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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 5, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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business. lou: good evening everybody. the president hasn't been in office quite a year, but he's already accomplished much, much more in fact than any president in modern american history defying the established national media, leaders of the right and left, the dems, the deep state, everywhere you turn, committee investigations go on. inspectors general go on with their investigations and so to the special council of course but the deeply entrenched dems and deep state, tenaciously hold on to their power over the federal government and still, make no mistake about it, still
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rule the swamp that is washington d.c., but there are positive developments, at least they seem so. for example, new reports tonight that the department of justice has caved into pressure from the white house and is now reportedly reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. about time you say? you're exactly right. but what is really happening and who is winning the fight for truth, justice, and the american way? chris farrell of judicial watch joins me here tonight to assess and also tonight a new push for amnesty president trump today meeting with six pro- amnesty republican senators at the white house, including one of the architects of the gang of eight disaster, senator lindsay graham. we'll take up the reasons that this small band of rhinos seem designated to leave the nation on an issue of only middle
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importance to most americans and of great contention between the president's base and the establishments of both political parties. also tonight, a deadly winter storm hammering the east coast with blizzard conditions and in a few places, the storm's winds gusting as high as 80 miles an hour. meteorologists cold it a bomb cyclone. its prompted thousands of flight cancellations, and mounting worries that some power outages could last through the weekend. we'll have a live report from one of the worst hit areas, we have it all here tonight. our top story, the department of justice reportedly preparing a new investigation into hillary clinton's lengthy pattern of mishandling national security and breaking the law. it is alledged, the focus on her use of a private e-mail server while she served as secretary of
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state certainly amounts to evidence. it follows reports that congressional investigators do have evidence that the fbi believes laws were broken. there's also new evidence, former fbi director james comey leaked classified documents. senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley has seen four classified comey memorandum it appears comey sent at least one of those to a professor friend of his shortly after his firing and house investigators and the justice department have reached a deal to provide records on the discredited fusion gps dossier they will have access to all records and witnesses including peter strzok , bruce ohr, lisa page all set to testify before the committee this month, and this, this news just breaking. a federal judge has ruled that the house intelligence committee is entitled to fusion gps bank
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records linked to the funding of the dossier and to considerable mischief as it appears in the so-called collusion scandal. our first guest tonight revealing shocking new details concerning hillary clinton's e-mail system that illicit system identifying at least 18 classified e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop. weiner of course once married to clinton aid huma abiden. joining us is chris farrell director of investigations and research for judicial watch the organization which successfully file a freedom of information act request to release these very documents. chris first of all congratulations on getting these documents and all of the work that judicial watch is doing. now, when we talk about classified, these are not up classified documents. these are in fact classified at the time they were transacting
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on the e-mail server of mrs. clinton at home. >> that is correct lou and thanks. it's very important that distinction be made. these records and documents were classified at the time they were produced and transmitted. they're not so-called retroactively classified. that's a smoke screen and they were classified when they were written. they were classified when they were transmitted and classified when they were a resident on the weiner laptop. lou: and the fbi investigators presumably knew that did they not? they just didn't share it with the public. >> absolutely and i have a tid bit concerning mr. grassley and the comey memos that maybe jumping ahead a bit but this is important. lou: jump in any direction you want here. >> we have a sworn declaration here from david hardy whose the chief foia officer of the fbi we attained in the last few days and in that sworn declaration mr. hardy says that all of comey
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's memos, all of them, were classified at the time they were written and they remain classified, so the kind of open question for mr. grassley about is it four of seven or what time were they? no, we have a sworn declaration from the chief foia officer of the fbi. they were classified at the time comey wrote them. lou: and while that may not be determinant, i suppose at some point forward in litigation should it come to that, it is determinant in the case of foia and gives us a clear understanding it would seem the thinking of the fbi as to the level of classification for all of those memorandum. >> well it's also mishandling of national defense information which is a crime so it's clear that mr. comey not only authored those documents but then knowing ly and willfully leaked them to persons unauthorized which is in and of itself a
