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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  January 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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everybody wanting to come here it is it a serious long- term problem. >> lou: we appreciate it. thank you for being with us lauren: breaking news this morning, deal or no deal. taking on democrat saying they are refusing to make a deal on daca as the clock ticks before the government shut down before the end of the week. cheryl: ramping up before the hawaii missile mistake to send the entire aloha mistake into panic mode. making sure it never happens again. dream for u.s. markets closed today for martin luther king day. cheryl: same story nearer. all of the indices are in the red just lightly this morning. lauren: it's a miracle in
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minneapolis. >> to the right vikings punching their ticket to the game as the clock runs out. "fbn:am" starts right now. trying to 5:01 a.m. here in new york. monday, january 15th. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: happy monday. i'm cheryl -- lauren simonetti. train to a lot of breaking news from the weekend. president trump saying an agreement on daca from the program that protects immigrants brought to the u.s. is probably dead. trump leading democrats for the lack of progress. >> honestly i don't think they want to make a deal.
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they talk about daca, the data will help the people. lauren: democrats just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our military. trump wants a wall along the southern border as part of any deal on daca. cheryl: president trump also denying charges that he's a racist after uses vulgar language and some other african countries during a meeting on immigration last week. >> i'm not a racist. i'm the least racist person you've ever interviewed. and triggered a backlash from some democrats. >> i was raised not to call people racist that it was hard for them to be rehabilitated once he said that. someone saying that senator durbin and senator is going to make something up that the president of the united states
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president of the united states has said in thinking that they would do that in order to jenna people in one way or another is wrong. lauren: republicans are coming out in defense of the president. >> i didn't hear it in our city no further way from donald trump and durbin watson i know what they've said about the president's repeated statement is incorrect. senator durbin has misrepresented what is happening before. he was corrected by officials. >> you are saying flat out definitively they do not say those words. >> i am saying this is a gross misrepresentation. it is not to. lauren: house democrats will seek resolution this week. cheryl: the state employee in hawaii or accidentally triggered chaos on saturday by sending a false alarm about an incoming missile reportedly reassigned.
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state officials time the "washington post" the worker made an honest mistake and will not be fired. new measures to prevent a future incident. lauren: fcc chairman ajit pai said it caused panic across the state was absolutely unacceptable. kirsten nielsen on "fox news sunday." >> we're working with state and locals to ensure not only the messaging is clear for what to do next is clear as well. how we can to support them and work with them if they are in the bass lines and in first responders. unfortunate situation but we are working together to make sure it doesn't happen again. lauren: state lawmakers politically and on friday but not only did the mistake happened, took them 30 minutes to fix it. cheryl: my family in hawaii had in the basement. many people took it seriously, which was good. back here on the mainland, a new
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dunkin' donuts store come in massachusetts testing a shorter name. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us more without. >> duncan without the donuts. and as far as the name is concerned. i'm usurping tamara and quincy massachusetts come a suburb of boston is dropping donuts for mixing bowl beat the first in the nation to simply go by duncan. part of a broader rebranding to the new next-generation will pile another concept including multi-high-tech drive-through lanes. lauren: the box office this weekend, how did it go? >> hanging onto the number one box office this weekend. >> wearing hats assured in shorts in the jungle. >> the film raked in $27 million despite a number of new challenges like second place
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winner steven spielberg's pentagon papers charm of the costarring meryl streep and tom hanks as editor ben bradlee. a word season hopeful is forecast at $122.2 million for the four-day holiday weekend with a current total of 18 points 6 million. liam neeson thriller the commuter bringing in $1,325,000,000 rounding out the top five with $12 million in the greater showman with around 11 million. lauren: paddington to with just 10 points $6 million but earning an impressive 100% on rotten tomatoes. the film originally distributed by the weinstein co. but was sold to warner brothers at the last minute following harvey weinstein sexual assault scandal. cheryl: let's talk about what's happening with the new sofia. everyone out about it on the social media.
