrats will use their leverage t. here with me now, chief editor glen hall is back.
12:31 am
here we go. we can daca which has become a bargaining chip for both sides. the people brought to this country illegally when they were children. they didn't know what they were doing, their parents did. you can't punish them. everyone agrees on that. where's the disagreement? >> what else goes into this legislation. what kind of border security. do we build a wall with funding that goes into the legislation. the president wants the wall. some republicans want the wall. many republicans want the bill and some are worried about not getting it done. they're willing to compromise. others are drawing a harder line. kennedy: is there a way for republicans who i guess would be more moderate on immigration to make the case, you could have something that's wall-like and that you can have drones and maybe a little more border security, but perhaps a $90 billion physical structure isn't exactly the most necessary thing and may not solve all of the problems that the president is looking to solve. >> well they're going to need
12:32 am
democrat support in order to get this done. and what the democrats, including the senate democratic leader chuck schumer has said, we're willing to go down the path of more border security. we're willing to find way to do that. we're not willing to build a wall. that's what a compromise looks like from the democratic side and it's hard to get it passed without it because of the majority, the tight majority that the republicans have in a senate. kennedy: but the wall has become, you know, this incredible symbol for both sides, something that democrats just despise. it's something hard line immigration republicans require. and it seems as though there has to be a way of getting some stuff done and keeping the government functioning. what's the worst case scenario if the government shuts down? >> we've seen it before. and it's not like a total shutdown. necessary functions continuing with law enforcement continues. but it is symbolically very damaging, damaging to our credibility. remember there were downgrades
12:33 am
before when things like this were going on. i don't think republicans want to be seen as a group that cannot govern and cannot prevent a government shutdown. it's visibly optically bad. kennedy: the democrats love spending money. the idea of that coming to a grinding halt gives them the shivers. >> there's a part of that in play as well. the question of not just the wall but in terms of getting the budget deal done, the funding deal done, there's a question does military spending have to be matched by nonmilitary spending. and so there you go. that could be another sticking point. kennedy: i would say no. there are cuts to be made everywhere. and if you let me take my empirical disi sis scissors i wa wonderful job. >> you weren't invited to the meeting today. kennedy: never to the country club or congress. great to see you-love the suit. stephen colbert is not impressed by president trump's plan to hold his own most dishonest and corrupt media
12:34 am
awards of the year. this coming monday. the former comedian is putting his money where his mouth is. colbert purchased an oscar style for your consideration billboard that includes mocking quotes from sean hannity and the president as well as a joke about the failing times square. that was first told by a fox news host on knew year's eve. i'm not going to name but her ber name rhymes with glennedy. what effect will it have on trump's awards and how will the awards affect the president's relationship with the media? party panel is back. so, katie, i will start with you. last year the president skipped the white house correspondent's dinner. i think this year he should go. i think it's kind of self deposit kateing. it's pretty fun, the idea of having fake and dishonest media awards. do you think this will in any way bridge the gap between the
12:35 am
president and the media? >> clearly not. this is so asinine. i cannot support the president in this in any way, shape or form. it's stupid. you're the president. why do you care? don't you have presidential things to be doing? you have north korea. you have iran. you have a lot of stuff going on right now. why are you -- it's just dumb. it's dumb. kennedy: is this putin's gamut here? >> i'm going to pivot here and take a shot at stephen colbert who was once very funny. this is such an obvious low browl troll job by trump who is the president -- kennedy: so the trolls are now trolling each other. >> here's what you do when you're a brilliant comedian with excellent improv skills, you flip the script. you don'you play into the troll. kennedy: it's almost like validating. >> ignore the bad joke and make a better joke.