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national security crime. mr. comey should have been read his rights back on june 8 when he testified before the senate. lou: and he's not been read his rights yet? he's not been charged yet. who would be the charging party would it be the fbi itself or -- >> or the attorney general of the united states the department of justice would bring an indictment once they get a grand jury but the investigative process of course would be conducted by the fbi. lou: and the fbi he once led has to be furious that he has sullie d the same of the agency that he has led the fbi in its most politicized i think it's fair to say one thought that the j. edgar hoover days parts of those years were highly politicized but its beginning to look as though nothing touched the fbi during the obama years. >> recently retired and active
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duty fbi agents have told me and several of them that they consider comey to be a dirty cop lou: a dirty cop and one whose certainly bias as he talks about -- his tweets with bible versus and whatever else he's been writing recently. and the photography that he has committed out in the midwest. the list goes on. lou: let's turn to the intel committee. i took that it devon nunes the chair of the house intelligence committee was actually somewhat the speaker paul ryan thumbed his nose at the chairman when he met with the head of , well with rod rosenstein to discuss what would be produced. we're seeing that smooth out a
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bit here today as nunes has been brought into the conversation. your thoughts about how that demand for documents and testimony has proceeded and where it's going now? >> well yesterday's event where director ray and deputy agent rosenstein went up on the hill to meet with the speaker was a staged event right? this was all all very deliberate and unfortunately, chairman nunes was really treated rather poorly in my view. he was excluded from the meeting which is an extraordinary insult to the man who issued the subpoena in the first place. lou: can i interject there too, chris? it's also an insult to the man whose committee has actually to this point produced more compelling evidence involving knocking down the collusion allegations, the nonsense that we've had to endure here for some time and this administration has had to
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endure. he has created real results from investigation and shared it with the public to this point a considerable amount of it. so he and his committee deserve great credit not to be insulted by the speaker or anyone else. >> correct and he was unjustly smeared in this phony ethics complaint against him and so now the speaker negotiates some sort of an agreement with the word " all" shows up somewhere. it's a head scratcher. i'm not entirely convinced of what was done but i do know that excluding the chairman who issued the subpoena was a pretty gross insult to him, but i guess they're all on board now but i'm sure there was some negotiation about that. lou: and shame on the speaker for his conduct and for his attitude. i mean, he aligned himself for 24 hours with the deep state, the permanent government if you will, the administrative state represented by rosenstein and
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others at the top of justice. it's sickening. let me turn to grassley and your point about the seven memos of comey. if they're all classified, why aren't charges forthcoming? why isn't this justice department moving right now against the former fbi director? >> yeah, i mean here is another case where there's disparity of treatment under the law. laws are for the little people and any other federal government employee who generated seven classified memos and then leaked any number of them would have been hammered, again let's go back to the sailor on the submarine the president spoke of this is so insulting to so many people in law enforcement, the intelligence community, the armed forces. they know how they would be treated and so this is the disparity of treatment, the notion of equal justice under
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the law is harmed every day this slides by. lou: as you know, mark meadows and jim jordan two of the most distinguished republican congressmen on capitol hill, demanding that jeff sessions the attorney general either perform his duties or get the hell out of the office. the practicality of it from your point of view, can that happen, should it happen, will it happen >> i'm glad that they joined me back on 15th of november i said the same thing to you on air and i can tell you that they may be a little slow in getting to the point but i'm glad that they have and while i respect mr. sessions personally, he's been neutralized and so he either needs to really step up the game and take affirmative action in a public way to reassure sure the public frankly the president that he's going to be tough on law breakers or he needs to get out of the way.
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lou: should the president fire him? >> i don't know if firing is necessarily the immediate task. lou: well somebody has got to be running that justice department who is not otherwise aligned and i think it's fair to say now that rod rosenstein is otherwise aligned. certainly, there are many in the fbi and the justice department, we know their names now and there are large number of names so that place needs to be clean ed out. the top floor of the fbi as well as the justice department. you are correct. >> really there needs to be i think a i don't want to call it an ultimatum it's too strong of a word but there needs to be a heart to heart let's say and either it's open aggressive law enforcement action or get out of the way. lou: chris farrell, as always thanks for being with us. thank you, lou. lou: we're coming right back with much more stay with us.
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>> the president committed the building the wall and putting an end to chain migration: president trump: remember that we're going to have a wall, crucially the legislation must end chain migration. it must end the visa lottery. lou: we discuss the president's america first immigration policy ed rollins joins us. and a bomb cyclone, what a name, pummeling the east coast with an arctic blast and massive blizzard we'll have the latest for you on this historic winter storm, stay with us. we'll be right back. ooooooh snap!! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial.
