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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 16, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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result thanks to durbin and graham and oth that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. kennedy: new fallout for that crazy missile alert in hawaii. senator jeff flake compares the president to murderous dictator joseph stalin. who will be to blame if the government shuts down friday? i'm still shaking my head over the 38 minutes of terror caused by hawaii's false missile warning. well, that will drain some lava from your volcano. residents panicked, children
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thrown into storm drains and tourists abandoning beaches and vowing to only go to orlando. hawaii's governor blamed on a mistake due to standard procedure, but there was no standard procedure to call it back. maybe there was a missile headed towards hawaii. whatever the case, you can always judge a calamity not by the act itself but by the reaction. emotionally charged actors took to the digital stage and began blaming the president. jamie lee curtis said this on you, in trump. it is on your pair fans, hubris,
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narcissism, rage. ego. shame on your hate filled self. you did this. the once funny jim carrey made it all about jim carrey. he tweeted, i woke up this morning in hawaii with 10 minutes to live. it was a false alarm but a real psychic warning if we allow this one man gomorrah and his corrupt republican congress to continue all naight the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination. it's time to let go of the sagging notion that the state can keep you safe or informed. let's start the show.
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i'm kennedy. hawaii democratic congresswoman actual tulsi gabbard has an ideo prevent it from happening again. i've been calling on president trump to sit across the table with kim jong-un to work out the differences so we can build a pathway towards denuclearization. we need to get to the underlying issue. what is this president doing urgently to eliminate that threat? kennedy: there is any chance of a one upon one final word for our viewers sit-down? for a one upon one sit-down.
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>> it's absolutely naive. if this could have been done, it would have been done by president obama. he right in 2010. and it didn't work then. so that's why we had this program of strategic patience because they knew they couldn't talk to kim as much as they wanted to. clinton wanted to talk to kim. especially at the ends of his second term. the problem is the kills think they don't need to talk to us. if we do what gabbard wants which is to talk without preconditions, we'll be behind the ball because we are not holding them to the promises they made in the bush administration. i do think it's naive.
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i agree with her we shouldn't be in the business of nation building. and perhaps our regimes around the world that are reactive to that idea, i don't think that's necessarily what's happening here. and i think it's a form appeasement. but we are woefully unprepared. >> we certainly are. that system in hawaii didn't have the redundancy. i have a lot of sympathy for that employee. humans make mistakes. system should not have permitted that. imagine, we were lucky in one sense. this is sparsely populated hawaii. just a few hours after that alert went out, there were 69,000 fans in therein corn field watching the falcons and eagles. if that alert had gone off during the game, it could have been tragic. kennedy: sit was providential
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the alert went out at 8:07 in the morning, luckily it's a weekend and a lot of people are asleep. what if some of the roadways were congested and there was bad weather and people panicked and lives were lost. the government is not always going to tell you the right thing and we have to have self-preparedness. >> the self-defense drizzle were ended during the clinton foundation and understand understand why. people need to take responsibility for themselves and their families. kennedy: and we don't know what the end game will be with this president's policies and north korea. we don't know that that's necessarily negative.
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this could ends in a positive place, it could end in world war iii. >> the president's plan is to cut off money to north korea so he can't launch his missiles. i think gabbard is right that we need to talk to:kim jong-un. but he needs to give up his nukes. down the road, i think that might work. kennedy: when he's in a position to make nothing but concessions. president trump's first year in office is about to wrap up and he was able to come through on some of his bold campaign promises. he pulled area out of the paris climate accord. recognized jerusalem as israel's capital, pulled out of the trans-pacific partnership, and rolled back regulations and ushered in a big tax overhaul.
