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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 16, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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october of '87. only thing i could grasp on to, now the dow up over 250 points, now up a 7 points and now under 26,000. we'll keep an eye on it. trish to you. trish: not at highs we were earlier. hey, the day is young. breaking today, everyone. another record day on wall street with the dow within striking distance of 26-k for the first time. it was seven days ago when the dow actually crossed 25,000. do you know that is historic? we have never seen such a huge run-up in quick amount of tile. we're off the session highs following news that former trump advisor steve bannon was subpoenaed last week but robert mueller. meanwhile on capitol hillah makers have until friday to reach a budget deal to avoid a government shutdown. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." president trump touting our strong economy, stock market at
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record highs, unemployment for african-americans are at record lows. companies giving bonuses to employees over and over again, they keep telling us, the republican tax law. you know what? the mainstream media are barely noticing any of this good news, any of it because i'll tell you why. it makes him look good. they can't allow him to look good because it doesn't fit on their narrative. we'll have more. showdown on capitol hill, that the democrats are willing to put our national security at risk and cut funding for our military all over daca. the president is willing to work on a solution for "dreamers" while securing the border but the dems are not budging. we'll have live report from washington. nicole at the on the floor of te as we get near a new record. what do you hear about 26-k, nicole? >> i have to tell you, when we
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crossed 26,000 at opening bell the hats came out. everyone thousand point milestone is still a big deal. we have seen seven, today would be the 8thth 1,000-mile stone since president trump was elected that was november of 2016. the last was 26,000. you look at do you winners easy to find. pro-business policies. straight corporate culture rand rand -- 18 names on the dow jones industrial average are in fact hitting all time highs. right now the winners, merck, unitedhealth, goldman, visa. on the downside we saw general electric coming under pressure early this morning after the company is taking a
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$6.2 billion charge to the insurance portfolio. nike under pressure. techs soared in 2017. led the way. those favorite that hit highs have been doing so again today. they have given a little bit back here in the 2:00 p.m. hour. we do see netflix and apple to the downside but i will say, trish, that these five names hit all-time highs today. as i toss it back to you. we'll see whether or not we can close above the 26,000 mark and really nail down that seven trading days. but it would be fastest of all time no doubt. trish: incredible for sure. thanks so much, nicole. joining me with his thoughts, forbes media chairman, editor-in-chief steve forbes. >> good to see you. trish: every time i see you, a new high, a new record. i'm getting kind of used to it. how about you? >> i think we all are and the good thing is you don't yet see outside of wall street the giddiness you saw in past bull markets when they reached their
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peak in 2000. trish: they don't like the bull markets and many don't like him. >> they have been suspicious going back to 2009 after the terrible recession and financial crisis, people were surprised when the market turned in march of 2009. they thought it can't last. the economy's performance has not been great, sluggish. earnings, companies got their act together. earnings have been good. now earnings are getting another boost when you cut the rate from 35 to 21, and you don't have to have your tax department working quite so hard to figure out ways of getting around this high rate, that is all to the good. trish: earnings go up. the company therefore becomes much more valuable. what i'm excited about, full disclosure, i was a little concerned back in 2009 and 2010 as we had this positive upwards, far more gradual than what we're seeing now. i was a little concerned, what worried me i felt it was
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fed-induced. it wasn't real. we weren't seeing economic numbers supporting it in the way of job gains. i'm not talking about part-time jobs that pay minimum wage and real job gains and wage gains and real gdp growth. steve forbes, like my prayers have been answered. we're getting gdp growth above 3%. jamie dimon says he thinks 4% is on the way. carlos ghosn are upping their estimates on number of cars they sell at nissan mitsubishi, why? because the of tax cut. all of it is coming together. now i feel like for the first time i can watch to say, all right, it is making sense. do you feel that? >> well, when you look at the regulatory side, does not get headlines. but removing those burdens on businesses especially small businesses that is to the good. just discussed earnings. the thing to watch out for though is the federal reserve. they're making multer -- mutters
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like the new york fed, that we're overheating. watch out for the fed to gum up the works. they think prosperity causes inflation. >> we have no inflation, by the way. >> prosperity does not cause inflation. the why the people doing better, earning more, the other thing you will hear about a bullish sign, labor shortages, not being able to fill specific positions which means labor will be going up. trish: what does cause inflation then? you don't think it is prosperity? you think there is concern the economy going gangbusters so everything goes up, up, when there is so much competition- >> in a normal market, you produce more of it, you figure out how to be more productive. productivity gains. we have 60 minutes in an hour. leave it alone.