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lou: president trump today discussing immigration reform at a meeting with six rhino republican senators well most of them at least, many of whom have backed legislation that would grant amnesty to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants perhaps far more, but the president stood firm saying there would be no deal on daca without major concessions on critical items on his immigration agenda. president trump: any legislation on daca must secure the border with a wall, it must give our immigration officers the resources they need to stop illegal immigration, and also to
4:19 am
stop visa overstays and crucial ly the legislation must end chain migration. lou: and joining me now ed rollins former political director, white house political director under president reagan, fox business contributor, great american good to have you here. >> the president is absolutely right. the security part is what we need and letting more people in is not the secret here. the democrats want daca to be extended and they've got a couple months before they have to get something up and security is the part that's very very important. lou: it's strange, because the president campaigned on the wall absolutely. lou: he didn't campaign on daca and here we are at the beginning of the year. he's talking with six effective ly either no name or very little name republicans who have with the exception of the chair of the judiciary committee , they have no chairman ships. i mean it's just a strange moment. >> well again, as we talked on
4:20 am
this show, we've had two presidents who had obama who had majorities of their own party and they wanted immigration reform and they could never get the security part done and trump if he wants to get the security part has to basically do just what he did. draw the line. lou: why are folks in that office with the president? >> i have no idea. lou: it is peculiar because we're talking about this is a what a four or five number priority. >> i want guys in there who basically promise to fulfill the security requirements the president campaigned on and got elected on and the wall is not just a symbol. the wall is basically a battle for the security of borders. lou: i love when people talk about it. the wall could be anything. it's symbolic all of this. the president didn't talk about a symbolic wall. he didn't talk about it being anything. it's very clear. you were there, so when president reagan signs amnesty
4:21 am
in 1986, what was his greatest regret after doing so? >> was during the amnesty bill because the part of letting people in and letting people be citizens who are here illegally was completed but the part not completed was the security or employment ratification and he and alan simpson said it was the biggest regret they ever had. lou: and then you fast forward to even bill clinton, 1996, the next every ten years you want to try to get something done on this. i mean it's the same thing. they sold out the border, the sovereignty of the country for cheap labor and by the way, make no mistake. this is all driven by the need of corporate america particularly for cheap labor. >> equally as important every one of these young people here under daca basically came in as illegals when the law was in existence. lou: how many are they do you think? >> they say 800,000 i have no
4:22 am
idea. we have no idea. lou: not one of those people pushing daca will sit down and say all we need is some sort of standing for this number of people because they're lying through their teeth and they're distorting the numbers and saying well they only applied for 300,000 jobs. we no one thing. even as schumer is talking about deadlines, there are about 300,000 of those who have signed up under daca who have until november to work out their visas , so there's no deadline here, march or whenever it is. >> equally as important you don't want to confuse the budget negotiations and let the democrats have the gun to his head and i think at the end of the day he needs to say i'm not dealing with daca, let's get the budget and things important right now. lou: well help me out on something. what was the last bill a democrat voted for in the house or the senate under president trump? >> i don't know of any. lou: i don't either so let's end the conversation. >> probably some post office
4:23 am
they named somewhere across the country. lou: i bet you they were pretty careful about that. it looks like with the judge demanding the fusion gps turn over its bank records to the house intelligence committee that's a very big deal because it means the federal government may actually be home to the sovreign power of this nation. >> well i hope it is and obviously this judge -- lou: where it has priority and power over even a smear merge like fusion gps. >> that story needs to be told and who the sponsors were and where the money was coming from is very important. lou: you bet and we can't wait to see that can we? >> we can. lou: ed rollins thank you my friend. be sure to vote on our poll tonight the question is do you believe daca and amnesty should be the first priority for congress in the white house in this beautiful wonderful new year? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs follow me on twitter at lou dobbs like me on facebook follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight and tonight a massive winter storm called a bomb cyclone is pounding the
