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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 9, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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i believe the president knows that and he will fulfill his campaign promise. lou: thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: a big meeting at the white house as lawmakers and the president try to reach a deal on the budget. gop congressman thomas massie is here to kick off the show. north korea making a deal to send athletes to the olympics. does that mean armageddon is postponed? take off your sweater, it's about to get hot. there are dueling walls holding up the congressional spending deal. the president wants a physical barrier to symbolize his campaign promises.
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chuck schumer blasted the president for his immigration tactics, promising people who were brought to this country as kids that they wouldn't be used as bargaining chips. but democrats are going to with hold spending votes. the dreamers are looking pretty chippy to me. republicans look at immigrants as criminals, democrats see them as victims. the president rounded up both parties to see if some donkey arms could be twisted and cajoled into voting for a purple plan. the president is ready to dig a shovel into the southern border. the best we can hope for is
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another continuing resolution as congress once again does nothing on immigration. glad you are here, i'm kennedy. earlier today the president claimed negotiations on immigration are moving right along and hinted at what a compromise could look like. >> if we do this properly, daca, you are not so far away from comprehensive immigration reform. if you want to take it that far i'll take the heat from the democrats and republicans. kennedy: will democrats play ball? or are we heading toward another game of political chicken? let me ask about somebody who knows about kentucky fried ching. thomas massie. >> thank you, kennedy. i watched the president and i
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thought he was masterful in that meeting. it looked like dick durbin and steny hoyer were eating lemons. kennedy: it looked like the president was having a good time. i was surprised to see cameras allowed in there. what did you make of the policy moves and what can we expect on dak, immigration and the spending bill? >> if you are here in congress it is apparent, there are two bills leaving the station. one is the senate bill with durbin and graham on it. the other is a house bill that will be unrolled tomorrow. it will address such things as chain migration, you know, it's going to have e-verify in it. but it will address other things like perhaps sanctuary cities. it will cover a lot of topics, border security of course.
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and visa overstay. kennedy: when you say the house bill addresses chain migration, does it end chain migration? >> for distant relatives. if you have a minor or spouse, they can still get a green card. kennedy: what would the status of the dreamers be under the house plan, would they be given amnesty or is citizenship folded into expert groups of people who obey the law or join the military? >> the specifics aren't released yet. i don't want to get into that. but i don't think there will be amnesty in here if that's what you call it. i think you will deal with the daca, the children who are here. by the way, kennedy, i think this is a manufactured crisis. obama's allowances that he made for niece children that arrived here only applied to children
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who got here before january 1, 2010. all the children who got here after january 1, 2010 have no special prifts or immunities by obama by miss prosecutorial discretion. when this deadline hits us, the kids who hit us the kids who got here before january 2010 will be treats aim as those month got here after january 2010. kennedy: if you got here in february 2010 you could be deported. >> that's the case whether we renew daca or not. kennedy: will there be a continuing resolution or some sort of buttoning up of daca wrapped in with the spending bill? >> if the democrat want to threat on shut count government because they don't get some kind
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of immigration deal, so be it. they are for big government, we are for less government. who wins in that shutdown? kennedy: no one wins. that was one of the main points of my monologue at the top of the show. i think it's dangerous and short-sighted. i don't think any of that stuff should be tied together. for some of your colleagues in congress, there is a lot of can kicking. and a continuing resolution is another symptom of that illness. >> under speaker boehner i felt like the budget crisis was manufactured. under speaker ryan i feel like it's genuine because he can't get republicans together to do a budget and agree to cut spending. kennedy: you and i talked about this. your brand of liberty preserving republican is different than the statist republicans who have
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been infected with populism and medicaid addiction. congress has to reauthorize the controversial section of the foreign intelligence surveillance act. privacy advocates have criticized that as a back door for the feds to spy on americans. it allows them to collect information on foreigners and scooping up americans at the same time. the identity of those americans are suppose to remain anonymous, but chairman nunes has been up in arms about the unmasking. how should congress deal with section 702 before next friday. >> there will be an amendment that will require the federal agencies to get a warrant if they want to query that data
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base. they will have to get a warrant. we want that amendment to pass. it will probably be offered tomorrow or the next day. it's an odd coalition. you have individuals and the aclu teaming up with freedom works and the freedom caucus. we have an amendment to try and require a warrant. trying to preserve our 4th amendment rights guaranteed in the constitution. ironically, devin nunes who has been doing the investigations about what happened under the obama presidency at the end. how the abuses of this program were rampant. he's in favor of renewing the program without having substantial reforms. just get a warrant. kennedy: that's exactly right. a quick yes or no. will this amendment pass?
