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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 8, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you jolly well can't take it with you. k y. at home thank you. here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. special counsel robert mueller has found absolutely no evidence of any kind of any wrongdoing whatsoever. that's our headline. and the next headline is witch hunt persists. the president's legal team is now apparently talking about a possible interview with the special counsel, the president and the special counsel could sit down apparently at some point within the next several weeks. our special guest tonight is congressman rhonda sanities. he says the mueller special counsel is infected with bias and must be shut down all
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together also tonight, some progress in the efforts to purge the deep state department of justice. the department of justice official demoted last month because of his contacts with fusion gps. as we have learned, been demoted for a second time. demoted. i will point out he has not been fired. why? we'll take that up here tonight. bruce orr is no longer the head of the organized crime and drug enforcement task force though he still works for the department of justice. some would ask why is he still there. we'll have the latest. and president trump today working hard to bring prosperity to all americans. the president traveling to mash nashville to speak to the american farm bureau and sign a new executive order that expands the internet into rural areas. i'll take it up with ed rollins and byron work late york.
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fox news confirming that the president's legal team is considering a possible interview with trump and special counsel robert mule per. the president addressed mueller's failed investigation into alleged russian collusion over the weekend at camp david. >> like when you've done nothing wrong, let's be open and get it over with. it's very bad for our country. it's making our country look foolish and this is a country that i don't want looking foolish. and it's not going to we've been very open and we want to get that over with. lou: and the options being discussed include an in-person interview of the president, written responses to questions that would be submitted by mueller's investigators or an affidavit signed by the president stating his position on the case or nothing at all, perhaps. our first guest tonight says, don't jump the gun.
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there are other solutions. he says mueller is setting a trap and that president trump should not agree to an interview with the special counsel or his team. joining me now, congressman ron desantis. a member of several key committees, foreign affairs, judiciary oversight, a member of the freedom caucus and also as of this week a candidate for the governor of the great state of florida. great to see you. appreciate it. >> good evening whereb, lou. lou: let's begin with this discussion, a heartfelt statement that he wants to get this thing resolved. he says that the country looks foolish. i think it's even worse than that. i mean, five committees and a special counsel without a crime, without any evidence of a crime to begin with and none now. it's extraordinary. >> five committees, special counsel and then the investigation that
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the comey investigation. the peter struck investigation. the bruce orr investigation. and yet you have all of these people trying desperately to find evidence of collusion and they haven't been able to do it. clearly we're at the point now where they don't have a collusion case. this obstruction case to me is even weaker because the president, he can fire comey for any reason he wants to. that is the power of the commander in chief under article 2. so the question is, talking to mueller, what does the to gain. mueller doesn't have a case. i would just say, okay, put up or shut up at this time. and if you look at what this investigation has really been about, it's been about either unrelated offense to the campaign, like paul manafort or process crimes, like pop dupe lis or like mick flint with no underlying misconduct. if you have some of the anti-trump prosecutors going and
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they get him to say something that's immaterial but then they say there's a document that conflicts with, you made a misstatement, i don't think -- i don't see why he would want to the that. lou: nor do i, congressman. in fact, i don't understand why hillary clinton isn't right now the target of robert mueller's investigation. there is all sorts of a priority manifest evidence of collusion between the clintons' corrupt empire, if you will, the clinton foundation, the clinton e-mails, and collusion with the russians, whether it's putting classified passwords and documents in the clear for russian agents or whether it is pay for play at the clinton foundation. it's not a very complicated matter. $145 million goes to the foundation and the obama administration with the approval of the secretary of state proceeds to deliver 20% of u.s. strategic assets of uranium.
