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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 19, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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watching "strange inheritance," and remember -- you can't take it with you. thank you all very much. here's lou. david: good evening, everybody. we're now five hours away from what the white house calls the schumer shutdown. the federal government set to run out of money at midnight after democrats so far at least term spending bill. mick mulvaney today tried to reassure americans, insisting that if a shutdown were to take place, the trump administration promises they will not do what the obama administration did the last time in 2013 using that shutdown to inflict pain for political purposes. >> you want to make folks understand that it will look very different than it did under
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the previous administration. there's no other way to describe it. but the obama shutdown in 2013. we're going to manage the shutdown differently. we're not going to try and hurt people, especially people that work for the federal government. david: we'll have the latest for you on the trump administration's efforts to avoid the schumer shutdown. and we'll have the latest developments for you as well. we'll be discussing the dems' insistence on amnesty for illegal immigrants also tonight, a growing number of house republicans now demanding the release of a top secret memo that contains details of the government's abuse of fisa surveillance during the obama administration and possibly much much more. lawmakers have seen the memo, say it is highly disturbing. >> it's troubling. it is shocking.
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part of me wishes that i didn't read it because i don't want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that i call home and love so much. jason shay vets is urging his colleagues to release that memo and he did so with what i think is one of the cleverest tweets of the day, he joins us here tonight. we're one day away from the one-year anniversary of the trump presidency and what a year it has been. a great year for america. a year of remarkable success and historic achievement for all americans. it's curious how the obstructionist dems are now intent on shutting down the government. why would they do that? we'll take that up and what in the world is wrong with those demeanors. democrats. i'll be talking with general jack king and other guests tonight. congress hurdling toward a
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government shutdown. president trump and senate majority leader chuck schumer met this afternoon at the white house within an 11th hour effort to avoid a shutdown. president trump says that they made progress but the dems are holding the government hostage over legislation to protect illegal immigrants, at least some of them from deportation. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell is hoping to hold a procedural vote tonight, to come at 10:00 p.m. eastern time, two hours before the midnight deadline trying to break the filibuster on a short term spending bill passed by the house last night. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel the developments and the lack of developments with our report. >> we had a long detailed meeting. addition cussed all of the major outstanding issues. we made some progress but we
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still have a good number of disagreements. discussions will continue. reporter: republicans must gain democrat support to avert a government shutdown tonight. >> extreme elements of their base want ill liam immigration to crowd out every l every other priority. reporter: saying it's gotten to this point by a failure of the republican leadership. >> the republicans are in control. are they offering us? the fourth cr. reporter: a fourth continuing resolution since october 1st and a democrat on the budget committee says that's unacceptable. >> yes, we should extend the children's health insurance program. we need to do that p but we also need to do our job, which we should have done back october 1st, the first day of this fiscal year and actually adopt a bipartisan budget for the united states of america. >> the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. reporter: the house passed the
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four-week government extension last night. voting 230-197 and the house speaker says there's nothing controversial about keeping the government running and providing health insurance to 9 million children for six more years. >> there's nothing in the bill that the house passed yesterday that the democrats oppose. that's what is so ironic about all of this. this is nothing more than legislative hostage taking. reporter: republicans insist this is all about politics and the democrats liberal base demanding an outcome nowt. >> always takes preference with our friends on the other at it,h if you look at the facts and look behind what they're saying, it's -- reporter: there are ongoing negotiations on a fix on immigration features dick durbin from the senator and kevin mccarthy from the house. and the presiden>> i would recoe
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wild goose chase. do not go to a destination that can be explained. reporter: they say rank and file democrats will be looking for a deal in the hours ahead before what they're calling a schumer shutdown. lou? lou: make, thank you very much. following the story for us from capitol hill. our first guest tonight, joining us from capitol hill, dems there continuing to hold the military hostage over the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants and republicans are now rallying as well for the bombshell houseo on fisa abuses. joining us is a member of the house oversight and government reform committee and others. good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: the schumer shutdown, this is five hours -- just under five
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hours and counting, even with the 10:00 further developments that we awade. this lookawait.this looks like g to end well. what is your sense? >> it probably is not. i agree with your guests, they've taken themselves down a fox hole canyon and there's no way out. we're going to have a shutdown over the weekend for them to try to save face. it's awful sad. it's holding our military hostage. but it really goes to show you how bad the protocol is in the senate and the true problem in t doing our job right. lou: it seems to me, to be straightforward about it, for mitch mcconnell and for paul ryan in the senate and the house, to get here with the budget process, it's just irresponsible to be here again. and i would say the same thing if they were democrats.