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don't muck with it. trish: you don't believe in the tinkering. trish: what about bitcoin. >> bitcoin whatever it is is not money. when you have that kind of violent fluctuation. the thing about bitcoin to look at and these other cryptocurrencies is the technology, what they call block chains which could do in the years ahead, could do to banks and credit cards what the web did to the print industry. turn, turn it upside down. trish: i agree with you on that. i think it is the technology itself that could be so promising. >> yes. >> i was hearing that three years ago in fact. so it is getting closer and closer. let me ask you what you think of this. fred smith, you know ceo of fedex. >> great man and a great card player. trish: he is a good card player? i didn't know that? >> oh, yeah, ledge endarrellly when fedex nearly went down in the 1970s, he went to
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las vegas, learned in vietnam how to play cards, won tens of thousands of dollars to keep the company going. trish: he was on stuart varney this morning. here is what he thinks is driving the markets. i want to get your reaction. >> market is reflecting growth around the world which we see. we serve 220 countries. nobody sees the global economy the way we do and it's pretty well synced up and you have a better situation for business with the reduction in regulations and most importantly, this tax bill. trish: sounds like quite an endorsement on this administration's economic policy. he is saying not just benefiting us. you're seeing it all over the world. do you agree with that sentiment? >> yes. and one of the things that will happen in the next couple of years if we don't gum it up you will see the politics start to change. when you have people starting to get optimistic again, feeling the world is not coming to an end, we can get ahead, that's
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going to change the tone a little bit. you won't know it now but it will happen. trish: but i wonder if the left will come out in a more vicious way? >> they will come out in a more vicious way but they will be more isolated if this economy getting to 4%. trish: you're right. you heard what i said. african-american employment rate has never been better. >> you will see a lot of people who dropped out of the workforce start to be drawn in. trish: well, that is going to be a problem for, you look gleeful but it will be a problem certainly for the political party that is fighting this or resisting this. >> boo-hoo. good to see you. trish: thanks for being here. let's turn to our other top story which steve let us into very nicely. lawmakers have until friday to keep the government funded. president trump accusing dems to put our national security at risk in order to protect "dreamers." blake burman is at the white house with more.
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hey, blake. reporter: fingerpointing is intensifying ahead of all this. the need to keep the government open, the deadline being by friday night. the president taking aim at democrats earlier this morning with the following tweet, saying quote, the democrats want to shut down the government over amnesty for all and border security. he goes on to write, we need a merit-based system of immigration and we need it now. however the top democrat in the center of the daca negotiations, senator dick durbin says he feels the president is not living up to his word from last week. >> we have met the president's criteria. remember at one point, said whatever you send me i will sign, i will take the political heat on this. we showed up thursday with our bipartisan bill and presented it to him it is a much different story. reporter: the white house's position they want a clean spending bill on friday, no
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strings attached. whatever happened on daca has to be separated out an handled in a different matter. they feel they can eventually get a daca deal done and they need democrat help and need democrats to come to the negotiating table. >> look, everybody wants the same thing here. it seems like it should be pretty simple. hopefully the democrats will stop playing politics and start governing and get their job done. reporter: president is catching heat from his own party. senator lindsay graham, a part of that meetings thursday on white house where the whole s-hole controversy originates says this devolved into his words, an s-show. he feels the president has gotten quote, really bad advice from within his staff. graham says he feels the president has not been served well. trish? trish: thank you very much, blake burman. joining me now with more, chairman of go pac david avella, former obama foreign policy
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visor david tufori. david, start with you, what is the chance the government gets done and government doesn't shut down? >> i don't i think anything gets done this week. >> if but we moved backwards since last week. trish: last week that meeting was phenomenal by the way. i was delighted to watch all of that, and to see how the negotiations take place and i was extraordinarily optimistic after seeing it but feels as