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>> have you ever wondered who your art doppelgänger is? this uses computer vision tech to examine whether similar about your faith to the thousands of pieces of art shared with google by museums and other institutions? they became the most downloaded free top on the store over the weekend. there i am. claudia coco. self-portrait by claudia coco located in peru. i don't know if that looks like me, but here is lauren. there'll by dank. that is a british street artist in london. >> i'll take it. >> cheryl, here you go. located in the picture gallery in the u.k. cheryl: i want a redo. can i put in a different southeast. that lady is 90 years old. if you ever wondered what by to look like at the start, there it
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is. cheryl: or if you're 90. tracee, thank you. lauren: sarah huckabee sanders has a question for alexa. we have a problem with my 2-year-old can order a batman toy by yelling back and over and over again into the echo. no word if it made it to the press secretary's hotel but she used out. cheryl: paper thing is unprofessional, she should use her personal account which he does have one on twitter. that toy is 80 bucks. i'd be upset too if i was a parent. lauren: do think she's going to return it? cheryl: yeah, don't know. 50 passengers to jump into icy waters. >> we went back into water several times and help people get out because people got stuck
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in the mud, crawling to get into sure. cheryl: details of the dramatic rescue coming out. new york city police officer dragged for four blocks. this disturbing video has gone viral. details of the story. you are watching trendsetting. ♪ "fbn:am". this not how do you win at business?
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lauren: welcome back. the trump administration preparing to withhold money from the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees. officials say president trump is not made a final decision but appear slightly 2 cents less than half of the plans 125 million as a way to pressure the palestinians to reach peace talks with israel. casino boat in florida goes up in flames causing 50 passengers to jump into icy waters great
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police say this increase casino boat forcing an immediate evacuation into the gulf of mexico which is freezing cold right now. at one point there was up to 40 people in the water swimming to safety. more dramatic video in times square, new york trader reckless driver zoom in so fast that the tires of his mercedes were smoking. he tried to stop the driver but was practically run over when the driver ignored him. the officer suffered minor injuries in the till on the loose. incredible video that is come viral. cheryl: new york's finest, they just don't lead. the president calling on democrats to instill mode over over -- stalemate over daca ready to sign a stalemate. the rhetoric heating up. ginny didn't get done on daca? a lot of distractions have been in washington.
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can this reform. good morning. the president over the weekend definitely like to twitter and is defending himself even more now. he said i is president want people coming into our country you're going to help us become strong and great again. people coming into a system based on merit. he is defending now and some senators are saying he did not make those remarks are not meeting and he is not a racist. if the president doing good damage control. >> the press video coming on video coming under lagos and i'm not a racist or traditional pr. usually don't want to say i am not anything people are calling you not a good thing. president trump has consistently rewritten the rules of what is good pr and what is not good ear strategy. we'll have to wait and see how midterm voters see as well. daca west end and books like they have coded.
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i think this has more to do with leverage as the immigration debate continues on into this week. it has to do with him wanting to take away one of the main democrats bargaining chips in trying to make them feel like it's the only thing they can push forth or going to get a deal done. more rhetoric than it is reality. cheryl: there are some democrats are at the bargaining table but the president's demands are frankly unattainable in. listen to what john lewis said on abc. >> we must take care of these young people. we must take care of these young people who know america has this country, the only country they know. it's not fair, not right and not just. we must not give up or give in. we must press on a gated deal. cheryl: this is john lewis who is in famed for his dedication
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in this life or the civil rights movement say we do want a deal on daca. >> i think what president trump is doing if he came out and say don't worry dreamer's daca is safe, not going anywhere. the democrats would say daca is on the table, let's start pushing for more demand before we come to the table. president trump by keeping the starting point's daca will happen the democrat don't feel as comfortable demanding more things. so the bullying tactic hopping. >> something like that. more rhetoric than real estate. also interesting to see the strategy with the midterms coming up they are really banking on this immigration issue been something that gets people out to the polls. think about whatever your opinion about daca how incredible it is the democrat party is openly saying we could shut the government down to protect these people and keeping them from having to leave the
