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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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anthks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ [ cannon blasts ] expertise. now the man of the hour is next, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i'm david in for lou dobbs. congress is barreling toward the possible government shutdown. lawmakers have until friday to pass a spending bill but some democrats will not support the deal unless it gives amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. we'll have a full report. also tonight, the trump administration going straight te on daca. attorney general jeff sessions says it defies law and common sense that a single district court in san francisco can block the administration from ending the obama era program. so the justice department is asking the supreme court to hear the case directly. and the national left wing
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media putting on an embarrassing show at the white house press doctor today. the president's doctor declaring that president trump is in excellent health. but reporters spent an hour looking for anything to spin into fake news. we take all of our top story, tg possibility of a government shutdown. congress has until friday at midnight to pass a spending bill. but republicans and democrats are so far apart on critical issues, including spending caps and immigration. fox news chief correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill with our report. >> the one-year anniversary of president trump's inauguration could be markedded by a government shutdown. democrats are pressing for a daca deal this week. >> i think it would be a terrible mistake to issues down the government and particularly why we're negotiating in good faith. >> one way out would be a continuing resolution likely
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until mid february. gauche yaishts are discussing whether to include a long term children's health extension or disaster relief money to win support of nine democrats in this senate. >> this is no way to run a country, to continually have cliff hanger votes. i think we're facing a shutdown this friday if we can't come to the architecture of a deal agreed to by leadership in the white house. >> another short term extension would anchor the lawmakers. and this would be the fourth stopgap since last october 1st. >> we need to reach solutions for the sake of our military. because our military leaders have warned us on the armed services committee that our nation's defense is at stake. >> w but congress has struggledo reach an agreement with democrats demanding a similar increase in domestic priorities. >> we want a clean budget deal and i think a number of
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prominent democrats have come out saying they don't feel like attaching daca to the budget is a good idea. so hopefully we'll stick to that. >> many republicans are betting democrats on the ballot in 2018 won't want to daca but tensions are up. david. >>.>> joining me now is ed roll, chairman of the great america. last time there was a government shutdown 2013, that was followed by midterm election 2014 in which republicans increased their majority in the house. they got a majority in the senate and they won't two governorships. is a shutdown all that baobvioue wheels, the president, the senate and the house. if we can shut down, it probably don't work well. this election coming up in 2018 there's a big dropoff between
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presidential election numbers and midterms. it's whose voters are intense. if the other side's voters are more intense than ours and they turn out, the possibility ask there to lose the house, not the senate but certainly the house. that's what the democrats are betting on. they don't care about daca or the spending bill. they want donald trump to fail and fail miserably dd. >> so the democrats don't care about daca or a budget deal. they have one thing in mind and that's the midterm elections coming nine months from now. they've tried demeaning the tax bill. that faildz because we've seen examples of company after company giving out bonuses, raising salaries. they couldn't make the message stick that it's bad for middle america. the economy is still booming. they can't convince america that the economy is bad. the only thing they seem to get traction on, certainly from the press, is that donald trump is an idiot or a crazy man and that was, that was belied when
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america saw one week ago then he opened the doors and saw him at the immigration debate. and then came the racism charge. >> i shouldn't say they don't care about daca. they do care about daca. but if they care, they would have. >> they care more about getting elected. >> it's truly about politics. and th i think the reality is to move immigration aside and make this about the budget priorities. we have to basically get a budget, we have to change the caps to get more defense spending in the budget and they want to offset that with domestic spending. democrats want to spend more and they want to let more people in the country. that's the difference between the democrats and the republicans. in this particular case, finish the budget and look at immigration from a big picture, not just the 700, 800,000 young people coming in under daca. what about the 14 million that are here. >> the democrats say unless daca
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is put in the budget we're going to government shutdown. >> well they do that and they're making an issue out of something that shouldn't be an issue. we should argue that if you want to do that, then we get something in return too, which is the security of the borders. and trump basically argued aggressively on the campaign which he won that he's going to make the border more secure than it's ever been. a wall real or symbolic, doesn't matter. the reality is that's the promises he made and that's the promises he's going to stick by. >> lindsey graham said today he trusted senator durbin, racism charge after the meeting on thursday, saying that he believes durbin has the best interest of the country in mind. that he was happy at that meeting that took place a week ago where even cnn said the president did a good job. do you really think that a democrat like durbin can be happy about president trump succeeding at something? >> no, he can't.