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though we've been reduced once again, david, to sound bites and this standoff with both sides. david, you just said that the dems are perhaps willing to negotiate here. david tufori, david, i don't get that sense. i don't get a sense one single dime going with the wall. >> this obsession with a discuss word is amateurish. we have major issue we need to deal with in this country. even democrats outside of washington, d.c., new york, california, see it as a distraction. as we heard yesterday, democratic senator joe manchin saying that his democratic colleagues shouldn't use this curse word to stop work that needs to be done on immigration. americans want to see results. and why we can't find common ground on securing the border, getting criminals out of this country, making sure that we're bringing a merit-based system, that we're getting rid of chain migration, all things that many democrats have supported sitting in congress, have supported in
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the past, why they can't support it now? because it says trump and not obama on it. trish: david is that true? no matter what happens out of this administration if donald trump's name on it, if donald trump's name is on it, do the democrats simply want to resist because it's him? >> no, i don't agree with that. you heard senator durbin he felt hope when president trump said he would sign anything congress brought before him. this thing happened with the curse word. it is not just about the curse word. about president trump's misunderstanding of the situation. he seemed not even be familiar with the fact that haitians were hoping to get some solution to the tps ending and the other countries that are part of the tps he seems totally unfamiliar with the most important issues. instead moved to denigrate other countries which is not helpful for us. it is not helpful for the foreign policy people around the country don't like it. people know there are lot of haitians that are hard-working, important to our economy. trish: the question is it
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racist. he sawsay he is denigrating these countries but is he denigrating them in racist way? when you talk about racism, i said on the show, that is worst thing you can say about anyone, americans are not racist. when you point fingers say someone is a racist, seems to me that is politically-motivated, the democrats are trying to do what they can to do rally their base at time when economy is doing great. you have to hear this, david. i want to hear what senator cory booker from new jersey had it say. here we go. >> the commander-in-chief, in oval office meeting, referring to people from african countries and asians with the most vial and vulgar language, that language festers, when ignorance and bigotry is allied with power it is a dangerous force in our country. your silence and your amnesia is complicity. trish: somebody is running for
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office i guess, david avella. what is your reaction to that. we'll go to tufori in a moment. >> it is about politics. what democrats say about every republican president. george w. bush was a racist, wasn't very smart. ronald reagan was a racist, wasn't very smart. what do they do? bring out the playbook, donald trump he is a racist and not very smart. trish: the word they used was ignorant and racist. david tufori, is. >> you see in senator booker's comments, frustration, frustration mounting for entire year the president has been in office. he has done many things that are racist like, refusing to call out the demonstrators in charlottesville, and many other things that are very hurtful to our minority communities and very hurtful to those who contribute to our economy. this is another -- trish: he is not a racist, david? >> he said things are racist. i don't know him personally.
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i will not call -- trish: did you think what he said is racist no it is type of thing a racist person says. same with charlottesville. same -- trish: you're inferring something. i heard it, i'll tell you, david -- >> criticize white supremacists in charlottesville. trish: i will not go back to charlottesville. i'm fair, david, i called out charlottesville. i did not like how he handled that situation. >> we agree. trish: you can't give any member of the media trying to paint you in a certain way. in this particular case, it was closed-door meeting. i reported by the way from a ton of hell holes around the world, i do refer to them, because i'm a polite lady that doesn't use that language, but i call them hell holes. you think it has to do with color of their skin? axe suitly not. everything to do with crime rates. everything to do with poverty. everything to do with corruption. that is why they're helloholes
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not because of someone's skin. that for the democrats to use this as political tool and that is despicable and gets us completely off topic. david. >> the democrats and republicans came to his office, presented an immigration plan. it included extension for tps participants from haiti. president trump with his comment seemed to be completely unaware of this group of people who were seeking some solution in congress. so it is not only just what he said, he seemed so ignorant of the key policies -- trish: we're back to the same playbook again, david avella told us. ignorant. stupidity and racism. >> lead us to a resolution of these crises -- trish: i tell you guys will have a tough time. >> of what needs to be decided, what congress has to do. trish: you will have a tough time with this line of argument when you have a market that is soaring, a gdp growing, and wages that are growing and employment levels that are the best they have ever been.