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country. that is an astounding move any think it shows how democrats really feel this is an issue that will help them get their base out to the polls in the midterm. cheryl: there's others that have said they are going to boycott the state of the union because of the president's action. over immigration, over the budget but the deadline is this friday this is the week. at the same time come that people are coming out saying they are not going to the state of the union. nothing else to say that the president. does that hurt the negotiation do you think? >> it absolutely does and it shows how horribly partisan and in how big of a divide it has now become. it's hard to accuse republicans of being intolerant and not willing to listen to you and not show up to the state of the union and here at the president has to say. i'm getting attention to themselves, trying to stay
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relevant in saying i up to big bad trumpet it doesn't mean anything. it's been doing childish actions. cheryl: they are playing politics. listen to what the deputy press secretary had to say yesterday. this goes to your midterm point. just listen. >> i think earlier in the week you had the president hosts both democrats and republicans at the white house. they had a great discussion. they came together in four pieces they wanted to look out for further legislation and democrats appear to be moving the goalposts. you don't have a meeting in the oval office and make the contents of the meeting if you're serious about cutting a deal. cheryl: so, to his point, why would they do that? leaked details of the meeting? the midterms it's been absolutely. been trying to paint a picture as trump as a picture is trumpet summoned his race has been unwilling to come to the table on this. that is what we'll continue to
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see from the white house. that will be their response. they're really serious about trying to call names of republicans and what we'll see from the white house has been saying democrats will shut the government down, take away funding for the military. they would rather do that and keep illegal immigrants safe. cheryl: i think you are right. probably the smart move if they want to get this figured out by friday night. thanks for getting up early on this holiday weekend. we appreciate it. lauren: coming up, thousands gathered to pay tribute to the california mud fights this crew scrambled to clear the debris before another storm about to hit southern california. warm weather didn't last long. freezing temperatures back for most of the country and they may bring some snow with them. genistein coming up with the monday forecast. we will be right back.
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to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. cheryl: crews are scrambling to clear the deadly mudslide debris before another storm that california. authorities warning the channels can't take another hit. the death toll now is at least one day. a number expected to climb its efforts turn from search in right you to search and recovery. at least four people including a 2-year-old are still missing as of this morning. thousands of people turned out for a candlelight vigil last night to honor the end of the mudslide. santa barbara county official calling the damage breathtakingly horrible. cheryl: to more extreme weather.
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preservers of ice calling scripts in the northeast. followed by heavy rain causing several states where each sheet of ice shutting down the roadways. cheryl: now we've got another round of snow we are told in our forecast you are tracking the storm. what are you seeing. reporter: good morning. a fast-moving winter storm will bring some snow to portions of the central u.s. in the northeast, but the big story will bring snow across areas like san antonio, texas. the arctic air is arriving in minneapolis and kansas city in memphis and dallas from his thinking as far south as the gulf coast. minus 10 with the windchill. feels like seven in chicago. for new york on the the
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short-lived warm-up. the clipper system across the great lakes. watch what happens in our future radar is the front moves through and picks up the gulf moisture and we will see snow in portions of northern and central texas across the mississippi river valley and in towards the northeast. a cold or thinking as far south as the gulf coast. winter storm watches and warnings for taxes as far south of san antonio by getting into the gulf coast as well and we will see the system tuesday night into when day. not a big storm system, but it will cause for a messy commute on wednesday morning. keeping you up-to-date on the fox news extreme weather center. >> weather casters either. cheryl: janice dean, thank you, janice. lauren: winter came early and espresso date aired steve
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mcqueen drove into hollywood history for the 1968 movie bullet. it emerged for the first time in 40 years yesterday. we will have the latest from the detroit auto show for you. a warning for travelers about your next flight. the reason you should never, ever order coffee on an airplane. cheryl: i don't believe this. i don't believe it. ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge.
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cheryl: breaking news this morning. deal or no deal. taken and democrats saying they are refusing to make a deal on daca. lauren: investigation ramping up into the hawaii alert missile
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mistake to send the entire state into panic mode. officials are now doing to make sure that never happens again. cheryl: u.s. markets are closed for the martin luther king jr. holiday vacations.rockets coming in with a mixed performance. shanghai and hang seng to downside company can kospi out. lauren: stocks are trading at this hour. downer is across the board. dax and germany down a third of a percent. cheryl: a miracle in minneapolis. the vikings punching their ticket to the nfc championship game as the clock runs out. "fbn:am" continues right now. ♪ lauren: 5:30 a.m. in new york monday, january 15th.
