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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 15, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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i think that is the one thing that you learned in all of this as because it's him. liz claman, we are staying open. >> is a good thing we are. you were just getting a word that an leader of an eastern european a country has just been ousted details of just breaking. we will get you more on that in a moment. south africa at the latest nation to protest what trish is just talking about. during an immigration meeting last week to describe africa and haiti. the government and demanding an explanation and a meeting with the u.s. acting ambassador. the war of words coming concurrently. with parades and events across the nation. schoolkids have the day off as
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a banking holiday and major u.s. markets are closed with the topic of race front and center on the day honoring the life of the nation's most celebrated civil rights leader. it necessary to declare i am not a racist. in one hour he is getting on air force one. he will return to dc from palm beach. folks, we have way more pressing economic issues here. a government shutdown that will go into effect on friday if they cannot find common ground with the president. the latest lies from the white house in our political panel on the only way i shut down and just four days can be avoided. want to buy a car the u.s. dollar that you might use is getting crushed in the currency markets. automakers without going full speed ahead. they are announcing 11 billion-dollar investment. jeff flock is life with the ceo of d at fiat chrysler. plus, the latest on the
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california mud slides. a huge stretch of i101 is closed. season four of a strange inheritance. we have a lot going on right now and of course we begin the second. we are live. i want to do it like the hostage tapes. the proof of life. unlike our competitors. it's a good thing we are life for you. let us begin with this. just hitting the wires in the last few minutes remaining as prime minister amid a power struggle. there has been a vote i do see
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to quickly tell you because this is breaking pretty quickly here. there was a vote which forced him to resign hungry head who earlier this week appeared to physically threaten ethnic hungarians with autonomy. a crucial eastern nation. it is a mim ml of the european union. has a fiber accounting me. we are watching it very closely of the ousted leader in romania. the major ones are closed. they were trading until 1:00 p.m. eastern and look where they got us. they ended up hundred 36 points leaving them just 53 points away. a close above the 25 level.
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if we were open today we would be extraordinary close. the major european markets were trading up and i'll live in running. in part do it due to earnings. is down to fraction. the dax was down a third of a%. it is putting the most pressure on the european benchmarks. it has hit a three year high. it was about a block 2297 climbing much closer. that the central bank's minutes. those were i believe from their december meeting showing that the bank may take a more hawkish stack. it's a very gentle monetary policy. it is what we were doing three or four years ago. it wasn't just the euro seen gains. bits going moving higher at this point. right now we are very close to 14,000.
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other crypto currencies like ripple in the theory of deadfall. we have it better by 241 points. crude oil also moving certainly overseas. indeed it's a trading trading day in the u.s. there is something more to this. merrill lynch raised its 2018 price forecast it was sound strange to you. we are already at $70 per barrel but the forecast he did this for 2018. and why do they say 70. in oil production globally compared to demand this year they ended the trading day. i need to go to the white house right now.
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they are focused on the issue. he fired off a lot of tweets earlier today suggesting the democrats are the ones who don't want to come to the table to reach a deal to reach the broken immigration system and 20. has covers is just so much uncertainty at this hour. let's get the blake burman at the white house. normally a potential government shutdown would carry the high of the headlines. on whether or not he said he said. president trump have to push back over the weekend against accusations. that he is a racist. the president ask about that yesterday. and here is his response.
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i'm not a racist. i am the least racist person you've entered ever interviewed. in that meeting on thursday the two republican senators now are backing the threat. they do not recall that being said. he knows exactly what he heard. i am focused on one thing. not that meeting but making sure that they are eligible for that. in the future in america. just set that aside it for a second. it just put it off. if the wonder where this all goes. on the potential deal over immigration.
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the democrats in the present he said you want to see a deal that involves that along with border security in some sort of reform for the immigration system. the democrats want this to be done by friday night. the timetable with that being the need to get a spending measure up to to keep the government doors open. you've all this wrapped up as the he said he said of what was said inside the white house this is just broken in the last half hour. the prime minister of romania has been ousted.
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we will stay as members of nato. as long as people and countries are committed enough money. so they're all in it together. do you suspect there is can be some fallout from this. at the eastern european nation. it is an ally of the united states. the president has been pushing for this 2% number. it is just a handful i believe. that has actually committed that. to try to get that. no comment really from this white house. good to see you blake, thank you. the grains of sand in the aller -- hourglass continue. tomorrow only four days are left for congress to reach an agreement on the whole messy list of issues.