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good luck with it. david avella, david few forry, thank you. we have just turned down into negative territory here. we'll continue to watch it. we're close to 26,000. now the dow reversed course after having been new all-time highs after former trump advisor steve bannon subpoenaed last week by robert mueller, bannon gets grilled on capitol hill, this happened being grilled on capitol hill before the house intelligence committee whether or not the trump campaign colluded with russia. we'll talk to someone who has some very good sources. who will tell you exactly what happened in that room next.
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trish: fox news confirming today that steve bannon was subpoenaed last week by prosecutor robert mueller and issued immediate subpoenas by the house intelligence committee today. mr. bannon is answering questions about possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia. claiming the that they told him nothing about the transition, the lawmakers issued subpoenas to compel him to answer. ned ryun joins me right now. you are telling a lot of sources close to mr. bannon and close to people in that room. what happened?
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>> all of things, of course, trish. he was being brought in, people were seeking clarification on some transition emails, but from a close associate of bannon's, it got pretty heated inside of the house intelligence committee. word is bannon was vociferously defending the president. actually texted bannon a few minutes ago, what can i say on tv you? let people know as long as i have known you i have been a die-hard trump supporter and fan. i think that is clear that when it comes down to trump and bannon he is a huge fan of trump's. he is huge defender of his. trish: can we quote him? >> you can quote him on that. trish: steve bannon said he has always been a die-hard -- >> die-hard supporter of trump's. trish: okay. >> i think where the friction has come with the children. that all to say, i have been watching twitter, watching the left, about you know him going in front of a grand jury, subpoenaed, and all that stuff, they think bannon will turn on the president. get used to disappointment. that is never happening.
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guess what? bannon has been convinced from the beginning there is no collusion. it's a hoax. it is a fairytale. i heard him speak multiple times on this, trish. in november i heard him speak down in florida. he said this whole trump russia collusion is fairytale. the trump campaign had trouble colluding with the rnc on its field program. so to suggest there was somehow sophistication enough to collude is total joke and absurd. >> i appreciate the humor. did he get any questions, did he tell you whether or not that he got any questions that would circle back to the concerns over this dossier? representative desantis just told me the other day, he wants to see everything be disclosed and, wants everything to come forward about the dossier. his concern, as many people are worried about, is that, our fbi may have used that propaganda by a political machine on the other side to find and secure fisa warrants to monitor the other
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campaign, the monitor the trump campaign. that is pretty scary stuff. >> i didn't ask bannon on that front. trish, they absolutely did that. look at from april of 2017 in which cnn reported the fbi used a dossier to secure justification to secretly spy on trump associates. unless there is some other dossier out there, the fbi used the steele dossier to secure fisa warrant to spy on carter page. trish: what about the talk about pap do louse that a drink at the bar caused all this. >> the media and others are trying to change the story, what if a partisan piece of propaganda filled with russian misinformation was used to secure a fisa warrant to spy on american citizen? what if the doj and fbi are corrupt at the highest levels. i have had questions about the department of state. i have questions about the cia and how they interacted with the
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dossier. i said this for a piece on fox news opinion last week. what if the mueller investigation, what if the entire trump russia investigation based off this dossier, spurring the mueller investigation which is based off a dossier calls into question the entire legitimacy of the entire mueller investigation. i think according to everything i have seen and read this partisan piece of propaganda filled with russian misinformation i think we keep pulling thread will lead to very interesting places. trish: and not good once. >> no. trish: ned, by the way, if putin's objective was to mess with us and you know mine -- undermine our government, he succeeded. >> i wrote a piece this summer for the federalist, for all intents and purposes putin doesn't care who is in the white house as long as america is destablizing and fighting itself to stay out of the way of his imperialistic designs. if that was his purpose he
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succeeded in doing this. what is shameful if the dossi is misinformation, which i believe it is, the mainstream media has been willing accomplice spreading this miss information putting into bloodstream. trish: cnn should never run wit. i hear. >> you there will be some explaining. the only thing will get us to trust some institutions again, doj and fbi, declassifying and extreme transparency. trish: this is what desantis is calling for. we need transparency and we need declassification. we have a lot of questions that need to be answered. if you are right, ned, i hope you're not, i really do, i hope you're not for the sake of the country, if you're right we have really big problems. >> we have very big problems. trish: ned ryun, thank you so much. >> thanks, trish. trish: markets off the earlier highs. we're in the red by 16 points. dow topped 26,000 earlier. you would have no idea that anything good is out there if you're watching the mainstream
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media. a new study shows how biased it is against the president. we'll have all the details. we'll debate it next.