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immigration reform through -- this was his marquee promise. >> we'll build the wall and mexico will pay for the wall 100%. 100%. kennedy: that was just a month before he was elected. not much progress has been made on that wall, and i haven't seen mexico pony up a penny yet. border crossing did hit an all-time low in 2017. so has he delivered on immigration? let me go to my globe-trotting party panel. kat timpf is sheer. and anthony fisher and jehmu
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greene, if you are begrurnlgingly giving the president accolades for following through on campaign promises, even if it's something you disagree with. >> that's a great question. because he has delivered on some campaign promises. i think we have to give him credit for that. the number one thing i would have to say, probably the direction we are moving in with immigration. but i think we have to take a step back it's the big picture of his campaign promises that hit people in the gut. he promised to take care of the sick and the poor. he promised to help those who didn't have a voice in d.c. who depend on social security and medicare. he is not working for the little guy. you have got a ceo of a coal mining company who said after
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the tax cuts, this guts us. there were some big picture promises. kennedy: i have friends who say this tax cut is going to benefit me, i can't believe it. i hate to give him any credit. he has done well on isis. we talked about paris and jerusalem. but what are some areas that are critical where he has fallen short? >> he hasn't drained the swamp. kennedy: is it possible for anyone to drain the swamp? >> you can attempt it. of the list of things he sort of kind of maybe accomplished, a lot of them were like he has pledged to do so but he hasn't accomplished them. jerusalem is probably not going to happen on his watch. one thing if i give sthim begrudging credit. while he did initiate an attack on an air strip in syria and
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continues this u.s. support of the war in yemen, he hasn't launched any new wars, and i'm almost certain hillary clinton would have. she promised boots on the ground in several countries. kennedy: i touched on the wall. i don't think that's going to happen in its entirety. i think the president will get some parts of the wall built and have other parts beefed up with agents and drones. >> and people peace ask, if he doesn't build the wall, what are his supporters going to do. what he could do is just tell them that he built the wall. and that would be good enough to say i built it. he said he built it. they can see the wall. he said it was there so it must
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can there. just say he built it. >> there have been arguments from democratic-friendly thinkers, let the democrats concede 200 miles of wall. kennedy: it has to be something like that. it may not be a giant -- >> but it will be beautiful and classy. kennedy: republicans have been trying to dismantle obamacare since 2010. and repeal and replace was another cornerstone of the president's campaign. >> my first day in office i'm going to ask congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replace the with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability, you will have such great healthcare and a tiny fraction of the cost, and it will be so easy. kennedy: i love freedom and
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freedom to choose. the gop did knock out the individual mandate with the tax bill. but republicans haven't given up on this long-held promise. should they move on or make another appeal in 2018? not what should republicans do, but what will they do on healthcare? >> senator mitch mcconnell made it clear there is no there there. the playing field for republicans in 2018 is much harder than it was in 2017. when you have one more democratic senator and one more politician in d.c., all they care about is getting re-elected. that was one of the victories for the resistance as far as all of the organizing on the ground across the country where you had people say you are not going to
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take this away. even though they stripped so many of the ways the program was marketed and promoted. you have seen people sign up in the open enrollment period. >> it's not going to survive. it's a lot easier to run against something that exists like obamacare than to couple with a plan that they have to own in the future. you can say in the preobamacare era there were problems. now they are just going to light the whole thing on fire, have no plan, and maybe at some point we'll deal with it. but they won't run on any new plan. they have had 10 years to couple a comprehensive plan and they don't have one. >> i don't think the republican party knows what it is anymore. kennedy: i say the same thing about the democratic party. there are four distinct parties.
