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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> absolutely. david: thank you very much for coming in. i appreciate it. melissa: you got it all in. david: we did. melissa: what an hour the white house. david: do you think they will ever live that down? wait until you hear saturday night drive. melissa: here is risk & rewards. >> it has been quite a day the dow judging almost 300 points and bursting through the 26,000 barrier, right at the open of trading today. just before losing all of its gains and closing the day in the red, so what's going on there we'll have our experts weigh in tonight, just while the pressure is still on for an immigration deal with the government shutdown looming the homeland security secretary, kristin nielsen getting grilled today on capitol hill about whether the president was vulgar last week. we have the sound there, plus this hour, we are monitoring a senate vote on fisa the act that allows nsa surveillance we'll bring it to you when it goes down and the white house doctor.
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i don't know of if you saw this but he gives president trump's overall health an excellent grade in a crazy news conference reporters just didn't seem satisfied so he answered questions, a lot of questions. we have a member of the trump team here to react to that. it's an all-star guest lineup tonight reacting to all of the above including economist ben stein, the former trump deputy campaign manager david vo ssey, republican south carolina congressman ralph norman and retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney. all here all tonight politics and money we've got you covered on all fronts. i'm connell mcshane good to be with you this morning now the dow did erase those gains it was quite a market day turning negative at the end of the day a possible government shutdown indeed is looming and certainly something some investors might be concerned about. earlier today, the average broke through 26,000 first time we had ever seen that it was up more than 250 points and then lost
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steam. we will have a lot more on that but first let's turn to the president's health which became an issue this afternoon. it was a white house press conference really was something remarkable to watch this unfold with the president's physician at the podium at the white house reporting to us that the president had received a clean bill of health in his annual physical, but reporters put the pressure on him, maybe hoping he would reveal something else watch part of it. reporter: does the president wear dentures, are you ruling out things like early onset alzheimers or looking at dementia-like symptoms? reporter: is there anything you're keeping from us for privacy reasons? reporter: his weight is at 239 right that seems just shy of obesity, right? you're confident of that number? >> we are joined now by the author of the capitolist code ben stein. i don't know if i've ever seen anything like this before, ben.
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they just the president told the guy told his doctor go out and answer every single question they have and he did, so what did you make of it? ben: i made of it the fact that the press has lost their marbels i mean they've gone crazy asking questions about is he one pound above or one pound below a certain number, asking if they're sure whether or not he has early onset alzheimers. they will do anything to discredit this president. does he wear dentures, what are they talking about here? these are trivial in consequential matters but the early onset alzheimers is not trivial because the democrats and the media is anonymous in the democrat party are desperately trying still to undo the results of last year's 2016 election of the they will do anything they can to do it even asking about his dentures. anything. >> now in case people did miss this and it went on for like i said for an hour the summary you could give it very quickly. the doctor, the white house
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physician says the president's essentially in pretty good health. there's no concerns no cognitive concerns, certainly something that came up over and over again he could afford to lose some weight and maybe lose 10-15 pounds would be the suggestion he's going to work on his diet was basically the summary but to your point and what we played they asked about everything. we have another clip here the president talking about the junk food he supposedly eats and even though he does so he is still reported as being healthy. listen to this. reporter: explain to me how a guy who eats mcdonald's and all his diet cokes and never exercises is in as good of shape as you say he's in. >> it's called genetics i don't know. some people have just great genes. i told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years he might live to be 200 years old. >> there you go ben the best genes of all-time president trump apparently. ben: well most americans eat a lot of mcdonald's. if eating mcdonald's is bad for you this country would be in the graveyard long ago.