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>> well the interesting thing about the foundation is, you notice since she lost the election, you don't have millions of dollars flowing into the foundation like you did when she was in office or a punitive president. to me that says a lot. we've talked about false statements with people like flynn. remember hillary's false statements before the congress when she testified before benghazi. she said that there were no classified on her iks mails. fams. she said she turned over all work-related e-mail. false. she said her attorneys went through each e-mail individually to determine whether it was work related. that was false. and we know she deleted 30,000 e-mails under a congressional subpoena and then they bleach bit the serve so it could be unrecoverable. that's the thing that bucks me r
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rostfurrosty with clinton. lou: what do you think of manafort suing the special counsel, that he's gone beyond his original mission as laid out as special counsel, has been abusive of his powers without question in the minds of manafort and his legal team. your thoughts. >> i'm not sure that the lawsuit is going to succeed for procedure reasons it really goeo rod rosenstein's order. he invited a fishing expedition. he didn't identify a crime. he didn't put limitations of scope or duration. i've been saying from day one you have to have that to prevent it from being a fishing expedition. i think it's exceeded its mandate. the problem is it's much easier to cure that by having the
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deputy ag do his job and hoping that this far flung lawsuit is going to succeed. i don't think it will succeed. lou: i want to go to bruce orr and the deep state within the justice department which i have for a cleaning of thatman i corrupt top layer and go deep as necessary within the justice department and the fbi, because this is horrible. bruce orr is stripped of yet another title. his organized crime and drug enforcement task force duties, this is the second time he's been demoted because of his conduct and his relationship to fusion gps, the speer dossier ot trump. why doesn't the man get fired for this kind of conduct? why isn't there more gumption, guts and a standard of ethics and integrity in the department
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of justice than this? >> well there should be. but one of the things that's important to point out with orr, he was not an obama political appointee. he's what you consider a career person. and the immediate will will always say that these career people are, by definition, nonpartisan and that's not necessarily true. they're nominally nonpartisan but many of them behave, like lois lerner and the irs in very partisan ways. lou: he is one of those i refer to when i speak of the deep state. they're not necessarily flying any kind of flag but if they were their flag would be without question left wing and there is no doubt of it. >> so he is -- think about this. you have in the middle of the election, he's having an unauthorized meeting. he's four doorings down from salary yates. he goes in with the meeting with fusion gps most likely because his wife was working to compile the dossier against candidate trump. he's engaged in a --
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lou: working for fusion gps. >> exactly. and they're trying to then provide a nexus from a democrat funded opposition researcher document to the department of justice and the fbi. he would not have been demoted had those meetings be authorized. and me met with christopher steele before the election and then he met with glen simpton and fusion gps after the election. the question is why would he do that? was it to get the story straight? was it to open a new round? he is going to come -- he's finally going to be produced. he's going to be under oath. he's in store for a world class grilling. it's going to be a long day here on capitol hill. lou: do you think we're going to see a world class cleaning of that justice department because it is rancid with corruption. >> well, i mean, orr being demoted twice is good but i agree with you, lou.
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you're demoting these folks, but if they behave in ways that they have to be demoted twice, shouldn't they find another form of work? lou: congressman one last question. as you know, the house intelligence committee receiving the bank records of what do you expect to become of it? >> well i'm not sure what necessarily is in there but i can tell you this. fusion gps fought tooth and nail to keep those bank records secret. they did not want those coming out. so i think there's going to be things in there that surprise us. but this fusion group, you know, they're involved in all kinds of nefarious activity. it's gutter politics. and i think you're going to see some unseemly relationships when that is exposed. lou: congressman desantis, thank you.
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one of the bright young leaders of the republicans on capitol hill. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. the trump economy delivering for all americans, including farmers in the country's heartland. >> we have been working every day to deliver for america's farmers, just as they work every single day to deliver for us. >> we take up the soaring economy under president trump and his 2018 agenda. ed rollins joins us next. another investigation into crooked clinton. the fbi now investigating the clinton foundation over pay to play corruption. will justice be served? we'll have much more, stay with when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in delicious fruit drops.
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lou: a new low for the left edun professor lori rubell declaring in a new article that meritocracy in the classroom -- we dot her. how about the word meritocracy. let's put that up real big. -- in the classroom is a tool -- i can't look at this woman any longer, folks can we take that down? thank you. according to the her, the belief
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that hard work pays off ignores systemic barriers for other than white people. bad. i can't believe somebody is paying this person to come up with such nonsense. in d.c. news, speaking of nonsense, under fire after it had to restract a tweet declaring oprah winfrey to be our next president. what was their source on that? the golden globes. nbc news tweeted during the golden globes, nothing but respect for our future president. oh, you know. when you see the impartiality, the objectivity of nbc news, it's just stirring. it is. don't you think? the fax news network claimed a third party sent out that tweet. those darn third parties. there's reason to view the golden globes with some skepticism and we're going to frame this as a question for you to talk about how the award
10:18 pm
shows winners are actually chosen. so if you will, i guess we put up the answer didn't we? that was going to be a question. remember, producers ? do any of the producers remember that was going to be a question? this is the show that makes -- i mean we are advanced. we set the trends. we lead with the answers and then ask the questions. joining me now, ed rollins, former political director under ronald reagan, fox business contributor. >> nice to be with you. lou: great to be with you. >> thank you. lou: it's a delight to see how many people chose though awards. 90 people. >> and that's if they were all there. drunken. lou: whatever. >> the tragedy of this drill here is that most of them are minor players, all live in l.a., write movies for foreign papers. most of them aren't full time.
