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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 17, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance," and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ next. make sure you keep it right here. concerns tonight that congress is headed toward a government shutdown. lawmakers have two days to pass a spending bill but the democrats are insisting on amnesty for illegal immigrants and conservatives are demanding border security and more military funding. we'll take it up with congressman ron desantis in moments rhino republicans ramming up their desperate attacks on the president. retiring senator jeff flake taking to the senate floor to compare president trump to joseph stal stalin. and president trump today
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accusing russia of helping north korea evade sanctions. the president sharply criticizing russia saying its goaft is making up for china's decision to restrict oil and coal to the rogue regime. we'll discuss the trump administration's efforts to rein in russia and north korea the fight to avoid a government shutdown. republican leadership is pushing a short-term spending bill to fund the government for one more month but there's opposition on. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike e man nal is on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: the clock is becoming a factor as the government is due to run out of money late night friday night. the offer on the table is a short term continuing resolution to keep the government up and running through february 16th. it would extend the children's health care program for six years, delay some obama care taxes. some concerns are that this
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would be the fourth the impact g resolution has on the military. democrats want a deal for so-called dreamers now and they're starting the blame game. >> real deadlines are occurring this friday. and the real deadlines that occur this friday are our men and women in uniform and children's health insurance in many states that will run out of money. >> if god forbid there's a shutdown, it will fall on the majority leader's shoulders and the president's shoulder. we know what the president said. he want a shutdown. reporter: but saying defense funding is being held hostage at a critical time. >> they can't train for what's coming. they can only do the training for what's been. it hurts the military every single day. reporter: there is an effort by house conservatives to do something to boost source
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funding now. in the end it will be hard for the democrats oppose this package because of the children's health insurance extension. david. david: our first guest is a member of the freedom caucus who say that the republicans don't have the votes for the current stopgap measure. joining me ron desantis, a member of several committees and he is now also a governor. congratulations for your candidacy. let me talk about -- i mean, schumer was straight out. he said it's going to fall on republicans' shoulders. here's what representative slaughter just said, and i'm quoting, if there is a shutdown, our fingerprints aren't on it. i mean this is like a criminal saying i'm just about to commit a crime but i've shaved off my fingerprints so you won't be able to track me town. >down.>> you're right. here's the thing. we've passed bills to
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we did that months ago. the senate is dysfunction nal. they're not able to do the task of being in the congress. we are where we are. i think it would be absolutely hazardous for democrats to block funding our troops, for our military equipment simply because they're demanding benefits for illegal immigrants. it just shows you that they care more about illegal immigrants than they do about our american military. i think we should call their bluff. i think a lot will end up folding. but if they don't and you have chuck schumer filibustering for the military because he's worried about more benefits for the illegal immigrants, i think that would blow up in their face. david: i don't know what they want in their heart of hearts. but i do know one thing. i don't know what they feel about daca or a budget deal or anything. but i know that above everything else what they care about is
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november 2018. they want to retake the house. that is their firm goal and they think if they had come to any kind of agreement with this president they won't be able to do it. they are convinced the only way to retake the house is to completely separate themselves and isolate in their eyes the president of the united states. that's why there won't be any deal in my mind. am i right or wrong? >> i think you're reading it right. i think schumer and pelosi decided, look, the energy in our base, the far left, they don't want trump. they want us to resist trump. that's the easiest route for us to agai gin up the base to retae house. i think it's an interesting theory but ultimately it won't work. look what's going on. you actually see results versus their rhetoric. nancy pelosi two months ago were saying that our tax bill was amageddon. it was the worst thing ever. what's happening. you have bonuses being shelled
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out, money coming back, you have companies moving here. you have apple going to invest an ungodly sum of money into the united states. and so voters are going to be in a position where they're going to see that. the democrats have said no no no. they said all of these bad things were going to happen and yet the economy is strong, we're much better internationally than we were when the president took office. so i think they're going to do what they're going to do but it's not going to be effective. david: they feel they're protected and to a certain extept they are by the overwhelming 95% of the press corps who will be their echo chamber. rush limbaugh think it's the other way around that the democrats are the echo chamber of the media. however it works, they feel like they have that as a second front to protect the flank. as we saw yesterday, i think the president and the president's staff is on to that. and what the president did last tuesday by opening up the room to the cameras for that meeting