12:36 am
>> there's no script anymore. the script went out the window in november 2016. and i think the press and critics. >> kennedy: hillary. what happened. >> i walked right into that. i ran into that one. but i think comedians and the press are trying to figure out how to respond to these childish tweets from the president he hates the press. we know that. and i don't think like the way he speaks about the press for a whole number of reasons. but katie is right, there's north korea, there's iran. there's the economy. maybe you don't tweet about fake awards. it's like he's still a rejalty tv host that ended up in the oval office. >> he forgets that he's president. like he doesn't realize. >> absolutely. kennedy: there's something in the upcoming michael wolfe book he talks about the president doesn't want to be president. he was shocked and a little bit upset on election night when the voting sort of turned in his favor. and i think there's something to that. i think it's. >> totally agree. kennedy: big nasty stinky job
12:37 am
that no one wants except for hillary. she wanted it so much that she smothered it to death. >> the job of being the president is too much work for trump, the digs r beneath him, the attention is not the kind of attention that he likes. accountability is something he's never had to deal with. >> and he can't just fire you. >> and you can tell that the white house feels squeezed right now by mueller, the press, these kinds of media requests by their friends. >> every administration feels that. and you know that having worked for president obama, it feels like the press is against you most of the time but when that happens, polish up a trophy for them. coming up, attorney general jeff sessions make a major decision to crack down on the legal pot industry from coast to coast. so can they get the ag out of their stash? i'll ask onthan huntings
12:38 am
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the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. kennedy: today freedom took a serious punch to the gut. attorney general jefferson sessions iii announced he intends to crack down on legal marijuana by canceling an obama administration that lets states make their own determination on legalization and enforcement. it's an economic issue as well.
12:42 am
29 states have legalized medical marijuana, nine states have legalized recreational marijuana. by 2021 the marijuana industry expected to boost the economy by $68 billion a year and provide a quarter of a million jobs to americans. what is sessions thinking and will freedom lovers fight back. joining me now fox news contributor jonathan honig. welcome back. >> appreciate it. you're absolutely right. marijuana is a -- no. i just wanted to get rid of somy eyes before we started the segment. kennedy: whiten those babies up. yeah, nice. >> this is a question of rights actually. it's not a joang or issue about marijuana. in a free country people have a right to put whatever in their body, including what drugs they use. attorney general sessions is taking a big step backward here.
12:43 am
using cannabis violates no one's rights. what he's doing here is beyond understanding. kennedy: and this is also an understanding that people in these various states, and there will be more states that legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, versus the federal government who has had a hands off issue own this. judge napolitano said it's not going to the supreme court anytime soon but it does go to the heart of basic issues, of economic freedom and states' rights. 64% of americans approve of legal marijuana in this country. >> well, it's antipot idea. it's a recent phenomenon. the only regulation started in the 1930s and really was formalized in the 1970s. it comes from this authoritative government or jeff sessions, if you can believe it, knows what's
12:44 am
best for you instead of understanding the interment of thexperiment ofthe statements. california, washington and colorado decriminalizing with great results, less crime and more money for states. kennedy: people are going to put stuff in their bodies and the government is not going to stop that. look at the war on drugs. look at the millions of people who have died because of prohibition in this country. and you don't have to take all drugses but you can just take marijuana and look at the marijuana trade and how bad it's decimated border towns in mexico with journalists and judges and civilians being hacked up and murdered for what, for an ongoing drug war, something that has already proven to be a massive failure? >> it's impractical because it is immoral, as you said. you have a right as an adult -- people always try to sneak in
12:45 am
what about kids. like anything else, tobacco or booze, you have a right as an adult to make those rational decisions. and along comes jeff sessions who has compared marijuana to heroin, who has said, on the floors of government, that good people don't use marijuana. i mean the principle here is individual rights. why do you need jeff session' permission to do what you want with your body. kennedy: if not for the things that we agree with but the things that we disagree with also require protection. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, a california couple stole a u-haul, went on a long drive. we'll tell you how it ended and we'll explain what a long drive is for the cleveland brown fans who are watching in the
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dean: universities of georgia and alabama will receive $2.5 million each for making this monday's national football championship game. although when you sub stract all of the money they pay the players, it's still $2.5 million. the player get a free education with enlightening classes, topic number one.
12:50 am
we begin tonight in the city of los angeles where a couple led police on a wild chase in a u-haul pickup truck which makes you wonder, who rents a u-haul pickup truck. i didn't know that was a thing. and we're nil sure who rented it because the cops tried to stop it because it was stolen. the lady driver did not cooperate but she did manage to run a dozen red lights, t-bone a truck, go 20 miles without a front wheel and set back gender stereotypes 50 years in the process. when they finally got cop, the guy gets out and plants a big wet kiss on the suspecting girl before he gets tased by the coops. a scene that surely hits home for my assistant ben. the runaway romantics are looking at serious jail time and heavy fines for returning the u-haul without a full tank of gas. they'll cuff you and stuff you for it. topic number two. there it is.