4:24 am
east coast blasting states all the way from florida to maine. snow, wind gusts topping out at nearly 80 miles an hour in some places. fox businesses connell mcshane braving some of the worst conditions of it all. good evening connell. >> good evening lou. those worse conditions have finally passed us here in the city of boston but it was pretty rough even for an area used to this kind of thing earlier today that bomb cyclone effect you talk about sounds pretty bad and when it hits like it did today it is pretty bad. you have a quick drop in the atmospheric pressure that basically creates for all in tense and purposes sort of a winter hurricane is what we had. there are 13 inches of snow on the ground here in boston more in the suburbs but they're used to that in new england. when you combine it with the wind gusts 76 miles an hour registered in nantucket today and then throw in a high tide that today really saw the streets of boston being flooded
4:25 am
with chunky water, chunky ice water and the shore areas down to the south shore beaches being flooded a lot of inland flooding was being reported, that became the story. the flooding rather than the snow and the ice and for the next few days that's what they have to cleanup and cleanup lou is what they're doing and the other private snow plows going by outside the hotel at the boston harbor and they've been at this all day long both private guys and public sanitation station workers and that is their challenge because tonight into tomorrow and into the day after it's going to freeze here. 24 hours from now the temperatures will probably be down in the single-digits and then by saturday around zero maybe even in the negative area fahrenheit so they're used to this type of thing in boston. today was pretty rough. lou: well i'm glad you braved it and survived it. connell mcshane from boston thanks so much. on wall street today another record breaking session for stocks, the dow gaining 152
4:26 am
points, not only do we have a new record to tell you about. ladies and gentlemen the dow jones industrial's posting a seventh millennial milestone, 25 , 075 that's right the first time ever the s & p up 11 nasdac up 12, all of the indexes at record highs, volume on the big board picking up a bit to 3.6 billion shares the dow hitting 25,000 by the way, 23 days after it hit 24,000 and that is the fastest 1000 point gain for the dow in all of history and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, pressure mounting on the largely absent attorney general jeff sessions, to step up and reign in the russia probe that has proved fruitless and futile, or step down from his job. that's the subject of my commentary coming up here next, stay with us we'll be right back
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lou: a few thoughts now on the trump administration's justice department and the attorney general who has withdrawn from his role, who has refused to carry out most of his duties as the nations leading law enforcement officer. jeff sessions has retreated not only from his responsibilities but is more focused on upsetting it seems pot heads than defend ing this president and this nation from deep state sub version. a long call for his resignation back on august and i said if sessions intended to recuse himself from the russia probe before being appointed attorney general, he should resign, and now, momentum is only growing freedom caucus leader congressman mark meadows and jim jordan calling for sessions to go now, citing justice department leaks and conflicts adding "it would appear he has no control at all of the premier
4:32 am
law enforcement agency in the world." house intelligence committee chairman devon nunes last week said "it seems the doj and fbi need to be investigating themselves." despite the deal made last night and today with the department of justice over access to documents and witnesses pertinent to the anti trump dossier, sessions hasn't been entirely at rest, however, an allie of sessions today telling the daily beast that the justice department is taking a fresh look at hillary clinton's private e-mail server. they should be embarrassed that they ever ever failed to take up that investigation and indeed prosecution. the attorney general late last month directed justice officials to look into the fbi's uranium one investigation. at long last but it's simply too little too late from a man who isn't doing his job who isn't fighting for this president, who
4:33 am
appointed him. he has to at this point, he seem s to have at least retired altogether as a public servant. the american public deserves a full time full throat the attorney general working for them and their president. now, the quotation of the evening. this one who said "if you do not change direction, you may end up where you're heading." and back with much more. >> the trump administration suspending to pakistan saying pakistan will take the sanction against radical islamist terrorists. this is something that should not come as a surprise to pakistan. pakistan has not done enough to detain militant groups. >> it's america first and the trump doctrine couldn't be clearer we take it up with sebastian gorka, and this daring
4:34 am
speed writer lighting up the dark sky like a shooting star, taking skiing in the french alps to new extremes. we'll be right back, stay with us.