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the leadership are behaving mere ron cli. and what else is the government going to do? what will the house of representatives do if we shutdown the government. is for the next nine months, ten months? >> well, what i would differ, lou, is that at least the house did its job. we passed a budget and the 12 appropriation bills as we promised. but we haven't seen a single vote or a sij appropriation bill out of the senate and that's because of the rules that are built into their arcane format of the senate. we hide instead of making people take votes -- i'll give you an example they've, holding up nominations lou: and will continue to do so, apparently. >> absolutely. until you break them. why not bring them in, bring out the medics and the ivs -- lou: it's your party. you tell me. why is mitch mcconnell not responding to the president's call to get rid of that i.d. arc
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senate rule. >> i don't know. i've been one of the voices out in the wilderness screaming at the top of my voice. i challenged my two senators back at home publicly. they don't want that debate with me. but that's a problem. we got to shine the light on this problem and show the american people that it lies with the senate and make sure that we don't go down this road again. i want to pick this fight right now because i think the american public is sick and tired of this kind of crap coming out of here. it's no longer the swamp, it's the sewer and it's about ready to bull ch. lou: it is swamp, sewer and so much more, as we all know. and as we are learning further every day. and speaking of the swamp, this four-page memo, you today, i understand, just read it. >> yes yep. lou: your reaction to that house intel memo and what it portends once everyone reads that memo,
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if indeed that's to occur. >> it's sad. it's something that is sitting on government oversightseeing fast and furious, seeing benghazi, seeing irs, the unmasking of american citizens. this is the worst that america can actually hope for and that's why it has to go public. we have to make sure to get back to the rule of law that everybody is held to the same character of the law. nobody above it. and that's not what this memo is going to show. it's going to show plenty of people abusing the law. lou: plenty of people. names are named in this memorandum. >> oh yeah. and this is just the tip of the iceberg. lou: and this is worse than watergate as some have said? >> absolutely. lou: congressman i've got to ask you a question. dianne feinstein famously got a cold and released, released the fusion gps testimony. why don't, as jason chaffetz
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suggested, one of you get a cold and release that damn memo. i got to be honest with you. as one american speaking to one elected official, i am so sick of closed doors and meetings with these bur bureaucrats thatl themselves department of justice and fbi ficialgs. these people haven't successfully concluded an investigation as far as i know. the leadership -- before we even look at that memo i have been saying on this broadcast for months and months and months they are two of the most corrupt bodies in washington. >> they are. and lou, when you saw the previous administration with the fast and furious benghazi, the irs, the unmasking, you saw the weapon nigh disaition of the department of justice and not getting the remedies back to the american people with justy. that's what we've got to do, shine the light to get the
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justice back and hold people accountable. lou: let me ask you this. why doesn't -- i want to give chris farrell credit for this suggestion. under the speech and debate clause, article 1 section 6, it is absolutely permitted that you could read that from the floor of the house. >> if you had the presence of a copy. that's the problem. i don't have a copy, nor does anybody else. they were strict when we went into the skiff, lou. otherwise it should be read. lou: why isn't your leadership, paul ryan, why aren't they calling for the release? bhie in the world is there even a discussion about this because what you're talking about is urgent and material and substantial importance to the american people. >> well, lou, you bring up a good point. why wouldn't speaker ryan tonight, when we're seeing the democrats play games on the other side, why wouldn't he
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convene the house and bring this up and bring it out so that the public can see this, so that the people that are held accountable are shamed about what is being hidden from the american people. why not do it right now. isn't that a card to be played properly in front of the american people for justice, justice served? maybe that's the way we ought to look at this, at the same time we're dilly dallied with chuck schumer, maybe we ought to be playing another card and backing him further into the caldron called accountability. lou: and frankly i have no doubt that senator schumer is eager to have a schumer shutdown in part to divert the american public's attention from that four-page memo that you read today and that we all want the american people to read straightaway. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it. and good luck with all you're trying to do. >> thank you, lou.