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this idea that eating mcdonald's is going to make you sick and put you into the grave is just nonsense. there's no evidence that eating mcdonald's is going to kill you. i will tell you, god bless me i hope i'm not bragging but i eat a lot of mcdonald's and i'm overweight. i'm a fairly functioning at a fairly high level and if somebody can show me a document showing me that eating mcdonald's is consist rent with lower brain function i'd like to see it. it's just more contempt from the press that has contempt and the it's a chamber of contempt. >> what's your favorite mcdonald's meal? >> i asked them to make me a freshly made cheeseburger and it's really good. if they make it for you fresh there's hardly anything more delicious in the whole world but look, america is mcdonald's country. it's burger king country, it's domino's country that's what makes us a great country.
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we eat all this stuff our bodies digest it and we come out the most productive healthiest people in the world. >> you asked them, i like that. no more follow-ups and if you ask them to do it fresh they will. i don't want this to turn into anything and ask a million questions. ben: i've never been paid a penny by mcdonald's or even given a penny off my bill but i will tell you if eating mcdonald's food is bad for us we're doomed and we should start sending it all over to north korea. >> let's talk about serious stuff while you're here what we plan to do tonight anyway. economy. we have the tax cuts taking effect, we'll get to the markets in a second kind of a crazy day today but fred smith was on the fedex ceo earlier talking about the effect of these tax cuts and what they do for u.s. businesses so let's take a listen to fred smith. >> i'm sure we're going to be doing a lot of things as a result of this tax bill because it was very very good policy.
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we will be responsive to the tax bill. >> i don't know if it would be bonuses. it might just be increased wages the tax bill corrects something that's been real problem for american business for years and that is the punitive tax code that we used to have that changed investment and investment is the only way to make blue collar workers, people that don't have a college degree more productive and have more income. it will increase business investment in this country and that is the biggest single problem that we had prior to this tax reform. >> all right, ben what do you make about u.s. companies have reacted to the tax bill? ben: i think mr. smith is totally right god bless his soul and wouldn't it be great if i could get mcdonald's shipped to me by fedex, but what the president is trying to essentially compel american
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business to make a big investment in their workers and he said we're going to give you back some money we're going to pass it on to our grandchildren and pay it off but we're going to give you the incentive to make investments to make each worker in america more productive. i'm worried about the deficits i'm worried as heck about inflation and that is an 800- pound gorilla in the room is inflation. we're not going to talk about that for a while until it actually bites us. >> later this year do you think? ben: yeah, definitely. at least that's my opinion but i'm often wrong so but the basic idea of the tax cut which was to liberate money from businesses, take it and liberate money from government and give it back to the businesses to make for a stronger richer business sector that was a great idea. america's business is business. america's business is not government. america's business is business and we're giving back the business and business gives back to the workers and to college endowments and to people's retirement funds and it all
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works out very well. >> let me get you on immigration while you're here the other big issue of the day that works in with this possibility of a government shutdown. kristen nielsen the homeland security secretary was on capitol hill today and she among other things confronted the democratic senator dick durbin of course has been in the news this week about what he heard or didn't hear at that now infamous meeting at the white house. listen to this. >> i did not hear that word used >> he used what would be considered vulgar language referring to certain countries. >> the president used tough language in general as did other congressmen in the room, yes, sir. >> what was that strong language >> let's see. strong language, there was apologies, i don't remember specific word. what i was struck with frankly as i'm sure you were as well with just the general profanity that was used in the room by almost everyone. >> okay, so you know obviously this has become a big issue this week we're still talking about it. it seems if anything the
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practical effect of this is that we're less likely to get any kind of a deal before friday and we might get a government shutdown is that a big deal to you? ben: i don't think a government shutdown will last very long if it lasts at all if it happens at all. i agree that president trump's language was extremely regret table. i think his basic point which is that americans would like to have rather than people from haiti or say they would rather have people well behaved and educated rather than people who are not necessarily well behaved and are possibly involved with gangs is a certainty. i don't think americans really care what race their neighbors are. they care whether their neighbors are well behaved polite and law abiding and i think to that our wonderful senator from south carolina lindsay graham made a very good point. america is an idea not a race and the idea should be that everybody comes here works hard gets along with his or her neighbors and makes machining a better place to be and as long