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kennedy: ohio congressman pat tiberi stepped down to pursue other interests. so are republicans officially in trouble? according to reports until the gop are worried about a democratic wave that could give the democrats a gain of 46 seats in the house. kevin mccarthy showed the president a slide show about the scenario facing republicans in the fall. the president responded by
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pledging to campaign for republicans in the fall. chris stirewalt, you look at numbers, you crunch numbers and assess the data. if the mid-terms were held today, what position would the democrats be in. so if the election were held today the gop would almost not only most of certainly lose the house, but lose it by a big fat margin. i wouldn't be surprised if they could get double the 34 seats they need. but the election isn't going to be held today. it's going to be held in november. it won't turn into a good year for republicans. it's the mid-term for a
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first-term president which historically turns into a win for the party not in power. we have a lot to see as it relates to that. kennedy: in any given week, the world can have its hair set on fire and the next day everyone is kanoodling with the president again. what could happen to put the president in a better position? is a booming economy enough? >> the president has to get his act together. too many unforced errors, too many stupid controversies. the chaos is creeping back in at the white house and it's the president's doing. it's not steve bannon's fault or
12:22 am
anthony scaramucci's fault. these polls continue to say fairly or unfairly that people don't credit trump necessarily for the condition of the economy and so far it has not worked to their benefit so they have to get the ball under control. they have to quit the fumbles if they are ready to govern and fit to lead. kennedy: do you think you will see more republicans distance themselves from the president like utah congresswoman m pick a love? >> just as you saw with george w. bush? 2006 and barack obama in 2010 and 2014. there will be a lot of republicans? swing districts where you have a lot of the moderate, affluent, educated voters who are sceptical or strongly opposed to
12:23 am
trump in those cases the lawmakers will have to craft a message that says vote for these policies and vote for me to be a check and done's excesses. >> a new poll shows a majority of americans are feeling good about the economy. but who is responsible? we talk about it more in depth. i'll ask art laffer. that's next. and immediately following the show don't miss the new season. the premiere sang i hair answer. an old painting stored in a family's basement gets a fortune at auction. the great emperor penguin migration. trekking a hundred miles inland to their breeding grounds. except for these two fellows. this time next year, we're gonna be sitting on an egg. i think we're getting close! make a u-turn...
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(whispering) with the capital one venture card, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. not just airline purchases. (yelling) holy moly, that's a lot of miles! shh-h-h-h! what's in your wallet? man: shh-h-h! kennedy: poor dolores. there is no question the u.s. economy is booming. the question is who deserves the credit. a new cbs follow find that 49% surveyed credit former president obama and 40% president trump. trump and obama are battling it out. both claiming their policies led
12:28 am
to the recent boom. the "wall street journal" asked economists and most of suggests president trump's election deserves some credit for the upturn. art laffer joins me now. >> thank you for the nice little plug. kennedy: let's discuss. this is almost an unsolvable riddle and it's much better to have this kind of problem to figure out who is responsible for an economic boom. who is it? >> i think trump for sure is responsible for the stock market. i don't see how obama can take credit for the stock market during trump because the stock market is always forward
12:29 am
looking, this market has been great. i think trump with the passage of the tax bill made huge huge progress in creating a prosperity that will last for literally years and years, and he deregulated the economy and gotten rid of some of obamacare. he withheld the funds that were to subsidize the understand industry, and he stopped doing damage. obama was doing all sorts of things year in and year out to hurt the economy. and just stopping doing that would be a very big thing to happen. and i think trump deserves a lot of credit for that. kennedy: there is much to be said about the economic and business consumer confidence. those are measurable factors and they have been off the charts. you give the president credit for that. >> definitely. kennedy: is this an issue where the whole is more than the sum
12:30 am
of its part with deregulation and tax reform? is there something about combining those two that sets a positive economic recipe? >> sure. going back to reagan. what you did you started a hole pro -- a whole process that led to a lot of things happening. i think the 1986 tax act which was the best beautiful all time was a direct response of what happened in '81 creating that prosperity. what i think trump has done is created an aura, an environment the which will allow much better economic policies to take place in the future. and the markets are starting to react to that. we have a snowball coming down the hill. sooner or later the democrats will join and board just the way they did with us in the 80s.
12:31 am
kennedy: there are also economists who say we are headed for a few bursting bubbles if the stock market takes a downturn. does the president take credit for that? >> sure. if it takes a downturn, that's under this watch. when you say take credit for it. the president is the person in the position that takes credit. you will have to ask him -- i don't know that we'll, so far i feel good about his responses, and they concur pretty much totally with mine. this tax bill he did, and the congress did, too. the president deserves primary credit. i know of no president in my lifetime that has done a better job in the first year of office than donald trump has done with respect to the economy. he has done an amazing job.