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>> it's passed twice when i offered it and it failed once. i think it's a good chance it will pass if people call their congressman. kennedy: it appears there has been a potentially major breakthrough in the korean standoff. they agreed to hold some military talks. but perhaps more importantly the north koreans have agreed to send a team to next month's winter olympics in south korea. critics say it can show kim jong-un that it's make things worse for north korea and all the athletes defect. joining me now, this luscious party panel, carley shimkus is here, along with the author of
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"dear reader." the unauthorized biography of kim jong-il. michael 3458 his. and the host of the tom shillue radio show. it's tom shillue. malice, i'll start with you. sorry, shillue. go to pong pyongyang then comek and talk to me. kennedy: the delegation will be trainers and coaches and cheerleaders and well wishers. ways going to keep them from defecting. >> whenever you send anybody jeff seas to north korea your family is held hostage. kennedy: i was wondering about that. that makes perfect sense considering the behavior of the regime. the last time south korea had the olympics the north wanted to
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co-host. kim jong-il ordered two spies to put a bomb on the plane and kill 100 people. they have north korea on the state sponsor of terrorism. when north korea is making moves internationally it's often for show. last summer they were going to nuke guam, now they are care bears and everyone's friend. we are dealing with gangsters who will put on any show to get anything they want. kennedy: are they being so squeeze by the sanctions they are desperate for money? >> it's them against the rest of the world. if they can frame it as them versus the u.s. imperialists which ways they call us. kennedy: north korea emerged from the meeting saying our
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nuclear threats are not trained on south korea, china or russia. if you were a u.s. athlete would you go to the south korean games? >> i read michael malice's book. kennedy: are you worried? tom: no, i don't think there will be an attack. i don't even know if the provocations by the president, he hasn't hurt the situation any, right? i don't think he has. kennedy: that remains to be seen. i hope it helps. i hope this type of bluster -- let me ask you that before i go to carley. a lot of people are worried the president was asking for nuclear war when he said the button on my desk is bigger. is there some virtue to this way of taunting kim jong-un?
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michael: north korea if you want to be polite are an outlier. so the idea that you can talk to them the say way you talk to theresa may, angela merge or putin is false. you have to treat them like they are an a -- an anomaly. there is in other country like this in the world. carley: if you want to talk about the reports that the u.s. is considering a limited military strike against north korea in response to a missile test. and another report said the u.s. needs to accept a nuclear north korea for face ruin. so we are not out of the woods by any means. my concern is they are trying to
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cozy up to south korea to get the economic aid. kennedy: they don't want war, man. that sounds like the kinds of person who went to brown university and majored in yachting. michael * they are still in the second world war it was just an arm cities that was signed. kennedy: and a leg. kennedy it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same.
