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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 22, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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the government is going to reopen in the market is up. liz had seen through the close. why is the government still close right now. the deal is not really done yet. any known -- moment they are expected to kick out that. if that passes it gets kicked to the house. february 8 is the new cyst supposedly non- negotiable deadline. end and the so-called dreamers. the moment that preliminary senate vote passed but of course as one great individual said it's not over till it's
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over. they all aim for new record closes. they're all there right now. they are still off the job. the breaking news here coming is here coming out of the white house they have confirmed that he will sign the bill in the next few hours. to the markets though. you're looking as we work towards the closing bell. russell is up to three and three and we have the dow up 64 it would be the second straight record close. as far as the dow is concerned. they are hitting an all-time high soon. it is headed for another
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record close. we are well above it right now. some of this has to do with nothing inside the beltway. it's driving driving some of the action on wall street. today alone. they are buying the hemophilia drugmaker. it is at $103 and 60 cents the price is actually fair at least according to the markets. we are watching this very closely it's down three in the third. this is a big biotech company. in a deal with 9 billion up 26 percent.
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together they are lighting up the biotech space. that exchange grade takes a chance and all of the biotech names. it is hitting an all-time high. nearly a decade after its near collapse aig ramping things up and acquiring bermuda -based reinsurer. right now it's at it doesn't get closer. maybe another company comes in. that doesn't look to be happening. nice year-to-date year there. i don't need to remind you of this.
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to any and every political story. it is really shaking its shoes. the house or the senate. we are waiting on the senate to actually vote there. it was lockheed martin that started to plummet. although heading back down even after making a go of it when it appeared there would be a deal. why is lockheed martin down half a%. any government shutdown would delay the purchase of a critical equipment it makes and both contractors and pentagon leaders had long warned that the budget problems happening on capitol hill will raise costs and affect military readiness. when you expect the senate will start taking up the final vote. we were expecting to 30 but
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they have not scheduled the vote. the clock is ticking. we know that the house is on standby and they want this from the senate again kevin mccarthy said he is the republican leader in the house that they could pass this version to take it to february 8. we are still awaiting the house has the authority to pass it almost immediately. right now the vote has not yet taken place. it should take place in the next 45 minutes to an hour. where do we stand on all of this. i have to tell you right now. people like jeff flake from arizona who have been pushing for an immigration deal still optimistic they are to get something done. here's what he said regarding the vote to end the filibuster. what has been difficult is dealing with the white house and not knowing where the president is and that was what
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was holding us back in holding mitch and holding mitch mcconnell from his commitment. that's from same. i hope the president will say here's what we need and here's what we will stick with. i've got to tell you something liberals and progressives in now attacking senator schumer. this is a website called credo action. it's as unacceptable and they call senator schumer is the worst negotiator in washington liberals are there will be a vote eventually.
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i'm encouraged by the that commitment that senator mcconnell has made. no i don't. it doesn't look what they went in with last friday. we are not for putting in this poison pill and a clean cr. it reauthorized it permanently. that was the bill that everyone should have supported. we passed in the house. they didn't have the backing of the american people they chose to reopen the government which is the right thing to do for the american people. i think we need to act on it as quickly as we can it
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doesn't look any different than it did last week. by february 8 the length of the continuing resolution there will be a deal and about on and for daca what we have to do is get a deal on the budget. they have passed all 12 appropriations. that's all we have to do we were always working on immigration law. it's total separate than the immigration process. will we continue to do that. we are going to that's why their strategy out flat. there are people on the other side who say it was
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representative goodlatte who along with other representatives like david pretty derailed in the office. putting it quickly aside, they knew he would never go for that. when you see to move it to the final vote. what does that say to you. it says to me that there's a few things. not just crashing but burning. exclusively next time countdown.
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longevity and success about the rarest combination on wall street. it continues with the s&p 500 and the nasdaq at record highs again in this final hour followed by the dow jones industrial.