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i want to thank you all for the job you have done. ivanka just left. we really appreciate it. it has been incredible. you know what we have done in the tax bill. you know how successful it has been. the we had women front and center. i think you all know that. but i'm honored to stand here with women across the administration, from all across the administration. they have been incredible. i just look, our kellyanne, has been something. everyone, everybody up here, that is pam bondi doing such a great job in florida. we're proud of you, pam. everybody up here has been a friend and very, very special. i want to thank first lady of north dakota, catherine bergam for being with us today. catherine, thank you very much. [applause] lieutenant governor of wisconsin, rebecca. great job. thank you, rebecca. good. [applause] we're doing okay in wisconsin. that is for sure. it's a great place. around i also, pam bondi again, we want to thank you, pam.
2:32 pm
thank you very much. arkansas, great state, how did i win arkansas by so much when she came from arkansas? i don't know. something going, but leslie rutledge, thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you, leslie. thank you, leslie. appreciate it. chairwoman of the republican national committee and in charge of our campaign in michigan and when we won michigan i said i have to keep here going because michigan hadn't been won in decade and ronna mcdaniel. thank you, ronna, great job. great job. thank you. [applause] you're representing everybody very well on television. i love your appearances. women represent half of the population but they care about 100% of the issues that face the nation, that is for sure. we're making incredible progress. the women es unemployment rate hit the lowest level that it has been in 17 years.
2:33 pm
that's something. [applause] and women in the workforce reached a record high. more women in the workforce than ever before. that is really terrific, especially since it is on my watch. i feel very proud of that. i have to tell you a statistic that just came out recently as you saw that the black unemployment rate, the african-american unemployment rate is the lowest it's ever been in the history of the report so we're very honored by that. it is really great thing. [applause] we've enacted massive tax cuts. you've seen it. you have seen what's happening. i have to tell you that far beyond our expectations. we thought on february people with start to see their paycheck have a little more money in it. and you know, you pick up that extra 2 or $300 on a monthly basis, sometimes on a weekly basis, that has big impact. we thought it would be february.
2:34 pm
and little did we know, when the company started, at&t started it, but these companies started giving out $1000 to everybody, all of a sudden one after another. the few that haven't, they're all saying, the employees are saying what about us? you know that is going to happen. so it kicked in a lot faster than we thought. the stock market is way up again today. we're setting a record literally all the time. we have a long way to go. had the other side gotten in the market would have gone down 50% from where it was. 50% from where it was, remember that. it was stagnant and it was going down. and all you have to do is look at the gnp from the beginning. just take a look at that gnp, and you look at it, anyway you want, look at any statistic, you could look at gdp, you could look at any statistic, and take a look where they were but gdp
2:35 pm
in particular, it was stuck and heading down. and we took off restrictions. we took off regulations. we still have plenty of regulations. although we're cutting a lot of them too. [laughter] [applause] but you don't need, you don't need nine different regulations. we're looking at dodd-frank because we have to free up so the banks can loan money to great people. [applause] because the banks haven't been able to do that they were restricted. a person came up to me at a recent stop, said all my life i did business with a certain bank. now all of sudden they can't do business with me. i always paid my debts. i always pay my loans. the bank loves me. they're prohibited from doing -- they will be able to do business with that person again. we're doing a real job on it. but regulations had a lot to do with the success. don't let anyone kid you. without staking off those
2:36 pm
regulations, look in terms of pipelines, 48,000 jobs from almost day one, 48,000 jobs. really things that were never going to get built. we have plants all over the country getting built. toyota is now moving back. mexico, it is very interesting, chrysler, is leaving mexico and moving back to michigan. you haven't heard that one. you haven't heard that one in a while. [applause] one of the important things we're doing as you know, doubling the child tax credit and that's something so important to all of us. so women-owned small businesses in america will now be able to deduct 20% of their business income, which is something that people didn't expect that they would be seeing. my presidential budget was the first in history to include a nationwide program for paid family leave. [applause] and we're partnering with communities to end the scourge
2:37 pm
of drug addiction that has plagued our country. i mean you talk about a problem. that's a problem that we are working very hard on. pam has worked very hard. everybody here, everybody here, even if they're not totally involved with that they're all working hard on it and some people within the family themselves unfortunately they're really working because they have people within the family that are in trouble. so that's number one on our list. if you look at what's gone on, there has never been a time like this. it's a worldwide problem. some areas take care of it through very, very tough measures. we don't. we're not prepared to do that, i guess they say as a country but we have a tremendous, massive drug problem, and drug population and we have dealers all over the country, and we are hitting them hard, the dealers. the dealers are being hit hard but what they have done to families what they're doing to the country and it is something that we are very focused on, whether it is the opioids.