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mark meadows says he's a big fan of yours. lou: well mark meadows, it is absolutely mutual. thanks you so much, congressman. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us it's bigger than watergate, a growing number of republicans demanding the release of the explosive house intel memo that details the government's abuses of fisa. >> there are a couple of times as i'm reading this sthing where i'm just shaking my head, you've got to be kidding me. i can't believe they did that. the american people need to see it. >> former congressman jason chaffetz says republicans should release the memo and has an idea on how to do that. he joins us next. president trump caps off his historic first year in office, he becomes the first sitting president to directly address the march for life rally. next we take up the president's historic year of achievement and accomplishment coming up here
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oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. know throp is one of the house intel committee members who have read the memo on fisa abuse and he is deeply disturbed. >> i think that we are -- i'll
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use abraham lincoln's line. we're testing whether this nation or any nation conceived can long endure. if we don't correct our wrongs, if we the people don't have oversight and the people don't get tof oversight with members of congress, that's a problem. keep plugging away. i think that transparency -- how are we ever going to develop trust if we can't be frank with the american people. lou: doesn't sound like now is the time for trust. joining us is a former member and chairman of the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz. you called for republicans to release that memo and i want to get to that. but first i want to get to the shutdown. and start with, do you think nay they're going to hours of mitch mcconnell saying they will try at 10:00 tonight? >> well, i like that they're going to vote.
11:20 pm
i think it's important that you put people on the record. now that you see people like heidi high camp and joe manchin and others, they're realizing that shutting down the government, what it will do to the children's health care, what it does to the whole of government, all of the government employees, this is not a good move. all the republicans in the house are asking for is a 30-day continues resolution. that is entirely reasonable. i don't think they can win this on the merits. i think the democrats take a big hit on this one. lou: i think you're right. and i think that the schumer shutdown has maybe as much to do with that four-page memorandum that the house intel committee has circulated now, at least among the republican conference and diverting american attention people's attention from it. let's turn to that. today you sent a tweet to trey
11:21 pm
gowdy and jim jordan and you said this, since you have a cold, it's okay to release the memo #releasethememo. jason obviously referring to diane findianne feinstein and he of the entire testimony of fusion gps. so i would say, first of all, that was a very clever tweet and it's incites the imagination of someone who can get their hands own that four pages. >> well, it's only four pages. every member of the house on both sides of the aisle, they have a security clearance. they ought to go in and read it. then there will come a point where devin nunes can call for a vote to have it released. what i've been told, having not heard it or seen the details, is that there is classified information in there. you have to be very careful in how you cothat.
11:22 pm
do that. but the spirit of openness and transparency is something that is obviously wrong. you see people on camera who have read it and they're like visibly disturbed by it. i saw the reaction from mark meadows and brad winthrop and others. these are seasoned people who see a lot of stuff. and they're very shaken by it. talking to trey gowdy and others, i got to tell you, it's something that we need to know about. and the other question i don't hear anybody asking is what is the department of justice and the attorney general doing about it. you don't need a house panel to uncover this. we nod know there's an inspector general report. but what is the attorney general himself doing because they can't just walk away from this. lou: as our audience i'm sure recalls, you are among those who have said that the attorney general sessions should resign if we can't do his job or doesn't want to do that job. it's an open question as to what the heck he is doing and how
11:23 pm
much progress is being made if he is working. so you raise, i think, an absolutely pertinent question and one that does need answering. but for that matter, the entire odor that surrounds the top echelons of our justice department and the fbi is such a stench now, used to work at thai think we have to have a house cleaning no matter. what do you think? >> well, look, my grandfather was a career fbi agent. i grew up thinking that g men and the fbi and the secret service, they were just heros. they were above everybody. they just were men of integrity. and i think the overwhelming majority of them are. but you're seeing the management making some decisions and acting in a way that is immature they've lost that trust of the american people. and the only way to get that
11:24 pm
back is to have an attorney general who can go in and fix the systemic problems within a very broken agency. and nobody has the confidence in this -- trey gowdy points out that the demeanors were th demos who wanted to bring up direct dr comey. now they swing and say oh my gosh, me might be the hero of this thing. shouldn't have such swings. it should be definitive. lou: i think that in all, in all consideration of the facts that james comey has so much to answer for that i think it's going to be a long time before he's involved in anything other than answering questions hopefully under oath. jason chaffetz, as always, great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: be sure to vote in the poll tonight. the question is do you believe it's time for republican lawmaker to get a cold like senator feinstein and leak the house intel fisa abuse memo to
11:25 pm
the american people? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on twit are, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. stocks moving higher, the s&p up 12, the nasdaq up 40 points, both closing at record highs, all but the dow. volume on the big board 3.7 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day cost to coast on the salem radio network. up next, president trump had it exactly right yesterday when he said it's the economy, stupid. >> it's the economy, stupid. did you ever hear that one. it's the economy. it is indeed. >> but the dems haven't gotten the message. i'll take it up in my commentary tonight. and a little later i'll take up the political price of the government shutdown. i'll be talking with ed rollins.
