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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 14, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today making his immigration stance clear with there must be a border wall or no deal with daca. that is a tenant of his campaign. and dems and rhino republicans trying to drive him in a different direction yesterday. among our guests. congressman andep biggs. he said the wall must be built before congress passes daca legislation. and president trump calling on
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republican law makers to take control of the russia witch hunt. none. investigations found a a single shred of evidence and yet the special counsel continues to waste time and taxpayer dollars and energy and congressman francis rooney joins us. said the department of justice and fbi is off of the rail and need to purge the deep state. also tonight. president trump keeping want pressure on north korea even as he continues to the diplomates that forced kim jong-un to the negotiating table with south korea. and the united states destroyed nuclear bombers to guam. we'll take up the president's efforts to reign in kim jong-un. our top story tonight.
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president trump saying any immigration deal that he signs must include a funding for the promise of the border wall. >> we need the wall for security and safety and stopping the drugs from pouring in. i would imagine democrat and republican, i believe they will come up with a solution to at this time daca problem that is going on for a long time and maybe beyond that immigration as a whole. without the wall, it all doesn't work. >> lou: president trump's comments come after a judge's rheuming bar the trump's administration from facing out the daca program. donald trump said it just shows everyone how broken and unfair our court system is when the opposing side in the case such as daca always runs to the 9th
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circuit and almost always wins before being reversed by higher courts. the trump's administration to seek a stay from the ninety-ninth circuit or go straight to the supreme court. our first guest said president trump is within his rights to end daca and the ruling is the latest example of an activist judge imposing his political views. joining us it congressman andy biggs. congressman, it is good to have you here. is it not frustrating to watch. usual leap the left wing judges trying to intervene in the legislative process and overwhelm our political system? >> yes, lou, i can't agree more. i live in arizona which is in the 9th circuit and that circuit is out of control. i introduced legislation to get
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arizona out and create a new circuit. but we have to bring them to heel and the only way to do that is financially, and that's one of our checks against the fudishary. >> lou: there hasn't been an impeachment and some of the rulings is from a distant and strange land and not one of our most important circuit courts. >> they are so far off of the reservation, everything is done there is as a political motivation. and why they are ruling the way they are. it is you need to get off of the bench if it is based on politics and not the law. >> lou: turning to daca itself. the president, the president has
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moved against it and yet congress has not in the time he allotted until march 5th done going to replace daca or to make a mends for what is an unconstitutional executive order on the part of president obama and what is a very, very complicated mess for those brought her illegally by illegal immigrant parents. >> yeah, here's the deal. president trump did what he had to do. he can't exercise power he doesn't have and he gave it back to congress. daca is not what people want. they want the dream act. it said if you are brought here illegally, we'll give you a path of amnesty and your family and
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chain of migration in place. when people talk about tacka is generally what they want. >> lou: but that is not what the american people want in the most recent polling. most people illegal immigration is not close to the top of the list of issues and concerns and secondly most oppose amnesty, period. >> right, that is right. the key for republicans, weep promised to build a wall. we should build the wall first. it would only take a year to build it. build it for a year and then talk about daca, and if that is what we want to do. but keep trust with the people first and secure the border and best way to do that is with a senior barrier. >> lou: dp did you see senator
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feinstein. we'll just have a clean daca bill, and then we'll guarantee that we move on to border security. in 1986 with amnesty president reagan was rolled and there was never a security measure applied to the border despite full on amnesty in 1986. >> yeah, the first thing you learn is who you can trust and can't. i am telling you right now. you better build the wall first. and then don't give in on this. that is my position. and we are moving to the democratic talking points when you talk daca and amnesty. >> lou: with all that is accomplished by this president and his administration in the first year, unprecedented results for any president.
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and suddenly we are talking about daca for crying out loud. the judary committee. to an important part of the proposal today. to end. i love the contest of a visa lottery chain migration and moving ahead with that proposal. what are the auds that crack down on sanctuary cities and the daca three year renewal status. what are want auds that it will win passage. >> i think if you want the truth. you will have to git it tluf the sentence. my colleagues don't want daca, that you want want dream act. we want x, y, and z. and they are nochlt bad. that is a greatest thing.