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as we get along with our neighbors and behave i think it's fine doesn't matter what color our skins are. >> the other thing lindsay graham said he thought there was a big change in the president when he talked about that meeting on tuesday he called it tuesday trump and when they had the other meeting on thursday so he thought they had a deal and something as lindsay graham said he felt something happen to the president. what do you think happened? ben: i think the president was infuriated by the fact that mr. durbin turned on him in what was supposed to be a confidential meeting. i don't think there was any signing of a document of confidentiality but he felt a standard had been breached, a standard in which you don't gossip about what happened in a meeting with the president. >> one other quick one on capitol hill boy corey booker senator from new jersey i don't know if you saw this but was quite something let's take a quick look and listen to corey booker. >> you're under oath. you and others in that room that suddenly cannot remember, your silence and your amnesia is
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complacent. i hurt. what dick durbin called me i had tears of rage when i heard about this experience in that meeting and for you not to feel that hurt and that pain and to dismiss some of the questions of my colleagues saying i've already answered that line of questions with tens of millions of americans are hurting right now because of what they're worried about what happened in the white house. that's unacceptable to me. >> ben, you okay with corey book er's approach there to the secretary? ben: no, i think he's behaving like a thug, and a bully and i don't like it at all. the question was asked did she answer the question repeatedly. he's behaving like a thug. he is an intelligent well- educated man and he can do a lot better than this. i think it's shameful that he's bullying this with a witness like this at least i don't think it would be allowed in a court of law. >> all right ben boy we covered a lot from how we request our hamburgers to immigration. ben: it was all fun too.
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now i'm going to go to mcdonald's. >> i figured i inspired you for that. you'll be in great health like the president apparently if you have good genes thank you, sir ben stein. ben: thank you god bless you. >> same to you the markets today now as we mentioned a few minutes ago how it was there is nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange nearly as busy as the president's physician this afternoon that was a crazy day right we went straight up through 26,000 and then i don't know something happened? nicole: yeah exactly first of all you got me thinking about the quarter pounder and some crispy fries, but yeah we had to listen to the president's health to detail but it was really about the market and when we were higher by more than 280 points and swung to the downside , we certainly saw a big day of trading from top to bottom but in the end, in fact we finished down about 10 points taking a look at what we saw merck, united health, coca cola and we saw good names, united health, citigroup, and did show
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strength overall on the downside here is a look at ge was the one we were focusing on but looking at chevron, disney those came under pressure and ge in particular taking a charge of $6.2 billion, and almost more than 11 billion depending on how you figure it and this is all in their insurance portfolio and that dropped about 3%, big picture and then we saw the tech titans and they finished mixed but these hit all-time highs so what happened to the big rally of 280 points? well i won't say that some people are just saying that we took some profits off the table. we had some areas we wanted to sell don't forget we had 26,000, right? and dow 19,000 right after the president's election in november of 2016, and its been all up arrows since then so it's okay to take a little off the table and also we have government shutdown looming and some people have had some chatter about that and energy pulled back so put those three things together connell and that's pretty much the sell on wall street at least
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for the moment. >> it was something 383 points top to bottom thank you nicole. quite a day now we'll get back to this circus at the white house with the president's doctor and the media questions of that doctor, after essentially gave president trump a clean bill of health. we have more on that coming up on the five democrats as well as plan to boycott the state of the union our next guest says this sounds similar to the president 's inauguration just a different excuse the former trump deputy campaign manager david bossey here to talk about that and more after a quick break. ooooooh snap!! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way.
