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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 18, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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i think that's an exciting future to look forward to. lou: thank you, president trump. lawrence it. lou dobbs on fox business. lou: good evening, republicans preparing to vote on a continuing resolution that avoid a government shut down at midnight tomorrow. the house republicans right now scrambling to shore up 216 votes that will be required for a majority to pass short-term spending bill that will keep government running. but despite assurance from speaker paul ryan this morning, there seems to be a lot of difficult questions about what is vote are for or against the continues regular. so far, it not clear whether the republicans have the votes, even though they have the majority and so-called savant. fore caforecasting easy passage.
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and more troubknol trouble in t. we'll have a live report for you in capitol hill in just moments. we'll talk with highly respected representative from arizona congrescongresswoman martha mcs. >> and no one can deliver the phrase, it's the economy, stupid. no one does it near low as well as does president trump. see if you agree. >> we can keep it like this, we're going to win a lot of elections i can tell you, it is something, it's something. it's the economy, stupid. did you hear that one? it's the economy. it is indeed. lou: first year of trump presidency, has been historic and his leadership and
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achievements, extraordinary market soaring gdp growth asset rails, unemployment at 17 year low, we'll talk up president's many successes, and how they likely up end the democratic party plans for inroads, one of smartest folks in politics, wisest political strategist, ed rollins is with us. president trump today insisting he will build the wall despite conflicts remarks from his chief of staff, irritated that john kelly told democratic lawmakers, that the president had evolved on the wall. it appears that president believes that wall is still the dog gone ball. wall. our top story, republican effort to avoid a government shut down, congress has over 24 hours to pass government funding measure. but republicans and democrats
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are divided on the way forward, according to president, democrat us would like to see a shut down. >> i really of about that democrats want a shut down to get off of the subject of the tax cuts because they work so well. nobody thought it up shrewding e democrats that would work this we'll. lou: our chief report on capitol hill tonight. reporter: critical conservative group said now onboard with this key government funding extension. house republican leaders are urging to de to get it know. address the real deadlines that are here, by continuing funding for our military, 1 extent children's health insurance program, we have keep working on getting resources they need. reporter: pushing for immigration fix, house
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democratic leaders said she is a no. >> having nothing to do with protecting our dreamers or anything else. we will be opposing of this continuing reading. reporter: to win some democratic vote its includes a 6 year extension of children's house insurance, pelosi not impressed. >> like giving you a bowl with doggy doo, put ae cherry on top, and call it a chocolate sundae . >> about what is your case to national security lawmaker gltion. >> the cr not good for military. but what worse, is government shut down. about whaeven worse is a governt down followed by a sequester. reporter: on senate side, mock
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conmcconnell warned colleagues about possibility of being in session this week, mcconnell e-mail. mcconnell called for g.o.p. unity, we're strongest when we stick together that will produce best spending deal and the best daca deal. some of his fellow republicans are unhappy. >> i think it is inexclusable. i'll be a no vote. >> we're not getting a cr, through congress. and to until we have a pathway forward to increase defense spending bill. and everything else. reporter: winning some democrats will be critical with 60 yes votes needed in senate, and only 150 republicans likely to vote. >> that members from both sides of aisle all support.
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it just another tick of hand down the road because the republicans vote in senate and house, and white house, can't get their act together. reporter: ryan zinke sweeted we fully expect government to continue operations, in the, vent of a shut down, public lands will be as accessible as safely possible under the law. reporter: republicans saying that democrats would side with 800,000 so-called dreamers over the health insurance of 9 million american children. lou. lou: thank you. we'll be watching if that are vote. and whether or not the republican party can deliver first, in house, then senate in support of the continuing resolution. first guest, says that democrats are playing games on daca and the spending bill with the lives
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of our military hanging in the balance, joining us tonight, republican a congresswoman marta mcsally. great to have you with us. let's start with the developments that mike just reported, freedom ca caucus movg into line to support continues resolution tonight. perhaps within the hour, vote. >> the votes were just called, we'll be heading in soon. i have been in the military for 26 years, it is infuriating that the democrats are playing politics with our group, they create a fake deadline for something that not a top priority of american people, and putting our american lives rkt ou, ourtroops in jeopardy, theye
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right now in harm's way, their families are home, hoping nothing happens to them, and they will be able to pay their bills. their readiness is at a crisis, we had 80 training deaths last year, 20 in combat, the navy ship accidents and air ship accidents is because of lack of funding and these fits and starts, the fact that democrats would play games with our troops, i raised my right hand and took that oath, they are out there right now counting on them to not let them down. lou: it special point out to president trump, alone with all candidates run are for sufferers in 2016 -- forevers in 2016 is only one that talked about the antiquated equipment. let's turn to the games being played on daca.