2:38 pm
whether it's drugs, as you hear in the traditional sense, much comes through the southern border. you know that people don't like to talk about it. they say you men'sed that, because it happens to be true. but they come in through many different places and means and they come in many different ways but we are on the drug problem as much as you can possibly be on it. and we'll get it taken care of one way or the other. the tougher we get the better it is going to be, the faster it is going to go away. we have to get really tough on that problem because it is eating away at the heart of our country. so with that being said i really appreciate you all being here. it is an honor. again when i heard, i ran across the street. now i will run back, i will run back to the oval office. [applause] but, but we really have, we made a tremendous amount of progress and it is now 11 1/2 months.
2:39 pm
we made a tremendous amount of progress in a very, very short period of time. when you look at what has gone on with the employment, when you look what has gone on with the stock market. we've created almost $8 trillion worth of value just in the stock market. that is not mentioning all of the other things that there are. so we have country that is on the right track. we're working on immigration and immigration reform. hopefully at some point we'll be able to solve that problem. if the democrats really wanted to they could but they really sometimes don't want to. we'll get it done one way or the other i hope. thank you for being here. it is an honor. i will see you all soon. some friends. thank you very much. thank you very much. [applause] trish: wow, a surprise appearance there from the president at a women's event. he had a number of women cabinet members up there on stage with him. he pointed out, once again, how he has been, by the way, you know what? he is right to say this he
2:40 pm
pointed out how unfairly he has been treated in the mainstream media. got a market that is at record highs. you have gdp growth better than 3%. you have thousands of companies saying we're going to up wages, we're going to give bonus this is year, none of that gets reported on. joining me right now, dan gainor from the media research center and bell point asset management's david nelson. talk about reality, okay? david nelson, you're here for that. because what is the reality what we're living in, if we say okay we're going to ignore the vulgar language others have been talking about non-stop, including cory booker, you may have seen that sound bite earlier on, we will focus what is happening in the country right now. where are we? >> this goes way beyond tax reform and i understand why some of the media wants to divert the attention away from that because what you're seeing right now is
2:41 pm
translating into the real economy. not just about the stock market. not just about stocks going higher. ceo's don't raise wage unless they have a lot of confidence what is going on. they're looking three, four, five years out. they're not doing that because it's a short-term blip in your business. you can't roll the wages back once you raised them. that is really good news. some of the data points don't get focused on, we focus on 26,000, 25,000, what about the nfib small business optimism index? that is really important index. that shows much of what mainstream america is actually seeing right now. i think it is good news. i think it is great the market has been higher. how it translates real economy into the years going out, that is what really matters here. trish: fundamentals, right? fundamentals. voters vote their pocketbooks. they really do. and if the economy is doing well, and market is doing great, and wages are going up, that puts the left in rather bad
2:42 pm
position because that whole let as redistribute everybody's wealth thing may not work as well as real capitalism. dan gainor joins me right now. abc news the other night on the flagship newscast, you know they didn't do even five seconds on the walmart bonuses, or on the wage increases? they didn't even bother. they just talked about, well the word that everybody is talking about. why is that? >> because they don't want to tell the positive stories. if they tell the positive stories then their whole year-long war against trump goes out the window. i mean our analysis, so tedious because there has been almost 100 hours of trump, 1/3 of stories on evening news shows were about trump. 90% were negative. doesn't matter what topic, overwhelmingly negative. they want to talk about russia even though nothing has been