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lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. the other guys are asleep, so we are here for you. lauren: president trump to end the stalemate over daca saying it's ready to sign a bipartisan bill as long as it includes his water bill. cheryl: griff jenkins has the latest on that story. reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. the president is hiring back that he's racist in the expletive uttered in the office that he's the least racist person they've ever interviewed. >> i'm not a racist. on the least racist person you've ever interviewed. reporter: this is the deadline for daca deal tied to the spending bill is fast approaching the president blaming democrats for failing to deliver trading yesterday daca is probably dead because
5:32 am
democrats don't really want it. they just want to talk and take this really needed away from our military. one proposal put together by south appointed group of six senators voted just did last week you may recall by the white house but did it fail to address the four pillars increasing border security, ending chain migration, ending visa lotteries and fixing daca for the dramas and as lawmakers work to avoid the government shut down this friday. democrats like john lewis holding out on daca. >> we must continue to press on and get a deal. i for one will not vote for government funding until we get a deal on daca. >> secretary of homeland security kirsten nielsen doesn't think the program for the dreamers instead or rather something that can be part of a larger immigration deal and does not need to be tied to friday spending bill deadline.
5:33 am
>> waiting to fund our troops come or protect them, increase homeland security to tie them to a daca deal for march is responsible. >> where does this leave us? clock is ticking that the president remains in florida will continue we expect to push for a merit pay system. we will see if they can get it done by the end of the week. lauren: the state employee in hawaii like stanley triggered chaos on saturday morning by sending out a false alarm about an incoming missile has reportedly been reassigned to the state official time the "washington post" the worker made an honest mistake will not be fired, the new measures have been put in place to prevent a feature in sudan. cheryl: fcc chairman ajit pai also weighing in singular yesterday in hawaii caused panic across the state them as absolutely unacceptable. the dhs secretary kristen
5:34 am
nielsen was on "fox news sunday." >> we are working with state and locals to ensure not only the message is clear but what is asked to do as clear as well, how we can best support them and work with them as another in the first line but are the first responders. unfortunate situation, but we are working together to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> it took 40 minutes before there was no missile. lawmakers plan to hold a hearing this coming friday. >> freer chrysler recalling thousands of vehicles because of an engine problem. >> tracee carrasco has that story and other headlines this morning. >> good morning. 150,000 minivans. the chrysler pacifica on the engine problem is the software can make it all come and make the car shut off so all of these are being recalled good reports of one-act event potentially related. no injuries and dozens of complaints. dealers are going to be a ratings software for people who
5:35 am
might have this vehicle or problems. cheryl: apparently some people are saying we should not drink coffee on an airplane. >> we are going to defer to you. i want your take on this. this comes from an unidentified flight attendant. she said you shouldn't drink the coffee on an airplane because it could be potentially unhealthy. she says that this is the same water that goes through the bathroom system of these airplanes. cheryl: what i understand is it's possible water, two separate systems. it either goes to the restroom system. >> there is a good diversion. cheryl: on the 737 that's my understanding. >> i choose to believe you. i drink the coffee. >> i drink the coffee in the water as well.
5:36 am
>> a flight attendant also says you shouldn't drink the hot tea. cheryl: she's unidentified. >> and then -- lauren: there's more? >> yes. martin luther king day. if you want to celebrate, look for something to do, national parks offering free admission today. april 21st from the start of national park week september 22nd national public lands day in november 11th veterans day. you can get in for free richer still have to pay for certain tours or campaign, before hundred national parks in the united states to take advantage of this if you've got some good weather. nice day too -- way to spend the day. thank you, tracee. trained tiamat winick getting your car. automakers are coming off their best three years still stretching to keep the momentum going they unveiled their best
5:37 am
be auto week this week. lauren: "forbes" is going back to the future. >> ford has resurrected to at the detroit auto shows darting with new ranger pickup which marks the return to the small pickup segment for the first time in eight years. a very modern truck in all of the latest safety technologies including cruise control and not a monaco urgency break. before then you'll be able to buy this mustang bullitt, which is a high-performance version of the gt based on the car for the steve mcqueen film of the same name. the same green paint. if you don't believe me, with a look at that car over there because that is the actual kara steve mcqueen drove in the film. out of the public eye but they pulled it out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film.