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the talks in the handshaking. and then pulling back and then everybody is furious and seems to be working together. this is not going smoothly. instead of sitting at the negotiating table. they are scattered across the country she attended a rally earlier. when another congressional member clearly not at the bargaining table. she attended a very large martin luther king day march. is that for martin luther king junior's remembrance. in congressional leaders and are not participating in late budget talks. how do we get there. instead of looking at a stalemate in just three and have days where it really comes down to the crunch time. let us bring in our guest.
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scott bolden. in the former chief of staff the president is sending out telegraphed messages. it's really the democrats fall but where is the role of the republicans who in control both the house and the senate. we were trying to get this budget deal done. it appeared that we were getting close to two groups. and really trying to fight it out. it's amazing that they have scattered across the country and here they are celebrating martin luther king. i think that is what we will always see in washington. both sides.
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and friday evening before the government. the arrogant cut another short-term deal which creates uncertainty. it's bad for the country. they ought to be leading on a day like today. in the democrats ought to join them at the table. let me throw some of this on a democratic soldiers. -- shoulders. he is nowhere to be seen on this bill. he wasn't anywhere to be seen on the tax bill. they have gotten the deal the last time we have the continuing resolution. saint you know what we talk to the president with that racism the racism discussion is back. and yet where is he. where is senator schumer.
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the racist comments certainly don't help. i don't think his racism comment certainly doesn't help. just the bad history of being president. what i do think is this. there was a bipartisan bill that was the subject of that meeting. that they had presented to the president. he thought and needed more work. and that the alleged racist statement and now we are back at square one. we don't know where they are. there would have to be a lot of compromise.
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i don't think that the immigrations can get solved by friday. i bet we could do it in 24 hours. everybody on both sides of the aisle agrees we need have border security we need to have an easier legal process their interests as not to get the solved. it's to raise money off of it. that is the biggest hangup we are allowing people to divert what should be the focus of that. it is a trumpet that is diverting that. if we have daca and border security without including the wall they could get it done. it would be really simple.
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we are down to about seven grains of sand in the hourglass. we do appreciate you being here on mlk junior day. car stocks are fighting. they had punched higher since the first day of 2018. here is a little quiz. look on your screen. which u.s. automaker stock has spiked the most. we will reveal it after the break. you may be surprised. just for once state with me and not yourself on. yet chrysler shows up its new ram 300. they have more shocking revelations.
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everybody tries to make a big splash at the auto show. this one apparently has already been splashed. we will tell you what it is and why it's part of the truck revolution is a part of the auto show. you need to buy a car
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jay leno and his cars we are live with major news while cnbc is area and airing reruns. we major breaking news. the rumor last week it had and marked a hundred companies who had, and said thanks to the and if it that they expect to see we are getting bonuses. the waste management was one of them. the stock hit a record high all-time high on friday.
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in a foxbusiness exclusive about giving it to hard-working employees because it is good business. those are helpers on the back of trucks. retention is always an issue. a live at the detroit auto show. and what are what are you hearing from the auto see egos there. as you point out this is the only business network reporting live from the auto show. we talked to some big ceos the two stars of the show are
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trucks and tax reform. the exclusive interview with us talking about the fact that they are now bringing truck production back from mexico to the u.s. and giving everybody a 2,000-dollar bonus. and the reason is tax reform. it was something to do at some point in time. they made it unquestionably do now. all of the concerns we head about when and if to do it. i'm glad we have done it. what he think you think about the trump administration. the economic policies are solid. the other starts now you will love this one.