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daca has somehow managed to move its way to the front of the line. and many people are upset. because it puts millions of other people coming in legally, lawfully at back of line, and puts them ahead of men and women in our military, this is madness, it being played out as a public relations stunt. >> absolutely, the democrats have hijacked that process, they have been failing to sit down at table and negotiate good faith strong support for our military it great we have a president, commandedder in chief who is focused. but democrats having failed to set down and negotiate, there no deadline tomorrow on daca. we can address the issues but the bill that i introduced last week are top priorities on this topic, which is really securing
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the border, ending chain migration, and ending visa lottery, cracking down on san waransanctuary strays, let's fon our troops. the reason we're have a cr vote, is because democrats have failed to come to the table in good faith, they are continuing to hijack the process over daca. supporture our troops and sit town negotiate. tell us what you don't like so we can move forward and address the issues. lou: the issue of daca, not to depart from it. make clear to everyone, two lyings about daca, and daca a democratic issue, large measure fiction. there is no deadline on march 5, the deadline is in november,
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those registered will be first to require a renewal. second big lie it is under 700,000 people. those are people on the registry. but combining all who could be brought in under daca, the number approaches 4 million illegal immigrants this congress, i, assure you and senate will not have guts to put down numbers that would be result of passing some called daca. because they want to perpetuate the lies they have been telling about illegal immigration, in this country, for the better part of a decade and a half. >> lou, either because of failures of many years of us not enforcing our laws and not securing our border, not addressing the over stays, that goes into why we have this population, we are willing to sit down and address the issues, but highest priorities are
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securing or border, that includes building a wall, getting our agents when they need, stop cartels from coming over the border. addressing the loopholes where people look for border patrol agents and turn themselves in, cartels tell themma claim asylum, then a disappear in country with false claims with a court date 5 years in future, that is insane. trump is in white house because -- is president because american people are fed up with these failures. address some of the other issues in a fairway that. >> are you getting the cr through tonight. >> i think we are, in the house, over to senate, if those senate democrats vote no, i think they
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should head off to afghanistan and iraq or south korea in next airplane, look our troops in the eye, and explain to them why they are not getting paid. this is a travesty, they getter better not be playing politics with this, i hop people rise up and see what going on. and the games that people are playing with our military. lou: thank you, martha. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, much more ahead stay with us. >> a damning new memo, details how government allegedly has abused surveillance powers. >> is this america or the kgb . >> a group of lawmakers now calling for that memo to be made public. we take it up with chris ferrel of judicial watch. >> and president trump says we'll build the wall along our southern border, despite comments from his chief of staff, we take up president's battle on secure america and much more. next. stay with us.
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lou: house lawmakers given access to a 4 page intelligence committee memo, we're told it details fbi and justice department abuse of fisa surveillance program. the one just reaproved by the
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house of representative and senate, congressman matt gates shocked is now calling for it to be made public. >> intelligence memo, is so alarming, that it must be immediately disclosed to american people. and disclosure of this document, must be a top priority for country immediately. i cannot stress how important that is. any american, that would see this document would feel as though people like rod rosenstein and bruce oh.r. need to be fired immediately. >> great is one of 4 congressmen calling for public release of that memo. other include mark meadows. jim jordan, scott parry. joining us tonight, chris ferrel. it is good to see you, let's start with this 4 page memo.
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it is to me, deeply troubling, so much that we're getting this into light, but so much remains behind closed-doors and so dark after more than a year a year and a half of investigations, 6 1/2 years, of total investigation by 5 committees. the special counsel, and the fbi. >> this is a case again of gross over declasscasion. i think it american public knew what was in the memo, and the scope and of the the abuse and various investigative techniques of corrupt law e enforce. enforce. proves, and others, heads would roll, i think that is what
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representative gates of pointing out. the fact that thismmo remains classified is wrong. i agree with him 100%, they need to make this public as quickly as possible. there nothing in there to give away crown jewels of our intelligence collect capability but it would reveal abuse of the process by agents and department of justice, that systemic abusing that corruption of our justice system is really at the root of all of this problems we're facing now. lou: i think that at root of corruption like this is raw corruption. they are bad people. they are doing horrible things in the name of the u.s. government. this is corruption that cannot be tolerated. i certainly accede on your suggestion it systemic.