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>> we have five democrats planning to boycott the president's state of the union address and there they are on the screen there john lewis among them and we've seen the strategy before, something the former new hampshire governor
5:19 pm
john sununu points out. >> this is their strategy in 2018. take anything trivial anything significant, never put out an alternative policy statement. never discuss the issues, just attack the president and you're going to see more and more of it and we shouldn't be surprised it's really their agenda that they have sat down behind closed doors in meetings, discussed among themselves and this is what they have concluded will be their key to winning congressional seats, house seats and senate seats in 2018. >> with that let's bring in the author of let trump be trump or the co-author the former trump 2016 deputy campaign manager david bossey. david good to see you and thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> a couple things so say john s ununu is right and this is the strategy of the democrats going after the president on anything you name it. if that's the case how do you think he should handle this debate this week if you're advising him and he says david should i cut a deal on the daca thing, keep the focus on the
5:20 pm
economy in the stock market or should i hold to my position no matter what even if it's a government shutdown how should he handle it? >> first of all governor sununu is exactly right. the democrats have nothing to offer the american people so why they've continued to lose elections over the last many years. president trump won an election based on his policies on what he wanted to do to make america great again and now we're one year into that. the democrats have no answer from a policy standpoint, so these are trivial things. i'm not coming to the state of the union address. it's disrespectful to the office of the presidency in my opinion. i don't really care who the president is. whether it's president obama, clinton, bush, doesn't matter. it's really the respect for the office so i'm torn. i think this is trivial. i hope that it won't play out very well for them come november but they have no policies to offer. >> because it goes back to this issue of if you are right about
5:21 pm
that who takes the blame for something that happens politically right? i think there have been 17 shutdowns since the carter administration so the government does partially shutdown from time to time and the world doesn't end, we were able to get up the next morning and the whole thing, but and this may be significant this if it happens would be the first under unified government, so the republicans have the white house, the house, and the senate as you know, all three. so it could own this and pay a political price. what would you advise the president to do? >> i don't believe that the president wants a shutdown but i don't believe he's going to allow the democrats to rule over him. there is a unified government as you say but the president needs to focus on his agenda and that is building the wall, getting rid of chain migration and ending this ridiculous lottery system so if he's going to get those things we can get a daca deal but the democrats only want
5:22 pm
to holdup the government spending by holding daca over its head. >> it sounds like you think he can survive a shutdown politically? >> oh, he can its happened. both presidents on both parties have survived government shutdowns before. i believe they are dealing with a different president though if they think that he's going to take it lying down, they're kidding themselves. he's out there using the bullpen to tell the american people exactly whose to blame here. >> that could be as of friday night saturday morning and a few minutes ago this crazy news conference at the white house with the doctor, the president's physician answering every question under the sun but the bottom line being the president 's overall health he says is "excellent" he did give a run down of the exam that the president had on friday at walter reed, but in particular, cnn and a number of correspondents and even dr. gupt a was there did not seem quite satisfied so take a listen >> dr. gupta, he is taking cholesterol lowering medication he has evidence of heart disease and he's borderline obese.
5:23 pm
can you characterize that as excellent health? >> i mean, i think based on his current cardiac study -- >> they're pretty good but not sensitive of someone whose high functioning and not good at finding early stages of dementia if the president is worried would you recommend more sophisticated exams? >> yeah if he's worried about it which he's not. >> you know, david what i thought was interesting about this, i hear you laughing is that this is exactly what the president wanted today. >> we know that for a fact the doctor said go out and answer every single question. he wanted this. >> absolutely the president wants everybody in america to understand he's in good health. look does he eat some fast food occasionally? what american doesn't, but this doctor suppose ed doctor from cnn is a joke. he didn't ask these questions of the smoker of barack obama. that guy was, he smoked a lot and bill clinton, he was a smoker and overweight so look this is just a double standard