10:19 pm
they have a big impact on who gets the academy awards. lou: that's the only voters. 90 people deciding this. >> thousands and thousands. you could make or break a movie basedded on the whim of what goes on here. i think oprah winfrey ought to be president of nbc. i think nbc needs new leadership and she would be perfect. she's got great television experience. they need a woman at the top. i think she would be perfect. maybe that's what they meant by their tweet. lou: could be in which case i completely misinterpreted it. how about just go to the head of who owns them, comcast is it? somebody like that. >> i think so. lou: the roberts family i'm sure wouldn't have a problem with that. let's turn to the president today. having to deal with the idiots. i love watching cnn, msnbc, the
10:20 pm
"the new york times," "washington post" all these left wing outlets. they're trying so hard to pretend that this book, what is it called? fury and whatever, by michael ml wolff. he's acknowledging he's not good with facts. he's not entirely serious about anything but he wants whatever it does, he would like his book to unseat president trump. i mean this is nonsense. and they act as though this is a serious journalistic effort. >> he starts off in the beginning saying some of the quotes won't be accurate. it's a narrative. and the narrative is they want to make the president look -- lou: it's a hit job. >> it is a hit job. equally important. a few people inside the white house trying to get even with each other and i think to a certain extent there's nothing new you would learn. i read it over the weekend. there's nothing i didn't know already. it was a white house to start with. a man worked his way to be an
10:21 pm
effective president. he had a bunch of staff people who had never been in the white house before. lou: but i ams if nateed. i think the president sawed it right. let's see, how did he do in business? he became a multibillionaire. people starting this nonsense about his mental status, stability, whatever. and then he becomes, at various points, a toppers nalty on television for about a decade and then he becomes president when he runs and knocks out the clinton dynasty, the bush dynasty and 16 other people in the republican party he had to run against. this is a real problem he's got. >> won 30 states basically. lou: how stupid. how do these people go on the air and not think they're the biggest damn fools who ever walked spewing this nonsense. >> it is nonsense. unfortunately it's a best-selling book. lou: hell. there's lots of crap selling.
10:22 pm
>> that's very true. it's not going to be a historic book and the historic book with judge him. lou: serious question. how many presidents can point to 25,000 on the dow, 7,000 points added to the dow, $7 trillion basically, to the equities markets. 4% growth in the fourth quarter after two consecutive quarters, 3% beater growth. how many people -- 4.1% unemployment. >> none. lou: how in the hell does the national left wing media dispel their hatred and awfulness. how can they not acknowledge those incredible unprecedented achievements. >> he literally in one year undid everything obama did.