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everify is a great thing. i don't think the other side will come along with tacka. >> lou: why not? >> they want more than daca. it is it a problem. they want the dream act and amnesty. >> lou: a little history here, congressman for the audience don't know. two people in the room. senator durbin and along with senator feinstein, three i should say and senator menend inez. and we could have had a judge in 2006 in the kennedy, mccain comprehensive immigration deal. we could have had a deal except the left in the person much two of those three people insisted on chain migration.
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and so there is the history of it and we have 20 of 30 million immigrants that come here legally. and 20 million for americans don't know, were brought in as immigrants, but brought in as part of the chain mi grapgz. it is really a stunning impact. most imgrajts come as chain migration rather than sought out for skills and talent and education level. >> you are right, lou. that is a huge problem and that is it a remnant from the teddy kennedy chain immigration policy in the 1960s. we have gone for three generations on focus on familiarial ties as to what is in the best interest of the united states of america. that is a problem and i hope we
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will not grant daca and 2 or 3 million people. >> lou: how do you thinkna the president will lead on this? >> i thinkna he's going to insist frankly that we get the fence going and not just money in there, but we should sigh brick and steel. i would like to see you build it before you do the daca thing. >> lou: i think you are absolutely correct. congressman, thank you for being hoar. we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: it is amazing developments in washington d.c. and all focusing prince pamy on daca and some on iran and the iranian nuclear deal and all of that and much more straight ahead. we'll be back with it all. president trump blasting the russian witch hunt calling it
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>> lou: the biggest revelation out of 300 pages of fusion gps, tell that was released by democratic senator feinstein yesterday, is the curious claim that somebody quote has been killed over the trump dossier. the fusion gps attorney offered no details what so ever or word. and the guessing game in washington has begun and speculation running ram pant. the dossier sordid link between russia, you might think it would be nine russians. nine died under mysterious circumstances in the month after president trump was elected. some were diplomats and
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politicians and one standing out to the internet super speculators because of his link to the russian intelligence area. he was found dead of an heart attack and in moscow qualifies as a suspicious indicating. he was supposed he working with christopher steel dht e as speculators dwz. president trump taking aim at california senator feinstein because she put out the fusion gps tell over the tell and rules. and the president tweeted this morning. it is facts that sneaky feinstein on numerous occasions and stated that the collusion between russia would be found and released a tell in an
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illegal way and totally without authorization and is a disgrace and must have tough primary. francis roon dht ey, vice-president chair of the foreign affairs. congressman, what do you make of senate orp feinstein rehessing unlateralry that document. >> i don't know whether it is imlegal or not. but the she said she did it because of the investigation is undermine. she undermined it's lot more and put out more doots. the more of chvp i connect the of a number positive people it many moos the opposite of what they say. a complex game is maid here.
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and the president said it in my opinion correctly. and we are watching the greatest witch mustn't in american history. five congressional committees we have in in addition to that fbi and special cowboy. and tallied up six and half years of total investigative time have been spent in lookingar a sign of collusion. there is no evidence yet. and yet the republican speaker of the house and majority leader of the house and senate they will not stand with the president and say end it now. it is it stupid and wasteful and certainly acting in the exact opposite of the interest of the nation. >> it is, and the more they dig the worse it gets for them. more and more unaccountsable
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partisan deep state behavior and people who think the end justifies the mean. this is worse than watergate for them. >> lou: it is it an instance without evidence a special counsel was brought to bear against a dully elected president of the united states. and without evidence, after all of these committees, the fbi and special counsel 'evaluation. six and half years of investigative time they howed this president and and do so with the deep state and left wing media and establishment of both criminal parrotts. >> talk about criminality. project casandra where president obama took off the dea to
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satisfy iran and huma abedin's e-mails. taking them out of the facility, it doesn't require intent. >> lou: and extreme carelessly is synonym for gross negligence which is it actionable in and of itself. the game was immaterial as to whether or not charges should be brought. they should be brought. >> yeah, it was the agent who came up with the recommendation of comey, he had the quote insurance to keep president trump from being elected in the high ranking doj's office. >> lou: yet the if counsel is going after the president and this administration and the republican leadership doing no better than the democratic
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leadership. they will not stand up and say it is it enough and it has to end now. do you think they will find the guts and integrity to do so. >> i thought seen thor grassley and nunez set up and hopefully sessions will do a review of what is going on in the deep state. >> lou: one can only hope that the attorney general will awake been. >> up next. 61ing not familiaring his lead. no, they are getting too cute by no, they are getting too cute by halfs that say. the great emperor penguin migration. trekking a hundred miles inland to their breeding grounds. except for these two fellows. this time next year, we're gonna be sitting on an egg. i think we're getting close!