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on immigration, which we saw a very reasonable man trying to come to a deal. yesterday we had a very reasonable doctor come on the scene, bipartisan doctor, he had worked with democratic and republican presidents in the past saying this man is healthy and completely insane. you saw the media go insane by that suggestion and starting asking about whether he was an alcoholic or a drug addict or whether he was obese, et cetera. so the public is beginning to see, i think, that all of these complaints about trump being at the root of all of the evil in the world is nonsense. >> and they remember eight years of barack obama where that same white house press corps which berated that doctor, which is always yelling about trump, they were basically the palace guard for barack obama. they protected him. they did not investigate key things. they did not hold him accountable. that is the role that they had. and so when people look at how low esteem the washington press corps has on our country, it's
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because people see they blaifd one way with obama and the other way with trump. but you're right. the difference is that if schumer forces a shutdown, trump controls the executive branch. he's not going to shut down the world war ii memorial. he can shake the veterans hands when he goes out there. the president has the good hand here. david: it was within president obama's interest to slow up things that people cared about in the government, which he did, sometimes going out of his way to do that and it's not in president trump's interest. quickly on the mueller probe and what's happening there. is there any interest -- and i have asked a lot of people this in congress -- on the part of the mueller team to investigate either fusion gps, the whole trump dossier mess or the iranian one deal or anything other than still trying to find this mysterious collusion between trump and the russians?
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>> there's no indication of that. i mean you look at all of the attorneys that they have there. a lot of them are hostile to president trump. i don't see them wanting to go and basically discredit their own so-called collusion investigation. because when you start doing fusion gps or you start looking at that, you see all of these questions about what was going on. and it doesn't look good and it really calls into question the legitimacy of the collusion investigation from day one. in uranium one they're not doing that. we pushed that in the congress. we're still pushing it. we did get doj brought a few indictments recently and i think you're going to see more from that. i know from what we're doing, there's more to come. david: i was disappointed to hear that you might be leaving the halls of congress but probably the people of florida will be happy that you're running. do you get the endorsement of rick scott? expwhr i hop>> i hope so. he's done a great job. but i'm going to be begging people like you to buy property.
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we're going to get a lot of new yorkers to come down. david: this winter in particular my wife is more interested in florida than ever before but my job is here in new york. thank you for coming. i appreciate you being here. we're coming right back with a lot more. please stay with us. the white house demands the dems put america first ahead of their pro-am necessity agenda. >> democrats need to decide to come here and do their jobs and they're going to govern and put our national security ahead of their own personal political agendas or they're not. >> we take up the looming government shut down with rnc chairwoman. senator jeff flake under fire for insulting president trump. his fellow republicans wondering why won't the rhino go away. we'll have his latest desperate attack against the president coming up next.
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e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. david: there must be something
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in the arizona water that's making rhinos go mad right now. both members of the grand canyon senate delegation blasting president trump using inflammatory language. retiring senator jeff flake comparing the commander in chief to a murderous totalitarian dictator. >> our own president uses words infamously spoken by joseph stalin to describe his enemies. it bares noting that so fraught with malice that the key forbeads its use. we're not in a fake news era as bashar assad says. we're in an era in which the authoritarian impulse is reasserting itself to challenge free people and free societies everywhere. david: senator john mccain seemingly echoing those remarks criticizing the president's criticism of the national left wing media in an op-ed in the
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washington post writing, quote, these efforts are being closely watched by foreign leaders who are already using his words as cover as they silence and shutter one of the key pillars. joining me, ronna mcdonnell. we don't have to go far to find out what you think about all of this. you had a tweet out saying, quote, senator flake turn on the news. it's wall to wall with biased coverage against potus. he has ever right to push back comparing the leader of the free world to murderous dictators is absurd. you've gone too far. he wasn't reading your tweets. >> i think we should be talking about chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and the dang they would do this the country if they took the reign reins of the senate a. the media is thriving. it's alive and well in this country. the president supports free speech even when it's a media p.