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lou: as president trump marks one year in office, the dems are working hard to divert attention from the public from all that he's accomplished and how wrong the dems and the national left wing media have been about all things trump. as the president reminded us again yesterday, it is the economy, stupid, and that gives republicans a huge, huge advantage come midterm election day. the dow up more than 32% since the inauguration. the best performance since fdr. markets have added $8 trillion since election day. economic growth topping 3% for two straight quarters with the new york fed forecasting growth near 4% for the fourth quarter of last year. consumer confidence is holding near a 17-year high, while retail sales last year posted the biggest gains since 2014.
11:31 pm
the unemployment rate is at the lowest level in 17 years. the number of americans who receive jobless benefits last year at a 45-year low. and americans on food stamps, down to the lowest level since 2010. and we could get going and going because there's been a lot of winning in this economy. and if you're one getting those bonuses, if you're one of those people whose employer is investing billions more in this economy, you understand why. the president's biggest legislative accomplishment, tax reform. leading to more than 150 companies giving employee bonuses already, or additional benefits. and for many, announcing massive new investments in america. it's clear that despite the best efforts of the dems, the left wing media, rhinos and yes the republican establishment trying to denigrate in president to
11:32 pm
oppose him and subvert his government, president trump is exceeding even most enthusiastic supporters. president trump has single handily brought a new, bright, energetic vision to america, to the american economy and markets. and even if, well, schumer succeeds in his shutdown, i assure you it won't last long and it will not alter the trajectory that president trump has put our country and our markets and our economy on. mr. trump promtioned prosperity and strength and america first and he is delivering on his promises each and every day. no wonder the dems want to change the subject and divert the attention of us all. our quotation of the evening, this one from mark twain. he said this. "there are basically two types of people. people who accomplish things and people who claim to things.
11:33 pm
the first group is less crowded ." we're coming right back with much much more. stay with us republicans, you're now preparing for the schumer shutdown as democrats refuse to back a short-term spending bill. >> this is the greatest country in the world. but we do have some really stupid people representing it from time to time. >> we take up the political fallout of a possible shutdown with ed rollins close call caugt on camera. a truly miraculous moment from detroit after a driver lost control of a car on an icy highway. extraordinary and you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back with that video in just moments. stay with
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lou: the justice department today announcing that it will retry senator bob menendez for corruption charges. the new jersey democrat's initial trial ending in mistrial last november. the justice department, in making that announcement today, while senate dems are willing to shut down the government they say over amnesty. but it was only four years ago they were slamming republicans for demanding obamacare changes in exchange for keeping the government open. >> so for the next three days, house republicans will have to decide whether to join the
11:38 pm
senate and keep the government open or shut it down. because they can't get their way. on an issue that has nothing to do with the deficit. >> the bill the republicans propose to put on the floor this week is nothing but a wish list of unrelated and partisan policies they know won't go anywhere. >> what's going on here? that's what everyone is asking. what the heck is going on here. >> now republicans continue to hold the full faith and credit of the united states government hostage to their radical agenda. lou: and joining us now to sort this out, ed rollins, former white house political director under ronald reagan, chairman of the great america pact, fox business contributor. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: that's quite a statement. back in twairn, the last time the government was shut down, all of the obnoxious superior statements by the dems and look
11:39 pm