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he is known for both of his longevity and success in market predictions is now saying that they will hike rates not three but four times this year. the ten year treasury yield will rise between three and 4% is already at a multiyear high of about 2.6 percent. and he says a 4% we will see a stock correction. with the private equity and real estate investor. okay you put a fine point on that. let me just hit the news first about what is happening in washington dc. what you think is can happen here. it will be signed. it will be signed because both sides had decided they were being hurt politically by the shutdown. and they did not want that get
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us a sense of why the market didn't really react and what you get it to do what you expect. the market didn't react because it knew that the market is smarter than all of us lives.
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he is desirous of that. he is now the federal reserve. what might trigger a correction. what would trigger it is what you said before. you head in the last 60 days you have a sharp move up in the tenure treasury yield. heald scored above 3%. the euphoria. about buying equities. they think they can to get hurt. they buy something today a week from today it will be worth more. you make your at a cocktail party and somebody's grandmother comes up and says my savings i had left in cash shy put to work right now in the stock market. we are in a very frothy time.
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i did not believe it a year ago. i said the market would go about 2500 in it did. it went over 2600 right now i think the market is getting dangerous when you see that tells you that. i see investor sentiment at an all-time high. i see interest rates rising ac moore inflation on the horizon. is he a plethora of good news but i also see people discounting it now again to we've gotten to the point where evaluations are extreme. i think it will end up up for the year. we will have a positive year in 2018. i think right now we are vulnerable. is there anything that you would say get into right now. the open ended earnings company has always appealed to me.
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technology, biotechnology used to a couple of big biotech transitions. so those are situations where a good company with good products there is no telling what it could earn. i think the price of oil is going up. and i think energy stocks are undervalued. so you are hanging in there. he is cashing out. you are still in it to him when it's. what surprises you about this year. the economy is. we are in the eighth year of the expansion. this time it is picking up steam. i'm not saying she should
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start in montana i'm saying she should keep it handy but now is a dangerous time. always good to be here. known as the most widely followed on wall street. still no vote on the senate floor. for now they are voting yes on verizon at least certainly the investors are. up to 25 at the moment. from sector outperformed to sector perform. citing u.s. tax reform. for those of you who have been holding onto verizon month after month hoping that it's a first step to the big climb. they are getting a jolt in the form of $2.5 billion.
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leaving the s&p 500 after getting the investment funds from the fund managers. first energy up 11 and a half percent. that government shutdown you can argue the senate. but the symbol of our immigrant nation dodging it for a totally different reason. too important to fail. liberty brings in.
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>> breaking news on triple tape. the mexican restaurant chains is dropping right now. analysts blasted the warning players. the selloff of 4%.
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he kicked into high gear at the end of december. here's us one month picture. you can see how low it was. about 289 points. and now it is climbing and climbing. it is just a bummer. most of us are running over there. in the very near future. never stopped accepted the huddled masses. the state of new york said forget this. they blew open the doors. why, look at these numbers. new york state agreed to pay
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about $65,000 a day out of its own coffers to cover the federal operating costs. more than 12,000 people visit the land market daily. $258,000 in gross income. there's so much interest. and they won't even let you get onto the island. you are looking right now at a fairy that is heading exactly to liberty island. i'm just gonna walk along here. you will see the green and white umbrellas. usually your families in the hundreds and thousands i had been down here in july with my family. in the lines are coming pretty much about 500 yards back.
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i think it has to happen. they would be asked affected by the government not getting along. those were two quick comments that you heard there. there were some stoppages to service on saturday and sunday. very disappointed. essentially about $250 million worth of that. the owner telling us think goodness that the shutdown looks like it's almost result in almost over.
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they lost so much business this weekend. forget it doesn't matter. i really big financial decision. they are arriving at ellis island. a new report said america's youngest generation one third of millenials say they plan to save $200,000 or less for their whole retirement. this is according to a survey by appearing care. just to give you a sense of how this appears for the aarp guidelines. retiree would need to save about $1.2 million for 30 year long retirement. and did you that we were mind
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you. we are all loving longer. here's another disturbing statistic. they are proactively saving for the golden years. i hope we had millenials watching right now. we will show you how. we help you grow, protect and preserve your money. the closing bell ringing in about 29 minutes. they are now finding another ten points. twenty-six: 150. as an all-time record. and of course the nasdaq. senator john cornyn of texas has just taken the podium. we are awaiting -- awaiting the crucial vote. it's another senator.