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kennedy: special counsel robert mueller has reportedly told the president's legal team that's he wants to talk to the president. the president's attorneys want to avoid that because is there not much good that can come from being grilled in person. trump's lawyers would prefer to
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provide written answers. something mueller's team is very unlikely to accept. the president right rated, there was no collusion with russia during the 2016 election. but could mueller's team be looking for other charges. joining us now, congressman ron desantis. if you were one of the president's lawyers would you advise him not to speak with special counsel? >> i would advise him not to speak with the special counsel. this has been going on for a long time. comey was investigating this for almost a year before mueller was even appointed, yet we don't have evidence of collusion. the charges brought by mueller either have nothing to do with the campaign like paul manafort or are a process crime where flynn and papadopoulos pled
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guilty to lying man some cases unfairly because they were lying about non-material facts. that tells me if he were to talk he would be putting himself in jeopardy of being purchase student for a process offense. kennedy: that sort of process crime is very unlikely. snrr questions as to whether or not the president can be charged with a crime like that. what happens if the president's lawyers say we don't want to do a face to face interview. we'll only submit written answers to your questions. if the office of special counsel says we are not going to do that, and they issue a seen a what does the president do then? >> that creates constitutional concerns. the president is the superior to mueller and everybody at the
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department of justice. it raises separation everything powers concerns. that's one reason why the doj said a sitting president can't be indicted. now if you think the president has done something or abused his authority, the proper remedy under the constitution is a political remedy, and a lot of the democrats wants to pursue that, impeachment. but i don't any there are grounds for that. i was oppose -- i was opposed te appointment of muler in the first place. kennedy: what about some of the tougher questions surrounding that. why did you tell lester holt you fired comey because of the russia investigation? why did you tweet part of the reason flynn was relieved of duty was because of the russia investigation in addition to
8:22 pm
lying to vice president pence. as you have seen in some of the media interviews the president has done, when people lay a trap for him and he gets defensive, that's when he gets into trouble. >> i think when he said that about russia. i don't think he was saying shut it down. i think he was upset at comey for telling him privately, you are not under investigation, then testifying publicly, i can confirm we are doing a counter intelligence investigation with trump campaign people and feeding speculation. so i think he thought that put an unfair cloud over his presidency spipt was distracting him from doing his job. kennedy: those are the types of things they will want clarification on. those are the times of things prosecutors are well versed in rooting out better than
8:23 pm
journalists like lester holt who are historically not very good at asking follow-up questions. what do you think the president and his legal team will do here? >> steer away as far as possible. make them produce the evidence. to have somebody in doj reviewing the president's decision or justification, he doesn't have to have a justification to fighter fbi director. that's not the way this works constitutionally. i think it creates issues. one thing we now know that we didn't know at the time. he always said the russia thing wasn't on the up and up. we now have the documents coming in. we'll get the truth about the dossier, bruce ohr and peter strzok. everything that has come out so far does not look good about the facts of that investigation. it lends credence to the
8:24 pm
president saying this is a joke and we need to move on. kennedy: unfortunately for him web's in a very difficult position. but if he wants to see this thing wrapped up, i think sitting for that interview is the only way to do it. the president claims the new book about him is full of lies. but is there any truth to the allegations made in that book? i will put it to the panel about fire and furey next. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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kennedy: remember james damore, the google engineer who was fired for writing that controversial diversity memo saying that women were less suited for technology jobs because of biology. james damore has filed a lawsuit against google for alleged discrimination against wise and men. >> there is continued harassment and career sabotage of anyone that express a conservative
8:29 pm
viewpoint. and there is constant shaming and attacks against white men within silicon valley. and this creates a toxic environment at google. kennedy: am i watching a scene from an hbo show? does this case have any legs? the party panel returned. carlecarley shimkus, michael mae and tom shillue. does this lawsuit have any merit? tom: i think it does. why not? usually i laugh off these kinds of lawsuits. but now the left is getting a taste their own medicine really. i just created that expression. kennedy: they make the medicine.
8:30 pm
tom: we need guys like this to show what tom foolery it is. kennedy: michael malice, google said tell us whatever want. be as honest as possible. let us know what we are doing wrong. how can we get more women into tech. break it down. an writes this manifesto and he's fired. >> james todaymore has a masters the. to denigrate specifically men or den grait specifically whites. these are things that are very difficult to hold up in court. the conservative thing i think is a no-go. but when you talk about discrimination based on race and
8:31 pm
gender it's difficult to come out with their public image. carley: he was saying women don't hold as many tech jobs as men because women * more interested in people than things. they might become doctors, lawyers, nurse rather than engineers. does everybody have to agree with that point? absolutely not. is that a fireable offense? absolutely not. this is a classic case' of silicon valley -- kennedy: maybe people in that region feel the same way but are ashamed so many people hold that's belief. carley saying google holds these ideas when it comes to diversity of thought. kennedy: 31% of their workforce
8:32 pm
is female. the publisher of "fire and fury" is hitting back at the white house and says the cease and desist her runs afoul of the first amendment. it's unclear if he will pursue legal action. but "fire and fury" is the hottest selling book in the country. there is a three to four-week wait for a hard cover it's hard to tell what is true in the tell-all. so we brought back the panel. this is real news, fake news. if the fire and fury edition. i'll ask the panel a series of questions and they will tell me if the story is real according to the book or fake news that did not appear in the book. did they appear in "fire and
8:33 pm
fury" or not. are you ready? was this in the book? donald trump jr. said his father looked like he saw a ghost after realizing he won the presidency. real or fake. carley: real. kennedy: he said his dad looked like edtold friends his dad looked like he saw a ghost. tom: i'm not saying it's real. but it's really in the book. kennedy: question number two, president trump said that if chris christie was his vice president netflix should make a show called house of carbs? real news or fake news. kennedy: that he did not appear in the book but it could have.