at them now. >> the absurdity of not getting the job down, we should be in the middle of next year's budget process. lou: why didn't the leadership of the house and the senate move their bodies in exactly that direction. >> they should. they need to get rid of the 60-vote rule. the country wants things done. the highest disapproval rating 78% of the country disapprove of the congress. lou: they hate them. >> absolutely hate them. lou: 78%. >> 78%. lou: i think that's a little low. >> that's down to family and cousins and employees. and they watch this kind of stuff where it doesn't function, it doesn't work. and the whole stupid argument about daca, daca is just a part of the immigration issue. we've still got 12, 14 million -- lou: it's probably the smallest part. >> it probably is. and we're not willing to deal with the problem. we're not willing to give the
11:40 pm
security systems that the president wants. the president promised campaign, won in 30 states, 306 electoral votes, two didn't vote for them. but he won 306 -- lou: he's a legitimate president. >> and every single day he talked about building a wall to the biggest applause lines across this country. lou: what would be, if your judgment, the political impact if he gives in to the schumer shutdown and gives away daca? >> he can't. he'll basically never have chance to move anything forward again in the three years that he has left here. people forget he has literally 1,093 days i think he has left in this term. he's just beginning the process. and the reality is he's got to do a lot of things that he wants to do and he can't basically let the minority stop every single thing he wants to do. lou: and schumer walking as he did so proudly into the white
11:41 pm
house today, with his christmas list. >> with a list. lou: it is arrogant beyond belief. and i have to tell you, this president is one of the most patient people -- you know, i hear people say, why doesn't he do this or that. this president couldn't be more kornlkornlgcordial or open than. >> he sent schumer back saying, deal with the republicans. lou: stopping short saying, tell him to go to hell, mr. president. >> that is hell, telling him to work with the republicans. lou: my calculation based on what you told me earlier, 16 mrs. of people approval of mcconnell. >> i didn't say mcconnell. i said generic congress. you get down -- lou: we're going to get special credit. >> they get lower ratings actually. and it's never been this bad. and i think to a certain extent this is why. lou: look at ryan and look at
11:42 pm
mcconnell and what you said. they're supposed to be working on next year's fiscal year budget. >> the budget process is supposed to be moving forward. the president is going to make the state of the union address in days. lou: i like what mulvaney said, i think he's one of the best oorks mb directors that e with eve had in a long time and this president is going to make certain there's as little pain as possible, which is hard t inw tore do. >> the reality puts people to hurt and it costs a lot of money in the end and we don't get the job done. lou: they do it every damn year. go figure. >> the role of the senate and the house, to pass the budget. lou: and the first rule of having 78% hate index as congress does is do this without effect. great to have you. >> thank you. lou: thanks so much. >> take care. lou: please roll the video as
11:43 pm
watch as a speeding car, this speeding car smashes into an unsuspecting tow truck driver on a michigan freeway. miraculously -- sorry. we're going to see it again. i mean -- for no one to be injured, that's the headline. no one was injured. the michigan state police released their dash cam video as a reminder for the drivers to perhaps consider slowing down during icy conditions. folks in michigan still need to be reminded of that? man. wow. luckily and thankfully. up next, democrats holding our military hostage over amnesty for illegal immigrants. how brilliant are they. and by the way, they're talking about winning the midterms. you want to bet? general jack keen takes this up and more.
11:44 pm
later, a job for ousted fbi director james comey. you're going to love this. you're going to love this. we'll be back with that story and much more straight ahead. how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at 3 toddlers won't stop him.. and neither will lower back pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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11:48 pm
four star general, fox business senior strategic analyst, general jack keane. great to have you with us. let's start with the budget, its impact on the military, the impact of a shutdown which we are assured by the omb director, mick mulvaney will be minimized and certainly not used for any political purpose. but you were there today when secretary defense mattis made his remarks talking about a new strategy. i was frankly surprised to hear that focusing on russia and china is a new strategy for this administration. >> well, they're responding certainly to the national security strategy that president trump unfolded. and in that certainly he laid out that we've returned to big power competition again in the world, as china and russia are trying to interrupt the international order that served the world well for 70 years.