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senator john cornyn who is speaking as we went into the commercial break we know what he has been saying a moment ago he said that the paper work is just been finished up at the moment. and then the senate will take that final vote. we arcs he will speak we are not sure if it will be before or after the vote. we will bring that to you life. you have the common sense coalition. it's an option that must be put forth here. republican senator robert whitaker.
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give to run in their vote. we expected the vote about two hours ago. it takes a little longer to write the paperwork up. the government will reopen. the government shutdown lets but put the political talking points aside and tell me what brought this finally to a yes vote. it didn't really make sense to shut the government down to refuse to fund the government
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to for three or four weeks. it didn't add up. the more people understood that this was about that one issue. there is really no reason to have a shutdown over that. as we understand it february 8 that leader mcconnell has said there will be a deal and a vote on dr. -- on daca. that is why most of us got on board. will there be a vote by february 8. >> i hope even more than that i hope you have a deal. within a week or two. and if we can do that. we can at least clear this by
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the senate. the chain migration. were not just cannot do the one thing about the childhood arrival. we think we could do this. maybe the time has been shortened a bit if my democratic friends want to claim as a victory am happy for them. i'm happy that this government shutdown did not last very long. more than 200800 mississippians are living under the deal at least not a deal but you have them in daca's status. what is your position on them. they came here through no fault of their own when they are 34 years old. it was technically illegal this is the only home and they know and we need a solution.
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we need to attach some other issues to that. so we don't have another wave in the next generation of recipients. we need to present this sort of thing from happening in the future. border security and the chain migration in the lottery needs to be tended to also. i think it will get to the president's desk. i think we will be open early evening. some agreement on getting the higher defense spending. in a few days or a few weeks. if this put a fire under their
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to get the spending bills done more power to them. on senator cornyn is still speaking at this moment. there will be that preamble before the vote. and we do expect i just want to let our viewers know that senator mcconnell we are told will be speaking in the end we are dying to know what happens with infrastructure as a business network we had been watching the materials stocks. is that the next thing that you hope comes to the senate floor i want to be a part of a major infrastructure i want to be a part of a major infrastructure it is important for this country in for the economy. i want to be a part of it.
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do you expect because right now there is not a clear-cut yes as to whether the federal workers had been furloughed would get back pay they are arguing about that right now. would you vote to give them the back pay for the three days that they have not been working. i think we should follow this precedent. i don't think it will be much of an issue. senator, thank you very much. thanks for having me. the closing bell we are now about 18 minutes away from the closing bell. now were up 84 points for the dow and s&p better by 15. green on the screen. senate majority leader on the path to getting the government reopened it appears that he will get that vote of confidence from one of the most well-known names stay
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the dow is up a hundred five. from which they were ousted.
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the record they are giving. i think it is an interesting story. emerging as one of the top republican contributors. the super pack. to elect senators we should put up on the screen who are the top donors. unless we're missing something. they have emerged as the top contributor to this super pack. a fairly major contributor. i think he gave to him 15,000.
3:49 pm
$2million for this vehicle. and what we understand he is also giving $2 million to the house equivalent of this super pack. mostly to democrats in the old days. look at his giving and 2008 election cycle. he was known as a democrat. since then as his troubles have increased. he is given more and more money to republicans. and here is where it's getting interesting. he's getting back into the hedge fund business imminently. were talking about months. this will be the public hedge fund business. reentering and it was closed
3:50 pm
down by regulators and put out of business. they never charged him with criminal insider trading. they charge the firm with it. he is getting back the business now because his band for the business ran out. some of the guys that went after. they were exonerated. he is back in the business. i find it fascinating that he's emerging right up there with major sheldon adelson. bernie marcus. the founder he is emerging as one of the top republican fundraisers. it is not one of the big money guys in the republican party. look at this market. now were up 125.