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comparing him as a dictator is going too far. david: he said the truth itself is under assault, his words, truth is under assault. and led me to wonder where was he during the obama administration -- and we put together politifact, leaning to the left, put together a long list, over 50 examples of where president obama lied about everything from obamacare in which he keep your doctor, won't add a dime to the receive pit. he lied about the deficit. called isis the jv team. on and on. where is the fair and balanced part of senator flake's speech? >> well, and going boo back to president obama, look at benghazi. there were so many instances
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that covered for coverage and scrutiny. tip the scales in favor of president trump. let's be fair and balanced. but to say that this president doesn't revere free speech or our constitution is patently false. we have a media that spends 90% of their coverage negatively on this president and that's totally out of balance to where our country is today. look at the unemployment at a 17 year low, consumer confidence at a 16-year high. look at the military getting their first raise in over a decade. isis is on the run. i can list thing after thing after thing as to how our economy is doing, how our country is doing better under this presidency. but we're not hearing it day to day in the news. and i hear it all of the time when i travel. people come to me saying why don't they report fairly on this president. that's the discussion we should be having today. david: how many papers are going
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to focus on the 300-point gain on the dow. i have to correct something that flake said he's talking about everything else putting out lies. he talked about president trump using laws and regulations to stifle the truth. do you have any idea what he was talking about? when has president trump ever used a law to try to stifle the truth? >> i am not familiar with any instance of that. what i do know is that this president is cutting 22 regulations for every one that's being created and it has unleashed our economic revival. we're just going to continue to do that. this is a president who is doing things and delivering for the american people. people in my home state of michigan who were suffering, left behind by the washington elite. and he came saying, he's deliveg every single day. i'm so thrilled with what's happened in this first year. and i only am more excited about what's more to come. david: ronna, i got to ask you
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one question about your uncle, mitt romney. you guys don't discuss your plans with each other, which is a great idea to keep family peace. but if your uncle does run for the senate in utah and he does win. you're head of the rn clrks. will you give him particularly in regard to how he talks about president trump? >> if he asks for advice i'll give him advice. but my advice is focus on the democrats. our country suffered under a democratic leadership. we saw it under barack obama and chuck schumer. we're coming up under a hotly contested midterm and we need to keep unified and keep our eyes on the american people. every day i'm out there raising money and putting a ground game in place to keep our majorities in the midterms. that's what every republican should be focused on, along with touting the great
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accomplishments we've made this first year under president trump. david: you have been very successful at raising money. democrats have not been as successful. ronna mcdaniel, great to see you 247 than be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe jeff flake's trump bashing speech to an empty senate chamber shows he lack as firm grasp on history and his own political relevance? cast your vote on twitter. and a reminder to follow lou on twitter, like the show on facebook and instagram on wall street, unbelievable day. record breaking day for the stocks. dow surging 323 points to close above 26,000 for the first time in history. s&p up 26 and the nasdaq gaining 75 points. volume on the big board 3.7 billion shares. that's a lot of shares. meanwhile apple announcing it will invest $30 billion in the country over the next five years
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and move, the company saying creating 20,000 jobs. the tech giant will make a one-time tax payment of $38 million to repatriate a lot of cash they have overseas. a reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a day coast to coast. a former cia officer under arrest accused of stealing top secret information for the chinese government. we'll have a full report straight ahead. my name's dustin. hey, dustin. grab a seat. woman: okay. moderator: nice to meet you. have you ever had car trouble in a place like this? (roaring of truck) yes and it was like the worst experience of my life. seven lanes of traffic and i was in the second lane. when i get into my car, i want to know that it's going to get me from point a to point b. well, then i have some good news. chevy is the only brand to receive j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs two years in a row. woman: wait! (laughing) i definitely feel like i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. woman 2: i want a chevy now.