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law makers delivered a big victory for the president on tax reform but it was crafted behind closed doors. and futil efforts to replace obamacare department work. and mcconnell didn't deliver. and fisa, congress held a couple of meetings and one of them was derail would by comey firing and collusion probe. and daca one hearing. and believe me, not a single law maker was listening to anyone but the lobbyist and their donor. compared to the president's bipart an meeting on daca and border security. it lasted 55 minutes and the president negotiating live with law makers and american viewers
11:28 pm
watched on television. it was a great hour. driving the discussion and debate and talk about america the way it is it supposed to operate. this was president trump at his best in the open, straightforward and in my opinion and saspeak or ryan and senate mcconnell and will dems can decide whether they would like to join the president in a historic opportunity to bargain an in full view of america. in the interest of the nation and set aside special interest and or has pelosi, schumer and ryan and mcconnell lived too long in the swamp and serve the nation? president trump is making it less difficult for them. just follow mr. trump in that
11:29 pm
way. our quotation of the evening from jaup adams who said this. there is danger from all men. only maximum of a free government is to trust no man living with the power it endanger the public liberty. we'll be right back. >> house of representative voted to renew a foreign surveillance program despite concerns. >> the president feels we shouldn't have to protect it is american citizens. he wants to do both. >> what is the bipgest thet? the government or big technology. and want spofrpts junkie. convering the pavt to the west. stay with us, we'll be right back. it's easy to think that all
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>> lou: the house today voting to renew the government's foreign surveillance program section 702 of the fisa bill. you don't hear about the big technology and american rights. facebook is planning to launch a home video chat device that rivals echo and google home.
11:34 pm
congress doesn't get a vote on how it works on whether a small apmriiance gets converted in a surveillance device surveying you and me. and joining us now to take up all that is going on in the nation's capital. gregjarret good to see you. >> big victory for the renewal desfiet what we see is a observation trampling of system rights. >> we count on the government and fbi and department of justice to break the rules and abuse their rights and american's rights. it is it a necessary evil. >> lou: that would be the second thing. >> it is a necessary evil to spy on radical islamic terrorist.
11:35 pm
but people in the fbi and doj abuse it and spying on americans and unmasking names illegally and they get away with it because they are secretive about it. and jeff sessions and the department of justice is feckless and do nothing about it. >> lou: i don't want to harp on this. but it is it why we are watching congress and the senate slow roll the russian collusion investigation. if is why they are behind closed doors for no reason rather than letting the american see what they did. in am convinced that. >> you are right. they should facht forward the collusion between hillary clinton and the democrats and russian. >> we can't get a special counsel much hillary clinton because of a number of crimes.
11:36 pm
>> and that is bad precedent? >> yes. >> lou: controversy if the president will eat or not with mueller. >> you always tell your client never to talk to anybody but me it is lawyer. trump said he had nothing to hide and highway would be happy to give a full statement on mueller. if i were his lawyer said keep yourp mouth shut. and you will be like bill clinton who was forced to talk. he grot himself in a world of trouble for lying and ended up inspect an impeachment. but there was evidence of a crime in the case of bill clinton. and there is no evidence of any crime in this instance.