8:34 pm
did these really appear in "fire and fury." steve bannon's nickname for jared kushner and ivanka trump was bum and birm. his nickname was jarvanka. question number four. president trump was so afraid of being wiretapped he once pat down everyone in the oval office including mike pence. real news or fake news. you are all correct. that is fake. he was just giving them a hug. it had nothing to do with wiretaps. it had to do with that hoosier ham. tom are's a germ oh phone.
8:35 pm
-phobe. kennedy: michael and tom are tied with the lead with four apiece. it was his spray and. white house insiders referred to president trump's sonts with. takes to heaven. carley, if you get this right -- several campaign workers thought president trump was the one who leaked naked pictures of melania during the election. was it in the book? unfortunately you have fallen
8:36 pm
further afield. michael and tom you have 6 apiece. carley, you only have four. kennedy: president trump made a rash decision to fire james comey after shooting his worst golf game ever. real news or fake news. was that really in the book? carley you are up to 5, michael and tom you have 7. and here is question number 9. our final question of the day. author michael wolff is a two-bit huckster who played both sides of the political aisle for financial gain. that's real news. here is the tie breaker question. whoever gets it right wins the game it's between michael and tom. steve bannon was nicknamed sloppy steve because he asked
8:37 pm
for sloppy joes on air force one. you both get that right, you both win the game. not stoppable, unbeatable. thank you so much. tom, michael, welcome back it's great to see you. and carley. coming up, proof that forcing people to raise the minimum wage are sending people to the unemployment line. to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think we have a potential to make a difference. (barry murrey) we would save a lot of lives if we could bring the doctor to the patient.
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kennedy: the latest case of be careful what you wish for. minimum wage hikes are hitting some businesses in the pocket and forcing them to lay off workers. red robin reportedly planning to eliminate bus boys and bus girls from their 570 restaurants because the company claims they can no longer afford to play them. the remaining staff will have to deliver the food, and clean the tables and klein after a bunch of slobs which will slow down the process. while they are hoping to save millions in party cash, can working class folks are going to lose their jobs and the experience of customers in the stores will suffer. fox business network's gerri
8:42 pm
willis. let's talk about this. we heard a lot about smaller stores, book stores, restaurants, retailer hit by minimum wage because they have such a narrow margin, it's difficult to keep with even a 50 cent per hour hike. but this is a big chain looking to save a lot of money. how could it affect the customer experience? gerri: they are laying off bus boys, last year they laid off he dierts, the people who put the food on the plates. this is a company at the margin. they are having trouble getting people in the door. so you are making the possible date let's say of this company come faster because it's costing them a lot of money. their cfo says we need to
8:43 pm
address the labor increases we have seen. so the fight for 15 coming back and biting people in the butt who were supposed to get help. i have seen estimates of what this might mean for workers. some $5 biadditional dollars -- $5 billion additional dollars. but let's talk about the loss of jobs. according to one estimate as many as 13 million jobs might go by the wayside. kennedy: 400,000 in california alone when they start the more rapid minimum wage increase. if you talk about bus boys. for a lot of people, that's their first job. if you can't even get into the labor market, how are you supposed to get ahead in life? gerri: the left talks about a living wage. it's a starter job, it wasn't
8:44 pm
meant to be a living wage. i remember what andy pudster said, robots make zero wages. if you want to get your burger from a machine? i don't. kennedy: only if it's delicious and the machine can perfectly cook bacon. coming up, pane ohio suburb is being plagued by wild turkeys. a bird's-eye view and a bull's-eye shot next in the "topical storm" next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products,
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8:49 pm
they are beating people. postal carriers in the town much rocky river have been unable to deliver mail for three weeks because birds have been attack anyone who walks down the sidewalk. it's like chicago with feathers. residents have been forced to drive to the post office since city ordinances don't allow for them to be he eradicated. the city mass asked residents to stop putting out bird feed. why are there all these wild turkeys? they are setting up tv screens that play hbo's girls on loop. the birds are take me to the factory. put some clothes on, girls.