2:43 pm
prove ad year into it. at some point in time if this were investigation into democrats, would be telling everybody time for it to go away. but they don't want to talk about what trump just said. enthusiasm he has, positive news, that unemployment rate for women, the unemployment rate for african-americans, the fdp, all of the good news for business which means good news for workers. the media are going out of their way to not tell that story. trish: do you think though that everyday americans no better? david, i mean, and look, you didn't, white house to be your preacher. >> he is not a preacher. >> to help the country and get a job done. so far the metrics are on his side. do you think americans understand that? or do you think they are buying into what we hear out of the mainstream media? >> they will slowly understand
2:44 pm
that. you hit on important point. dynamic changes as we head into next year, especially closer and closer to the election cycle. if you're looking at 3 1/2, possibly even 4% real gdp, sustainable growth, the calculus will change on the election in 2018 and 2020 as well. trish: dan, what do you think? i don't think he would have won if everyday americans believed what the media wanted them to believe. >> go back to george h.w. bush. wildly popular at the end of the first iraq war. then lost because of the economy. the media put all their chips on people hating trump and none of their chips on reality which right now, reality is playing all across the board for trump and for the gop. that certainly sets up a real interesting dichotomy if it continues all the way to the election. trish: one thing the democrats ought to remember, the old adage, americans want something
2:45 pm
to vote for, not against. thank you very much. market, those losses are accelerating here, down 76 points right now, after hitting 26,000 on the dow for first time ever. historic day. those gains were short-lived. let's go to the nyse. nicole petallides standing by with what is fueling this. what are people telling you, nicole? >> at the highest point we were up 282 points. we crossed above the 26,000 mark. we crossed into mother milestone. people say there is money coming off the table, taking some profits. they're watching for the government shutdown, that too is something looming and waiting. you can't deny you have great corporate earnings. we heard from citigroup and united health both which did well, propelled the dow it the upside. general electric once again come under pressure. you see it to the downside today after being down 40% over the last 52 weeks. taking a charge.
2:46 pm
cutting a dividend within the insurance group. you're seeing general electric weighing. ge, nike, under pressure. last but not least, commodities are weighing, as west texas companies down, oil pulling back and energy comes down. earlier in the day it was all green. those tech stocks, amazon, apple, microsoft, netflix all at record highs. 18 names on the dow jones industrial average hit record highs as well. all-time record highs since pulled back, trish. there could be some programs where they hit these levels that people want to take their profits. you have hit now seven milestones. this 26,000 is the 8th milestone since trump was elected in november of 2016. it has been fast. people are taking money off the stable. trish: that actually is a really good point, nicole. people forget about that. so much is automated. a lot of americans are invested in index fund. quite possible these programs were put in place to say, okay,
2:47 pm
you hit 26-k, you back off. maybe they will reprogram them after today because it has been a wild run-up or melt-up as some people are calling it. there is nothing really fundamental that might change that anyway -- >> still looks good. corporate earnings are still looking good. the economy is improving. policies great for business. so far so good. trish: nicole, we'll keep checking in with you. thanks so much. the state department warning today if you're going to visit north korea you better write your will, and better make your funeral plans before you go. the seriously the state department is actually saying that. understandably so. obviously. given what we're dealing with with this madman down there. we'll talk about north korea and how the hawaii news and the japan news might be influencing kim jong-un. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out.