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he's the number two guy in the senate. >> why is he saying that? >> it's part of the club. lindsey graham has been all over the place. what happened to the meeting on thursday. general kelly, who knows more about immigration than anybody, both from military background and being the head of homeland security, looked at the offer that the democrats were making and saw there wasn't sufficient security. >> and president trump said that on tuesday and all of the democrats agreed that we have to have good security as part of this immigration plan. but it wasn't shown on thursday. >> it was not shown on the budget. they were given really nothing. if you're going to go through all of the pain and anguish to change, you know, you've got to make sure you have the security. as i said to you before, 1986 we let the 2.5 illegals -- we had an amnesty program, we didn't get the security at the end of the day. we have to get the security first otherwise we'll have the same problem four or five years
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from now. >> what if the democrats say there's nothing in here about daca, we're not going to be able to pass this budget and we have some kind of shutdown. will it as the democrats' fault. >> if the president goes to the country and says here's why i basically wouldn't give in on this, you said and i said when i ran, you said by your votes that you wanted a secure border and they wouldn't give me a secure border. >> it's going to be an exciting week. >> it is. >> ed rollins. good to see you. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. president trump blasting the left wing national media tweeting, reution collusion hoax is dead. we greatest witch hunt in america history with greg jer jarrett. and a government shutdown looking more and more likely. congress has less than four days to pass a spending bill but the dems continue to obstruct.
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we'll have more on that straight ahead.
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david: steve bannon refuse to answer certain questions in a closed door hearing. speculation now turning on whether bannon could be held in contempt of congress if he continues to refuse to cooperate. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine herige has our report. >> fox news confirms that the subpoena was issued last week for steve bannon to appear for a grand jury because the fbi was initially unable to reach the former white house chief strategist and trump campaign chairman. earlier today bannon alive on capitol hill to testify before the house intelligence committee behind closed door. a source with knowledge of the session said, the white house directed him not to answer questions about his time in the white house or during the transition. democrats want answers by about the june 2016 meeting with that included the president's son,
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dacampaign manager. the committee took the unusual step of issuing a subpoena on the spot. bannon still refused to answer questions but did not take the fifth telling lawmakers to resolve the impasse with white house lawyers. late today the white house press secretary defended thed fended . >the advice.>> we've been coopee throughout the process. we're going to continue to be cooperative. but we're also going to maintain some of the executive privileges here at the white house that have been practiced for decades. >> the president's former campaign manager, corey lewandowski is expected in front of the same committee as early as tomorrow. david: joining me is fox news legal analyst greg jarrett. what do you think about the comek tif privilege excuse? is that legitimate? >> it is. the holder of the privilege is
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the president. not bannon. what he can do and did do is say i won't answer. the white house instrukded him not to answer. and then congress moves to force him with a subpoena, then the president invoked executive privilege which is valid. >> then he made a comment to a guy who wrote a book that he thought that the trump jr. meeting was treasonist. what difference does it make about what he makes about that? >> his opinion is. >> why uninformed? >> treason only applies if you're at war. the united states is not at war with anybody right now. the president gave nuclear codes to vladimir putin and it wouldn't be treesennist. david: that meeting in trump tower is perfectly permissible under federal law, the campaign election act, which says that you can meet with anybody, even
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foreign nationals in a campaign as long as money is not exchanged. so if he's a guy who has these ill-informed opinions about things, why is mueller so anxious to get him? >> he's interviewing everybody who currently works in the white house and used to work in the white house relevant to his probe. it's a fishing expedition to try to uncover any evidence if any can be had. and i suspect that nobody in the trump white house has anything to say about trump-russian collusion. david: meanwhile, the russian democratic party collusion story is the one that interests me quite a bit. and there's growing evidence that the trump dossier, put together by a bunch of russians and fusion gps which was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign and sent around to the news media by the fbi, that it was used as an excuse for a fisa warrant to spy on the trump campaign. explain. >> that is a crime. as i mentioned before, as long as no money is exchanged it's
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perfectly legal to meet with a russian or any foreign national in a campaign. they can actually volunteer. what you can't do is pay a foreign national or a foreign national cannot contribute to an american campaign. here the dnc and hillary clinton campaign paid money to two foreign nationals and that's a violation of the law. normally it's a civil penalty. in egregious cases it's a crime, a felony. and people have been prosecuted and put behind bars for it. these people need toob prosecuted for this. david: would that include finding out whether the individuals we know were anti-trump working at the fbi and the justice department were actively involved in trying to use those institutions to upset an election? >> it is certainly an abuse of power to the extent that these people were trying to upset the election by clearing the path for hillary clinton. that would be obstruction of justice because there's