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david: new details tonight about the former cia officer suspected of exposing u.s. spy network in china. 53-year-old jerry lee arrested on chargeses of stealing top secret information which he retained years after leaving the agency. doug mckelway has our report. >> it was here on kennedy airport on monday that the retired cia agent was arrested
10:27 pm
after a flight from hong kong. he is charged with unauthorized possession of classified documents. suspicions first arntion's under network in china began drying agents were being routed up. >> when china caught thaiz individuals, perhaps up to 20, they executed about a dozen of them. some of them were executed publicly. >> as early as 2012li had come under u.s. investigation. he was flying to ho hong kong to virginia and during a three-day layover fbi gained access to his hotel room and photographed his address book. containing addresses of cia facilities. with the assets severely compromised, the u.s. may partially be blind. and the u.s. authorities are also concerned with china's
10:28 pm
increasing influence in the u.s. a november report to congress found that chinese state media are not required to register as foreign agents even though many of its represents are suspected spies. and "the wall street journal" reported that they warned that sigh van ka trump and jared kushner to steer clear of rupert murdoch. he was the sponsor of a now on hold 12-acre garden at washington's arboretum. a perfect high perch for surveillance of the capitol. >> it means that you're able to vacuum up conversations, electronic sub meigs missions. >sub submissionsubmissions.davi. david: doug, thank you very much. we're kosming right back more. please stay with us. rising tensions with russia. president trump accusing
10:29 pm
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david: i'm david, in for lou dobbs. well president trump today accusing russia of violating international sanctions against north korea. the president telling routers, the kim va yeem is closer to full nuclear capability ever day and that the kremlin continues to see north korea supplies undercutting a chinese effort to restrict oil and cole delivery to the nation the department of justice highlighting america's dire need for immigration reform. ed 0 callahan telling reporters our immigration system is filled with loopholes that threaten national security on a daily basis. >> i know that transnational criminal organizations and other individuals and entities that wish to harm the united states undoubtedly seek to exploit weaknesses in our immigration system but it benefits them in accomplishing their unlawful schemes. president trump's immigration policy is designed to serve the interest of national security. david: joining me, sebastian
10:34 pm
gorka. dr. gorka, these were extraordinarily sobering words. i think he made the point very clearly without exaggerating, just laying out the figures. but some in the media still didn't get it. there was one reporter who asked a question saying, should we really be concerned if terrorists are here in the united states even though they commit their terrorism in places like syria? in other words it's okay to have them roaming around the u.s. as long as they don't do terrorism here. >> that press conference was very impressive, david. and it's just a reality check for all americans. the reality is that we face a global threat. i like the term that comes out of the director of national intelligence's office which is a global ge it's not if somebody does something bad 8,000 miles away or whether they do it here.
10:35 pm
it's one ideology. whether you're beheading an american citizen in syria or blowing up a pressure cooker in boston, it's the same enemy. david: and what these people in the press corps -- frankly what we've seen in the past week, what happened a week ago when the president opened his cameras to the immigration discussion, quite open and reasonable. then health, very reasonable. but you saw the press reacting to these events with his stair ya. hysteria. i think americans are beginning to realize that the anti-trump criticism we're receiving is based on a thin read indeed. >> it's beyond that, i think, david. i think yesterday, anybody who watched that press conference with the vice admiral may have thought they were watching an sn
10:36 pm
snl this saturday. >> people are supposed to be white house correspondents asking a vice admiral what is the president's waist size. does he still get two scoops and does he have dentures. that's a skit. this isn't journalism. this is fake news. david: and then you have the case of senator flake. you know whereby he', he's a ses senator. done some good over the years hs anti-trump train to the point where he's comparing him to a man who killed 40 million russians. i mean this is beyond the pale, siis it not? >> it's shameful. senator flake is an embarrassment to congress and our great nation. and on behalf of my dead parents and all people like them who actually lived under stalin east regimes, my father was arrested
10:37 pm
and tortured as a young anticommunist. we demand an apology from this embarrassment of a politician. remember, this is an individual who allegedly has an r after his name who has spoken glowingly about the dictator as a pragmatist and likewise praised the dictatorship in cuba. this man is an embarrassment to all good and wholesome. david: there were two senators in the chamber when he was talking. but interestingly he's getting as much flack from the left. if he was hoping to pick up support from msnbc, or people on the left, i don't know if he's going to get it. they were saying he's a hypocrite because in the past he's supported trump. i don't know to whom he is speaking right now. >> i think he's speaking to his ego. he is irrelevant vant. he doesn't want to hang up his spurs. she's trying to remain relevant
10:38 pm