11:21 pm
it part of the process, but these are damn people who give this country a bad name and hurting our national security interest. and tearing up the constitution as they do so. >> here is where so important and reason why it will now break open to the public. before you had hillary people pointing at trump, and expreeminscreamingrussia. and trump people pointing at hillary, with a litany of things, all valid. it of partisan, now we have pointed out the corruption of the fbi. and the agents and corruption of the justice department, this is institutional corruption which has been leveraged by various parties. lou: let's turn to today's
11:22 pm
developments, and former chief of staff for james comey. testifying against in a close-door hearing, what to you make of this. >> what is interesting, people look at rod himself, and his relationship with comey, you know you learn a lot about comey by learning when he surrounds himself with, not just sycophants who have told him he is a genius, comey believes his own press releases. but a guy at senior position, comey's right hand man, running the fbi. i think he isn't, he isn't a special agent of the fbi. he is another attorney. and for folks in law enforce. , they understand the significants of that. head of fbi as his right hand man does not have a seasoned
11:23 pm
professional law' force am officer, a special agent, gun, bang carrying person who is sworn into an oath and has institutional knowledge and a career track in the fbi, no. he sits at his right hand, another attorney, that speaks volumes. to me at least it does. lou: let me turn to steve bannon now. testifying called in to talk with robert mueller. special counsel. claiming executive privilege he deferred his appearance before house intel committee. what do you make of this? >> you know, question with bannon is, which story do you believe? you know he has done 180s now, i think three times over. so, here has a credible tie problem. he has you know, you can't believe necessarily what he says, and i think that steve bannon's greatest instincts of
11:24 pm
to protect steve bannon. there are privilege issues with respect to the president. and -- >> is anything going to come out of this. >> i think this a smoke screen. you know people will use it for whatever reason they want. but it does not mean it is the truth. lou: judicial watch, we're waiting to find out if a judge will order release of those documents. we're out of time. >> the comey memos. >> yes. >> the judge is reviewing them in camera now, because of judicial watch, otherwise there would be a case where, we'll release it later, now we have a judge looking at it. lou: it could be released in. >> stroke o of the pen. >> hurry up, judge. it about time if put light on this. -- to put light on this condition tbrat laying t-- than. >> thank you, lou.
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>> vote in our poll, do you believe barack obama hitting the campaign trail for democrats? for midterm elections will help far antirepublicans build on their majority in house and senate? we would lik like to hear from u cast your vote on twitter. fall me on twitter, and facebook. on wall street stocks falling from record levels, slightly. tow drops 98, s&p down 5, nasdaq as you see there. volume -- big board 3.6 billion shares. jobless claims falling to lowest level in years. economy surging under president trump. unemployment at a 17 year low, consumer confidence record highs. and 4th quarter, 4% economic growth. listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> up next.
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president obama emerging from his shadow tour to campaign for dems in midterms, i take up the looming dnc and democratic party disaster in my commentary, we await results of house vote to fun the government to continuing resolution, now voted on. as you see, well, it is going to be -- it looks like it will be a near thing, we'll see. what happens, we take with up it ed rollins, the dean. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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♪livin in this crazy world ♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ lou: it's an extraordinary breach of tradition and protocol when a former president goes
11:31 pm
after a former president. the former president believes dems want to ride his coat tails, despite his obvious toxic lack of accomplishments and the weakest economic recovery since world war ii. he doesn't seem to realize democrats were devastated at all levels of government during this presidency. in fact they lost more than a thousand seats at the federal and state levels during this tenure. but the problems for the dems only begin there. the party now is struggling with fundraising. president trump and the democratic leadership hope that the dems will benefit in the mid-terms by putting obama on the campaign trail. i'm told the democrats are very confident they can take back the house and perhaps the senate.
11:32 pm
many of those democrats thought hillary clinton would be taking the oath of office last year. in my opinion president trump this year has a lot of lessons in store still for the dimms and he will show them with coat tails look like. i think president trump will help the republicans keep their majority. what looks he has already done and without a lot of support. 2018 will be fun to watch. the quotation for the evening from tom clancy, show me an elitist and i'll show you a loser. the economy is booming, markets are soaring, businesses are thriving, and workers are working. americans are winning. all because of president trump's historic tax reform plan. president trump: america doesn't
11:33 pm
belong to the washington power brokers. it belongs to you, and i think we taught them that. lou: we take up the president's historic year of economic victories. this dachsund is trading a day this dachshow do you win a day at business?