10:18 pm
overwhelming evidence she committed crimes. david: quickly on the immigration front. the department of homeland security is preparing to arrest apparently people involved with the sanctuary cities. what's going on there? >> i've been arguing this for two years. there is a federal criminal felony statute. 8usc1834 1834. if you harbor, shield or conceal somebody who is here illegally, it's a crime punishable by five years. if somebody is seriously injured because of what you did in concealing the illegal ail general -- david: or killed like kate steinle. >> if somebody's killed it's life behind bars. if somebody is seriously injured it's ten years behind bars. it's about time. i've been urging for two years that the doj begin going of and criminally prosecuting these authorities in sanctuary cities. david: does that include mayors? >> mayors, sheriffs. the sheriff in kate steinle's case should have been arrested
10:19 pm
and criminally charged under this statute. david: what about our mayor, the mayor of new york city? >> absolutely should be. violating federal law. david: thank you very much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe today's press briefing about the president's health only calls in the mental fitness of the national left-wing media? reminder to follow lou on twitter, like the show on facebook and instagram. on wall street, stocks closing lower but still near record levels. the dow crossing 26,000 for the first time before erasing those gains to finish the session down 10 points. the s&p down 10 and the nasdaq dropping 37 points. volume on the big board 3.8 billion shares. shares of general electric plunging nearly 3% as it weighs the prospect of breaking up the company. a reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a day
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today putting to rest any concerns about his fitness for office. but that didn't stop the white house press corps from trying to gin up fake news. take a listen to some of the absurd questioning we heard. >> can you assess the president's mental fitness? >> he is taking cholesterol medication and borderline obese. >> a waist measurement for the president? >> does the president ask you about how he could follow his
10:25 pm
predecessor's example to be as fit as barack obama was? >> doctors and clinicians across the country who have said in this president they see symptoms of this, that and the other. symptoms of dementia. >> does the president do anything in terms of exercise. >> do you keep a tally of how much golf the u.s. president plays? david: what killed me, they actually asked if he had dentures nap's a critical question for the press corps to ask. joining me now, washington times opinion editor, charlie hurt. i sometimes write down some questions here and i wrote down how foolish should the press look. i realize that that's a foolish question. but do they realize how foolish they look? do they realize they've been had? >> not at all. any sort of rational human being would have long ago put all of these questions to bed. but these people -- the donald trump derangement syndrome has
10:26 pm
infected these people so bad, it's so much worse than anywhere else. the media has just gone bonkersf trying to be fair or ask good questions, ask smart questions, listening to answers. i mean cnn sends a doctor of their own to go in there and basically get into a combative -- david: all of that is precisely why sara huckabee sanders went the thing go on as long as she did. it went on an hour. we've had many briefings where she's preceded by a guest, a member of the cabinet or the good doctor. this went on for about an hour because either sara or the president himself realized the public would see how dumb the press corps is. or crazed. whatever it is. or both. >> yeah, exactly. donald trump is nothing if not a truly great showman. and he knows how to communicate
10:27 pm
a point that he wants to make. and he loves the these december plays. send a guy out te navy uniform and tell him i want you to stay out question. exhaust these people with your answers and answer every sniffling snarky stupid question. and that's exactly what the guy did. and basically, you know, it kind of disarms them -- david: with the truth. with the truth! and this guy, if you keep that picture up, he looks like he's from central casting. not only does he look like an admiral who has a medical degree, he was also the doctor for president obama, he was also the balanced. he had republicans, moderate republicans, donald trump, he also had a democrat. so the guy is as fair as anybody
10:28 pm
out there. so there's in way they could accuse him of unfairness. >> and if they do, that's tantamount of attacking the military if you ask me. because this is a guy who has risen through the ranks of the military. he's above reproach. certainly far more so than any of these lizards that are in the press briefing room. but you watch, david. i guarantee you that this will not put this to rest. david: unbelievable. >> the next thing we'll start hearing is talking about we need a psychological evaluation. david: but we already heard dr. gupta and others saying this isn't enough. the emotional test he took isn't the real -- we should have a psychiatrist in the white house to monitor him constantly. by the way, you say he's a showman, the president op obviously it's true. a master showman. last tuesday there was another example of this when he opened the doors, let the cameras in
10:29 pm
for the immigration meeting. he was flanked by two democrats on either side. it went extraordinarily well. the american public saw that the guy was a very rational man, a terrific manager of that group of politicians. and it was just two days after that we hear this racism charge. that in a private meeting which conveniently nobody could see that he said things that were racist and terrible. do you think the public buys that line? >> no, i don't think the public buys that line at all. and i think -- honestly what happened was after that tuesday meeting where he drew democrats in to basically begin negotiations about this, democrats got back to the hill and they got an earful from the lobbyists, the amnesty lobbyists in whose pocket all of those people reside, and they said, you have to blow up this issue. you have to blow up this deal. and that's exactly what dick durbin did, the very next opportunity.