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this is about as good as you get. this is the mercedes g class. it starts at about a hundred $20,000 and goes up to maybe 224 to 30 if you really want a real one that is tricked out. that's just trying to break into the thing. i know you cannot steal that. this is what it looks like when you actually have fun with it. the most expensive truck on the market. this is a big show for trump. the heavy duty version is back from mexico. these are already made here. the ranger back this year a big unveiling and for last night. the small truck that is back on the market. they hope to not cannibalize
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f1 50 sales. this is also bigger and lighter than the previous version of the silverado. and they are copying afford. it makes it lighter. not as much aluminum. but there you go. all about the trucks. >> my first one that i actually bought myself. that wasn't even a side mirror. thank you very much. which of these there you see it on the screen. it is fiat chrysler making the biggest move since january 2. up 31 percent. when we come back the huge mistake and false alarm in
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the latest reviews. the lowest prices. we have a good news bad news situation they are trading at this hour. they do lots of business overseas. it is good news. against the euro it is pretty much weaker against everything else. bad news if you maybe have a vacation planned for spring. everything is more expensive there. but thanks to a much better healthier and economic system. there is a trade that is going gangbusters right now. that is the market vector is an extreme exchange trade
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note. it's up 18% year to date. the dr are in the double short euro that is is down 25% because of the longfellow --dash mike long -- long dollar short euro. i was told by a very reliable source. don't throw out graham is a box in the basement without looking in it first. it will return tonight with the most unusual and incredible discovery that's very appropriate. they have the amazing story. it was almost wiped out in the 1981 rebellion. he fought for freedom. and this bible was on him the whole time.
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the family only thought they got it according to family law. the family from virginia and it was in a courthouse. they decided to get it from a family that have suffered through that rebellion. and they just put the two together and rather than prop profiting millions and millions of dollars they said they would never profit from save -- slavery. they wanted people to see america's bible that this was so representative of what are country stripes four. they said if he were to walk in today to that family church that has been there since the 1800s and so the bible is one of the premier items and artifacts at the sony museum.
3:32 pm
i will take viewers there too. it really gives you the chills. when you think about what this family did. it would've been worth multimillions. and plenty of museums would've paid for. but when the museum took it and threw it in the trunk of my car. and auctioneer. they did not even know that they have inherited a priceless rembrandt. new construction not so much. you never know what is there and lurking.
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you will see this all out in the open. only on foxbusiness tonight. that is where hawaiians rushed for cover this weekend. did the false phone alert. former assistant. steny my on what now we know and must change.
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we do have some news here of california. more than 2000 workers across the state are coming through mud and debris. this after torrential rain slammed into fire scorched land. they are wondering whether mandatory evacuation alerts were issued in time before the tragedy hit. the said more rain is forecast for the area. there's a battle whether people got a second alert. the mud it really started charging through these neighborhoods. a lot of people said they did not get the alert. at some people decided to stay in their homes.
3:39 pm
what i'm standing on right now is the foundation of the house that used to be here we could go and now it's not. several communities were under mandatory evacuations. i was hard to convince them to leave because some of them just got back into their homes two weeks ago after they had been evacuated for the thomas of fires. even under a mandatory evacuation they cannot physically remove you from your home. that is clearly a very dangerous situation. it took out walls, buildings, cars now they are working tirelessly to clear out a lot of this toxic mud. it has not been assessed. over 75% they have not even begun to clean up.
3:40 pm
eight had been destroyed. and 20 people have also died in the mudslide. there are still four people unaccounted for. they are at this point hoping to recover more rain is on the way stunning pictures incredible report. the fact that they have the alert in california then of course they used the alert when they didn't need it in hawaii. over the weekend. fox news said john roberts is just reporting there seems to be a discrepancy in the timeline of events. yes they say it took 38 minutes to send out a retraction.
3:41 pm
they are now saying they were waiting for the authorization to call back the false alert. fema said there is no require approval from them. for a ballistic missile to get from north korea to hawaii. larry, sometimes you need to have a mistake like this do to to show us how unprepared we are. but there is some theory on the east coast in hawaii at this hour. there is no doubt about it the fact that given what is happening between us and north korea and the fact that hawaii is closer to north korea than the mainland of the united states. fema should have been working with the states. they should have been working
3:42 pm
with them to say how are we going to do it. what are we going to say. when he first knew about it should have come on and said no, there is a mistake. but let me tell you we are building missile defenses to be able to deal with that. he should've taken this as an opportunity. we just had pictures of a little girl about a shelter. this is stunning. and i'm sure there was a lot of fear. there was so many questions as to what do we do for example they ran to the lobby and employees at the hotel were crying and scared. they needed to be comforted what do we need to do to get this up and running now. fema has to be working with it states to talk about these
3:43 pm
deals and give it that way. we have the duck and cover drills. we knew what we were supposed to do. a couple of years ago if this have happened there would not be much attention. the fact that it's happening now we are heating up with a nuclear rhetoric. the nuclear rhetoric. i do get makes it imperative that we do something. >> they possibly could reach that. it is simply that people may not take this seriously. even though it clearly said incoming ballistic missile. this is not a drill. you should not allow one person to do it. you can't launch a missile unless there are two people.