in the most despicable way possible and he's delightful to see him receive the slings and arrows from both sides because he deserves it. david: finally the chinese spy story, an interesting story in its own right. but the chinese spy, if one is to believe the government's case against him was arrested for among other things, keeping top secrets on his personal computer. does that remind you of anybody? >> yes. this will be fascinating to watch. if this individual -- and remember, this is one of the few areas of federal law where intent is irrelevant. if you merely mishandle classified information you have committed a felony. if this person is prosecuted of a felony, then perhaps it's time to very robustly revisit hillary's servergate scandal. >> sebastian gorka, a pleasure to have you on. thank you for being here. >> thank you. david: be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you believe that senator jeff flake's trump
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bashing speech to an empty senate chamber, two people were there, shows he lacks a firm grasp on both history and his own political irrelevance? cast your vote on twitter. please roll the video. watch as a wing suiter and a paraglider link up. this is 13,000 feet above florida. the two perform twists and turns as they float down to earth. coming up next, the trump administration fighting back against sanctuary cities with dhs calling for possible charges against local officials who failed to enforce immigration laws. former deputy assistant tom dupree takes up that case and you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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david: steve bannon reaching a deal to speak with the special counsel in the russia witch hunt investigation, avoiding a grand jury. this after the ousted white house strategist refused to answer questions from the house intel committee yesterday. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine has our report. >> david, the agreement allows bannon to avoid the grand jury and take prosecutors from prosecutors. he's expected on capitol hill for a second day of testimony
10:44 pm
after the administration told him not to answer questions about the transition or his time at the white house. press secretary sara sanders confirmed today that bannon's lawyer was on the phone with the white house about the questions. sanders said it was not out of the ordinary. >> it's not isolated to this incident. executive privilege is something that goes by decades because it's something that needs to be protected, whether it's during this one 20 years from now. we want to make sure that we follow the process and the precedent and that's all that's taking place. >> yesterday's 12-hour session escalated to the point that bannon was issued a subpoena on the spot. and told lawmakers to work out the impasse with the white house the senior democrat tonight cried foul. >> we cannot allow that to become the routine. to allow witnesses to decide when and where they're willing to answer questions. >> democrats want answers abouts son, son-in-law and former
10:45 pm
campaign chairman and os and why bannon called it treasonist. republicans are equally frustrated. >> keep many mind the president and some of his supporters want congress to hurry up and conclude these investigations. so do i. the best want to do that is to instruct the witnesses to answer our questions instead of going through executive privilege. >> corey lewandowski was in front of the same committee today and he promised null cooperation. former fbi director james comey's chief of staff is scheduled to appear on capitol hill tomorrow. he was copied on the may 2016 draft statement recommending against criminal charges in the clinton e-mail case. david. david: kat tom dupree, former deputy assistant attorney jern under george w. bush. we could get in the weeds of what executive privilege is. i don't want to do that. why does anyone care what steve bannon says? even if he's -- i mean at the
10:46 pm
very least he's a blow hard. at worst he's a liar. we know that from how he's contradicted himself in regard to how he feels about donald trump. why do we care? >> david, i think what the congress is interested in finding out all of these allegations that bannon has made about the money laundering and the russians meeting at trump tower and whether they were brought up to see donald trump. i think what congress wants to know is there any truth to this. is there any evidence you have to support these allegations. because if there is evidence, we'd like to see it. if there's not evidence, we would like to know that. so we can confirm that you were just blowing smoke when you made these claims. so i think that's what the committee is very interested in getting and that's why they were so frustrated when they couldn't get answers from steve bannon. david: i just think particularly if you're a prosecutor -- because of course mueller is trying to get him to talk as well and he may have success there. but you want a witness you can rely on.
10:47 pm
that is not a description of steve bannon. >> well, that is for sure. you know, in yo if you make stat to the author and when pressed on it say well there wasn't any truth to that, i was making all of that up, that is not going to enhance your credibility as a witness. but at the same time i think mueller and the congressional investigators want to get to the bottom of it. if bannon is not a credible witness, so be it. but let's find that out now and then figure out what to do with the story, whether to credit it or discard it. david: i'm less certain that mre bottom of it instead of trying to pin something on somebody. i mean the fact is that if mueller is so interested in talking to bannon, i think it says a lot about his interest in getting to the truth and maybe even his desperation in not being able to pin anything so far directly on trump. >> well, if you're bob mueller, you read "fire and fury" probably the day it came out or maybe the day before.