10:30 pm
he hears some comment in the white house and then accuses the president of being racist. my question to you is, where is dick durbin's mind if he thinks that by criticizing a certain country that it had something to do with race. doesn't that make dick durbin the racist. david: by the way, lindsey graham who was defending dick durbin, the moderate republican, said basically the same thing that the president is accused of saying. >> absolutely. david: he called them hell holes, a different word if you believe the reporting. >> it's important remember that lindsey graham has played all sides of this. but he has not confirmed that trump said what dick durbin claims he said. david: three other republicans, including the secretary of homeland security said he didn't say what dick durbin said he did. >> that doesn't have anything to do with vulgarity. what it has to do with is the democrats are in lock step
10:31 pm
against any security measure to prevent us from getting into the unfortunate situation that we're in now with hundreds of thousands of illegals who were brought here as children. they want to repeat that. that's how much they care -- david: what we were talking about with ed rollins is they're 100% against anything that would make president trump look reasonable. because that goes directly against their charge going abso. if they can't accuse him of being mentally unstable or whatever it is they want to accuse him of, they have nothing. david: good to see you. thank you very much. we're coming right back with much more. please stay with us. president trump says democrats want to shut down the government over amnesty for illegal immigrants. >> we have a country on the right track. we're working on immigration and immigration reform and hopefully we'll be able to solve that problem if the democrats really wanted to. >> will congress be able to avoid a shutdown? we congressman
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david: president trump calling out the national left wing media for its obsession with the russia probe today. in a tweet the president asked, do you notice the fake news mainstream media never likes covering the great and record-setting economic news,
10:36 pm
rather talks about anything negative. the russian collusion hoax is dead except as it pertains to the dems. the public gets it. joining me now is congressman matt gates who serves on judiciary, budget and armed services. you pay close attention to what robert mueller is doing with his probe. when is it going to end? >> it needs to end. if robert mueller has evidence of collusion, let's see it. we've seen no much set. such evidence. the only thing we've seen is that the democrat party was using their funds to pay russians to go tell lies about the president. this is what russian does around the world. that appears to be the basis of this dossier. it's why it's so important to not allow the american people to think it has any credit whatsoever. david: there have been four charges that have come out of mr. mueller's office. two people have pled and one of
10:37 pm
them was general flynn, the other was pop lop douse who some people think may have been wired and gone back into the trump cam ban evidence that now mr. mueller has. do you have any knowledge of that at all? >> no. there is a theory that the drinking time in a london pub with an australian diplomat was the start of the investigation. but that seems far less likely than the investigation being started as a consequence of the fusion gps dossier because the fbi had become so politicized in the obama administration and the fusion gps company hired the spouse of a senior justice department official. that's the far more credible circumstance that led an investigation. david: you're referring to bruce orr whose wife worked for fusion gps which was the group that was hired by the democratic committee, by the hillary campaign and then they put together this trump dossier, part of which came from russian
10:38 pm
intel as dysfunction nal as it t was. but my question is when mr. mueller gets on to that story. there's no indication to me that he has any interest. he's interested in finding some collusion between trump and russia which he hasn't found but why isn't he interested in any collusion between the hillary clinton campaign and russia? >> that is the very question. one of the reasons why more than to members of the judiciary committee joined in calling for a second special counsel to evaluate the real claims here. one of the problems with the mueller investigation is that he went and essentially assembled the never trump board of directors to conduct the investigation. that limits its credibility. we ought to have an unbiased look of what was going on with hillary clinton. that work may well be happening right now at the little rock field office of the fbi. a bottom up investigation, far more credible than the top down
10:39 pm
approach. david: i assume you're referring to the uranium one indictment. there was a guy named mark lambert, an 11-count indictment, that he bribed somebody that worked for the russian organization, that took over uranium one. part of the deal was that they would never transport out of the u.s. 20% of the u.s. uranium that they got. but this guy was involved in transporting nuclear materials. so the suspicious is maybe he was taking some of this out of the country. >> and it shows the extent to which bribery and kick bankers seems to have influenced this uranium transaction. the transaction that occurred at the time that robert mueller was at the fbi and hillary clinton was a the secretary of state. they had a chance to step forward. at the same time you have the clinton foundation filling out deposit slips and collecting millions of dollars from
10:40 pm