11:37 pm
and for him to sit down with the special cancel rankems and vis ram and not legal in this. i can't imagine sitting down with a special counsel if you haven't done and anything people had >> there i is whatin worry about as an by mueller in such oaf upon interview. >> why did you ask james comey to go easy on with flynn. and you sit down with homent, and tucks talked about the firing. and are you trying to obstruct the investigation. it is not obsfrukt in firing comb ep.
11:38 pm
>> lou: you say that and we agree and we all agree. it is it horrifying to think about what could happen there. >> he can fall in a trap and mueller is and especially weissmann who trying to gain convictions in the absence of the law. and i don't trust him the most. >> appreciate it. >> please roll the video. and watch the mountain biker deprives up the alps sxhchlt nen there was a ride down the mountain. in is just not right in any way or president trump offers new
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>> lou: the u.s. air force
11:43 pm
dispatched three bhelp two stealth bombers and 200 air personnel to guam. puts the nuclear capable b-2 of 3500 miles of north korea just days after talks were held with south korea. and president trump signaling he is opening to talks with little rocket man saying i would have a good relationship with kim jong-un. i have relationships with people. and the president declining to comment whether he talked to the north korean leader. we have former state john bolton and fred. fred. it is it great to see you. start with the b- 52. that seems a little odd in the context of the olympics and all of the apparent advance in the
11:44 pm
relationship between north and south korea and prep assumably the united states to see the dispatch of b- twos. >> great to be here. well, the president is sending a message to kim jong-un, talk is good and all you want. but i will not let up the pressure. you have to be denuclearize. as long as they are talking and not testing and firing nuclear missiles. but the president said the facts that you are talking didn't mean we will the us>> the other of this administration. rehuktance to softball the nuclear deal. the president seems perplexed by iran, and we seem to be trying to find our footing there? >> well, lou, this is an important point.
11:45 pm
the president showed leadership and moral char eton the protest. he has to kill the deal. it can't be fixed. i have covered the iran nuclear presence and only way out is john bolton's plan to kill the deal. minor changes discussed on the hill will simply go to extend this fraud. president trump honor the protestors and please kill the deal. >> lou: reports that general mcmasters and other numbers in the administration trying to save it. there is obviously tension there within the administration or perhaps a difference of view. it is not anything beyond that on how to proceed. >> there is two people president can list list to. that have been against the..
11:46 pm
they tried to prevent the president haft summer and john boltop who has a man to get out of the deal. it is it a no brainer. >> stheems sohave ratcheted down the expansion aggression in the region and in the middle east. the status quo ante is what we are looking at. >> it is a fraud deal. but we also know that iran spent billions of the dollars on terrorism, on the military, and on sending troops in syria and sending missiles to the rebels in ymen. and meanwhile thee rannians
11:47 pm
can't get's deal. it is givening the muma's money to spovensor terrorism and warm this own people. >> we next. the democrat praising president trump in a meeting. >> i have great reviews by everybody other than two networks that were phenomenal for about two hours and after that they weren't. we'll take up the border wall and daca and more. edrolin and michael gooden here with me after these words. we'll be right back. quit smoking.
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>> lou: in an on line poll, we ask a deal on immigration must include building the wall and lottery visa before a change to daca. 94 percent said yes. mainstream national media found itself in uncharted territory
11:52 pm
and heaping praise on president trump. you heard me right. praising president trump for holding a televised immigration meeting with a bipartisan group of law makers. >> i have to give him credit. he allowed the tv cameras in there for a remarkable meeting. >> law makers actually having to grapple with the president in a usually closed doors meetings about immigration, that is worthwhile. >> it was refreshing and there is a back and forth. i think trump is a negotiator. >> it was a negotiation. and i am sure i will get hits for this. i don't care. a year ago, this is it a presidency that many people thought he was capable of. >> chairman of edrolin and
11:53 pm
columnist michael goodwin. and fox contributors. did you ever think you would see them as they praised the president of the united states. >> must have been difficult for both of them. what struck me, lou, have they not be paying attention until now. the meeting was remarkable by standards and trump's performance was not remarkable. >> lou: you didn't think so? i thought he was center ring and every liop and elephant is jumping where he lsd. >> that's who he is. but the surprise that it is it a donald trump that we haven't seen before and the way they have criticized him.