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lou: the house voted on a short-term spending bill to keep the government running through february 16. the voting started while we were gone on the commercial. it appears republicans -- i can see they have the votes for passage. 216 required and another 15 votes being counted. joining me now, former reagan white house director ed rollins. the first half of the job is done. ed: this was supposed to be done october 1. we are four months late. lou: aren't you a lot of fun at the party. ed: it's the most of absurd process of all. the one thing congress has to do is pass a budget. lou: and we weren't even going to get pass and today. the freedom caucus said to heck
11:38 pm
with you, and ryan made a deal. ed: i have seen two senators say they aren't going to vote for it. so we'll see if they do or not. i saw paul and lindsey graham. lou: there is an interesting couple right there. i'm wondering, rand paul i think is innovative, he's a thinker, he's a libertarian. he has i different view about lots of things. then there is lindsey graham, and he's just a mouth piece. i don't even understand why he has such a voice in these negotiations. the cameras run over to him and he makes some sort of sour nasty remark and moves on. ed: there comes a time when you have to be part of a team it's trump's team at this point in time.
11:39 pm
if this goes on for another two or three months they will be into next year's budget. the people who have to plan to run a government, the defense department and other elements need to have clarity. just as the business community needed clarity on tax policy. lou: we watched the republicans come together for tax reform and the result was an historic law reforming the tax code. why is it -- why isn't there that kind of unanimity and cohesion in the republican party. when the democrats come together, they mean it. >> for some reason we always argue our viewpoints. but the critical thing is the public has to understand this puts our military in jeopardy. and it's not fair to the people. lou: i understand what you are
11:40 pm
saying. our military this jeopardy every day. our military has three ready combat brigades. our military flying 30-year-old aircraft. it's disgusting what we have done to the military. and no one should assume this one continuing resolution or a budget that's even larger than before is going to solve the problem because it won't. we have a huge problem. >> i don't argue that. i think we have a huge problem on a lot of fronts. we need to have an immigration, a new immigration bill, it's not a daca bill, it's an immigration bill. lou: where i would start with the military is the military. i would put immigration over here. this business of using this as i mid-term election foil -- ed: when i read the stories about these two ships that
11:41 pm
crashed and they are going to try the captains for voluntary homicide, they talked about the fact that these sailors are on duty 10 hours, 7 days a week. lou: i don't think the charges are appropriate. why aren't there charges for the navy not having an adequate staff moving forward with the staff that's not adequate. why aren't there charges against the congress and the former president who presided over this budget that resulted in this. ed: it's dereliction of duty. if the congress shuts this government down again it's absurd.
11:42 pm
it costs taxpayers money and it's inconvenient to everybody. it's one of the stupidest things the government can do. lou: now roll our nightly video. meet caruso, the miniature dachsund. he was named after robinson caruso. he's skiing on the slopes of quebec. and i was told this would be remarkable. i think it's good that he's sitting there on the thing. but he's not doing much rather than riding. that was about as effortless a video as i have ever seen. we love caruso. er. >> was his name robinson. i can't remember. police in northern california defying immigration authorities.
11:43 pm
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lou: law enforcement officials in northern california are refusing to cooperate? upcoming raids by immigration and customs enforcement. those raids aimed to capture more than 1,500 illegal immigrants. but some cities are doubling down on their sanctuary policies. oakland's mayor says she is willing to go to jail over the issue. joining us, gregg jarrett. the mayor in oakland inviting arrest. gregg: she is grandstanding. lou: not a politician. gregg: it is true you cannot force state and local officials to do their job for them in even if forcing federal law.