russians. the whole deal stinks and we ought to get answers to that real collusion and we ought to end the mueller probe that seems to be going nowhere. steve bannon was giving testimony today to the intelligence committee and i have spoken to steve bannon and he assured me there was no collusion between the campaign and russia. the corn is that the probe is going so far beyond its original intent and scope, it may distract us from the twork that swe have to do for the american people. david: but not when it comes to hillary clinton and their collusion or alleged collusion with russia. thank you for coming in. appreciate it. be sure to vote no tonight's poll. do you believe today's press briefing on the president east health only calls into question the mental fitness of the national left wing media. cast your vote please roll the videotape. watch as this box is pushed off of an airplane high above chicago before suddenly, look e. she pops out of the box equipped
10:41 pm
with confetti for her surprise appearance. coming up next, president trump taking aim at a nuclear north korea as his administration looks to increase pressure on the rogue regime. >> not allow north korea to drive a wedge through our resolve or solidarity. the pressure campaign will continue until north korea takes decisive steps to denuclearize. >> we're taking up the threat from north korea and they came out of nowhere, sir! how many of 'em? we don't know. dozens. all right! let's teach these freaks some manners! good luck out there, captain! thanks! but i don't need luck, i have skills... i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad. as long as people misplace their keys, you can count on geico saving folks money.
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david: the national security adviser h.r. mcmaster secretly met with south korean and japanese officials last weekend to discuss north korea's nuclear weapons program. the group concluded that north korea's upcoming appearance at the winter olympics was a diversion and that all sides would continue to pressure the kim regime to give up its nuclear policeman. joining me now, the former cia analyst and bolton. no.a lot of people were wonderig if the south koreans were getting a little squishy when it
10:46 pm
comes to their relations with north korea. seems that they've found a backbone in the last couple of weeks. can rerel we rely on them to std with us? >> there's questions that president moon had wanted to engage with conversations with the north, whether he may try to buy and continue their missile and nuclear programs. if press reports are correct, this meeting that general mcmaster hosted, during the meeting both the u.s., japan and south korea all agreed that north korea's recent interests in negotiations in joining the olympics really are a diversio. we need to get south korea on track to keep the pressure up on the north. david: the question of whether they would ever give up their nukes is something you and i have talked about before. and both of us agreed this is a bargaining chip that they never planned to eliminate unless they're forced to do so one way
10:47 pm
or another. do you think it will come down to a matter -- of course i know your old boss john bolton thinks so. >> we have to think about what's the purpose of north korea's nuclear deterrent. is it really just to protect the country? and i think the size of north korea's missile arsenal, the fact that north korea reportedly has built a hydrogen bomb, it may have up to 60 weapons. it's building submarine launch missiles. i don't think this is a deterrent. this is an offense of force and we have to stop it before it's used. and i think the idea of some type of limited military action, maybe shooting down north korea missiles, maybe a naval blockade. this is something that has to be on the table. david: president trump a dispute word. but he told the journal at least he probably could have a dialogue of some sort with kim. do you think he should try to? >> well, that is something the
10:48 pm
president has positioned for a long time. he said during the campaign he would be willing to sit down with kim. i'm not sure that's the right approach. but frankly i don't mind the president making a proposal like that because it puts the ball in kim's court whether to accept it or not. and i have to tell you, i think there's some questions on who really runs north korea and whether the people behind kim would ever let him meet with president trump. so i'm not sure this is a negative development. david: lord knows what they would find if they actually had him in a real conversation. let me switch gears a little bit. it turns out japan had a false alarm that was very similar to hawaii's false alarm about north korean nukes coming to attack them. this was just a couple of days apart. what's going on here? >> it seems both the government of hawaii and the government of japan have to have a better system to send out these alerts. but it also shows how worried the world is about north korea's
10:49 pm
missile program. but let me make one point here. did you hear all of these movie stars and people on the left attacking president trump over this fake alert in hawaii? don't they realize that these tensions began under barack obama? you know, these videos of u.s. being attacked with nuclear in n barack obama was president. so they shouldn't be blaming these tensions on president trump. it's something he inherited from president obama. david: by the way, it wasn't just movie stars. the congressional spokesman, the only congress person that exists for hawaii because it's such a small state came out and said that it was, we are somehow responsible for north korean nukes. that is if it wasn't for our belligerent aggressive behavior, they wouldn't have a nuclear arsenal. >> it's shameful that she said that. she knows better than that give her background. the u.s. isn't about to invade north korea.