11:54 pm
>> magic word. amnesty. this was not a negotiation. in was a conversation. whatever interpitation they make of it. they department understand the terms and what diane feinstein and donald trump was talking different. > lou: do a bill. and thought it was a good move and why not now. >> sign here. >> that is it always the sign here and we'll fix it later. >> and i think the key thing here. we need a comprehensive immigration bill. daca is a part and security is a part and immigration is a part. >> lou: comprihencive. i think much ted kennedy and john mccain who did it.
11:55 pm
>> and you run it piece. >> lou: two points. build the dam wall and secure the dam bormder. >> that's one piece. >> lou: and then decide how many people. >>na is a comprehensive bill. that's what i am talking about. >> lou: they made it sound fancier. >> what is not on the table thankf thankfully, the 11 million that are here. other than the dreamers. >> lou: how many dreamers are here? >> a million roughly. if you talk about the adults, then you have opened want ghats to something you can't revolve. and even the dreamers, you have to do the chain migration stsh
11:56 pm
issue. >> the>> lou: alm imgragdz sips 1981 is the result of chain migration and illegal immigration. folks, we have boekeb borders and a coward he government. >> it is it not going to get fixed piece mill. nwhich meas. >> i lived through. >> lou: you were a perpetrator. >> i was last out of california than ronald reagan and didn't know going about immigration. how many imlegals do you have in your state? he said maybe about 50. >> he was bragging. >> it is and let's turn to the
11:57 pm
reality. remember. and mekt, and heroin and cocaine are coming in the country and marijuana. if we don't fix the borpder, cartels are going to make all of that money plus, what they get for human smuggling and contrabad this acrossed the border. this is it not a game. it is it a reality. and he campaigned against those. he was the only candidate in history to say to the cartels, you're done. >> and i think it is it a stumbling block for democrats. they never wanted and they talked about it for 20 years, but they never wanted to secure the border. they have under barak obama. >> lou: to be fair. it is it a result of the republican establish: they would puke if you said they
11:58 pm
couldn't harmonize our borders with canada and mexico. the canadians are so afraid that president trump will end nafta and change it in profound ways, it will not be good for canada and new mexico. >> two other than temdems not want on spend more. in never seen an immigration brill that they don't want to let more people in and hesssecurity. >> you the -- we are told that the number is it 700 to 788000.
11:59 pm
issue the necessary visa to incorporate those people and end the pathway to amnesty and for right now give them an opportunity. and do it by number. and so that we are talking about 11 million immigrant. that is it the number since 2006. it is more. there are at least in my judgment and only in my judgment, somewhere around 20 million illegal immigrants in the country and add to that 20 million who have come in here under chain migration and rather than being sought for skill and education, we are the dumbest country in the world. >> the mexican border is the flood zone. but the reality is, with all of the immigrants all over the world that are moving around and
12:00 am
everybody wanting to come here it is it a serious long- term problem. >> lou: we appreciate it. >> lou: we appreciate it. thank you for being with us for time life's music collection. (theme from "a summer place") it was an era of incredible stars... ♪ ...fantastic voices... ♪ i know i'd go from rags to riches ♪ (announcer) ...beautiful harmonies... ♪ sincerely ♪ oh, yes, sincerely (announcer) ...magical melodies... ♪ catch a falling star and put it in your pocket ♪ ♪ never let it fade away (announcer) ...and music we will always remember. ♪ writing love letters in the sand ♪ (announcer) it was the golden age of pop.


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