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>> red storm rising chinese president telling his armed forces to prepare for war, addressing a formation of thousands of his soldiers surrounded by tanks yesterday,
4:38 am
president urged his army to strengthen combat training and not to fear death. recently reshuffled the government to make himself the most powerful chinese leader and the trump administration has suspended almost all security aid to pakistan. state department officials say more than a billion dollars of assistance will be frozen, the suspension could be lifted if pakistan does more to fight radical islamist terrorists groups but they have done very little indeed since september 11 , 2001. joining me now, fox news national security strategist, contributor dr. sebastian gorka. good to have you with us and so let's start with pakistan. this president again doing what none of his predecessors had the guts to do which is to deal honestly with the empirical reality, that is pakistan is far more a problem than part of the solution. >> happy new year, lou yes, as
4:39 am
usual, the president ignores the absurd theories and views of the so-called elite that got us into the mess that we got into for the last 16 years, cuts straight to the chase and calls things as they are. we've given billions of dollars of u.s. taxpayer aids to pakistan and for what? let's just remember one point. osama bin laden the mastermind of 9/11 was found living in hisville a less than a mile and a half from the pakistan equivalent of west point. that doesn't occur without very high members of the pakistan regime and this isn't about cast ing it on all of pakistan but that government is corrupt and many members are in bed with the taliban and jihadis. lou: not since 2009 have we seen the likes of the demonstrations in iran, perhaps more broadly,
4:40 am
geographically this time than even then. this president, however, offer ing aid to the people of iran, rather than sitting on his hands as president obama did in a number of obama officials including his three advisors susan rice counseling the trump administration to be quiet as the people of iran express their desire for freedom and to throw off the suppression, the oppression of the iatolas. >> yeah, i'm sure susan rice, ben rhodes, obama would like us to be very quiet also about the almost $200 billion they gave the theocratic dictators in iran which they use to suppress their own people and now those brave iranians are standing up and the president is not an intervention ist, not invading foreign countries but he's going
4:41 am
to stand up for their right to choose their own government and give them moral and spiritual support and hopefully a little bit more in terms of their capacity to communicate with each other. lou there's a big change from 2009. we have more than 40 million smartphones in iran since then. that helps you organize a resistance to dictators so we shall see. lou: and it's getting very little coverage, these demonstrations are incredible and national left wing media. it's stunning. >> it is stunning. this is a regime that exported terrorism since 1979 across the globe and now from yemen to the tridashboarder area of latin america it's a non-classified thing you can google there are hezbollah cells in america here and now iran is in trouble because it's so overextended they have to make a decision and pullback their forces to protect the regime or keep them out there and potentially have some kind of up rising inside iran. the fact that the mainstream
4:42 am
media won't cover it speaks to how much they colluded with the last administration with regards to the iran deal and everything else. lou: a quick thought as we conclude here. steve bannon appears to me to have committed political suicide and by the way he may have done as well broadcasting and financial suicide for bright bart with his extraordinary insults of the president and his family. what are your thoughts? >> look, first things first. is a political hack that tony blair the well known conservative said he lied about the quotes but steve has to stand up to the plate. he has to say is what was said true or not otherwise he's going to go down. lou: the fact that he hasn't already spoken to that, to me speaks volumes and i think it
4:43 am
would as well for most americans i think everybody is drawing the requisite conclusions, lou. lou: carefully said. thanks so much i would expect that. dr. sebastian gorka, thank you. please roll the video and watch as this speed flier lights up the night sky over the french alps, using a custom wing outfit ted with led lights and if you're wondering it only took seven months for him to prepare and to execute this dazzling light show in the french alps. not a bad way to ski if you have i suppose you require some skill but all of that equipment of course. up next, the bomb cyclone that's what it's called bringing blizzard conditions and coastal flooding to, well almost every where on the east coast and once it passes, a polar vortex will surely unleash bitter cold. we'll have a full report for you and just how bad it can get and
4:44 am
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lou: frigid weather blizzard weather in the northeast even worse, however though than the so-called bomb cyclone is a bomb cyclone followed up with a polar
4:48 am
vortex and that is exactly what the northeast is facing. that's happening along the east coast, tonight and to give you a sense of just how cold it is nasa put out this map showing how much of the nation is in below average temperatures and how much above. areas in blue obviously colder than average, the red warmer than average and that tells an amazing story. fox news channel meteorologist adam clock live at the weather center. good evening adam. >> hi good evening there lou. yeah this has been a big system we're continuing to track the good news is at this point really running up into extreme new england so places like maine , the only spots still really seeing some heavy activity from this particular system, so we see, sorry i've got a frog in my throat at this point, boston still seeing light snow, some light snow in
4:49 am