8:50 pm
topic number two. last night's championship football game went off without a hitch or a president who knows the words to the national anthem. but that's another story for another time. let's watch some football. look at that. the president seemed like a good omen for georgia. but in the end it was bama who made a huge comeback to snag the fifth championship in nine years. one may say they have done so much winning they are sick of winning. the tide becomes the 11th team in history to win it all after startinged the year as number one in the polls. it's not easy to win when you
8:51 pm
are ranked number one in the polls. if you don't believe me, ask hillary. topic number three. a lot of you watching at home think we are crazy to live here in new york city. now there is proof. you are right, i'm not talking about the reelection of mayor deblast yes. -- mayor deblasio. the national ufo center says residents have reported 20ufo sightings since 2016. but some calls were very vague. one knicks fan claims he saw something at madison square garden that was like nothing he had ever seen before. other callers reported a rowrndle morning orb that tele-ported away in a
8:52 pm
cigar-shaped craft. none of these objects landed because not even aliens could find a parking spot in new york city. it's out of my hands. topic number four. dunnin donuts is going to stop -- dunkin donuts will stop selling its tuna melt this week. they are eliminating items from their menu in order to provide faster service. other items on the chopping block include smoothies and flat bread. and their toasty breakfast sandwich. a move that has fans flying their man boo brkss at
8:53 pm
half-mast. topic number 5. ontario, an exhibit dedicated to justin bieber. it's a huge deal for his fans. up to now the only place to see his possessions was the evidence room at's lapd. you can egg your neighbor's house. acin a bucket at a french restaurant. than is talk of them having bumper cars, or as he calls them westward, ferraris. in the cafeteria the brownies have a substance in them that will make you feel like you are being chased by wild turkeys. never say never, bieb.
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when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. kennedy: the left is gleefully falling all over itself to
8:58 pm
pucker up and smooch oprah's presidential hiney. but she doesn't want to be presidents. she has he will swraited herself yoonlds cultural icon. she has total control over an empire that can make people do something no one can do. make people feel better. if she ran for or became president, she would have too letter her throne to mingle with common peasants, half of whom already despise the thought of being anointsd by this pseudobuddhist. opposition hell holes provide opposition research. when you get elected you have to sell tax plans and couple with strategies for special forces in
8:59 pm
northern africa. you don't get to nibble a man and occasionally weigh in on how one becomes one's best self. she needs to stay in her bubble poured by adoration. and if she were to lose the white house, her memory would burst and the only oprah anyone would remember would be a far cry from the sexy inspirer who won the cecil b. demille award at the golden globes. threat modern politics stay in the gutter so you can pity them from your guilded perch. you are welcome, dear. follow me on twitter and instagram. email
9:00 pm tomorrow on the show congressman matt gates and katie pavlich and charles payne. good night. >> a regular old dad... >> all he said was, "who's gonna buy something from bill wagner?" >> turned art scene heavyweight. >> he went from very clean-cut to start wearing brighter-colored shirts, and then his hair grew long. >> how important a name is he? >> there are no comparables. >> he leaves behind a puzzle. >> oh, the sun is shining. or it's an egg. are you sure these go together? >> it's always a mystery. >> this is all your dad's? >> it's a very small portion of the art that he produced. >> how do you handle an 8-ton inheritance? >> every single day, i've thought, "what am i going to do with it?" [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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