12:51 am
most people stop partying after new year's eve but the houston astros aren't most people, they're the world series champs and they've announced plans to keep the party going with president trump at the white house. the trip will occur before the start of spring training so the players have enough time to practice and the white house grounds has enough time to clean up all of the cigarette butts that steve bannon left in the rose garden. a team spokesperson said they're thrilled to attend and who wouldn't be. that's got to be a humbling feeling to walk into the oval office and sit down at the same desk as monica lewinsky and marlin monroe. so much history. topic number three. cleveland browns' fan fans have always dreamed of their own perfect season and this year they finally got one. albeit not the kind they were dreaming of. the browns went 0-16. though technically it was 0-17
12:52 am
if you count the father/son game but that won't stop the city from honoring them with a parade this saturday. the parade will start out at noon before the passing all of cleveland's culinary spots, applebee's and golden corral. there's no idea how many people will attend because nobody admits to being a browns' fan. two donated a pickup truck for the parade. the truck wasn't nearly adds hard to catch was the football was for the browns this year. we've seen better hands on a clock topic number four. what? in and out adding its first new menu item in 15 years. get this. don't worry. calm down. it's not a burger. not a hot dog and thank god it's not some vegan option because they want their customers to
12:53 am
enjoy themtions. i'themselves.i'm vegan. customers will have the option of ordering hot chocolate with or without minute my marshmallows and knowing in and out there's going to be a secret mini version with a gallon of susere rip and whipped cream. if you're looking to find some, please don't google hot chocolate at work. that might get you a totally different result, from what i've heard. i wouldn't know, i.t. stop calling me topic number five. phone home. i spent new year's eve in times square feeing my arse off and all i have to show for it is frostbite and the stench of steal hobo booze and prison wine. denise tweets, you're hard to take sere yously.
12:54 am
seriously, because it's probably how you talk. seriousry, honestly, literally. art writes, when did you go from a lousy dig bat mtv deejay to a lousy conservative. art you're such a [ bleep ]. monte wraps it up with your glasses are gross and dangerous. that was in response to an instagram post where i said sphrar is gross. and it is coming up, my home state of oregon and new jersey have something in common that no other state in the union has. that's about to change and thankfully it's not because we're getting a reality show. the great emperor penguin migration. trekking a hundred miles inland to their breeding grounds. except for these two fellows. this time next year, we're gonna be sitting on an egg.
12:55 am
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every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star
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when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. kennedy: oregon, my old home, the beaver state is one of the last two states in this great union where citizens can't pump their own gas. well no i anymore, you grease monkeys. now half the loosely populated counties will have to do what over 300 million people do a few times a week, suck it up, squeeze the handle and gas your car. some fragile oregonians have been losing their mind in entertaining facebook comments writing things like no, disabled
12:59 am
seniors, people with young children in the car need help, not to mention getting out of your car with transients around not feeling safe. this is a bad idea, grrr. now when i left oregon and moved to california at 18, my dad had to teach me one time in 30 seconds how to pump my own gas. and we won't attacked by homeless bears and our limbs didn't snap off in the frostbite. and i imagine they'll be able to shake off that minor inconvenience like they did the death of the horse drawn buggy. for decades people have wanted cheaper gas in that state and sometimes if you went something done you have to do it yourself. hopefully the state won't come to a screeching halt. but vi a feeling people in rural areas are adapted to doing the more laborious stuff on their own. good luck beavers. thanks for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and
1:00 am
facebook. tomorrow i'll be on the outnumbered couch at noon eastern, 9:00 in the west. i will tell you seen. (bright music) hi, i'm suze orman. after all these years of working with people and their money, the one thing i've learned about it is this: that every single one of you has what it takes to be the master of your own financial destiny. i'm going to show you how to be more so you can have more. (singers vocalizing) ♪ (producer) stand by. ladies and gentlemen, suze orman! (applause, cheering) ♪ hi, everybody. i'm suze orman. now, if you are watching this show,


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