3:51 pm
if anybody was trading off stocks based on the government shutdown they were crazy. for once you agreed with me. the government shutdown means nothing when you had tax cuts and other stuff. they also tend not to be extended he was just in that chair. you're getting the fairy dust. charlie, i said to him. by rainier at a cocktail party someone walks up and says my grandma or mom has a little bit of a dry powder money. i truly believe now she shouldn't. it is getting now is put up or shut up time. tax cuts are happening. you have to see it translated into corporate earnings. that will justify the levels.
3:52 pm
and now it might be a time to take a little breather. you have to see if the tax cuts really do produce what the market is suggesting that it produces. where had you been. as last week's story. and just catching up. i don't believe her charges. they generally lie about the step. the thing about her spanking the present when he was not the president was kind of funny. apparently he hates sharks. the new flow has been done. i don't know if i believe it.
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eight minutes away. up 120 points. wait until you see which records this one will be the eagles swimming in gatorade after punching the ticket to the super bowl. our countdown closers live in the city. no we will have a war. the super bowl picks are next. is why 7 million investors work with edward jones. on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the fairmont mayakoba for 59% off. . . . .
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♪ liz: i've been doing business news for a long time. this is unbelievable. the dow is on pace for the 96th record close since election day. the nasdaq on pace for the 91st record close. nicole we've been going through this every single week. 87, 78. it is unbelievable. >> we're getting close to 100.
3:57 pm
it is psychological we broke through the 26,000 mark. we'll watch for earnings which fundamentally seen good numbers. watch for netflix today. after the bell, stocks hit a high. we'll watch everything from their cash flow to their subscriber growth. company up 3.2% right now. some of the analysts also saying it could be indicate for for other big tech names like amazon, silicon valley, we'll see if those continue to do well in 2018 in the way they really nailed it in 2017. liz? liz: dustin from stranger things is propelling the whole thing. thanks, nicole. nicole petallides. watch this. >> the eagles are six for on third down. flee flicker. launches down field, smith, touchdown! liz: i personally was pulling for vikings for no reason other
3:58 pm
than, i don't know, i'm a browns fan but philadelphia eagles are now my team headed to the super bowl in minneapolis. not just the eagles who are celebrating. how cute jeffrey lurie dancing around. so quit. pnc asset management chief investment strategist bill stone. the police must be electrified. so are our portfolios. we're up 120 on the dow, multiple records. where are you putting money right now for your clients? >> philadelphia is little quiet, because i think people were celebrating pretty late last night but, yeah, i think, it is definitely a city very excited. i have to admit i'm a steelers fan. but because i have become a eagles fan since living here. anyone who beats new england is my team. we'll see how that goes. i have super bowl picks. i like conocophillips.
3:59 pm
kind of like the eagles of stocks, kind of a comeback story. energy was horrible last year. it is really a big comeback. they have positioned themselves i think very well. the key to that is, they set it up said, hey we'll concentrate on keeping production and also secondly, on keeping the dividend which is close to 2%. we'll not try to drill more holes. we're trying to return cash to shareholders. so the next two priorities are more share repurchases, paying down debt. a turnaround story and dog story. my eagles pick is baxter international. the beauty of this company, it's a proven performer. has top products in just about every category they compete in. looking low double-digit earnings growth this year. they have opportunity for acquisition like new england to make them in through coaching
4:00 pm
that is the kind of thing baxter does. have i beaten this analogy into the ground enough? [closing bell rings] liz: we'll take it. we're both eagles fans for at least the super bowl. look at it, gains of 140 points. it is "after the bell." big earnings coming up. melissa: stocks surging to new highs in the final hour of trading. senate and house get ready to vote on an end to the government shutdown. we await a big report from netflix. i'm melissa francis. happy monday. david: happy monday. good mopped on the markets. glad you join us. this is "after the bell." giving the markets a big boost today the hope of bringing the three-day government shutdown to and end. a final vote is expected in the senate on a temporary spending bill that will keep the government funded until february 8th. yeah, that's all. a bipartisan group wheeling


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