10:23 pm
he repeal anything he did by executive order. lou: i like what he did in the economy, i like what he did with consumer confidence, i like what he did with turning the whole attitude of this country around. but like you said, undoing what that fellow for eight years did, which was just drive everybody -- i mean one more week of obama and most people would have been putting their heads in a sack cloth and calling it quits. i mean that is the saddest most dplesessing fellow we've had as president. >> he's not gone yet. he's going on the world stage and bad mouth -- lou: at least he's not president. he can go around and talk nonsense. >> we have a president and this president is going to get stronger by the day. lou: there you go. hallelujah. ed rollins, great to talk with you. appreciate it. it's kind of fun, isn't it? >> winning. lou: now you're all excited about oprah. >> she would have to take a big cut in pay. lou: be sure to vote in
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tonight's poll. do you believe it is past time for the department of justice to not merely demote the corrupt bruce orr and oh yeah, the deep state and the heads of three intelligence operations but to fire him outright? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs and tomorrow night i'll tell you how i voted. follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook. wall street, stocks closed mixed. some uncertainly climbing into the market. the dow fell from its all-time high by 13 points. well almost 13. down to 25,283 even. another tough day. but the other two indexes hit new record highs. nasdaq up 2 is, closing at a record high. volume on the big board, 3.2 billion shares, plujing 13% after the company said it's
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cutting 21% of its workforce, exiting the drone market and not telling us which market it was going to inhabit listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, there are mountains of evidence that confirm the real corruption, the real collusion originates with an yoit fit called the clintons. so why haven't they faced the consequences? i'll take that up in my commentary coming up here next. stay with us. we'll be
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estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade. lou: let's talk about the president's legal team. apparently preparing to negotiate their demands and conditions for the bos possibily on the possibility only of a sitdown between special counsel robert mueller and the president. sources tell fox news the conversations are in early stages and an interview, written answers or an affidavit from the
10:30 pm
president may actually never had at all. the motivation for the president's legal team, we're told, could be an early resolution to counsel's probe, or as it's known in the rational world, the mueller witch hunt. and witch hunt it has been by any definition. mueller's probe was launched back in may picking up an fbi investigation that began in july of 2016. there are at least, at the same time, five congressional investigations and despite all of that time, it's a combined 6.5 years of expense, energy and effort. think about it. 6.5 years of designed to frustrate the trump administration's policies and president trump's effectiveness. and there's been absolutely no evidence of collusion turned up in all of that time in all of that effort whatsoever.
10:31 pm
and the madness, the madness goes on, largely because the speaker and the expwhroort leader see political advantage in allowing the special counsel to continue doing his worst against the president, making ryan and mcconnell in my opinion no better than pelosi and schumer. they're looking for political advantage instead of doing the right thing for the president and the nation. this nonsense has to end. as for evidence, the only evidence is against hillary clinton. the clinton foundation received $48 million from foreign governments, some 85 donors who contributed as much as $156 million to the foundation met with clinton while she was secretary of state and she was a participant in the transfer of the fifth of this country's strategic uranium assets. wow. that's not too complicated for anyone, is it? even a damn attorney should understand that, if i may use the expression. and as a result, the justice
10:32 pm
department and fbi are now taking a look at the clinton foundation and pay for play as well investigation. and so far no explanation from any quarter on why these agencies failed to do their duty staring squarely at obviously incriminating facts from the very beginning. yet the national left wing media up in arms now about a possible interview between president trump and the special count sell or a piece of fictional trash that is filled with nothing but fraudulent material. and an interview that may never happen between mueller, who hasn't asked for one, and the president, who doesn't know if he wants one. i believe it's well past time that we focus on the real evidence of wrongdoing and that is the wrongdoing of the clintons, the obama administration and yes, if you
10:33 pm
must throw the russians in as well. because they were the runs colluding with the obama administration which did nothing about their meddling in the election of 2016. and the clintons, with whom they ended up with, 20% of america's uranium's reserves. is that enough evidence do you think for investigation? let's found out. our quotation of the evening from will rogers, and he said this. quote, i don't make jokes, i just watch the government and report the facts. it works the well for me. how about you? we're coming right back. president trump makes the border wall a top priority for 2018. >> we are going to end chain migration. we are going to end the lottery system and we are going to build the wall. >> we take up the president's efforts to secure or border.
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christopher bedford and tammy bruce join me next. and the record breaking deep freeze turning the northeast into a winter wonderland rivalling the arctic. just how cold is it? we'll show you spectacular video here next. we're coming right back. with adt, you can feel safe for only $49.00. that includes security panel, keypad, key fob, entry and motion sensors and for a limited time, get a camera included and installed at no additional cost. ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy.