11:48 pm
the u.s. supreme court said so. but i find it interesting now that the attorney general? california, becerra, is saying we are going to go after employers who cooperate in i.c.e. raids. of course, he can't do that. he probably knows better than that. lou: he may know better but he's making the statement and that has to create some considerable noise. are we going to see a collision between i.c.e. and state and local authorities in california? gregg: congress has plenary power over immigration matters and they are going to enforce federal law that makes it a crime to shield or harbor people who are here illegally. whenever the state law conflicts with federal law, federal law
11:49 pm
takes precedence. when i.c.e. shows up on a raid, they are armed with a warrant, and the california law says as long as they have a warrant, employers have to cooperate. lou: the four-page intel memorandum, intel committee memorandum. four congressmen say it will blow everything out of the water. it's a big deal. and i tend to believe each those four congressmen because they are very measured in their remarks. what do you make of it? gregg: you had them on your show, jim jordan, gates, meadows was talking about it. saying the fbi is acting like the kgb. i once said on the air and got excoriated for. but this intel document tends to prove it. it blows a hole in the whole liberal and democratic and media
11:50 pm
narrative of trump-russian collusion. i think what you are going to find is the dossier was used, this take document was used as a pretense to spy on the trump campaign. there is no evidence in the dossier of any trump-russian collusion, and testifying, glenn simpson who commissioned theier admitted he took no steps to verify it, he has no personal direct knowledge of any of the information tonight. for rumor, suggestion, innuendo, multiple hearsay, it's toilet paper. lou: so many news organizations gave it full credence. gregg: of course they have did. it fits with their narrative. the fbi did as well. they are smart folks. but one look at this document -- they were trying to be clever. they wanted to use it as a
11:51 pm
pretense to go after trump for political reasons. lou: gregg jarrett, thanks for being with us. rinos lindsey graham and jeff flake have gone a little mad lawnl muching a -- launching attacks against president trump. we'll take up the president's year hold together. a little to the left. 1, 2, 3, push! easy! easy! easy! (horn honking) alright! alright! we've all got places to go! we've all got places to go! washington crossing the delaware turnpike? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money sean saved by switching to geico.
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big man with a horn. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you last night do you believe rino senator jeff flake's speech to a nearly empty chamber shows he has a lack of a sphrirm grasp on history and his own irrelevance? 95% of you said yes. let's start with one year amazing accomplishment on the part of president trump and why it is so difficult for some in this wonderful country ours to acknowledge all he has done and all he is responsible for. >> i think it would be great if
11:56 pm
we try to bring the country together. apple announced they are repatriating money back to the united states, adding thousands of jobs here. that's an accomplishment. just today. and apple says they are planning to do more. that's one of the many companies that will bring money back and jobs back. lou: did you ever think you would hear tim cook talking nice about president obama. >> he didn't go all the way. he said, you know, i'm going to say part of it is because of the tax bill. but we planned on doing it anyway. which i totally dishe grow with. he has a duty to the shareholders, so he has to do the right thing. lou: this daca, i call it absolute absurd politics, the
11:57 pm
democrats attached themselves to this law, and the president is -- has a deal it looks like it blew up because of some idiotics things the dems said and did. these are not tears. >> i think the president today made a statement that why don't we keep daca where it is, an i am great lakes you and immigration law. it doesn't come to play when we are talking about the government shutdown. i think that's a rational statement. let's keep it -- >> but the democrats are willing to shut down the government based on border security. they want us to give them daca without border security. the president has come a long way. he's willing to compromise. he says let's review daca. but we have to get our border security. but lindsey graham was cutting deals behind his back.
11:58 pm
and he loves the camera to death. lou: the president gave lindsey graham the soap box. >> i think there was a lot of compromise made by the president. and daca is something we should address. but not regarding a government shutdown. there are people that need to pay their mortgages and put food on the table. >> medicare, medicaid, the veterans. >> honestly, that was a sword i was willing to die on. at the end of the day the american people are concerned when they see more money in their bank accounts and more jobs in this country. because probably there will be a war in the senate. go for it. i don't think the american people will blamed the
11:59 pm
republicans when they have more money in their bank account. lou: president trump since elected, almost $8 trillion more in the stock market. everyone's 401k. people are tired of the liars and they know who is lying. and they know. >> they know how they felt under the past administration. and the press is trying to convince them that obama made this happen. lou: nobody in america truly -- no matter how committed to the left, wants to rediscover the defor example years in a psychological state under president obama. >> i am excited for a better america with better economics, more jobs.
12:00 am
i think that's an exciting future to look forward to. lou: thank you, president trump. lawrence jones, rebecca woods. kennedy: president trump touting his economic plan in pennsylvania. will the visit help sway a critical upcoming election. the president's lawyer says he's quote very eager to speak with special counsel robert mueller. it's time to get cooking, turn on the oven. how does someone with one of the strongest personalities in the world attract so many people who want to control him. the world knows steve bannon tried to position himself as president trump's puppet master. john kelly


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