providence but new york just spotty snow showers little farther off to the south not nearly as bad now the problem as this continues to move up is we're going to be replacing it with very cold air. these are the spots where you still might see a little bit of precipitation wintry mix and still blizzard warning stretching into portions of maine but on the back side of this, as it continues to move, it grabs some of that very cold air that's off to the north and eventually will be pumping it down into new england into portions of the midwest and you can see here in hour by hour forecast as this continues to climb to the north runs up into canada grabs some of that very cold air and before you know it, you're looking at temperatures falling down to 14 degrees to 9 degrees running just a little further off to the west, spots where you're down into the single-digits that's the case the next couple of days and in some cases highs topping off only into the negative across portions of the midwest stretching here into new england as well. forecasted highs for us on friday, these are the high temperatures the entire day,
4:50 am
highs in some cases only in single-digits 14 degrees in new york city, unfortunately this isn't as cold as it gets. and continue to march on here and you're seeing numbers drop farther. 11 degrees for folks in new york city, 7 in boston on saturday and still places getting down into single-digits. it gets even colder for us on sunday as you're looking at spots at least in extreme extreme new england, still down in single-digits lou so this is going to be a frigid one, if you thought it was over just because the snow is wrapping up that is not the case. lou: [laughter] well i'll tell you this after watching that forecast and those frigid temperatures adam, we're all choking up a little bit with these weather prospects that you just outlined. thanks so much for the outlook we appreciate it. up next the democratic national committee keith allison what a fellow, blasted after proudly posing he did with a copy of the antifa, what a wonderful thing
4:51 am
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked do you believe this will be the year the russia investigation shifts its focus to clinton and obama corruption and collusion and 73% of you think this is the year for
4:55 am
truth, justice and the american way. how about that. well deputy dnc chair keith ellison under fire for signaling his support for a left wing extremist group on twitter. the minnesota congressman posted a selfie holding a copy of the antifa handbook saying the book should, quote, he said, strike fear in the heart of donald trump, end quote. it's pretty clear the congressman has no such proportion nor does he understand the president very well at all. antifa has been responsible for violent demonstrations throughout the country. it's considered to be a domestic terrorist group by the department of homeland security and the fbi. so far twitter has made no move to ban congressman ellison as they have politicians who express support for right wing views and groups. joining me now, senior editor for the federalist, fox business
4:56 am
contributor mollie hemingway and national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality, conservative commentator niger innis and happy new yier to youu both. mollie, what is keith's problem? >> it actually should strike fear in the heart of every american because it has so many parts about it that are contrary to our american principles. it calls for violence against those you don't agree with and calls for radical socialism. he's right but not as he intended. >> niger? >> i think it's a real tragedy. keith ellison within his district gets a very large -- in fact, i believe the largest somali american population in the country. in a sense, he's on the cutting edge of what should be a scintillating muslim immigrants to our country and never the less, quite to the contrary of assimilating them into becoming
4:57 am
good americans, he's reflecting being a role model of the most radical of americans that puts a little fear in the most of mainstream. lou: i love the fact that the man is the vice chair of the democratic national committee. >> go figure. lou: that tell us as much as we need to any about him and the democratic national committee and the party and what they face. let's turn to daca. suddenly a priority. what is it, they always have kickses and eights associated with amnesty. the white house, with the exception of john core than and the chair of the judiciary committee, chuck grassley, this is a group of no-name senators who are suddenly negotiating on daca and amnesty. >> what matter is if they get a
4:58 am
good negotiation. lou: whoa. you don't think it matters who the heck is negotiating . >> the end result needs to be some serious changes to our immigration policy. lou: says who? >> we currently have random -- people being allowed in on a random basis. it needs to be matched up with the needs of the country, needs to end chain migration, needs to be border enforcement. people are talking about the daca fix but they're not talking about how to change things so in the future we don't have millions of more people who come here illegally. lou: without question, i talked about it with ed rollins in the show. 1986 under president reegen, 1996 under president clinton, amnesty in both cases and no border security improvement whatsoever and the result has been this huge number of illegal immigrants living in this country now and through chain
4:59 am
migration we're witnessing more. >> we need a fundamental reimagination of our immigration policy. we need an america first immigration policy that doesn't just focus on the interest and the needs of those that would want to become americans or legal within our country. but how it benefits the american citizen, how it benefits the american worker. you know, just today -- lou: whoa. i got to ask you. wait a minute. i understand how it benefits the immigrant coming to our country, getting welfare, getting all of the benefits, education, what have you. but it's called a u teulty in un one set of benefits exists, corporations bringing in chief labor and consumers, but how do the citizens and taxpayers benefit? >> that's just it. our immigration system has not been around benefiting the american people. it's about providing a sense --
5:00 am
lou: i'm sorry. i'm going to have to touch off. we're at the end of the show. we'll continue the discussion we can be assured. please join us here. tomorrow >> i'm not going to waste my time or the country's time going page by page talking about a book that's complete fantasy and full of tabloid gossip. lauren: that did not stop people from lining up at midnight to buy a new white house tell-all. cheryl: the bomb cyclone may be history but now the deep freeze specially for new england. lauren: it is official, dow closes 25,000 for the first time and the fastest 1,000 point gain ever, today all eyes on the december job report. cheryl: ahead of labor report, futures pointing to another higher open on the heels of 25k. the


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