3:44 pm
without land-based missiles. to prevent these types of mistakes. i'm sure it was a wake-up call at 3:00 a.m. they find themselves very much on the outside looking in these days. as a former breitbart investigation are they really done with the news industry. charlie is about to break it right here. don't miss it. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom
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we have this breaking news president trump just tweeted he is now turning his sights on senator dick durbin. in essence light about what was said at last week's immigration meeting involving the dreamers. he said they totally misrepresented what was said at the meeting. there is not trust. i want to begin with charlie casper he know. let's quickly talk about
3:50 pm
this. he is now set his sights on president durbin. in my the only perch sit here with a childless -- in my the only person here with the childish humor? there was another person confirmed with dick durbin's. it took them days it's pretty clear he have some harsh language.
3:51 pm
i'm not sure that this is the right road to go down he is on very strong grounds with the economic precedent. my ancestors have no skills. in italy that's how poor southern italy was. that was it. they were not great. it doesn't matter if you don't have the skills. we needed those types of people back then.
3:52 pm
and people inside bright work bart didn't like his comments. and he was ousted. here is the interesting thing. he is plotting his future. this is what he's telling people. he is telling people he sinking about returning long-term to the news business. that's a long-term goal. they are trying to set up they lost that. to support he is going to do
3:53 pm
that. he is appointed go that route. he is talking about creating the think tank. through populist nationalist ideas and yes the notion of coming back to the media business is there. the mercer's are not crazy about it. the internet billionaire who still remains close with. just think about this. and says listen you don't make that much money. i'm going to give you $10 million to bright -- to buy breitbart. that's a lot of money to say no to. that is the notion. that's what people around benin are talking about. this is real this is what he saying. over the russian meddling. he backed up a little bit.
3:54 pm
he was in a lot of those meetings. that one third of voters who voted for president trump they stuck with him. suppose you see we had three minutes left in the show. it's on the verge of sailing past the marker. when the markets open tomorrow but that's not stopping the sum of the some of the biggest names from calling an end to the u.s. equity bull run this year. where to shift your marnie. they battle it out next. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police.
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your money somewhere else other than the u.s., if so where? we have kevin kelly and oliver perch to battle out placing money elsewhere. oliver you first. time to move money. >> it is about economic growth and about earnings. so we favor european equities to outperform. now the u.s. is still the core benchmark. u.s. stocks will do well but we think europe will do very well in the coming year. liz: eastern europe, western europe? leadership change in romania right now. >> we're talking about western europe. swiss, french. sap, nestle, those are companies that should do well, large multinationals. liz: kevin kelly, 50% move it right now from u.s. based stocks where? >> i think you keep it here in the united states liz all of it? >> all of it here.
3:59 pm
reasons why you see cost of capital going up precipitously in other pardons the world. mario draghi said they would end bond buying program early. one they don't have the bonds. they're also worried about inflation. you have to be careful going over there because the u.s. accounts for 25% of the gdp you covered it earlier on your show. the dollar is at a three-year low. u.s. multinational corporations will benefit from the weakening dollar. liz: are we seeing a melt-up in the u.s. markets, oliver? >> absolutely. there is a fundamental good reason for it. u.s. economy is doing well. u.s. corporate earnings are doing well, but what kevin talking about weakening dollar. we've already seen that, we're late in the cycle. we don't think the u.s. dollar will weaken much more. with regards to the ecb they're probably mid-cycle where the u.s. fed is towards the end of the cycle. we have very different perspective. liz: kevin? >> i think melt-up in certain
4:00 pm
sectors, utilities trading at high p-e level. stick with mid tech that will have global growth. liz: good to see you oliver and kevin. we could see dow 26,000 by the end of the close. watch me on fbn to find out. that will do it for the ""claman countdown"." david: markets could be closed but fox business is open unlike cnbc. we're live with the latest developments on all the big stories. the markets are closed but the stock futures are soaring. the dow inching closer to 26,000. we could obliterate records tomorrow hitting the 1000 point milestone in fastest ever. everything is poised for big feigns at opening bell. we're glad you could join us today. i'm david asman. melissa: who is closed? who did you mention? not familiar with them. david: across the river. melissa: i'm melissa francis this. is


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