10:48 pm
and in that bannon provided a road map of sorts as to what you would want to question him about. he claimed to be a part of conversations, claimed to have knowledge about people during the campaign and the transition and the administration did, why they did those things. and at the end of the day this may get dispelled as nonsense. but if you're bob mueller you have basically an outline of the questions you're going to ask him when you have him in your office meeting with federal agents. for whatever that's worth. david: let me switch gears to sanctuary cities. you have the possibility that they could start arresting people who were complicit in setting up their towns as a sanctuary city. maybe even arrested ring governors who set up their states as sanctuary states. where do we go from here? are we going to see arrests of mayors and governors . >> my prediction is no. pe all can recognize there's a major problem here where you
10:49 pm
have a constant con flicks. and it goes back to the prior administration between federal enforcement efforts and a lot of local officials, because they disagree with the federal enforcement policy don't want to seem complicit. i don't think it's going away anytime soon. it seems to me that the solution is rather than trying to lock up local officials, you have to try to push for compromise. we've seen this administration try to say, well, if you've not going to cooperate with us on immigration policy we're going to withhold federal grant money. they may or may not be legally enforceable. but what the administration is doing is using whatever tools at their dissuppose l to turn up the heat on the local officials saying look, we need you to cooperate and if you don't, there will be consequences. is plos cushion is right approach? i don't think they're going to get headway in the kowrpts but i think that's what the administration is trying to do. david: but i tell you, when people get away with murder,
10:50 pm
which is what is happening in america today because of these problems with the sanctuary cities, something has got to happen. you can't let people literally get away with murder. tom dupree, it's always a pressure to seappreciate pleasuu coming up next, the latest on the looming government shutdown. rachel campos-duffy and mark simone take up whether daca will sink the deal right after the break. stay with us. hold together. a little to the left. 1, 2, 3, push! easy! easy! easy!
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10:55 pm
fake news awards. so far no word from his tweet site. let me list four fake news stories that had to be retracted. brian ross reporting that trump directed mike flynn to make contact with russians during the campaign. an inaccurate photo of the trump rally, cnn reports that donald trump received advance notice of a wikileaks dump and that mueller subpoenaed trump's bank records. >> i have been to the rallies where trump says to the media, you won't turn the cameras on
10:56 pm
the crowd to show how many people were here. this picture was taken before they let the crowds in. when in fact there were people outside of the areason a trying to get into trump's rally. i'm glad trump called for him to be fired when he forced that apology later. david: i told you i have four one said you have a dozen. >> when it comes to fake news, the russia story, the gone with the wind of fake news. rain many maddow would be the merrill stream. lester thoalt takes real news and makes it fake news. he said macy's just closed 100 stores. he proved it. he said macy's just closed hundreds of stores with sears is closing hundreds of stores.
10:57 pm
david: that wasn't a side bar. >> this is people switching to online shopping, employment is up, shopping is up. david: let's talk about jeff flake. these remarks, i just mentioned to somebody we had on, the fact is he's not getting applause from the left because the left sees him as a hypocrite. how do you see it? >> he has no constituent i. i am sphrp arizona and i don't know one arizonan who likes jeff flake. he says trump uses rules and regulations to stifle freedom of and compared trump to a dictator. obama sat with a ruthless dictator for three hours in cuba at a baseball game.
10:58 pm
if you are a dictator you don't deregulate the economy and give power back to the people. anybody who watches the news knows that if you have 90 person * bad news and you have the economy that trump had, there is no way the media is being fair. david: he said specifically that president trump uses laws and regulations to stifle the truth. when did trump ever do that? >> i think what jeff flake is trying to do, he's known as a loser and he's trying to rebrand himself as a hysterical drama queen. there was no audience. the only person in the room was dick durbin. david: there were at least two. >> if you take flake and durbin *, that's the swamp's swamp.
10:59 pm
david: do you think we'll have any immigration conclusion before friday at midnight? and if we don't, are we going to have a government shutdown? >> i don't think we'll have a government shutdown and we definitely won't have daca. dick durbin does not care about me, if you are a dreamer and you are watching, he doesn't care about you. there was a deal to be made and he purpose reply blew it up. he wants to keep the daca issue alive for politics. david: the republicans have both houses, they have the executive office, if there is a shutdown it's their fault. >> we have been through 4,000 of them, it means nothing. two national monuments closed. it's not a big deal. david: after the last government shutdown, the republicans came back later and picked.
11:00 pm
you more seats. >> it's going to be hard for the democrats to have anything to run on. dave there are no matter what next. make sure you keep it right here. concerns tonight that congress is headed toward a government shutdown. lawmakers have two days to pass a spending bill but the democrats are insisting on amnesty for illegal immigrants and conservatives are demanding border security and more military funding. we'll take it up with congressman ron desantis in moments rhino republicans ramming up their desperate attacks on the president. retiring senator jeff flake taking to the senate floor to compare president trump to joseph stal stalin.


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