5:38 am
you'll never go to buy that one because the guy who owns it is not interested in selling it but will be on sale. gary gaster lu, fox news. lauren: see more cool cars. jeff fox is at the detroit auto show. one of the themes as americans love their cars. suvs you haven't seen in decades, they are remaking them again. cheryl: fast cars, we'll see a lot of that today. coming up from a former presidential candidate mitt romney could soon announce a run for the u.s. senate in utah. we will have the details. from convicted secret to candidate. >> you could actually take the reins of power from them. we need to challenge them at every level. cheryl: chelsea manning is running for senate. you are watching "fbn:am".
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oh good, you're awake! finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... ...with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. [whispering] so that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast... i know. voya. helping you to and through retirement. cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up in what's happening now. mitt romney getting close to running for senator of utah.
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rumors started swirling last month that he would replace orrin hatch. yesterday romney text of a top utah business man that very clear answer i'm running. stay tuned. meanwhile, chelsea manning confirms her senate run in maryland with the campaign onto youtube. manning county women formerly known as bradley manning liska bric-a-brac court-martials of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. in the wake of a public outcry over the hollywood pay gap, mark walberg will donate $2 million for the times legal defense fund could walberg earned roughly 1.5 million for re-shoots on the set of all the money in the world. costar michelle williams was paid a fraction of that amount. making things right, lauren. cheryl: you know who was donated? their agent. the record run continued since
5:43 am
2003. david miller. good to see you. >> good morning. does the run-up continue on friday? up 197 points away from 26,000. >> absolutely. the dollar continue. momentum will not be stopped. lauren: come on. it took us 23 days to get from 24,025,000 after hitting 25,000. can this momentum really continue? if your answer is obviously yes, then why? >> goes back to the fundamentals with the new tax land and everything that happens in washington, new york and wall street loves it. you can't really stop the dial from going up. lauren: earnings continue to be relatively strong. there was concern about the banks what the tax law, perhaps
5:44 am
affecting them for one quarter. we heard from jpmorgan a from jpmorgan the most part 1 friday, but this was briefed by city, goldman, bank of america, america next press. what are you expecting for the banks? >> i expected thanks to come out and still look into the implications and ramifications of the tax plan, but ultimately they will come out and say they are looking for 28 teen better than anyone expected for the mere fact is people get into understanding and implications of the tax plan it will be better for big business. lauren: not only is it the tax plan, but also the regulatory environment under the current administration that makes the u.s.a. friendlier place for investors. you'd agree? >> i absolutely agree. deregulation is moving everything around for these come needs to go back to days of yesterday. a couple years ago they were allowed to do these investments in the type of marketing they wanted to do at the banks moved
5:45 am
back into feeling comfortable under deregulation will see more risk on the banks that should yield higher returns for their shareholders. lauren: what do you feel about big type? >> at the end of the day tech is finding its footing. now that it's matured into a more stable environment to being true businesses of scale, and a look at what is next and what is next as we saw facebook announcing they change their fees. facebook announcing crypto currency and we saw kodak announced they would get into the ico market. everybody in the tech industry looking at what they can do moving into the future as they become a stable company. lauren: speaking of kodak, that brings us to bitcoin.
5:46 am
where you stand on crypto currency? >> they are going to handle different types of regulation. i've been a big proponent of crypto regulation. i think that korea announced that they are going to try to ban crypto currency and the jamie dimon they retracted and said maybe not. it may be herein may be real, so i'm a believer that crypto currency was standing on the news this week the higher the price, the more likely it is to sustain. it will be a good week for crypto currency. lauren: david, thank you very much. cheryl: coming upcoming minnesota vikings punching their ticket to the nfc championship game as the clock runs out. lifelong vikings and jared maxwell have all of the nfl playoffs highlight.