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ltd i can't wait for you to see this. president trump's senior policy adviser stephen miller taking on the face news, or at least part
10:38 pm
of the fake news over the weekend. in doing so he destroyed cnn's jake tapper in what turned out to be a pretty fiery interview. listen to this. >> the people that you don't connect with and understand, the people whose manufacturing jobs have left, have been besieged by communities and affected by a policy of uncontrolled immigration, those voices, those experiences don't get covered on this network. that's why -- to prove the point, i was booked to talk about the very issues i'm just describing and you're not asking about them because they're not interesting fact to you. are plenty of questions. i want to ask you a question. >> don't get condescending. you have 24 hours a day of anti-trump material and you're not going to give three minutes to the american people. >> i get it. lou: do you really think he gets it? let's find out. joining me now, ed toir in chief for the daily news fed occasion,
10:39 pm
and a washington times columnist, fox contributor, tammy bruce. let's start out with, what did e between tapper and miller? >> i don't think it was a contest at all. i think you know, it's one thinh the interrupting necessarily to some degree. but it's the patronizing, this smug arrogance that infuses mr. tapper's work in general. this idea that he is a moral ar barby tore to everyone. his program he's losing to the animal planet and rerun of "friends." and yet i think it was pretty good for mr. miller to really state the situation without any, you know -- lou: do you think it was a. >> i think both of those guys are good.
10:40 pm
i know stephen miller and i've watched jack tapper for a while. lou: i love that. >> i think cnn is number one in line to get donald trump's award next week for fix news network. they've screwed up so many times and shown such bias. maybe the only show i can watch on the network is jake tapper and he does occasionally hit both ways. but stephen miller is certainly a formidable foe. this was a 15-minute interview. i had it difficult to watch those two going at it as hard as it went. lou: i happen to think miller by the way, i thought he cleaned his clock, just to put it straightforwardly. the other disadvantage is that network takes a book. what is the name of the taf book. >> "fire and fury." lou: doesn't it sound cool? they and msnbc, the various left wing outlets, taking it
10:41 pm
seriously, like it's a journalistic enterprise, like the author was some sort of bob woodward. and then want to carry the water as long as they can. that's really sickening because that takes them into a whole new line of propaganda. >> i have got a column at fox it hit yesterday. lou: i got it. >> mr. wolf f is a fa fabulousi. lou: i want a stronger majority. >> this is a man who's had a problem with the truth for a very long time. lou: he's a liar. did you say he's a liar. >> even in his own book he's not sure what is the truth and what isn't the streut. if it rings true, then it is true. this is the problem with liberals. they don't like truth. they don't like fact. lou: you two have gone absolutely wobbly on me and i can't figure it out.
10:42 pm
a fabulousist and an even match, said christopher bedford. what are we to do with you two? >> editors across the news spectrum have really failed their viewer osen this on this . if anyone at fox business wanted to publish any of these claims, an editor of any kind would say i need to see your sources, your transcripts. where's the double-check and the background. liberals and part of the media want to believe this, it sounds true, they haven't asked any of the important questions. and places in new york and dak -- lou: it's fine. >> exactly. terrible. lou: the fact is the president is right. he is besieged from nearly every direction by morons who want to believe and therefore do, nonsense. and you've got -- and steve, steve bannon. this is a guy i've known for a while. i can't figure out what happened to him. but one thing he did was commit
10:43 pm
suicide politically here. >> it's unfortunate. i've worked with him for a couple of times. i don't know him very well. lou: no one knew him well enough to anticipate this. >> it's what we learn about ourselves, not necessarily when we're down but when we're successful. lou: everyone is going existential. >> this is the problem with major success. lou: i'm not smart enough to host this show. >> bannon figured that maybe he's better than anyone else and then the worst about you comes out and you misjudge yourself and what you're capable of. lou: you get the last quick word. >> it's worth mentioning, lou, after steve bannon left the white house, the leaks at the washington post came to an end. >> it sure did. >> this seems like it's a symptom of it. toxicity, back stabbing in the
10:44 pm
white house. lou: now alchemy. >> it's monday. lou: thank you for being with us. appreciate it. thank you both. and please roll the video and check out this cape cod beach in massachusetts which completely froze over from last week's record breaking cold. temperatures in the area reaching negative 4 degrees fahrenheit. ocean water freezing at 28.4 because of its salt content. well it's actually 3.6. i know. but we round. we rounded up. that i can still do and i get to sit in the chair as long as i can do that. up next, growing conflicts of interest within the justice department as an official tie to the anti-trump dossier that high justice department official bruce orr isn't as high as he once was, demoted for a second time. his career and and interesting trajectory. a full report for you straight ahead. stay with us.