5:24 pm
that cnn wants to holdup. >> all right david good to see you thanks for going through all these issues and i can't even believe that news conference happened it went on. i'm actually glad it ended so we had a show didn't think we would for a while let trump be trump is the book again. okay, senator jeff flake as we talked about on this program last night now seems to be walking back some language he planned to use comparing president trump's criticism of the media to joseph stalin of all people. more on that after this. ♪
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>> it the popularized by joseph stalin. enemy of the people, should be noted that khrushchev which followed stalin, forbad its use, saying it was too loaded, maligned a whole group or class of people, should not be done. we should not use the phrase that has been rejected as too
5:28 pm
loaded by soviet dictator. connell: all right that of the then senator jeff flake, seems to be walking back some language now comparing president trump is joseph stalin. listen to this updated version. >> i am in no way comparing president trump to joseph stalin. stalin was a killer. our president is not. but it just puzzles me as to why you use phrase that is so loaded. it has steeper meaning that present me of the people -- that the press being the enemy of the people. connell: take it up with our political panel ford o'connel and christie. what do you make of this jeff flake, to remind people is a republican senator. outgoing, but his line of attack, he is backing off. >> he is with this comparison,
5:29 pm
stalin, used that media to control the people, he was a newspaper man long before he was a brutal dictator, president trump's wrath is directed in misleading headlines, one sided reporting something that pope francis has called out and deemed a sin on part of media. going forward, president trump has a 48 point. i am -- a great point, i am not sure he is making it in best possible way, jeff flake does not know the damage he is doing. connell: let me get christie's take on this. >> i think it is weird to say that senator flake doesn't understand the damage he is doing, i think that president trump does not understand the damage. freedom house today put out a report saying that democracy in the globe was fragile and has become more so with donald trump, why? i just said, because, i believe that he is someone who thinks he
5:30 pm
is an author terayon, we free press cannot -- >> you know, i have to say. one thing. connell: go ahead. >> 90% of coverage of trump has been negative, jack the ripper and charles manson have better coverage. >> why? but 90%. >> no, that is one-sided reporting. connell: to be fair, when you start -- we talk about this last time, you go down path of a hit lorhitler comparison. or a stalin comparison, even if you are just trying to make a points, do you think that is over the top, you lose people? >> sure, that is what senator flake said that, of course, donald trump has not murdered dissidents, he is not jailing, and et cetera. therefore the comparison on its face on not a good one. also because it puts people on
5:31 pm
defensive. but, the point that he is trying to make, as you said, is that donald trump has done really terrifying things with -- -- >> wait a minute. >> as a reporter, you know, he gets people at his rallies to turn to press and boo at the press, and tell them call them fake news media. media. suggest that -- >> i can't buy that, stalin was a brutal dec a dictator, when ye labeled enemy of the people, that was an execution. >> why would he use that line. >> guess what, stalin did not invent that line, the romans. know your linguistics. in one side respecting, they would have never come out under
5:32 pm
stalin it is about the one-sided media -- that point donald trump it right. connell: it sounding ridiculous tto have with joseph stalin it s where we are, thank you both. >> thank you connell. connell: sometimes like you have discussions, and you can't believe you are having them. -- confirming that united states had a secret meeting, by confirming it, it is no longer a secret. but it was about north korea over the week, involving hr mcmaster, we get into that. and senators trying to hammer out a bipartisan immigration deal, senator schumer is appearing on late night television, calling the president's racist. we have a guest coming on who does not think that necessarily helps his cause, we'll talk about that and more after this break. if you've been diagnosed with cancer,
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searching for answers may feel overwhelming. so start your search with our teams of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at >> are you saying that president did not use word that is so widely reported. >> i am telling you he did not use that word, this is not first time senator durbin has done it. >> i don't recall him using that phrase. the president the continue to use strong language with this issue. >> i didn't hear it, i stat sat
5:37 pm