12:32 am
kennedy: i have a couple people i am about to talk to who might disagree with you. the hits against the president keep on coming. first arizona republican senator jeff flake says he's planning a speech on the senate floor wednesday to scold the president and the white house ahead of the scheduled fake news award. norp flake comerntd that dubbing the inventor of that phrase, he's honoring joseph stalin. sean penn called the president an enemy of mankind and his comments were in response to the president, alleged vulgar words on alleged third world countries. will all this name calling
12:33 am
result in a change? kat, i will start with you. i think the president betrayed some deeply held beliefs when he perhaps cat gorerised certain parts of the world as s*hole s and the kicker was saying we need more immigration from places like norway. kat: white places. and saying the media is the enemy of the people is also bad. also neither of those things makes them our enemy. it makes them our friends. even if you think you don't care about the kardashians, you care. sean penn said if we recognize
12:34 am
president trump as an enemy of mankind, he's an enemy of the state. hyperbolic? >> totally. donald trump could be horrible and enemy of mankind and sean penn could be full of s as you put it. he's been a friend of hugo chavez and fidel castro. kennedy: and created hid yuls environments in their own countries. >> they threw homosexuals and aids patients in prison. castro kept his island as a prison. these are people sean penn considers paragons. kennedy: i hike sean penn's
12:35 am
acting. >> sean penn isn't presidents. i resigned myself to the fact that the current president of the united states is a racist. for years said he's not a racist, he just stokes racial tensions. kennedy: how do you chief fine racist. >> someone in his position who feels if you have melanin in your skin you are less worthy than someone doesn't have melanin. the color of your skin defines what country you come from and what contribution you can give to our nation's dialogue. this is a longstanding sets of decisions. kennedy: if democrats said the same thing, are they racist? >> when you add up the totality of this president's comments, he
12:36 am
made it clear. he prefers white people to people of color. and that is something we mad a conversation about yesterday. is the statement impeachable? no. but when he starts to govern based on his racism, that's impeachable. kennedy: you have to prove that. >> that's a process we should have a conversation about. kennedy: you have may have that opportunity. the democrats may get control of the house. will sthef cry wolf every time he says something they don't like and cry impeachment? democratic lawmakers say they will boy cot the state of the union address. is that the most of effective way to get the message across? way to get the message across? i'll ask richard fowler next. ooooooh snap!!
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you can feel safe for only $49.00. that includes security panel, keypad, key fob, entry and motion sensors and for a limited time, get a camera included and installed at no additional cost. kennedy: president trump and his alleys are denying his controversial comments. but four his allies are threatening to skip the state of the union address. the president tweeted daca is probably dead because the
12:41 am
democrats don't really want it, necessity just want to take desperately need money away from our military. let me bring in my friends richard fowler. he's the host of the are you comard fowler show and a fox news contributor. i think all of this is divisive because we don't have clear proof. we don't know exactly what happened, and it's creating a figure s-storm about s*hole s. do you think these four democratic law makers should skip out on the state of the union? >> i don't think skipping the state of the union is the answer. dick durbin and lindsey graham.