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the department concealed mes with men behind the discredited dossier has he's still being paid by the department of justice. fox news chief intelligence
10:49 pm
correspondent has our report. >> though a senior justice department official with an appearing conflict over fusion gps has been demoted for a second time. bruce or rorkr was stripped of s title as associate deputy attorney general in december after fox news reported orr had meetings unknown to his superiors with the cofounder of fusion as christopher steele who compiled the dossier researcher. it's not clear where orr has landed though he's still an employee of the justice department. orr's wife is a russian specialist who did researcher for the dossier. orr is now scheduled to testify to the house intelligence committee behind closed doors on january 17th. after last week's deal with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and christopher wray, the committee got access to the
10:50 pm
documents late house investigator es could take notes. it's handling by the fbi, witness interview summaries for confidential sources or informants known as 1023s. president trump said the evidence would not implicate his team. >> the story by the way in the "times" is off. everything i've done is 100% proper. that's what i do. i do things everyone found that after a year of study there's been no collusion, no collusion between us and the russians. >> now the intelligence committee is scheduling ten more interviews this month, including former comey's inner circle and two trump aides. lou: up next, president trump promises that american first immigration policy and that is what he is delivering.
10:51 pm
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start winning today. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. lou: in our online poll last week when asked, do you have any confidence the justice department can credibly investigate clinton corruption before it purges the deep state
10:55 pm
and the management of the fbi? 86% say no way. the trump administration is ending 200,000 special visas for salvadorans. there are more than 320,000 total immigrants from 10 temporarily protected status countries living in this country. some have been here for more than a quarter century. joining me, byron york. great to see you. terrific column today. let me turn to the "washington examiner" column in which you basically say the president has an incredible opportunity here to get much of his immigration agenda put through.
10:56 pm
byron: he does have some leverage. we are not talking about the government funding debate because that's something where i think in the past republicans tried to attach policy preferences that would keep the government funded and they lost. if the democrats try to do that with dak, attach a daca legalization bill to keep the government running, they will lose. lou: durbin and the boys are running around delivering ultimatums to the president. byron: they could have done that in december and they did not. i think cooler heads in washington are suggesting they not do it this time. you know republicans have always said, republicans always lose government shutdown fights. maybe it more accurate thing to say is the party that tries to attach the unrelated policy
10:57 pm
preference to the government funding loses the fight, and that could be the democrats in this case. lou: insist on ultimatums is the stuff of foolishness. let's talk about where the president is. he reiterated no daca unless he has the wall. unless the lottery system is gone and a meritocracy not chain migration policy is put in place. byron: he has until march 5 if nothing is done. he has leverage because the democrats want this legalization to take place. i know there are many, many republicans who also want it to take place. but they want something in exchange for it. lou: some of the republicans do, others are in the same position as the democrats. to hell with it, we'll take daca
10:58 pm
at any cost. byron: there are four republican senators who signed on to the republican daca bill. it's lindsey graham, jeff flake and lisa murkowski. lou: all four are rinos and not substantive thinkers on the issue of immigration. byron: the big thing here is can trump get something on his wall to get started with it. one of the things i talk about in my piece, i talked about ask congress to set aside $18 billion the next 10 years for the wall. lou: in i may, let me interject. $18 billion would be a 10-year project to build a wall that still would not be 2,000 miles so that's not adequate for a
10:59 pm
president who promised to build a wall. this is a very difficult ground for the president it seems to me, particularly when not a single democrat has voted for a trump initiative and he's been -- there has been question that this is a democratic initiative that he would be sponsoring. byron: it requires 60 votes in the senate. so i think what trump is trying to find is a way to get a down payment on a wall -- lou: this is not what the president pledged. he said build the damn wall. byron: they are going to try to make it like a toll road where they impose fees on your visas. lou: you are talking about a fiction if he were to persist in that.
11:00 pm
i think it what be the architect of disaster here. byron, we are out of time. byron: thank you, lou. lou: that's it for us. thanks for bk k k k k k k k k k. at home thank you. here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. special counsel robert mueller has found absolutely no evidence of any kind of any wrongdoing whatsoever. that's our headline. and the next headline is witch hunt persists. the president's legal team is now apparently talking about a possible interview with the special counsel, the president and the special counsel could sit down apparently at some point within the next several weeks. our special guest tonight is congressman rhonda sanities. he says the mueller special counsel is infected with bias and must be shut down


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