5:47 am
he will be in this duty at any moment. the winter olympics and now you can dress like you are a member of team u.s.a. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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cheryl: no juice on the podium outfits are available for non-olympians. you cannot buy the official gear online or in some nike stores. winter gear most of which are held outside in very low temperatures. olympians will need to stay warm. lauren: very nice outfits to do so. last night in minnesota. lifeline vikings fan jared max. congratulations. what a win for your team. >> what a win. as a lifelong vikings fan favorite been on the other end of this so many times. foo.? they blew that. maybe the greatest if they've ever received. minnesota hosting new orleans. vikings were up nothing after one quarter. takes in from one yard out. 17 nothing vikings. frozen in place for 318 yards.
5:52 am
the most improbable 61 in vikings history included a path to added healing. four lead changes in the final three minutes of the game after the saints took a 21-20 lead bid to vikings kicked a 53 yarder that new orleans goes up to 29 seconds to go. the saints held the lead through the vikings had a third-down intent from their own 39-yard line. 10 seconds to play. watch what happened. >> shawn lot amar, and get up, fire to the right side. >> we were stunned. i kept screaming in my living room. and it kept going for over a minute. how he made this catch him in
5:53 am
the defender of his head down in october 1 of his players in the next i know this happens. he caught the winning touchdown and talks about the minneapolis miracle. >> today was when all the work paid off. god put me in a position i tried to take advantage of my opportunity. vikings went 29-24. cheryl: i do want to jinx anything but if the vikings go to the super bowl, the first nfl team in history to play at their home field. >> are you making history. no team that host the super bowl has ever made it this far in the playoffs. we are closing in on something really special. lauren: might be wrong, but the jaguars, the vikings, they've never been to a.
5:54 am
>> afc divisional playoff, what a game. jaguars and steelers combined for 97 points. blake scored them from jacksonville for 45 yards. i set up a touchdown runs. the rookie ran for three scores. 35-21. ben roethlisberger threw five scores hits tommy and the huge upset. 45-42. the final four in the nfl. not sunday 3:00 p.m. eastern pretend you're there at the patriots the patriots will pay for the super bowl tribute to jack wires in late sunday in nfc championship is all about the birds and the bees come eagles and vikings on fox 6:40 eastern. again making history no team has ever made it as far while hosting a super bowl. could this be an end of an era? forget about tom brady and bill
5:55 am
belichick. teachers defensive coordinator reportedly expect it to become the head coach of the detroit lions and the offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels drunk when what to believe the next coach of the indianapolis colts. you can't spell australia without the u.s. but there's not much flavor at the australia opening. venus williams knocked out the first rounders in the australia open. coq au vin delay, jack thought , john is there. let's start there. nothing can take away this mile today. lauren: love in the purple tie to commemorate. cheryl: thank you, jerry. lauren: you can catch the headlines fox news headline sirius xm channel 115. lauren: will switch our focus to the u.s. dollar. given the cold shoulder
5:56 am
overseas. a live report from london.
5:57 am
5:58 am
lauren: investors putting their money to work with the yen, euro but not the u.s. dollar.
5:59 am
someone told us by the dollar is getting the cold shoulder this year. >> good morning. it looks as though it's not a good year for the dollar at all. some of that related to the passage of the tax cuts, which means people are expecting an expanding fiscal deficit in the u.s., but a lot of it has been people reassessing fundamentals in europe and japan thinking things up pretty good of the economy on pace and we have it priced in a major change in what central banks will do. everyone has known for a long time the fed will raise interest rates. the meeting came out last week in the bank of japan started tweeting its bond purchases in the markets. investors became really, really sensitive to them the sense of the euro is around a three year high against the dollar. also seemed pretty big gains in the yen and the british pound that maybe we've been underestimating the global central banks will have to do
6:00 am
with the economy stick out. maria: with all the strength in the u.s. come expect the dollar to do better. riva, thank you you good to see you. >> thank you for watching "fbn:am" this morning. over to dagen mcdowell. >> you know who's at work today? we aren't even though the markets close. it's monday, january 15th. the u.s. markets are closed today for martin luther king day, but we are open for business and so are the markets in europe. loss across the board to start a new week, but what a week it's been for u.s. stocks starting this year is the best start that we've seen in more than a decade. asia overnight stocks were mixed to take a look at the markets. the


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