10:50 pm
but if you could even make the intellectual argument that north korea's nuclear force was a deterrent, it doesn't need 60 weapons. it doesn't need a hydrogen bomb or a ballistic missile that could hit washington. i mean she should really take back those comments. david: i don't think that will happen. but they certainly were wrong. thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to be here. david: incredible catch from a georgia firefighter. saved a little girl from a burning building and the heart-stopping moment is all caught on tape. you got to see this. take a look. [ bleep ] . david: wow. unbelievable. that is the county fire captain scott stroup catching the 5-year-old girl in his arms as her father climbs down a ladder and out of the burning home. amazingly no one was killed. about a dozen people were treated for smoke inhalation.
10:51 pm
we're so glad the little girl is okay. coming up next, president trump says democrats are undermining a deal on immigration. >> we're working on immigration and immigration reform and hopefully at some point we'll be able to solve that problem. if the democrats really wanted to, they could but they really sometimes don't want to. but we're working on it and we'll get it done one way or the other i hope. david: we'll take that up and more right after the break. stay with us.
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10:56 pm
until march. if a deal doesn't happen until the end of this week, we'll come back to the negotiating table and congress will figure something out. what is interesting to know is since the reports about president obama's alleged comments came out, the negotiations hit a speed bump. what is interesting to know from my perspective as someone who follows and covers the democratic party closely is the intense pressure the democratic base that there is a clean dream act. we have seen a lot of law makers including dick durbin being willing to make concessions on border control. but there base is not happy with that prospect. and they are under intense pressure to back away from those. david: what we heard from people in the know, people like ed
10:57 pm
rollins. he was hearing that the speed bump emily was talking about between tuesday and thursday and friday was put up by all of these lobbyists who were furious with the democrats for playing a cooperative roll tuesday when the president brought them in and had the cameras on. >> they don't want any form of working with the president. i will say to the president and the base, be careful of the democrats. they say they are negotiating in good faith but they are leaking alleged comments to the public. the democratic party's position is they are going to advocate for 800,000 non-citizens over the u.s. military. imagine putting 800,000 non-american citizens more important than keeping the
10:58 pm
government open and making sure the military is funded. the democrats do not want to solve this issue. they want this to be a perpetual political issue so we can have another daca debate in 10 years. david: i think their timeline is short of 10 years. i think they are thinking towards november when they have mid-term elections. if they get along with the president in some kind of deal, they are going to make him look like he's more cooperative than they want to, because they want to put him out as somebody who is evil and disturbed and dangerous for the country, and that's how they are going to run their 2018 election. >> i think there are some in the democratic party who want to use this as an issue to paints president trump as immoral or racist. democrats are competing in some
10:59 pm
states, trump-friendly states where they are holding on to some key senate seats who would benefit from a bipartisan deal. some democrats do have the will to do this. but what is helpful for dianne feinstein is not helpful for claire mccaskill. david: one thing they are confident about is if there is a government shutdown, they are confident they can it on the republicans, am i right? >> think might be -- they might be. i think the american people will side with the political party that sides with the american voters. to fight for non-citizens and put the military at risk and government shutdown on the horizon, i don't think is right. the democrats don't want to solve this issue. the fact that there always constant stream of illegal
11:00 pm
immigrants come into this country, the wall would solve that and that's why they don't want it. david: love is back tomorrow. among his expertise. now the man of the hour is next, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i'm david in for lou dobbs. congress is barreling toward the possible government shutdown. lawmakers have until friday to pass a spending bill but some democrats will not support the deal unless it gives amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. we'll have a full report. also tonight, the trump administration going straight te on daca. attorney general jeff sessions says it defies law and common sense that a single district court in san francisco can block the administration from ending the obama era program. so the justice department is asking the supreme court to hear the case directly. and the national left wing


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