2:48 pm
td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade. (barry murrey) when you have a really traumatic injury,g) we have a short amount of time to get our patient to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think we have a potential to make a difference. (barry murrey) we would save a lot of lives if we could bring the doctor to the patient. verizon is racing to build the first and most powerful 5g network that will enable things like precision robotic surgery from thousands of miles away. as we get faster wireless connections, it'll be possible to be able to operate on a patient
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trish: the state department advising anyone visiting north korea to draft their will and make funeral plans before they leave. seriously, that is what they're doing. fox news confirmed that national security advisor h.r. mcmaster held meetings with south korean officials to discuss escalating tensions with north korea. we have florida congressman rooney. congressman rooney, good to have
2:52 pm
you here. getting kind of bad. >> thanks for having me on. things are getting really bad. it is a very serious situation and there are still some things we can do to apply more pressure on this guy. trish: like what? >> well, there are companies that are doing business with north korea that are in countries where, which are allies and countries that we support financially. i think it is incredible we have not banged down on them and stopped that trade. there is recently an article about namibia. the united states invested in over 500,000 with namibia last five years but they're still trading with north korea. trish: that is an example, congressman, i hate that everybody is escalating this straight to a military level. it may come to that it may have to come to that, but i think there should be a whole lot we could be doing and should be doing but we haven't done. you're talking about places like namibia we're giving money to or investing in and simultaneously
2:53 pm
working with rogue actors to increase their gdp. it is not just namibia unfortunately. we had video recently of the chinese exchanging oil with the north koreans. russians doing the exact same thing despite that they would enact the same sanctions. do we have to go after the likes of china at an economic level? >> i think we absolutely do. there have been written about things about the chinese banks continuing to fund people that do business with north korea. we have to dig these sanctions down as as far as we can get them, and get china's attention to help solve this. in "wall street journal" today, there is an egyptian company has a billion dollars assets in north korea. egypt with is one of our largest trading and aid partners. trish: is treasury not doing a good enough job because this is their job, to follow the money. >> absolutely. we need to follow the money and isolate this guy, cutting him off at every level.
2:54 pm
trish: does steve mnuchin get that? china is in violation of the wto. there are things we could do that would make things quite painful for china. you can make things quite painful for a country like egypt overnight saying enough, we'll not trade with you guys anymore. we'll not give you more handouts. we'll not allow this. >> that is what we need to do. i feel really good to see the treasury department, state department, come out really strongly, something to the nature of we have a role to play in isolating and containing north korea too. we're ready to play it. trish: congressman rooney, stay on tillerson and mnuchin to do that because that is the leverage we have. thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us. >> thanks for having me on. trish: the fox business smash hit "strange inheritance" is launching a brand new season. we have a special preview with jamie colby next about, gosh,
2:55 pm
folks who inherited an entire town. what do you do with a town? you will find out next. how did edward jones come to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care? jay. sarah. so i have a few thoughts on that early retirement... by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. ... eat. woman: okay. moderator: nice to meet you. have you ever had car trouble in a place like this? (roaring of truck) yes and it was like the worst experience of my life. seven lanes of traffic and i was in the second lane. when i get into my car, i want to know that it's going to get me from point a to point b. well, then i have some good news. chevy is the only brand to receive j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs two years in a row. woman: wait! (laughing)
2:56 pm
i definitely feel like i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. woman 2: i want a chevy now. woman 3: i know!
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2:58 pm
trish: the fox business hit, big hit strange inheritance is back, season 4 tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern jamie colby will meet siblings who have inherited an entire town in western pennsylvania and jamie is here and more they get a whole town? >> because inheriting a house is never enough.
2:59 pm
there are a lot of people in america that i've met that are like him, so caring, they're not into the money. at least not at the expense of other people, so his father moved he and his family into a company town as a business journalist, you may know about these company towns. i didn't. there were 2000 companies in the u.s. that built these communities. they have the plans. they had the one-room schoolhouse, they have the company store and they moved all of these families in so there was 60 homes his dad only wanted to buy one but they sold him the whole town so for $10,000 he brought this community in pennsylvania. look how beautiful, it's lush, it's surrounded by a river and it's nor sale right now. you can buy it for a million and a half. trish: wow. but there's one caveat and you'll hear tonight what dave will not do to the people who are living there. trish: that's a great tease. now i remember my grandfather actually used to work in new
3:00 pm
hampshire and you'd grow up there, great grandfather what am i saying and my grandmother grew up there in company housing. >> interesting. our other episode is an incredible extensive historic gun collection and a canon from gettysburg and so much more, rudy merich, you may know if you do collect guns he was a master for the colt company. we've got it all. trish: a great show liz will be watching too thanks jamie. >> absolutely but for now we're watching the lower ticker here folks we're getting breaking news, this is major reversal off record highs began right before 2:00 p.m. and if that coinsides with the very moment democratic leadership made it clear, no agreement on daca will mean no avoiding a government shutdown friday night. it's house minority whip stenny hoyer who said moments ago times up to keep the dreamer s here must be a continuing resolution to keep the government funded beyon


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