11:49 pm
in addition to that we've got rogue countries, north korea and iran and also radical islam is thriving. those are the major challenges out there. and the degree of emphasis on the big power competition is really the policy shift that this administration is making from their predecessors. lou: part of that policy shift occurred very early in the trump administration, only a year ago, when the president decided to gy against isis and destroy it and giving them the material and the manpower needed for the military to destroy isis. that makes possible turning to a major power does it not? >> yes, it does. the underpinning of this also is not just, you know, the countries that we see as adversaries and maybe a softer term is competitors, but i think they're downright adversaries.
11:50 pm
the underpinning for that is this administration has walked away from its predecessor also, not in just calling out the countries but in stopping to accommodate them. and willing to confront them. and that is a major policy shift for allies and get so your allies know that we've got their backs. lou: i want to turn quickly to the issue of a shutdown, the schumer shutdown, as the white house calls it. to what degree are we putting our military further at risk with the shutdown? >> well, the shutdown is aggravating to be sure. what really is the -- is also aggravating is the continuing resolution. because we're not funding the trump rebuild of the military which is in the 2018 budget authorization that he approved. what we need is the
11:51 pm
appropriation bill approved that actually writes the checks for that budget. and that budget has $100 billion plus up over the obama budget. the continues resolution keeps us at last year's level. so 50% of the airplanes that are down will stay down. we're only flying one third to 50% of the flying hours or pilots should fly. five of the 58 army brigades are not ready for war. the military should grow. the 2018 budget grows it. but we're going to use the continuing resolution of 2017 and that keeps the military the smallest it's been in 75 years. so that is really the thing that's driving secretary mattis and frustrating the commanders out there, is that we haven't approved a 2018 budget and put the money in the coffer so we can get out of this hole that we're in. lou: for the american public, that explains in large measure, i'm sure, when there's a 78% hate index against the congress
11:52 pm
right now, 16% approval. amazing. general jack keane, you've got 100% approval on this broadcast. we thank you so much. >> good talking to you, lou. up next, president trump to mark one year of historic achievement. we take up that next. and ail be on watt tere wattersd tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. stay with ooooooh snap!! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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lou: joining us tonight, gina loudon, and mark simone. good to have you both. gina, limits start with you. the fbi director has a new job. he will be teaching ethical leadership at his alma matre the college of william and mary. the college president says the students will benefit immensely. your thoughts? >> i thought this was a practical joke when i first saw it. as somebody who spent far too many years in postgraduate work, i know they make crazy decisions. maybe we can put hillary in charge cyber-security courses.
11:57 pm
i think this is a wonderful idea by academic standards. mark: bernie madoff to teach ethics? these colleges have become so left wing crazy. a guy said i left communism to come to this country. i sent my son to college an came back a communist. lou: the daca issue. it looks like schumer is putting the democrats in a position of trading daca for our military and for the budget working for illegal immigrants instead for american citizens. mark report only problem with a government shutdown is they always reopen. can they shut down every weekend
11:58 pm
for a couple days? lou: what do you think, gina? >> he makes a great point. the democrats are cornered. they can't get americans to vote for them so they have to import votes that aren't american, that's why they are so tied to daca and chain migration. but when the government shuts down and people realize the government doesn't actually too much. that's not good either for democrats who love big government. mark: obama had a truck pull up with orange cones to make it look like the government was closing. the only problem is you can't go to the jefferson memorial. lou: let me towrnt anti-trump journalists looking even more foolish today. jim acosta from cnn taking on
11:59 pm
mick mulvaney the omb director. i thought mulvaney. the administration is so patient and being gracious when i think most people would throw them the hell out. mark report stock market up. % since he started. that's the best since fdr. what more could you want? >> the president gives them just enough rope to hang themselves. he shientsed the light on them and they photograph while america is watching they can't carry a tune in a bag. america has seen what's going on and they are exposing themselves historically. i think we'll see a total shift in the electorate demographic because of all the great things this president has done.
12:00 am
mark: no tbheart you think of him, he has taken more incoming fire than any human i >> shannon: coverage of the coverage shutdown, this is shannon breen, we have reached midnight, it is official. there has been a lapse in government funding. the united states senate has not been able to finish the job before the midnight deadline. now the very functions of the government that we've been talking about will slowly start to phase out and shut down in many agencies across the country. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tracking this, joins us live from the hill. >> democrats blocked a four-week funding extension, 50-48 but the vote had a 60-vote threshold. settle off a flurry of activ


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