no further away from him than dick durbin was. senator durbin has misrepresented what happened in white house meetings before, he was corrected by white house obama officials with that. connell: speaking of immigration, from about what we heard, white houset chief of staff, john kelly has plans to perhaps method capitol hill, and try to get a last minute daca deal. all this, as democratic senator chuck schumer, made following remarks on stephen colbert's show. >> actions speak louder than words, you want to begin that long road back to proving you are not a racist, you are not bigoted, support bipartisan compromise that three republicans and three democrats have put on the floor, every gave. if you are listening to farthest right we'll never have an
5:38 pm
immigration policy, they are not where america is, you cannot let a small group on the extreme governor. connell: with us now, republican congressman from south carolina, ralph norman. good to see you. this is where we are, you have accusation of racism on one side, other side coming back, and bottom line, we're heading to a deadline, we have no deal on immigration, that seems to be what is holding us up. from where you sit, or stand, where do you think or how do you think this comes down? >> you know, connell, interesting thing is to even have the discussion about daca in a spending bill. president has laid out march 5 as timeline for coming up with a reasonable solution for daca. i think it just shows in big picture, democrats don't want to do a deal. they want to shut the government down. they use this racist thing on
5:39 pm
president trump to accomplish their goal, which i think is wrong. that is putting the country in a situation that i am shocked they are willing to do that. but this is all terrier motive -- al motive. and you see the press highlight one word, and not even been verified by people around him other than senator durbin. connell: all right, we go to midnight friday, saturday morning we to have a partial government shut down. i said it unify government here republicans have white house, house and senate, so conventional wisdom, you could take the blame for it, would you argue otherwise. >> no, i think we'll hopefully come up with a solution. daca is a subject that should be not tied to the shut down of the government, those are two separate issues, we have time it make something reasonable.
5:40 pm
i think that democrats just want to use it as leverage to get what they want. it is two separate issues, but to not fund military and to vital things of the government down, that is not right, it should not be a part of the discuss, i hate that it is, and i hate media other than fox news is a willing akoc accomplice, ts nonstop over that one word. connell: all things of president are things that critics want to be true. >> for months before that we're told he is colluding with russians today we're told he is a racist. what happened to author michael wolff 3 days ago, he was the in thing, now he is gone, because
5:41 pm
we have a known liar, durbin, relied on by media they want to rely on him. just like that author, they want to push this president out, they talk about 25men amendment and impeachment. connell: what do you think of that? we have a stock market today, it pulled back a little bit but essentially record highs, the economy by all measures is performing well. are these attacks working? president is still quite unpopular, what to you make of this environment? >> i think mark levine is right. name me one positive attribute that other than fox, media has come up work always a constant stream of negative he, look at the good things that have happened, the tax bill we passed, which has not been passed in 31 years, look at the opening up anwar, energy superiority. you know, so man great things,
5:42 pm
stock market, jobs housing starts, and it is a just a diversion that democrats want to use. i don't think it is working, i don't believe the polls, i know in south carolina we had 125,000 new voters that came out, i could tell new fifth district he is still popular, media, at some point, should realize the voters get what the alterior motive is, to discredit this president, and make him something he is not. connell: tba gallop game up wita poll today, lower than any other first year president. i guess we'll see. >> i think we'll see, and look at 8 years with obama. and look at what this president has done in just a year. it did not take him 8 years it has been just one year it remarkable. i know in south carolina people are excited about what he is doing, and will continue to be.
5:43 pm
connell: thank you, congressman. >> thank you. connell: congressman norman. larry fink, a billionaire investor on wall street, supported liberal causes in past, very interesting story, he sent out a warning leader -- a warning letter to business leaders, said they need to contribute to society or else. our guest coming upside that companies are already doing that by creating jobs and the like. we'll talk about it, a very interesting topic. but first a secret meeting on north korea, foxconn firming that hr mcmaster traveled to trans ove san francisco over the week to meet about north korea and its nuclear program. lieutenant general thomas mcnerney is coming up.