12:42 am
by it's obvious the president said a disparaging thing about those countries. tuesday he had 2349 that live meeting and was getting some where. he may be aher jim to winning so he said i don't want to win anymore. and maybe he would have had a deenlt government possibly could have stayed open. now this a government shutdown looming and there is no daca deal looming and he won't get miss wall. kennedy: the president said something stupid and then everyone overreacts to it, and we ends up going in these needless cycles and loops where we don't fix whatever problem is in the first place, and you don't get the bipartisanship people seem to be craving who aren't on the fringes of either
12:43 am
party. >> i think it problem is this is more than the president saying something stupid. this is the president not only destroying his foreign policy, the only thing we have is influence. and when you make comments like that you take away from that influence. it speaks to the president spoking up flames he didn't have to stoke up to begin with. the same thing for charlottesville. all he had to say is they were bad people. he just seems to have blindsers on when it comes to the issue of race and it's unbelievable. kennedy: there are a lot of people including those in his own party who take issue with the comment. where do we go from here? nancy pelosi wearing all black to the state of the union, i don't think it gets us more than a symbolic gesture. >> some would argue a symbolic
12:44 am
gesture is all they need to move forward with the movement. kennedy: no, it's not. >> the president of the united states is the leader of the free world. when he makes comments like he made last week, he slows down his own agenda and makes it harder to legislators on both sides of the aisle to work with him. republicans have 45 open seats in the house of representatives. a lot of them because of retirements. when the president makes comments like that in suburban districts, that doesn't work. they will dig their heels in and say hissen, mr. president, you made incendiary comments. kennedy: they have to figure out if they want something to work and help these dreamers. coming up, a california man in
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kennedy: on this day? 2001 wikipedia officially
12:49 am
launched online. but it's hard to know if it's true because the only source is wikipedia. we begin in santa ana, a city that has winds named after it. you should never choose the app when it takes you to take the road with the fewest tolls. please believe he was going twice the speed limit. the man admitted to using drugs. and he said he flossed every day because everyone says that at the dentist. police arrested the driver who was so high he claimed the lakers would make the playoffs. at that point they didn't need the sobriety test. they just cuffed him on the spot. let's head over to turkey where
12:50 am
an airline pilot learned why you should never eat during landing. we have no idea what this guy was eating. but we know he overshot the runway and came perilously close to landing in the black sea. pegasus airlines released a statement confirming all 162 people on board avoided serious injuries. hang in there, guys. turkey, good lord. topic number 3. hooters decided to offer home delivery of its food because apparently nobody told them every guy is lying when says he
12:51 am
goes there for the wings. i don't even go there for the wings. but if you are one of the people who claims they do, you will be happy to know 96 locations are delivering hoosiers cuisine. a company spokesperson was fast to clarify the food will not delivered by a hooters waitress. starbucks is charging a 7 cent surcharge to people who order their coffee in a paper cup. no, the money is not going towards spelling lessons for their baristas.
12:52 am
the company is experimenting at their london stores charging people for paper cups. fit doesn't, at least they cashed in. regardless of what kind of cup you consume your starbucks in, they urge you to refrain from overcaffeinating. this guy wasn't drinking starbucks, but if i had to guess he lost his job delivering for hooters. topic number 5. perhaps nobody had more steering issues this weekend than dennis rodman who was bad at driving the lanes in his playing days and worst at driving the
12:53 am
highways in his retirement. he was arrested for drunk driving. here is a life hack. if the cops think you smell like tequila. at that point you may as well change your name to jose cuervo. rodman was released after posting bond which he secured after using his one call to phone a friend. hello? this thing on? kim jong-un can relate because he loves to sing rocket man. it's the bomb. so sorry. hashtag sorry not sorry. he's been out of office for nearly a year. but his obsession with fox news hasn't subside. it's now out of this world.
12:54 am
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♪ kennedy: david letterman and former president obama have been dug up and reanimated thanks to netflix. they reopinion forced the other's cosmopolitan bias. it's no secret obama has always been obsessed with fox news. he name called the organization so many times you might think it's one of his children. here's what he said about the mother ship. >> we are operating in completely different information universes. if you watch fox news you are living on a different planet than you are if you listen to npr. kennedy: by his logic that
12:59 am
planet is hostile and in need of a good droning. clean, smart people listen to npr. filthy hillbillies listen to fox news and shoot their muskets in the air. obama made a similar comment a month ago. >> those who watch fox news and read the "new york times" occupy completely different realities. kennedy: president obama used to draw his popularity on the idea he was a regular guy who would be fun to have a beer with. but it turns out he's a snob who thinks he's smarter than you. but you won't hear that on npr. thank you for watching the show tonight. email judge andrew napolitano and ron
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