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
connell: a secret meeting on
5:47 pm
north korea fox confirms that hr mcmaster traveled to san francisco over the week to talk about north korea's nuclear weapons program. this is "wall street journal" report that pentagon planning to actively two new -- thanking to develop two new sea based nuclear weapon, largely to respond it says to russia and china's growing military capabilities,. to lute hewit lieutenant generas mcnerney, what about that idea of updates our nuclear arsenal, it has surprised some people. we're used to cutbacks, this is the other direction. >> i think this is the right thing t to do, connell. we have seen what russian and chinese have been doing in in addition to north koreans and what is happening in iran. this is important that nuclear deterrent force be modernized. these are purpose important
5:48 pm
steps. connell: and thoughts on mcmaster with so-called secret meeting we're told involved officials from japan and south korea, not china, maybe that is notable maybe not. and they discussed where we are with our overall approach to north korea. >> it puts right spotlight this administrationa serious, they are not lulled into the kabuki that is going on with olympics, i am delighted they had them in secret, i am sorry they were exposed but this means they are serious. connell: senate is now voting, i don't know if they have yet. on vice fisa reauthorizing second 702 of the foreign intelligence surveillance act. this has to to with surveillan surveillance. it is to expire friday.
5:49 pm
do have you thoughts that people should know about this act? what it is? how important it is in your view. >> in my view, enables our intelligence agent to gather critical intelligence. it is important. we have obama administration that is becoming evidence, violated this and used it, fisa, foreign intelligence surveillance act, to surveil the trump campaign. which is clearly unbelievable they would do it, but i think that is being exposed carefully and thoroughly. connell: in terms of surveilling foreign targets, this is important. i have talked with a lot of people in military community they feel the same, thank you for joining ut, sir. >> thank you, connell. connell: we'll talk about larry fink, the black rock founder, a asset management firm he has, he
5:50 pm
sends out a letter to his investors and clients, warning them to start contributing to society or else. that is a big discussion on capitalism, we'll have it with our next guest who said that companies are already working to benefit of society, by creating jobs, david webb coming up. lly? lly? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. but through goodt times and bad at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years.
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connell: these are in some ways remarkable comments from larry fink, head of huge investment firm black rock, he is planning on sending a warning letter to business leaders, saying they need it to more than just make profits, they need too contribute to society as well. let's bring in serious xm host. thank you for coming in.
5:54 pm
like you know black rock, and i think in politics a background with liberal causing if the li like. you have to do more, you think of in "wall street journal" and capitalism. >> i go back to a statement, about tax cut and say fact it could increase 1% to go, -- gdp, black rock, i think corporate social responsibility statement, that they are making potentially as hedge, i sense a purely business statement. >> oh, you do, let he read part, society demands company private and company serve a social purpose on prosper overtime, every company must only deliver financial performance but show how it makes a positive contribution to society, so. i guess my question would be.
5:55 pm
do you want someone to tell you that. let's separate that. >> he can tell you that. in a way, i get what he is saying, i'm not that upset about it you put that money in successful corporation, they by their very nature are already socially responsible, baddablactors are one in a thousand dollars, he is saying that is what i would like he does not control it. connell: maybe he is looking for some good pr. >> that phrase corporate social responsibility, amex uses it other corporation use it in some form in the boardrooms, then you look at what they do. connell: what do you make of highway companiehowcompanies hax cuts, we hear about what corpsrations are doing with
5:56 pm
money. >> i can't say i am not a little bit surprised by some companies that have come ut out, i look at this business decision, companies who want to retain. employees, they look at, that as an investment in retention, and investment in being able to say we're the good guys on the block doing business, they understand certain companies that are consumer base, airlines and others, if you put liquid in the market by giving someone a thousand dollars or over a billion plus into conumer ericse eric check -- consumer economy that money is going to be spent. >> i hear. >> you david thank you. >> we'll be right back, a quick break.
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reporter: the house has ended debate on whether to keep the fisa surveillance. thanks for joining us at "risk and reward." it's over to charles payne now who from what i hear is as healthy as president trump. charles: we hit a huge record, 26,000. we hit a 400 point reversal after the. we'll tell you what you need to know about the market. the media hammering president trump's position. navy rear admiral hammering him over his health. this as the mainstream media continues to push the narrative that the


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